Author: 0 Days Gone Gameplay Showcased At E3 2017

In the new gameplay reveal, Deacon gets into altercation with human enemies and takes them down without mercy. From what we have seen of Deacon already, we know he's more than capable of handling himself and getting out of tough situations.

Author: 0 E3 2017: Microsoft unveils $499 Xbox One X

And even though they all look like solid games, they're not exactly "system sellers", the sort of high-profile titles that'll persuade someone to pick up a new console. The Redmond company is touting it as the most powerful gaming console on the planet. The Xbox One X certainly has the power advantage. This is the biggest problem facing the Xbox One X: it is launching with no exclusive games.

Author: 0 Five big changes coming to your iPhone and iPad this fall

Nope, I'm not talking about the iMac Pro or HomePod - both were "sneak peeks" at items you'll be able to buy at the end of this year . It's not radically larger, but side by side you can notice the difference. Yep, the screen is stunning, the Pencil interactivity is beyond magic. I feel like this device reveal should have waited until September, when the full force of the iPad Pro could be released to the public.

Research UK election: Theresa May fights for survival ahead of Brexit talks
Author: 0 UK election: Theresa May fights for survival ahead of Brexit talks

Her Labour rival Jeremy Corbyn , once written off by opponents, said Mrs May should step down and he wanted to form a minority government . Still the deal with the DUP risks upsetting the political balance in Northern Ireland. "Do your best to avoid a "no deal" as result of "no negotiations", Donald Tusk, leader of the EU's ruling council, wrote in a tweet . "Other personnel issues are for other days", she said.

Author: 0 Sony unveils new 'Spider-man' game at E3 expo

The game is set to release on 29 December 2017. That's right, Horizon Zero Dawn expansion, "The Frozen Wilds ". This game looks pretty cool as you can hunt down dinosaurs and other big creatures. This creates a problem for Sony , where their conferences nearly seem like a vacuum, announcing far off games, while leaving PlayStation owners in the dark.

Research PlayLink Connects Phones To PlayStation Games
Author: 0 PlayLink Connects Phones To PlayStation Games

That's You! was the second PlayLink game shown off, and it looks to offer a more traditional social experience directly comparable to the Jackbox games. Supermassive noticed this trend, and incorporated it into the core gameplay of Hidden Agenda . For example the first title shown was Hidden Agenda , which will allow players to use their phones to vote on decisions that characters will make in the game.

Author: 0 Tim Cook: Apple is working on driverless cars

The chief executive told Bloomberg Apple is "focusing on autonomous systems.And clearly one objective of autonomous systems is self-driving cars". The letter was published on a federal website. In the letter, Mr Kenner wrote about the company's excitement surrounding the potential for automated systems in fields like transportation.

Author: 0 Sinn Fein leader says DUP-Tory deal will 'end in tears'

Powersharing structures meant Mr McGuinness's move forcibly removed DUP leader Arlene Foster from her job as first minister and triggered March's snap election. The dispute has prompted renewed calls for an independent mediator from outside the United Kingdom and Ireland to be appointed. He said the current process - which involves the United Kingdom and Irish governments chairing elements of the negotiations and the head of the Northern Ireland Civil Service moderating other discussions - ...

Research Apple unveils updates at WWDC
Author: 0 Apple unveils updates at WWDC

While the iPhone 5 and 5c are slow by modern standards, the issue isn't RAM or raw performance, it's the ability (or lack thereof) to run 64-bit apps and programs. You can now open a second app from the Dock and use Slide Over as well as Split View to switch between them. Apple has been making devices with 64-bit processors rather than 32-bit processors since 2013, when it introduced them with the iPhone 5S and the iPad Air.

Author: 0 New Days Gone gameplay at Sony's E3 press conference

In a good mix between intense hand-to-hand combat and calculated stealth, players got more of a feel for protagonist Deacon St. John than what we have previously seen. Based on the gameplay, we're getting plenty of The Last of Us vibes, which isn't a bad thing at all. On Monday night we got yet another, longer look at what we can expect when this Sony exclusive finally does launch.

Author: 0 Days Gone Gameplay Reveal Showcases Stealth and Survival

Sony Bend has showcased more of their post-apocalyptic game Days Gone at Sony's E3 2017 press conference and oh boy did it look good. He travels to established camps and draws away several enemies' attention with the use of one, simple trap.

Author: 0 Announced Microsoft Xbox One X

Third party games like Middle-Earth: Shadow of War and Assassin's Creed: Origins will release close to the Xbox One X's launch window with system-specific enhancements. We can expect titles such as Forza Motorsport 7 , Sea of Thieves and Crackdown 3 that are only on Xbox consoles to offer 4K experience at 60fps.

Research Fresh questions for Sessions - and he'll answer in public
Author: 0 Fresh questions for Sessions - and he'll answer in public

The person demanded anonymity to discuss strategy on the sensitive matter. Nevertheless, Sessions will face tough questioning about whether he perjured himself when he failed to disclose the meetings, said Jed Shugerman, a professor of at Fordham University School of Law in NY.

Author: 0 Porsche 911 GT2 RS gets surprise unveil at gaming expo

We expect to be able to get up close to the GT2 RS , and find more about its technical intricities, at September's Frankfurt Motor Show. No auto company in history has debuted a new model during a gaming conference, so it looks like Porche and Microsoft have just made a little history together at E3.

Author: 0 E3 2017: Days Gone Gets an Extended Look at Gameplay

He's attacked by zombie wolves, and quickly takes them out with his shotgun. From what we have seen of Deacon already, we know he's more than capable of handling himself and getting out of tough situations. The demo starts with the protagonist going out to find his friend, Manny, who has been captured by another gang. The trailer ends with Deacon spotting what seems to be an infected bear as he and his companions slowly back away.

Research A guide to coming back from a 3-1 deficit
Author: 0 A guide to coming back from a 3-1 deficit

Oddsmakers increased the Warriors' odds to minus-200 after Golden State made quick work of the Cavaliers , capping a 16-1 record through the playoffs. The win provided redemption for the Warriors , who brought Kevin Durant over from the Oklahoma City Thunder last offseason to bolster their already high-powered offense.

Research Oil edges up on Saudi pledge to make real supply cuts
Author: 0 Oil edges up on Saudi pledge to make real supply cuts

This outlook takes into account recent agreements among OPEC member countries, as well as pledges by key non-OPEC producers, including Russian Federation, to restrain production. The number of rigs in activity in North America has doubled since the lows of 2016 to reach 1,015 by the beginning of June, despite a shortage of equipment and crews, which has temporarily increased production costs.

Author: 0 Sony shows off timed exclusives for Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is nearly here, and it's closer than anyone expected. Our thoughts? Well, I played it on both PS4 and PC at the gameplay reveal. Finally, PC player will get their own beta sometime in late August. Destiny 2 , Bungie's follow-up to the online sci-fi shooter has a PS4 and Xbox One release date of September 6. Update: Destiny 2 director Luke Smith wrote on Twitter that Destiny 2 will launch on all consoles September 6.

Research The champs are here! Penguins arrive in Pittsburgh with Stanley Cup
Author: 0 The champs are here! Penguins arrive in Pittsburgh with Stanley Cup

All within a calendar year. "We did that, we knew it was going to be tough to get back here but we found a way", said Crosby. In July 2015, Sheary received a two-year entry-level National Hockey League contract with the Penguins, remaining with the organization that first signed him to an ATO following the conclusion of his senior season at UMass in 2013-14.

Research Ajay Devgn Reveals Details Of New Film — Baadshaho First Poster
Author: 0 Ajay Devgn Reveals Details Of New Film — Baadshaho First Poster

But the poster further says that there will be six bad-asses and further information as to watch in the film. In the second poster of Baadshaho , Ajay can be seen in an intense and serious look. Apart from Ajay, Emraan and Ileana, the Milan Luthria directorial also stars Vidyut Jammwal and Esha Gupta. A nod at the fact that plot of the film is set in a desert.

Research Who loves him more? Trump's cabinet members gush at meeting
Author: 0 Who loves him more? Trump's cabinet members gush at meeting

President Donald Trump's first full cabinet meeting on Monday was marked by almost all the president's cabinet members lavishing him with effusive praise - a spectacle that many media observers called "bizarre". Schumer asks, turning to one staffer. "I think the global community knows we are back", said United Nations ambassador Nikki Haley , who Trump joked in April could "easily be replaced".

Author: 0 E3 2017: New footage and gameplay revealed for 'Days Gone'

Previously, we had a clip of gameplay showing off a montage of zombie hoards last E3, and developers Bend Studio didn't hesitate to show it off again at E3 this year. We also are treated a couple of scenes that show us the zombies are not the only ones that pose a danger to the main character, Deacon St. John. Oh and zombie bears.

Author: 0 Uncharted 4: The Lost Legacy Gets Epic E3 Trailer

She'll be assisted by mercenary Nadine Ross in her quest. The new trailer features showed off the co-operative gameplay, the new villain in the game, and some of the Hindu-inspired mythology behind the upcoming game. The new locale and protagonists should add a fresh touch to the action-packed series. The Uncharted universe isn't quite over and done with, as Chloe and Nadine make their return in Uncharted : The Lost Legacy .

Author: 0 The PS4-exclusive 'Spider-Man' will arrive in 2018

In the world premier gameplay footage, the webslinger is at a construction site taking down some thugs under Wilson Fisk, also known as The Kingpin. PlayStation VR owners will at least be pleased with the surprising amount of new games that were announced with the headset, with Sony having mostly neglected to support the hardware since its launch late past year.

Research Governor Mead Responds To Paris Climate Agreement
Author: 0 Governor Mead Responds To Paris Climate Agreement

They added: "We hope to attract more companies and talented individuals who share our way of thinking and want to play their part to help us succeed". According to the agreement, each country pledges to contribute to combat climate change. This historic agreement, in which all but two of the world's countries agreed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, is a crucial step toward limiting future warming of our planet.

Author: 0 Apple Now Allows Users to Tip with In-App Purchases

Best of all, the new, official review prompt can only appear three times a year to an app user. To put an end to the app review prompts Apple have designed new rules regarding app review prompts and how frequently the developers are permitted to request them.

Research Apple is going to stop app developers from harassing you
Author: 0 Apple is going to stop app developers from harassing you

Let's get started then. The iOS 11 allows iPad users to use file managers - including iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive. The process is pretty simple. With iOS 11 , every application will have these location access options even if a developer has not integrated them. The refresh rate also dynamically changes depending on what's onscreen, with the aim of maximising battery life.

Research New iPad Pro Features, Price and Release Date
Author: 0 New iPad Pro Features, Price and Release Date

But there's a risk that this pretty arrogant "we know what you really want" mindset will eventually backfire. With iOS 11 , Apple gets an all-new Files app. iOS 11 allows users to uninstall application while still retaining all the app data. A new Today tab will show featured apps while apps and games are now separated with dedicated sections.

Research Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds downloadable content revealed
Author: 0 Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds downloadable content revealed

With Horizon Zero Dawn being one of Sony's most popular and profitable games, we knew they weren't done with it yet. Horizon: Zero Dawn was easily one of the best games I've played in years, and it had an absolutely fantastic story and a world that I truly enjoyed spending time in.

Author: 0 E3 2017: Shadow of the Colossus Remastered Announced

Shadow of the Colossus was a surprisingly solid game that spoke to gamers of all walks of life, and it's one of only a handful of titles that is truly worth the modern remake treatment. The game is set to release sometime in 2018. Sony officially confirmed that the game won't be releasing this year, and instead offered 2018 as a general release window for the title.

Research Kohli pulls no punches to keep India firing
Author: 0 Kohli pulls no punches to keep India firing

I'm a good captain and I can take this team forward and win the World Cup I believe, I love doing it. We only wanted to go for wickets because we understood now they are probably hesitating in going for their shots, and we've got in attacking fielders, and we asked the bowlers to make them play hard shots.

Research Become Human's big choice is … violence or pacifism?
Author: 0 Become Human's big choice is … violence or pacifism?

David Cage's follow-up to Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain is looking good. The game itself revolves around several playable characters, all of whom are said to be androids. This appears to be an action-adventure game played from a third-person view where you can either choose violence or pacifism. You will have to make your decisions wisely and watch as the world feels the consequences.

Research Pokemon Go will take advantage of Apple's new AR tech
Author: 0 Pokemon Go will take advantage of Apple's new AR tech

Niantic Labs gave an official statement on the new anniversary update earlier last week. This is the same day past year when the game was introduced to both iOS and Android users. Pokemon Go also released a few other short live action commercials when the game came out last summer, but laid off after the game's release. The feature has been widely speculated for some time, but it is yet to make an appearance in the game.

Research New God of War Trailer Released
Author: 0 New God of War Trailer Released

Not only is Kratos's son depicted running through harsh weather conditions in very unsuitable clothing (I know Kratos is pretty much just wearing a shoulder pad, but he's at least a demigod), but he's also thrown in some alarming situations and taught to handle them all with as much violence as physically possible.

Author: 0 You can now watch Apple's full WWDC 2017 keynote on YouTube

The 27-inch Retina display is not only 5K, but can also support 1 billion colours when switched on, making it flawless for video and image production. Key highlights included the all-new iMac Pro, iPad Pro , and MacBook devices. The iMac Pro is one of the biggest announcements made so far, and it is now the most powerful iMac ever according to the specs alone.

Research Fresh iPhone 8 renders show off bezel-less screen, iOS 11 & more
Author: 0 Fresh iPhone 8 renders show off bezel-less screen, iOS 11 & more

Apple iPhone 8 will have vertical dual rear camera setup, unlike iPhone 7 Plus which had the setup horizontally. Connect the Lightning cable to your device. Then there's the iMac Pro . Long-time readers will note that I'm a Windows user, but boy would I welcome having that system with its 27-inch Retina screen plonked on my desk.

Author: 0 The First iMac Update In Two Years Ships Today

Ports: The company has retained the single USB-C port from the 2016 MacBook Pro . The new panels inside Apple's 4K 21.5-inch and 5K 27-inch iMacs produce 500 nits of luminance and support up to 1 billion colors. Apple has also confirmed that it's working on a new version of the Mac Pro, though there are no specs for this as yet. The major highlight of the device will be the next-generation of Intel Xeon processors with up to 18 cores.

Research Just Dance 2018 announced for Switch, Wii and Wii U
Author: 0 Just Dance 2018 announced for Switch, Wii and Wii U

While picking up the game for dated platforms is a choice, those that decide to purchase Just Dance 2o18 for PS4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch will receive a three month free trial to the Just Dance Unlimited service. The worlds biggest dancing game is back in the form of Just Dance 2018! However, one could argue that a series like Just Dance doesn't need to constantly innovate to remain relevant.

Research This is Apple's best iPad ever - here's why
Author: 0 This is Apple's best iPad ever - here's why

The company also introduced compelling software enhancements for the iPad with its latest iOS 11 software. It provides quick access to apps and documents from any screen and, combined with the new Drag and Drop , makes it easier to navigate between apps, even in Split View mode.

Author: 0 Uber fires 20 employees following harassment complaints

Uber has fired 20 employees after launching two separate investigations into harassment claims. Uber CEO Travis Kalanick kicked off a sexual harassment investigation in February after a female engineer said that institutional sexism at the ride-hailing company had forced her to quit her job.

Author: 0 Players aim to stay fresh ahead of US Open grind

Woodland took last week off. Now Johnson defends his mantle at Erin Hill with the hope of playing a game devoid of conflict. Before that, Woodland listened intently to the instruction provided by Harmon. Still, he made the cut and was convinced he hit the ball well, but felt worn out after carding a 3-over total. Even though Erin Hills technically has no water hazards, Spieth said that the fescue that is 3 to 5 yards off of every fairway is so tall and thick in places that he regards ...

Research 75 iOS 11 features and changes Apple didn't have time to cover
Author: 0 75 iOS 11 features and changes Apple didn't have time to cover

If a user chooses to leave a review, the app has to wait for at least a full year and after a new version of the app has been released before it can ask the user to review it again-a feature developers my find too restrictive and make it hard to get feedback on new features.

Author: 0 Steep expansion will take us to the Winter Olympics this December

Ubisoft's open-world snowboarding game Steep will receive its first full expansion this winter. Steep : Road to the Olympics will launch December 5 and feature content inspired by the 2018 Winter Olympics. Steep is Ubisoft's strangely glorious winter sports game. A Switch version is coming out later this year. Highlighting the expansion is the addition of downhill skiing.

Research Microsoft launches new 'Xbox One X' console
Author: 0 Microsoft launches new 'Xbox One X' console

The Xbox One X's price was announced earlier today, and at a whopping $499, it was deemed to be way too expensive by most people. Microsoft showed off 42 games at the event, from the Egyptian-themed Assassin's Creed Origins to the Forza Motorsport 7 racing game, which features a partnership with Porsche.

Author: 0 Curry not fazed by National Basketball Association finals history

However, the Cavaliers had other plans. This series could be tied 2-2 but the Cavaliers went scoreless the last 3:08 in Game 3 after leading by six. He's earned $57 million more than any other player. "It was just one of those nights". Expect the battle to be joined as the Warriors, on the brink of an National Basketball Association title but coming off their first loss in two months, try to clinch before home supporters.

Research Apple's Voiced Smart Home Assistant Enters Production
Author: 0 Apple's Voiced Smart Home Assistant Enters Production

It's believed that the Apple Siri Speaker might help iPhone users start using homekit more regularly, opening the door to other smart home devices and services Apple might offer in the future. The so-called Siri speaker has reportedly entered production ahead of a potential unveiling next week. At last year's WWDC, Apple announced that Siri would be opened up to third-party developers, enabling Siri to complete more complex tasks.

Research Griftlands Announced: Don't Starve Dev Unveils New RPG
Author: 0 Griftlands Announced: Don't Starve Dev Unveils New RPG

The ending also suggests that there will be several different ways to approach the game's situations, which should make for an interesting experience. The trailer was only a teaser but it suggested a odd world filled with alien creatures, all of whom you are trying to double-deal with each other. In fact, it was one of the standout announcements from this year's PC Gaming conference, which featured a lot of talking and not too much in the way of big reveals.

Research Apple gives productivity booster shot to iPad Pro
Author: 0 Apple gives productivity booster shot to iPad Pro

If you're already using one of the iPad Pros, you can probably keep that for now and you'll be fine for a couple of years. Anyone with more modest tablet needs - those who don't need to sketch on the screen with the Apple Pencil, for instance - should stick with the baseline 2017 iPad that was introduced back in March.