Local Kremlin denies report of voting software hacking
Author: 0 Kremlin denies report of voting software hacking

Winner's mother told CNN that her daughter isn't especially political and is struggling with the situation. A federal contractor who allegedly took a risk victor served as a contractor with Pluribus International Corporation , according to.

Local Baby born after fatal California vehicle crash dies
Author: 0 Baby born after fatal California vehicle crash dies

Your Central Valleyreported the baby was delivered via caesarean section at the scene and then airlifted to Community Regional Medical Center along with a 10-year-old boy who was in the backseat of Delgado's auto. The boy remains hospitalised with critical injuries, according to USA reports. Delgado was a cheerleader and a member of the school's leadership class, according to principal Jim Reed.

Author: 0 United Parcel Service Inc

The company's stock has a normal trading capacity of 2.69M shares while the relative volume is 1.56. Morgan Dempsey Capital Management Llc holds 0.65% of its portfolio in German American Bancorp., Inc. About 1.34M shares traded. United Parcel Service's dividend payout ratio is now 80.62%. (NYSE:UPS) previous 52-week high was $120.44 and moved up 4.68% over the same period, trading at a volume of 2.62 million.

Local Texas deputy put on leave after fatal confrontation
Author: 0 Texas deputy put on leave after fatal confrontation

In a statement Tuesday, the sheriff's office also said it has presented the findings of its investigation to the Harris County district attorney's office. "Even after I told him "stop, stop" and other people were screaming he wouldn't do it", the eyewitness said. They said that the deputy is next to the man, helping hold Hernandez down.

Local Trump Urges Quick Supreme Court Ruling to Reinstate Travel Ban
Author: 0 Trump Urges Quick Supreme Court Ruling to Reinstate Travel Ban

President Donald Trump on Monday derided the revised travel ban as a "watered down" version of the first and criticized his own Justice Department's handling of the case - potentially hurting the administration's defense of the ban as the legal battle over it reaches a critical new stage.

Author: 0 What's next in U.S. withdrawal from Paris Climate Agreement

It was the first time that Tillerson, who reportedly opposed the US withdrawal from the landmark global pact to fight climate change, made public comments on the issue after Trump's announcement on Thursday. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson (Front) leaves the European Council headquarters after EU-USA Leaders' Meeting, in Brussels, Belgium. It may be years before the country can formally exit the deal, but Trump said he'll immediately halt implementation.

Author: 0 Republican officials from 16 states back Trump in travel ban fight

Calling it a "watered down version" of the Muslim ban also isn't ok. The Trump administration asked the Supreme Court to reinstate the ban. Painter told me that if the acting SG and his colleagues knew or should have known the temporary immigration suspension was a pretext for President Trump to ban immigration from the affected countries, they may have committed ethical violations.

Author: 0 Wall St lower as United Kingdom vote, Comey testimony in focus

However, Comey does plan to dispute Trump's claim made in the letter announcing Comey's termination that Comey told him on three separate occasions that he was not under investigation. Comey confirmed in March that the FBI was investigating Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election and any possible coordination with those in the Trump campaign.

Local Grandma suspected in fatal stabbings that killed girl arrested
Author: 0 Grandma suspected in fatal stabbings that killed girl arrested

The arrest stemmed from an incident that was reported about 9:10 a.m. Monday, when a "hysterical" 911 caller said her mother had stabbed her and the caller's two young children in the 1400 block of Santo Antonio Drive, police said. O'Neal said tried to reach out to someone but never thought Darrington-Clark would attack her grandchildren. Investigators do not know the motive for the attack, Colton police Cpl.

Author: 0 United States warns Beijing on South China Sea islands

Global pressure ramped up on Pyongyang Friday as the UN Security Council imposed sanctions on 18 North Korean officials and entities. Although the previous U.S. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has voiced support for the unanimous United Nations decision and called on North Korea to refrain from repeated nuclear tests and missile launches.

Local Guess What? Home Prices Are Still Going Up
Author: 0 Guess What? Home Prices Are Still Going Up

Florida ranked 12th nationally in price gains, trailing only Alabama (6.6 percent) among states in the Southeast. Home prices continue to rise on both a year-over-year and monthly basis, and will continue to do so through the next year, according to CoreLogic's latest report.

Local Surveillance video shows man with motor oil and DVDs stuffed in jeans
Author: 0 Surveillance video shows man with motor oil and DVDs stuffed in jeans

Security video shows a man, who police say is William Jason Hall , walking into the 7-Eleven store in Lakeland, Florida, and later waddling out the door, holding onto his trousers to keep them from falling. Security footage shows the repeat offender being marched back into the store by local detective Phil Ryan, who ordered him to get the junk out of his trunks.

Local Texas governor revives 'bathroom bill' for special session
Author: 0 Texas governor revives 'bathroom bill' for special session

Only Governor Abbott can call a special session and only he can decide what the legislature should debate. Gov. Greg Abbott has ordered state lawmakers back to work starting July 18 for a sweeping, 30-day special legislative session covering 20 topics.

Local Victims in Cambria mill explosion identified
Author: 0 Victims in Cambria mill explosion identified

Recovery teams are digging through the ruins of one of the plant's buildings, searching for the missing employees. Ethanol Producer Magazine has been unable to determine if the ethanol plant was damaged by the explosion. "The safety and security of our employees is our top priority", Clark said in a news release. The first victim was found a short time after the May 31 explosion.

Author: 0 Vladimir Putin Low-Key Dissed America in His Megyn Kelly Interview

There can even be hackers, by the way, in the United States who very skillfully and professionally shifted the blame, as we say, onto Russian Federation. I think he will tell you that he, too, is confident of it. The contacts Flynn and other Trump aides had with Russian officials and bankers are drawing intense scrutiny, particularly after United States intelligence agencies concluded that Russian hackers meddled in the American election.

Local Day invasion: What is D-Day and what happened on June 6, 1944?
Author: 0 Day invasion: What is D-Day and what happened on June 6, 1944?

The ceremony will take place at 12noon at the Normandy Veterans Memorial. That's why it is so critical that their sacrifices be remembered today. USA soldiers from the 2nd Ranger Battalion surround German prisoners June 6, 1944 , on the Pointe du Hoc located on a cliff which overlooks Omaha Beach after Allied forces stormed the Normandy beaches during D-Day.

Local DeVos hedges on banning discrimination against LGBT students
Author: 0 DeVos hedges on banning discrimination against LGBT students

DeVos took part in a contentious hearing before the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education on Tuesday morning. About 27,000 students nationwide, including thousands in California, who have already been approved for loan forgiveness have yet to see their loans discharged.

Author: 0 James Comey to testify Trump pressured him to end FBI's Russian Federation probe

According to a CNN report , Comey is expected to back up press reports that Trump tried to pressure him into getting the FBI to back off an investigation of Flynn. As a result, we can look for less new information pertaining to the substance of the Russian Federation investigation in favor of focusing on Comey's encounters with Trump.

Local Americans Like Obamacare Better Than GOP Plan, Poll Finds
Author: 0 Americans Like Obamacare Better Than GOP Plan, Poll Finds

Medical groups, which have railed against numerous Republican healthcare ideas, are split on whether to exclusively campaign against the bill or attempt to work with Republicans to make it more palatable, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Local President Trump Won't Try To Stop James Comey's Senate Testimony
Author: 0 President Trump Won't Try To Stop James Comey's Senate Testimony

Various news reports surfaced saying Comey wrote memos after meeting with President Trump. "The president's power to exert executive privilege is very well-established", Sanders said. But trying to use it to silence Comey could have put Trump on shaky legal and political ground. "That committee hearing was just notice and I think, obviously, it has got to be reviewed", he said.

Author: 0 Trump "believes the climate is changing", Nikki Haley says

Bloomberg's charitable organization, Bloomberg Philanthropies, announced Thursday that it would finance the U.S.' share of the administrative costs of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change , the mechanism required to keep the almost 200-member nation deal upright.

Local Man with gun at Orlando airport taken into custody after standoff
Author: 0 Man with gun at Orlando airport taken into custody after standoff

An arrest affidavit released Wednesday also says that 26-year-old Michael Wayne Pettigrew yelled "kill me" at an officer during the nearly three-hour standoff that ended peacefully when he was taken into police custody. "Our employees did everything in accordance with what OPD has trained them to do", he said. "And there's hundreds of police (officers) just coming in".

Author: 0 Trump will not block ex-FBI director's testimony

Legal experts believed that the President already waived his executive privilege because he tweeted and spoke about his conversations with Comey. Various news reports surfaced saying Comey wrote memos after meeting with President Trump .

Author: 0 'Pathetic excuse': Trump doubles down on London mayor Sadiq Khan

The attack, the third in Britain in three months involving suspects who had been on the radar of British authorities, has raised questions over the government's ability to protect Britain following cuts to police numbers in recent years. Hedge, who moved to London past year, had just finished her shift at Elliot's restaurant and was having a drink with her boyfriend when the attack started, Ross Hedge told The Courier Mail of Brisbane.

Author: 0 What We Know About Reality Winner, Government Contractor Accused Of NSA Leak

An accompanying Federal Bureau of Investigation affidavit said she has worked for Pluribus International Corp.at a government facility in Georgia since February 13. "She's just been caught in the middle of something bigger than her", argued her court-appointed attorney, Titus Nichols. "All this craziness has happened all of a sudden".

Local Voting software used in NC at center of alleged Russian Federation hacking report
Author: 0 Voting software used in NC at center of alleged Russian Federation hacking report

Victor worked for the Pluribus International Corporation consulting firm and had top secret clearance, which allowed her to handle classified information. Reality Leigh Winner , 25, who reportedly worked at an NSA facility in Georgia , was arrested over the weekend. The piece detailed a complicated and industrious effort by Russian military intelligence to hack into a company that supports voting systems in various states.

Author: 0 Predators take Game 4 win over Penguins to even Stanley Cup Final

Nashville's win evens the series at two games apiece. Rinne, meanwhile, who was torched for eight goals in the first two games of the series, allowed only two in the pair of games played in Nashville. The Penguins now have lost two straight for the second time this postseason. Country music superstar Carrie Underwood said she didn't get Fisher - her husband and the Nashville Predators' captain - anything for his 37th birthday on Monday.

Author: 0 Police officer faces charges for fatal neck hold

Brown , 40, of Las Vegas . Lopera applied the unapproved technique on Farmer for more than a minute, according to a statement from the police department. Family members from Hawaii and Las Vegas had just finished mourning Brown at his funeral Saturday, Lagomarsino added. "There will be a time for justice.

Local Police name third London Bridge attacker
Author: 0 Police name third London Bridge attacker

Trump was seemingly referencing Khan's comment earlier Sunday that Londoners should expect "an increased police presence" in their city following the attack . Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley said an investigation into Butt had been downgraded as there was no evidence he posed an imminent threat. The third attacker is yet to be publicly named by police and officers have appealed for people with information about the three men to come forward, especially anyone who can help piece together ...

Local Man with new tattoo dies after swim
Author: 0 Man with new tattoo dies after swim

On his leg, he had a large image of praying hands and a cross with the words, "Jesus Is My Life" tattooed beneath the picture. "Within a few hours, things had progressed pretty quickly", he said . Most healthy people don't end up in the hospital, he said, because their immune system is strong enough to fight the infection. The strongest risk factors are liver disease, cancer, diabetes, HIV and thalassemia, a rare blood disorder.

Local Trump defends Twitter use, blasts 'MSM' criticism
Author: 0 Trump defends Twitter use, blasts 'MSM' criticism

President Donald Trump is defending his use of social media, saying that the mainstream media doesn't want him to get his "honest and unfiltered message out". MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle said Tuesday that she wished President Trump was watching the show. So much for the idea of vetting President Trump's tweets .

Local Ballet dancer jumps into action, saves man from subway track
Author: 0 Ballet dancer jumps into action, saves man from subway track

The incident happened at the 72nd Street Broadway-Seventh Avenue station, where Gray was waiting with his mother and his wife, fellow ballet dancer Cassandra Trenary. "I heard a train coming and I guess it pushed me to move a little quicker". Davis said he ran above ground to get help. "Shocked, I said, uh, "Cassie is THAT Grayson Davis?' She said 'Yes it is".

Author: 0 Cavaliers remain winless in NBA Finals games coached by Mike Brown

I think I've heard Kenny Smith or various other Kenny Smiths say some version of this more than 200 times in my life. Last year, at broadly this same point-the Golden State Warriors up 2-0 over the Cleveland Cavaliers after two largely uncompetitive games in Oakland-I wrote a blog titled " The Finals Are Butt And I'm So Mad At The Cavs ".

Local Acting US ambassador to China quits over Trump's climate deal exit
Author: 0 Acting US ambassador to China quits over Trump's climate deal exit

What's unusual is having career foreign service officers, who are tasked with implementing US foreign policy for administrations of either party, regardless of their politics, speak out so publicly. United States media outlets say he stepped down over Mr Trump's controversial announcement last week that the U.S. was withdrawing from the Paris agreement .

Author: 0 Pathetic excuse: Trump criticises London's 1st Muslim mayor again over attacks

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan leaves after observing a minutes' silence with London ambulance staff in London on June 6, 2017, in memory of the victims of the June 3 terror attacks . And some Labour Party candidates and parliamentarians called for Trump's state visit to the United Kingdom later this year to be cancelled, the BBC reported.

Local Attacker uses hammer on officers near Notre Dame in Paris
Author: 0 Attacker uses hammer on officers near Notre Dame in Paris

A police spokesperson said the officer used his weapon to shoot the attacker in Tuesday's incident. Paris police tweeted that one officer was wounded in the attack. BFMTV reported that hundreds of people were being held inside the cathedral. "The police didn't seem interested in him at the beginning", Metreau said.

Author: 0 Trump seeks legislative wins as clock ticks, Russia probe looms

Flynn, who was sacked for having alleged ties with Russian officials. Comey, whom President Trump fired last month, is scheduled to testify in an open setting Thursday morning. Comey will also likely field questions about reports that, just after taking office, Trump asked the Federal Bureau of Investigation director for his loyalty.

Author: 0 Warriors win big again against Cavs; push NBA Finals to 2-0

Cleveland will continue to pay him until 2020 even though he was sacked in May 2014. Kerr's status as a self-deprecating spokesman on so many league and world issues sometimes obscures his ability to flat out coach. "What's our record now without me, like 800-12?" quipped Kerr, who missed the first 43 games during last season's record 73-win campaign. Thompson's lack of production has been particularly glaring considering how big a role he played the past two seasons, averaging a ...

Author: 0 Sheriff: Man in Florida shooting had plan to kill former co-workers

At least five people have been reported killed in the USA state of Florida after a shooting near an industrial area. John Robert Neumann Jr., 45, shot and killed himself at the sound of approaching sirens Monday. "That woman had been hired after Neumann was sacked in April, so he probably did not recognize her, the sheriff said". Sheriff's officials are notifying the families of the victims killed in a workplace shooting at a Florida awning company.

Author: 0 Jimmie Johnson extends track record with 11th win at Dover

The seven-time champion is on a path to be the greatest NASCAR driver where no one will be able to touch his feats. On the 398th lap of a 400-mile race here Sunday , the caution flag waved, and so began another struggle between one of NASCAR's established names and one of its rising stars.

Author: 0 Stanley Cup Final: Predators even series wit... 11:19 pm Mon

Goalie Matt Murray lost consecutive games for the first time in his young career. Poile hired coach Peter Laviolette three years ago, and the coach brought in a system that allows everyone but the goalie to join the rush and try to score.

Local 2 men charged in 36 deaths at Oakland artists' warehouse
Author: 0 2 men charged in 36 deaths at Oakland artists' warehouse

O'Malley told reporters on Monday that the two men "knowingly created a fire trap with inadequate means of escape". "And they are now facing the consequences of their actions". "We continue to mourn the loss of 36 young and vibrant men and women. who should be with us today ", O'Malley said at a press conference. She wrote that Almena also began to sublet space inside the warehouse, allowing individuals to live inside the warehouse, and residents reported paying Almena between $350 to ...

Author: 0 Trump pushes for privatizing United States air traffic control

The airlines and air traffic controllers like the idea of privatization because they contend it would create a steadier stream of funding. Estes said in a statement that he shares President Trump's desire to improve travel in the USA but also wants the plan to protect the needs of general aviation.

Local Plans to Protect Access to Quality Health Care for New Yorkers
Author: 0 Plans to Protect Access to Quality Health Care for New Yorkers

Analysts say millions could lose their insurance under plans being discussed in Congress . The state also will require insurers to cover contraceptive drugs and devices without charging co-pays or deductibles. The Superintendent of the Department of Financial Services may issue model contract language identifying the coverage requirements for all individual and small group accident and health insurance policies that provide hospital, surgical, or medical expense coverage and all student ...

Local Putin says claims he has compromising info on Trump are 'nonsense'
Author: 0 Putin says claims he has compromising info on Trump are 'nonsense'

Flynn", he told Kelly in comments in Russian, which were translated into English. "When I saw this, my jaw dropped". Kelly asked Putin if he was holding any kind of damaging information about Trump, either involving Trump's finances or a visit Trump made to Russian Federation as a businessman.

Local Wolf supports new effort to overhaul pensions
Author: 0 Wolf supports new effort to overhaul pensions

Wolf's office said Sunday night he supports the bill's goals of continuing to pay down the pension debt on the current schedule, reduce pension fund investment fees and shift investment risk away from taxpayers. Courtney's conditions on passing tax reform ahead of pension reform disappointed Republican House Minority Leader Mike McLane, who said he was otherwise encouraged overall by the cost containment effort.

Author: 0 Trump won't assert executive privilege to block Comey's testimony

However, officials ultimately concluded that the optics of taking that step would be worse than the risk of letting the former Federal Bureau of Investigation director testify freely. "If he doesn't say anything categorical, if he says, "Well you know, I felt this way, it could have been otherwise"... if it is less than fully clear, then I think it gives both sides a lot of ammunition to argue through the rest of the summer and probably into the fall about what does all this mean." It was ...