Local Caroline Kennedy says she's missed JFK every day of her life
Author: 0 Caroline Kennedy says she's missed JFK every day of her life

She also recalls memories of her father, including hiding under his desk in the oval office and sailing on the family yacht. "I miss him every day of my life". "He would point out the white shark and the purple shark who always followed the boat, although I could never quite see them", Kennedy said. "As we pause to remember the 100th birthday of President John F.

Local Comey's approval rating lower than Trump's in new poll
Author: 0 Comey's approval rating lower than Trump's in new poll

In the most one-sided response, 89 percent of respondents said they wanted to see increased bipartisan cooperation and less attacks and vitriol across the political aisle. While a majority of voters said they're nervous about the future of the country, a smaller share of Americans (43 percent) say the controversies are causing concern for the well-being of them or their families.

Local Lawmakers react to new health care budget score
Author: 0 Lawmakers react to new health care budget score

The release of the Congressional Budget Office's scoring of House Republicans' bill to repeal and replace Obamacare did little to settle the roiling political debate. The report said a revised House bill could cover 23 million fewer people over a decade compared to leaving current law intact, down slightly from 24 million on the original March bill.

Local Republicans seek court delay in ObamaCare payment case
Author: 0 Republicans seek court delay in ObamaCare payment case

Republicans are seeking another 90-day extension in a federal court case centered on insurer payments under ObamaCare, as congressional lawmakers and the Trump administration consider a broader legislative package to replace the existing law.

Author: 0 Ex-CIA chief shines light on nexus of Trump, Russia

Yet even as the public case for such an investigation continues to strengthen, revelations about Trump's apparent attempts to challenge the FBI's inquiry into these questions continue to roll in. Schiff, the ranking member on the House intelligence committee, said that Flynn had declined to come before the House panel or provide documents, citing his Fifth Amendment rights, as he had to subpoenas from the Senate intelligence committee.

Local Montana GOP candidate allegedly body slams Guardian reporter
Author: 0 Montana GOP candidate allegedly body slams Guardian reporter

The incident is a last-minute curveball in Thursday's race, which was partly seen as a referendum on Donald Trump's presidency. The altercation took place Wednesday at Gianforte's campaign headquarters in Bozeman. Scanlon: "You've got to leave". Acuna was in the room during the incident. Gianforte's story was demolished by eyewitness accounts from Fox News reporter Alicia Acuna , field producer Faith Mangan, and photographer Keith Railey.

Author: 0 Donald Trump Appears to Shove Prime Minister Dusko Markovic at NATO Meeting

Just as notable as what Trump said, however, is what he didn't say. Trump met with the president of the European Council Donald Tusk and the president of the European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker. During the campaign, the president cited cost-sharing and what he believed as NATO's lack of focus on terrorism as reason for calling it "obsolete".

Local Last confederate statue removed in New Orleans
Author: 0 Last confederate statue removed in New Orleans

Earlier this month in Charlottesville, Virginia ― where the city council voted earlier this year to sell a statue of Lee ― a group of protesters led by white supremacist Richard Spencer circled Lee's statue carrying torches in a demonstration Mayor Mike Singer said harked "back to the days of the KKK".

Local MS politician calls for lynchings over removal of Confederate statues
Author: 0 MS politician calls for lynchings over removal of Confederate statues

Karl Oliver has his way, though, that will never happen in the Magnolia State. He is alleging that the defendants conspired with Oliver electronically in expressing their support of the Facebook post . But Rep. Karl Oliver didn't see it that way. "He said, 'I could care less". Many called on him to resign. One was erected in 1891 to celebrate a deadly insurgency in 1874 - led by the white supremacist Crescent City White League - against an integrated police force and state militia.

Author: 0 United Kingdom police say military to guard key London sites

British police and intelligence agencies are working to piece together Abedi's allegiances, as the country's law-and-order chief said it's "likely" he did not act alone. Police officers arrive at a residential property as investigations continue into the May 22 attack at the Manchester Arena. The Special Deterrent force said in a statement on its Facebook page that Hashim Abedi had told investigators after his arrest that both he and his brother belonged to the Islamic State group.

Local Three killed, eight injured in crash outside George
Author: 0 Three killed, eight injured in crash outside George

Everyone else involved in the crash was injured and taken to area hospitals. The sheriff's office says all the victims appear to be adults. Adams Road near the Frenchman Hills Road, the site of the accident, will be closed most of the day while officials investigate the scene.

Local With Senate done, House ready to debate budget ideas
Author: 0 With Senate done, House ready to debate budget ideas

The education measure would phase in a $280 million increase in spending on schools over two years. The House's bill also establishes a new per-student formula for distributing the state's education dollars to ensure that enough of the money goes to programs to help students at risk of dropping out.

Local National minute's silence to remember Manchester Arena attack victims
Author: 0 National minute's silence to remember Manchester Arena attack victims

Salman Abedi's father and brother have also been detained , in Libya , as Libyan security forces allege the brother "was aware of all the details" of the attack plan. Among the confirmed fatalities were 8-year-old Saffie Rose Roussos and 15-year-old Olivia Campbell . Britain also has a national election coming up on June 8.

Author: 0 U.S. university graduates stage walk-out during Mike Pence speech

Notre Dame students walk out of the commencement ceremony as Vice President Mike Pence is introduced at Notre Dame Stadium on May 21, 2017 , in South Bend, Indiana. "These practices are destructive", Pence said. Bill Dimaro said he was proud of his graduating daughter, Cassandra, for taking part in the action .

Author: 0 Letter says Trump's former National Security Adviser Flynn misled Pentagon

He said the animosity between Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Clintons went back years. As valuable as Gen. Flynn is to our counterintelligence investigation, we don't believe it's our place to offer him immunity. The Court said there that the Fifth Amendment extended to document production if the documents were "testimonial" in nature or if the production itself communicated the facts that the documents "existed, were in his possession or control, and were authentic".

Local Trump's Russia scandal: where does it stand?
Author: 0 Trump's Russia scandal: where does it stand?

The Justice Department has said Sessions had more than 25 conversations with foreign ambassadors a year ago. More Americans say that the Russian Federation investigation and Comey's unwillingness to pledge loyalty to the President were major factors in Trump's decision, more than say Comey's management of the Clinton emails or claims of "poor morale" at the FBI were important.

Local Detectives search grandmother's home in missing boy probe
Author: 0 Detectives search grandmother's home in missing boy probe

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department says detectives were serving a search warrant Thursday at the home where several items were seized during the search, but declined to comment further. Detectives said Andressian Sr. admitted to taking a prescription drug and that the inside of the auto was soaked in gasoline. Matches and a gasoline container and were also found inside the auto and a rag that had been doused with gasoline was found in the area near the vehicle's gas cap, Mendoza said, ...

Author: 0 Newark Airport reopens after engine fire grounds United Airlines flight

The plane was taxiing down the runway when the tower notified the crew of flames from one of the engines. "And then the flight attendant announced 'everybody take off your seat belt and rush to the exit.' And, the lights were switched off and when we reached the exits, the chutes were already deployed, slid down the chutes, there fire engines and everything around", said Sri Rem, passenger.

Author: 0 The House Intel Committee Is Planning to Subpoena Mike Flynn

Last week, CNN published a report alleging that intercepted phone calls showed Russian officials bragged about influencing Flynn and by extension Trump's administration. Page has denied any involvement in Russian attempts to influence the election. Moscow has repeatedly denied the allegations and Mr Trump denies any collusion.

Local Insurers continue to hike prices, abandon ACA markets
Author: 0 Insurers continue to hike prices, abandon ACA markets

The law's insurance exchanges are the only place where people can buy coverage with help from an income-based tax credit. Options are growing thin in many markets. While the rate increase is lower than in previous years, BCBSNC Director of Actuarial and Pricing Services Brian Tajlili said he recognizes the impact on families.

Local ACLU applauds ruling against Trump travel ban
Author: 0 ACLU applauds ruling against Trump travel ban

A central question in the case was whether courts should consider Trump's past statements about wanting to bar Muslims from entering the country as evidence that the policy was primarily motivated by the religion. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit, which heard oral arguments on May 15 in the government's appeal of the Hawaii decision. The appeals court maintained the injunction against the travel ban in full.

Author: 0 Engine fire on United Airlines jet causes temporary closure at Newark Airport

Passengers commended the flight's crew for their handling of the situation, a stark contrast to earlier incidents on United flights that sparked widespread calls for a boycott of the airline. The man reportedly refused to let anybody sit next to him on the flight from Shanghai to Newark, New Jersey, even though there were passengers assigned to the row.

Author: 0 Woman claims to be blind, robs teen waitress

She's reported to have entered the Hancock Street restaurant at about 8 p.m., and asked a waitress to lead her to the bathroom because she was partially blind. She was last seen heading south on Hancock Street. According to police, she was wearing a black jacket, a pink shirt, and black trousers. She was wearing black trousers and a black jacket, with a pink t-shirt underneath.

Local Florida adds South Alabama to 2020 home schedule
Author: 0 Florida adds South Alabama to 2020 home schedule

Big Ten matchup. The SEC is undefeated in such games, with Alabama defeating MI 41-14 in 2012 and Wisconsin 35-17 in 2015. The kickoff times for the rest of the Hurricanes' 2017 games will be announced at a later date. A game later, the Gamecocks eliminated the Gators during the Elite Eight. Jim Harbaugh's team last saw Florida in the Citrus Bowl following the 2015 season.

Local Kansas distributor recalls precooked sausage due to metal
Author: 0 Kansas distributor recalls precooked sausage due to metal

The products subject to recall bear establishment number "EST". Armour Eckrich Meats, LLC says if you have one of the recalled products to either throw it away or return it to the place of purchase. Since the discovery, there have been no confirmed cases of negative reactions resulting from consuming the products in question. "Consumers who have purchased these products are urged not to consume them".

Local Donald Trump in Brussels: 'We Will Win This Fight' Against Terrorism
Author: 0 Donald Trump in Brussels: 'We Will Win This Fight' Against Terrorism

Protests are expected to go long into the night and on Thursday. Famed for works like the 1964 "self-portrait" of a bowler-hatted man whose face is hidden by an apple or the image of a pipe subtitled "Ceci n'est pas une pipe" (This is not a Pipe), Magritte has much to teach the world about questioning outward appearances, and about self-effacement, Belgian organisers said.

Author: 0 Man who had lethal injection delayed 7 times to be executed

Arthur was convicted in the 1982 murder-for-hire of Troy Wicker . Arthur says that there is no physical evidence linking him to scene and that Judy Wicker changed her story as a "get out of jail free card". A wig that all parties agree Mr. Wicker's killer wore could prove Mr. Arthur's innocence, yet Alabama has refused to allow DNA testing with modern technology at no cost to the State.

Author: 0 Republican candidate 'body slams' reporter

This is a lesser offence than felony assault, for which "the nature of the injuries did not meet the statutory elements", Sheriff Brian Gootkin said. According to the Bozeman Daily Chronicle , Jacobs was later evaluated in an ambulance while Gallatin County deputies questioned Gianforte .

Local OVC TRACK: Colonels ready to compete in NCAA Regional
Author: 0 OVC TRACK: Colonels ready to compete in NCAA Regional

The athletes and relay teams that advance out of the trials and quarterfinals will advance to the NCAA championships to be held June 7-10 in Eugene, Oregon. "If we do that, we should have an exciting run at the NCAA Championships". For each individual event contested at each Preliminary Round site, the top 48 declared student-athletes and top 24 declared relay teams are accepted into the competition.

Author: 0 Reporter allegedly body-slammed by GOP candidate speaks out

Gianforte was since charged by police with misdemeanor assault. The Guardian released an audio recording of the incident, in which Gianforte initially brushes aside Jacobs's question about the new Congressional Budget Office score of the House GOP's American Health Care Act, which passed the House earlier in the month.

Local The Issue of 23M Uninsured Americans Goes to the Senate
Author: 0 The Issue of 23M Uninsured Americans Goes to the Senate

The Republican-led bill to repeal and replace Obamacare that passed the House this month would result in 23 million Americans losing their health insurance coverage, according to a much-anticipated report released Wednesday. We still don't like the House bill. Wednesday's projections will serve as starting points for Senate Republicans writing their own health care bill.

Local GOP senators want US to pull out of Paris climate accord
Author: 0 GOP senators want US to pull out of Paris climate accord

The ambitious agreement struck at the U.N.'s "COP21" climate conference near the French capital in late 2015 aims to prevent average temperatures from rising more than two degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, to stave off what advocates warn could be potentially catastrophic effects on the planet.

Author: 0 Billy Hamilton scores winning run from first on single

Twice in the contest, Santana wheeled on a sacrifice bunt to throw out the lead runner, first on a bunt from Hamilton in the 7, then on a Jose Peraza bunt attempt in the 9. He was removed after retiring the first batter in the sixth. But as Boone Logan trotted out of the bullpen, the grounds crew rolled out the tarp, as the rain, which had been falling steadily for the previous 20 minutes, was making the field unsafe.

Author: 0 GOP leaders praise Trump's balanced budget plan

She also said the budget "zeros out" federal funding for the Hawaiian Housing Block Grant, the Native Hawaiian Loan Guarantee Program , and cuts Native Hawaiian Education programs by $33 million. The Senate's No. 2 Republican, John Cornyn of Texas, says it's "basically dead on arrival ". The bill would need 60 votes in the Senate, and Democrats have strongly opposed any changes to the program.

Author: 0 NOAA: Look for a busy hurricane season

NOAA's reasoning for the near normal to above normal season stems in part from the very weak El Niño to neutral ENSO conditions expected later this year. However, the climate models are showing considerable uncertainty, which is reflected in the comparable probabilities for an above-normal and near-normal season.

Local Kim Reynolds Selects Adam Gregg as Acting Lt. Governor
Author: 0 Kim Reynolds Selects Adam Gregg as Acting Lt. Governor

Miller said later Thursday morning that he's pleased with the governor's decision, since Gregg will not be in the line of succession, which was the fundamental issue. Kim Reynolds , a self described fifth-generation Iowan who learned the value of hard work and penny pinching while growing up in the small rural community of St.

Author: 0 Rory McIlroy pulls out of BMW PGA Championship due to injury

In between these majors, McIlroy is also due to play at the Travelers Championship in CT and will be determined to tee it up at the Irish Open at Portstewart. "It is disappointing, but I have to ensure I make a full recovery". Rory McIlroy on Friday withdrew from next week's prestigious PGA Championship at Wentworth , England, because of a niggling rib injury.

Author: 0 Deadly Wisconsin tornado sets record, upgraded to EF-3

A flood watch is in effect for Guilford and surrounding counties until 3 a.m. Wednesday . The National Weather Service has increased the likelihood that severe weather could hit central North Carolina on Wednesday . that down trees and power lines have closed "several" roads in the county. According to the Weather Channel , from the Tampa Bay area north, today's forecast called for a 100 percent chance for heavy rain.

Author: 0 Montana U.S. House candidate accused of body slamming reporter

Gianforte twice deflects the question, and Jacobs' third attempt to ask the question is interrupted by the sound of a scuffle. Fox News says a crew saw Montana's House candidate Greg Gianforte grab a Guardian reporter by the neck and slam him to the ground.

Author: 0 Melania Trump rebuffs husband's hand again

Nevertheless, Trump managed to do plenty of things during his visit. "Like [former President Harry] Truman, Mr. Trump must contend with well-entrenched anti-Israel bureaucrats at the State Department who will try to use their positions to make moving the embassy hard".

Local Medicaid a target for cuts despite assurance
Author: 0 Medicaid a target for cuts despite assurance

If President Donald Trump's budget does touch off an economic boom that pushes growth up to 3 percent a year as it assumes, the government's borrowing is likely to cost much more than has been factored into the administration's fiscal proposals.

Author: 0 Police make two more arrests after Manchester bombing

Lewis Lukens, the acting U.S. ambassador, told BBC Radio 4's World At One programme that the USA was "determined" to identify and stop the leaks of information. In total, eight men, including Abedi's older brother, and a woman have been arrested in a series of raids across Manchester , Wigan and Nuneaton.

Local Expansion of ban on larger electronics on airlines likely
Author: 0 Expansion of ban on larger electronics on airlines likely

President Donald Trump to discuss with Russian officials an Islamic State group terror threat related to the use of laptops on aircraft. The U.S. meeting on Wednesday will involve an "information exchange", European Security Commissioner Julian King said in Strasbourg. The original ban on mostly Middle Eastern flights, which the United Kingdom has also partially adopted, focused on countries where the equipment to screen carry-on bags is thought to be less effective as those in the ...

Local Teens in Wisconsin plane crash identified
Author: 0 Teens in Wisconsin plane crash identified

Fitzgerald says the teen who died was a senior at Chetek-Weyerhaeuser High School. One teen was killed and another critically injured in a Wednesday evening plane crash in Barron County, the sheriff said. The National Transportation Safety Board and Federal Aviation Administration are investigating the crash. An 18-year-old passenger, Hunter Gillett, was seriously injured.