Local American Student Freed By North Korea Arrives Home
Author: 0 American Student Freed By North Korea Arrives Home

Three other USA citizens are believed to still be in North Korean custody. The US does not have a diplomatic mission in North Korea. Otto Warmbier arrived in North Korea in December 2015 as part of a tour group. He said Warmbier, of Wyoming, in suburban Cincinnati, was en route to the U.S. Yun and two physicians flew to Pyongyang and visited Warmbier Monday. He was evacuated on Tuesday.

Author: 0 London fire: Resident said his faulty fridge caused blaze

Pancras tube station, when a blaze which started underneath a wooden escalator ended up killing 31 people. Smoke billows from the fire that engulfed the 24-storey Grenfell Tower. Rydon, the firm responsible for the refit, said the project "met all required building regulations". "We declared a major incident very early, which meant not just the fire service but also the London Ambulance Service, the police and the others were involved at the scene", Khan said.

Local WEATHER FORECAST: Hazardous weather outlook - More storms possible
Author: 0 WEATHER FORECAST: Hazardous weather outlook - More storms possible

Main concerns with will be damaging winds and torrential rainfall. Mostly cloudy skies will carry over into Sunday night , along with a 50 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 61. Those cloudy skies will follow into Saturday night , along with a 30 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms.

Author: 0 NPR Reporter On Scene At Congressional Shooting

What events are Capitol Police required to work? The investigation is continuing, but it appears from his social-media postings and accounts from people who knew him that Mr. "It was scary", Barton said. In March, Mr. Hodgkinson posted that "Trump is a Traitor". The team was taking batting practice when gunshots rang out and chaos erupted.

Local US Attorney General Jeff Sessions brands Russian Federation collusion claims a detestable lie
Author: 0 US Attorney General Jeff Sessions brands Russian Federation collusion claims a detestable lie

And he declared it a "detestable and appalling lie" to suggest he was aware of or took part in any collusion between Russian Federation and the election campaign that sent Trump to the White House. He said he was avoiding saying anything in case the president might later choose to exercise his executive privilege to withhold certain evidence. Sessions had one major goal - to protect himself after Comey thrust him into the center of the Russian Federation maelstrom.

Local US Interior chief 'comfortable' keeping Maine land public
Author: 0 US Interior chief 'comfortable' keeping Maine land public

This is true of the Bears Ears National Monument, which was designated despite the fact that Rep. Rob Bishop of Utah introduced a compromise bill that would have established portions of the area for conservation. "They won't stand by while Trump and anti-public lands zealots plunder and pillage the country's most stunning landscapes and cultural treasures for profits".

Local President visits hospital treating wounded congressman
Author: 0 President visits hospital treating wounded congressman

Republican representative Steve Scalise , along with others including police officers, were wounded in the attack by 66-year-old James Hodgkinson, who died of his own injuries. "It would have been a massacre". The suspect fired as many as 100 shots, witnesses said. The Republican congressman who was shot during a charity baseball practice is in critical condition.

Author: 0 Trump visits 'critical' Steve Scalise in hospital

Flake was one of the GOP members practicing in Alexandria, Virginia Wednesday morning, when the attack occurred. He made his way up to a utility shed by home plate when he was shot . Authorities said police returned fire on Hodgkinson. Police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation said it was too early to determine a motive in the shooting or whether the attack was an attempted political assassination.

Local Kathy Griffin's Final Tour Date Canceled Amid Donald Trump Drama
Author: 0 Kathy Griffin's Final Tour Date Canceled Amid Donald Trump Drama

InDuring her press conference on Friday morning, comedian Kathy Griffin says she "never imagined" that her photo, holding up a plastic Donald Trump's severed head would be interpreted as a threat-and that she believes there's now a crusade against her organized by the President himself.

Local 'Covfefe' stumps 2017 National Spelling Bee Champion Ananya Vinay
Author: 0 'Covfefe' stumps 2017 National Spelling Bee Champion Ananya Vinay

Ananya, who lives in Fresno, California , receives more than $40,000 in cash and prizes, including a trip to NY to appear on " Live with Kelly and Ryan " and a trip to Hollywood to be a guest on ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" Last year, 13-year-old Jairam Hathwar and 11-year-old Nihar Janga were declared co-champions after correctly spelling the words "feldenkrais" - a type of exercise therapy created to reorganize connections between the brain and body - and "gesellschaft" - a kind of social ...

Author: 0 Rep. Duncan Said He and Gunman Spoke Prior to Shooting

Senator Lindsey Graham showing gratitude in his post saying: "A hearty thank you to the us capitol police for the job they do in protecting members, staff and visitors each and every day". Reflecting on it hours later, DeSantis said, the encounter seemed "slightly confrontational". But it's not just Democrats. DeSantis said colleagues told him how fortunate he was to have left when he did.

Author: 0 Lawmaker moves forward on effort to impeach Trump

A majority of the House of Representatives must vote in favor of impeaching a president and then 67 senators must agree that the president is guilty. Eyewitness News asked Sherman about the fear that some Democrats have that a Pence presidency could be worse than a Trump presidency.

Local Police records: Congressional shooting suspect had violent past
Author: 0 Police records: Congressional shooting suspect had violent past

The man who shot and wounded four people at a Republican baseball practice on Wednesday in Alexandria , Virginia , had two guns in his possession, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has confirmed. USA Today reports the gunman also once singled out Scalise, writing on his Facebook page in 2015, "Here's a Republican that should lose his job, but they give him a raise".

Author: 0 'An attack on all of us': Gunman taken down after shooting 4

Scalise was born in New Orleans and graduated from Louisiana State University. We're riding bikes looking at the TVs. "And Mike immediately went out to the field and called everybody into the dugout". "We are grateful for the U.S. Capitol Police, who put their lives on the line each day to protect Members of Congress, our staff , and visitors at the Capitol".

Local President Trump: 'It's Time to Rebuild Our Country'
Author: 0 President Trump: 'It's Time to Rebuild Our Country'

Trump says in a speech in Cincinnati that as he campaigned across the country, voters often asked him why the USA was investing so much in other countries when infrastructure here is crumbling. "I sent a clear message that America expects fair trade, a level playing field, and so many other things that we're demanding for our workers and for our companies", he said.

Local Michigan Man Injured; Congressmen Witness Baseball Field Shooting
Author: 0 Michigan Man Injured; Congressmen Witness Baseball Field Shooting

He is undergoing surgery. We continue to be in disbelief that he would be part of this heinous attack. Rep. Dan Kildee tweeted Wednesday asking for prayers for Mika. Kevin BradyKevin BradyTyson Foods executive among those shot at GOP baseball practice List of GOP lawmakers at the congressional baseball game practice Tax reform becomes Wall Street obsession MORE (R-Texas) said.

Author: 0 Warriors down Cavs to clinch NBA title

A basketball team with the two best shooters in the world, the best pure scorer in the world, and the most versatile and fearsome defender in the world just won the NBA Finals. Players from the National Football League champion New England Patriots also declined to visit with Trump earlier this year. I can't wait to work with him again and have him around our team .

Author: 0 Barack Obama Texted Kevin Durant After Finals Win, Praised His Defense

In a post-title conversation with USA Today , Warrior forward Andre Iguodala , another public opponent of Trump, laid out a possible path both sides could avoid the uncomfortable situation, delivered in a very Iguodala way. They did. Often. And finally. "I've stated my feeling before", Livingston said. "I just wanted to come in there and just be me". Players are less talented than they used to be.

Author: 0 Southern California liquor store gets payout for selling winning $448M Powerball ticket

The store just off a highway caters to retirees who live in the part of Menifee known as Sun City, which was developed as a retirement community in the 1960s. Saturday's estimated $447.8-million jackpot, the seventh largest in Powerball history, beat out the $435.3 million won by a ticket buyer in IN in a February 22 drawing, after a late surge in ticket buying.

Local Ill. Man ID'd as Suspect in GOP Baseball Shooting
Author: 0 Ill. Man ID'd as Suspect in GOP Baseball Shooting

Welch said he will bring Scalise's office some Vermont maple syrup as one small token of his support. Mr Scalise was shot in the hip during the incident and dragged himself off the field leaving a trail of blood. He hit Steve Scalise ", Barton said, "Scalise's security detail and the Capitol Hill police immediately returned fire, and Alexandria Police also immediately came and began to return fire.

Local Trump visits hospital treating wounded lawmaker
Author: 0 Trump visits hospital treating wounded lawmaker

Trent Kelly, who was near him at third base. Republican lawmakers were gathered to prepare for a charity baseball game against members of the Democratic Party. "When I heard the first shot , I thought it was a firework". "I saw him crouched behind a wooden structure, and he had an AK-47 type weapon", Owen Britton, an eyewitness said.

Local Mueller Investigating Whether Trump Attempted to Obstruct Justice
Author: 0 Mueller Investigating Whether Trump Attempted to Obstruct Justice

Rosenstein was asked by Sen. Rosenstein, who has been on the job for six weeks, said only he could fire Mueller and only if he found good cause to do so. In Tuesday's testimony, Mr. Sessions excoriated - in a voice that appeared quavering with anger at times - those who are knowingly distorting plain and simple events into this vast web of conspiracy.

Author: 0 'Sickened by despicable act': Sanders condemns supporter's shooting of GOP congressman

The gunman who opened fire on Republican lawmakers at a baseball practice Wednesday has been identified as James T. Hodgkinson , a strong supporter of leftist Senator Bernie Sanders . In all, five people were taken to area hospitals, including the suspect, Alexandria police said. In response to the news, Yglesias tweeted out an June 2016 comment from Paul where he said that the goal of the Second Amendment was "to shoot at the government when it becomes tyrannical".

Local San Francisco UPS shooting leaves 4 dead, including gunman
Author: 0 San Francisco UPS shooting leaves 4 dead, including gunman

The shooter was identified Wednesday evening by police as San Francisco resident Jimmy Lam . The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation into the shooting is ongoing. "Police approached and they were taken to a safe place", he said. "At this point", Chaplin noted, "we do not believe this incident is related to terrorism".

Author: 0 Anti-Trump gunman opens fire on congressman Steve Scalise

As I walk across the parking lot to the vehicle, a gentleman approaches me and says, 'Can you tell me, the team today, is that Democrats or Republicans?' I told him it was the Republicans and he said, 'OK, thanks, ' and turned around.

Author: 0 Jurors in manslaughter trial of Minnesota cop review videos

Paul, Minn., protesting the July 6, 2016 shooting death of Castile by St. Anthony police officer Jeronimo Yanez . Ramsey County District Judge William H. Noting that there was no damage to Castile's pocket or gun, Paulsen said that Castile's finger could not have been on the gun when he was shot. Prosecutors insisted Yanez never saw a gun and had plenty of options short of shooting Castile, a school cafeteria worker they say was never a threat.

Author: 0 No, Kamala Harris Wasn't Being 'Hysterical,' CNN Analyst Says

One former Trump campaign adviser on CNN called her "hysterical". Harris has a younger sister, Maya, who is a lawyer and a public policy advocate. "It is", she said, cutting him off. Harris: It is. Either you are willing to do that or you are not. Burr: The senator will suspend. As with Sessions , Harris never got her answer before time expired.

Local Sessions next to testify
Author: 0 Sessions next to testify

Over the weekend, Sessions asked to appear before the Intelligence Committee instead of the House and Senate Appropriations Committees, where he was expected to appear to discuss Department of Justice funding. Sessions wrote the chairmen that Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein will take his place before both the House and Senate subcommittees to testify about the Justice Department's budget.

Author: 0 Will Scalise shooting at GOP baseball practice impact DC politics?

One of his closest friends remains Rep. Cedric Richmond, a New Orleans Democrat who leads the Congressional Black Caucus and befriended Scalise when the two were both in the state House. Ruben J. Kihuen, D-Nev., wrote on Twitter . "Shaken by the shootings , Kinzinger said he and his Congressional colleagues met today for "tears, hand holding and prayers".

Author: 0 Trump calls for unity after Scalise shooting

The Capitol Police officers who were injured are "in good condition and have not suffered any life-threatening injuries at this point", Capitol Police Chief Matthew Verderosa said at a news conference. Donnelly is listed on the online roster , but he was practicing with the Democratic team. Texas Rep. Roger Williams says a member of his staff was also shot and was receiving medical attention.

Author: 0 Shooting at GOP event: Rep Steve Scalise, aide shot in Virginia

The shooter was identified as James T. Hodgkinson , a 66-year-old home inspector from IL who had several minor run-ins with the law in recent years and belonged to a Facebook group called "Terminate the Republican Party ". The hospital where Rep. But he said news of the shooting came "totally out of the blue". "I heard him. I was close to the damn thing". He was texting - he was texting letting people know we were under fire and that we needed help.

Author: 0 Baseball field shooting shakes American symbol of fair play

Republican Rep. Martha McSally said Republican and Democratic House members joined hands and prayed after learning of the shooting . The assailant has been identified as James T. Federal investigators are conducting emergency traces on two firearms - a rifle and a handgun - in connection with the shooting in Virginia, an ATF spokesman tells NPR's Carrie Johnson.

Author: 0 Illinois Man Identified As Virginia Shooter

Texas Rep. Joe Barton, still in his baseball uniform, told reporters a shooter came out to the practice and opened fire, shooting at Rep. Trent Kelly, R-Miss., who plays third base. Republicans in Congress told harrowing stories of a brush with death on Wednesday, as they struggled to make sense of a morning gun attack on a group of GOP lawmakers practicing for a charity baseball game.

Author: 0 Trump 'deeply saddened' by shooting at congressional baseball practice

Capitol Police, first responders, and colleagues". Wednesday's shooting was shocking, not because of the number of victims, but rather because of the apparent targets - members of Congress. "At that point, people were dropping". Griner and Bailey are both members of Scalise's security detail. "I assume people've been calling 911 already", he says.

Author: 0 Trump says Comey's 'leaks' are more prevalent

Trump also denied the former Federal Bureau of Investigation director's testimony that the president had asked him to pledge his loyalty. I mean, I will tell you, I didn't say that . Comey, who was sacked by Trump in May, did not make any major disclosures about any links between Trump or his associates and alleged Russian meddling.

Author: 0 Kevin Durant Did What He Came To Do

Warriors point guard Stephen Curry said the experience of losing last year's NBA Finals served them well this season. KD was relentless on both sides of the court, playing a menacing defence and igniting the league's best offence.

Author: 0 Trump Pledges to Rebuild American Infrastructure with American Labor and Materials

Trump is speaking at a marina overlooking the Ohio River. Even though Trump was in Cincinnati to speak on his plan for infrastructure improvement, Trump was active in promoting the need for health care reform. Trump's proposal includes $200 billion in federal spending for infrastructure within the trillion dollars he intends to see invested in such projects with the help of the private sector.

Local House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, staffers shot near Virginia baseball field
Author: 0 House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, staffers shot near Virginia baseball field

During a press conference authorities from Alexandria and Capitol Police said it was very early on in the investigation and they will not say much about the incident. "It's pretty well known in the neighbourhood who those folks are on the baseball field", said Mr Brooks. At about 8:30 a.m., President Donald Trump released a statement on the shooting , saying he and Vice President Mike Pence "are deeply saddened by this tragedy".

Author: 0 The sad duty now his, Trump calls for unity after shooting

They demanded a nationwide concealed carry law that would let someone permitted to carry in one state also carry elsewhere in the U.S. The House canceled proceedings for the day. Capitol Police were at the practice - rank-and-file senators and House members don't get security details. Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said on the Senate floor that Hodgkinson apparently was a volunteer for his campaign a year ago.

Author: 0 GOP offers 'compromise' state budget with familiar reforms

House Majority Leader Valerie Longhurst, a Bear Democrat , said the proposal would raise $68 million in additional revenue in the fiscal year starting July 1, and $211 million the following year. "I honestly feel like they're trying to make us into a Third World-type state, where we don't provide services for our people, where we don't provide a good education for our kids", Schwartzkopf said of Republican lawmakers.

Author: 0 Biggest LeBron disappointment is not winning title for teammates Korver, Williamses

The Warriors followed up their 2015 title by winning a record 73 regular-season games in the 2015-16 campaign, but stumbled with a 3-1 finals lead and fell victim to the greatest comeback in finals history by Cleveland . " You got to want to put your teammates in front of yourself sometimes. She's seen how I come home after losses and how tough I take it ... it feels good to see it come full circle", he said.

Local Gunman wounds GOP congressman, then killed by police
Author: 0 Gunman wounds GOP congressman, then killed by police

The gunman who shot a top GOP congressman and several other people Wednesday at a baseball practice outside the nation's capital had a long history of lashing out at Republicans and once frightened a neighbor by firing a rifle into a field behind his IL house.

Author: 0 Death toll in London tower fire rises to 12

More than 70 people are now being treated in hospital while a further 20 are in a critical condition. Prime Minister Theresa May's office says the leader is "deeply saddened" by the devastating fire that engulfed a high-rise apartment block in west London .

Author: 0 Jeff Sessions grilled by Senate Intelligence Committee

Two months later, however, Sessions played a role in the May 9 firing of Comey, following a White House meeting he attended with Trump and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. "Further, I have no knowledge of any such conversations by anyone connected with the Trump campaign", Sessions said. "It was an important issue". "I am confident that he will have sufficient independence", he told a Senate panel evaluating a Justice Department budget request.

Local Corey Stewart won't contest GOP gubernatorial primary
Author: 0 Corey Stewart won't contest GOP gubernatorial primary

Gov. Ralph Northam won the Democratic nomination in the closely watched race for governor Tuesday, defeating a more liberal insurgent challenger in a contest to be one of the party's standard-bearers against President Donald Trump . Sen. Outside of Lynchburg and the Roanoke metro area, Stewart won wide swaths of the central and western Virginia rural communities, and almost engineered an upset that few observers gave him much of a chance to pull off.