Technology Microsoft Reveals Its Project Scorpio Is 'Xbox One X' At E3 2017
Author: 0 Microsoft Reveals Its Project Scorpio Is 'Xbox One X' At E3 2017

While the Xbox One was a behemoth when it first debuted, Microsoft found a way over the years to shrink down the footprint of its console and introduce the Xbox One S. The company emphasized on the console's performance capabilities throughout the press conference and it was pretty obvious that Microsoft was trying to outshine the PS4 Pro.

Technology Fisker EMotion Design Revealed Ahead Of Global Debut
Author: 0 Fisker EMotion Design Revealed Ahead Of Global Debut

The design of the upcoming Fisker EMotion has been revealed ahead of its unveiling in August by the car's designer and company owner Henrik Fisker . It will of course have autonomous and connected capabilities. To further reduce overall vehicle weight - beyond the smaller, lighter battery pack - the EMotion will be constructed from lightweight materials, including aluminum and carbon-fibre composites.

Technology Days Gone Gameplay Shows Intense Melee Combat, Forest Exploration, and Zombies
Author: 0 Days Gone Gameplay Shows Intense Melee Combat, Forest Exploration, and Zombies

This latter person has been captured by some humans, and Deacon hops on his two-wheeler to rescue him. He will also have access to some of his own traps that he can throw and use to distract enemies with. The game was revealed past year, but no, we've got an extended trailer with plenty of gameplay. Watch out for more news related to E3 2017 . Days Gone was originally announced in 2016, featuring at the time a massive and endless tide of hungry bodies, chasing you through a warehouse ...

Author: 0 Shadow of the Colossus (PS4) revealed: Nostalgia at its very best

One of the most popular PlayStation 2 games ever released, Team ICO's Shadow Of The Colossus , is receiving a full remake launching sometime next year on PlayStation 4, Sony announced. "We are committed to further expanding our overall PS4 ecosystem, by broadening the PlayStation VR content portfolio, as well as enriching our network services along with our ground-breaking software lineup".

Technology Official Call of Duty®: WWII - Multiplayer Reveal Trailer
Author: 0 Official Call of Duty®: WWII - Multiplayer Reveal Trailer

There is a new " Divisions " feature where players choose from one of five division , "each with their own specialized training and weapons skills". There's also a tank towards the end of the trailer - is a player in control of it? We may even hear more about it later today. The series was originally set in WWII but more recent games have focused on other time-frames, most particularly the future.

Author: 0 Watch the stunning new trailer for Beyond Good & Evil 2

Beyond Good & Evil 2 might be one of the most anticipated sequels ever to suffer a long development time. And today, we have a seamless online playground where we can travel across space at the speed of light. A blog post explains that Ganesha was settled by colonists from the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia, and goes on to claim that "all of the outposts and cities in System 3 will reflect the cultures of "Old Earth".

Technology Life is odd prequel hit by SAG-AFTRA voice actor strike
Author: 0 Life is odd prequel hit by SAG-AFTRA voice actor strike

Video game voice actors in the union such as Burch started the strike in mid-October a year ago as they demand for residual payments and safer working conditions. Since then, neither side of the strike has conceded in any form, and there is no way on knowing as of now if this will have any effect on Life is unusual 2.

Technology PS4 Pro Competes With Xbox One S, Not Xbox One X
Author: 0 PS4 Pro Competes With Xbox One S, Not Xbox One X

The company chose to unveil the console - which had previously been known as Project Scorpio , and is the most expensive Xbox ever - at the E3 games conference in Los Angeles, one of the biggest annual video games conferences in the world.

Technology Critical Mistakes Microsoft Made During Their E3 2017 Conference
Author: 0 Critical Mistakes Microsoft Made During Their E3 2017 Conference

Microsoft has revealed their newest console, the Xbox One X . The console is set to arrive on November 7th, 2017. The Xbox One X will retail for $499 which is $100 more than the PlayStation Pro. For an even more extreme example of the power of console-exclusivity, we only need to look at Nintendo. "Third-party support's been great". People buy Nintendo consoles to play Mario, Zelda , etc.

Author: 0 Stricker proud of his Wisconsin grit to get into US Open

Each of the past eight U.S. Opens (every one since Tiger Woods in 2008) has been won by someone who never had won a U.S. Open before. First off, barring a long rain delay on Thursday , Mickelson will be absent, attending his daughter's high school graduation.

Technology Sane Trilogy E3 Gameplay Launch Trailer Released
Author: 0 Sane Trilogy E3 Gameplay Launch Trailer Released

It's definitely a nostalgic boost for those that grew up with the Crash games, and we assure you they've never looked better than they do in this compilation. Both characters have an N. Sane set of special attacks - each with their own style! Sony has released the launch trialer for Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy .

Author: 0 Tom Holland Confirms Marvel's Plans For A Spider-Man Trilogy

Spider-Man: Homecoming will swing into theaters on July 7. Spider-Man: Homecoming hits the theaters worldwide in July, but some privileged Spidey fans, thus, would be the first to see the auto in action at the film premiere which takes place in Los Angeles on June 28.

Author: 0 Uber Fires 20 Amidst Allegations Of Sexual Harassment

Uber has reportedly fired more than 20 people after a company investigation of sexual harassment claims. It has decided on more than 20 terminations, according to Bloomberg , while 31 employees are in counseling and seven received written warnings.

Author: 0 Dennis Rodman says 'trying to open door' in North Korea

In November 2014, US spy chief James Clapper went to Pyongyang to bring home Matthew Miller, who had ripped up his visa when entering the country and was serving a six-year sentence on an espionage charge, and Korean-American missionary Kenneth Bae, who had been sentenced to 15 years for alleged anti-government activities.

Author: 0 Fire Emblem: Warriors shows off its story

Unfortunately, the town is attacked by an evil dragon which essentially leaves the land in a ruined state. Defeat hordes of enemies in a variety of areas, some of which are inspired by well known Fire Emblem locations such as Hoshio Castle.

Technology Impact of the new Apple App Store on app developers
Author: 0 Impact of the new Apple App Store on app developers

This was, the devs are happy, the folks tipping are happy (since its voluntary), the performers are happy, and most importantly, Apple has a brand new revenue stream. This has now changed with the addition of one of its new rules, stating that tipping is considered "an in-app purchase", and must undergo Apple's internal App Store payment system.

Technology Trump '100 Percent' Willing to Testify Under Oath on Comey Allegations
Author: 0 Trump '100 Percent' Willing to Testify Under Oath on Comey Allegations

Comey on Thursday told the Senate Intelligence Committee that he was sacked by Trump in May over his handling of alleged Russian meddling in the United States election and possible ties between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin. "One hundred percent", Trump said. Comey says he effectively ignored both of Trump's requests, and was sacked in May. Instead, it turned out to be one of Trump's longest periods away from Twitter , relying instead on his surrogates and communications staff to ...

Technology Microsoft to launch 4K-enabled Xbox One X in November
Author: 0 Microsoft to launch 4K-enabled Xbox One X in November

The Xbox One X, Microsoft's new gaming console , won't include support for virtual reality , one of today's hottest emerging technologies, despite the company's earlier implication it would. But, as we collectively find out more and more about Xbox One X , this is another interesting anecdote that sheds just a little more light on what Microsoft's new console is capable of.

Technology E3 2017: Microsoft debuts PS4 Pro-rivalling Xbox One X
Author: 0 E3 2017: Microsoft debuts PS4 Pro-rivalling Xbox One X

Despite the jump in power over the Xbox One S , the new console is actually smaller, but as this is one Xbox platform, you'll be able to play the same titles across different consoles, but with the Xbox One X delivering the fastest and most lovely graphical experience.

Author: 0 Microsoft adds original Xbox backwards compatibility to Xbox One

With its new console, Microsoft is looking to tap early adopters who want the best devices, according to Piers Harding-Rolls, a gaming analyst at IHS Technology. It will ship with 6 teraflops of graphical power, more than its main competitor, the PS4 Pro , with 4.2 teraflops. Xbox One X will go on sale on November 7 and will have support for both Xbox One games and backward compatible Xbox 360 and Xbox titles.

Author: 0 Microsoft's Xbox One X won't support virtual reality

Spencer confirmed that not only will the games be playable on the Xbox One X , but they will also "look better , play better". Microsoft has unveiled the new souped-up version of its Xbox One console which was previously known as Project Scorpio .

Author: 0 Until Dawn Creators Announce The Inpatient At Sony's E3 Conference

Anyone familiar with Until Dawn will recognize the imposing sanatorium but this time you'll see everything as it was during its 1950s heyday. Bowen promises that you can still enjoy The Inpatient even if you haven't played Until Dawn , it has a new cast of characters and story.

Author: 0 MacBook 2017 vs. iPad Pro 2017 - Impressive Core Performance

Maybe this explains why Siri support was low on the feature list when Apple announced HomePod, its venture into the smart speaker space now dominated by the Amazon Echo and Google Home. That number will vary depending on how you use the Pro. Probably the most impressive new Pencil feature is the ability to scribble notes in an app such as Notes, close the app and then search for whatever you've scribbled in Spotlight later on.

Author: 0 11 things to know about iOS 11

The 10.5-inch update to the high-end tablet PC features upgraded specifications and comes as Apple both tries to bolster a flagging tablet market and make the large-scale tablet a viable contender to hybrids like Microsoft's Surface Pro.

Author: 0 Xbox One X: Microsoft's secret weapon it hopes to ruin Sony with

The all-new Xbox One X has just been revealed by Microsoft at the E3 gaming show in LA and will be released on November 7. Remarkably, it's also smaller than the existing Xbox One S , which was already 40% smaller than the original Xbox One console launched in 2015.

Author: 0 The Mummy fails at the domestic box office, only makes $31.5 million

The film starring Gal Gadot and directed by Patty Jenkins also crossed the $200 million mark domestically this weekend. The reboot of the cinematic monster from Comcast Corp.'s Universal Pictures. A film can't just seem like another link on the movie chain, a lesson modern Hollywood seems incapable of learning. " The Mummy ", $32.2 million ($141.8 million international).

Author: 0 E3 2017: Days Gone Stage Demo a Howling Bloody Time

Today, during their E3 2017 press conference, Sony showed off a 12 awesome minutes of Days Gone . In the new gameplay reveal, Deacon gets into altercation with human enemies and takes them down without mercy. Based on the gameplay, we're getting plenty of The Last of Us vibes, which isn't a bad thing at all. Set in volcanic scarred high-desert of the Pacific Northwest Days Gone is an open-world action-adventure game.

Author: 0 Sony gives us another look at PS4 biker zombie apocalypse Days Gone

Sony's presentation at E3 always feels like the granddaddy of the all. It will also be hosted on the official PlayStation Twitch channel and YouTube . A price cut for the PS 4 Pro is expected now. The Microsoft presser revealed the PS4 and it will now become more interesting to see Sony's answer. We'll keep you posted as more news about Shadow of the Colossus drops from Sony.

Technology Reasons Why Tom Cruise's 'The Mummy' Disintegrated at the Domestic Box Office
Author: 0 Reasons Why Tom Cruise's 'The Mummy' Disintegrated at the Domestic Box Office

While people might have questioned Universal's intentions for their shared monster movie franchise, the surprising success of the Robert Orci-directed film in the overseas market actually gives their plan some life. Down 51%, the sequel has pocketed $136 million domestically and may finish with $150 million in domestic ticket sales. That total represented a whopping 82% of the film's opening weekend business.

Technology Apple App Store update moves tipping to in-app purchase territory
Author: 0 Apple App Store update moves tipping to in-app purchase territory

This seems like it should be a win-win for users and developers. Apple has announced some new rules regarding app review prompts and how often developers are allowed to request them. Users may be more likely to rate an app when the prompts are infrequent and supplied by iOS. Inevitably, there have been some initial grumblings though, particularly around the three-per-year limit.

Author: 0 Ubisoft officially announces Beyond & Good and Evil 2 at E3

It has been a long 15 years for the sequel and fans will finally soon be able to jump back into the insane world of Beyond Good and Evil . While private enterprises fight over resources and power, the first colonists weave together the rich and diverse spiritual and cultural heritages of Old Earth to give meaning to their existence.

Author: 0 Bungie's 'Destiny 2' To Arrive September 6, PC Beta Coming Late August

Bungie released a new Destiny 2 trailer at PlayStation E3 2017 press conference. Also the PC version of the game is on display at E3 within the Nvidia booth. The beta will conclude on July 23 for all platforms. Non-pre ordering customers will get a turn at the new Destiny 2 beta run, although those who are buying early will get first try.

Author: 0 Sony talks PlayStation VR and blockbuster titles at E3

See more in the trailer below. It's worth noting Sony isn't basing this game off of the comics or the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming film in any way. The video showcases a lot of gameplay, and gives us an idea of what kind of traps and tools we have at our disposal to deal with not only the zombies, but the not-so-friendly humans too.

Author: 0 Call of Duty: WWII multiplayer gameplay, beta access detailed

Will going back to revisit one of the most covered wars in the history of video games be that special ingredient that brings some much-needed life, both critically and financially, back to the series? Call of Duty's multiplayer can be seen in all it's glory below.

Author: 0 South Korean professor hurt by explosive device in office

The police dispatched the armed special operations squad to the scene while cordoning off the area for investigation. The explosion injured an architectural engineering professor surnamed as Kim. Kim told the police that he found a box in a shopping bag hanging on a door knob, and it "suddenly exploded when I opened it". Witnesses reportedly said that a terror attack was suspected as small bolts popped out of the box when it went off.

Author: 0 It's safe to buy a new Mac or iPad again

I'll concentrate on mobile device management features in iOS 11 , but first I want to go over some of the general announcements. It provides quick access to apps and documents from any screen and, combined with the new Drag and Drop, makes it easier to navigate between apps, even in Split View mode.

Author: 0 Apple Legalizes In-App Tipping for Content Creators

People have been annoyed by app review prompts for years, and this update seems to remedy the problem. The company has updated its App Store to help users discover app and games more easily. Later, I dug deeper to find that unfortunately, thesearen'tisolatedincidents - they're fairly common in the app store's top grossing lists. If that results in more reviews - and reviews from users who aren't annoyed about switching apps - that's a good thing for developers, too.

Author: 0 Sony Drops New Days Gone Trailer

Last year, they debuted the first trailer for their new, The Walking Dead-esque zombie survival game, " Days Gone ". Like, so many zombies on the screen. We got to look at stealth knockouts and actions. The bear at the end of the trailer, complete with the remnants of a barbed wire fence wrapped around its body, looks particularly deadly.

Technology Apple's Latest iOS Update says goodbye to iPhone 5 and 5C
Author: 0 Apple's Latest iOS Update says goodbye to iPhone 5 and 5C

Developers exploring the first beta have spotted all applications will give users the option to allow location access "while using the app". These newer 64-bit iDevices running iOS 11 will also lose their ability to run older 32-bit software , something Apple has been warning developers about for almost a year .

Author: 0 UA's Steve Kerr, Warriors win National Basketball Association title - KVOA | | Tucson, Arizona

Durant posted 39 points, seven rebounds and five assists, while star guard Steph Curry contributed 34 points, six rebounds and 10 assists. Can the Golden State Warriors finish off the Cleveland Cavaliers when the NBA Finals moves back to California for Game 5 tonight at 9PM ET? "We were able to get them past year, and they went out and got one of the best players that this league has ever seen", James said .

Technology Heroes Collide In Show-Stopping Story Trailer For Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite
Author: 0 Heroes Collide In Show-Stopping Story Trailer For Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite

Updated with tons of images and new information: We've added screen shots, character artwork and cover art into this story. Check out the trailer below. Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite will be available on September 19 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. Not only did the story trailer showcase new characters for the fighting game, but also it touched on how the heroes and villains are set to team up against the ultra big baddies of Ultron and Sigma.

Technology Hyundai Kona is a small SUV with big shoes to fill
Author: 0 Hyundai Kona is a small SUV with big shoes to fill

After leaking out teaser pics and details , Hyundai pulls the wraps off its new Kona B-segment CUV here Wednesday morning at its Motorstudio Goyang amusement park. It gets Hyundai family's signature cascading grille on the face of an aggressive, muscular body. The slim brake lights, turn indicators and reverse lamp are placed in a separate configuration, while a number of playful color variations, including two-tone paint schemes, will allow buyers to customize their Kona .

Technology Record-breaking Cavaliers turn up the heat on Golden State
Author: 0 Record-breaking Cavaliers turn up the heat on Golden State

Golden State still leads the best-of-seven title series 3-1 and can claim the trophy at home on Monday. With Game 5 in Golden State is coming up, the Cleveland Cavaliers will be doomed if they get a performance from Smith like they did in their other games in the Bay.

Author: 0 Cosby jury sent home after deliberating 4 hours

After the prosecution took five days to outline its side, the defense case consisted of just one witness - a detective - and six minutes of testimony Monday. Constand testified last week that she made the calls because of her job at Temple, where Cosby was a trustee and a famous alumnus, and Steele noted that the calls stopped as soon as she left the school.

Author: 0 Apple demands cut of Chinese app 'tips'

Apple's decision legitimizes tipping and shows that the company is trying to make monetization easier on both customers and app developers. Now the entire control of app review prompts is in the user's hand. If you still dislike the new way of Apple encouraging you to rate apps, you can turn them off altogether by heading into the iOS Settings app. This, however, does have some downsides to consumers as well.

Author: 0 Pens cap great year with 2nd straight Stanley Cup

Defenseman P.K. Subban, in calling Crosby " a great leader ", also said: It stings. He divides his time between Thunder Bay and Pittsburgh , and will be celebrating his first birthday on October 7, 2017. First, he chose to hold off on trading goalie Marc-Andre Fleury, though it would have been easier from a personnel management standpoint to make the move.

Author: 0 WWDC '17: First look at Apple's new iMac Pro

Apple have announced a new, high-end iMac Pro which is due for release in December. The 15-inch MacBook Pro starts from $2,399 and is equipped with a 2.8GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor , Turbo Boost up to 3.8GHz, 16GB 2133MHz LPDDR3 memory , 256GB SSD storage , Radeon Pro 555 with 2GB memory , 4 x Thunderbolt 3 ports and Touch Bar and Touch ID.

Technology Pitcher? Hitter? Both? MLB draft marked by two-way players
Author: 0 Pitcher? Hitter? Both? MLB draft marked by two-way players

Price tag will matter, and they're still considering the likes of Hunter Greene and Brendan McKay as well . "He's got that "it' factor that a No. "I just treat everyone equally", Lewis said. Lewis becomes the 11th first-overall pick advised by powerful agent Scott Boras. That run started in 1983 with small college right-hander Tim Belcher, who didn't sign.