Technology Amazon exec speaks on HomePod competition, Ice phone rumors
Author: 0 Amazon exec speaks on HomePod competition, Ice phone rumors

Yes, it's the long-rumoured Siri speaker we've all been waiting for. Amazon has a big head start on HomePod , which Apple says won't ship until December. Alexa and Google Assistant don't have those constraints. Oh, did I forget to mention that this little baby has Siri built right in? Google is still in the process of rolling it out to Android and adding extra capabilities, but it benefits from all the data its maker can collect on you, which means a more personalised ...

Author: 0 Apple reinvents home audio with the HomePod

Yet, free-standing devices are also front and center in the home. The Home also features a mute button, so you can deactivate voice control when desired - something you can also do with the Echo . It would mean a lot to us. "We have to imagine there is going to be more there", Blau said. For Amazon , Apple's release of the HomePod could avert or delay the $10.0 billion in new revenue RBC Capital Markets analysts predicted it could tap from Alexa-related sales by 2020.

Author: 0 Combating terror an agenda at SCO Summit

It is impossible to reach a solution till all make concerted efforts, on radicalization, terrorist recruitment, training and financing issues, PM Modi said at the meet where leaders of all member countries were present including Pakistani prime minister Nawaz Sharif .

Author: 0 Will Apple HomePod be victor?

However, at 7-inches, it is slightly taller than the Google Home , but shorter than the slender Amazon Echo . The company has a good chance in the market thanks to its focus on audio experience as well as the integration of Siri. So if you go for an Apple HomePod , you will need to first have HomeKit enabled accessories. Better hope you're using Apple's calendar application.

Author: 0 Apple HomePod Unveiling Could be Disastrously Premature: Advantage Amazon and Google?

The Amazon Video app has been available for iPhone and iPad devices for some time, but in a stripped-down format that doesn't allow transactional movie and TV show rentals and purchases. That's different for the Echo , where you need an Amazon account - which has a user's credit card information and shipping address. Yet Apple gadgets tend to function best within the Apple ecosystem, and Apple was quiet about whether or not the HomePod would work with third-party apps like the ...

Technology This vintage pair of Apple sneakers is being auctioned off for $15000
Author: 0 This vintage pair of Apple sneakers is being auctioned off for $15000

A pair is being listed on eBay this weekend with a starting price of a whopping $15,000 (£11,600), and is expected to fetch as much as $30,000 (£25,000). Apple is great at keeping with the times, and in the '90s it was all about wearing colorful clothes and sporting the coolest, cleanest sneakers. However, Heritage Auctions says that the Apple sneakers actually have a value of $30,000.

Technology Updated all-in-one desktop revealed at WWDC
Author: 0 Updated all-in-one desktop revealed at WWDC

The case keypad doubles up as the display protector and connects using Apple's Smart Connector, and comes with three levels of brightness for backlighting. This beefy iMac Pro comes equipped with up to an 18-core Intel Xeon processor. As is the norm for the iMac line, the displays really stand out. The price is expected to start at $1,499 with the non-Touch model.

Author: 0 Apple introduces HomePod, its entry into the home assistant market

Apple also announced a new translation service in Siri between English, Chinese and the four most popular European languages. This fall, that will be no more as an Amazon video app will finally arrive on Apple TV . It is the first new device Apple has announced in nearly three years . Apple boss Tim Cook said the event was "the best and biggest WWDC ever".

Author: 0 Amazon Prime Video Coming to Apple TV Later This Year

The HomePod , Apple's smart speaker will not only be able to stream music, but will have Siri built in and be able to control smart home devices through HomeKit . It is the first new device Apple has announced in nearly three years. If you're into tablets, Apple has something for you. WWDC Apple has joined Amazon , Google, and Microsoft in the race to plant microphones in people's homes.

Author: 0 Apple's Newest Home Speaker; Automatically Adjusts Sound Based on Where It's Placed

While the focus may shift towards Siri integration by the time the HomePod is released later this year, for now it seems as if Apple will be competing with the like of Sonos and Bose first and with Google and Amazon second. The company "can't afford to yield valuable real-estate in the heart of people's homes to Amazon , Google and others", said Geoff Blaber, research analyst at CCS Insight.

Author: 0 Apple's New Products And Changes Unveiled at WWDC

This year however, the talk also included the first look at the new HomePod , Apple's oddly named smart speaker.Available in December, it won't be cheap-$349-but Apple boasts that it will have better audio than its competition. An early glimpse at updates to iPhone and Mac software has become a tradition at Apple's annual conference for app developers, which begins Monday in San Jose, California .

Author: 0 Jeremy Corbyn: Labour is ready to serve the country

That raised the odds that an election called by May to provide "strong and stable government" would bring instability and the chance of yet another early election. May wasn't the only big loser. That suggests the United Kingdom will be unable to engage with the European Union in two weeks' time as scheduled because May or her successor will first need to build a new government and perhaps even a fresh negotiating strategy.

Technology National Basketball Association prospect Jonathan Jeanne diagnosed with possible career-ending condition
Author: 0 National Basketball Association prospect Jonathan Jeanne diagnosed with possible career-ending condition

While that may be an encouraging sign for Jeanne, there is no certainty he would have a similar recovery from the disorder that attacks connective tissues in the body. He was cleared to return to basketball late past year. Jeanne remains hopeful he can resume his career, Ndiaye said. Marfan syndrome almost ended the career of former Baylor center Isaiah Austin, who made an unexpected return to basketball after being cleared in November.

Author: 0 Whats New In Apple's iOS 11

This means you can use the iMessage apps to send stickers and other short bits of information to people faster on iOS 11 . One of the most useful new features it comes with is the ability to wirelessly share the credentials of a WiFi network from one iOS device to another iOS device.

Technology How Apple Could Challenge Amazon's $10 Billion in New Revenue
Author: 0 How Apple Could Challenge Amazon's $10 Billion in New Revenue

The specs of the HomePod certainly reinforce this idea - the Apple-designed sub woofer inside the speaker is paired with an A8 chip (from the iPhone 6). Porter shoppable app for Apple TV launched past year already offers something like that, and Amazon itself is already exploring the notion of special shoppable films to be made with major advertiser partners .

Author: 0 Old Apps at Risk with Apple iOS 11 Update

Apple has not previewed all of them at WWDC 2017 though, with one of the lesser-known additions being Wi-Fi sharing. Obviously, all devices must be on iOS 11 for this feature to work, as noted by 9to5Mac. Unfortunately, when this feature hit the mainstream with Windows 10, it received such severe backlash that Microsoft was forced to remove it from all future updates of Windows and disable the servers.

Author: 0 Senator grills intelligence chiefs for refusing to answer questions about Trump

Trump, according to the Post's account, complained to Coats and Central Intelligence Agency chief Mike Pompeo about Comey's handling of the Russian Federation probe. Rogers said he would not address any specific discussions he might have had with Trump. As a warmup round on Wednesday, three current USA intelligence officials came before the same committee.

Technology First look at Files, the new file manager in iOS 11
Author: 0 First look at Files, the new file manager in iOS 11

Called "Wi-Fi password sharing", the feature lets you share Wi-Fi passwords with friends. "OneDrive integration with the Files app will make it easier for you to access your content from any Apple device and will provide a better file management experience on iOS for your personal and work OneDrive and SharePoint sites", Microsoft states .

Author: 0 Siri vs. Alexa vs. Google Assistant: Apple Struggling With Privacy Concerns

American Multinational Technology Company, Apple announces HomePod speakers to its competitors, mainly consist of the Amazon's Echo and Google's Home . This means the HomePod is able to manage sound in real-time as its playing, tweaking the audio as needed. To most consumers, that's all that's going to matter-that this speaker sounds great.

Author: 0 Scottish leader Sturgeon says election 'disastrous' for PM May

The First Minister said she was "disappointed" by the results, which saw deputy leader Angus Robertson also dramatically defeated by the Conservatives . "I'm appealing to (lawmakers) from all parties to join together to try to keep Scotland and the United Kingdom in the single market. and bring some order to the negotiations".

Author: 0 The iMac gets a long-awaited update

The iMac Pro's hardware is already quite pricey before you factor in Apple's 5K display, design, and "Apple Tax", so those familiar with the company won't be shocked to learn that this new flagship Mac will start at $5,000 when it launches this December.

Technology Apple's Siri speaker is called HomePod and will cost $349
Author: 0 Apple's Siri speaker is called HomePod and will cost $349

Siri updates the watch face with new information through the day - think calendar entries, flight information, or smart home controls - using "machine learning to adjust automatically based on your routine" according to Apple's vice-president of technology Kevin Lynch.

Technology A Sneak Peek Into Apple's Home Music Speaker; The HomePod
Author: 0 A Sneak Peek Into Apple's Home Music Speaker; The HomePod

There's going to be plenty of buzz for Apple's shiny new plaything, but let's not assume that it's going to be the class act of Cupertino's next needle-moving innovation. The idea is to offer maximum privacy, so HomePod won't have access to all the brains of Siri on iOS or macOS - which seems like the thing that could actually make it better than Alexa.

Author: 0 What has happened so far in the United Kingdom elections

In this election, the Labour Party gained more than 30 seats. The result appeared certain to plunge the United Kingdom into another period of political uncertainty, with formal Brexit talks due to start in 10 day's time. "The initial exit poll. was a shock, so there was a sharp fall", said a trader with one Japanese bank in Singapore. It had been classified as a Brexit election and the result is being seen as giving hope to the 48 per cent who had voted to remain in the European ...

Technology Apple's Upgrades To Location And Photo Privacy Features Are Pretty Great
Author: 0 Apple's Upgrades To Location And Photo Privacy Features Are Pretty Great

The iOS 11 camera will now recognize and scan QR codes. Apple has been making devices with 64-bit processors rather than 32-bit processors since 2013 when it introduced them with the iPhone 5S and the iPad Air. For others, the event went like they expected, with Apple delivering on virtually all the big rumors they were "supposed" to meet: updated Macs and iPads, a platform for building AR apps on iOS devices, and a Siri-driven smart speaker.

Technology India could get the 6GB RAM HTC U11 Dual SIM variant
Author: 0 India could get the 6GB RAM HTC U11 Dual SIM variant

The website does not disclose the pricing details and availability of the upcoming HTC premium smartphone. Not only is the HTC U11 packed to the brim with the latest in hardware, the phone also crams in some new technology. The Samsung Galaxy S8's rear camera is a 12MP f/1.7 shooter with optical image stabilisation, always-on HDR and super-fast dual-pixel autofocus, and delivers superb results in good lighting and impressive images in low light.

Technology IPhone's new distracted driving feature is 'a good first step': CAA
Author: 0 IPhone's new distracted driving feature is 'a good first step': CAA

With the new NFC framework, Apple could let third-party developers make use of NFC chip in many ways. Interestingly, both the apps remain active in the split view. Password autofill for apps was one of the features mentioned during the iOS 11 announcement, but that wouldn't either suffice for the first-time login.

Author: 0 President's attorney counters Comey testimony

Trump's unexpected ouster of Comey stunned Washington , with critics questioning the timing of the firing. It doesn't matter that Trump used the word "hope" instead of "order", he said. "They confused me because the president and I had had multiple conversations about my job, both before and after he took office". "And so that to me, as an investigator, is a very significant fact".

Technology Yes, You Can Record Video of Your iPhone Screen On iOS 11
Author: 0 Yes, You Can Record Video of Your iPhone Screen On iOS 11

The biggest change visible is the new dock for iPads sourced directly from Apple's very own Mac. You can also use it to see how some furniture or TV fits in your living room. The new addition includes a specific feature named Offload Unused apps which is a self-descriptive title. iOS has now joined Android in offering a built-in one-handed mode for the default keyboard: It means if you've only got one hand free to tap out a message , then the keys become a bit easier to hit, ...

Technology Apple's Unveils New HomePod Voice-controlled Speaker, Competing With Amazon's Echo
Author: 0 Apple's Unveils New HomePod Voice-controlled Speaker, Competing With Amazon's Echo

Apple emphasized the privacy aspects of the HomePod. Apple is officially jumping into the home speaker market. Apple says that makes the Mac a great platform for developing virtual-reality experiences. And Apple will have a new "do not disturb" mode for driving. Apart from this, as a home assistant, HomePod can be used to post messages, gather updates on news, sports and weather, or control smart home devices by simply asking Siri to do the basic job of switching on the light, closing the ...

Technology Apple iMac Pro computer for professionals
Author: 0 Apple iMac Pro computer for professionals

Graphics and storage are faster, the display is brighter and the new iMac models support double the RAM. Aside from the space gray color-which extends to the mouse and keyboard, too-the iMac Pro comes in the same chassis as the 27-inch iMac , with the same DCI-P3 color gamut, 5,120-by-2,880 (5K) screen resolution, and 500-nit brightness on its 27-inch display .

Technology With HomePod, Apple May Finally Deliver On The Promise Of HomeKit
Author: 0 With HomePod, Apple May Finally Deliver On The Promise Of HomeKit

Amazon and Alphabet aren't just going to buckle and bow out now just because Apple is here. Apple's HomePod is clearly going for a more powerful speaker , offering with a seven tweeter "beam-forming array", 4-inch forward facing subwoofer and an A8 chipset to learn the room it's housed in and adapt its output to fit the acoustics.

Technology Apple updates MacBook line with new Intel processors
Author: 0 Apple updates MacBook line with new Intel processors

The iMac Pro also comes with up to 128GB of memory and 4GB of flash storage . In addition to the new iMac Pro , Apple is working on a completely redesigned, next-generation Mac Pro architected for pro customers who need the highest-end, high-throughput system in a modular design, as well as a new high-end pro display .

Technology Activision Announces E3 Expo Lineup
Author: 0 Activision Announces E3 Expo Lineup

Call of Duty: WWII , meanwhile, will be playable for the first time at E3 2017 , letting attendees join one of five World War II Divisions, try out the new War Mode, and experience Headquarters. Call of Duty: WWII pre-orders at participating retailers include access to the Private Beta, available first on PlayStation®4, scheduled for later this year.

Technology Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back Announced
Author: 0 Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back Announced

It's tricky to suss out what happened to all of Accolade's properties (from Fight Night! to Barkley Shut Up and Jam! to Law of the West ) in the years since. The original Bubsy game - officially called Bubsy in Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind - was a 2D platformer for the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis that borrowed many mechanics from Sonic and Mario titles while adding a healthy dose of slightly outdated pop culture references to the formula.

Technology Apple's 'HomePod' speaker to take on Amazon, Google
Author: 0 Apple's 'HomePod' speaker to take on Amazon, Google

Siri can be activated using the command " Hey, Siri ". Moreover, it's the first hardware product from Apple , since the Apple Watch. Well, adding further, the company has announced that this new HomePod is basically created to work with Apple Music , which means that you will have to require a subscription to music streaming service.

Author: 0 Apple unveils HomePod speaker, first new product in years, adds VR elements

However, if you're thinking the Siri speaker will follow the usual Apple MO of swooping into a new or sleepy category with a better product, you're probably in for a disappointment. "There is so much momentum building around these speakers that it would be hard for Apple not to come out with one ", said industry analyst Patrick Moorhead of Moor Insights & Strategy.

Author: 0 How Is Apple's Siri More Secure Than Alexa?

A speaker might help customers stay loyal to other services such as Apple Music , Apple Watch, Apple TV and AirPods. As for its hardware, the HomePod sports an array of six microphones; a set-up that is expected to let Siri hear the user's instructions or messages even when the music is playing loudly or the person is situated at a distance from the home speaker.

Technology IOS 11, Android O to Feature Limit on 'Always-On' Location Tracking
Author: 0 IOS 11, Android O to Feature Limit on 'Always-On' Location Tracking

Now you can access all your notifications by swiping down and by swiping up you can get the widgets. Those days will soon be over for many users thanks to a new setting in iOS 11 that introduces the "While Using The App" location setting for all apps, as a number of eagle-eyed developers - including Joe Duvall and Twitter users @tfoil2 and @chengyinliu - spotted.

Author: 0 Apple Unveils Wireless Speaker HomePod

This can be an unsettling concept for people anxious about privacy, but companies say they're not recording when not in use. With consumers less interested in buying new tablets, Apple has increased its focus on designing tablets for professionals to do much of the same work that they usually perform on a laptop computer.

Author: 0 Apple HomePod - Reinventing home music

Created to deliver a superior audio experience, the HomePod - despite its clunky name - could very well prove to be a sleeper hit for Apple once it hits store shelves later this year. One of the major (and also hotly anticipated) announcements was the unveiling of Siri-integrated HomePod . Either way, the HomePod has been announced and arrives later this year.

Author: 0 Apple HomePod - Things to know about the Wi-Fi speakers with Siri

That leaves HomePod in a weird place. Munster was not as enthusiastic about the HomePod , which was developed to rival Amazon's Echo ( AAPL ) and Google's Home ( GOOGL ). Why can't software developers do the same? "The new sound of home", Apple's HomePod is the tech giant's latest artificially intelligent hardware product.

Technology This is how smart home devices like the Apple HomePod work
Author: 0 This is how smart home devices like the Apple HomePod work

Regardless of whether consumers care enough about audio quality , there are enough Apple fans who are likely hungry for a product like this as rivals Amazon and Google have come out ahead. For instance you can voice-activate it with a simple " Hey Siri " using six microphones laid to pick up sound in all directions. It can do everything from giving news, weather and sports to setting timers and texting people.

Technology Apple's HomePod puts Siri in living rooms
Author: 0 Apple's HomePod puts Siri in living rooms

As well as offering instant translations and letting you use Messages with your voice, the speaker will work with a range of HomeKit-enabled smart home devices. Although that product came out after other smartwatches hit the market, it quickly outshone competitors, according to industry research firms. The lack of a breakthrough device has periodically raised concerns that Apple has become too dependent on the iPhone and supported the theory that the company lost its knack for innovation ...

Technology Apple Refreshes the Entire MacBook Line Up, and I'm Pissed
Author: 0 Apple Refreshes the Entire MacBook Line Up, and I'm Pissed

The 21.5-inch iMac is now available in standard HD (1920x1080 pixels) LED-backlit display and a Retina 4K (4096x2304 pixels) display. Additionally, the 15-inch Pro now has standard discrete graphics and the company announced that it is now selling a non-Touch Bar 13-inch Pro for $1,299 Dollars (about $1,750 CAD).

Author: 0 Amazon executive hopeful Siri and Alexa will communicate with each other

Many non-hardware companies have also announced plans to launch their own exclusive smart speakers targeting both local and global markets this year, alongside smaller startups active in the business segment. "I don't think it will be the next iPhone", Blau said of HomePod, "but, Apple could gain share and be a leader". Apple also introduced a new version of its business-oriented iPad Pro at an intermediate size with more storage, a better display and an improved camera.