Author: 0 Democrats furious at evasive answers at hearing

Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats , National Security Agency Director Michael Rogers, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe spent much of the hearing explaining the different reasons they wouldn't answer questions.

Local Unease about white supremacy grows after Portland stabbings
Author: 0 Unease about white supremacy grows after Portland stabbings

I'm gonna say that on the stand. Taliesin Myrddin Namkai Meche , 23, and Ricky John Best, 53, were killed Friday as they tried to stop Jeremy Joseph Christian from harassing the women, one of whom was wearing a hijab, authorities say. "I told him, 'You're a lovely man". "I'm healing. That's what I'm doing. As much as I can, in whatever way I can". In an emotional video posted to Facebook , Micah Fletcher , a poet and student, is calling out his own city for its "white savior complex".

Local Trump commits to NATO's Article 5
Author: 0 Trump commits to NATO's Article 5

As he did in a message on Twitter Friday morning, Trump called Comey a "leaker". "Absolutely, I'd be committed to Article 5", Trump said responding to a question on North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. "You're going to be very disappointed when you hear the answer, don't worry", Trump said. "But yes, absolutely, I'd be committed to Article 5". "It was clear that the president asked Mr.

Local Blackmon, Hanigan power Rockies past Cubs
Author: 0 Blackmon, Hanigan power Rockies past Cubs

Lester went five innings, allowing four runs and six hits, in his first loss at Wrigley Field since Pittsburgh beat him on May 15, 2016. "And the big difference is how well they're pitching". We've got to try not to lose series. "Again, I don't care what the record is, where it is. We got to get there". The city also stated in the letter that the Cubs did not immediately report the recent death of a fan who fell over a railing at the stadium in May, and stated that the organization ...

Local Intelligence Chiefs Unsure What Can Say Publicly
Author: 0 Intelligence Chiefs Unsure What Can Say Publicly

The Senate hearing featured officials closely tied to Trump's abrupt firing last month of Comey, which sparked accusations the president was trying to hinder the FBI investigation and stifle questions about possible collusion between his campaign and Russian Federation.

Author: 0 Trump says "the Democrats are really in our way" on health care

With his second critical tweet of Sadiq Khan's response to an ISIS van and knife attack, Trump drove another wedge between the United States and an ally with which American long has had a "special relationship". "But I just don't see them coming together - they're obstructionist". "Now it's time for the Senate to act and save Americans from this catastrophic event because Obamacare is dead", Trump said.

Local Spicer: Trump's Tweets Are 'Official Statements By The President'
Author: 0 Spicer: Trump's Tweets Are 'Official Statements By The President'

For instance, several days into the scandal over James Comey's firing, Trump tweeted that the Federal Bureau of Investigation director "better hope that there are no "tapes" of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!" In its effort to regain control of its message, the White House has curtailed press briefings, redirected questions on the Russian Federation investigation to an outside lawyer and planned a major infrastructure policy rollout for this week.

Local Pennsylvania supermarket employee kills 3 co-workers, self in store spree
Author: 0 Pennsylvania supermarket employee kills 3 co-workers, self in store spree

During Stair's rampage, 59 bullets were shot, and three coworkers were killed. Weis Market issued a statement about the shooting. District Attorney Jeff Mitchell is calling 24-year-old Randy Stair's attack at a Weis Market in Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania , Thursday "a mental health situation that utterly spiraled out of control".

Local House Intelligence Committee asks White House for any Comey tapes
Author: 0 House Intelligence Committee asks White House for any Comey tapes

Comey, who was sacked by Trump on May 9, repeatedly stated that Trump has lied in his accounts of their interactions. Neil Cavuto pointed out that Trump's request for a private dinner with Comey raised some people's eyebrows, but Bondi said it makes sense that the new president would want to meet with the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Author: 0 President Trump, stop blocking me on Twitter

White House national security advisor Sebastian Gorka told CNN one day earlier that there's a difference between tweets and policy and @realDonaldTrump's feed is the former, not the latter. The tweets shocked the British and caused days of distraction, overshadowing the White House's public roll-out of a plan to overhaul the USA air-traffic control system.

Local Trump lawyer to file complaint about shared Comey memos
Author: 0 Trump lawyer to file complaint about shared Comey memos

I think that is hard for the president. According to James Comey , 'All I can do is waiting. We learned from Comey that Flynn was under criminal investigation, vulnerable to a charge that he lied to FBI agents who interviewed him about his contacts with Russian officials, well before he was forced to resign February 13.

Local White House wants healthcare vote this summer, tax reform in fall
Author: 0 White House wants healthcare vote this summer, tax reform in fall

In the fall, the White House hopes to turn the focus to reconciling the budget with tax reform. Hatch, whose panel oversees tax policy in the Senate, told a Washington tax policy forum he could also accept a tax reform plan that expands the federal deficit, despite opposition from deficit hawks.

Local Haley: 'President Trump believes the climate is changing'
Author: 0 Haley: 'President Trump believes the climate is changing'

However, the White House defended Trump's decision and posted on Twitter a video explaining the reasons behind the withdrawal. "That is where we are. Inaugurating a two-day national level conference on "Capacity Building of State Disaster Response Force-2017", Singh said it was cause of concern for India and the world community if a country thinks only about its own interests.

Author: 0 Trump Doesn't Have 110M Social Media Followers

If you're anti-Trump, you might be tempted to think his tweets are of no outcome, he's just trying to rile people up and the best thing to do is ignore them. The reproduction of the story/photograph in any form will be liable for legal action. It's important that Kasowitz, who is rough around the edges, was guiding him.

Author: 0 Comey: Lynch asked for Clinton investigation to be called a 'matter'

One of the reasons why it concerned Comey was because of the private meeting Lynch had with former President Bill Clinton on an airport tarmac. He then went on to say that he felt the attorney general was trying to align the Department of Justice's language surrounding the investigation with that of the Clinton campaign.

Author: 0 Durant's shot sends flawless Warriors over Cavs in Finals

The Cavs were determined not to let the Warriors sweep them, and it was Cleveland , not Golden State, which busted Finals scoring records in the first half. "We would have figured out how to play against this team and how to beat this team". If James has anything at all left in the tank, he's going to have to empty it Friday night in a do-or-die Game 4 ...

Author: 0 Top Intel Officials Dodge Questions On Trump's Alleged Interference In Russia Probe

Rogers followed up, saying, "I likewise respond as the DNI (director of national intelligence ) has". In some at-times-testy exchanges with the Senate Intelligence Committee panel, Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats and National Security Agency Director Mike Rogers repeatedly refused to comment on any private conversations with President Trump , despite no admission of being restricted to do so by Mueller or the president.

Local Trump's legal team to file complaint on James Comey
Author: 0 Trump's legal team to file complaint on James Comey

In his Wednesday statement , Kasowitz did not address Comey's claim Trump urged him to curtail the Flynn investigation. During his testimony Comey also said that he spoke with the president nine times , and that he thinks he created a written record of each conversation.

Author: 0 Daniel Coats: 'I Have Never Been Pressured' By Trump To Intervene

Two of the nation's top intelligence officials declined in a testy hearing Wednesday to discuss the specifics of private conversations with President Donald Trump , refusing to say whether they had been asked to push back against an Federal Bureau of Investigation probe into possible coordination between Trump's campaign and the Russian government.

Author: 0 Senator John McCain Is An Arizona Diamondbacks Fan

Comey said he was sickened when Lynch "directed" him to call the Clinton probe a "matter" and not an "investigation". Comey explained Clinton was cleared because the email server case was "completed", whereas the separate Russian Federation investigation involving Trump affiliates is "nowhere near" complete, so a conclusion can not yet be made.

Author: 0 European Union presses Britain to get its act together for Brexit talks

The prospect of a hung parliament appears to have taken most people by surprise. Though the biggest single victor, they failed to reach the 326-mark they would need to command a parliamentary majority. May then called a snap election hoping for a big majority to strengthen her negotiating hand. Many predicted she would soon be gone. "Whatever happens Theresa May is toast - it is just a matter of time", Brexit campaigner Nigel Farage said.

Author: 0 US Intelligence Chiefs Push for Permanent OK to Eavesdrop on Foreign Communications

Mike Rogers, director of the National Security Agency. "The President seems to complicate things from time to time, but it's hard for me to believe that FISA will not be renewed", said Sen. Mark Warner, respectively, said in their opening statements that it was in the US' national security interests to authorize Section 702 intelligence collection.

Author: 0 8YO Girl Banned From Soccer Tournament Because 'She Looks Like A Boy'

So eight-year-old Mili Hernandez put thought into it before going to the hairdresser. Milli's skill allows her to play alongside 11-year-olds even though she is younger. She has explained that she believed the tournament thinks she is a boy largely because of her short hair . "Also, I know somebody else who has short hair".

Local U.S. intelligence chiefs decline to discuss Trump contacts
Author: 0 U.S. intelligence chiefs decline to discuss Trump contacts

The Senate intelligence committee is back in the national spotlight for two days of blockbuster hearings and following news that relations between President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions had reached a boiling point surrounding his recusal from the Justice Department's Russian Federation investigation.

Local California, China Sign Climate Deal, Sidestep Trump
Author: 0 California, China Sign Climate Deal, Sidestep Trump

David Ige's office announced Tuesday. That's how President Trump's decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accord is being described - but not by the European leaders who urged Trump to stay in the agreement or the Pacific island nations that are demanding action as rising sea levels threaten their coastlines.

Local Joe Biden encourages Mitt Romney to run for Senate
Author: 0 Joe Biden encourages Mitt Romney to run for Senate

CBS News' Stefan Becket tweeted that Clinton wasn't the only person who encouraged Romney to take the job if it was offered to him. The two men were on opposite sides of the 2012 election - Biden as the running mate of President Barack Obama and Romney as the Republican presidential candidate.

Author: 0 Intel officials refuse to answer questions on Trump and Russia

After confirming that the president had not invoked executive privilege to prevent Rogers and Coats from discussing the matter, King again demanded that they "answer the questions". Top intelligence officials in the United States government have taken a bunker mentality when it comes to the investigation into Russian meddling in the United States election, refusing to share details of presidential conversations in open Senate testimony.

Author: 0 Liberty Baptist plans Vacation Bible School

June 19-22. Grace Community Church: 2346 Floral Ave.: Worship with message, "Desiring Intimacy", first in the series, "Intimacy With God", 9 and 10:45 a.m. Macedonia Missionary will host a musician's appreciation at 5 p.m. June 24 . For information or to participate, contact Pastor Robert Burkett or Skip Herring at 903-894-6042, or Anne DeLaet at 903-279-7301.

Local Kansas man charged with US hate crime for shooting Indian men
Author: 0 Kansas man charged with US hate crime for shooting Indian men

The hate crime charges were filed in connection with the shootings of Kuchibhotla and Alok Madasani , who survived. Ian Grillot , a 24-year-old American man was also injured while intervening in the shooting. Purinton was arrested hours after the shooting while he was at an Applebee's restaurant in Clinton, Missouri, about 70 miles away from Olathe. Speaking to reporters after Kuchibhotla's murder, his widow Sunaina Dumala had said she was concerned about the targeting of ...

Author: 0 Sessions recused from probe due to campaign: Justice Dept.

Former Federal Bureau of Investigations Director James Comey departs after testifying before a closed session of the Senate Intelligence Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington , DC, US, June 8, 2017. That is a very big deal". Comey tried to explain that the investigation of Clinton's emails was finished whereas the investigation of Trump's campaign is ongoing.

Local Kamala Harris faces intense Republican opposition on Capitol Hill
Author: 0 Kamala Harris faces intense Republican opposition on Capitol Hill

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) blasted President Trump for demanding an oath of loyalty from James Comey, saying the fired Federal Bureau of Investigation director only owed the oath to the Constitution. Harris also dismissed a question over whether it could be that Trump did not understand, because of his lack of political experience, that his conversations with Comey or his demands could be considered inappropriate.

Local Increasing temperatures through weekend
Author: 0 Increasing temperatures through weekend

After several days of below average temperatures, hotter temperatures are in the forecast for the weekend and for next week. Heat indices will be a couple degrees above the air temperature. There are slight chances for rain and thunderstorms Thursday night and Friday and again on Sunday . Saturday night's low will be just 75. 27 Storm Track meteorologist Branden Borremans said highs will be slightly above normal Thursday and Friday , reaching 79 and 80 respectively.

Local Boy Dies Days After Playing in Shallow Water
Author: 0 Boy Dies Days After Playing in Shallow Water

However, the Delgados in Texas said Frankie didn't exhibit any symptoms until later at home when he started vomiting and had diarrhea. "Dry drowning " occurs in principle several hours after a bath, when water has infiltrated the lungs.

Author: 0 Trump in tweets, Calls Ex FBI Chief Comey a 'Leaker' After Testimony

Mr. Trump , who did not post on his Twitter account as Comey appeared before the Senate intelligence committee Thursday, sent a tweet at daybreak Friday. Daniel Richman later confirmed to Reuters he was the one to whom Comey referred in his testimony. The bottom line after Comey's testimony: Unless the special prosecutor or one of the congressional committees finds a hot, smoking gun, the Republicans will never start an impeachment proceeding against Trump, no matter how fervently ...

Local Will Senate Republicans repeal Obamacare when nobody's looking?
Author: 0 Will Senate Republicans repeal Obamacare when nobody's looking?

The House ultimately passed the bill along party lines Thursday afternoon, sending it to the Senate. President Donald Trump met with Republican congressional leaders on Tuesday to rejuvenate efforts to overhaul the US healthcare and tax systems as investigations into Russian meddling in the 2016 election campaign weigh on his administration.In a White House meeting, Trump welcomed indications by senior Republicans that the Senate might vote on a healthcare bill in July, before it ...

Local Kansas lawmakers considering pay raises in budget talks
Author: 0 Kansas lawmakers considering pay raises in budget talks

As the regular session clock expired, Governor John Bel Edwards had a few choice words for leaders of the House. Most House Republicans want to spend less than the full forecast, in hopes of avoiding midyear budget cuts if predictions come up short.

Author: 0 Trump claims 'complete vindication' after Comey testimony

US President Donald Trump has broken his silence on Twitter after James Comey's explosive testimony to accuse the former Federal Bureau of Investigation chief of perjury. Mr Comey has said that the memos he wrote were unclassified. Trump: I didn't say that . Comey was invited to answer questions from the panel after Trump suddenly fired him from his post , seven years before his term was set to expire, on May 9.

Local Qatar Airways Offices In The UAE Are To Be Closed Effective Immediately
Author: 0 Qatar Airways Offices In The UAE Are To Be Closed Effective Immediately

One is the brother of the Gamaa Isalmiya assassin who killed Egyptian leader Anwar Sadat in 1981. It is unclear how the standoff will be resolved, but the Saudis and their neighbours are making a clear play for Western support, accusing Qatar's government of backing terror groups including Al-Qaeda and ISIS.

Author: 0 New tax plans means Kansans will be paying more

In 2016, voters kicked out a handful of anti-tax Republicans , in favor of challengers who backed higher taxes, despite Brownback's opposition. "I don't know anybody in the country that has that kind of privilege that I have of being able to do that", he said.

Local Anti-Sharia rallies this weekend worry Muslim leaders
Author: 0 Anti-Sharia rallies this weekend worry Muslim leaders

The event is one of 28 anti-Sharia demonstrations in the United States. "We don't give a flying kite if the world approves of us or not", Gabriel said in her video post on June 7. ACT states that they seek to protect women and children from honor killings, female genital mutilation, and other practices that they say are endorsed or prescribed by Islamic law.

Author: 0 United States lawmakers press intelligence chiefs on Russian Federation ahead of Comey hearing

But both Coats and Rogers also said they wouldn't publicly reveal more specifics of private conversations they had with Trump. But if we look closer, both Daniel Coats , the director of national intelligence, and Adm. It's been reported that Trump asked Rogers to publicly state that there is no evidence that there was collusion between Moscow and the Trump campaign.

Local All About James Comey
Author: 0 All About James Comey

Still, as is frequently the case with Trump, the president's response to Comey's testimony was potentially even more scandalous than the testimony itself. "And there would be nothing wrong if I did say it according to everybody that I read today, but I did not say that". That, plus Ms Lynch's private tarmac meeting with former president Bill Clinton ahead of the FBI's impending decision on whether Mrs Clinton may have criminally mishandled classified information, raised Mr Comey's ...

Author: 0 GOP Lawmakers Stick With Trump After Comey Testimony

But Mr Trump and his supporters focused instead on the confirmation that he was not a target of investigation, easing months of speculation. Trump's offer to testify under oath would pit his word against Comey's before federal investigators.

Local Merkel urges speedy Brexit talks after UK vote
Author: 0 Merkel urges speedy Brexit talks after UK vote

Speaking during a visit to Mexico City, Merkel said Germany was ready for the Brexit talks, which May said would begin on June 19 as scheduled - although she now risks more opposition to her European Union departure plans from inside and outside her party.

Local Dayton signs Minnesota to pact honoring Paris accord
Author: 0 Dayton signs Minnesota to pact honoring Paris accord

US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley said that she had always known that the Paris agreement was burdensome for the US. Trump argued that the regulations former President Obama imposed to carry out this pledge hurt USA workers, but said he was open to renegotiating the deal if it could be reworked to benefit them.

Author: 0 Tolerance: Pro-Trump Gays Banned From Pride Parade

The organization reserves the right to refuse applications from groups that "do not reflect the mission, vision and values of our organization ", WJZY reported on Wednesday . Joshua Feuerstein, a former pastor who has more than two million followers on Facebook , has called for a boycott on McDonald's after it announced the release of new rainbow colored French fry boxes as part of its efforts to support gay pride month .

Author: 0 Trump vs Merkel: Is Germany Giving Trump What He Wants?

Despite various signals that Trump and Merkel are not on the same page, as witnessed during the US President's Europe visit, the Press Secretary said that the US President views not just Germany, but the rest of the Europe as important ally to America.