Author: 0 How Trump Brought This Obstruction Of Justice Investigation Upon Himself

The investigation began looking into Trump's conduct after he fired then FBI director, James Comey , who had been leading the inquiry. "That in itself is not problematic", Sessions argued . Because this question has gotten reasonably complicated. Trump, in a series of morning tweets , reverted back to the tone that won him the White House , slamming the investigation a day after he called for unity in the wake of a shooting at a Republican congressional baseball practice that ...

Local Portugal prepares for Confederations Cup
Author: 0 Portugal prepares for Confederations Cup

One year from now the 2018 World Cup will be upon us. However, the Confederations Cup at least makes logical sense. The competition features eight teams: the host of the upcoming World Cup; the reigning World Cup victor and the six most recent winners of each continent's championship tournament.

Author: 0 Trump makes surprise visit to hospital treating hurt congressman

Scalise was shot in the left hip, suffering broken bones, injuries to internal organs and severe bleeding. At least five people were wounded, Brooks said, naming Scalise along with a congressional staff member, two law enforcement officers and another officer who was either with the Capitol Police or Secret Service.

Local 'Unknown numbers' of dead remain in Grenfell Tower
Author: 0 'Unknown numbers' of dead remain in Grenfell Tower

The inspections could involve hundreds of buildings, as London Mayor Sadiq Khan announced that checks would made be on tower blocks undergoing refurbishment. "Any lessons learnt from this will be borne out not just across London , across the United Kingdom - and lessons learnt globally". Ms Cotton also said that the fire services suffered minor injuries as they tried to rescue those stuck in the fire.

Author: 0 West Virginia Senate votes to fund 'essential' services

Asked what action he will take if either the House or Senate version of the budget bill reaches his desk, Justice said, "It depends on when it shows up". "The projected revenue figures that are being used are likely not accurate - but those numbers are what the Legislature is required to work from". - Gov.

Author: 0 Attorney General Sessions Denies Secret Meeting With Russia Envoy

Trump wrote in his letter firing Comey that the ousted FBI director had informed him on three separate occasions he was not under investigation. Mr Sessions largely confirmed a key portion of Mr Comey's description of a February meeting at the White House , at which the attorney general and Mr Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner left the Oval Office so the president and Mr Comey could speak alone.

Author: 0 Here's video of the shooting at the congressional baseball practice

Multiple outlets identify the deceased gunman as 66-year-old James Hodgkinson of IL. Brooks said he saw a rifle. Congressmen at the ballpark described hearing loud noises like the sound of firecrackers and 15 to 20 people lying on the ground and realizing they had only baseball bats to defend themselves against bullets.

Local Emotional first anniversary for Orlando nightclub shooting that killed 49
Author: 0 Emotional first anniversary for Orlando nightclub shooting that killed 49

While it may have been located hundreds of miles from Florida, the attack one year ago still hits home for those who gathered. The fountain at Lake Eola was lit in the colors of the rainbow. Boyson knew some of the people who were at Pulse that night. Actor John Lithgow said he felt that America was in a "strangely retrograde time". "A big part of the healing process is to see, "I am not alone in this", said Terry DeCarlo, its executive director.

Local London inferno extinguished; at least 17 dead as firefighters search for victims
Author: 0 London inferno extinguished; at least 17 dead as firefighters search for victims

It is unsafe for firefighters to go into parts of the 24-story tower, so the fire department is working with structural engineers to shore up the building so they can complete a "finger-tip search " of the entire structure, Cotton said . A tenants' group had complained for years about the risk of a fire. Up to 600 people lived in 120 apartments in the Grenfell Tower . Stuart Cundy, Met police commander, said the security services were not anticipating any further survivors to be found ...

Local President Trump visits wounded congressman in DC area hospital
Author: 0 President Trump visits wounded congressman in DC area hospital

Members of Congress were practicing for a game when a gunman started shoot. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite). President Donald Trump is making a surprise visit to MedStar Washington Hospital Center , where Rep. The former minor-league baseball player has coached the GOP Congressional team since 2013, his office said. Hodgkinson's Facebook page is largely political.

Author: 0 US House GOP Whip in critical condition after shooting

Congressman ScaliseHospital officials said Wednesday evening that Rep. Steve Scalise , R-Louisiana, was still in critical condition after being shot. "I just didn't want her to wake up and learn the news", Flake said. "I didn't even know until today that he was a Bernie Sanders person", Euille said.

Local Gov. Scott Vetoes Push To Bolster College Aid
Author: 0 Gov. Scott Vetoes Push To Bolster College Aid

Governor Rick Scott will sign a controversial, 278-page education "train" bill this afternoon that most school districts and superintendents fought against but many pro-charter advocates pushed. That's because it includes extra money for the Gardiner Scholarship program that provides tuition, therapy and other services to roughly 8,000 disabled students.

Author: 0 US Republican Steve Scalise shot in baseball ambush

The hospital said after the surgery that Scalise remained in critical condition. In the USA, authorities have identified the gunman who shot at Republican Party Congressmen. Republican Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin and top Democrat Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco urged the House to pull together . "An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us".

Author: 0 Republican House whip Steve Scalise shot in Virginia shooting

Scalise was one of four people shot by James T. Hodgkinson as they prepared for Thursday's Congressional Baseball Game between the Republicans and Democrats. A woman walking her dog heard a female officer scream, "Drop your weapon", before the gunman "shot her and she fell to the ground". "50 (shots) would be an understatement, I'm quite sure", Flake said when asked about the total amount of gunfire, including police returning fire.

Author: 0 NORC poll: Most in US think Trump meddled in Russia probe

Gonzales said that he couldn't "recall" some 60 times in a hearing about the dismissal of federal prosecutors, accusations of coordination with the White House and overall Justice Department leadership. Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden of OR asked Sessions about suggestions arising from Comey's testimony last week that there was something "problematic" about his recusal.

Local US Congressman Steve Scalise shot at baseball practice in Virginia
Author: 0 US Congressman Steve Scalise shot at baseball practice in Virginia

President Donald Trump and his wife Melania met Republican Congressman Steve Scalise , who was critically injured in the shooting during a practice session for an annual baseball game in a Washington suburb . "It will be play ball tomorrow night at 7:05", Congressman Joe Barton, manager of the Republican team, said at a news conference with Mike Doyle, the Democratic team manager.

Local Missouri lawmaker decapitates chicken during Facebook Live to promote anti-abortion bill
Author: 0 Missouri lawmaker decapitates chicken during Facebook Live to promote anti-abortion bill

He also voted in favor of an "emergency clause" for the bill, which senators failed to pass by just a few votes. One piece of the legislation would allow the attorney general to prosecute violations of abortion laws . The bill would require the state health department to conduct annual, unannounced, on-site inspections and investigations of abortion facilities. Planned Parenthood Advocates of Missouri, NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri and others are using the demonstration to criticize the special ...

Local Four Kentucky National Guardsmen Charged in Sexual Assault Case
Author: 0 Four Kentucky National Guardsmen Charged in Sexual Assault Case

Police announced the arrests on Wednesday. "The victim was provided alcohol and was then sexually assaulted by these four suspects", the state police release said. The Calloway County Jail says the four have been released on bond. Dennis has pleaded guilty to the charges against him; the three other defendants are expected to enter pleas during their arraignments July 5.

Author: 0 Congressman, 4 others shot at baseball field

Our hearts are with the victims and families impacted by this shooting and we wish them a full and speedy recovery. Capitol Police were also on hand because Scalise was present, NPR's Scott Horsley reports , and exchanged gunfire with the suspect.

Author: 0 Rep. DeSantis Came Face-To-Face With Gunman Before Alexandria Shooting

The teams were practicing for an annual charity baseball game pitting Republicans against Democrats. The shooter , identified as James T. Hodgkinson of Belleville, Ill., fired between 50 and 100 shots at the GOP team's practice. "You become numb to this until something like this happens", said Rep. Lou Baretta, a Pennsylvania Republican. He said he hadn't heard much chatter about colleagues arming themselves with personal firearms in light of the incident, though members are allowed ...

Local Trump after visit with Scalise: 'He is a real fighter'
Author: 0 Trump after visit with Scalise: 'He is a real fighter'

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin, who made a stop in Henderson Wednesday said he too was briefed on the situation. Five people were wounded during the shooting , including Scalise, a House staffer, a lobbyist for Tyson Foods and two Capitol police officers.

Author: 0 Wisconsin business leaders to meet with Trump

The White House has argued that apprenticeships are the key to filling roughly six million jobs that companies say they can't fill due to lack of skilled workers. Trump also spoke at a $1,000 a person fundraiser to benefit Scott Walker, believed to be running for another term. If you're really interested in promoting apprenticeships we have to invest in that skills training.

Author: 0 House Majority Whip Steve Scalise Has Been Shot in Virginia

Capitol Police officers are being widely praised for helping to stop the attack. A police spokesperson said she could not yet confirm the number of injuries. "He is grateful for the fearless actions of U.S. Capitol Police, first responders, and colleagues". Scalise's Office has since released an updated statement regarding Scalise's status, quoting the hospital's remarks about his "critical condition".

Author: 0 Trump reiterates call for a travel ban from certain 'dangerous' countries

On Monday, after spending the weekend using social media to reignite his fight with the mayor of London over terror attacks, he took to Twitter to severely damage the legal defense for what is perhaps his administration's most controversial policy action - his executive order banning travel to the USA from six majority-Muslim countries.

Author: 0 Sanders: GOP Baseball Shooter Was Campaign Volunteer

James Hodgkinson , 66, a resident of Belleville in IL, has been identified as the shooter by federal law enforcement sources, CNN reported. Following the shooting Wednesday morning at a Republican congressional baseball practice in Virginia, Bernie Sanders took to the Senate floor to denounce the violence.

Local Flake said shooting that wounded congressman, others felt like 'deja vu'
Author: 0 Flake said shooting that wounded congressman, others felt like 'deja vu'

President Trump said he and Vice President Pence were deeply saddened by the attack, and wished Scalise and the others injured a speedy recovery. "He's a patriot and a fighter". Duncan added, "I told him they were Republicans". DeSantis gave a similar account. Shortly after the shooting, Bernie Sanders, the former candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, said on the Senate floor that the shooter apparently was a volunteer for his campaign previous year.

Local This Is The Moment A Gunman Shot At Republicans
Author: 0 This Is The Moment A Gunman Shot At Republicans

Sanders said he denounced the violence "in the strongest possible terms". "Brooks told CNN in an interview immediately after the attack that, ". a Capitol security guy who had already been shot , who had helped take down the shooter, came limping over to us in the outfield, totally ignoring his own wounds to check on the person he was primarily responsible for - Steve Scalise being a part of the House leadership team".

Local 'Sickened': Bernie Sanders Says GOP Baseball Practice Gunman Worked on Campaign
Author: 0 'Sickened': Bernie Sanders Says GOP Baseball Practice Gunman Worked on Campaign

The gunfire occurred at a GOP practice for the annual charity congressional baseball game. One of the pages has a banner picture of Bernie Sanders and the other one contains anti-Trump rants. The man says Hodgkinson was a passionate progressive and showed no signs of violence at the time. President Donald Trump confirmed Hodgkinson's death Wednesday morning in a publicized address.

Local Republicans rush to politicize shooting at congressional baseball practice
Author: 0 Republicans rush to politicize shooting at congressional baseball practice

Speaking after the targeted shooting of Republicans practicing for the Congressional Baseball Game, Gov. McAuliffe corrected himself by reducing the number to 93 Americans lost to gun violence on a daily basis. The Virginia governor recalled a state trooper who had recently been shot and killed in the line of duty as an example of the "needless and senseless" violence he said needs to be addressed.

Author: 0 Amid growing controversy, Sessions abruptly cancels public testimony

Attorney General Jeff Sessions , facing fresh questions about his Russian contacts during the election campaign and his role in the firing of James Comey , will be interrogated in a public hearing by former Senate colleagues on Tuesday. "I have written two letters to Sen". Lankford appeared on CBS' " Face the Nation ". Briefing congressional appropriators on the Justice Department's budget is a critical part of the attorney general's job.

Author: 0 Local lawmakers respond to baseball practice shooting

The popular and gregarious lawmaker is known for his love of baseball and handed out commemorative bats when he secured the job of House whip several years ago. Matt Mika, a lobbyist for Tyson Foods and former staffer, was also identified as one of the victims. "I'm hopeful today's events create an opportunity for all Americans to stop and think about the level of political discourse in this country", said Rep.

Local Trump, first lady make surprise visit to hospital where Scalise being treated
Author: 0 Trump, first lady make surprise visit to hospital where Scalise being treated

President Donald Trump is making an evening visit to the hospital where the U.S. congressman who was critically wounded Wednesday at baseball practice is receiving treatment. Wednesday's shooting highlights the vulnerability of lawmakers when they are in public. He was lying motionless and was "coherent the whole time" when Sen.

Local Man who shot congressman was living in van, called a loner
Author: 0 Man who shot congressman was living in van, called a loner

He was living out of the gym bag. "He was just a very calm, rational person, I thought". Authorities believe Hodgkinson had been in the Alexandria area since March, living out of a cargo van and not working, Federal Bureau of Investigation agent Tim Slater said.

Author: 0 Top Republican Wounded in US Shooting

Law enforcement officials identified him as James T. Hodgkinson , 66, from IL. After Hodgkinson's shooting spree began on Wednesday morning at a Congressional GOP baseball practice, he was shot by Capitol Police on the scene and subsequently died of his injuries.

Author: 0 Several Congressmen React to Virginia Shooting

President Donald Trump on Wednesday called for unity in the wake of the shooting at a Republican congressional baseball practice that injured five people, including a top House Republican. When I say risking themselves, I mean, they're shooting 90-100 feet away. He shared his thanks for the Capitol Police and the other first responders.

Author: 0 Trump's Attempt to Go After Comey Could Backfire

More ominously yet, Comey also stressed that the Russian effort is clearly directed from the Kremlin and is a long-term strategy aimed at undermining future elections and the integrity and credibility of American democracy. Speaking with family friend and Justice host Jeanine Pirro, Trump's eldest son seemed to unintentionally confirm the version of events Comey gave during his senate intelligence committee testimony on Thursday.

Author: 0 Multiple People Shot in Del Ray Section of Alexandria

Rep. Roger Williams , a Texas Republican , was also hospitalized and released with an injury to his ankle. Trump announced that the alleged shooter, identified to CNN from federal law enforcement sources as James T. Jackson rode in the motorcade, but had been to the hospital to confer on Scalise earlier, Spicer said. Speaker Paul Ryan named the two injured Capitol police officers as David Bailey and Crystal Griner.

Local Champion Warriors might snub White House -- if invited
Author: 0 Champion Warriors might snub White House -- if invited

The Golden State Warriors and the City of Oakland will host a parade and rally to honor the 2017 NBA Champion Golden State Warriors on Thursday, June 15, 2017, beginning at 10:00 a.m. But for now, there hasn't been any decision made. Are the Golden State Warriors really skipping out on the White House? "Somebody asked me about it a couple months ago, the hypothetical, 'If a championship were to happen, what would I do?' I answered, 'I wouldn't go.' I still feel like that today".

Author: 0 Hospital says Rep. Scalise needs more operations after baseball practice shooting

Louis suburb of Belleville, Illinois, fired repeatedly at the men playing on the baseball field on Wednesday morning. The gunman was believed to have been in the Alexandria area since March, Slater said. U.S. Rep. Bill Johnson, who represents Columbiana County, narrowly missed being among his Republicans colleagues who gathered Wednesday morning to practice for a charity softball game.

Author: 0 How the congressional shooting unfolded

And he's a fighter", Trump said. The attack provoked a wave of emotion on Capitol Hill, where Republicans and Democrats expressed concern over a possible rise in verbal or physical violence amid a bitterly partisan political atmosphere in the aftermath of a vitriol-filled 2016 election.

Local Congressman's shooting first test for Trump-era gun debate
Author: 0 Congressman's shooting first test for Trump-era gun debate

Hodgkinson shot Rep. Steve Scalise , Republican Majority Whip, and engaged with police around 7:14am. McAuliffe has talked about what he sees as the need for stricter background checks for gun purchases at gun shows . He later clarified that he meant to say 93 Americans a day, not 93 million. Garrett, who has received threats this year, said it was not only lawmakers who deserved the right to protect themselves.

Author: 0 Trump friend floats possibility of his firing special counsel in Russian probe

PBS's Judy Woodruff reported Monday that Trump friend Chris Ruddy told her after visiting the White House that Trump is "considering perhaps terminating" Mueller - a decision that would set off a massive political backlash. Comey, whom Mr. Trump unceremoniously sacked, which could color his views on the president and his circle. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich led one line of attack with a tweet that said "Republicans are delusional if they think the special counsel is going to be ...

Author: 0 House intelligence panel demands any tapes from Trump, memos from Comey

The "collusion" reference is apparently to the White House's long-running contention that there is no evidence Trump's campaign colluded with Russian attempts to undermine the election. Comey's testimony was the most eagerly anticipated US congressional hearing in years. She said the committee has every right to see them: "This isn't as if Mr.

Author: 0 SoCal Congressman Brad Sherman draws up impeachment articles for Trump

In the meeting, Capuano told members that right now " emotions are high " and that impeachment has both "political implications and government ones". Rep. Sherman, the source said, was in the room for the entirety of the criticism. Comey refuted the collusion rumors, particularly those in a NY Times article from February and reaffirmed that Trump was not and is not under investigation.

Local Cellphone video captures sounds of gunfire when Republican Congressional members were ambushed
Author: 0 Cellphone video captures sounds of gunfire when Republican Congressional members were ambushed

The daughter refused and locked herself in a bedroom before Hodgkinson again forced his way in and "became violent", grabbing her by her hair and throwing her on the floor, according to the report . In the letter, Hodgkinson often writes about income inequality and calls for federal tax reform. Hodgkinson's criminal history included a 2006 arrest on battery charges that were later dismissed, as well as multiple traffic violations.

Local ND, Minn. leaders respond to ballpark shooting wounding GOP leader
Author: 0 ND, Minn. leaders respond to ballpark shooting wounding GOP leader

Five people were shot. The sole gunman was identified as James T. Hodgkinson, aged 66. I was practicing at the time with the Democratic team in DC and am okay. Many members of the congressional GOP baseball team huddled in a dugout while Capitol police - who were part of Scalise's security detail - and local Alexandria police engaged in a shootout with Hodgkinson.