Author: 0 USA student suffered 'extensive' brain damage in North Korea

Doctors in OH described him as being in a state of "unresponsive wakefulness" but declined to discuss his outlook for improvement, saying such information would be kept confidential. The Trump administration issued repeated warnings to North Korea's government for its missile program. Wilson points out that 17 Americans have been detained in recent years in North Korea.

Global Suggesting I Had Comey Tapes 'Wasn't Stupid'
Author: 0 Suggesting I Had Comey Tapes 'Wasn't Stupid'

Earhardt then gushed, "It was a smart way to make sure he stayed honest in those hearings". He also seemed to resurface another one of his favorite unfounded claims, that former President Barack Obama's administration spied on him, "doing all of this unmasking and surveillance".

Global Auto bomb hits bank in Afghanistan's Lashkar Gah province
Author: 0 Auto bomb hits bank in Afghanistan's Lashkar Gah province

Governor Hayatullah Hayat said by phone that most of those killed were civilians and at least 60 people were wounded. No group has claimed responsibility for the latest in a series of brazen attacks during the holy fasting month of Ramadan, but it comes as the Taliban ramp up their annual spring offensive.

Global Hawaii becomes the first state to commit to Paris agreement
Author: 0 Hawaii becomes the first state to commit to Paris agreement

Because of existing provisions within the Clean Air Act and others embedded in the Paris Agreement , remaining in it would subject the United States to significant litigation risk that could upend your Administration's ability to fulfill its goal of rescinding the Clean Power Plan.

Author: 0 North Korea denies torturing American Otto Warmbier

His family had no news of him until 13 June when Pyongyang announced he had been in a coma since his trial, attributing it to botulism . Thousands of friends and relatives gathered at Wyoming High School in suburban Cincinnati on Thursday for a memorial service for Warmbier, who graduated from the school as salutatorian in 2013.

Global Otto Warmbier's death remains mystery as family declines autopsy
Author: 0 Otto Warmbier's death remains mystery as family declines autopsy

Referring to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson , she added, "the secretary has the authority to do it, he just has not come to a conclusion about how this would potentially work". The student was released from North Korea on June 13, a week after the U.S. Department of State learned he had fallen into a coma after contracting botulism.

Author: 0 Senate Health Care Bill Draws Criticism From Conservative Republican Lawmakers

Millions of families will lose coverage entirely. The disability rights activists, some of whom were in wheelchairs, were there to voice their opposition to health care legislation that would make deep cuts to Medicaid . To see more, visit Governors in states that expanded Medicaid are wary of a bill revealed Thursday, June 22, by Republican. NPR's Alison Kodjak begins our coverage .

Global Tillerson, Mattis to huddle with Chinese leaders on North Korea
Author: 0 Tillerson, Mattis to huddle with Chinese leaders on North Korea

U.S. officials said the first and main item on the agenda would be persuading China to lean on Kim Jong-Un's North Korea regime, to halt its provocative missile and nuclear plans. Warmbier's death may complicate things for South Korean President Moon Jae-in, who took office last month, in convincing Trump of the benefits of greater engagement with North Korea .

Global Ghana: Decision on Guantanamo detainees 'unconstitutional'
Author: 0 Ghana: Decision on Guantanamo detainees 'unconstitutional'

Mahmud Umar Muhammad Bin Atef and Khalid Muhammad Salih Al-Dhuby were held at the US base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, as enemy combatants, accused of training with al-Qaida and fighting with the Taliban. What made this decision by then-President Mahama outrageous was the fact that the Ghanaian leader both unwisely and unlawfully rode roughshod over the constitutional requirement that the sitting president consult with a plenary session of Parliament, or at least the parliamentary committees on ...

Global Palm Springs commits to Paris Climate Accord goals
Author: 0 Palm Springs commits to Paris Climate Accord goals

Earlier this week the Arlington County Board approved a resolution expressing the county's commitment to fighting climate change and upholding the Paris Climate Agreement. "As of today, the United States will cease all implementation of the nonbinding Paris accord and the Draconian financial and economic burdens the agreement imposes on our country", Trump said.

Author: 0 Driver of van attack on London mosque was born in Singapore

Britain's Daily Mail reports Imam Mohammed Mahmoud stepped in when the crowd tried to kick and punch 47-year-old Darren Osborne , who allegedly slammed a van into worshippers about 12.20am. "It is home to a multitude of communities that together make London one of the greatest cities on earth. I'm a Muslim and he was never nasty or racist towards me".

Global Portugal wildfires 'started by arsonists,' says firefighter chief
Author: 0 Portugal wildfires 'started by arsonists,' says firefighter chief

Maria Jose Andre of Portugal's Air Accident Office said her department was told by the Civil Protection Agency that a Canadair water-dropping plane had crashed on Tuesday while fighting the wildfire. More than 1,000 firefighters still battled to control the flames which broke out in the central Pedrogao Grande region over the weekend and spread at breakneck speed to neighbouring areas.

Global Now Trump says he DIDN'T record conversations with ex-FBI chief Comey
Author: 0 Now Trump says he DIDN'T record conversations with ex-FBI chief Comey

Fox News reporter Ainsley Earhardt asked Trump if his tweet about possibly recording Comey without his knowledge "was a smart way to make sure [Comey] stayed honest" during his congressional testimony . His instinct is: "'I'll out-bluff you'". Trump's top aides on Friday rushed to bolster Trump's comments. In testimony to Congress this month, Comey expressed hope there were in fact tapes to back up his account.

Author: 0 Ten possible 'Goldilocks' planets found in Milky Way

This process involves following up the initial detection with observations, and requires researchers to verify candidates one-by-one, although new methods are making things easier. " Finding two distinct groups of exoplanets is like discovering mammals and lizards make up distinct branches of a family tree ", he added. The video below provides an overview of the discovery.

Global Senate Republicans unveil health care bill
Author: 0 Senate Republicans unveil health care bill

While they say they are "open to negotiation", the four could be a problem for McConnell and other Senate Republican leadership if they don't vote along party lines. "We have been talking about reforming health care for a number of years, I don't think it's moving too fast when it's been almost eight years", she said.

Global Tropical depression brings flooding to US Gulf Coast states
Author: 0 Tropical depression brings flooding to US Gulf Coast states

Even though Cindy is inland and weakening, the risk of flooding and severe thunderstorms will continue along the central Gulf Coast and part of the interior South. The storm is spreading rain across the state, and the mid-state region could see up to three inches. Much of Alabama remains in flood warnings as well.

Author: 0 China's top diplomat holds talks with Trump on N Korea

The camera spray will be pooled press and the press availability will be open press. Tillerson and Defense Secretary James Mattis are hosting China's Foreign Policy Chief Yang Jiechi and the head of the People's Liberation Army's joint staff department, Gen.

Global Senate panel seeks details on Lynch role in Clinton probe
Author: 0 Senate panel seeks details on Lynch role in Clinton probe

Sen. Graham has repeatedly said, "I want to hear from Loretta Lynch". The group is seeking details about Lynch's communication with a Clinton campaign aide, Amanda Renteria, as well as copies of documents and information about whether the FBI investigated the alleged communication.

Author: 0 Mourners in OH remember USA student held prisoner by North Korea

Kenneth Bae, an American who was jailed for almost two years in North Korea , told CNN he believed Warmbier could have been tortured, and cautioned other Americans against going to North Korea. The Hamilton County Coroner's Office conducted only an external examination Warmbier's body. Justin Weber told The Associated Press on Tuesday morning that a press conference is expected later to provide details.

Author: 0 North Korea denies torturing, cruelly treating detained US student Otto Warmbier

In North Korea's first public comment on Warmbier's death, a spokesman for North Korea's foreign ministry said claims that Warmbier was beaten and tortured in captivity were "groundless". thoroughly in accordance with domestic laws and worldwide standards and Warmbier was not an exception", a spokesman for the National Reconciliation Council said .

Global Cindy expected to drench Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia
Author: 0 Cindy expected to drench Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia

Gov. Kay Ivey and other officials said today the threat of flooding and storms from Tropical Depression Cindy has not ended, although the worst of the weather appears to have missed Alabama. A liquor store and a fast-food restaurant were among the damaged businesses in Fairfield, Alabama, west of Birmingham, said meteorologist Jason Holmes of the National Weather Service.

Global Pro bono panel extended to Finsbury Park attack
Author: 0 Pro bono panel extended to Finsbury Park attack

In a statement on behalf of the family, Osborne's nephew, 26-year-old Ellis Osborne, said: "We are massively shocked; it's unbelievable, it still hasn't really sunk in". His uncle was "not a racist", he said. Britain's political establishment equated the incident with two recent terror attacks on Westminster and London bridges .

Author: 0 Dem senator rips North Korea in speech honoring OH native Otto Warmbier

Trump wrote on Twitter. For months, Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and top aides have staked any progress dealing with North Korea's burgeoning nuclear programme on China's involvement. American concern is growing over North Korea's acceleration toward having a nuclear missile that can strike the USA mainland. The United States and its allies would like to see an oil embargo and bans on the North Korean airline and guest workers among other moves, steps diplomats say have been resisted by ...

Author: 0 Australia's military resumes air operations over Syria

Now Russia has again suspended this line of communication, and again threatened force against the US. Against that backdrop, a Russian fighter jet has tangled with a USA reconnaissance plane over the Baltic in a manoeuvre straight out of Top Gun.

Author: 0 Macron's party set for decisive majority in French parliament

The prime minister also thanked security services for protecting voting stations and ensuring a safe vote after a string of deadly extremist attacks. Marine Le Pen ran against Macron in the May 7 election with the far-right National Front Party.

Author: 0 Slimmed-down Queen's Speech reflects weakened May

Responding to the Queen's Speech , the Catholic Education Service said: "We welcomed the Government's plan to remove the 50 per cent admissions cap when it was announced by the Prime Minister last September, and we were pleased to see a cast iron commitment to this in the Conservative Party manifesto".

Global Turkey warns on Syrian Kurdish militia, welcomes US weapons pledge
Author: 0 Turkey warns on Syrian Kurdish militia, welcomes US weapons pledge

It is not common for the United States to even consider reclaiming weapons they've distributed to other factions. The SDF is working to take control of the suburbs surround Raqqa, ensuring that Islamic State jihadists can not escape once the militia enters city limits and the urban battle begins.

Author: 0 North Korea's Nuclear Tunnels See Activity, Trump Says Chinese Pressure Failed

The US is seeking to ramp up pressure on Beijing to help rein in its wayward neighbour at the meeting in Washington where Pyongyang's missile programme is likely to top the agenda. Doctors say Warmbier returned to the a state of unresponsive wakefulness , which is a new medical term for persistent vegetative state and was suffering from a several neurological injury.

Author: 0 Mourners Remember US Student Held Prisoner by North Korea

But North Korea's ambition for nuclear weapons is risky in particular to China. In the meantime, the State Department and Congress are considering banning Americans from travel to, or at least tourism in North Korea. "The smear campaign against DPRK staged in the USA compels us to make firm determination that humanitarianism and benevolence for the enemy are a taboo and we should further sharpen the blade of law", the spokesman added , referring to North Korea by its formal name, the ...

Author: 0 Trump says he does "not have" tapes of Comey conversations

Comey was overseeing the investigation until Trump axed him last month out of frustration with the inquiry. Since the beginning of the United States' last presidential race, USA media have speculated about Trump's campaign team's alleged ties to Russian Federation and claimed that Moscow might have influenced the results of the election.

Author: 0 Manslaughter charges eyed in deadly Grenfell Tower blaze

Other councils across the United Kingdom have been ordered to provide samples of the cladding used on high-rises by Monday and these will be tested at a rate of 100 per day. Hundreds of people may have to be evacuated from tower blocks across the country, in what could be one of Britain's largest peacetime evacuations. DSI McCormack confirmed that neither the police, nor the Home Office, will use the tragedy to check the immigration status of anybody in the block and urged friends and ...

Global Trump says he did not wiretap conversations with Comey
Author: 0 Trump says he did not wiretap conversations with Comey

Mueller is investigating whether Trump obstructed justice by firing Comey last month after asking him to scale back the FBI's Russian Federation probe. The suggestion "wasn't very stupid", Trump said. "I've seen the tweet about tapes. I think that it was more about raising the question of doubt in general", she told an off-camera news briefing on Thursday.

Author: 0 Iran Calls Missile Attack on ISIS Targets in Syria a Wider Warning

The strikes are the first time Iran has fired missiles at another country in three decades and represent a major escalation of Iran's role in the war in Syria. It comes amid the worsening of a long-running feud between Shiite powerhouse Iran and Saudi Arabia, which supports Syrian rebels and has led recent efforts to isolate the Gulf nation of Qatar.

Global TJ Leaf Becomes Second Israeli-Born NBA Player In History
Author: 0 TJ Leaf Becomes Second Israeli-Born NBA Player In History

T.J. Leaf answers questions during an interview after being selected by the Indiana Pacers as the 18th pick overall during the NBA basketball draft, Thursday, June 22, 2017 , in NY. The Pacers are a team at a crossroads right now. "I really love his spirit". He went on to grow up in California's San Diego County, where he played high school basketball at Foothills Christian High School before enrolling at UCLA.

Global The DC Memorial For A Murdered Muslim Teen Was Set On Fire
Author: 0 The DC Memorial For A Murdered Muslim Teen Was Set On Fire

The suspect in the murder, Darwin Martinez Torres , 22, allegedly got into an argument with a teen in Hassanen's group who was riding a bicycle, and became enraged. Police had been investigating the possibility that the killing was a hate crime, but decided later that it was motivated by road rage. The Daily Beast reported that Torres has been locked up for the violent attack on Hassanen, raising fears that this was a hate crime.

Global Record 65.6 Million People Displaced Worldwide, Says UN
Author: 0 Record 65.6 Million People Displaced Worldwide, Says UN

The report, released by the UNHCR , showed an increase of 300,000 since the end of 2015. The total refugee population - people who fled their home countries - was about 22.5 million people , and almost half of those were children. He told VOA "I only hope this is a matter of pledges delayed by different factors and not because the Syrians are forgotten". Malawi, which was past year said to be hosting 25,000 refugees , today joins other nations in commemorating World Refugee Day at ...

Author: 0 US Under Pressure to Accept North Korea Nuclear Freeze Deal

Just two days earlier, Trump had condemned the "brutality of the North Korean regime" after the death of Otto Warmbier , an American student who was detained in North Korea for almost a year and a half. mainland. Washington has yet to comment on the context of Trump's assessment that China's pressure on North Korea "has not worked out". The United States of America is pressuring Asian giants, China to pile more economic sanctions on pariah nation, North Korea led by defiant ...

Author: 0 Grenfell tower fire started in fridge freezer, say London Police

No local authority or housing association high rise flats in Scotland have the cladding used in Grenfell Tower , the government has said. "What we are being told at the moment by the Building Research Establishment is that the cladding and insulation failed all safety tests", she told reporters Friday.

Global Brussels bomber was Moroccan national carrying device filled with nails
Author: 0 Brussels bomber was Moroccan national carrying device filled with nails

Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel says that the shooting of a suspect at the Brussels Central train station "could have been potentially very risky". Police in Belgium have raided the home of the attack suspect who was killed at the Brussels Central Station and took bags full of evidence with them.

Author: 0 Gulf crisis engulfs African states

Kuwait , which has retained ties with Qatar and has often acted as a mediator in regional disputes , said it wanted to resolve the dispute "within the unified Gulf house". The nations that severed relations accused Qatar of supporting Islamist militants and Iran . On Friday Saudi Arabia, Bahrain , the UAE and Egypt tightened their squeeze on Qatar by putting dozens of figures and charities they link to the country on terrorism blacklists.

Author: 0 Trump Administration trying to 'weaken' and 'dilute' bipartisan Russian sanctions

Monday's agreement, to be filed as an amendment to an Iran sanctions Bill , is meant to punish Russian Federation over issues including its alleged meddling in the U.S. Testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Tillerson was noncommittal about a package of new Russian Federation sanctions, saying he's still reviewing the proposed penalties that Senate Republicans and Democrats agreed upon after lengthy negotiations.

Author: 0 Jeremy Corbyn Overtakes Theresa May in UK Popularity Ratings

With three universities in the constituency, its thought young people played a large part in the upset. The Labour party's surprise election night triumphs were driven by recruiting supporters far from its traditional power-base, one of the UK's senior polling experts has revealed.

Author: 0 UAE accuses Qatar of leaking demands, foiling mediation

Reuters confirmed Turkish reports that five armoured vehicles and 23 military personnel arrived in Doha yesterday in a deployment Turkey's armed forces said was part of a military training and cooperation deal. "Strengthening the Turkish base would be a positive step in terms of the Gulf's security", said Turkey's defence minister, Fikri Isik. Turkey has continued to support Qatar throughout the boycott, sending troops to the country , and Iran has sent food supplies.

Global Philippine rebels free hostages from school, military says
Author: 0 Philippine rebels free hostages from school, military says

About 300 armed men took the students captive on Wednesday morning when a gunfight with military broke out. 'We can confirm that they occupied a school and there were civilians trapped. "Our forces are coming from the east and the north and we are blocking the three bridges", he said. The fleeing gunmen reportedly rigged some areas of the school with homemade bombs, Alcarioto said, citing statements by some of the freed captives.

Global Do Trump & Comey Tapes Exist? The President Claims He Doesn't Have Any
Author: 0 Do Trump & Comey Tapes Exist? The President Claims He Doesn't Have Any

The former Federal Bureau of Investigation head testified before a Senate committee that Trump had asked him to drop a probe into former national security adviser Michael Flynn's alleged ties to Russia.Trump has privately told aides that the threat of the existence of tapes forced Comey to tell the truth in his recent testimony, a source familiar with the situation said.

Global Philippines: Malaysian financier believed killed in siege
Author: 0 Philippines: Malaysian financier believed killed in siege

The report said Malaysian counter-terrorism authorities could not confirm if Mahmud had died as his body had not been found. Malaysia's most wanted terrorist, university lecturer-turned-militant Mahmud Ahmad, is believed to have died of wounds sustained in fighting in the southern Philippines.

Author: 0 Oscar Health files to expand insurance coverage in several states

The company will also return to the New Jersey market that it earlier dropped. Some of the more rural areas in the state and elsewhere have proved to be a tough go for health insurance companies on the exchange. In Ohio, Oscar has partnered with the Cleveland Clinic to sell individual health insurance next year. "It is our goal to be able to offer strong regional network coverage to New Jersey employers enrolled in Oscar for Business by including access to our NY network".

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