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Amazon's popular voice-controlled speaker, the Echo, can be told to play songs from an Amazon music account or even Spotify, but not from Apple Music . Apple's latest powerful iOS tablet is available with a brighter display, a feature called Pro Motion and a new 64-bit A10X Fusion chip. The dedicated recent files section gives you access to your recent files from all your iOS devices including the files within apps.

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Good news , users will now get more photography filters in the camera app for both iPhone and iPad. Apple is still embracing the tablet form-factor, and that is readily apparent with the new all-new 10.5-inch iPad Pro , which replaces the previous generation 9.7-inch model.

Technology Apple unveils its speaker
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Pulling music from the Apple library, the speaker was presented as being able to recognize its placement and direct rich audio sound into the room. "The fact that Apple is claiming to marry really great and smart audio with a smart assistant and cloud music service makes this device unique in the market so far".

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The new 10.5-inch iPad Pro features a redesigned Retina display that's 20 percent larger than the 9.7-inch iPad Pro. Step one, pick up your Apple Pencil. Connectivity options includes - Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, dual band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2, A-GPS and GLONASS and LTE Active Bands (Cellular Variant). iOS 11 in the iPad Pro will support Instant Markup via the Apple Pencil.

Technology IMac Gets Major Update, New iMac Pro Is Apple's Most Powerful Mac
Author: 0 IMac Gets Major Update, New iMac Pro Is Apple's Most Powerful Mac

The price of the 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models start at $649 and $799, respectively. The main highlight though has to be the HomePod, a smart speaker. The six-core CPU delivers up to 30% faster performance than the previous A9X chip, while the 12-core GPU has had an even bigger 40% bump. This year, alongside the usual iOS and macOS updates, Apple is expected to announce a Siri smart speaker.

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The iMac Pro is scheduled to ship in December starting at $4,999 in the US. What are the iMac 2017 specifications? . With thin and light designs, powerful performance, unbelievable displays and all-day battery life, Mac notebooks deliver the world's best portable computing experience.* MacBook now features faster Kaby Lake processors up to 1.3 GHz Core i7 with Turbo Boost up to 3.6 GHz and up to 50 percent faster SSD, and supports up to twice the memory.

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While the 12.9 inch iPad Pro comes with A10X Fashion chip and ProMotion display technology, the new 10.5 inch iPad Pro looks to be a complete make over in terms of specs and software. It also uses powerful image filters to enhance readability. The 12.9-inch version starts at $799 for 64GB of storage and Wi-Fi, or $929 for 64GB of storage with cellular connectivity.

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Apple is also upgrading the working programming for its Apple Watch, including new watch confronts more customized alarms that use machine figuring out how to tailor data to you in light of your schedules and tastes. A new iMac Pro with "workstation class" performance will be available this December along with a new line of iMacs and MacBooks. The features of Apple's HomePod are exciting, due to their potential.

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Apple's Craig Federighi dove into the software update at the conference keynote and demoed a bunch of new features coming in iOS 11 , including a redesigned app drawer for iMessage apps and stickers. In iOS 11, iMessage will automatically sync your messages across multiple devices and there is also a new toolbar for you to send emojis and stickers within Apple's messaging app.

Technology Apple To Launch New iPad Pro In India In July 2017
Author: 0 Apple To Launch New iPad Pro In India In July 2017

The True Tone display is also 50 percent brighter than earlier models. Apple has introduced a new 10.5-inch iPad Pro and a new 12.9-inch iPad Pro, featuring displays with ProMotion technology and the new A10X Fusion chip. In-app purchases can be featured in the redesigned App Store . Good news , users will now get more photography filters in the camera app for both iPhone and iPad.

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The new iPad runs on iOS 10 and powered by A10 X Fusion chip with 64-bit architecture. " Together with iOS 11 these new iPad Pro models will radically change what users can do with iPad", he added. It wasn't announced on stage at WWDC yesterday, but Apple's new Pencil Case might be the most quintessential Apple product to date. According to Apple , HomePod is aware of other HomePods in the room, and can dynamically adjust music accordingly for the best spatial sound.

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Based on the foremost rumor regarding the very existence of such an Apple laptop, Bloomberg expected to see the 2017 MacBook during Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference ( WWDC ) keynote on June 5. Apple will also offer an updated, full-size Smart Keyboard for the 10.5-inch iPad Pro for $159. As far as we can tell, the 12.9-inches version will be both lighter and thinner than the previous model.

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The new operating system, which will arrive this fall along with the rumored iPhone 8 , includes hundreds of new features. From Deutsche Bank's perspective, the key incremental announcements were the smart speaker, the availability of peer-to-peer payments on Apple Pay, and the introduction of a workstation version of the Mac.

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Apple released a refreshed line of iMacs on Monday, marking the first update since October 2015. "It's going to be the most powerful MAC we've ever made", said APPLE VP/Hardware Engineering JOHN TEMUS. Apple was expected to put an Intel Xeon chip inside its all-in-one, but we didn't think the iMac Pro would come with an up to 18-core processor .

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The feature, called "Do Not Disturb While Driving", senses when you're driving using either Bluetooth or WiFi doppler effect to detect how fast you are moving. Apple is doing its part to cut down on distracted driving . It's worth noting that Apple is unveiling the feature six months after the company was hit with a lawsuit for not having a feature like it before.

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The only way to interact with HomePod directly is to use Siri. But Apple is arriving to this party late, with seemingly little to show for its tardiness. Apple Music is relatively affordable, but those invested in competing services, such as Spotify, might hesitate at the thought of dumping their beloved playlists and social connections.

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If the speculation pans out, the speaker would be Apple's first new product since its smartwatch in 2015. Apple's main competitors in this area would be Amazon Echo and Google Home, with Amazon now leading the pack by a wide margin. iPad Pro has a new feature called ProMotion that makes the Apple Pencil quicker-latency down to 20 milliseconds, not that anybody's actually clocking this.

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You can tap on icons in those squares to do things like turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and you can use 3D Touch to access more information and advanced settings. Since speakers are a totally new category for HomeKit, you'll have to wait for audio manufacturers to make AirPlay 2-compatible speakers before you can use the new feature.

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Apple also made improvements to Siri including making the assistant's voice sound more natural when responding to users. The protection is similar to what Google Home and Amazon's Echo speakers already offer. The Apple Pencil supports inline drawing, PDF annotation, drawing on screenshots, Instant Markup support for easily signing on documents, and a simple tap on the Lock Screen launches the Notes app instantly.

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Although iPad sales rebounded after the release of the Pro, the tablet has still lost ground to Apple's computers in recent quarters. The ProMotion technology in the Retina dispaly of the new iPads allows for refresh rates up to 120 Hz making for fluid scrolling, improved responsiveness, and 20ms latency for more fluid and natural drawing.

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Google already tries to be proactive with its Assistant on Android phones and Google Home speaker. Curiously absent in this copying, however, was Apple . Well, for one, it is a bit expensive. The Amazon Echo is priced at £149.99/$179.99, with the cheaper Echo Dot available for £49.99/$49.99, while Google Home is £129/$129.

Technology Apple iOS 11 developer preview
Author: 0 Apple iOS 11 developer preview

HomePod users may initially be constrained by Siri's lack of capabilities as compared to Alexa, which also boasts the ability to order millions of Amazon products as well as food from restaurants like Domino's. It will also launch a new iMac Pro, an all-in-one computer that Apple promises will have all the power of workstation. They can use the money instantly to send to someone, make purchases using Apple Pay in stores, apps and on the web, or transfer it from Apple Pay Cash to their ...

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Some of the new features aren't available in the beta version, such as the augmented reality experiences. Following in the footprints of its rivals such as Samsung, which started allowing screen recording, as well as GIF creation on its Galaxy flagship smartphones, Apple appears to be ready to add that functionality in iOS 11.

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The biggest announcement from this year's keynote event is the unveiling of Apple's long-rumoured smart speaker - HomePod. Apple is clearly trying to position its desktop and laptop computers to appeal more to creative professionals, including game developers.

Author: 0 Apple unveils iOS 11, Siri speaker and new iPad Pro at WWDC

Apple intends to usher in a new era with an improved Apple Music in iOS 11 , although Apple Music is not likely to usurp Spotify anytime soon. For photos, Apple is replacing JPEGs with a new format meant to reduce file sizes. What's new for Apple Maps in iOS 11? Siri integration makes the speaker more interactive, allowing it to interact with HomeKit devices such as lights, thermostat, weather reports and other functions.

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While it is illegal to use a mobile phone while driving in most countries, statistics show an increasing number of motorists admit to using one anyway , exposing them to heightened risk of accidents. It's not a far cry from current iOS features that already detect when a fast-moving phone stops and automatically marks the position as a possible location for a parked vehicle.

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With consumers less interested in buying new tablets, Apple has increased its focus on designing tablets for professionals to do much of the same work that they usually perform on a laptop computer. The research firm eMarketer says than 35 million people in the USA are expected to use a voice-activated speaker at least once a month this year, more than double its estimate from last year.

Technology Apple Introduces Echo Rival Home Pod And More At WWDC17
Author: 0 Apple Introduces Echo Rival Home Pod And More At WWDC17

Apple introduces HomePod during Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose. As CNet points out , this also means that Apple's HomeKit software now has its own standalone device, meaning that it could attract Android users and others who previously did not want to use Siri through an iPhone or iPad.

Technology Amazon to offer discounted Prime membership to low-income customers
Author: 0 Amazon to offer discounted Prime membership to low-income customers

Instead of the usual prices of $10.99 per month or $99 per year, anyone with a valid Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card will only have to pay $5.99 a month for Amazon Prime . government food stamp programme and the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families service. EBT cards can not be used to pay for the membership , according to Amazon .

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Although the app looks pretty basic as a simple file explorer kind of thing, but Apple has put in a lot more effort for it to be your once place for managing all your personal and work related files locally or somewhere on the cloud with minimal effort and greater reliability.

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REUTERS/Lucy NicholsonAn Apple logo is seen in a store in Los Angeles, California, U.S., March 24, 2017. Road safety experts have praised a potentially lifesaving feature coming to iPhones later this year that will lock drivers out of their phone while they are behind the wheel.

Author: 0 Apple WWDC 2017: Big Announcements On New Features And Upgrades

It will feature recommendations of new releases and updates , compelling videos, top charts just for games and hand-picked collections. Files , on the other hand, allows users to access the actual location of the documents, files, photos and videos that have been downloaded onto the device.

Author: 0 Apple's iPad Pro family just got a middle brother

Together the two deliver screen refresh rates of up to 120Hz, said to make everything look ever-so-smooth. Apple will also have a new "do not disturb" mode for driving which will help in reducing notifications while driving so that one does not get distracted.

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What beast is this? Apple's iOS 11 is finally official, which means you can already try it out for yourself if you're comfortable with running the first iOS 11 betas that Apple made available after the WWDC 2017 keynote. The HomePod lets use your voice to play music and control HomeKit devices like smart light bulbs or thermostats, as well as letting you chat with Siri .

Author: 0 Apple iOS 11 will automatically lock down your phone while you're driving

Once it determines you're driving, your phone will, at the "end of that first drive" offer you the option of activating DNDWD whenever your phone detects you're in a auto. Users have the option of sending an auto reply to contacts listed in Favorites to let them know they are driving and can not respond until they arrive at their destination.

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That company offers a similar wireless multi-speaker system for listening to music throughout the home, similar to HomePod's ability to chain together multiple speakers. "It will reinvent home audio", boasted Apple CEO Tim Cook. Apple announced on Monday a new iOS 11 featured called " Do Not Disturb While Driving " that mutes notifications and sends automatic replies if you receive a message while driving.

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Users can make use of Apple Pay thanks to a new iMessage app, where it will rely on TouchID fingerprint authentication for security purposes in order to send encrypted end-to-end payments to the person whom you are "talking" to. Apple Maps will get lane guidance for highways and floor plans for indoor malls and airports. Additionally, iOS 11 also switches from H.264 to H.265 HEVC for video capture, enabling twice the efficiency for more storage room, and transitions to the HEIF image ...

Author: 0 Apple announces the rumoured iPad Pro for USD779 at WWDC 2017

It's worth noting that the new 10.5-inch iPad Pro also weighs the same as the the 9.7-inch iteration, according to an Apple representative I spoke to at the event. This new feature is available across the system, allowing users to move text, photos and files from one app to another, anywhere on the screen. The update adds a speed limit guidance and lane navigation.

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Shipments of intelligent home speakers surged almost 600 percent year-over-year to 4.2 million units in the fourth quarter, with Amazon taking about 88 percent share and Google 10 percent, according to consultant Strategy Analytics. New features coming to iPhones and iPads include messages that sync to Apple servers in the cloud. It will not block the ads themselves, though. Apple Pay: The company also introduced a person-to-person payment feature to Apple Pay.

Author: 0 Apple announces iOS 11, available this Fall

Apple also announced that watchOS 4, the next version of its smartwatch platform, will be arriving in September. Virtual reality has been described as the next big thing for decades. More specifically, the drag and drop feature is made possible by an expanded dock that can hold more applications than the previous version under iOS 10 .

Technology Families of London Bridge victims share their anguish
Author: 0 Families of London Bridge victims share their anguish

Located in the multi-ethnic area of Barking, the flat where British media reported the man lived was raided by police on Sunday and women in headscarves were taken out by the police. "She would have had no understanding of the callous cruelty that caused her death". "Still, the attack has brought out great generosity and solidarity among Londoners with many offering shelter, food and emergency aid to those in need".

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With iOS 11 update, Siri become more intuitive thanks to incorporation of machine learning and artificial intelligence codes. There have been numerous updates throughout the year, but now it's time for iOS 11 to become available. In the photos app, users will be able to watch Memories in landscape or portrait, and there will be more editing options for Live photos. It also comes with refurbished app switcher that makes it easier to move between pairs of active apps, used in Split View and ...

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Apple expect the new Mac Pro to ship in December. The new processors aren't the only change Apple has planned for its notebooks. The announcements will also feature a run down of the next generation of Apple's mobile operating system , iOS 11, as well as an upgrade for its macOS , watchOS and TV OS.

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It can also monitor trends or interests and offer you up content or suggestions based on your activity across all your Apple devices. "If your app has a login screen, I have information for you". Overall it looks less cluttered compared to the Control Centre on iOS 10 . You can even get a little more granular than that by being able to also see a particular kind of game.

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In September 2017, the final release of the update will be available with new iPhones, the iPhone 7s and/or iPhone 8 . What new features does iOS 11 have? Google , meanwhile, previewed new speaker features such as hands-free phone calling during its software conference last month.

Author: 0 Apple iOS 11: 11 new features coming to your iPhone and iPad

An internet-connected speaker called HomePod is coming in December for about $350. Drivers will still be able to use Apple CarPlay, of course, in cars that are equipped with it. It includes new features for watchfaces, such as complications updating based on time of day or location and a new Siri-based watchface. It will not actually block ads, though.

Author: 0 Apple introduces power-packed iOS 11, wireless home speaker

It's a new smart speaker that it'll start selling in December for $349. One of the most significant launches at this conference was the Apple HomePod . By saying, "Hey Siri, I like this song", HomePod and Apple Music become the flawless musicologist, learning preferences from hundreds of genres and moods, across tens of thousands of playlists, and these music tastes are shared across devices.

Technology Apple battle rivals with new 'HomePod' to reinvent home audio
Author: 0 Apple battle rivals with new 'HomePod' to reinvent home audio

Apple says its Safari browser on the Mac will try to guard your privacy by identifying and blocking data files that track you as you move from website to website. The company explained that it trimmed the borders of the 10.5-inch model by nearly 40% and kept the weight at 1 pound. The 10.5 inch iPad Pro lists at $979 for the 64GB WiFi model and upwards of $1,179 for the 64GB WiFi + Cellular model.

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All in all, it was a big day for Apple, with more big news expected tomorrow, on Day 2 of the worldwide developers conference . Apple has not given a specific release date for iOS 11 , although we are expecting them to release it some time in September along with their new iPhone 8 smartphones.