Author: 0 Ransomware WannaCry to attack Indian banking system soon: Cyber expert

Register now for the free webinar. Cybersecurity experts say the unknown hackers used a hole in Microsoft software that was discovered. Here are some of the key players in the attack and what may - or may not - be their fault. He noted, however, the complexity that can be involved in patching a security hole. Many have compared this infection to the popular Conficker worm, that continues to attack computer systems around the world even today despite the fact that the security flaw it ...

Research Intel Is Preparing the Powerful i9 Series of CPUs
Author: 0 Intel Is Preparing the Powerful i9 Series of CPUs

As you can see the Core i9-7920X really is a monster, with the multi-core test score pushing 1760, leaving the Core i7-6950X in its rear view mirror, and the AMD Ryzen 7 1800X in its dust. That, however, isn't stopping Intel to head back to the drawing board and the game of one-upmanship is well underway. Intel also thought of those who can not afford something much too sophisticated.

Research IO Interactive Retain Hitman Rights Season 2 Still In Development
Author: 0 IO Interactive Retain Hitman Rights Season 2 Still In Development

That raised a number of red flags: Was Hitman now properly dead? A second season of episodic Hitman content has not been "formally" announced but developers working on the project have spoken openly about it in the past. Yesterday we learned that Square Enix was selling off IO Interactive, but it seems that the rights to Hitman are going with them. In case you missed it (and shame on you if you did), last year's Hitman was glorious.

Research Former S.Africa mines minister says Eskom tried to influence him
Author: 0 Former S.Africa mines minister says Eskom tried to influence him

Optimum supplied coal to Eskom's Hendrina power station. "Now we have a problem because Treasury has not yet signed our coal purchase agreements and we are in winter‚ and the winter is getting bitter, said Ngubane". "For a minister to now claim that we actually made him take a decision about something is preposterous". "We can confirm the meeting took place yesterday [Monday] between the Minister of Public Enterprises and the ANC national officials, following the reappointment of Molefe", ...

Research Jimmy Fallon Points Out Similarities Between Donald Trump's and 'Legally Blonde' Speeches
Author: 0 Jimmy Fallon Points Out Similarities Between Donald Trump's and 'Legally Blonde' Speeches

In a side-by-side comparison of footage from the speech and clips from the movie starring Reese Witherspoon , Fallon pointed out the overlap between the two. To be fair, Fallon calls it "probably just a coincidence", though still can't help but wonder what's going on. The kicker? When Elle Woods screams, "We did it!" Obviously there's been a bt of creative editing to make the similarities more noticeable but it's not the first time a Trump has been accused of plagiarism.

Research Is Apple's Patented Pizza Box Design the Future of Food Delivery?
Author: 0 Is Apple's Patented Pizza Box Design the Future of Food Delivery?

The boxes are available at the Apple Park café, and they differ from standard pizza containers in two ways: They're circular, which cuts down on wasted corner space, and they have eight air holes cut into the top. The Guardian has dug up the past on Twitter and found a signed patented pizza box placed among the parting gifts and tributes collected by Apple employees after co-founder Steve Jobs' death.

Research Delphi joins BMW-Intel-Mobileye autonomous vehicle partnership
Author: 0 Delphi joins BMW-Intel-Mobileye autonomous vehicle partnership

The partnership doesn't deliver an autonomous vehicle, but the technical platform to build one, said Richard Rau, who is in charge of the sensors, control units, and software units of BMW's autonomous driving department. Over the past five months, Delphi has been busy acquiring, investing in, and partnering with a laundry list of other companies to enhance connected-car services, which the company's executives view as a lucrative new revenue stream.

Author: 0 Apple iPad Mini lineup to be ended soon

This left the company's iPad lineup in an awkward position, as the 9.7-inch model is now $70 cheaper than the iPad Mini 4, despite having better specs. Apple's annual developer conference takes place in June, with the opening keynote scheduled for June 5, according to ZDNet . Riccobono, president of the National Federation of the Blind, said that " Apple has done more for accessibility than any other company to date".

Research UN Security Council weighs tightening sanctions on North Korea
Author: 0 UN Security Council weighs tightening sanctions on North Korea

North Korea's foreign ministry rejected the statement, saying it infringed on its right to self-defence, particularly as the missile was sacked at a sharp angle to ensure the safety of neighboring countries. Han said Sunday's test-launch was "successful in flight". Hong said he would discuss North Korea with high-ranking officials in Washington. USA antivirus company McAfee says cyberattacks continue to hit Saudi Arabia.

Research Teen dies from too much caffeine, coroner says
Author: 0 Teen dies from too much caffeine, coroner says

A 16-year-old SC teen died after intaking an excessive amount of caffeine, the coroner ruled on Monday. The caffeine rush caused Davis Allen Cripe to collapse in the middle of class last month, and he was pronounced dead an hour later. "Instead, it was an energy drink", Cripe said , according to NBC News . "Take the time to talk with your children about the dangers of caffeinated drinks", Jill Michels, Palmetto Poison Center director, said.

Research UK inflation rate highest since 2013
Author: 0 UK inflation rate highest since 2013

On a month-on-month basis, the report stated the Headline index increased by 1.60 per cent in April which was 0.12 per cent points lower than the rate recorded in March. As the Bank of England governor Mark Carney pointed out last week, this means a more challenging time for British households over the course of the year.

Research Apple store along Orchard Road to open May 27
Author: 0 Apple store along Orchard Road to open May 27

Shares of Apple were lower during the final hour of trading on Tuesday. However, with the website and with the announcement from last month, the company is hoping to attract more users to its store who me in for the sake of the classes as opposed to earlier, when people came in to purchase products and ended up taking classes.

Research Nintendo Direct Announced For May 17th
Author: 0 Nintendo Direct Announced For May 17th

The rest of the year is looking very promising for the Switch, as Nintendo has games like Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Super Mario Odyssey set to launch outside of the aforementioned games. When we were speculating what this Nintendo Direct would be about, we assumed that ARMS wouldn't be on the schedule because they focused on it during the last Nintendo Direct as well.

Author: 0 Kim Si-woo is youngest golfer to win '5th major'

Playing with Si Woo Kim, he fell out of the lead for good with a fairway bunker shot into the water for double bogey on No. 4. Without so much as a deep breath, the 21-year-old from South Korea drew back his wedge, fired it at the middle of the green and resumed his march into the record book as the youngest victor of The Players Championship in its 44-year history.

Research Element's Amazon Fire TV Edition Series Features Alexa
Author: 0 Element's Amazon Fire TV Edition Series Features Alexa

In my short time trying it out, Amazon and Element's collaboration appears well-executed, but whether consumers are willing to buy the Edition for its live TV and input integration features, over more established (or cheaper) TV sets is another question altogether.

Author: 0 Budget's big bank levy could open the door for fintech lenders

Bank stocks fell 3 per cent yesterday, reflecting reports on the possibility that such levy would be introduce", they said. MR IAN VERRENDER, business commentator on the ABC News website. $216.6 million over four years cut from funding for aged care - a cut of around $1670 per resident per year. The government will inject up to A$5.3 billion into the construction of the second Sydney airport.

Research Worldwide cyberattack could spark more trouble Monday
Author: 0 Worldwide cyberattack could spark more trouble Monday

Colleges: Internet security firm Qihoo360 issued a "red alert" over the weekend, saying a large number of colleges and students in China had been hit by the ransomware attack. It was reportedly distributed by the Shadow Brokers, which claimed to have hacked an NSA-linked team of hackers last August. "For now, it does not look like the number of infected computers is increasing", said a Europol spokesman.

Research Hospitals remain key targets as ransomware attacks expected to increase
Author: 0 Hospitals remain key targets as ransomware attacks expected to increase

The UK's national health service is expected to face more serious problems this week from the "ransomware" cyberattack which paralysed parts of the NHS on Friday . Wainwright said the agency is analyzing the virus and has yet to identify who is responsible for the attack. Europol estimates that the attack has hit at least 150 countries and infected 200,000 machines.

Research Ransomware attacks spread throughout Europe
Author: 0 Ransomware attacks spread throughout Europe

Investigators are now working non-stop to hunt down those responsible for the Wanna Decryptor ransomware, also known as WannaCry . Ministers are to convene an extraordinary meeting of the National Cyber Resilience leaders' board tomorrow to review the response to the breach.

Research Ransomware Attack Hits Businesses Across The World
Author: 0 Ransomware Attack Hits Businesses Across The World

Following that, it automatically spreads to all linked computers. Ransomware is a malicious software which locks up the files on your computer, encrypts them, and demands that you pay to get your files back. "While our experts are trying to debug the hacked systems, we will only know the real magnitude of the damage once offices re-open on Monday and systems are turned on", Rai added.

Author: 0 Indian-origin Google researcher links ransomware attack to North Korea

But security researchers have noticed a similarity between an earlier version of WannaCry and a hacking tool used by the Lazarus Group . Both Symantec and Kaspersky said it was too early to tell whether North Korea was involved in the attacks, based on the evidence that was published on Twitter by Google security researcher Neel Mehta.

Research Never-before-seen footage finally shows what narwhal's tusks are for
Author: 0 Never-before-seen footage finally shows what narwhal's tusks are for

Scientists are marveling over never-before-seen footage of narwhals that has brought to light new evidence for what those unicorn-like tusks are actually used for. They contain a system of channels and tubes that usher in traces of sea water, which, once inside, excite nerves at the centre of the tooth. Scientists hope that the finding will help raise awareness about narwhals and help increase conservation efforts in the Arctic.

Research North Korea offers 'extended middle finger' to Trump
Author: 0 North Korea offers 'extended middle finger' to Trump

The missile travelled some 700km (435 miles), reaching an altitude of 2,000km and landing in the sea west of Japan. "What would change the strategic balance is an ICBM capable of reaching the United States mainland", Schilling said. An image released by the state-run KCNA shows Kim Jong Un (center) reacting during the test launch of a Hwasong-12 on Sunday. Kim Jong-un personally oversaw the missile launch on Sunday, and was pictured celebrating with his officials afterward.

Author: 0 Tillerson gets earful on climate change from Arctic governments

That's amidst fears that United States President Donald Trump will soon pull the US out of the Paris Agreement on climate change. The United States' chairmanship of the Arctic Council came to an end Thursday when U.S. "The Arctic region has been facing unprecedented change and challenges", Tillerson said. The document noted the importance of reducing soot and methane emissions and said climate change is the most serious threat to Arctic biodiversity.

Author: 0 Global manhunt for WannaCry creators

The company said in a statement that their Windows-based systems were "experiencing interference" due to malware and that it was trying to fix the issue as quickly as possible. WannaCry is a ransomware virus that holds computers hostage until the user meets the demands. Those clues could point to it being the work of an established group, he said, but there was little sign of any tell-tale text in the version now circulating.

Research Senate intelligence panel wants information on Trump's meeting
Author: 0 Senate intelligence panel wants information on Trump's meeting

McMaster confirmed the Washington Post's reporting that the Central Intelligence Agency and NSA were contacted following the meeting, although he would not comment on why. About an hour after the original tweets, Trump again tried to turn the focus on those leaking information to the press. White House officials however came to the president's defense, with National Security Adviser Gen.

Author: 0 Putin warns of risks of governments creating hacking tools

Asked at a news briefing in Beijing on Monday about his performance, Putin said he had just been idly toying around with the keys while he waited for his meeting to start with Chinese leader Xi Jinping on the sidelines of an worldwide forum.

Author: 0 Microsoft slams the government for stockpiling software exploits

The software giant squarely but the blame on spy agencies for such incidents in a blog post published by Microsoft President and Chief Legal Officer Brad Smith Sunday. He warned governments against stockpiling such vulnerabilities and said instead they should report them to manufacturers - not sell, store or exploit them, lest they fall into the wrong hands.

Research United Nations condemns North Korea new missile test
Author: 0 United Nations condemns North Korea new missile test

North Korea tested a Hwasong-12 missile Sunday which reached an altitude of 2,111.5 kilometers (1,312 miles) and flew 787 kilometers (489 miles), according to state news agency KCNA. "As South Korea's diplomatic situation matures, North Korea should also show a more mature attitude, not a childish one, and contribute to (establishing a better) diplomatic relationship".

Research Jai Lava Kusa First Look Gets a Date
Author: 0 Jai Lava Kusa First Look Gets a Date

The production team officially released the news on their official Twitter account stating they would unveil the first look poster on the evening of 19th May. It must be noted that the Yamadonga star is playing triple role in the film. PK fame cinematographer CK Muraleedharan will crank the camera. The film features Jr.

Research Actor, DJ shot dead in Johannesburg
Author: 0 Actor, DJ shot dead in Johannesburg

They went inside the pub and shot the victims. South Africans are paying tribute to a former actor on popular local TV series Generations who was killed during a mugging on Sunday night. Police have confirmed that four people were taken in for questioning in connection with the killing of radio Jozi FM DJ Mandla Hlatshwayo. Police spokesperson Lieutenant-Colonel Lungelo Dlamini said four men had been placed in custody, but was coy to confirm if they were linked to the murder.

Author: 0 New South Korean leader to go to White House summit in June

The Blue House also said it will shut the older coal plants again in 2018 from March to June and, furthermore, wants to close all of the old coal plants within Moon's presidency which ends in May 2022. Pottinger and Chung agreed on the need to step up joint efforts to "deter nuclear and missile provocations by the North", and to confirm the U.S.'s "ironclad commitment to defend the Republic of Korea (ROK)".

Author: 0 WannaCry attacks are only the beginning

Companies including Hitachi and Nissan Motor Co. reported problems but said they said had not seriously affected their business operations. Security researcher Matt Suiche - who analyzed the sample - noted that the archive through which the ransomware arrives on infected computers is corrupted, meaning it's not suitable for infecting users because it triggers various decompression errors.

Author: 0 #Wannacry: Ransomware attack wave could come to Middle East

WannaCry shut down ATM machines across China and crippled hospitals in Great Britain. In the United Kingdom, the National Health Service's systems across 48 localized trusts fell victim, for example, seriously impacting patient care. Still, Heid warns U.S. health care providers' computer networks may already be under assault from threats that are not widely known. "Cyber security experts in the National Health Service (NHS) worked alongside the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), part ...

Author: 0 Reach of 'Ransomware' Attack Could Expand, Experts Warn

Large swathes of the NHS were paralysed by the cyber attack, which hit 200,000 victims in 150 countries around the world. Their ransomware attacks , which began a few years ago, have proven to be money in the bank. Does WannaCry affect my Mac, iPhone or Android? Windows 10 is generally regarded as the most secure Windows software available, but until a company migrates away from older versions of Windows to Windows 10, all that security doesn't do much good.

Author: 0 Aust firms back to work after cyber attack

He advised the public to report any suspected ransomware attack to the Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network. Cyber Security Minister Dan Tehan said that at least one Australian organization had been affected by the attack, which locked all computer functions until a "ransom" had been paid to the attackers, but he told Sky News there were reports that the number could rise to at least three, saying the government would be in contact with any Australians affected.

Research Exhibit Featuring Lifelike Dinosaur Fossil Opens In Alberta
Author: 0 Exhibit Featuring Lifelike Dinosaur Fossil Opens In Alberta

He stopped to take a closer look, puzzling over the material, which was speckled with odd patterns. The incredible level of preservation is so good that National Geographic described it as "rare as winning the lottery". Instead of being flattened out like most specimens, the nodosaur has been preserved in its three-dimensional state with skin, armor, and stomach contents intact.

Author: 0 More disruptions feared from cyber attack

Europol chief Rob Wainwright said more than 200,000 victims had been hit in more than 150 countries. England's National Health Service said 47 organisations providing care had been hit and on Sunday afternoon seven hospitals were continuing to divert patients from the emergency room.

Research ASUS to announce 3 new ZenFone series phones at Computex
Author: 0 ASUS to announce 3 new ZenFone series phones at Computex

The smartphone was launched a year ago in November in India and comes in two different variants- Zenfone 3 Max (ZC520TL) priced at Rs 12,999 and Zenfone 3 Max (ZC553KL) is priced at Rs 17,999. Unfortunately, there's no changelog for the update, just a short mention that it will upgrade the OS to Android 7.1.1 Nougat, and that it's available starting today, May 15.

Author: 0 Full scale of cyber attack not yet known, warn experts

Hospital staff immediately unplugged the computer from the internet, reformatting it before reprogramming its operating system, according to the spokesman. Officials say they're aware of those problems. The political fallout from the attack escalated over the weekend as both Labour and the Lib Dems blamed the crisis in the health service on the government's failure to upgrade hospital computers.

Research Moms want dinner and quality time for Mother's Day
Author: 0 Moms want dinner and quality time for Mother's Day

But you can still make your mothers feel good in many ways, such as by being kind to her dear ones all around the year or doing charity in her name. It is not related to the many celebrations of mothers and motherhood that have occurred throughout the world over thousands of years. As I realized shortly after her passing, I'm always going to have Mom with me in my heart.

Author: 0 Cyber attack hits Britain's state-run National Health Service, causes massive failure

Now comes word that networks around the world are under attack Friday. Incidents like these highlight the fact that security is still not where we need it to be. The ransomware is a type of malicious software that infects a computer and restricts users' access to it until a ransom is paid to unlock it. French automaker Renault had to temporarily shut down manufacturing at plants in northern France and Romania, Reuters reported .

Author: 0 Why North Korea's latest missile test is a huge step forward

North Korea's official Rodong Sinmun newspaper devoted half of its six-page Monday edition to coverage of the missile test, with vivid color photographs of the launch and jubilant leader Kim celebrating with military officers. It is indeed the longest-range missile North Korea has ever tested (aside from its space launch vehicles). If launched at a normal trajectory, officials believe it could reach US military bases in Guam.

Research Melissa McCarthy seen on Spicer's motorized podium in an NYC street
Author: 0 Melissa McCarthy seen on Spicer's motorized podium in an NYC street

That's the one where McCarthy plays an enthusiastic character named Linda who has a special affinity for Hidden Valley Ranch dressing. Melissa McCarthy's writers deserve a raise. The bit was filmed outside CNN's offices . McCarthy will host the show this weekend. Some people captured McCarthy as Spicer on their phones. I hope you watched it.

Research GOP primary challenger rips into Flake for questioning Comey firing
Author: 0 GOP primary challenger rips into Flake for questioning Comey firing

Ari Fleischer, who served as press secretary to former President George W. Bush, added that threat amounted to Trump "stirring the pot, not that he literally has taped the Federal Bureau of Investigation director". Lemire reported from NY. Clapper also told MSNBC that he didn't know if there was collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian officials, contradicting the president's assertion that the former director had cleared him of wrongdoing.

Research Cyberattack is 'wake-up call' for governments
Author: 0 Cyberattack is 'wake-up call' for governments

Avast said the majority of the attacks targeted Russia, Ukraine and Taiwan. In Britain, where the virus first raised global alarm when it caused hospitals to divert ambulances on Friday, it gained traction as a political issue just weeks before a general election.

Author: 0 Ransomware cyber-attack a wake-up call, Microsoft warns

In China, universities and other educational institutions were hardest hit because they have older computers and are slow to update their operating systems and security. Systems using Windows XP have been the worst affected. The so-called " Wannacry " virus notably attacks Windows XP, which in principle has not been supported by Microsoft since 2014.