Local Officer shot after man opens fire in nursing home
Author: 0 Officer shot after man opens fire in nursing home

The officer who was shot was ambushed by the shooter, according to 10TV . An active shooter at an OH nursing home has been "neutralized", according to scanner traffic. Authorities said the alleged gunman has been "neutralized" and that the scene is secure, according to ABC. Kirkersville is about 23 miles east of Columbus.

Author: 0 No verdict in Florida ex-congresswoman's fraud trial

The jury convicted Brown of 18 of the 22 separate criminal counts a grand jury indicted her for in July. It was the final act in the downfall of Brown, who had represented the Florida district that included Jacksonville since 1993. Meanwhile, they said, the charity gave out just one scholarship, worth $1,200, in the span of those four years. Brown said she was left in the dark about the goings-on with One Door's money, and blamed the theft on Simmons.

Local Cloudy skies are likely to produce some rain this afternoon and overnight
Author: 0 Cloudy skies are likely to produce some rain this afternoon and overnight

For anyone making outdoor plans this weekend , Saturday is wetter, Sunday is better! Sunny and mild Mother'sDay, high of 76.IN THE EVENT OF A TORNADO WARNING ISSUED FOR YOUR LOCATION, SEEK SAFETY IMMEDIATELY. On Saturday , despite that partly sunny start, clouds then eventually showers take over. The chance of precipitation is 60 percent. Most won't see any rain until late in the afternoon as it moves in from southwest to northeast.

Local May Day rallies across USA target Donald Trump's immigration policy
Author: 0 May Day rallies across USA target Donald Trump's immigration policy

Police in Portland, Ore., shut down a protest that they said had become a riot after marchers began throwing smoke bombs and other items at officers. Police said on Twitter Monday that anarchists destroyed a police vehicle, damaged numerous windows and property, started fires in the streets and attacked police.

Author: 0 Arctic Is Changing as U.S. Mulls Climate Policy, Tillerson Says

Foreign ministers from the eight nations of the Arctic Council are set to meet Thursday to determine the group's course on a host of issues from scientific cooperation and economic development to the meeting's stickiest subject, climate change.

Author: 0 Trump planned to sack Federal Bureau of Investigation chief 'since the day he was elected'

The White House and Vice President Mike Pence have said the president acted on the recommendation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein . The senators said later that the Russian Federation investigations were discussed but Comey's firing was not. Thursday: "Oh, I was going to fire regardless of recommendation.

Author: 0 Donald Trump Accuses James Comey Of 'Spying' After Firing Him

One by one, the story's pillars wobbled. But there's more. The White House's after-the-fact explanations of the Comey firing were inconsistent and internally contradictory-and even, at times , demonstrably untrue. First, there was the Devin Nunes fiasco, when the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee found himself running back and forth to the White House grounds (and jumping in and out of cars to lose his aides) in what became such a transparent attempt to hinder that committee's ...

Author: 0 Former Rep. Corrine Brown Found Guilty of Taking Funds from Fake Charity

Corrine Brown, a former U.S. Representative that represented the Duval County district of Florida, was found guilty of 18 of 22 counts of fraud, corruption, and conspiracy early Thursday afternoon, according to reports. Brown testified in her own defense, saying she was left in the dark about the goings-on with One Door's money, and blamed the theft on Simmons. Brown's attorney has argued Simmons, who was dating One Door founder Wiley at the time, was the mastermind and took advantage of the ...

Author: 0 Former Rep. Brown found guilty in charity scam

Judge Timothy Corrigan replaced one of the jurors this morning and told them they all need to start over. Brown's attorney says he will file motions for a new trial, but it is not clear on what grounds.Brown served 12 terms in the U.S. She will remain free until sentencing which could take place within the next 90 days. Closing arguments were held on Monday. The charity reportedly only gave out $1,200 in scholarship funds.

Local Senators Reject Effort To Roll Back Greenhouse Gas Emissions Rule
Author: 0 Senators Reject Effort To Roll Back Greenhouse Gas Emissions Rule

The Senate failed Wednesday to overturn an Obama-era methane restriction, unable to muster a simple majority to repeal the rule when three Republicans who were expected to vote yes instead voted no on the repeal. Hours after Senate Republicans' failed attempt to overturn an Obama-era rule regulating methane emissions, the Trump administration announced it will take matters into its own hands.

Author: 0 Tuesday's Lead Letter: GOP health care bill is bad on several levels

The House of Representatives on Thursday passed a bill fundamentally altering former President Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act . An afternoon recap of the day's most important business news, delivered weekdays. "Today, I voted to repeal and replace Obamacare with a health care bill that ends Washington's failed one-size-fits-all approach to health care, which has left Americans paying more every year for fewer options and with less access to care".

Local Mormon church pulls older teens out of Boy Scouts
Author: 0 Mormon church pulls older teens out of Boy Scouts

Mormon Church troops ages 14 to 18 now number 130,000 boys in a teen program called Varsity and Venturing, the Los Angeles Times reported . The loss is only a fraction of the 2.3 million youths in the Boy Scouts of America, but the organization has been grappling with declining membership for years and has enjoyed an unusually close bond with the Mormon church for more than a century due to their shared values.

Local Comey's firing, blow by blow
Author: 0 Comey's firing, blow by blow

Trump is weighing a visit to the FBI's Washington headquarters in coming days to address agents, White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders told CBS News. He said Mr Comey "enjoyed broad support" within the agency and that he holds Mr Comey in the "absolute highest regard", adding that it was the "greatest privilege" of his career to serve under him.

Local Trump signs executive order to expand offshore drilling
Author: 0 Trump signs executive order to expand offshore drilling

Other energy ventures like offshore wind promise to create many more jobs, without threatening to coat our coastlines with oil". Mr Trump, who said during his campaign that he would withdraw the U.S. By Friday, Trump will have signed 32 executive orders, the most signed by any president in his first 100 days since WWII. California lawmakers are introducing legislation that would thwart President Donald Trump's attempts to expand offshore drilling.

Author: 0 Trump administration postpones another meeting on Paris climate agreement

President Trump will decide whether to keep the United States in the Paris climate change agreement after a meeting of leading industrial nations later this month. "There is the risk of rendering the Paris Agreement nearly meaningless [with diminished commitments]", he said. However, a coalition of 38 conservative and free market groups yesterday reportedly wrote their own letter to Trump urging him to ditch the Paris Agreement, arguing it would "protect" USA energy firms and ...

Local Senate Can't Pass Methane Rollback So Interior Decides To Do It Anyway
Author: 0 Senate Can't Pass Methane Rollback So Interior Decides To Do It Anyway

The rule requires energy companies to update their drilling technologies - some of which are decades old - to minimize emissions of methane gas through accidental leaking or venting into the air. While we will still must work hard to protect this rule, invoking the Congressional Review Act would have also prevented any "substantially similar" rule from EVER being implemented.

Local MLB reviews security at all parks after Fenway racial slurs
Author: 0 MLB reviews security at all parks after Fenway racial slurs

There were 34 ejections that night, Red Sox President Sam Kennedy told reporters. "It was very bad and as I understand it, actually asked the other person to repeat what they just said, confirm that they just said it". According to the Boston Globe , a fan named Calvin Hennick reported the incident Tuesday to an usher at Fenway, who notified stadium security. "I just try to have tunnel vision when I play, but I can't recall ever hearing something that was racist towards me".

Local Projections show Macron elected French President
Author: 0 Projections show Macron elected French President

He has said he was aiming for an absolute majority in the lower chamber in June's elections. Mr Macron's newly renamed "Republique en Marche" (the Republic on the Move) movement reacted warily to the announcement. The Republicans, the main center-right party whose candidate like that of the Socialists was eliminated in a first vote for president on April 23, were preparing on Wednesday to unveil a policy platform that softens some of the hardline measures it was proposing during the ...

Local Tillerson lays out Trump's 'America First' foreign policy to skeptical officials
Author: 0 Tillerson lays out Trump's 'America First' foreign policy to skeptical officials

The top US diplomat also called on the global community to fully implement existing United Nations sanctions against North Korea and sent a very strong message to the North Korean regime. But, Trump said , "We'd love to solve things diplomatically but it's very hard". They want a sustained US presence in the region - which Obama promised them as part of his "pivot" to Asia - to counter China's military assertiveness and growing economic dominance over its neighbors.

Author: 0 Bernie Sanders Can't Stop Laughing At Trump's Health Care Confession

The president made the remark on the day that he heralded the House Republican vote to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Australia has a universal healthcare system, which Republicans have long attacked. The United States does not have a universal health-care system. In late January, Turnbull and Trump had a phone conversation pertaining to the President Barack Obama administration promising to take close to 15 hundred immigrants from the country-continent.

Author: 0 No class: Students shout down Betsy DeVos' graduation speech

DeVos said she was "honored to become a Wildcat" and called it a "real honor and a privilege". There was no chance that was going to happen in 2017. DeVos, a champion of private schools and vouchers, has also come under fire for her characterization of HBCUs. " Choose which way you want to go ", he said as students continued shouting.

Local Trump creates panel to investigate voter fraud
Author: 0 Trump creates panel to investigate voter fraud

In addition to wanting people to believe that voter fraud does not exist, the Democrats also wish them to think that Republicans' desire to investigate such fraud is in fact an attempt to suppress voters, especially minority voters. "They didn't vote for me", Trump said in an interview with ABC News that aired January 25. IVRC allows states to compare data and eliminate these duplicate registrations that could be exploited for fraud and at a minimum create messy voter registration rolls.

Author: 0 Donald Trump Slams James Comey After Firing Him: He's A 'Showboat' & 'Grandstander'

Jeff Flake, another Arizona Republican, tweeted late Tuesday that he had spent "several hours trying to find an acceptable rationale for the timing of Comey's firing". "My decision", Trump said. "He made a recommendation, but regardless of recommendation, I was going to fire Comey". A congressional source with knowledge of the matter said Comey told lawmakers within the past few days he had asked the Justice Department to make additional resources available - mainly more staffing - for the ...

Author: 0 Senate Needs To Move Fast On Healthcare Before Overhauling Tax Code

Waiting for the flawless health insurance proposal is not an option, however. Obamacare, known formally as the Affordable Care Act (ACA), was signed into law in 2010 and fully implemented in 2014. The bill does have language that says insurers can not deny people coverage or charge them more just because they have a pre-existing condition. Many liberals, including Bernie Sanders, now are promoting the idea of moving in the opposite direction: a federally administered insurance and health ...

Author: 0 Sen. Coons: WH Claim That Dems Want Shutdown 'Silly'

Meanwhile, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Tuesday that nearly no senators would support removing the legislative filibuster, which is the procedural tool that can be overcome only by a so-called supermajority of 60 votes. "I get that frustration because I think it's a awful posture for the Democrats to take". " Right now I'm not anxious about the shutdown, I'm anxious about the deal that's in front of us".

Author: 0 Trump Expected To Name Minn. Supreme Court Justice To Federal District Court

During the final two years of the Bush, Clinton and Reagan administrations, senators confirmed more than 60, 70 or 80 federal judges even though the Senate was controlled by the rival party. As it stands right now the Republican party controls the House of Representatives and the Senate, so they've got the legislative branch. And it was Kennedy's vote last term in Whole Woman's Health v.

Author: 0 Comey's firing: Trump frustration finally boiled into action

The White House says Comey's firing was motivated exclusively by concerns over his handling of the high-stakes probe into Hillary Clinton's emails. The FBI is not meant to be a political entity. McCabe called the Russian Federation investigation "highly significant" - another contradiction of the White House portrayal - and assured senators Comey's firing will not hinder it.

Local Peaches Rocks Out for Samantha Bee's (Not The) White House Correspondents' Dinner
Author: 0 Peaches Rocks Out for Samantha Bee's (Not The) White House Correspondents' Dinner

The real White House Correspondent's Dinner was not attended by President Donald Trump; the last president to skip the event was Ronald Reagan in 1981. Here is a list of Minhaj's funniest jokes of the night. Taking a swipe at CNN for overusing the "breaking news" tag, he said: " Every time I watch CNN , it feels like you're assigning me homework.

Author: 0 Republican who helped pass health bill faces angry voters

He knew what was coming. "No matter what I do, may be half the people will be disappointed with me", he said shortly before the meeting drew to a close at 11:20pm. At other times, MacArthur was clearly frustrated. What you must give the congressman credit for is turning up at all. "They vote on the bill that is in front of them".

Local Yardley area man among fraternity brothers charged in student death case
Author: 0 Yardley area man among fraternity brothers charged in student death case

Eight fraternity members were charged with involuntary manslaughter. The other charges include: aggravated assault, simple assault, recklessly endangering another person, hazing, furnishing alcohol to minors, unlawful acts relative to liquor, tampering with evidence, consumption of alcohol by a minor, and disorderly conduct.

Author: 0 What Are Methane Emissions? Congress Upholds Obama Environmental Rule On Greenhouse Gas

The acting secretary for land and minerals at the Interior Department, Kate MacGregor, said in a statement that the Interior Department has plans to " suspend, revise or rescind ", the methane rule for public lands. The Bureau of Land Management estimated that drillers now waste enough methane gas to supply 6.2 million homes a year, and cost taxpayers $46 to $204 million a year in lost royalties.

Local National Ad Buy Boosts House GOPers Who Supported Obamacare Repeal Bill
Author: 0 National Ad Buy Boosts House GOPers Who Supported Obamacare Repeal Bill

President Donald Trump walks from Marine One across the South Lawn to the White House in Washington, Sunday, May 7, 2017, as he returns from Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, N.J. Republican Senate Majority Whip Sen. Never before has the United States ruling elite revealed so nakedly the goal of its health care "reform" efforts of the past quarter-century.

Local Deadly tornado tears through woman's dream wedding in East Texas
Author: 0 Deadly tornado tears through woman's dream wedding in East Texas

Heavy rains also lashed the Midwestern state of Missouri , with at least two reported casualties. "We have at least four fatalities", Canton Mayor Lou Ann Everett said at a news conference on Sunday, adding that number could rise. "We were in that little room and we heard, we felt the sucking feeling, I mean the pressure, coming in the room", said owner Reagan Sumner. Authorities believe as many as five people were killed and dozens injured, though they were still assessing the damage ...

Local Betsy DeVos booed by audience during her speech at historically black university
Author: 0 Betsy DeVos booed by audience during her speech at historically black university

There was no chance that was going to happen in 2017. Amidst her speech, President Jackson interrupted and asked the students to " choose which way you want to go " and said "your degrees will be mailed to you". "I am here to demonstrate in the most direct way possible that I and the administration are fully committed to your success and to the success of every student across this great country", she said.

Author: 0 Tom Price commends West Virginia officers who arrested journalist

On Tuesday, Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price made headlines when, as he entered West Virginia's capitol building, a reporter started asking him questions about the American Health Care Act. Police said Heyman was "yelling a question", at Price. "This individual physically tried to push his way past Secret Service agents who were here to provide for the safety and security of this event in the state capitol".

Author: 0 Obama Starts Defining His New Role in the Trump Era

In a second tweet, Trump said Yates should be asked under oath "if she knows how classified information got into the newspapers" soon after she raised concerns about Flynn with McGahn. Mr Obama and Mr Trump have not spoken since the inauguration, though an aide said Mr Obama would take Mr Trump's call if the Republican reached out.

Author: 0 White House: Government Shutdown Possible If Democrats Keep Hurting Trump's Feelings

Trump's embrace of a government shutdown came days after he accused Senate Democrats of seeking a shutdown and obstructing majority Republicans during recent budget negotiations. Democrats - and some Republicans - quickly denounced his call to close the federal government in a spending fight just as both parties were closing in on a final measure to fund agencies through September.

Local Hit-and-run suspect was deported 15 times in 15 years
Author: 0 Hit-and-run suspect was deported 15 times in 15 years

The boy was knocked unconscious and wasn't breathing when a pickup slammed into his parents' Honda Accord late Saturday night as they returned from a day at Disneyland. "We heard the tires screeching but it wasn't like the screeching of stopping, it was like the screeching of accelerating into the turn". Banda-Acosta and another individual arrested in connection with the crash were reportedly both "Mexican nationals in the country illegally".

Local Race not factor in San Diego pool party shooting
Author: 0 Race not factor in San Diego pool party shooting

Peter Selis, 49, opened fire Sunday during a party held at a San Diego-area apartment complex's swimming pool. Selis, who worked at a vehicle dealership and lived in the apartment complex, allegedly entered the pool area, sat in a lounge chair, and then called his ex-girlfriend, telling her he just shot two people , police said.

Local Chris Berman remembers wife as having 'huge heart'
Author: 0 Chris Berman remembers wife as having 'huge heart'

The Berman family received an outpouring of support all day Wednesday, including a touching tribute from one of ESPN's chief competitors. "Kathy Berman had a huge heart, and this would have warmed hers beyond belief", the statement, signed Meredith, Doug and Chris Berman , said.

Local Environmentalists triumph as Senate upholds drilling rule
Author: 0 Environmentalists triumph as Senate upholds drilling rule

Two Republican senators — South Carolina's Lindsey Graham and Susan Collins of ME — have said they will oppose the repeal effort, while Republican Sens. Energy companies frequently "flare" or burn off vast supplies of methane - the primary component of natural gas - at drilling sites because it earns less money than oil.

Local Climate change is locked in despite Trump, Obama says
Author: 0 Climate change is locked in despite Trump, Obama says

Obama was speaking in Milan at a summit on food innovation. "It's remarkable", Garrow said , "that someone could twice be elected president of the United States, serve eight years and huge pieces of his earlier life remain undiscovered".

Local Tornado Threat Low, Severe Storms Likely
Author: 0 Tornado Threat Low, Severe Storms Likely

Threats from storms in Oklahoma on Thursday include hail up to the size of golf balls. damaging wind gusts of 70 miles per hour and possibly a tornado. "A lot will depend on the cloud cover". In the Kansas City area, the high is expected to reach into the low 80s, about 10 degrees warmer than normal.

Local Obama library renderings show tower-like museum
Author: 0 Obama library renderings show tower-like museum

Obama said the presidential center will be, in part, a leadership training center. Wednesday's event will be not be Barack Obama's first public appearance since leaving the White House. Obama also announced that he and Michelle would donate $2 million to Chicago's summer jobs program, "so that right away young people can get to work and we can start providing opportunities to all of them.

Author: 0 Trump courts moderates, scrambles to head off healthcare defeat

Many conservatives have critcized the budget saying it continues to fund Planned Parenthood and denies any money for Trump's promise to build a border wall. Republicans argued their wins were most evident in trims and changes to more than 150 government programs and the defense spending increases secured without an equal bump for domestic programs that Democrats traditionally request.

Local 'The View' Didn't Expect This Reaction From The Audience To Comey's Firing
Author: 0 'The View' Didn't Expect This Reaction From The Audience To Comey's Firing

When asked by Senator Angus King of ME about press secretary Sean Spicer's statement that the probe was "one of the smallest things on the plate of the FBI", McCabe responded that he would not characterize it thusly. Trump's decision on Tuesday to sack Comey effective immediately drew comparisons to the Watergate scandal that brought down former USA president Richard Nixon.

Author: 0 White House: Rod Rosenstein should take over Russian Federation probe

Yep, this mess is nearly all about Trump's Russia-related rage, and as a result, firing Comey is arguably the most controversial move that this president has made (which is saying a lot). But legislators probably will press him on how the bureau can maintain the probe's integrity and independence, and whether he thinks that a special counsel is necessary.

Local Talk-radio host Alex Jones argues persona in custody dispute
Author: 0 Talk-radio host Alex Jones argues persona in custody dispute

Among the evidence she plans to introduce are videos from INFOWARS with their 12-year-old son who ALEX JONES said is "undoubtedly cut out for this, and I intend for him to eclipse what I've done". "He wants J-Lo to get raped". "He broadcasts from home", she continued. "He's playing a character", Wilhite said, referring to Jones. Whether it be his minor children or his online audience, Jones is daily engaging in active indoctrination of anyone who views InfoWars .

Author: 0 Multi-state search targets suspect in Facebook video murder

He helped the kids and young adults find career opportunities and prepare themselves for the working world, said Nancy Kortemeyer, senior director of marketing and public relations at Beech Brook. "Hopefully I'm gonna try to kill as many people as I can". Meanwhile, law enforcement officials are warning residents in Pennsylvania, New York, Indiana and MI to be on the lookout for Stephens, who is still at large.