Author: 0 Tropical Storm Cindy: Drenching rains, flood threat on coast

But live video feeds Wednesday showed a few people still on the beach despite rain showers and high winds. He says relatives and emergency workers tried unsuccessfully to resuscitate the boy. "We were saturated before this even started", he told The Associated Press . "I'm a bit concerned about what the next 24 hours will bring". If the models are onto anything consistent this morning, we could be looking at 1 inch or more of rain Friday .

Local GOP senators voice concerns on eve of health care bill unveiling
Author: 0 GOP senators voice concerns on eve of health care bill unveiling

But underscoring the uncertainty he faces, senators from both ends of his party's spectrum were grumbling about the bill's expected contents and the clandestine way it's being crafted. A loss would be a major blow for Trump and congressional Republicans, but it would let GOP senators take a definitive stance on the issue and let Republicans move on to other priorities like tax cuts.

Author: 0 Trump Moves to Bolster Apprenticeships With Executive Order

The president wants students to be able to use federal student aid for a wide variety of " earn while you learn " programs, including apprenticeships, the White House officials said . Participants in some apprentice programmes receive on-the-job training while going to school, sometimes with companies footing the bill. The executive order also charges the Secretaries of Defense, Labor, and Education and the Attorney General to promote apprenticeship and pre-apprenticeship programs for ...

Author: 0 Otto Warmbier: No autopsy for U.S. student held by North Korea

Mr Warmbier, 22, died on Monday after being medically evacuated to the United States last week after suffering from severe brain damage, with US President Donald Trump blaming Pyongyang's "brutal regime " for his plight. "But I realize what has happened to previous American citizens, including their deaths, '" McCain, R-Ariz., said in a brief interview. President Trump fired off a tweet that the White House's efforts to rely on China for help with North Korea are not working.

Author: 0 Slain Muslim girl may have been sexually assaulted, police say

They said he is a nice person and could not imagine why he is now accused of such crime. "No evidence has been uncovered that shows this murder was motivated by race or religion ", the statement read . "All she wanted was some to get some sahoor with her friends, not too far from the mosque ", Nubian Youth wrote on the page . Darwin Martinez Torres , a 22-year-old from El Salvador suspected of being in the US illegally, was jailed without bail on a murder charge after the girl's ...

Author: 0 Maryland, DC plan to sue Trump over foreign payments

Two Democratic attorneys general in President Trump's backyard are behind a new legal attack against Trump's continued interests in his business empire. A number of private citizens have already filed similar lawsuits against the president but it is the first time a state government has sued Trump over the issue.

Author: 0 McConnell Announces Thursday Reveal of Senate Healthcare Bill

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell , R-Ky., joined by, from left, Sen. USA senators from both sides of the aisle have lambasted Republicans for conducting secret meetings while crafting their version of the American Healthcare Act, the GOP's attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare and hand President Donald Trump his first major legislative victory.

Author: 0 GOP senators complain on eve of health care bill unveiling

Polls show that most Americans do not support the changes the Republicans want to make. Collins, a moderate Republican from ME, said she wanted to read an assessment by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office on its impact on cost and insurance coverage before making her decision.

Local Tropical Storm Cindy slogs toward the Gulf Coast
Author: 0 Tropical Storm Cindy slogs toward the Gulf Coast

He looks up at the clouds while docked in Bayou Bienvenu. The US independent also said that production from its operated Heidelberg, Marlin and Holstein facilities was temporarily halted in due to "third party pipeline shut-ins". This would put Southwest Louisiana taking the brunt of the strongest tropical-storm-force winds by Wednesday evening into Thursday morning, sustained at 40-45 miles per hour with gusts in excess of 50-60 miles per hour as the storm makes landfall.

Author: 0 Michigan airport evacuated; officer seen bleeding from neck

Update 2:35 PM: The FBI has released a fuller statement in which they note that they have reason to believe the stabbing is an "isolated" incident, though they continue to urge vigilance in the area. Neville in the neck". Neville was in satisfactory condition after undergoing surgery and expected to fully recover, police said. He was initially in critical condition but his condition is improving, and he's now listed in stable condition.

Author: 0 US President Donald Trump says travel ban ruling comes at 'dangerous time'

Because of the conflict with immigration law, the judges said they didn't need to consider whether it also violated the Constitution's prohibition on the government favoring or disfavoring any religion. The Trump administration has asked the Supreme Court to lift this injunction temporarily while the larger case makes its way through the court.

Author: 0 Trump owes banks $315m

As the AMPA notes, Trump has had $ 20 million in revenue from his new hotel in Washington, which opened very close to the White House in September. Revenue from Trump Corporation, his real-estate management company, almost tripled, to $18m, and revenue from Mar-a-Lago grew by 25 percent, to $37.25m.

Local Tropical Storm Cindy 'Not A Threat At This Time'
Author: 0 Tropical Storm Cindy 'Not A Threat At This Time'

Julie Plaisance, right, and Renee Davila take photos on the shore of Lake Pontchartrain as weather from Tropical Storm Cindy , in the Gulf of Mexico, impacts the region in New Orleans, Tuesday, June 20, 2017. Already some flooding was reported on Alabama's Dauphin Island and flood control locks and gates were being closed along Louisiana's bayou-marbled coast.

Author: 0 Trump Says Diplomacy With North Korea Hasn't Worked

In addition to the external exam, the coroner's office reviewed his medical records from the University of Cincinnati Medical Center and AeroMed Management Group, the air ambulance service that helped evacuate him from Pyongyang, North Korea , where he had been detained for almost 17 months.

Local UNC Basketball: Justin Jackson gets green room invite at NBA Draft
Author: 0 UNC Basketball: Justin Jackson gets green room invite at NBA Draft

Leaf, who shot 46.6 percent; 6-10 Syracuse forward Tyler Lydon, a 40.0 percent three-point shooter; 6-10 Caleb Swanigan of Purdue (37.6), and 6-11 D.J. "(In the NBA ) you can't load up in the lane on him and if (his next team) happens to be the Timberwolves , ... Are you a good layup shooter where they can't guard you? Ferguson, who bypassed college to play professionally in Australia this season, also is among those summoned for a Heat workout.

Local Drew Barrymore makes ideal cameo in SZA's video for 'Drew Barrymore'
Author: 0 Drew Barrymore makes ideal cameo in SZA's video for 'Drew Barrymore'

The Dave Meyers-directed clip finds the TDE singer having fun with friends in NY, from walking around the city and rolling around in the snow, to stripping down in a laundromat and heading to a party for some drinks and a little smoke. SZA admitted in an interview with Vulture that she truly related to Barrymore's character in Never Been Kissed . "I was hella outcast in school", she told Vulture earlier this month.

Author: 0 Pence calls hiring of outside counsel for Russian Federation probe 'very routine'

Pence on Thursday selected Richmond, Virginia-based attorney Richard Cullen , a chairman at McGuire Woods who previously served as a USA attorney, reports Efe news. Trump has been a vocal critic of the Russian investigation. According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection data, apprehensions of illegal immigrants at the U.S.

Author: 0 Tropical Storm Cindy approaches Gulf Coast

Coastal rivers are expected to leap their banks, though, as water runs off. Heavy rainfall and "life-threatening flash flooding" remain the biggest threats from the tropical storm, the NHC said. The storm is moving closer to the Gulf Coast, where it threatens to bring a storm surge of up to 3 feet (0.91 meters). They urged motorists to use caution if they are driving in the southern end of the county.

Author: 0 Public vigil for Nabra Hassanen Wednesday in Reston

Salaam said the community is struggling because Hassanen was beloved by so many and well-known for her kind spirit. Amid a huge crowd of mourners, many of them fasting for Ramadan now, Neshanti said Nabra taught her the value of the hard month-long practice.

Local US Trade Representative Lighthizer says no deadline set for NAFTA deal
Author: 0 US Trade Representative Lighthizer says no deadline set for NAFTA deal

Sen. John CornynJohn CornynWhite House launches ObamaCare repeal web page Trump trade chief casts doubt on NAFTA deal this year Senators troubled by MS-13 gang recruiting immigrant children MORE (R-Texas), the chief vote-counter for Senate Republicans, raised the political realities of finding enough support on Capitol Hill.

Author: 0 Governor declares state of emergency as Tropical Storm Cindy makes landfall

Warnings for areas north and east of the Mississippi River, including metropolitan New Orleans and Lake Pontchartrain, have been canceled . Enter Tropical Storm Cindy which, though behind Arlene and Bret, boasts the potential to inflict a great deal of damage in the states of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.

Author: 0 Trump traveling to Iowa for campaign-style rally

Kim Reynolds for the Republican nomination for governor. The new game plan centers on what Corbett calls a "core four", including revamping Iowa's tax structure, restoring the state's national leadership in K-12 education, improving water quality and showing concern for citizens.

Author: 0 Slain Muslim teen described as bright, generous

The young graphic artist says Hassanen's slaying hit close to home. (Jahi Chikwendiu/The Washington Post via AP). Her body was found Sunday evening in Loudoun County. Other funeral attendees expressed similar sentiments. She also said ADAMS is talking with law enforcement as they work toward investigating the case to its fullest extent.

Local Gov. Edwards declares State of Emergency as Tropical Storm Cindy moves in
Author: 0 Gov. Edwards declares State of Emergency as Tropical Storm Cindy moves in

People sit in a auto and watch the waves on the shore of Lake Pontchartrain as weather from Tropical Storm Cindy, in the Gulf of Mexico, impacts the region in New Orleans, Tuesday, June 20, 2017. A sheriff's captain says a 10-year-old Missouri boy has died on the Alabama coast after being fatally struck by a log washed in by the storm surge from Tropical Storm Cindy.

Author: 0 Trump's Washington hotel saw nearly $20 million in revenue

However, he shed his stocks and securities, the report indicates. The disclosure does not reveal when the investments were sold. President Donald Trump's real estate empire is making millions. And he reported that his trust owns a new company called Storage 106 LLC that was incorporated in DE in January. In the filing, Trump mostly lists limited liability corporations and partnerships that he owns.

Local May's filleted Queen's Speech is threadbare, says Labour
Author: 0 May's filleted Queen's Speech is threadbare, says Labour

The queen , at an occasion shorn of its usual pageantry, read out the watered-down list of proposed legislation and lawmakers will then spend the next few days debating before bringing it to a vote. For instance, the queen arrived at Parliament in a vehicle, rather than a horse-drawn carriage, and delivered the speech in everyday dress, instead of the traditional royal robes.

Author: 0 Police shooting videos don't mean justice for black people

The clip's release comes just days after Yanez was cleared of second-degree manslaughter , a decision that was greeted by protests around the nation. Seconds later, Yanez testified Castile's right arm dropped down at his side. Although Yanez will not be returning to police department, popular opinion seems to be against this judgment.

Local Shocking video of police shooting wasn't enough to convict
Author: 0 Shocking video of police shooting wasn't enough to convict

The shooting on July 6, 2016, gained widespread attention because Castile's girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds , livestreamed its gruesome aftermath on Facebook . In reality, the officer had been looking for an armed robbery suspect whose description he later said matched Castile's appearance. The gunfire took place seconds after Castile told the officer, "Sir, I have to tell you, I do have a firearm on me".

Author: 0 US Attorney General Jeff Sessions hires private attorney

Chuck Cooper is representing Sessions on issues related to the investigation into Russian meddling in the USA presidential race, NBC News reported Tuesday. Further questions were raised when, despite having recused himself fromthe Russian Federation probe, he wrote a memo recommending that Trump fire FBI director James Comey in May, while Comey was spearheading the FBI's investigation.

Local US Shoots Down Pro-Syrian Drone
Author: 0 US Shoots Down Pro-Syrian Drone

The U.S. action comes two days after a U.S. warplane shot down a Syrian plane that was attacking U.S. -backed forces near Raqqa, the Islamic State's de facto capital. Fighting and bombardment meanwhile resumed early Tuesday between Syrian government forces and rebels in the southern city of Daraa and nearby areas, where a 48-hour truce had gone into effect on Saturday.

Author: 0 Senate steers toward vote next week

On Monday, Democratic lawmakers protested on the floor of the Senate to make known their grudges over moves by the Republican majority to secretly repeal #Obamacare . "We're going to find ways to weigh in", said Democratic Senator Rob Wyden. An Obamacare replacement eventually passed the House last month, 217-213.

Author: 0 Boy killed by log in surf as tropical storm churns in Gulf

The heaviest rains are expected in an area that includes the port city of Mobile, Alabama, and the cities of Pascagoula and Biloxi in Mississippi. Tropical Storm warnings are issued from San Luis Pass in Texas to the mouth of the Mississippi River in Louisiana.

Author: 0 Republican wins Georgia election, blow to anti-Trump effort

In her speech, Handel discussed what she felt she owed the voters, including "the obligation of being the first Republican woman elected to Congress from the great state of Georgia". (2) Seth Moulton , a congressman from MA and former Iraq war veteran, who tweeted that the loss should be a "wake up call" for Democrats. But again, this election wasn't merely a referendum on Trump.

Local Scalise upgraded to fair condition a week after shooting
Author: 0 Scalise upgraded to fair condition a week after shooting

Scalise arrived at the hospital "with an imminent risk of death", Sava said. Ryan identified the others shot as Tyson Foods lobbyist Matt Mika and Zack Barth, a staffer for Rep. Scalise, 51, was struck in the hip and the bullet shattered blood vessels, bones and internal organs along the way. A gunman acted alone when he shot and wounded a top House Republican and four other people on a northern Virginia baseball field, the Federal Bureau of Investigation said Wednesday.

Author: 0 Minnesota Releases Dashcam Footage of Philando Castile Shooting

Yanez approaches the white 1997 Oldsmobile and leans in to speak through the driver's window. Yanez informs Castile that one of his break lights is out. He was just staring straight ahead. Former Officer Jeronimo Yanez said on the day after the shooting that he was "hit with a odor of burning marijuana" when he pulled over Castile , his girlfriend, and his then-four-year-old daughter.

Local White House reporters fume over off-camera briefings
Author: 0 White House reporters fume over off-camera briefings

Asked about reports from 16 USA intelligence agencies that determined the Russians indeed meddled in the U.S. election, the press secretary emphasised he had not spoken with Trump about the topic. As you can imagine, numerous journalists who cover the White House press briefings aren't happy about being banned from recording them. Freedom is not totally dead, y'all, because Spicer said it might be possible for the off-camera briefings to have audio and they turn the cameras off because ...

Author: 0 Neighbors remember Hampton sailor killed in collision

The cargo ship's crew - who were not injured - apparently took almost an hour to report the collision in a busy shipping channel near the warship's home base, a gateway to container ports in Tokyo and nearby Yokohama. He wouldn't say how many, pending notification of next of kin. A Navy spokesman said the victims might have been killed by the impact of the collision or drowned in the flooding.

Local American Airlines cancels flights because it's just too hot to take off
Author: 0 American Airlines cancels flights because it's just too hot to take off

These regions might face problems as the people living there will face health hazards as the ever rising temperature along with heat waves which prompt the authorities to prepare with emergency medical support and other facilities. The area is looking at breaking another temperature record Wednesday with an expected 117 degrees for a high. The director of the Arizona Burn Center said second- and third-degree burns from touching hot items are common in the extreme heat.

Local Otto Warmbier in state of 'unresponsive wakefulness,' doctors say
Author: 0 Otto Warmbier in state of 'unresponsive wakefulness,' doctors say

Yun boarded a private aircraft along with two doctors and arrived Monday in Pyongyang , where they were met by North Korean officials and saw Warmbier in a hospital. Otto Warmbier is in stable condition at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center with his mother by his side, hospital spokeswoman Kelly Martin said.

Author: 0 Federal Bureau of Investigation to detail findings on Congressional baseball shooting

But, according to Slater's statement , it does not appear Hodgkinson had been planning his attack. The FBI did not reveal which names were on Hodgkinson's list. Hodgkinson was down by 7:14 am. U.S. Majority Whip Steve Scalise remains hospitalized in serious condition but he's been talking and texting with family and coworkers as he recovers.

Author: 0 Castile family lawyer 'stunned' by dashcam footage

Anthony Police Department officer Jeronimo Yanez not guilty of second-degree manslaughter in the death of Philando Castile yesterday, in Manhattan, New York, U.S., June 17, 2017. The officer repeats, " Don't pull it out " as both Castile and his girlfriend insist he is not reaching for his gun. Yanez said he feared for his life when he fired his service weapon into the vehicle.

Author: 0 Judge Finds Defendant Guilty; Manslaughter Law Extending to New Grounds?

Carter , who was 17 at the time of the suicide, was visibly distraught as she received the news. According to CNN , much of the case centered around Carter's text messages, which prosecutors said nudged Roy toward suicide. But still, he said , "trials and verdicts like this don't actually set legal precedent". Yet she did not call the police or Roy's family. "If allowed to stand, Ms.

Author: 0 Handel to make Georgia history as its first GOP congresswoman

Proving once again that pollsters are little more than high-priced scam artists, Karen Handel won 51.4% of the vote over Ossoff, who got 48.6%. He said Democrats needed to be willing to embrace candidates who better represented their district.

Local Tropical Storm Cindy weakens, causes flooding along Gulf Coast
Author: 0 Tropical Storm Cindy weakens, causes flooding along Gulf Coast

Cindy is expected to mostly impact the central Gulf Coast and make landfall along the upper Texas or western Louisiana coast as a tropical storm on Thursday, according to Bob Henson of The Weather Underground . After Tropical Storm Cindy makes landfall Thursday morning, the storm will quickly weaken into a tropical low, bringing tons of moisture to the Gulf coast states.

Author: 0 Tropical storm Cindy threatens Gulf Coast

It now has maximum sustained winds of 40 miles per hour (65 kilometers per hour), the Miami-based forecaster said. The cities of Tallahassee, Florida; Mobile, Alabama; Biloxi, Mississippi; and New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and Lake Charles, Louisiana , are most likely to feel the brunt of the tropical storm.

Author: 0 Anger over Warmbier death grows amid calls for travel ban

The Warmbier family's "objection to an autopsy was honored", the office said, and only an external examination was performed. "While I greatly appreciate the efforts of President Xi and China to help with North Korea , it has not worked out".

Author: 0 Video released of USA police officer shooting black motorist

Ms Reynolds' then four-year-old daughter starts to get out of the auto and is grabbed by an officer. Yanez then shoots seven times into the driver's side of the vehicle; with the first shots at such close range that his weapon is partially inside the auto cabin.

Author: 0 Donald Trump: China Effort on North Korea 'Has Not Worked Out'

The president made the comments a day after an American student, Otto Warmbier , died in the USA after being released from North Korean custody. But John McCain , a Republican senator, accused North Korea of murdering and torturing Mr Warmbier in a Twitter post .