Local Rickard hits tiebreaking double in 9th, Orioles top Rays 8-5
Author: 0 Rickard hits tiebreaking double in 9th, Orioles top Rays 8-5

This meant that they tied the 1924 Philadelphia Phillies for the most consecutive games allowing five or more runs. Baltimore went 6-14 over the stretch. Minnesota used five pitchers in the win. The game remained even into the seventh inning. SAN FRANCISCO - Jacob deGrom pitched eight strong innings and Wilmer Flores hit a home run and drove in two runs as NY defeated San Francisco.

Local Former Milwaukee officer found not guilty in shooting death of Sylville Smith
Author: 0 Former Milwaukee officer found not guilty in shooting death of Sylville Smith

An investigation by the Wisconsin Department of Justice found that former-Milwaukee police officer Dominique Heaggan-Brown nearly didn't pull out his gun before shooting Sylville Smith last summer. Jurors began deliberating in that second trial on Monday. "It was unconscionable for defendant Heaggan-[Brown] to kill Sylville Smith by shooting him at point-blank range, standing above him, while Smith had already been shot and was completely unarmed", according to the complaint .

Author: 0 Gov. Kasich's Website Hacked with Apparent ISIS Propaganda

The Ohio governor's website wasn't loading on Sunday afternoon, and a cached version showed the message "hacked by Team System Dz ". Websites belonging to a Long Island town and the OH state government were hacked Sunday to broadcast ISIS propaganda, according to reports.

Local Trump under fire from AG's over business ties
Author: 0 Trump under fire from AG's over business ties

The president is already fending off similar claims in federal court in NY that he violated the foreign and domestic emoluments clauses . "The Domestic Emoluments Clause prevents individual states from competing against each other by giving the President money or other things of value", according to the Washington Post .

Local Democratic Rep. says Pelosi is 'impediment' to taking back House majority
Author: 0 Democratic Rep. says Pelosi is 'impediment' to taking back House majority

Lujan distributed a memo to members that declared "the House is in play" and ticked through polling and recent trends . "It's clear, that I think, across the board in the Democratic Party , we need new leadership". Ryan ran for the position of House minority leader last fall but he fell short. Trump's Cabinet selections led to four House seats being vacated.

Local Defense Rests in Michelle Carter Texting Case
Author: 0 Defense Rests in Michelle Carter Texting Case

After transitioning to Celexa , he said, it can increase the risk of suicide in people younger than age 24. However, just three months before Conrad Roy committed suicide allegedly at the urging of her texting, Carter switched from Prozac to Celexa , becoming "involuntarily intoxicated".

Local Lil Kim Named Person of Interest in BET Weekend Robbery
Author: 0 Lil Kim Named Person of Interest in BET Weekend Robbery

Rapper Lil Kim and members of her entourage are facing serious charges, after they were allegedly involved in a robbery over the weekend in Los Angeles. The veteran rapper is at the center of a Los Angeles Police Department investigation over a robbery that occurred at a rental property in Los Angeles.

Local Capitol Police arrest 43 protesters at 'die-in' in Senate office building
Author: 0 Capitol Police arrest 43 protesters at 'die-in' in Senate office building

The protest took place outside the office of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell . U.S. Capitol Police are arresting dozens of people who are protesting cuts to Medicaid in the Senate Republicans' health care bill . Health care affects every citizen. The bill would provide tax credits to help people buy insurance. Meadows' conservatives and MacArthur's moderates, while Ryan was in Europe and Hollywood enjoying the high life, took it upon themselves to outside the purview of ...

Local NBC Poll: Half Of Americans Think Coverage Of Russia Investigation Is 'Irresponsible'
Author: 0 NBC Poll: Half Of Americans Think Coverage Of Russia Investigation Is 'Irresponsible'

The poll also found that 73 percent are concerned that the Russian Federation case has taken Congress's attention away from other important issues. "But this breaks along partisan lines ", he continued, since "78 percent of Democrats and 53 percent of independents think Russia interfered, versus just 26 percent of Republicans" and 65 percent of the GOP participants asserted that there was no Russian interference.

Local Health bill test of McConnell's leadership skills
Author: 0 Health bill test of McConnell's leadership skills

Shortly after the Senate bill was released on Thursday, the challenges that lie ahead in the Senate came into view. Politically, then, it's very hard to see a clear constituency for this bill, apart from the mostly wealthy voters who will appreciate its rollback of Obamacare's tax increases.

Author: 0 Five GOP senators now oppose health bill

But he said Kennedy's public statements have been critical of Medicaid spending and supportive of efforts to scale back the program. Nonetheless, Heller's announcement underscores the scant margin of error Republican leaders must deal with.

Local Accident reported involving military plane at Ohio air show
Author: 0 Accident reported involving military plane at Ohio air show

Authorities say a military jet in practice for an OH air show has been involved in an accident. Sergeant Kenneth Cordova was released Friday night. "The accident involved one of the aircraft, one of the performing aircraft that was going to be in the air show this weekend", said City of Dayton Director of Aviation Terrence Slaybaugh.

Local Judge Declares Mistrial, Again, In Cincinnati Police Shooting Case
Author: 0 Judge Declares Mistrial, Again, In Cincinnati Police Shooting Case

Ghiz asked them to try again. She sent them back to the jury room to deliberate further. Judge Leslie Ghiz reads what is known as the "Allen charge", which instructs jurors to re-examine their opinion after the jury said they are deadlocked during former University of Cincinnati police officer Raymond Tensing's trial on Friday, June 23, 2017 in Cincinnati .

Local Police arrest 18 protesters over motorist shooting verdict
Author: 0 Police arrest 18 protesters over motorist shooting verdict

With Castile's hand on his gun, Yanez said he had to act. But a charge is not a conviction, and those grieving Castille's death would be waiting nearly a year to find out if Yanez would actually be found guilty for the killing. The immediate aftermath of Castile's shooting was captured on video recorded by Castile's girlfriend and broadcast on Facebook Live. The officer's defense team also argued Castile was high on marijuana, which affected his actions.

Local McConnell, Schumer trade jabs over health care
Author: 0 McConnell, Schumer trade jabs over health care

In my opinion, the Senate majority's handling of health care legislation is setting a new low in the erosion of our shared value for open government. File- Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer stepped to the microphone to rally a crowd of President Donald Trump's opponents in New York's Battery Park on Sunday, January 29, 2017.

Author: 0 Philando Castile warned officer he was armed, video shows

After the shooting , the video shows Yanez standing at the auto window, breathing heavily and cursing repeatedly, with his gun drawn for some time. A fellow officer speaks repeatedly to Yanez to get him away from the vehicle: "I'm going to take your spot". "[Yanez] says, 'Don't reach for it then, ' and [Castile] reached for it", Gray said while rewatching the video.

Author: 0 GOP's Heller won't back Senate health care bill

Now, this is a discussion draft . McConnell wants a vote before his members head home to face their constituents over Congress' Fourth of July recess - maybe even before they have a chance to fully digest the bill, which would shake up an industry that comprises one-sixth of the USA economy and safeguards the health and well-being of more than 300 million Americans.

Local Jury considering ex-Vanderbilt football player's rape case
Author: 0 Jury considering ex-Vanderbilt football player's rape case

He was acquitted on five other counts. Banks confirmed on the stand that he had assaulted the woman with a water bottle - as one of the videos showed - and touched her and took photos. The victim took the stand Wednesday during Banks' trial and recalled what she could on the night of the rape, WTVF reported. The victim testified that at the time of the rape, she had been dating Vandenburg but didn't know the other teammates.

Local Black off-duty St. Louis officer shot by white officer
Author: 0 Black off-duty St. Louis officer shot by white officer

The news comes after authorities released dash cam footage on Tuesday of Philando Castile's shooting by St. Anthony Police Officer Jeronimo Yanez in Minnesota. One was shot in the ankle and was taken into custody. "[The officers] followed the vehicle to the area of West Florissant and Riverview, where they spiked the vehicle".

Author: 0 West Virginia: Cindy's remnants raise flood threat

Flash flood watches are in effect until early Saturday in north central Tennessee, all of Kentucky and most of West Virginia as the remnants of a tropical storm head deeper inland. The tropical storm should weaken to a tropical depression later today, and become a remnant low tonight. "It's not wind, it's rain we're concerned about".

Author: 0 Crowd catches teen falling from park ride; no serious injury

A teenager fell about 25 feet (about 8 meters) from a stopped gondola ride at an upstate NY amusement park Saturday night, tumbling into a crowd of park guests and employees gathered below to catch her before she hit the ground. A witness, Loren Lent , said it was a slow-moving chair ride that goes through the park and that a young teenage girl was hanging from a chair by just her arms and head.

Local Pelosi facing party mutiny in the House
Author: 0 Pelosi facing party mutiny in the House

Tim Ryan , D-Ohio, who was unsuccessful a year ago in trying to unseat Pelosi . Nor have they identified a challenger. Representative Kathleen Rice of NY echoed these sentiments in calling for Pelosi and the entire Democratic leadership team to be replaced.

Author: 0 Recording: Police shout 'get back' before shooting of woman

Two officers responded to the Charleena Lyles' apartment in the Sand Point neighborhood. "She let them in, then she started talking all insane about how the officers weren't gonna leave", one of the officers can be heard saying. One of the officers was an 11-year veteran while the other was "newer" he said. The officers involved in the shooting have not yet been identified, but were placed on paid leave, per agency policy.

Author: 0 Tech sergeant released from hospital after air show accident

A plane is on its top at the Dayton International Airport after practicing for the Vectren Dayton Air Show on June 23, 2017 in Dayton, Ohio. The world-famous U.S. "It is better to wait for the full facts to be examined by a board", Heard said . She says Wright-Patterson Air Force Base dispatched a crash team and heavy rescue crew.

Local Georgia 6th: Karen Handel to be sworn in on Monday
Author: 0 Georgia 6th: Karen Handel to be sworn in on Monday

Such comments about Pelosi were highlighted by Republicans on Thursday in an attempt to illustrate a divided Democratic caucus. Handel took it by 3.8 points in part by largely ignoring Trump but getting support from Vice President Mike Pence and U.S.

Local Nebraska Democratic officials in trouble for callous remarks
Author: 0 Nebraska Democratic officials in trouble for callous remarks

Steve Scalise (R-La.) was shot and he wishes the House Majority Whip were dead. He is still hospitalized following the attack. "I wish he was (obscenity) dead", Montag says as the recording continues. Gentry-Tipton is also now in hot water over remarks she made regarding the shooting where Scalise and four others were shot. "Like every decent American I am saddened and horrified by the shooting of Congressman Scalise", he said.

Local Ray Tensing retrial: Mistrial declared for 2nd time after jury deadlocks
Author: 0 Ray Tensing retrial: Mistrial declared for 2nd time after jury deadlocks

Police officers are rarely charged for fatal shootings or other uses of deadly force, and convictions are less common. Tensing pulled his gun and fired once. "They want him to be remembered as the generous, caring young man that he was - as a father and a credit to the community". Prosecutors could bring the case a third time, or decide charges they initially believed were water-tight are now unwinnable under the " reasonable officer " standard juries are instructed to apply to police ...

Author: 0 Northam and Gillespie win nominations for Virginia governor

Gillespie likely will begin the race with significantly more money than Northam, who will need to refill his campaign chest after flooding the airwaves with commercials to fend off Perriello. Gillespie and served as a delegate for Donald Trump previous year at the Republican National Convention. In his concession speech, Perriello vowed to help Northam on his path to victory - saying a "movement" was "rising up".

Author: 0 125-Pound Droopy, Drooling Mastiff Wins World's Ugliest Dog Contest

Bernard when she found Martha , a 125-pound Neapolitan mastiff. Other things that came along with the win she could not care less about were a flashy trophy, and a trip to NY for media appearances . The big-jowled crowd-pleaser will now be flown to NY for " media appearances ", according to the organisers. She was also the only dog in the contest whose handler was not able to hold her.

Author: 0 Qatar says demands made by four Arab states not 'realistic'

If Qatar does not engage, "things will stay at the status quo, things will stay as they are", he said . In the list, Arab countries insisted that Qatar shut down al-Jazeera and cut its ties with Iran and terrorist groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood , Hezbollah, al-Qaeda and ISIS.

Author: 0 Oklahoma elections not targeted by Russian hackers, state says

Johnson was the "latest top intelligence official to state there was no grand scheme between Trump & Russia", Trump tweeted . Trump also asked why the Obama administration "didn't stop" Russian Federation if it found the nation to be meddling in the 2016 election.

Local Korea denies torturing U.S. student Warmbier
Author: 0 Korea denies torturing U.S. student Warmbier

Warmbier was accused of stealing a propaganda poster. The KCNA said the North dealt with Mr Warmbier, 22, according to domestic law and worldwide standards. "The smear campaign against DPRK staged in the USA compels us to make firm determination that humanitarianism and benevolence for the enemy are a taboo and we should further sharpen the blade of law", the spokesman added, referring to North Korea by its formal name, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

Local Trump signs bill aiming to hold VA employees accountable
Author: 0 Trump signs bill aiming to hold VA employees accountable

The VA manages benefits and health care for USA military veterans. That ought to be part of the discussion about where our system is going, but for some reason, Democrats are never asked or expected to defend the VA even as they agitate for moving the entire nation in the direction of greater government control over health care.

Author: 0 Trump White House Has Taken Little Action to Stop Next Election Hack

In a report released on Friday , The Washington Post said the Central Intelligence Agency had concluded in August 2016 that Putin had personally directed interference in the 2016 campaign with intentions to boost Trump's chances of winning the election while also giving orders to "defeat or at least damage" Clinton's chances.

Author: 0 Thunderbirds jet craches at Dayton Air Show practice

According to the USAF Thunderbirds official web site , Gonsalves is an advanced pilot and narrator with the Thunderbirds and Cordova is a tactical aircraft maintainer. A Thunderbird F-16D Fighting Falcon jet flipped over on the runway while taxiing, and two people were reported trapped in the plane. It's unclear if the jet's pilot, Capt.

Author: 0 LSU advances to play for Championship series

Caleb Gilbert was dominating from the bump, pitching until one out in the eighth inning of a 6-1 victory over top-ranked Oregon State (56-6) and handed the ball to freshman phenom Zack Hess , who closed out a fourth LSU win in Omaha . LSU third inning - Kramer Robertson walked and advanced to second base on a hit-and-run ground out to the shortstop by Cole Freeman. It was blatantly obvious from the first inning on that the strike zone was going to be wide, and Gilbert exploited it, getting ...

Author: 0 US lawmakers urge Trump to press India's Modi on trade, investment

Ahead of the much-anticipated meeting on Monday, the White House on Saturday said that it was "seeking to roll out the red carpet" for PM Modi , adding that it "will be the first dinner for a foreign dignitary at the White House under this administration".

Local Radio operators 'ham' it up at Aiken field day
Author: 0 Radio operators 'ham' it up at Aiken field day

Rocker has been operating ham radios for almost 40 years. "The cellphone is for calling friends", Newland said. He's been able to make contacts as far as Saudi Arabia and Yemen. Before cell phones and social media, many used radio as a way of communication and now it's still a hobby. Early on during the drill, Yokanovich, who has been using Morse code for almost 20 years, but also is a ham radio operator, patiently listened to a guy using the code who hailed from South Texas.

Author: 0 CNN sends sketch artist to White House press briefings

Asked later in the press briefing how he could condemn Depp and Griffin the same day the White House invited Baldasaro to an event, Spicer seemed unable to recall the one-time Trump adviser. Despite this, Press Secretary Sean Spicer noticed him sketching away. This week, CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta questioned the wisdom of attending the briefings at all, saying the White House was "stonewalling" journalists.

Author: 0 Court upholds overturned conviction for Making A Murderer's Brendan Dassey

Dassey, now 27, scored a win in the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals with a panel of judges ruling 2-1 in favor of upholding a federal judge's ruling that his conviction should be overturned. Wisconsin prosecutors, according to NBC News , could either re-try Dassey or appeal Thursday's decision to the Supreme Court . On Thursday, the panel upheld Duffin's ruling to overturn Dassey's conviction.

Author: 0 Jury deadlocks in Ohio cop's murder retrial

Video from the DuBose's shooting from Tensing's body camera was revealed the day of the traffic incident. "[Tensing] wasn't dealing with someone wanted for murder", Deters said after Tensing was charged. Prosecutors were barred from showing jurors the shirt Tensing was wearing under his uniform at the time of the shooting, which depicted a Confederate battle flag .

Local Istanbul LGBT march banned over 'security concerns'
Author: 0 Istanbul LGBT march banned over 'security concerns'

Now, Turkish lesbian, gay and transgender activists say they face widespread social stigma in the nation that is heavily influenced by conservative and religious values. The volunteer-organized Pride committee said the ban violates domestic and worldwide law limiting the right to peaceful assembly. The office also said various groups had raised "serious reactions" against the march.

Author: 0 LSU beats Oregon State 6-1 to reach CWS finals

And then less than an hour before the game we were told they were pitching the other kid. "And that's what I'm going to remember the most, is the relationships". Casey originally indicated the Beavers would start Drew Rasmussen , the first-round Major League Baseball draft pick and team co-captain whose April return from Tommy John surgery gave OSU a late-season spark.

Local IL legislators meet for 2nd day of budget session
Author: 0 IL legislators meet for 2nd day of budget session

Lawmakers have until June 30 to pass a new budget, or the new fiscal year will begin without one in place. "Halting work on these projects would trigger the loss of an estimated 25,000 jobs and millions in unnecessary costs to the state". The two officials have not met since December, when Rauner ended bipartisan negotiations, according to the Chicago Tribune. Comptroller Mendoza says IL has never been in this situation before, and that if the budget stalemate continues past July 1, some ...