Global Man Carries Mom's Severed Head into Grocery Store
Author: 0 Man Carries Mom's Severed Head into Grocery Store

It was not clear if he had been assigned an attorney. At some point on Sunday afternoon, he killed his mother, police said, without providing further details. Webb's hands and feet were bound with duct tape by the store's employees before police arrived. Webb was silent until police showed up. The suspect told police only that he was thirsty, said Ernie Roberts , the interim police chief of nearby Sandy , Oregon , which provides police services for Estacada, population about 2,500.

Author: 0 Senate Russia investigators ask Comey to testify, seek documents

The Senate intelligence committee on Wednesday asked Comey to appear before the panel in both open and closed sessions. Asked what he thinks of the Trump presidency, Putin said it's up to the American people to judge and his performance can be rated "only when he's allowed to work at full capacity", implying that someone is hampering Trump's efforts.

Author: 0 United Nations Security Council turns eye to Venezuela crisis

Julio Borges, the leader of Venezuela's opposition-controlled National Assembly legislature, on Wednesday said the issues facing Venezuela are of worldwide importance. He claimed they were "responsible for every aggression, every shot and every death". The resolution adopted calls for Venezuela to respect the democratic process and urged the Organization of American States (OAS) to adopt additional measures to deal with the crisis in the country, which it said is suffering from ...

Global 'Everybody' has better healthcare than US, Trump says
Author: 0 'Everybody' has better healthcare than US, Trump says

Trump for admitting that universal health care is the better way to go". Republicans have strongly opposed calls by Sanders and others to create a similar "universal" health care system in the U.S. "Of course the Australians have better healthcare than we do - everybody does", Trump tweeted . Trump's claim of reaching 100 million people online has drawn scrutiny in the past, with critics adding up his followers and fans on major social media platforms and saying the numbers don't add up.

Author: 0 Several Quebec communities coping with flooding

Almost 1,900 homes in 126 Quebec municipalities have been flooded, with more than 1,000 residents leaving the affected areas, the Canadian Press reported , adding that some 1,200 troops were deployed to help evacuate local residents. Almost 1,900 people have been forced to leave their homes in 126 different municipalities due to flooding. "I understand morally, psychologically, mentally, physically, people are very exhausted but sometimes we need to protect people against themselves".

Global Trump expected to signal NAFTA renegotiation plans
Author: 0 Trump expected to signal NAFTA renegotiation plans

USA critics blame it for killing manufacturing jobs, a constant refrain in Trump's presidential campaign. Approximately 20 percent of USA corn and corn co-products are exported. Colin Robertson, the Vice President and a Fellow with the Canadian Global Affairs Institute, observes trade is important to the United States, especially to U.S.

Author: 0 Turkish President's Bodyguards Suspected in Beating at Embassy

The news agency criticized USA police for failing to end the dissent; such protests are largely put down in Turkey. A police spokesman described the assault as a "brutal attack on a peaceful protest" and said investigators were studying video evidence and would seek to identify and question the suspects.

Author: 0 BC Greens break through, capture three seats

NDP leader John Horgan would be asked to form a new government, with Green Party support, or a new election could be called. Andrew Wilkinson, advanced education minister in Clark's government, said B.C. "The game's not over", said Horgan, who refused to concede defeat on Wednesday. We saw that in our polling where Green and NDP supporters were excited about their party's outlook and the Liberal supporters didn't share the same level of enthusiasm for their party.

Global Australian senator breastfeeds baby on floor of Parliament
Author: 0 Australian senator breastfeeds baby on floor of Parliament

The amendment reversed a ban on the presence of children in the chamber. Last year, she was instrumental in bringing changes to Parliament Senate rules to allow mothers to breast-feeding on the floor. Senator Larissa Waters breastfeeding her baby in the parliament. But you know what, she is much more than you think she is. However, a chain of women lawmakers globally have set off a trend to make it acceptable to breastfeed while working in government.

Global Girl missing in stolen vehicle is found safe and well
Author: 0 Girl missing in stolen vehicle is found safe and well

The girl's father had met the unknown man in the Leyton High Road area at around 6.30pm on Tuesday with a view to selling his vehicle. She was found by her grandmother two-and-a-half hours later at around 9pm today, walking in Leyton High Road in east London.

Author: 0 Comey on Trump Tapes: I Hope They Exist. That Would Be Perfect

Trump made the remarks to reporters prior to speaking to about 50,000 people at Liberty University in Lynchburg, where he did not mention Comey or the controversy his dismissal on Tuesday caused. It was Trump's first public event outside the White House since Comey's ouster. In a series of tweets on Friday, Trump also responded to media reports questioning the credibility of White House statements on the Comey firing, which have changed over the course of the week.

Global Israeli intelligence agents furious with Trump
Author: 0 Israeli intelligence agents furious with Trump

Senior intelligence officials in Jordan said Thursday that it was more likely that the secret intelligence information President Donald Trump is said to have shared with Russian officials came from Jordanian sources, not Israeli ones, as has been widely reported in the past several days.

Author: 0 Israel Was Source of Classified Intelligence Trump Gave to Russian Federation

However, the implementation of this legislation has been waived every six months by past USA presidents according to a provision in the Act that allows them to do so. But Palestinians also claim Jerusalem as their capital. A joint meeting with the two leaders has been rumored but not confirmed by the White House.

Author: 0 Canada floods force thousands from their homes

Montreal declared a 48-hour state of emergency on Sunday, May, 7, as rising floodwater threaten communities across Quebec. The Canadian Press reported that the officials in Montreal. "I understand morally, psychologically, mentally, physically, people are very exhausted but sometimes we need to protect people against themselves". "We might be in the week where the water will progressively begin to drop, but there's still a lot of work before us to deal with flooding after the water has ...

Author: 0 Ryan has full confidence in Trump

Yet U.S. allies and some members of Congress have expressed concern bordering on alarm. European governments preparing for a looming round of major summits with Donald Trump are resigned to the fact that they will just have to learn to deal with a USA president whom they see as increasingly erratic.

Global Trump willing to try engagement with N. Korea
Author: 0 Trump willing to try engagement with N. Korea "under right conditions"

Adm. Harry Harris Jr. made the remarks at a lecture for a Tokyo think tank after meeting with Japanese leaders that he said focused on North Korea's missile and nuclear programs. Hong added that South Korea had not yet received official word from the United States on whether Seoul should pay for an anti-missile US radar system that has been deployed outside Seoul.

Author: 0 ACLU files open records request for Comey memo

But a new report alleging that the president asked former FBI Director James Comey to end an investigation of former national security advisor Michael Flynn seems to have prompted a noticeable shift in the rhetoric. Collins, who sits with King on the Senate Intelligence Committee , also wants the memo. Chairman Richard Burr, R-N.C., also asked acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe to reappear before the panel.

Author: 0 Clark provides positive outlook despite cloudy political future

The balance of power is likely held by the Green Party, headed by an academic and climate change specialist named Andrew Weaver, which took three seats on Vancouver Island. Liberal MLA crossing the floor to the NDP or Greens or sitting as an independent or quitting or, god forbid, passing away, and Christy Clark no longer controls the B.C.

Global 14th GST council meet starts in Srinagar
Author: 0 14th GST council meet starts in Srinagar

Under it, C-GST will be levied by the Centre, S-GST by states and I-GST on inter-state supply of goods and services. While the GST Council has agreed to subsume several taxes, including central excise, state VAT, service tax, central sales tax and octroi, it has kept around a third of state revenues outside the GST ambit.

Author: 0 Trump aides knew Flynn was being investigated before he became NSA

They still need Trump to attain any of those goals, and absent more compelling evidence of wrongdoing the party is not prepared to abandon him yet. President Trump was defiant Wednesday while speaking at the U.S. Don't give in, don't back down. "And the more righteous your fight, the more opposition that you will face". Former FBI Director James Comey "most definitely" wants to testify before Congress - and wrote other memos in addition to the one claiming President Trump asked him to drop ...

Author: 0 India will do everything to save Jadhav: Sushma Swaraj

But India has maintained he is not a spy, and has accused Pakistan of violating the Vienna Convention by failing to provide him with consular access, as well as breaking global human rights law. "We are grateful to Harish Salve for presenting India's case so effectively before ICJ". He was convicted last month by a military court and sentenced to death.

Author: 0 Senate committee wants Comey to testify

Comey wrote a memo after one February meeting at the White House stating that President Donald Trump had asked him to shut down the FBI's investigation of sacked national security adviser Michael Flynn. The letter came after the Senate Intelligence Committee made a similar request for Comey's memos. This is the kind of conversation that rational, experienced presidents know not to have.

Global ND health care industry restrained in response to GOP's Obamacare replacement
Author: 0 ND health care industry restrained in response to GOP's Obamacare replacement

In this regard, this passage of this Trump-supported bill is similar to the passage of Obamacare, which Democratic leaders rammed through Congress in hyper-partisan fashion without the vote of a single Republican lawmaker. "It is deeply ironic for the same crowd that was saying that the Obama health care proposal wasn't adequately vetted, even though it had been vetted for months, should vote on a bill without even knowing what a neutral Congressional Budget Office analysis was", said Rep.

Global Wikileaks whistleblower Chelsea Manning walks free from prison
Author: 0 Wikileaks whistleblower Chelsea Manning walks free from prison

Manning, a former intelligence analyst in Iraq, has acknowledged leaking the materials, including more than 700,000 military and State Department documents, along with battlefield video. Transgender celebrities such as Caitlyn Jenner and Laverne Cox have become part of the mainstream. In a statement released last week, Manning thanked the many supporters whose letters she said had lifted her spirits in "dark times ".

Global Len McCluskey wrong to say Labour cannot win election - Kezia Dugdale
Author: 0 Len McCluskey wrong to say Labour cannot win election - Kezia Dugdale

Ms Dugdale, the party's leader in Scotland, said she defined success as "winning the election". "The Labour Party campaign has outshone the Tories' comfortably". Ms Dugdale was speaking ahead of a major campaign speech in Glasgow, where she will appeal to voters in Scotland who backed remaining in the European Union and the UK.

Author: 0 Tehran Mayor drops out of Iranian presidential race

The president has faced a significant challenge from conservatives because the landmark nuclear deal with world powers that he negotiated in 2015 has not triggered the economic recovery he predicted. Last week, Khamenei maintained his drumbeat of disapproval of Rouhani, dismissing the idea that war with the West had been averted by the nuclear diplomacy and dismissing a United Nations education program endorsed by the Rouhani administration promoting gender equality and life-long learning ...

Author: 0 US extends Iran nuke sanctions relief, adds other sanctions

Under the 2015 nuclear agreement, the US lifted those sanctions. But Washington must issue periodical waivers to keep the penalties from snapping back into place and the most recent one was set to expire this week. The State Department informed lawmakers that it continues to closely monitor Iran's systematic human rights abuses , including the imprisonment and torture of dissidents.

Global Trump Promises Israel-Palestine Peace, But Offers No New Policies
Author: 0 Trump Promises Israel-Palestine Peace, But Offers No New Policies

Abbas demanded that Israel recognize a Palestinian state "just as the Palestinian people recognize the state of Israel", but he pointedly did not define Israel as a Jewish state - something Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has been calling for since a landmark 2009 speech in which he conditionally endorsed Palestinian statehood.

Global French President Macron to travel to Africa on Friday
Author: 0 French President Macron to travel to Africa on Friday

Macron's pick for the crucial economy and finance ministry was Bruno Le Maire , a pro-European free-marketeer and a heavyweight from Philippe's The Republicans (LR) party. Alexis Kohler, Macron's new general secretary at the presidential Elysee Palace, made the announcement Monday. German leaders were hugely relieved by the independent centrist's rout of far-right rival Marine Le Pen in the May 7 presidential runoff, and now they hope that Macron can deliver the economic upturn that his ...

Global New French president names PM, sees Merkel
Author: 0 New French president names PM, sees Merkel

Gérard Collomb will become interior minister, former presidential hopeful François Bayrou takes justice and Jean-Yves Le Drian - who was defense minister under former President François Hollande - takes foreign affairs and Europe. Support for French President Emmanuel Macron's new centrist party is growing before legislative elections next month, a poll found on Thursday, raising the chances that he will be able to win parliamentary backing for his reform plans.

Global UK April retail sales rise more than expected on nice weather
Author: 0 UK April retail sales rise more than expected on nice weather

The pound leaped to 1.3038 against the dollar following the release, a 0.54% gain on the session, taking the currency pairing, known as "cable", to its highest level since September 30 of a year ago. Overall GDP growth slowed to 0.3 per cent in the first quarter of 2017, mainly thanks to a sharp slowdown of household spending. In the first quarter of the year, regular wages adjusted for inflation fell for the first time since 2014.

Author: 0 Israel fuming at US's concern over embassy move to Jerusalem

Speaking to NBC's Meet the Press on Sunday, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said that Trump was still seeking to assess whether relocating the embassy would help or harm chances for Israeli-Palestinian peace. President Donald Trump is widely expected to use his first foreign trip to give fresh impetus to Middle East peace talks. There were no further details about the security arrangements but the source added that the Palestinian security apparatus would oversee parts of ...

Global Ex-FBI chief spearheads new probe of RussiaSFlbSFlb
Author: 0 Ex-FBI chief spearheads new probe of RussiaSFlbSFlb

The Department of Justice has appointed a special counsel to take over its probe into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. Democrats and even some Republicans had always been calling for such an appointment, particularly after President Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey.

Author: 0 Kuwait adds to growing consensus on OPEC oil output deal extension

Crude oil prices surged almost 2.5% to their highest level in two weeks after the world's two biggest producers agreed in principle to extend a deal on output restraint through March of next year. Major producers have been forced to consider lengthening the cuts as crude futures have languished around $50 per barrel as markets remain well supplied even after the current deal.

Global Don't pull away! Cop Tasers handcuffed suspect kneeling on ground
Author: 0 Don't pull away! Cop Tasers handcuffed suspect kneeling on ground

One officer told Stephenson, "Don't pull away!" As the backpack comes off, the unnamed sergeant uses a hand-held stun gun to shock Stephenson twice. "Don't pull away. Balch Springs Police Chief Jonathan Haber told Fox 4 the Texas Rangers, Professional Standards and the Dallas County DA's Public Integrity unit all reviewed the incident.

Global Korean president talks to China, Japan
Author: 0 Korean president talks to China, Japan

It said Moon told Abe that it was emotionally hard for South Koreans to accept the agreement. Moon also said the two countries should "wisely resolve history-related issues", the official added. That contrasted with its one-sentence Korean-language report of the election of Moon's conservative predecessor Park Geun-Hye in 2012, which did not mention her name or her support.

Global USA signs Arctic Council accord
Author: 0 USA signs Arctic Council accord

The Arctic is warming at double the rate of the rest of the planet, with average temperatures up 3.5 degrees Centigrade since the beginning of the 20th century, leading to rapid loss of glacial ice and permafrost. In the preamble, the declaration also noted "the entry into force of the Paris Agreement on climate change and its implementation, and reiterating the need for global action to reduce both long-lived greenhouse gases and short-lived climate pollutants".

Global Former DNI James Clapper Reveals Comey Was 'Uneasy' About Dinner With Trump
Author: 0 Former DNI James Clapper Reveals Comey Was 'Uneasy' About Dinner With Trump

Democratic lawmakers asked the White House to turn over any such recordings, and alleged that Trump's tweet raised the possibility of "obstruction of justice". "You can't be cute about tapes", the SC lawmaker told NBC. But if the president asked for a review to buttress a move he planned to take anyway, then Rosenstein's letter isn't the crucial document that was being advertised.

Author: 0 Senate hearing revives Democratic campaign over alleged Trump-Russia connections

NBC News broke the story early Monday that former President Obama warned Trump about Flynn when the Trump visited the White House just days after winning the election. Ms. Yates refused to discuss the details, citing confidentiality reasons, and stuck to the formulation that Mr. Flynn's "underlying conduct" made him susceptible to Russian blackmail.

Global Controversial new United States ambassador arrives in Israel
Author: 0 Controversial new United States ambassador arrives in Israel

But Trump wanted to come this month, during a succession of pitstops he's making in Riyadh, then Jerusalem and Bethlehem, and then the Vatican, in a kind of weird whirlwind tour of the world's major monotheisms, all in aid of cobbbling together some undefined super deal for the entire region.

Global French Ex-PM Valls offers to back Macron in June polls
Author: 0 French Ex-PM Valls offers to back Macron in June polls

Some analysts argue Macron's victory has been largely priced into the stock market, as polls had repeatedly predicted he would win against Le Pen by a wide margin. If another party wins the majority, Macron could be pressured to choose a prime minister from that party in a situation called "co-habitation". One might say that in love and, recently, in politics, Macron has been extraordinarily lucky.

Author: 0 Flynn blocked military move Turkey opposed

The White House declined to comment on whether officials there had known about Flynn's legal troubles before the inauguration. A day after the election, President Obama told Donald Trump that Michael Flynn, who he'd fired as head of Defense Intelligence Agency in 2014, was not fit for a role in his administration.

Author: 0 Rep. Jason Chaffetz invites James Comey to hearing next week

On Monday, The Washington Post reported that Trump shared classified intelligence with Russian officials visiting Washington , D.C., last week. Flynn had been forced to resign after it was revealed that he had misled Vice President Mike Pence about the nature of his contacts with Russian Envoy Sergey Kislyak.

Global Glenn Loovens: Wednesday ready for the Premier League
Author: 0 Glenn Loovens: Wednesday ready for the Premier League

Wednesday narrowly missed out on promotion to the Premier League last season, losing to Hull in the play-off final , while this is as close as Huddersfield have been since their last top-flight campaign in 1971-72. "At the end of the day, the most important thing is the semi-final is open". The same publication reported last week that Middlesbrough chairman Steve Gibson is having second thoughts about appointing Steve Agnew on a full-time basis, after the Boro caretaker won one of his 10 ...

Author: 0 Comey memo on Flynn probe: Three key questions

Chaffetz sent the letter hours after the story broke about a memo Comey wrote which said the president asked him to end the investigation against former national security adviser Michael Flynn . People in "Make America Great Again" hats and Trump shirt applauded as the President slammed succumbing adversity. On the day of the Oval Office meeting, Comey, according to the Times , had attended a terrorism threat briefing with other officials, including Attorney General Jeff Sessions and ...

Author: 0 Amash: Trump could face impeachment over Comey memo

A small number of Democrats also have mentioned impeachment. Asked if he trusted Comey or Trump, Amash replied: "I think it's pretty clear I have confidence in Director Comey". In 2005, Comey emailed his chief of staff and others about objections to the George W. Bush administration's use of harsh interrogation techniques, according to Politico .

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