Author: 0 Russia Boss Stanislav Cherchesov Defends Team Over Losing Cristiano Ronaldo

The 32-year-old netted the only goal of the game to help the European champions to victory in Moscow , beating goalkeeper Igor Akinfeev from close range early on. New Zealand had not won any of their previous matches at three Confederations Cups dating back to 1999 but they had the better of the first half and went in 1-0 up thanks to a nice goal from Chris Wood .

Author: 0 Police Dashcam Video of Cop Shooting Philando Castile Released for First Time

During the trial, Yanez told the court that he feared for his life. Castile , who was a cafeteria worker at J.J. Hill Montessori Magnet School in St. "I wanted to let everyone know that an officer from the Ferguson PD called and wanted to extend his support". On Friday, Yanez was declared not guilty of second-degree manslaughter in the July 6, 2016 shooting death of Castile .

Author: 0 Hear the moment cops shoot knife-wielding pregnant woman

It was not clear whether the woman's three other children-aged one, four and 11- who were home at the time had witnessed their mom's death. According to the transcript , one of the officers says "tase her" after a conversation with Lyles over an alleged burglary takes a turn for the worse.

Global Congressional baseball gunman acted alone, no ties to terrorism
Author: 0 Congressional baseball gunman acted alone, no ties to terrorism

In an accompanying statement , the Federal Bureau of Investigation confirmed that Hodgkinson had made numerous posts on social media platforms "espousing anti-Republican views", but that he did not make any online threats or references to lawmakers or to the congressional baseball practice.

Global Chinese automaker buys stake in Malaysia's Proton
Author: 0 Chinese automaker buys stake in Malaysia's Proton

This individual would prefer Proton to be owned 100% by Malaysia while losing hundreds of millions each year", he said. Geely will prioritize making cars for the domestic and regional markets, and will assemble Volvos if there is excess capacity.

Global CBSE declares Neet 2017 results
Author: 0 CBSE declares Neet 2017 results

The NEET examination for admission to MBBS and BDS courses was held on 7th May. Around 18 lakh students appeared for the exam and eagerly waiting for the results for the past few weeks. Het Shah of Nadiad from Gujarat topped the exams scoring 685 out of 720, followed by Ekansh Goyal with 685 from Rourkela, Odisha. The third rank was secured by Nikhil Bhajiya with a score of 678 marks.

Global North Korea 'top security threat,' US & China officials agree
Author: 0 North Korea 'top security threat,' US & China officials agree

North Korea released him last week for what it described as humanitarian reasons and he died on Monday in a USA hospital. While some Blue House officials insisted that the word "allow" should not be interpreted in the context of USA permission, CBS concluded its report by saying, "President Moon believes he is going to get the green light from President Trump to have these bilateral talks with North Korea, to begin this inter-Korean dialogue".

Author: 0 Police consider manslaughter charges over fire

May's spokeswoman, Alison Donnelly, told reporters that estimates from local authorities suggest about 600 buildings have the same type of cladding, which is suspected of assisting the spread of the blaze. May has launched a public inquiry into the fire and police have announced a criminal investigation. Tests on the cladding of Grenfell Tower would be made public in the next 48 hours, she said.

Global Philippines says Islamist militants free hostages after day-long drama
Author: 0 Philippines says Islamist militants free hostages after day-long drama

Padilla said troops have cordoned off the school because the militants had planted improvised explosive devices around the area. The Malagakit school was closed at the time of the attack. Community leaders in the area were called in to help in negotiations to rescue the hostages, Padilla said. The U.S. military in recent weeks deployed a P3 Orion aircraft to provide surveillance and intelligence to troops battling more than 100 gunmen holding an unspecified number of hostages in Marawi.

Author: 0 Some House Democrats says it's time for Pelosi to go

The district, which was redrawn in 2010, has been comfortably conservative through several elections, but not Tuesday. The race for Georgia's 6th district was the most expensive House race in United States history. The election outcome will not alter the balance of power in Washington , where Republicans control both chambers of Congress. The White House is suggesting that a Republican win in Georgia's special House election on Tuesday was a personal victory for President ...

Global French polls predict Macron's party will secure large majority
Author: 0 French polls predict Macron's party will secure large majority

French President Emmanuel Macron is seated in the cockpit of an Airbus A400M turboprop transport plane before taking off from Villacoublay military airbase near Paris , Monday, June 19, 2017. During the presidential campaign he also promised to cut corporate tax to 25% from 33% and make a 50 billion public investment in energy, vocational training and transport infrastructure.

Global WAR LOOMS - US shoots armed Syrian drone targeting American troops
Author: 0 WAR LOOMS - US shoots armed Syrian drone targeting American troops

The US-led anti-ISIL coalition said an F-15E Strike Eagle jet destroyed the Shaheed-129 drone around 12.30am, north-east of the Al Tanaf garrison which is close to the Jordanian border. If Russian air defense radars are now going to be lighting American aircraft that fly on the wrong side of the Euphrates River in Syria, as the Russian Defense Ministry warned yesterday, then this is going to be a problem for American pilots.

Author: 0 Warren: Senate GOP Health Care Bill Paid for With 'Blood Money'

Cuomo did not rule out a lawsuit. "The goal of a lot of the reform discussion has been trying to allow states to be more innovative in their delivery of dollars for the Medicaid system", said state Rep. Republican leaders are pushing to hold a vote on the legislation before lawmakers leave for the July 4 recess. "I said 'Add some money to it!'" They also want to start to change the way the federal government calculates payments to the states starting in 2025, which will reduce the ...

Author: 0 Obama Has Weighed In on the Senate Health Care Bill

Those similarities could make it easier for Republicans in the Senate and House when they begin negotiations on one, unified bill that would head to the President's desk. Members of ADAPT , a national grassroots disability rights organization, staged a "die-in" protest at McConnell's office in an attempt to stop what they see as " attacks on disabled people's freedoms " in the proposed American Health Care Act (AHCA).

Global Israel Arrests Mother of Palestinian Attacker over Remarks
Author: 0 Israel Arrests Mother of Palestinian Attacker over Remarks

The incident came as U.S. President Donald Trump's Special Representative for International Negotiations, Jason Greenblatt , started his meeting with Israeli and Palestinian leaders in Jerusalem and Ramallah on Tuesday. The move has infuriated the Palestinians, who say all settlements are illegal obstacles to peace. There are also nearly 100 settler outposts - built without official authorisation from the Israeli government - across the West Bank, according to the Israeli anti-settlement ...

Author: 0 London fire: 79 people feared dead, five victims have been identified

He said: "I've spent time with the local community, not just the Christian congregation, but members of all faiths here at the church, grieving, sharing their stories". British Prime Minister Theresa May herself had come in for a barrage of criticism over her own response to the disaster. Two British ministers said Sunday that the new exterior cladding used in a renovation on Grenfell Tower may have been banned under United Kingdom building regulations.

Global Brooklyn Nets draft Texas' Jarrett Allen with 22nd pick
Author: 0 Brooklyn Nets draft Texas' Jarrett Allen with 22nd pick

Texas center Jarrett Allen is congratulated by NBA Commissioner Adam Silver after being selected by the Brooklyn Nets as the 22nd pick overall during the NBA basketball draft, Thursday, June 22, 2017, in NY. Russell was the second pick in the 2015 draft. Next year will be the last in which Boston controls Brooklyn's assets. The 6-foot-11 Allen has a 7-5 wingspan.

Author: 0 United States officials say North Korea tested rocket engine that could power ICBM

The Obama administration pushed for many sanctions against North Korea in the past years. "But we will not comment on intelligence", Navy commander Gary Ross said in a emailed statement, declining to confirm the rocket engine test. South Korea's President Moon has rejected the possibility that South Korea might scale down its drills with the US. Meanwhile, in an interview with CBS, South Korea's new President Moon Jae-in said his country had no plans to end or downsize joint military ...

Author: 0 Islamic State Claims Responsibility for Jerusalem Attack

Irrespective of who claims the attacks the result is the same and Israel has to be vigilant. It claim the entire city as its indivisible capital but the Palestinians claim its eastern sector as the capital of their promised state. More so, Israeli authorities have transformed Jerusalem to a military garrison and raided the Ramallah village known as Deir Abu Mash'al, where the three perpetrators were based.

Global Protesters gather in front of Mitch McConnell's office for 'die
Author: 0 Protesters gather in front of Mitch McConnell's office for 'die

At one point, it appeared that Capitol police made a serious error in their removal of the protesters and dropped one of the wheelchair-bound individuals. Alison Barkoff, protest organizer and director of advocacy for the Center for Public Representation, told CNN , "This is a tax cut to the wealthiest Americans on the backs of people with disability".

Global Storm Cindy expected to make landfall Thursday morning: NHC
Author: 0 Storm Cindy expected to make landfall Thursday morning: NHC

Downgraded to a tropical depression , Cindy weakened as it crossed Louisiana toward Arkansas but a broad circulation around the system swept moist Gulf air over the South, fueling severe weather and pushing up coastal tides. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Louisiana National Guard moved high water vehicles and emergency supplies into the area. "Regardless it is the rain, if anything we have to watch out for with ( Tropical Storm) Cindy ", meteorologist Matt Devitt ...

Author: 0 Qatar's neighbors issue steep list of demands to end crisis

Hydro-carbons have made it enormously wealthy, and it's conservative Muslim nation ruled by a hereditary monarchy. The United Arab Emirates released details of the demands that Abu Dhabi and its allies are requesting from Qatar in order to end the Gulf crisis, including concerns about ties to Hamas and "financing extremism and terrorist groups in Syria and Libya".

Global Friend of ousted S. Korean president gets 3 years in prison
Author: 0 Friend of ousted S. Korean president gets 3 years in prison

Two other professors were fined over the scandal, which provoked public outrage in education-obsessed South Korea. "She committed too much wrongdoing to consider the actions were out of love as a mother who wants the best for her child". Ms Chung, a dressage rider, has also been arrested and was extradited from Denmark earlier this year. South Korean prosecutors are seeking her extradition.

Global Australia to resume anti-ISIS airstrikes in Syria - defense chief
Author: 0 Australia to resume anti-ISIS airstrikes in Syria - defense chief

F-15E Strike Eagle at approximately 12:30 a.m. after it displayed hostile intent and advanced on Coalition forces", the statement continued. The statement said the location was close to where another "pro-regime" drone - which intelligence sources separately identified as Iranian - was shot down on June 8 after dropping bombs near coalition forces.

Author: 0 Who Wins, Who Loses With Senate Health Care Bill

It called the version passed by the House last month "a categorical failure" and said the Senate version is "equally troubling". Senate Republicans have rolled out their bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act , following several closed-door sessions.

Author: 0 Iran's Khamenei ordered missile strikes on Islamic State targets in Syria: Guards

The explosions happened as Iraq's elite Counter Terrorism Service units, which have been battling their way through Mosul's Old City , got to within 50 meters (164 ft) of the mosque, the statement said. The U.S. recently deployed a truck-mounted missile system into Syria as Assad's forces cut off the advance of America-backed rebels along the Iraqi border.

Author: 0 No Deal, Just Blame, on Mayoral Control of New York City Schools

De Blasio's report hews to numerous findings of the earlier report, saying that crime will have to continue to drop, as it has since 1990, the use of cash bail will have to continue to be curtailed, criminal cases will have to be resolved more quickly, supportive housing and other programs for people with severe mental health problems will have to come online, job programs will be needed for recently released inmates , and much more.

Global US Supreme Court to hear 'gerrymandering' case
Author: 0 US Supreme Court to hear 'gerrymandering' case

The state has appealed a lower court ruling, which found that state Republican lawmakers had violated the constitution when they drew up legislative districts to disadvantage the Democrats . Justice Anthony Kennedy , a conservative who sometimes sides with the court's liberals in major cases, could cast the decisive vote. A divided panel ruled that the maps violated the constitution.

Global Regional reaction to Senate healthcare bill
Author: 0 Regional reaction to Senate healthcare bill

Dozens of amendments are expected, and the Senate schedules back-to-back-to-back votes known on Capitol Hill as a "vote-a-rama". He says he's confident Alaska's USA senators will fight to protect Alaskans and the state's unique health care needs.

Author: 0 Arab States Send Qatar 13 Demands To End Crisis, Official Says

The first group of Turkish troops arrived in Qatar on Sunday, after which they conducted a first round of military exercises - including a parade of combat tanks - at Qatar's Tariq bin Ziyad military camp. The State Department publicly criticized Saudi Arabia and other Persian Gulf nations for their handling of an embargo against Qatar. The Saudi regime and its allies also require Qatar to cut all ties with the Muslim Brotherhood and other groups, including al-Qaeda and Daesh.

Global Government health insurance markets holding up, barely
Author: 0 Government health insurance markets holding up, barely

The others said they'd re-file proposed rates, presumably raising them to cover the loss of those government payments. But Medica anticipates hiking rates more than 43 percent. It is projected to leave 23 million Americans without access to affordable healthcare coverage - many of whom live right here in Los Alamos. In short, the AHCA would take away over a trillion dollars of funding that now helps middle- and lower-income Americans afford health insurance.

Author: 0 Another van attack: more terror death in London

Khadijeh Sherizi, who converted to Islam in 2003, said Osborne was usually polite and her children, who are Muslims, would play with his children most days. The mosque was once a notorious hub for radical Islamists but has changed markedly in recent years under new management. The Muslim Welfare House praised the imam's actions, stating that he basically saved the suspect's life.

Author: 0 Car Rams Police Van In 'Attempted Attack' On Champs-Élysées

The man was placed on France's so called "Fiche S" watchlist after he was found to belong to a radical Islamist movement, two police sources said. Chrystel said that "we were better off inside than outside". He had pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group in a video found at his home. "This is being treated as a terrorist incident and is being investigated by the Counter Terrorism Command", said Deputy Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu.

Global Reversing Obama's Cuba policy won't help Cubans
Author: 0 Reversing Obama's Cuba policy won't help Cubans

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio was instrumental in drafting Trump's changes, with help from Miami Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart. While early, since President Trump is set to announce more particulars of the policy change tomorrow, Airbnb has come out in opposition to Trump's elimination of people-to-people tourism .

Global Frustrated Giro duo Froome's key aides on Tour
Author: 0 Frustrated Giro duo Froome's key aides on Tour

We're ready as a team and I can't wait for the Tour to start now. Woet Poels has only ridden one race since February after suffering an injury so was left out, despite being a key domestique in Froome's 2016 Tour victory. Those reports were quashed, with Froome taking time over a considered response when he apologised for Team Sky's handling of an affair which has seen them investigated by UK Anti-Doping.

Global Congressional baseball practice shooter acted alone
Author: 0 Congressional baseball practice shooter acted alone

Tim Slater, the special agent in charge of the Washington FBI office, also said during a news conference Wednesday that James T. Hodgkinson did not have any ties to terrorism. An activity log at the storage facility showed that Hodgkinson visited the unit more than 43 times between April and June, usually in the early morning hours and sometimes twice a day.

Author: 0 Obamacare replacement bill runs into Republican trouble

The Senate bill would phase out extra money Obama's law provides to 31 states that agreed to expand coverage under the federal-state Medicaid program. It would direct up to $50 billion in funding through 2021 to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to help shore up the existing individual exchange marketplace and provide another $62 billion over eight years in long-term funding to states.

Global Wounded GOP Rep. Steve Scalise's condition improves to fair
Author: 0 Wounded GOP Rep. Steve Scalise's condition improves to fair

He opened fire at the Republican congressional baseball team practice in Alexandria, Va., after asking another lawmaker whether the team practicing was a group of Republicans or Democrats. Several procedures over the course of the next 60 hours stopped the bleeding so surgeons could begin repairing Scalise's shattered pelvis and ruptured organs.

Author: 0 Florida senators react to health care bill

Democrats formed a united front against the controversial measure that was drafted in secret, criticizing it as a "war on Medicaid", the health care program for lower income Americans, and calling it a worse plan than one that passed the House of Representatives in May.

Author: 0 United Kingdom seeks to reassure European Union citizens they can stay after Brexit

The UK's exit deadline is 30 March 2019. "I hope we'll come to some form of continued [UK] membership or relationship with the internal market", Mr Rutte said. EU President Donald Tusk said the other leaders would not discuss the plans with May, insisting that all such proposals are dealt with by official British and EU negotiators.

Global US Shoots Down Pro-Assad Regime Drone In Syria
Author: 0 US Shoots Down Pro-Assad Regime Drone In Syria

On several occasions in recent weeks, warplanes of the USA -led coalition have also struck pro-government forces to prevent them advancing from the Al Tanf garrison in southeastern Syria at a spot where the country's borders join Iraq and Jordan.

Global US Fighter Jet Shoots Down Armed Drone in Syria
Author: 0 US Fighter Jet Shoots Down Armed Drone in Syria

A Russian fighter jet came within several feet of a U.S. Air Force reconnaissance aircraft flying over the Baltic Sea on Monday, in an encounter the American pilot determined was unsafe. On Sunday, Iran's Revolutionary Guards said they had fired mid-range ground-to-ground missiles from a site in western Iran targeting "the headquarters and meeting place and suicide auto assembly line" of "IS terrorists" in Deir al-Zour province.

Global Baseball shooter had list of 6 names
Author: 0 Baseball shooter had list of 6 names

A list containing the names of six members of congress was also found on the gunman, though the FBI said investigators were not characterizing it as a "hit list". He fired more than 60 shots, Slater said. Hodgkinson also visited the office of Vermont Sen. The FBI says it found police calls to Hodgkinson's Belleville home over complaints of his holding target practice in his backyard, and a 2006 domestic battery charge.

Global Adele brings cake to firefighters in wake of 79-death tragedy
Author: 0 Adele brings cake to firefighters in wake of 79-death tragedy

The Prime Minister continued: "So let me be absolutely clear". May spoke before Parliament following Queen Elizabeth II's Queen's Speech , a traditional address laying out the government's intentions before a new session of the U.K. The homes, located around 1.5 miles from Grenfell, will be a mix of one-, two- and three-bedroom flats across two blocks which will include a 24-hour concierge and a private cinema.

Global Minnesota will still engage with Cuba despite Trump setback
Author: 0 Minnesota will still engage with Cuba despite Trump setback

Trump's aim, he said , is to pressure Cuban President Raúl Castro and other communist leaders to allow Cuba's private sector, especially the country's tourism industry, to operate more freely. "Wheat growers are facing significant economic hurdles and need more markets", said David Schemm, a wheat farmer from Sharon Springs, Kansas, and president of the National Association of Wheat Growers.

Author: 0 List of demands on Qatar by Saudi Arabia, other Arab nations

Qatar has previously said it won't negotiate until the blockade , enacted by neighbouring countries including Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, is lifted. The UAE's ambassador to the USA said last week a list of demands for Qatar was being compiled and would soon be handed to the US.

Author: 0 Indian Shuttlers See Good Day at Australia Open

Fifth-seeded Sindhu played to her reputation and outplayed her Chinese opponent Chen Xiaoxin 21-13, 21-18 in 46 minutes' match. Sai Praneeth entered quarters, breezing past China's Huang Yuxiang 21-15, 18-21, 21-13 to join Srikanth in the quarter-finals of the Australian Open.

Author: 0 China failed to rein in North Korea's nuclear program

The services were being held in his home state of OH, with the funeral at his former high school and burial at a Cincinnati cemetery. They heard stories about his life, rap music he listened to and his habit of shopping for sweaters at thrift stores.

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