Author: 0 Trump on Comey's firing: There's 'no right time to do it'

In an interview with Fox News' Jeanine Pirro on Friday, the president complained about hostility and unfair treatment at the hands of the media. Well, Trump finally acknowledged his White House aides were about as useful as a Trump University degree, and he only has himself to blame! That's not to say he's going to get fired; it just sounds like Trump isn't exactly wedded to keeping him around.

Local Boston sports struggle with perception built on racist past
Author: 0 Boston sports struggle with perception built on racist past

The Boston Police Department confirmed that its civil rights unit is investigating and will determine whether further action is warranted. The umpire's rapid reaction likely stemmed from the harsh warning Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred issued the two sides earlier Wednesday, telling them "enough is enough" after weeks' worth of retaliatory behavior, Red Sox manager John Farrell relayed to ESPN .

Author: 0 US Senate Democrats may refuse to vote on Trump FBI pick - Schumer

The FBI has been investigating alleged Russian meddling in the United States election and possible ties between Moscow and the Trump campaign. But the story subsequently changed as Trump said he would have fired Comey anyway. Trump conducted a television interview with NBC's Lester Holt in which he said one of the reasons he fired the FBI chief was because Comey was too focused on investigating links between the Trump campaign and Russian Federation instead of the "real story" - leaks from the ...

Local Pepe the Frog creator kills off character that became hate symbol
Author: 0 Pepe the Frog creator kills off character that became hate symbol

In 2016 the Anti-Defamation League classified the frog as a hate symbol and elements of the Pepe meme have been used by members of the Trump-controlled executive branch. The last panel shows Landwolf, another Furie character, chugging liquor after pouring some on Pepe's face. White nationalists began sharing the image online and customizing it to display racist messages.

Author: 0 Better hope there are no 'tapes' of talks

Trump also trolled the White House press corps by tweeting that he might cancel "all future" daily press briefings after his press secretary and his top deputy - as well as Vice President Mike Pence - spent 48 hours explaining his decision to fire Comey in ways that the president himself on Thursday made clear were not accurate.

Local New Conservative Network Now Actively Trying to Lure Sean Hannity
Author: 0 New Conservative Network Now Actively Trying to Lure Sean Hannity

It's worth pointing out Hannity's tweet is somewhat vague and he could easily start his show with some nonsense like, "well technically I'm not negotiating my exit because it's already been negotiated". Attorney Douglas Wigdor on Monday called Mr Shine's departure "long overdue". LISA BLOOM: It's absolutely shocking to me that there's this toxic culture at Fox News where they seem to think that paying out millions of dollars annually is just a normal part of doing business - it's not.

Local Judges divided on Trump's travel ban
Author: 0 Judges divided on Trump's travel ban

A federal appeals court appeared ready Monday to deliver another legal setback to the administration's revised travel ban based on whether it should use President Donald Trump's own comments against him. The future of US President Trump's travel ban could rest on his previous comments about Muslims. In order to fulfill its stated goal on national security, he argued, it would have applied to a different set of countries than those targeted by the order.

Local Pro-Ryan group launches ad thanking supporters of House healthcare bill
Author: 0 Pro-Ryan group launches ad thanking supporters of House healthcare bill

Despite vocal opposition from almost every major constituency affected by the bill, it was not enough to stop the Republican-controlled House from approving legislation which repeals many critical parts of the Affordable Care Act - the 2010 law known as Obamacare - that has dropped uninsured rates in the United States to historic lows but has not done enough to rein in rising health costs.

Local Man gets 49 years in anti-transgender hate crime
Author: 0 Man gets 49 years in anti-transgender hate crime

Vallum pleaded guilty to federal hate crime charges in December and is set to appear in front of a judge in Gulfport, Mississippi, where he faces a federal sentence of up to life in prison, according to the AP. They added he shocked her with a stun gun and stabbed her with a pocketknife. In court Monday, he read a letter calling Williamson a good person and saying he would give his life to bring her back.

Author: 0 Sessions revives failed drug policies

Unfortunately, according to Sessions' 2-page memo , prosecutors are ordered to forget these measurements. They're responsible for only about 10 percent of the people behind bars in this country. He says Sessions risks repeating "a vicious cycle of incarceration" at a time when crime rates are low. U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been outspoken about his disdain for cannabis and his desire to shut down the industry as a whole, but some states are adamant about defending their citizens' ...

Author: 0 U.S. accuses Syria of mass executions and burning bodies

The Syrian government has constructed and is using a crematorium inside its notorious Sednaya military prison near Damascus to clandestinely dispose of the bodies of prisoners it continues to execute inside the facility, the State Department said Monday.

Author: 0 Celtics eliminate Wizards 115-105 in Game 7

The Wizards were 7-0 in the playoffs when allowing under 110 points, but they fell to 0-6 when giving up more than 110. To say the series has been back and forth would be underselling the drama that's flowed through all six games. The Celtics are playing in their first Game 7 since 2012. The Boston Celtics may have the intention of making a deep playoff run. He's seen the Wall and Beal from three years ago, and knows just how much they have grown.

Author: 0 WSJ Poll: Just 29 Percent Approve of Trump's Firing of James Comey

White House senior counselor Kellyanne Conway has indicated the president isn't particularly anxious about the appearance that Trump's decision to fire Comey was an attempt to remove a check on his power and quell the escalating investigation into his campaign.

Local Schumer: No new Federal Bureau of Investigation director without a special prosecutor
Author: 0 Schumer: No new Federal Bureau of Investigation director without a special prosecutor

U.S. intelligence suggested that terrorists had obtained sophisticated airport security equipment that allowed them to test how to effectively hide explosives in electronic devices, CNN reported at the time. "But the chaos that is being created by the lack of discipline is creating an environment that I think -- it creates a worrisome environment". Even the interview process for Comey's replacement prompted debate.

Author: 0 Comey backlash Trump's 'worst week in office'

In an interview broadcast Saturday on Fox News' "Justice with Judge Jeanine" the president said he made a decision to fire Comey before the Attorney General reviews, which essentially concluded the FBI director mishandled the agency's Hillary Clinton email investigation during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Author: 0 Trump says he could pick FBI head by next week

Trump fired FBI Director Comey because the FBI's ongoing investigations threatened to expose his campaign ties to his Russian connections and their interference with our recent election. The Trump administration is looking to fill the job after President Donald Trump fired Director James Comey this week. On Monday [May 8, 2017], the President met with the Attorney General and the Deputy Attorney General and they discussed reasons for removing the Director.

Author: 0 WikiLeaks Offering $100000 For Donald Trump's 'Comey Tapes'

Washington continued to be roiled by Trump's firing of Comey on May 9, citing frustrations with the Federal Bureau of Investigation director's conduct. "The more that a broken system tells you that you're wrong, the more certain you should be that you must keep pushing ahead". A combined 65 percent say they have a "great deal" of confidence or "some" confidence in the FBI's ability to conduct a fair and impartial investigation into Russia's involvement in the 2016 election, versus a ...

Author: 0 Donald Trump forbids James Comey from leaking to media in veiled tweet

And that probe has been underway for some time , putting it presumably far ahead of whatever the Senate and House Intelligence Committees are doing. The latest developments marked a major escalation in Trump's public feud with Comey, who was leading an investigation of Russia's interference in the 2016 presidential election, and also trying to ascertain whether there was any collusion between Moscow and the Trump campaign.

Local $10K Reward Offered for Information in Shooting of Rare White Wolf
Author: 0 $10K Reward Offered for Information in Shooting of Rare White Wolf

The Montana group Wolves of the Rockies offered its own $5,000 reward Friday. Hikers in the park discovered her mortally wounded on April 11 near Gardiner, Mont. In March, the court ruled that wolves could be removed from the endangered animals list. Its home range included the Hayden Valley, the northern part of the park and the Firehole River area.

Local 2 women killed in shooting on highway in Virginia
Author: 0 2 women killed in shooting on highway in Virginia

Police say the incident remains under investigation. The victims' vehicle, a 2017 Nissan, was traveling north when a newer model white four-door sedan pulled alongside and opened fire. Sharayne Danielle Nichole Holland, 26, of Manassas, was a passenger in a vehicle that was struck by gunfire. A woman passenger was taken to VCU Medical Center, where she died some time later.

Author: 0 8 more Penn State fraternity members arraigned in hazing death

When fraternity members found him, unconscious, cold to the touch, and with blood on his face the next morning, it was more than 40 minutes before they called for help. Members allegedly observed his condition throughout the night but declined to call 911. And around 5 a.m., the court document says, he fell and hit his head on a metal railing.

Author: 0 Comey rejected request for loyalty from Trump months before his firing

Trump posed the question over a private dinner with Comey in January, The Times' Michael Schmidt reported , at a time when the FBI, led by Comey, was well in the midst of an investigation into whether the Trump campaign had colluded with Russian officials to meddle in the 2016 U.S.

Author: 0 Sally Yates Was the Real Blackmailer

According to intelligence officials, the two discussed sanctions imposed by President Barack Obama to punish Russian Federation for its efforts to interfere with the 2016 presidential election. Who, a couple days after this first conversation took place, refused to uphold a lawful order of the president. Trump turned to Twitter to talk back after Yates' testimony Monday.

Local Appeals court to hear travel ban case
Author: 0 Appeals court to hear travel ban case

The decision by the federal appeals court in Richmond, Virginia, is likely to turn on whether Trump's statements during and after the campaign can be used as evidence that the ban is meant to discriminate against Muslims. "Since March 16 we have complied with the Hawaii injunction and done nothing", Wall said . "He made clear he was not talking about Muslims all over the world", said Wall.

Author: 0 Oregon man apparently carried severed head into store before stabbing

Police believe the stabbing is tied to the murder of a woman found dead in a home in the nearby town of Colton . Joshua Webb has been booked on charges of murder and attempted murder in Clackamas County, Oregon . The suspect was also taken to a hospital when he was in police custody. "He didn't say anything after he was subdued ", Roberts said, adding that at one point before he was arrested the man told someone he was thirsty.

Author: 0 Trump lawyers claim he has no Russian ties, income

Those "few exceptions" the letter mentions? The second exception stated that "in 2008, Trump Properties LLC sold an estate in Florida, that it had acquired in 2005 for approximately $41 million, to a Russian billionaire for $95 million".

Local Mizzou lands East St. Louis standout
Author: 0 Mizzou lands East St. Louis standout

Martin hired Michael Porter Sr.as an assistant coach shortly after being named the Tigers' head coach. You have to remember Martin once took a meddling California team and quickly made them Pac-12 contenders. On the offensive end, Tilmon has good hands and touch around the basket. He spent his junior season at La Lumiere School in Indiana. He proved that this year playing the schedule we did against other top bigs around the country.

Author: 0 Attorney general sparks fear with push for harsh sentences

This isn't to say that there's no risk in investing in cannabis companies, but the risk investors face is likely more centered on the operations of the company being invested in, not from regulation. In this week's memo, Sessions said the change was consistent with the Justice Department's responsibility "to fulfill our role in a way that accords with the law, advances public safety, and promotes respect for our legal system".

Author: 0 Authorities: Jet crashes at small airport near New York City

He said it crashed next to a township facility, but no one in that building was harmed inside. The Federal Aviation Administration reported that the jet left Philadelphia and went down in Carlstadt. Authorities from nearby Teterboro Airport say the plane, identified as a Learjet 35, was attempting to land there. Local authorities will release information about people on board the aircraft.

Author: 0 Putin undecided which song to play when he meets Trump

At the same time, the Russian President noted with regret that "the piano was out of tune". But he decides to plunge ahead regardless. During the time the Soviet Union was emerging from the shadow of Stalin. In 2010, he took the stage at a charity concert with a jazz band to play and sing 'Blueberry Hills .' Not just this, but Putin is also fond of sea diving and hunting.

Author: 0 Are Trump Top Aides Giving The President Fake News Stories

Axios scoops Sunday with the news that President Donald Trump is considering a "huge reboot" of the White House that could include replacing several key parts of his administration. Of course Trump didn't know that. The two covers were used to show the purported media hypocrisy. Luckily for the White House, staff was able to uncover the truth and dissuade him from tweeting or speaking publicly about the issue before he had all the facts.

Local Trump Pledges To Move Quickly To Name New FBI Director
Author: 0 Trump Pledges To Move Quickly To Name New FBI Director

With controversy roiling the White House, Trump spent part of Sunday at his private golf course in Northern Virginia. Later in the morning, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway joined Fox News' "Media Buzz" to criticize the media's coverage of Comey's firing - and, in the process, defend the high-profile dismissal.

Author: 0 White House Expected To Announce Voting Fraud Commission

Potential panel members include former Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell and Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson, the official said . But state election officials throughout the country have uniformly said there was no massive voter fraud in the November 8 election, although there were reports of a relative handful of individual instances of illegal voting, such as voting twice in different locations.

Author: 0 Emmanuel Macron names Edouard Philippe as French prime minister

France's far-left leader Jean-Luc Melenchon, hoping to turn his strong showing in the presidential campaign into seats in parliament, has reacted with hostility to Edouard Philippe's appointment as prime minister. A trained lawyer, he worked as public affairs director for the state nuclear group Areva between 2007 and 2010, before becoming a member of parliament in 2012, and then mayor of Le Havre in 2014.

Author: 0 Trump's comments on Muslims at center of travel ban case

Here's a bit from Powerline that sums nicely: "The Democrats who attacked President Trump's travel order in front of carefully-selected Democratic judges made the extraordinary claim that the president's statements on the stump, as a candidate, were somehow relevant to whether the order was constitutional".

Local More Debate Over Trump Travel Ban
Author: 0 More Debate Over Trump Travel Ban

Paez asked if an executive order detaining Japanese-Americans during the World War II would pass muster under the government's current logic. In February, a different panel of judges from the court ruled against the president's first executive order, saying that the government had failed to make its case that a temporary freeze on the travel ban should be lifted.

Local Ex-French PM Valls wants to be Macron candidate
Author: 0 Ex-French PM Valls wants to be Macron candidate

Valls resigned as prime minister to launch his own presidential bid but in a shock result was defeated in the Socialist Party's primary in January by left-wing candidate Benoit Hamon. "The idea, whatever people say, is not to humiliate candidates or treat them brutally", one En Marche insider told AFP on condition of anonymity. Valls told RTL radio on Tuesday that Macron's victory over far-right leader Marine Le Pen in the presidential runoff on Sunday was a blow to populism in Europe, ...

Local Trump family picks new school for Barron in Maryland
Author: 0 Trump family picks new school for Barron in Maryland

Andrew's Episcopal School", the Trumps said in a statement released on May 15. Richard Coco, a spokesman for St. Andrew's, declined to comment on whether Barron Trump would attend, citing the school's privacy policies. Partly because they anxious St. Andrew's might become vulnerable to protests while school was still in session. If Barron continues attending this school through his middle school studies, he will work in a soup kitchen during a two-day field trip with his class.

Local Bus carrying 26 kids on DC field trip overturns on I-95
Author: 0 Bus carrying 26 kids on DC field trip overturns on I-95

Philadelphia police said the students are from Charles W. Henry School in Philadelphia. The accident occurred near Exit 89 in Havre de Grace. A bus carrying Philadelphia schoolchildren on an eighth-grade class trip was involved in a serious accident on I-95 in Maryland on Monday.

Local 'Morning Joe' Hosts: Conway Said She Needed A Shower After Defending Trump
Author: 0 'Morning Joe' Hosts: Conway Said She Needed A Shower After Defending Trump

According to Scarborough, Conway referred to her time working for Trump as a temporary affair, something she would have to get past. "She also said that this is just like my summer in Europe". During the campaign, when she was very adept at transferring Trump's message and talented in some ways, and would get off the set and say she needed to take a shower, and she would call him her client.

Author: 0 Comey sacking: Trump urged to hand over any tapes

Mr Trump's nominee must be confirmed in the Senate, where Democrats and some Republicans have fiercely criticised Mr Comey's firing. She also served as deputy special counsel to the Senate special committee that investigated President Bill Clinton's Whitewater scandal.

Local 8 members of Penn State frat due in court in pledge's death
Author: 0 8 members of Penn State frat due in court in pledge's death

Roughly five minutes later he is seen moving out of the camera's sightline, then a fraternity brother points "agitatedly in the direction of the basement stairs". Host Robin Roberts asked why no one thought to call 911 and whether he thought to remove himself from the situation. But by then, the damage was done.