Author: 0 Firing 'nut job' Comey eased pressure, Trump told Russians

It says the president then told Russia's foreign minister and ambassador that he "faced great pressure because of Russian Federation". Popular Video SNL is not a fan of the Trump administration, and it shows with every new skit they produce.

Author: 0 John Prescott to campaign for 'prime minister in waiting' Jeremy Corbyn

This makes little impact on Betfair's headline election markets where the Conservatives are [1.09] to win a majority on June 8. However, at least half of last weekend's polling happened after the Labour manifesto had been leaked, so this week's figures probably contain the full force of Labour's manifesto bounce.

Global Tories want a blank cheque, says McDonnell
Author: 0 Tories want a blank cheque, says McDonnell

The Conservative manifesto did not note how many people would be affected or how much would be saved after the extra administrative burden, but analysis by Labour found that only the two million poorest pensioners would still be eligible for the allowance.

Global Trump in Saudi Arabia tells Muslims leaders to 'drive out' terrorists
Author: 0 Trump in Saudi Arabia tells Muslims leaders to 'drive out' terrorists

Salman said Saudi Arabia is committed to "eradicating terrorism" - "regardless of their religion, sect or ideology". The major speech, which Trump delivered Sunday during an Arab-Islamic-American summit in Riyadh to leaders of 55 Muslim-majority countries, marks Trump's first effort to reach out to the world's 1.6 billion Muslims worldwide.

Global Korea fires ballistic missile in latest test, Seoul says
Author: 0 Korea fires ballistic missile in latest test, Seoul says

South Korea's new President Moon Jae-In called a National Security Council meeting in response to the latest launch, Yonhap news agency reported. Pyongyang launched Hwasong-12 on May 14 that landed in water 60 miles south of Russia's Vladivostok region, the home of the Russian Pacific Fleet.

Author: 0 New French President Visits Mali in First Trip Outside Europe

Pope Francis is praying that God will support France's new president Emmanuel Macron and urged him to strengthen the country's Christian and spiritual roots. France has led worldwide counter-terrorism efforts in largely francophone West Africa, a role that the U.S. military has recognised and supported. France wants a "new Franco-German impetus so that Europe plays a greater role in defense and security matters, especially in Africa and the Sahel", a source in Macron's team said.

Global China, ASEAN agree on framework for South China Sea code of conduct
Author: 0 China, ASEAN agree on framework for South China Sea code of conduct

The soldiers were reportedly killed when a China-made anti-aircraft cannon malfunctioned during an exercise in the Natuna island chain in the disputed waters. "If such exercises and cooperation are for the benefits of regional peace and stability, then we have no opposition", Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said here.

Author: 0 Trump Team to Israel: Western Wall 'Not Your Territory'

According to Israel's Channel 2 News, a member of the United States delegation preparing for Trump's visit made the comment about the wall when Israeli officials suggested a photographer shoot video of the President during a proposed visit to the site.

Author: 0 China's Xi threatened war over South China Sea: Duterte

President Duterte on Monday, May 15, reassured Chinese President Xi Jinping that the Philippines would seek a peaceful resolution of its territorial dispute with China in the South China Sea . Carpio issued the statement after President Rodrigo Duterte's revelation on Friday that China had threatened to use force against the Philippines if it will extract oil from Recto (Reed) Bank.

Author: 0 North Korea fires 'medium-range ballistic missile'

The Hwasong-12 intermediate-range missile fired on May 14 flew some 700 km - further than any previous North Korean ballistic missile - and according to Pyongyang could carry a nuclear warhead. With an imputed range of 4,500 kilometres the Hwasong-12 also puts USA bases on the Pacific island of Guam within reach. The UN Security Council met behind closed doors last Tuesday to discuss tightening sanctions on North Korea after its May 14 launch.

Global South Korea: North Korea fires unidentified 'projectile'
Author: 0 South Korea: North Korea fires unidentified 'projectile'

Two U.S. defense officials confirmed that a reentry vehicle of a new ballistic missile North Korea launched last Sunday successfully reentered the Earth's atmosphere, NBC News reported on Friday. The test was meant to examine the "technical details and characteristics" of a new type of rocket "capable of carrying a powerful and big nuclear warhead", KCNA news agency said.

Author: 0 Tillerson: Trump told Russians about Comey to show he's not distracted

On the heels of a special counsel being named to oversee the Russian Federation probe, the Post report late Friday said law enforcement officials looking into possible collusion between Russian Federation and the Trump campaign have identified a senior White House adviser as a significant person of interest.

Author: 0 Emmanuel Macron visits French troops posted to Mali on anti-jihad mission

Keita expressed his gratitude toward France for its military intervention that began in 2013 after extremist groups overran the country's vast northern region. Macron, who was elected on 7 May in a resounding victory over the far-right Marine Le Pen, warned before taking office that he would have "no state of grace".

Author: 0 Palestinians Call for 'Day of Rage' During Trump Visit

It is, after all , the last remaining piece of the Jewish Temple compound, destroyed by the Romans in the year 70 CE, and thus the primary destination for Jews in Israel and around the world to gather for prayer to this day. but I believe the Western Wall is part of Israel and I think that is how we've always seen it and that's how we should pursue it... Erekat also called for stopping all Israeli settlements, which he said was a prerequisite to peace, as stipulated by the Security ...

Author: 0 Theresa May: There will be no place for Scotland at Brexit talks

The Scottish National Party has warned that taxpayers north of the border could be "short-changed" by Conservative plans to preserve the winter fuel payment for all Scottish pensioners while limiting it to the poorest in England and Wales. "While Nicola Sturgeon tries desperately to convince voters that this election isn't all about independence to her, her deputy leader has let the cat out of the bag".

Global Rubio on Trump Drama: 'People Got What They Voted For'
Author: 0 Rubio on Trump Drama: 'People Got What They Voted For'

The appointment came after both Democrats and Republicans called for a special prosecutor amid revelations of Mr. Trump's reported knowledge of Michael Flynn's dealings with Russian entities, and of details about a memo James Comey wrote that says Mr.

Global Donald Trump-GCC leaders' summit begins in Saudi Arabia
Author: 0 Donald Trump-GCC leaders' summit begins in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has outlined Vision 2030 that aims to develop new industries such as defence and lower foreign defence purchases, while President Trump is keen to support USA job creation. In a pointed departure from his predecessor, Trump all but promised he would not publicly admonish Mideast rulers for human rights violations and oppressive reigns.

Global Trump meeting with Arab Gulf nation leaders
Author: 0 Trump meeting with Arab Gulf nation leaders

The speech, given in Saudi Arabia at a conference of 50 Arab and Muslim states and the USA, is a sharp departure from the rhetoric of President Obama. This was a moment which could have really gone off the rails if the President had begun freestyling and dropped back into campaign mode, but this wound up being one of the most impressive speeches of his presidency in front of an audience which definitely contained elements who might be skeptical of him at best.

Author: 0 White House Faces New Pressure on Comey, Russia

The US president flew out to Saudi Arabia as a separate report claimed one of his White House colleagues is being targeted by the FBI in their investigation into alleged links between Trump's campaign team and the Kremlin. Mr. Trump was hosting Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and the Russian ambassador to the U.S., Sergei Kislyak. The Justice Department on Friday released the text of Rosenstein's opening remarks for the briefings on Capitol Hill.

Global Indian arrested in Pakistan over travel documents
Author: 0 Indian arrested in Pakistan over travel documents

Jadhav's case is the latest flashpoint in the tensions between Pakistan and India. "Jadhav has been sentenced according to the constitution of Pakistan because he was arrested in the country and was involved in anti-state activities", the Minister said.

Global Twitter leader laments social media role in Trump's election
Author: 0 Twitter leader laments social media role in Trump's election

Williams said he believes things are getting worse, as people use Facebook to record in real-time suicides, beatings and murder. In an interview ( ) with The New York Times , Evan Williams says Twitter's role in Trump's populist rise is "a very bad thing".

Author: 0 Military official: USA airstrike hits pro-regime forces in Syria

The strike was the first such close confrontation between U.S. forces and fighters backing President Bashar Assad and the development is likely to increase tensions in the war-torn country. The UN secretariat is "aware of media reports that an anti-Daesh coalition struck a convoy of the Syrian army and pro-government militias in southern Syria ".

Author: 0 Congress told Trump-Russia investigation now includes a possible cover-up

The Post said its sources would not further identify the official, who was described as a person close to President Trump. "He was insane, a real nut job", Trump allegedly said to the Russian envoys. Initially, the administration had claimed that the president had terminated Comey's employment based exclusively upon a recommendation from the Department of Justice (DOJ).

Global Former FBI Director James Comey Will Testify In Open Session
Author: 0 Former FBI Director James Comey Will Testify In Open Session

Rather, White House press secretary Sean Spicer told the Times the pressure Trump was referring to was on his administration's "ability to engage and negotiate with Russian Federation". Comey, who headed the FBI's now-criminal investigation into the same events, declined to do so. Democrats have argued that Mr Trump's firing of Mr Comey during his Russian Federation investigation could amount to obstruction of justice.

Author: 0 US airstrike hits pro-Syria government forces

The safe zones agreement in Syria came into effect this month. A statement issued by Operation inherent Resolve, the official name for the coalition fighting ISIS , read that pro-regime militias " posed a threat to USA and partner forces at At Tanf", a remote base in southern Syria, reports CNN.

Global White House official subject of Russia probe
Author: 0 White House official subject of Russia probe

One of those occurred at the White House on January 22, just two days after Mr. Trump was sworn in. In theory, Trump could order Sessions to fire Rosenstein. Russian media was invited to the meeting between Lavrov, Kislyak and Trump. House members and senators said Rosenstein steered clear of specifics in answering questions about his appointment of former FBI director as special counsel but made clear that Mueller has wide latitude to pursue the investigation wherever it leads, ...

Global Israel Prime Minister Responds to Secretary Tillerson on US Embassy Move
Author: 0 Israel Prime Minister Responds to Secretary Tillerson on US Embassy Move

Trump had promised during his campaign to move the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem , whose status is one of the thorniest issues of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. One U.S. official reportedly told the Israelis the site is "not your territory". Trump slammed President Barack Obama for not vetoing the measure, calling it "extremely unfair".

Global Swedish prosecutor drops investigation into Julian Assange for suspected rape
Author: 0 Swedish prosecutor drops investigation into Julian Assange for suspected rape

He told reporters and supporters in central London that his children had grown up without him during the total of seven years he has spent in detention without charge. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has said arresting Assange is a priority , though he has not yet been charged. He has been there ever since, fearing that if he is arrested he might ultimately be extradited to the United States.

Author: 0 Trump addresses radical Islam in speech in Saudi Arabia

While America is "prepared to stand" with the Arab world against this common enemy, Trump will say that "the nations of the Middle East can not wait for American power to crush this enemy for them". "We are very encouraged by the position the Trump administration has taken". And in a meeting with the emir of Kuwait, Sabah al-Ahmad al-Sabah, Trump noted Kuwait bought large amounts of US military equipment.

Author: 0 Unaffordable health care for many

All New Yorkers - regardless of age, income, wealth, employment and pre-existing conditions, deserve health insurance without having to worry about making ends meet. In 2015, there were a total of 27.4 million of those individuals, the analysis found. Instead, they would be covered with a supplement, if you want to buy one.

Global Senator calls for ejection of Turkish ambassador
Author: 0 Senator calls for ejection of Turkish ambassador

Earlier on Tuesday, Erdogan met with President Donald Trump at the White House, where the two leaders vowed to fix their countries' relationship and re-establish an economic and military partnership. "We should throw the Turkish ambassador out of the country, we should identify those people that performed these unlawful acts of beating people up and they should be charged", McCain told reporters.

Global Comey to testify publicly in Congress
Author: 0 Comey to testify publicly in Congress

Whether or not Trump was trying to influence Comey and the FBI's investigation into the campaign's connections to Russian Federation will be at the center of the hearing to try to figure out whether the president obstructed justice. "He was insane, a real nut job", the Times reported that Mr Trump said during the May 10 meeting. "I'm convinced that he's nuts", continued the elder Comey, a Republican who formerly served as a borough councilman, referring to Trump.

Author: 0 James Comey reportedly believes Trump was trying to influence him

The conversations, discovered during intelligence intercepts, alarmed the Obama White House so much that there was a "five alarm fire" regarding Flynn, and the Obama administration limited sharing of information with him during the transition when he was penciled in for National Security Advisor.

Global Trump Admin Regrets Erasing Israeli Territory From US Maps
Author: 0 Trump Admin Regrets Erasing Israeli Territory From US Maps

Analyst Ghaith al-Omari said the idea seemed to involve "key Arab States - Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and other U.S. allies - into a regional process that would create, as Trump called it, a "bigger canvas" for reaching peace".

Author: 0 Abe urges Moon to implement accord

Xi expressed hope that the country's new government would respect China's serious concerns and further the development of bilateral relations by way of concrete action - a veiled request to rethink hosting THAAD. The THAAD is increasingly opposed among many South Koreans, particularly based on Trump's calls for them to pay for it. It said Moon told Abe that it was emotionally hard for South Koreans to accept the agreement.

Global The Times Square Driver, Rojas, Heard Voices
Author: 0 The Times Square Driver, Rojas, Heard Voices

Rojas appeared subdued during a brief court appearance on Friday. For the Times Square incident, Rojas was charged with one count of murder in the second degree, aggravated vehicular homicide and multiple counts of attempted murder, a police spokesman said on Thursday.

Global Chibok girls in health checkups before Buhari meeting
Author: 0 Chibok girls in health checkups before Buhari meeting

The Chief of Staff to the President, Abba Kyari, had, earlier in the day, received the girls at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja , on behalf of the President. Dozens escaped in the initial melee, but more than 200 remained missing for more than two years. Twenty-one Chibok girls were released by Boko Haram in October 2016.

Author: 0 US State Department summons Turkish Ambassador

John McCain, the Republican chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, called for the Turkish ambassador to be kicked out of the US. President Donald Trump, in hosting Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the White House Tuesday, May 16, 2017, extended his latest warm welcome to an authoritarian-style leader who had a strained relationship with the previous U.S.

Author: 0 Comey to testify before Senate intelligence committee

Comey's highly anticipated testimony, which will be slated after the Memorial Day congressional recess, comes after he was sacked by Trump May 9 amid a mounting investigation into Russian involvement in the 2016 election and possible ties between Trump campaign associates and that country.

Author: 0 Anti-terror fight 'not a battle between different faiths'

But Trump also rejected the "clash of civilizations" rhetoric espoused by some of his more nationalistic advisers. The Kuwaiti leader referred to Trump as "my brother". and called for surveillance of USA mosques. Trump's speech also comes as he and his administration have continued to defend the executive order barring visitors to the U.S.

Global Donald Trump 'belongs in an institution — Federal Bureau of Investigation director's father
Author: 0 Donald Trump 'belongs in an institution — Federal Bureau of Investigation director's father

Sen. Dianne FeinsteinDianne FeinsteinFeinstein: Comey is not a "nut job" Sunday shows preview: Trump overseas as Russia probe heats up GOP talks of narrowing "blue-slip" rule for judges MORE (D-Calif.) on Sunday said James Comey is not a "nut job", following a report that Trump used the term during a White House meeting with top Russian diplomats to describe the former Federal Bureau of Investigation director.

Global Publicly-owned utilities will cut bills by £220 annually, says Labour
Author: 0 Publicly-owned utilities will cut bills by £220 annually, says Labour

However the Conservative offensive - backed by a new poster campaign - underlines their belief that Jeremy Corbyn's credibility on the economy remains a key Labour weakness. "It's clear that proposal after proposal in this manifesto will mean more borrowing and debt: from promises on benefits, to promises on prison guards, to promises on nationalising the water network", chief secretary to the Finance Ministry, David Gauke, said in a statement.

Global 'PH can sue China over war threat'
Author: 0 'PH can sue China over war threat'

Now he might be regretting that move. Gordon sounded the word of caution two days after President Duterte dropped a bombshell, saying that in his one on one with Chinese President Xi Jinping last week in Beijing , the latter bluntly told him that if Manila pushes through with plans to drill in West Philippine Sea, "we will go to war".

Global North Korea Launches Ballistic Missile Into Sea
Author: 0 North Korea Launches Ballistic Missile Into Sea

North Korea has defied all calls to rein in its nuclear and missile programmes, even from China, its lone major ally, calling them legitimate self-defence. In Tokyo, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe called the launch a "challenge to the world" that tramples global efforts to resolve the North Korean nuclear and missile problems peacefully, and vowed to bring up the issue as the "main agenda" of this week's G-7 summit in Italy.

Author: 0 Trump and Tillerson to join Saudi defense signing ceremony

President Trump arrived in Riyadh on Saturday - the first leg of his maiden worldwide trip since taking office in January. Two years ago, then-citizen Trump criticized then-first lady Michelle Obama's decision to go bare-headed on a January 2015 visit with her husband.

Global Trump to Russians: Firing Comey Took 'Great Pressure' Off
Author: 0 Trump to Russians: Firing Comey Took 'Great Pressure' Off

During that meeting, Trump told them dismissing Comey relieved "great pressure ". Well, according to a new report from The Washington Post , people familiar with the investigation say that a current senior administration official has been identified as a person of interest in the probe.

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