Author: 0 IOS 11 Can Automatically Delete Unused Apps To Save Space

In its latest update of iOS 10.3, the tool shipped to iPhone and iPad users will help to highlight apps that will be rendered obsolete. But some drag and drop skills are still better than no drag and drop skills. Campaigners have backed a new "do not disturb while driving" feature, set to be launched for iPhones. But Apple, why did you do that? An upgrade to the App Store proved popular with developers at the conference where iOs11 was announced - there's now a New Today section which ...

Author: 0 Microsoft Surface Mobile Leak Tips 'On-Table' Projection Mode, Two Variants

The smartphone will get a built-in projector, which will display the image on the table and any other surface . For older Android devices, Microsoft said ARMv7 processors are required for Skype to be fully supported. With a refined application of the somewhat clunky desktop/Start Screen interface that the company first introduced with Windows 8, lots of new security and stability features, a measured but forward moving emphasis on Universal Windows Apps, and the ongoing melding of ...

Author: 0 8 new and exciting features of iOS 11

However, iPhone owners will still be able to use navigation apps, like Apple Maps and Google Maps as well as Apple CarPlay . In addition to support for FLAC, Apple is introducing a ton of new features that could kickstart the transformation of iOS from simply a mobile operating system to a legitimate hybrid platform with desktop functionalities.

Author: 0 Can Apple's (AAPL) HomePod Outmuscle Amazon and Google?

If you're already on a developer account, you can install iOS 11 beta 1 and test the new features on your own. Like the Amazon Echo and Google Home , the HomePod will play music while also helping people to manage their lives and homes.

Technology Little Nightmares Gets an Expansion Pass
Author: 0 Little Nightmares Gets an Expansion Pass

The first chapter, entitled The Depths, will be out in July and will feature "an insidious threat that lurks underwater" in the sewers of the Maw. The new LITTLE NIGHTMARES DLC introduces The Runaway Kid, another prisoner looking for a way out of the dark depths of The Maw, an eerie, twisted vessel filled with disturbing and unsafe enemies who are eager to devour their next victim.

Author: 0 Apple shows the iPad some love with iOS 11

Siri gets bumped up: Siri is bit better in iOS 11 . For us as petrolheads first and technology freaks a long way second, the most exciting aspect of the new iOS 11 operating system for iPhones, is a feature called Do Not Disturb While Driving , which does exactly that.

Author: 0 Apple Thinks Its Smart HomePod Will 'Reinvent' Home Audio

It also serves as a smart voice assistant. And fortunately for Google and Amazon , Apple's Siri is widely seen as lagging behind the competition in both its quality and capabilities. That company offers a similar wireless multi-speaker system for listening to music throughout the home , similar to HomePod's ability to chain together multiple speakers.

Author: 0 Apple Unveils New 13 Inch MacBook Pro At WWDC 2017

The new machines come in configurations of 8-, 10-, or 18-core Xeon processors, with a memory cache of up to 42 MB. Graphics on iMac are much more powerful across the line with the new Radeon Pro 500-series graphics with up to 8GB of vRAM.

Author: 0 IPhones will block texting while driving with new feature

As with every iOS announcement, iOS 11 is being touted as the most feature packed update ever. By introducing the iOS 11 update that brings a lot of new features for iPhone and iPad, Apple has buried 32-bit apps. Redditors who have already installed the developer beta are reporting that Apple has purportedly included full playback support for FLAC audio files in iOS 11 .

Author: 0 Apple Announces New Siri-Based Speaker System HomePod

The device stands 7 inches tall and is lined with a mesh fabric similar to the base of the Google Home or exterior of an Amazon Tap. These giants are battling over still-emerging fields that are expected to turn into technological gold mines, much the way personal computers and smartphones became moneymaking machines in previous decades.

Author: 0 NBA Finals on ABC highest rated since Jordan era (through two games)

Two weeks after that defeat, his iconic last-minute 3-pointer helped give the Cavaliers their first-ever National Basketball Association title and showed just how important he was to the team's fortunes. Simple as that. But the sentiment at the heart of what De Haven is saying forms, I think, the core of what we admire in a great many human endeavors but maybe most especially in sports: the idea that heart, grit, will, belief or blood can overcome the limits not only of the human body ...

Author: 0 Apple just updated its thinnest, lightest MacBook - here's what's new

The iMac Pro will be a niche machine, but the HomePod (shouldn't it have been Siri Speaker?) is definitely mass-market and should've been ready by now and not December. All models will be available for sale in the United States starting today. The iMac Pro's black mouse. "We're also increasing CPU and SSD speed on MacBook, adding faster processors and making faster graphics standard on our 15-inch MacBook Pro and introducing a new 13-inch MacBook Pro configuration".

Author: 0 Apple Is Phasing Out 32-bit Apps For macOS From January 2018

The feature in iOS 11 is called Offload Unused Apps. But we'd still like to say preliminarily: Thanks Apple! Buried in Apple's announcements this week was a tiny, but crucial fact - users of its popular iPhone 5 and 5C devices are about to be left in the cold.

Author: 0 Can Apple's HomePod Compete With Amazon's Alexa?

That makes it a bit taller than the portly Google Home , and slightly shorter than canister-shaped Amazon Echo . In front of thousands of developers, Apple's announcement of ARKit, a developer kit that allows mobile developers to create augmented reality apps, drew raucous reactions.

Technology Apple's New Business Chat Will Bring Customer Service to iMessage
Author: 0 Apple's New Business Chat Will Bring Customer Service to iMessage

Competition won't be easy for the iPhone maker, as the industry is already filled with big names such as PayPal , Venmo, Square Cash, etc., and bank services like Chase QuickPay have gained huge popularity too. Messenger payments use regular debit cards to process transfers directly to and from users' bank accounts. After that, everything can be done by simply messaging someone.

Author: 0 The iMac Pro is Apple's most powerful computer ever

MacBook Pro also gets upgraded with better graphics and memory . The new all-in-one computers are coming with two Thunderbolt 3 USB-C ports. The iMac Retina will include a 4K, 21.5-inch display . There was no apology on Monday (though Apple CEO Tim Cook did on several occasions sheepishly proclaim the Mac as the "heart and soul" of Apple), but there were more than enough updates to please the demanding user.

Author: 0 Trump nominates Christopher Wray as new FBI Director

According to Wray's resume on the Department of Justice website, he was born in 1967 and served as assistant attorney general in charge of the criminal division under former U.S. Sessions said in a statement that Wray "combines a brilliant legal mind, outstanding accomplishments and a proven record of public service". "Nothing planned right now", one White House official said when asked when more details about the pick would be released.

Technology Uber and its CEO try to grow up
Author: 0 Uber and its CEO try to grow up

Current and former employees said they expressed serious concerns about how Alexander obtained and touted the report , which detailed the results of an invasive medical examination. At the time Uber said "sexual assault is a bad crime and we're pleased he has now been brought to justice", adding it had improved security due to "lessons we learned from this awful case".

Author: 0 Dubs take 2-0 lead to Cleveland

He's always had good defensive teams". Assistant coach Mike Brown stepped in, completing 4-0 sweeps of Portland, Utah Jazz and San Antonio Spurs to reach the finals , with Kerr only announcing his return for this game hours before tip-off.

Author: 0 11 of the Biggest Announcements From Apple's WWDC Keynote

For Siri usage the HomePod uses six powerful microphones with echo cancellation features so it can easily hear when a user says "Hey Siri " to awaken the speaker. Apple also announced that watchOS 4, the next version of its smartwatch platform, will arrive in September. It also allows users to browse large product images and videos, and view star ratings and customer reviews on the product's detail page, the report explained.

Author: 0 New iOS function will silence drivers' phones

Apple also now offers Messages in iCloud. Even the Dock will behave more like its MacOS counterpart by being available in any app rather than just on the home screen . The App Store now features specific tabs for updates of the current day, for games, apps and in-app purchases. You can keep using them with iOS 10 , but if you plan to upgrade to iOS 11 (which Apple confirmed will be release around September this year), now is the time to take action for any apps you depend ...

Author: 0 Nokia Oyj (NOK) Stake Lowered by Private Advisor Group LLC

Bank of America Corp reaffirmed a "neutral" rating on shares of Nokia Oyj in a research note on Friday, June 2nd. The stock volatility for week was 1.61% while for month was 1.40%.The stock, as of last close, traded 59.90% to its 52 week low and was changed -2.86% from its 52 week high.

Author: 0 Apple Could Expand iPhone's NFC Capabilities Beyond Apple Pay

The iPhone 5 and 5c have gotten support over the past 4-5 years and that's actually pretty impressive for a mobile device. Apple intends to declutter your life and so it is starting off by organising all your files and folders and making search super easy.

Author: 0 What Will the New iOS 11 Bring?

Apple made a major fintech play that shouldn't be underestimated. Apple is finally enabling iMessages to synchronise to the iCloud. This statement hints that the next iPhone may come AR and VR capabilities. It is expected to be rolled out for iPhone 5s and later, all iPad Air, and iPad Pro models, iPad 5th generation, iPad mini 2 and later and iPod touch 6th generation in Septemeber.

Author: 0 Apple Wants to Curb Distracted Driving with New iPhone Setting

Apple made the iPad a huge focus in iOS 11, adding all kinds of nifty new iPad-only features that enhance productivity. This one is out thanks to dedicated Reddit threads, which are discussing all the hidden features of Apple iOS 11 .

Author: 0 WWDC 2017: Apple announces all-new iMac all-in-one desktop range

If you can't wait for the iMac Pro, Apple has available today a wholesale refresh of most of the Mac line-up. "It's the most powerful Mac we've ever made". In addition to the new iMac Pro, Apple is working on a completely redesigned, next-generation Mac Pro® architected for pro customers who need the highest-end, high-throughput system in a modular design, as well as a new high-end pro display.

Author: 0 Do not disturb mode for iPhones welcomed

Apple's new volume HUD look is universal across iOS 11 , and so now, after 10 long years, we no longer have to choose between adjusting the volume and. The public beta for macOS High Sierra will begin in June. "Drivers who use phones at the wheel have been found to be four times more likely to be in a crash resulting in it's great to see some phone manufacturers playing their part in helping to cut distractions", says Brake's director Caroline Perry.

Author: 0 IOS 11 Brings FLAC File Support to iPhones and iPads

That leaves Apple . Although it was the first smartphone maker to come out with a digital assistant when Siri debuted in 2011, it hasn't had a stand-alone assistant. Apart from the aforementioned developments, Apple also talked about TvOS which did not receive a major update - but was mentioned anyway because it now supports Amazon Prime Music.

Author: 0 IOS 11 Has System-Level Screen Recording

And you can drag and drop items - photos, hyperlinks, whatever - between apps , just like on a "proper" laptop. Users will be able to interact with the HomePod via Siri and will be able to use a bunch of Apple services in the process.

Author: 0 Apple Introduces HomePod, a Siri-Equipped Smart Speaker

You can also control your HomeKit devices remotely now, using the Home app on any iOS device. This morning Apple revealed the HomePod , their first "home speaker" - or Siri Speaker , if you prefer. HomePod users may initially be constrained by Siri's lack of capabilities as compared to Alexa , which also boasts the ability to order millions of Amazon products as well as food from restaurants like Domino's.

Author: 0 Apple shows off new iPads in promo video

So how will it work? When Apple debuted its iPad Pro , one of the major criticisms of the device was that there was nowhere to store the accompanying Pencil stylus. Will the Apple Watch support it? Let us know in the comments. However, as the report notes , this is still for "Fetch" function, which means the notifications will only appear when the iPhone is on power and connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Author: 0 New Kaby Lake iMacs arrive from Apple

Additionally, depending on the size of the model, the new iMacs will support up to 32GB and 64GB RAM, twice as much as the previous generation. Still, given the huge amounts of time that have historically gone between even spec boosts for some Apple products, like the iMac or Mac Pro , it's nice to see that the company seems to be trying harder to keep things updated going forward.

Author: 0 Apple Has Officially Ended 32-Bit App Support In iOS 11

Apple also announced a new macOS dubbed "High Sierra" that should please Mac users on both the professional and consumer side. So how does it work? Phones connected to cars with Bluetooth capabilities, or through a cable , will withhold any notifications from texts or news updates while the auto is in motion, CNN Money reported.

Author: 0 Apple squelches commitment critics with new iMacs

It is, of course, an AiO and it is based around a chassis holding a 27-inch Retina 5K display. The latest iMac highlights Kaby Lake processors up to 4.2GHz along with the Turbo Increase to 4.5GH. The new multitasking feature on the iPad Pro now allows users to just bring up a different app in the foreground of another app after which you can use the split-view to use both the apps.

Technology PS4 Version of
Author: 0 PS4 Version of "Dissidia Final Fantasy" Revealed

It's based on an arcade version of Dissidia that released in Japan only in 2015. The game is a collaboration between Square Enix , Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo. But you'll still have twenty Final Fantasy fighters to choose from. Square Enix has revealed its release schedule for the upcoming financial years, and it could be a long wait for Final Fantasy VII Remake and Kingdom Hearts 3.

Author: 0 10.5 inch IPad Pro Gets Official, Replaces 9.7 Inch Model

Apple has trotted out a mid-year upgrade to its hardware line-up alongside the new HomePod Siri-powered " smart speaker " at its Worldwide Developer's Conference , held overnight in San Jose . Besides all the new things unveiled Monday, Apple made another big announcement . The company also rolled out tools for developers to create augmented reality applications for iPhones and iPads .

Author: 0 Amazon Prime Video Is Headed To The Apple TV

Apple is also doubling the storage space on these models, and the larger model will have a version with 512 GB of storage. "As the iPhone reaches a point of near saturation in mature markets and replacement rates continue to slow, Apple must find new ways to lock in users".

Author: 0 Apple Puts Siri Helper at Center of Growing Home-Tech Empire

And it would mark an effort by Apple to catch up with Amazon and Google . It includes a six microphone array around the speaker, as well as a four-inch woofer, automatic bass equalization, real-time acoustic modeling, audio beam-forming, and multi-channel echo cancellation.

Author: 0 Apple's next move will destroy the 'text and drive' culture

If you come across any bugs, use the Feedback Assistant app to report them. The "new" iPad Pro devices now hold up full-size keyboard of iOS 11 on the screen. Apple's move follows a lawsuit filed by a family in December, 2016, after their five-year-old daughter was killed by a distracted driver allegedly using the FaceTime video chat feature.

Author: 0 Apple launches iMac Pro with Xeon CPU and Vega GPU

It'll be even more powerful than the iMac Pro . The iMac Pro comes with the new AMD Radeon Pro Vega GPU. At the same event, Apple announced a host of other extras: refreshed iMac, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air hardware; macOS 10.13 High Sierra, which is the first to use the company's new Apple File System (APFS), and iOS 11; the HomePod , a voice-activated assistant-cum-speaker created to compete with the Amazon Echo and Google Home; ARKit, a platform for augmented reality ...

Author: 0 IPhone 7 and 7 Plus will support NFC tags with iOS 11

Apart from the aforementioned developments, Apple also talked about TvOS which did not receive a major update - but was mentioned anyway because it now supports Amazon Prime Music. The iOS 11 update will reportedly include a augmented reality feature for the first time, and voice assistant Siri has been upgraded to allow users to choose from a male or female person, The Guardian reported.

Author: 0 This Is Apple's Insanely Powerful New iMac Pro

John Ternus, VP of hardware engineering, said the new iMac displays will be 43 percent brighter than previous models at 500 nits and be capable of showing one billion colors. The revitalized 15-inch MacBook Pro paired with Touch Bar also receives typical graphics support of Intel Iris. Apple showed off the line: 21.5-inch iMacs start at $1,099 (roughly converting to £850 and AU$1,470).

Author: 0 Next iOS update will not be available to iPhone 5 owners

The decision to remove support for 32-bit shouldn't come as a surprise for many, though. Both iPads will have feature Apple's True Tone display with wide color gamut comfort, alongside enhanced the camera system model upon the iPhone 7 camera.

Author: 0 Activision Blizzard, Inc (NASDAQ:ATVI) Quarterly Sales Review

Victory Capital Management Inc. boosted its position in shares of Activision Blizzard , Inc. Mizuho Asset Management Co. Piedmont Investment Advisors LLC grew its ownership by buying 1,044 shares an increase of 0.9% as of 03/31/2017. During the same period in the prior year, the business earned $0.23 earnings per share. The company's revenue for the quarter was up 31.7% on a year-over-year basis.

Author: 0 Apple's new 10.5-inch iPad Pro replaces the 9.7-inch Pro

AirPlay 2 is featured with multi-room audio, can be used by any app. In addition to the update to Files , Apple is also updating the file management system on macOS. Apple said that watch wearers will be able to link their devices with the gym equipment through NFC. With HomePod , Apple is also offering some robust personal security features, which should work to its advantage, both Husson and Ask suggest.

Author: 0 Apple unveils HomePod, a smart speaker with Siri inside

Apple also announced that watchOS 4 , the next version of its smartwatch platform, will arrive in September. The company also launched a new configuration of the 13-inch MacBook Pro without a Touch Bar that starts at a cheaper $1,299. It includes new features for watchfaces, such as a new Siri-based watchface. The next evolution of Apple's desktop operating system is called High Sierra.

Technology AMD releases Polaris based Radeon Pro 500
Author: 0 AMD releases Polaris based Radeon Pro 500

All in all, it looks like even if the MacBook Air is still alive, it's not in its best possible shape especially if we also take into consideration the fact that it will not even receive Intel's Kaby Lake processors. We reengineered the entire system and designed an entirely new thermal architecture to pack extraordinary performance. The iMac Pro is also capable of supporting up to 128 GB of RAM, up to 16 GB of VRAM, and up to 22 teraflops of graphics computation.