Medicine Achhe din are here, says BJP chief Amit Shah
Author: 0 Achhe din are here, says BJP chief Amit Shah

Talking about the government, the president said there has been many major developmental initiatives in India in different directions. "People of Manipur accept the state government's effort of up-rooting corruption from the state but would like to witness the implementation process too", he challenged.

Medicine Melania provides internet fodder with Trump hand swat
Author: 0 Melania provides internet fodder with Trump hand swat

US President Donald Trump and Israeli President Reuven Rivlin walk during welcome ceremony in Tel Aviv, Monday, May 22,2017. But as they begin to walk down the stairs, Mr Trump appears to reach out for his wife's hand - and upon feeling the touch, she brings her own up to her face and away from her husband's, rebuffing his affectionate gesture.

Medicine G-7 summit ends without unanimity on climate
Author: 0 G-7 summit ends without unanimity on climate

It is unclear what Trump might decide about the Paris agreement, and White House officials have signaled that he might strike a compromise that involves lowering the US emissions targets that some industries see as constraining growth while staying in the accord.

Author: 0 There's Nothing Moral About Obamacare: GOP Must Issue Full Repeal

The current health care law requires some changes, but not the kind of changes offered in this new Republican bill. ME senator Susan Collins basically declared the bill a non-starter, and there are whispers that if some of these legislators get a bunch of blowback during the upcoming recess, they're not going to shill for this nonsense anymore when they return to Washington.

Medicine Offices close Monday for Memorial Day
Author: 0 Offices close Monday for Memorial Day

Recyclable items will be picked up Tuesday, May 30. Trash: Trash service will be delayed by one day. For the remainder of the week, the residential trash collection will move to the next day with Friday's customers having a Saturday pick-up.

Medicine Melania swats Donald Trump's hand away in Israel
Author: 0 Melania swats Donald Trump's hand away in Israel

We learn nothing about the Trump's marriage by seeing them not hold hands. This is not the first time that reactions of Melania Trump to her husband's gestures has gone viral to social media. His hand then moves away from her, quickly. While Melania has been living in NY while their son, Barron, finishes school, she announced that she would be joining the global trip just before it began.

Author: 0 Trump's Proposal: The Budget of Those Who Pay

Olivia Golden, executive director of the nonpartisan Center for Law and Social Policy (CLASP), says one of the biggest obstacles to getting people off government aid is the lack of decent-paying jobs. The White House projects that, in conjunction with its tax plan, the budget proposal will bring $2.1 trillion in federal revenue. Nobel Memorial Prize laureates and the New York Times columnist Paul Krugman have noted that Trump's budget proposal and tax plan both call for the elimination of ...

Medicine Dhola-Sadia: A Bridge of New Hope for the North East
Author: 0 Dhola-Sadia: A Bridge of New Hope for the North East

Bhupen Hazarika . Chief Minister sonowal received the prime minister at the Mohanbari Airport in Dibrugarh from where he proceeded to the Dhola-Sadiya Bridge for the inauguration ceremony. Besides, the bridge has strategic importance as it is near Anini, 100km away from China border, and can withstand the weight of a 60-tonne battle tank.

Author: 0 Last 3 years have transformed people's lives: Modi

The country had never been so undivided. He added that it's not possible to give jobs to every person in a country of 125 crore and that the process of compiling the data on jobs was not full-proof. "We need to create over 34 crore jobs by 2028 but what is the state of domestic investment and bank credit, both are at their historic lowest", the former minister added.

Author: 0 US foreign policy after milking S Arabia of $480 bn: Zarif

Trump also announced that he signed "historic agreements" with the Saudi to invest in each other's countries, including a $110 billion Saudi purchase from USA defense contractors. The announcement came from the World Bank President Jim Yong Kim as the Trump family visited Saudi Arabia . Tillerson referred to the visit as "a moment in time " and suggested that the USA would take a more active role in the future in brokering a deal if both sides make serious commitments.

Medicine Suspected Manchester Arena Bomber Had 'Desire For Revenge'
Author: 0 Suspected Manchester Arena Bomber Had 'Desire For Revenge'

Police carried out another controlled explosion in the early hours of Thursday morning at an address in the Moss Side area of Manchester . The images showed shreds of a blue Karrimor backpack, metal screws and nuts, the remains of a strong battery, and the apparent hand-held detonator with wires coming from it.

Author: 0 Sri Lanka confirms 100 dead in mudslides; 99 missing

The tri forces, the Disaster Management Center and District Secretariats have launched a combined rescue and relief operations in the wake of the disaster. Sri Lankan residents stand in the doorway of a building surrounded by floodwaters. "The (foreign) ministry will continue to monitor the flood situation and seek assistance as required in consultation with the ministry of disaster management", the government said in a statement.

Author: 0 Trump arrives at G-7 summit in Siciliy

The annual Group of Seven (G7) meeting is being held in a chic Sicilian resort town, with Europe's most active volcano, Mount Etna, gently smoking in the background and the Mediterranean Sea gleaming beneath the cliffs. In a private meeting with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, Trump also denounced the German trade surplus as " very bad " and complained about the large number of German cars being sold in the United States , officials said.

Medicine Young boy learns of heart donor after Melania Trump visit
Author: 0 Young boy learns of heart donor after Melania Trump visit

Dinan points out that Pope Francis has enacted a general relaxing of traditions, including allowing bishops to have an audience with him dressed in their clericals (collars) as opposed to their customary cassocks, and turning down the papal palace as his residence.

Medicine Unable to sleep? Blame climate change
Author: 0 Unable to sleep? Blame climate change

By 2099, the figure could rise by several hundred million more nights of lost sleep annually. "Sleep is so fundamental to all aspects of our lives that having the climate disrupt it many more days per month is a real and important cost". Heat waves affect and take an outsize toll on older adults, who are more likely to die from heart-related diseases, and researchers said that the lack of sleep resulting from higher temperatures could compound these problems.

Medicine All eyes on Trump at North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit
Author: 0 All eyes on Trump at North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit

Video shows Mr Trump placing his right hand on Mr Markovic's arm and pushing himself ahead in the pack. Trump then straightens his jacket and has a brief conversation with Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite . Ms Merkel, who stood emotionless during the speech, earlier issued her own challenge to the U.S. president, saying that member states including Germany had already pledged to work toward the 2 per cent target by 2024 and that outlays on security more generally also count toward ...

Medicine Oil price down in spite of OPEC production cuts
Author: 0 Oil price down in spite of OPEC production cuts

Backwardation - when near-term crude prices are higher than those for later months - will be needed for the cuts to shrink the glut, and prevent an increase in USA shale production, the bank said. The alliance between OPEC and non-OPEC producers is strong, but not strong enough to derail production momentum from North America, analysis finds.

Medicine G7 summit talks open amid rising global crises
Author: 0 G7 summit talks open amid rising global crises

Tusk said that "I totally agreed with him when he said the global community, the G7, the United States , Europe - should be tough, even brutal, with terrorism and ISIS" an acronym for the extremist group fighting in Syria and Iraq . Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will use the summit to underscore the danger posed by the unpredictable regime in North Korea following its recent series of missile tests.

Author: 0 Federal Bureau of Investigation agents concerned about future of Russian Federation probe

Forty-seven percent of voters say they think Trump removed Comey from power in an effort to hinder the FBI's investigation; only 17 percent of Republican voters share that viewpoint. Members of the Senate Intelligence Committee must now meet to vote and decide whether to hold Flynn in contempt or accept his attempt to invoke his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.

Author: 0 Trump travel ban may land in Supreme Court

Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit saw through the hollow national security claims of this administration and struck a blow to those who seek to criminalize and demonize individuals on the basis of religion, ethnicity, and national origin", it said.

Medicine Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's statement on Ramadan
Author: 0 Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's statement on Ramadan

Muslims in Europe and Middle east are fasting today whereas in Pakistan, the month would start on Sunday (tomorrow). Dr. Maher El-Masri says Ramadan can be a challenge for new Muslims and that's why the Windsor Islamic Association has several events planned.

Author: 0 Decoding Donald Trump's body language at the G7 Summit

President Donald Trump speaks at NATO Headquarters in Brussels , May 25, 2017. US President Donald Trump has punctured any illusions that he was on a fence-mending tour of Europe, declining to explicitly endorse Nato's mutual defence pledge and lashing out at fellow members for what he called their "chronic underpayments" to the alliance.

Author: 0 Team Trump struggles to explain its 'egregious' math error

Democratic lawmakers and many private economists have expressed skepticism about the budget and its ambitious 3 percent growth target. "The president believes that we must restore the greatness of our nation and reject the failed status quo that has left the American dream out of reach for too many families", the administration said in its budget which was titled, "The New Foundation for American Greatness".

Author: 0 Jurgen Klopp: Liverpool belong with European elite

Liverpool went into this contest knowing that they have struggled at home recently, picking up just two points from their previous three Merseyside encounters. But the psychological environment for the group of players was absolutely horrendous. There really is only one stat that Tottenham will hope to change next season: the Premier League table itself.

Medicine WVU eliminates Texas Tech in Big 12 baseball tournament
Author: 0 WVU eliminates Texas Tech in Big 12 baseball tournament

Oklahoma State responded with two runs on four hits in the fifth inning off of freshman reliever Cody Wood , who replaced Kessler. The Cowboys defeated WVU 8-4 in the second round of the Big 12 Championship on Thursday afternoon. After the first two batters were retired, Jimmy Galusky and T.J. Lake singled, and Gray delivered a triple down the right-field line to score both runners.

Author: 0 Marijuana Extract Reduces Seizures In Kids With Severe Epilepsy

On Wednesday, the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) published a report that demonstrates Cannabidiol (CBD) - the therapeutic non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in marijuana - reduces seizures in children suffering from drug-resistant forms of epilepsy .

Medicine Erdogan's Goons Bring Turkish Violence to American Soil
Author: 0 Erdogan's Goons Bring Turkish Violence to American Soil

Nine people during the protest were injured, and in this regard, McCain said that the people responsible for inflicting violence were the security members of Erdogan. Highlighting the Turkish President's visit to the US, Cavusoglu described his meetings as productive which would help develop ties between Washington and Ankara.

Medicine Kerala HC cancels marriage due to bride's alleged IS links
Author: 0 Kerala HC cancels marriage due to bride's alleged IS links

She had two fanatic Muslim sisters as roommates and they converted her to Islam and she was taken to Sathyasarani, which is an organization operated by a Muslim extremist organization, and was kept under illegal detention, the father had alleged in the petition.

Medicine Sleep Deprivation Can Cause Your Brain to Eat Itself
Author: 0 Sleep Deprivation Can Cause Your Brain to Eat Itself

The test subjects consisted of well-rested mice, mice that were kept awake eight hours longer than usual, and mice that were kept awake for five days to mimic the effects of chronic sleep deprivation . "They are like old pieces of furniture, and so probably need more attention and cleaning", says Bellesi. Trying to catch up on sleep only becomes more hard as we age, but new research shows that allowing our bodies to suffer from sleep deprivation ultimately damages our brains since it ...

Medicine Search resumes for fisherman missing off north Dublin coast
Author: 0 Search resumes for fisherman missing off north Dublin coast

Howth RNLI were alerted to the sinking and tasked along with Skerries and Clogherhead RNLI around 2pm. The Marine Rescue Coordination Centre say the recovered crewman was brought ashore and handed over the HSE ambulance service. The second man is still missing, after the boat sank. It was patrolling the coastline off Skerries as the Dublin Coast Guard rescue helicopter made regular circuits.

Author: 0 NJ Republican: Who knows if my health care plan will kill anyone?

Zody says the House - which approved the revised bill earlier this month - should have held the vote on the AHCA until after the revised CBO report was released. Enacting the AHCA would reduce direct spending by $1,111 billion and reduce revenues by $992 billion, for a net reduction of $119 billion in the Federal deficit over the 2017-2026 period.

Medicine Health Canada approves new supervised consumption sites in BC and Montreal
Author: 0 Health Canada approves new supervised consumption sites in BC and Montreal

Health Canada announced Friday it has approved three new supervised consumption sites in the Lower Mainland to help combat the drug overdose crisis. In addition to offering supervised consumption services, both locations will provide health care workers with opportunities to connect people who use substances with health care and community services.

Author: 0 Donald Trump and the glowing orb: What's really going on

White House officials has said he did not want to lecture, something they believe Obama did, unsuccessfully. "The president is clearly indicating that this fight of good against evil has nothing to do with religion. He praised Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, telling him: "You have done a tremendous job under trying circumstances". Trump promised to schedule a trip to Egypt soon, and he singled out the Egyptian's choice of footwear, a pair of shiny black shoes.

Author: 0 91 killed, 110 missing in Sri Lankan floods, mudslides

Boats from the country's navy and air force helicopters have been used to rescue victims and provide emergency supplies. Almost 50,000 people across 13 districts in the southern parts of the island were affected and about 8,000 of them had to be evacuated from Kalutara, a coastal city some 40 km south of Colombo , among the worst hit.

Medicine German kindergartens to name parents who skip vaccine advice
Author: 0 German kindergartens to name parents who skip vaccine advice

These have dropped in recent years, exposing children and adults to potentially unsafe illnesses such as measles . Parents refusing the advice risk fines of up to 2,500 euros ($2,800) under the law expected to come into force on June 1. World Health Organization has noted that measles has become of great concern. Last week, the Italian government decreed that parents must vaccinate their kids against 12 common illnesses before they are enrolled in public schools.

Medicine Federal Judge Tosses Out Life Sentences For DC Sniper Malvo
Author: 0 Federal Judge Tosses Out Life Sentences For DC Sniper Malvo

But the new court dates could also bring Malvo - whose lawyers claimed he was a naive adolescent who fell under the murderous guile of accomplice John Allen Muhammad - another shot at someday earning his release. If not, he planned to pursue another life sentence. "His convictions in Virginia were not set aside, just the sentencings". Judge Jackson's case cited Supreme Court precedent that bars punishing juvenile offenders with life without the possibility of parole.

Author: 0 Second Ebola case in Congo confirmed

Matshidiso Moeti, WHO Regional Director for Africa, would arrive in Kinshasa this weekend to attend a coordination meeting of the national committee at the Ministry of Health to deal with this emergency and ensure that WHO provides all necessary assistance to the DRC.

Author: 0 Merkel's party wins vote in rivals' German heartland

However, pre-election polls indicated that the SPD is in a tie with Chancellor Angela Merkel's center-right Christian Democrat (CDU) Party. But that failed to translate into votes in the last two state elections, when the CDU won comfortably.

Medicine Trump refuses to get in line for climate deal
Author: 0 Trump refuses to get in line for climate deal

But since four of the seven leaders are new at the table, the European Union leaders' experience in talks on this level could prove handy. "I have a problem with German trade ". Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni is chairing the meeting in Taormina on the southern Italian island of Sicily . In other matters, European Council President Donald Tusk , the political leader of the European Union , urged fellow members to maintain sanctions imposed against Russian Federation in ...

Author: 0 Trump Slams 'Very Bad' Germans For Car Sales In America

European Council President Donald Tusk said terrorism was one of the main topics between EU officials and Trump during his visit to Brussels , especially in the wake of the Manchester pop concert bombing. Notably, the other G7 members perennially are among America's top trading partners. "And I am not 100 percent sure that we can say today - we means the president and myself - that we have a common position, common opinions about Russia", Tusk said.

Medicine Putin, Macron meeting a chance to get acquainted
Author: 0 Putin, Macron meeting a chance to get acquainted

We're saying, 'I'm your friend. As with all conversations in this town for the last 126 days (as of this writing), ours turned to Trump. The White House pool report from the meeting also offered an atypical description of the leaders' interaction.

Author: 0 'Challenging' talks expected as Trump, other G7 leaders meet

But other leaders, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel and new French President Emmanuel Macron, had hoped to sway the president at his first major worldwide summit since entering the White House four months ago. British Prime Minister Theresa May will lead a discussion on terrorism in one of Friday's working sessions and is expected to issue a call for G7 countries to put more pressure on internet companies to remove extremist content.

Medicine Indian army: 4 suspected rebels killed in disputed Kashmir
Author: 0 Indian army: 4 suspected rebels killed in disputed Kashmir

A group of militants was challenged by the alert troops on the Indian side of the LoC in Rampur sector. "Two BAT terrorists were killed in the operation", an army official said here. One AK-47 rifle, one pistol and other warlike stores were recovered, they said. Sources said the soldiers at the post saw two intruders running away towards the Pakistani side of the LoC - the Pakistani post is located 200 metres away from the LoC, inside Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK).

Medicine Mudslide, floods in Sri Lanka kill 25; 42 missing
Author: 0 Mudslide, floods in Sri Lanka kill 25; 42 missing

Heavy flooding also was reported in the country's south. Major roads in the region also destroyed due to the heavy rains interrupting transport services and rescue operations in the country. Not only this, as per reports, at least 66 people remain missing. The military had been deployed to rescue people stranded by floods, and fishermen asked to hand over their boats and ferries for rescue operations.

Medicine Arkansas pitchers combine for no-hitter against Auburn
Author: 0 Arkansas pitchers combine for no-hitter against Auburn

Missouri rain delayed with LSU leading 5-1 in the fifth inning and Florida and Auburn still to play. The SEC tournament, extending until Sunday's championship game, went into double-elimination mode with top four seeds Florida, LSU, Kentucky scheduled to debut Wednesday against Tuesday's play-in winners but with more rain delays Wednesday.

Medicine MN, SD team up to patrol I90 this weekend
Author: 0 MN, SD team up to patrol I90 this weekend

From noon Friday through midnight Monday, Missouri Highway Patrol troopers will be out in full force across the state, a mission known as Operation C.A.R.E. "Careful planning can prevent alcohol related traffic deaths", he said, "and if you are caught driving impaired, you will be arrested". Life jackets save lives.

Medicine Super Eagles hold Corsica to draw in friendly match
Author: 0 Super Eagles hold Corsica to draw in friendly match

Rohr made some substitutions with Sikiratu Olatunbosun replacing Ahmed Musa , Stephen Odey for Ibrahim Alhassan and Shehu Abdullahi coming on for Tyrone Ebuehi. They continued the second half the same way they finished the first. Gernot Rohr's men continue to dominate in the second half, but had to wait until the 80th minute, when Etebo Oghenekaro was fouled in the area.