Author: 0 North Korea accuses US of 'smear campaign' over Warmbier death

Kenneth Bae, an American who was jailed for almost two years in North Korea, told CNN he believed Warmbier could have been tortured, and cautioned other Americans against going to North Korea. The situation has already clouded the foreign policy the USA has toward North Korea. North Korean officials claimed that Warmbier's coma was caused by botulism and a sleeping pill, though doctors found no evidence of the disease, and believe he was beaten until he went into cardiopulmonary arrest.

Global GOP winning streak continues in Georgia
Author: 0 GOP winning streak continues in Georgia

But if they remain oblivious to the social conservatism of red-state and red-district culture, they'll remain flummoxed as to why a 30-year-old filmmaker with experience in - oh no! But, to quote Taylor Swift, they're not out of the woods yet.

Global Weakening Cindy heads inland, spreading heavy rain
Author: 0 Weakening Cindy heads inland, spreading heavy rain

Crews in Memphis, Tennessee, had worked Thursday to clear storm drains to help prevent street flooding before the storm set in. As the system gets closer, rain will fall at a steady rate, he said. The area could pick up an additional 1-3 inches of rain if you are under one of the rain bands, so flash flooding is still possible since all the rain will runoff.

Author: 0 Votes for Life for expats left out of Queen's Speech

The speech announced no fewer than eight bills to implement Brexit, and new legislation aimed at tackling extremist content online after the terror attacks. If the government fails to win the backing of a majority of MPs, then it will be seen as a vote of no confidence. When asked whether May would still be prime minister at the end of this year, her finance minister Philip Hammond told the BBC: "Yes I do".

Author: 0 New White House chief usher moves from Trump hotel

He will meet with energy industry leaders next week. But none of the executives criticized the president in public sessions, and Trump at least projected a jovial mood, touting the gains in technology stocks since he took office and expressing confidence his administration would overcome such long-running challenges as modernizing the air traffic system.

Global Steve Scalise Making 'Good Progress' After Shooting, Hospital Says
Author: 0 Steve Scalise Making 'Good Progress' After Shooting, Hospital Says

He has required several surgeries for a reported gunshot wound to the hip. This person was not authorized to speak publicly about the case and spoke on condition of anonymity. "I feel a lot more confident and a lot more optimistic than I did two, three days ago", Sava said. Scalise has been listed in either critical or serious condition in every other release by the hospital, the latest of which was sent on Saturday.

Global Iran displays missiles in Quds Day rally
Author: 0 Iran displays missiles in Quds Day rally

Rouhani told reporters that the rally was Iran's response to the USA violations of the "rights of people" of Iran after the Senate last week approved new sanctions on Tehran over its missile program, something Congress is expected to decide on soon.

Global Israelis Dismiss Iranian Missile Strike as 'Flop'
Author: 0 Israelis Dismiss Iranian Missile Strike as 'Flop'

Tasnim quoted a statement made by the IRGC public relations office Sunday as saying: "a number of mid-range ground-to-ground missiles were fired from the IRGC aerospace force's bases in Iran's western provinces of Kermanshah and Kurdistan".

Global Rajasthan govt ready for talks with Jat quota protesters, says official
Author: 0 Rajasthan govt ready for talks with Jat quota protesters, says official

The protestors had been demanding a written time-frame from the state government to include Jats of Bharatpur and Dholpur districts in the OBC category, or face the possibility of the agitation being spread to other parts of the country. "They will also hand over to the protesters a letter assuring the Jat community of being granted reservation under the OBC category", Gupta said. On Thursday, a goods train was stopped by the agitators near Deeg in Bharatpur.

Global Trump Today: President defends Comey comments and signs VA bill into law
Author: 0 Trump Today: President defends Comey comments and signs VA bill into law

The resulting news reports built pressure on a top Justice Department official to appoint an independent prosecutor to oversee the Russian Federation investigation. While testifying before the House Intelligence Committee, Mr Comey said he hoped there were tapes. The president has also criticized Mueller's ties to Comey.

Global University of Missouri revokes Cosby's honorary degree
Author: 0 University of Missouri revokes Cosby's honorary degree

The University of Missouri is considering whether to revoke an honorary degree it granted to Bill Cosby . Cosby was charged with drugging and sexually assaulting a woman in an incident that took place in 2004. According to an agenda for the university's board meeting , Cosby's testimony did not result in a guilty verdict, but it did raise to the level of rescinding Cosby's honorary degree.

Global Was Told They Were Beef-Eaters, Says Man Arrested For Train Lynching
Author: 0 Was Told They Were Beef-Eaters, Says Man Arrested For Train Lynching

He has confessed to having stabbed Junaid and his brothers. "The fight started over seats". Hasim said that while they were attacked, the other passengers started instigated the attackers to continue with the beating. While the bereaved family is still reeling under the shock of what happened on the train, Junaid's brothers have recounted to several newspapers about how a group of men taunted, slapped and beat them up because they belong to a certain community.

Global Cosby trial jurors' names released
Author: 0 Cosby trial jurors' names released

O'Neill warned jurors not to divulge what fellow jurors said during deliberations. "When you ask for help on your resume, on your resignation letter, which she did, and he, Mr. At one point, the juror said, one man even punched the wall of the jury room out of frustration. "They had five sheriff's deputies at the door and they could hear us and they kept coming in because they thought we were already fighting".

Global Colombia rebels free kidnapped Dutch journalists: ELN
Author: 0 Colombia rebels free kidnapped Dutch journalists: ELN

The reporters, Derk Johannes Bolt, 62, a television journalist, and Eugenio Ernest Marie Follender, 58, a cameraman, "have been released in ideal conditions", the group said on Twitter. Koenders said he spoke by phone to the journalists shortly after their release. In May 2016, ELN rebels kidnapped a Colombian-Spanish journalist and two Colombian TV reporters in the same region.

Author: 0 After demands aired, solution to Qatar crisis seems far off

President Donald Trump visited Saudi Arabia and vowed to improve ties with both Riyadh and Cairo to combat terrorism and contain Iran. He told The Associated Press on Friday that the network stands firm in providing "our usual comprehensive and impartial coverage of events around the world".

Author: 0 Conservatives could still cut deal with DUP, insists Kent MP Damian Green

The DUP has blocked same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland multiple times , as well as being against abortion, gay and bi men donating blood, and gay and bi women having access to surrogacy and IVF treatment. The Good Friday Agreement requires both the United Kingdom and Irish governments to be "rigorously impartial" in its implementation. May called the snap election expecting an overwhelming victory that would silence dissenters and give her a mandate to push ahead with plans to leave ...

Author: 0 Hundreds Evacuated After London Tower Inferno

A tower block reportedly containing 161 homes is to be evacuated over safety fears in the wake of the Grenfell Tower disaster , in which at least 79 people are believed to have died. "Firm advice from fire service was blocks not safe to sleep in tonight", Gould said on Twitter. Grenfell Tower is situated in Kensington, one of the richest boroughs in Europe.

Global Queen's Speech promises 'best possible' Brexit deal
Author: 0 Queen's Speech promises 'best possible' Brexit deal

Mrs May is under increasing pressure to secure a deal with Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party to prop up her government after almost two weeks of talks. "That was a failure of the state, local, and national, to help people when they needed it most", she said, according The Guardian . "This is yet another humiliating climbdown for a lame-duck Prime Minister", he said.

Author: 0 Defiant Pelosi Says She's Staying: 'I Think I'm Worth The Trouble'

On Thursday morning at her weekly briefing, Pelosi fielded several questions about calls for her to go. Tim Ryan lost a challenge to longtime Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi for leadership of House Democrats last fall. Unless the Democrats start winning more than just moral victories against a deeply unpopular president, her days as party leader could be numbered.

Author: 0 Democrats' real problem is that Nancy Pelosi is their true face

This is not coming from a Republican foe, but a Democratic colleague. Representative Tim Ryan , a Democratic congressman from OH who has been an outspoken critic of his party's messaging and platform, perfectly summed up Americans' feelings towards Democrats .

Global Fatal attack in Jerusalem: ISIS, Hamas both claim responsibility
Author: 0 Fatal attack in Jerusalem: ISIS, Hamas both claim responsibility

The attack with guns and knives near Jerusalem's Old City on Friday killed a border policewoman and wounded three other people. Another Israeli police officer was lightly wounded in the attack, and two Palestinian bystanders were wounded in the shootout that followed the initial assault.

Author: 0 Trump Gives Nancy Pelosi a Backhanded Compliment

Pelosi told fellow House Democrats in a letter Wednesday, "The House was in play before the Georgia race". With the support of a notoriously republican district and of President Trump , Handel was able to defeat Ossoff by over 12-thousand votes.

Global Death toll from Pakistan bomb and gun attacks rises to 56
Author: 0 Death toll from Pakistan bomb and gun attacks rises to 56

No group claimed responsibility for the Parachinar blasts . Dr. Sabir Hussain, an official at a government-run hospital in Parachinar, said they had received 261 victims of the twin blasts, with 62 listed in critical condition. Ramadan ends this weekend. There was no immediate claim of responsibility for Friday's attack. In Baluchistan, provincial government spokesman Anwar ul Haq Kakar said the Quetta auto bomb went off near the office of the inspector general (IG) of police.

Author: 0 North Korea censures United States for 'smear campaign' over student's death

SEOUL-South Korean President Moon Jae-in said on Thursday China should do more to rein in North Korea's nuclear program and he would call on President Xi Jinping to lift measures against South Korean companies taken in retaliation against Seoul's decision to host a USA anti-missile defense system.

Author: 0 Trump signals willing to work with Republicans on healthcare bill

The group said in a statement Friday it's encouraged that the Senate bill would take immediate action to stabilize shaky insurance markets by guaranteeing billions of dollars in subsidies under jeopardy due to a legal dispute and political maneuvering.

Global GOP senator blasts Trumpcare for stripping coverage from 'millions of Americans'
Author: 0 GOP senator blasts Trumpcare for stripping coverage from 'millions of Americans'

Medicaid funding is at the heart of the protester's complaints. The bill would let states get waivers to ignore some coverage requirements under Obama's law, such as specific health services insurers must now cover. That includes phasing out extra money Obama's statute gives states that have expanded the program, a step Nevada has taken, adding 200,000 additional people.

Author: 0 US student freed from North Korea suffered 'severe neurological injury'

Doctors with the University of Cincinnati Health system say Mr Warmbier shows extensive loss of brain tissue, consistent with respiratory arrest, when the brain is cut off from oxygen but they are not sure why. The Warmbier's have said their son was "terrorized and brutalized" by Kim Jong-Un's regime. Warmbier's full interview will air Thursday night on Fox News.

Global Soros Says UK Is Approaching 'Tipping Point' as Brexit Bites
Author: 0 Soros Says UK Is Approaching 'Tipping Point' as Brexit Bites

The U.K. and the European Union started talks on Britain's exit from the bloc Monday morning, nearly a year after the U.K. voted to leave, with EU chief negotiator saying he hoped the two sides can start removing the uncertainties created by that decision.

Global Saudi Arabia gives Qatar list of demands to end blockade
Author: 0 Saudi Arabia gives Qatar list of demands to end blockade

Saudi Arabia , the United Arab Emirates , Egypt and Bahrain all cut off diplomatic ties with Qatar on June 5, after officially accusing it of "sponsoring terrorism". The Emirati State Minister for Foreign Affairs Anwar Mohammed Gargash, in a post published on Twitter social network on Friday, accused Qatar of leaking a document containing the demands by Saudi Arabia , Egypt , the UAE and Bahrain .

Author: 0 Putin trolls James Comey by offering him asylum in Russian Federation

Moscow also hopes that the USA could play a "constructive role" in helping settle the Ukrainian crisis, he said . Putin accused the USA of interfering in countries across the world by financing NGOs, and said many world leaders had complained about this to him but were scared of saying it publicly for fear of angering Washington.

Author: 0 GOP senator says Iowans might not lose Medicaid

The GOP-controlled Senate bill introduced Thursday would phase out federal money to states which opted to expand the low-income health insurance program. President Donald Trump made calls to fellow Republicans in the US Senate on Friday to mobilise support for their party's healthcare overhaul while acknowledging the legislation is on a "very, very narrow path" to passage.

Global Businessman Jon Platt is convicted over term-time Disney family holiday
Author: 0 Businessman Jon Platt is convicted over term-time Disney family holiday

The IWC took the case to the High Court for clarification. But instead of the original £120 fine, Mr. Platt must now pay £2,000 in costs after being convicted of failing to secure his child's regular attendance. "I don't agree with the magistrates" decision but I'm going to respect it. But I will respect their decision and not appeal it'. Representing Mr Platt, Paul Greatorex, said that there had been 8.5 million unauthorised absences in a single term in the United Kingdom past year, and ...

Author: 0 Podhoretz: GOP Dodged a Bullet in Georgia Race

Tuesday was a triumphant night for Republicans , winning 4 of 5 special elections, including the most expensive House race in USA history. "For my part, I hope the Democrats heed the counsel of Jim Dean of Democracy For America, who says Ossoff and the others lost because they failed to "[run] on a bold progressive vision".

Global U.S. forces shoot down armed drone in Syria
Author: 0 U.S. forces shoot down armed drone in Syria

Iran described today the missile attack against the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group in the Syrian province of Deir Ez-Zour as crushing and successful, destroying command centers and weapons depots. Australia on Tuesday suspended its airstrikes against IS targets in Syria as a precaution, after Russian Federation announced it was suspending the hotline and warned the United States of America -led coalition not to fly over Syrian army positions west of the Euphrates River .

Author: 0 Trump to announce curbs on business with Cuban military

Obama also gave illegal immigrants from Cuba a path to legal status and opened travel to the island nation. According to their report titled "Inside Marco Rubio's campaign top shape Trump's Cuba crackdown ", eight officials who were involved in drafting President Trump's policy towards Cuba to feel his agenda achieved "escape velocity" thanks to Rubio.

Global Rajinikanth on entering politics: Will inform as I decide
Author: 0 Rajinikanth on entering politics: Will inform as I decide

He said the "Superstar" was "unfit for any political work". "Once I take a decision I will inform you", the actor told PTI at Chennai airport in response to a question regarding his meeting with the political leaders. We are in discussion and yet to take a decision. He claimed if he did enter politics, he would be truthful and not host people who want to make money.

Author: 0 Kyrgyz President denies he's in talks to send troops to Syria

Turkish media quoted a spokesman for President Recep Tayyip Erdogan as also saying that Russian Federation had asked the two Central Asian countries about sending troops to Syria. "We (Turkish forces) will probably be most prominent in the Idlib region with the Russians; mostly Russia and Iran around Damascus", Ibrahim Kalin, a spokesman for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, was quoted on June 22 by the Hurriyet newspaper as saying.

Author: 0 U.S. president's son-in-law meets Israeli, Palestinian leaders

Netanyahu is close to Kushner's family, and he even gave up his childhood bedroom and slept in the basement once when the Israeli prime minister visited them in NY. "There's no benefit to the Saudis to allow overflights or low-level economic stuff when they can basically get what they want from Israel without that", he said.

Author: 0 Charlie Dent 'concerned' by Senate health care bill

Some of those lawmakers could eventually change their stances after potential amendments to the plan. McConnell wants to push the package through the Senate next week, and will succeed if he can limit defections to two of the chamber's 52 Republicans .

Author: 0 Tech CEOs meet with Trump on government overhaul

While tech leaders - or their companies - have spoken out against some Trump policies, including withdrawing the US from the Paris Climate Agreement and a travel ban that was later overturned, it was still a full house for Monday's meeting , where Alphabet executive chairman Eric Schmidt, Apple CEO Tim Cook , and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos were among those in attendance.

Global Some House Democrats mull over how to oust Pelosi as leader
Author: 0 Some House Democrats mull over how to oust Pelosi as leader

BENNETT: It's a criticism rooted in generational angst about the future of the Democratic Party and its leaders. "Many times I had not really wanted to run again, and ( Democrats ) called on me to do so". He urges Democrats to look into races previously not on the radar or thought to be competitive and stop the second guessing. She has been a successful fundraiser since she joined the leadership team in 2002.

Global DNC Chairman Tom Perez suggests Democrats could 'take 50 seats' in House
Author: 0 DNC Chairman Tom Perez suggests Democrats could 'take 50 seats' in House

Many of her campaign e-mails told supporters that Pelosi and the "resistance" were pouring millions into the district to sway the results in Ossoff's favor. About half of the estimated $60 million that poured into the race was controlled by outside groups, such as political action committees from both sides that released a deluge of attack ads.

Author: 0 SKorean president calls for NKorean Olympic participation

There is also the question of possible future athletic exchanges between South and North ahead of the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. The ITF includes 32 North Korean nationals out of a total 36 delegates, Yonhap reported . International Olympic Committee (IOC) member Chang Ung (left, gray hair) is greeted by a South Korean children's taekwondo team as he arrives at Gimpo Airport with a North Korean taekwondo demonstration team, June 23.

Author: 0 Flint Airport Suspect Tried To Buy A Gun Days Before Stabbing

A U.S. official told CNN that preliminary information appears to show Ftouhi traveled between the United States and Canada multiple times. Officials didn't say where he tried to purchase a gun or what type or firearm he attempted to purchase.

Global London homes evacuated on fire issues
Author: 0 London homes evacuated on fire issues

It came after it was confirmed the fire at the block was caused by faulty fridge, with police now probing manslaughter charges. The checks have so far revealed at least 14 blocks have combustible cladding similar to that on Grenfell Tower .

Global Doctors: Officer stabbed in neck at airport recovering well
Author: 0 Doctors: Officer stabbed in neck at airport recovering well

Rachael Hannah hugs her daughter Raylee Hannah, 5, as she looks up to Einas Shalabi at the Flint Islamic Center's interfaith prayer service on Thursday, June 22, 2017, in Flint, Mich., at for Lt. Lt. Jeff Neville was stabbed in the neck at Flint's Bishop International Airport Wednesday morning. He wanted to identify an worldwide airport, but, Gelios said, authorities "have absolutely no indication that he had any association with anyone in the Flint area or, thus far, in MI".

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