Local Germany to Stick to Paris Climate Deal Amid US Withdrawal - Merkel
Author: 0 Germany to Stick to Paris Climate Deal Amid US Withdrawal - Merkel

But it also undermines world efforts to combat global warming. The U.S. has to wait three years before it can withdraw then wait another year for that to take effect. U.S. Rep. Frank Pallone, D-N.J. Obama is defending the deal that his administration painstakingly negotiated. " Trump promoted fossil fuel interests over those of the people and the planet by pulling out the United States from the Paris Agreement , but even he can not stop the tide of climate action happening within ...

Author: 0 Pacific Islands accuse USA of 'abandoning' them to climate change

Many major countries - most notably China , various members of the European Union (which jointly announced their renewed commitment to the landmark climate deal) along with Russian Federation and India - also signaled that they plan to forge ahead with implementing the Paris Agreement .

Author: 0 India committed to Paris climate deal, says Narendra Modi in Russia

Meanwhile, Russia remains under United States and European Union sanctions because of its involvement in the Ukraine conflict and annexation of Crimea. "We are respectful towards all Indian interests", he said , citing the deep defence relations between the two countries. The SCO is an intergovernmental global organization, established in June 2001 in Shanghai by Kazakhstan, China, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Russia and Uzbekistan.

Author: 0 Bounty hunters, fugitive killed in gunfight at vehicle dealership

According to news reports, the bounty hunters arrived at the dealership, which is about 50 miles northeast of Dallas, earlier in the day and waited hours for Hutchinson to show up. "You have to clearly state who you are and what your intentions are and what your business is there", Alfaro said. Garcia was a licensed private investigator and Verbal was not.

Author: 0 Questions Arise Over Fox News Sole Anonymous Source Exonerating Jared Kushner

Deputy Foreign Minister for Russia Sergei Ryabkov said the leaks undermine cooperation between the two countries and that the Kremlin is now only conducting basic level exchanges with the Trump administration because the government is concerned the information could be end up in the hands of the media.

Local 'Back-channel' diplomacy is not a new concept
Author: 0 'Back-channel' diplomacy is not a new concept

But White House staff have noted , according to a New York Times report, that in his occasional dressings-down of his staff Trump has lately included Kushner, whereas at the beginning of his campaign and his administration Kushner was usually immune.

Author: 0 Trump's 'Covfefe' Tweet Remains a Mystery

President Trump has reportedly been talking with former campaign advisers, Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie, about taking on formal roles, as well as the creation of the crisis-communications war room. Well, does Trump have any views on the Philippines, where President Rodrigo Duterte recently declared martial law in part of the country? I guess you can speak for yourself.

Local 'Covfefe': Social media mocks Trump typoe
Author: 0 'Covfefe': Social media mocks Trump typoe

Dubke offered his resignation earlier this month, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway told The Associated Press on Tuesday, but offered to stay on during the president's first foreign trip. The New York Times reported that the White House reached out to four different people about becoming the president's new communications director, but all four "declined to be considered".

Local Canadian woman, 38, critically injured in Times Square crash
Author: 0 Canadian woman, 38, critically injured in Times Square crash

NY police identified the driver as 26-year-old Richard Rojas from the Bronx . Rojas made a U-turn on 42nd Street and drove his auto north on sidewalks, hitting people for three blocks before finally coming to a stop because of steel security barriers that were in place on the sidewalk.

Author: 0 Quitting Paris deal for us? No thanks, says Pittsburgh mayor

In the wake of the announcement, Tesla and SpaceX boss Elon Musk and Disney chief Robert Iger announced they would no longer take part in presidential business councils. Much of the criticism came from corporate America, and CEOs from several major companies. In announcing his pullout from a deal that failed to "put America first", the U.S.

Author: 0 Trump Delays Promised US Embassy Move To Jerusalem

The Office of the White House Press Secretary said that the president has always been consistent about his intention to move the embassy to Jerusalem, and it was only a question of timing to go ahead with it. Israeli Prime Mininster Benjamin Netanyahu's office issued a statement Thursday saying Trump's decision to postpone moving the U.S. Embassy diminishes chances for peace with the Palestinians.

Local Conway dodges questions on whether Trump believes climate change is a hoax
Author: 0 Conway dodges questions on whether Trump believes climate change is a hoax

But a series of top Trump aides have dodged, spun and obfuscated when asked whether the President believes climate change is happening. "Honestly, I haven't asked him that", Spicer said. The two officials peppered reporters with reasons the Paris agreement would hurt USA industry but were unable to answer environment-related questions.

Author: 0 Sean Spicer Thinks We're Dumb Enough To Believe Donald Trump *Meant

During an audio-only press gaggle, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer was asked about the mysterious, albeit inconsequential, now-deleted "convfefe" tweet President Donald Trump made in the wee hours of Wednesday morning. "The most important thing is, you have to have people who surround the president who are on his agenda", he said. The New York Times reported that the White House reached out to four different people about becoming the president's new communications ...

Local Bihar: Failed students continue protests
Author: 0 Bihar: Failed students continue protests

Vivek Kumar cleared the JEE Main this year, scoring 109 out of 360 under the reserved category. Nearly a year after the infamous " Bihar school topper scandal", the state board examination result is hogging the limelight and once again, for all the wrong reasons.

Local IL ends spring legislative session without budget deal
Author: 0 IL ends spring legislative session without budget deal

Now it will take a three-fifths majority to pass a budget instead of a simple majority. The Democrat-controlled Legislature and Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner have been deadlocked on a spending plan for two years. The bill to lift the cap is estimated to cost between $15 million and $16 million. "There is kind of an uncertain but very real legal and political limit to the state's ability to keep deferring payments".

Local Steve Chapman: Jared Kushner's Russian escapade
Author: 0 Steve Chapman: Jared Kushner's Russian escapade

More than fifty US House Democrats sent a letter to the White House urging President Donald Trump to immediately revoke his senior adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner's security clearance for failing to disclose his contacts with Russian Federation.

Local Trump turns to Supreme Court to move forward on travel ban
Author: 0 Trump turns to Supreme Court to move forward on travel ban

In a lengthy appeal filed Thursday evening, Justice Department lawyers asked the high court for an emergency order that revives the travel ban , and they urged the justices to review and reverse last week's ruling by the US 4th Circuit Court of Appeals, which declared it unconstitutional.

Author: 0 Leaving the Paris Climate Agreement

She added that the global climate would "survive" Trump's maximum presidential term of eight years. While the USA decision is disheartening, we remain inspired by the growing momentum around the world to combat climate change and transition to clean growth economies.

Local Police respond to reports of an armed man at Orlando International Airport
Author: 0 Police respond to reports of an armed man at Orlando International Airport

Earlier, the airport's verified account said there was a man with a weapon in a rental auto area of Side A, Level 1. The man was taken into custody at about 10 p.m. They remained there for several minutes before employees said the suspect was surrounded inside. Armed suspect is contained but not in custody. He faces one count of aggravated assault with a firearm on a law enforcement officer.

Local Ex-congressman Weiner expected to plead guilty to sexting charge
Author: 0 Ex-congressman Weiner expected to plead guilty to sexting charge

Sentencing is scheduled for September 2017. Based on the exchanges, Weiner allegedly knew she was only 15 years old. The investigation infamously intersected previous year with the 2016 presidential campaign, when agents seized devices and found emails between Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin , Weiner's estranged wife and a top Clinton adviser.

Author: 0 US Mayors pledge to adopt goals of Paris Agreement

Hua said the Chinese government will take "concrete action" in response to climate change . French President Emmanuel Macron has offered his own version of Donald Trump's campaign slogan with a call to "make our planet great again" following his American counterpart's move to pull the USA out of the historic Paris climate accord .

Author: 0 How the world can contain Trump's climate lunacy

The U.S. mayors are joined by dozens of worldwide mayors who have made their own commitments to the climate agreement meant to limit the rise of global average temperatures to 2.0 degrees Celsius. "The retreat of the USA actually gives China more opportunity to lead these global efforts". It demonstrates the U.S.is willing to back away from a coalition it assembled just 18 months ago.

Local Cavs coach Lue: Warriors best I've ever seen
Author: 0 Cavs coach Lue: Warriors best I've ever seen

The Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers have developed a competitiveness because of their shared supremacy in their respective conference. LeBron James , seeking his fourth National Basketball Association title, led the scoring for the Cavs with 28 and Kyrie Irving managed 24 - but the defending champions were far from their best and suffered heavily with turnovers.

Local Kin rush to funeral homes to see Manila dead
Author: 0 Kin rush to funeral homes to see Manila dead

At least 37 people died after a gunman burst into a Manila casino, firing shots and setting gaming tables alight, a police official said on Friday (June 2). It was not clear how he smuggled the petrol and rifle into the crowded casino. They recovered gambling chips worth over $2 million from the gunman's backback.

Author: 0 Greenpeace in Spain protests Trump climate move

Trump declared Thursday he was pulling the U. The Paris Agreement remains the world's greatest weapon to combat this existential threat. Forget yesterday's news. Others echoed Miliband, stating that May needs to stand up to Trump. After criticising Mr Trump for "an act of global, generational vandalism. inflicting damage that our grandchildren will be unable to undo", she moved on to his "so-called "closest allies" in our own Tory government, who have failed to raise even the quietest peep ...

Author: 0 Cal State Fullerton routs BYU 13-2

Luckily for No. 1 seed Stanford (41-14), it was Bubic that had the game of his life while the Cardinal's bats chipped away at Dillon before exploding against the Hornets' bullpen to blow the game wide open. Dillon has had issues all season with keeping the ball in the yard, having allowed 12 homers in 2017, and that weakness reared its head again on Thursday night.

Local Pot decriminalization bill heads to Sununu
Author: 0 Pot decriminalization bill heads to Sununu

The bill now heads to the desk of Governor Chris Sununu , who said recently he will sign it into law once given the chance. House lawmakers passed the measure on Thursday which if signed by Governor will make possession of up to three quarters of an ounce by someone 18 years and older punishable by a $100 fine for the first and second offense.

Author: 0 Elon Musk Exits Trump Advisory Councils Amid Climate Accord Withdrawal

His stunning posture left the distinct impression that for the new American president, the nation's long-standing obligations to allies are neither unshakable nor unbreakable. In France, the Elysee presidential palace said newly elected leader Macron had phoned Trump to say that "nothing was negotiable" in the Paris agreement.

Author: 0 Firing at a casino resort in Manila, ISIS claims responsibility

We urge all British nationals in the Philippines or with plans to visit, to contact relatives and friends to let them know they are ok. The details of how the attacker managed to smuggle gasoline and assault rifle into the studio are not clear, but it appears that he did not fire at people, the police chief added.

Author: 0 Politicians, activists, businesses sound off on climate deal

And if we can, that's great. Trip also said that leaving the agreement could threaten diplomatic relations with other countries that see climate change as a priority because leaving the agreement signals that the USA does not think it is an important issue.

Local South Carolina man pleads guilty to 7 killings
Author: 0 South Carolina man pleads guilty to 7 killings

He also pled guilty to the deaths of Johnny Joe Coxie , 29, and his wife Leigh McCraw-Coxie, 26, a couple who had been missing since 2015 before their bodies were also found buried at Kohlhepp's house. Over 50 family members of the seven killed were in the courtroom as Kohlhepp was charged. "I miss my son so much". The mother of victim Johnny Coxie choked in tears when she recalled how she was unable to tell her 7-year-old grandson that he is father is dead now.

Author: 0 Cause of Wisconsin corn mill blast unclear; 1 worker missing

Village officials said the site was too small and the plant would adversely affect the village. Village of Cambria officials later said 17 were inside before revising the number back to 16. Two workers were treated and released. Eleven employees were taken to hospitals via ambulance, Med Flight and Flight for Life. The company that owns the southern Wisconsin corn mill that exploded late Wednesday says it's unclear what caused the fatal blast.

Local Here's The Heartbreaking Letter A Portland Victim's Mom Wrote To Trump
Author: 0 Here's The Heartbreaking Letter A Portland Victim's Mom Wrote To Trump

A stranger intervened, telling Christian he couldn't disrespect the girls in such a way, she said. He underwent two hours of surgery to remove bone fragments from his throat, and was released from the hospital Tuesday. One of the women was wearing a hijab. Legacy Emanuel Medical Center Julie Reed spokeswoman said Tuesday that the 21-year-old man was discharged. The third, Micha David-Cole Fletcher, a university student, had surgery for his stab wounds and is expected to recover .

Local News on Georgia, local peach crop anything but peachy
Author: 0 News on Georgia, local peach crop anything but peachy

If you live in the South, it's likely you look forward to the summer not just for the nice weather, but also for peach season. And the news wasn't much better for the blueberry crop, the state's top crop. "If you've got peaches right now, you should have pretty good prices throughout the year", he said. Michael Schenck, owner of the Atlanta-based food distributor Turnip Truck, told TIME .com that wholesale prices, which usually hover just over $20 per case, have shot up to about $35 .

Author: 0 Trump Withdraws US from Paris Climate Deal

While the Kochs were initially cool to Trump as a candidate, his decision on the Paris accord will surely help cement their support and financial largess for years to come and in 2020, if Donald Trump survives and seeks re-election. The rest of the world will be sad to see an America that has been left behind, owing to Trump's decision. By leaving open the possibility of re-entering the agreement, he ended up on the more moderate end of the range of options the White house had been ...

Author: 0 Wisconsin mill that exploded had been reprimanded on safety

The cause of the blast remained unknown as of Thursday afternoon, Didion officials said. It said two people were treated and released and 12 others. Glen Williams, president of the Village of Cambria, said the "three- to four-story structure" has been destroyed.

Author: 0 Japan voices regret over United States exit from Paris climate accord

The Paris climate agreement gives undue advantage to India and China at the cost of USA interests, President Donald Trump said on Thursday, announcing America's withdrawal from the pact. "Today, the United States will cease all implementation of what is known as the Paris Accord and the heavy financial and economic burdens imposed on our country", he said from the Rose Garden.

Local Trump asks Senate to allow legislation to be passed with simple majority
Author: 0 Trump asks Senate to allow legislation to be passed with simple majority

There is a big divide among Republicans over whether they can vote to pass a budget resolution in the coming months, and failing to do so could make it much more hard to change the tax code. The Senate already has passed a two-year budget proposal. While Republicans haven't yet released their tax proposal, House Republicans' health care bill was created to meet the legislative rules required to pass the Senate with a simple majority.

Author: 0 India, China showing strong leadership to combat climate change

In an address at the White House, he said he was prepared to negotiate a new agreement or re-enter the accord on improved terms. "We deem the momentum generated in Paris in December 2015 irreversible and we firmly believe that the Paris agreement can not be renegotiated since it is a vital instrument for our planet, societies and economies", the leaders of the three countries said.

Local Family of Oregon stabbing suspect offers condolences
Author: 0 Family of Oregon stabbing suspect offers condolences

One of the women was wearing a hijab. Police said they are investigating Christian's alleged extremist views. Get stabbed in your neck if you hate free speech. He. Court documents describe a chaotic scene on the train from the moment Christian boarded. He has three prior felonies. This booking photo provided by Multnomah County Sheriff's Office shows Jeremy Joseph Christian.

Author: 0 Rauner Says Lawmakers 'Derelict' on Budget

Some schools have been able to front the money in hopes that they'll be reimbursed, but others can't. IL has the nation's widest spending gap between low- and high-income school districts. The current minimum wage in IL is $8.25 an hour. House lawmakers voted 61 to 53 Tuesday. State Rep. Lou Lang, D-Skokie, says that, even if Democrats do not pass a spending plan, it doesn't mean they're avoiding their responsibility.

Author: 0 National Spelling Bee champ clinches title with 'marocain'

Despite qualifying for the National Spelling Bee in 2015, she was unable to attend as she didn't have a sponsor who could help pony up the costs of attending the event that's on the other side of the country from her small California town.

Author: 0 Disney CEO Joins Elon Musk In Ditching Trump Over Paris Withdrawal

Donald Trump has confirmed he will withdraw the USA from the Paris climate change agreement. Mr Trump said he would try to negotiate a new, "fairer" climate deal. Trump's beliefs. "Leaving Paris is not good for America or the world", Musk said in a Twitter post . "This administration is abdicating its leadership and taking a backseat to other countries in the global fight against climate change", said Governor Cuomo in a statement emailed to Business Insider.

Author: 0 Paris Climate Deal Not Tough Enough On India, China: Donald Trump

He also said he and other mayors will pick up the slack on reducing carbon emissions that exacerbate climate change . Trump's chief economic adviser, Gary Cohn, has discussed the possibility of changing the USA carbon reduction targets instead of pulling out of the deal completely.

Author: 0 Illinois Budget Failure Brings Credit Downgrade

But when those talks broke down, Senate Democrats made a decision to go it mostly alone, passing the bills they say they negotiated with Rauner and the Republicans. Months ago, the Senate was very close to passing a budget with Republican support but Democrats said the governor killed it at the last minute. "There is a concern where they just don't have a high level of confidence in how the governor has conducted himself".