Global Handel first female GOP rep elected to Congress in Georgia
Author: 0 Handel first female GOP rep elected to Congress in Georgia

Democrats thought that the suburban Atlanta district, which went for Trump by a tiny margin, was winnable. One group supporting Handel drew fire after airing an ad claiming Ossoff supporters celebrated last week's violence against House Republicans .

Author: 0 Democrats battle GOP over under-wraps health care bill

Remember, this was in reference to legislation Trump has championed and said he's eager to sign. However, the Senate bill would not allow states to repeal community rating, the provision that mandates all people in a certain area of the same age be charged the same amount.

Global There's no timetable for trump to renegotiate NAFTA, Senate panel told
Author: 0 There's no timetable for trump to renegotiate NAFTA, Senate panel told

He said next steps in the US consultation process include public hearings scheduled for June 27-29 and the release of a detailed summary of NAFTA negotiating objectives on July 17. The UAW was one of 557 groups or individuals who had filed public comments by close of business Monday, the deadline set by the U.S. Trade Office for public comment.

Global Federation Internationale de Football Association satisfied with attendance at Confed Cup games in Russia
Author: 0 Federation Internationale de Football Association satisfied with attendance at Confed Cup games in Russia

Russia v Portugal FIFA Confederation Cup 2017 Match Predictions: The Group A Team Russia and Portugal face off tomorrows live at IST 20.30PM from Otkrytiye Arena, Moscow. Ronaldo was accused last week by a state prosecutor of four counts of tax fraud totalling €14.7 million. The former Manchester United forward has been at the centre of intense speculation over his future following reports that he has made an "irreversible decision" to leave Real after eight years at the Santiago ...

Author: 0 Saudi king upends royal succession, appoints son as crown prince

The decree relieved prince Mohammed bin Nayef, 57, from his position as the deputy prime minister and interior minister. After Mohammed bin Salman's appointment as crown prince, energy markets need to brace for an even more assertive Saudi Arabian foreign policy that could threaten regional stability in the heart of the global oil industry.

Author: 0 Origin series still alive after Maroons win Game II

NEWCASTLE'S Dane Gagai enhanced his remarkable State of Origin tryscoring record in Queensland's miracle 18-16 win against NSW at ANZ Stadium on Wednesday night. 'You've got a player out there who cannot pick his arm up off the ground, and they didn't target him. "We've got JT here who's shoulder was absolutely buggered", he said.

Author: 0 Trump tweets: China's help on North Korea not enough

The organizers of a trip to North Korea by an American college student who died after being released from prison in a coma say they will no longer take US citizens to the country. Chinese firms are rife with corruption-particularly those in the northeast, along the border with North Korea-and they have been in economic decline since the end of the Cold War.

Author: 0 Brexit: British Prime Minister Promises To Listen Closely

And it's all down to Theresa May . In remarks in the debate that followed the speech, she acknowledged government failings in helping victims of the London high-rise fire on June 14 that killed at least 79 people. Following the recent terrorist attacks in Manchester and London , said the monarch, the government is to establish a new commission to counter extremism and "stamp out extremist ideology in all its forms".

Author: 0 Egyptian-American Muslim Teen Killed in 'Road Rage Incident' in US

Witnesses say Torres caught up with the group a short time later in a nearby parking lot, got out of his vehicle armed with a baseball bat and began chasing the group. Neither the police nor the mosque confirmed the girl's identity, but the Washington Post named her as Nabra Hassanen . Then I'm going to forgive him and leave him to God's face.

Author: 0 Prominent Statistician Declared 'Math Is Dead' If Handel Won Georgia

Handel thanked the president while addressing supporters Tuesday night, prompting chants of " Trump , Trump, Trump" from the crowd. Instead of a win or even a razor-thin loss by Democrat Jon Ossoff that many had expected, Republican Karen Handel ended up winning by a relatively comfortable 5 percentage point margin in the wealthy suburban Atlanta district previously held by Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price .

Author: 0 North Korea conducts fifth missile test in a month

Thursday's test was North Korea's 10th missile test so far this year, and took place after the regime tested a mid-range ballistic missile on May 29. "To the extent that you're anxious about what the outside world may be doing, it seems like a fairly rational response to give someone the sense that you're not defenseless".

Author: 0 Ohio city makes plans for North Korea-held student's funeral

State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said the United States holds North Korea accountable for Warmbier's "unjust imprisonment" and urged Pyongyang to release three other Americans who are detained. "At least I know China tried", Trump wrote. In Congress, Democrats and Republicans found rare bipartisan consensus in denouncing the North. On paper, this seems like a unusual decision; after well over a year in North Korean-captivity, definitive answers might have provided some sense ...

Global Removes IYR, appoints Vemuri Anand Surya
Author: 0 Removes IYR, appoints Vemuri Anand Surya

TDP leader V Anand Surya has been appointed chairman in Raos place. According to reports, Rao shared certain posts written by others against Naidu and the ruling Telugu Desam Party on his Facebook page. He also questioned the decision allowing distributors of Baahubali 2 to screen more shows in theatres and increase the ticket prices. Rao had commented on the government for arresting and filing cases against social media activist Inturi Ravi Kiran for posting satirical cartoons against ...

Author: 0 Trump visit to Britain left out of Queen's Speech

The Queen's Speech was a blueprint for short-term survival. "It was generally less formal and more muted, with attendees" customary ceremonial robes exchanged for "day dress". "As prime minister I apologise for that failure, and as prime minister I've taken responsibility for doing what we can to put things right". Tempted by a big lead over the opposition Labour party in opinion polls, May called the June 8 snap election expecting an overwhelming victory that would silence dissenters and ...

Author: 0 Northam beats back Perriello in Democratic primary race

Gillespie has successfully tiptoed around the presence of Trump, embracing his policies that are popular with Republicans without directly tying his campaign to the President. Residents all over Virginia took to the polls to vote in the commonwealth's primary elections Tuesday. The latter has become the barrier to the GOP in Virginia statewide races.

Author: 0 Britain: Queens announces Brexit plans, as PM drops key manifesto pledges

British Prime Minister Theresa May extended an invitation to Trump, on behalf of the Queen, when she visited the president shortly after he took office in January. At the State Opening of Parliament , the Queen's Speech , which is prepared by the government of the day and read out by the 91-year-old monarch, laid out the legislative priorities for parliamentary proceedings.

Global North Korea releases U.S. citizen Otto Warmbier
Author: 0 North Korea releases U.S. citizen Otto Warmbier

He also appears to have prompted recent speculation that he might become Mr. Trump's ambassador to North Korea if diplomatic relations are ever established. North Korea accuses Washington and South Korea of sending spies to overthrow its government. News of Warmbier's deteriorating health only reached US officials in recent weeks, leading to an urgent demand that he be released on humanitarian grounds on Monday.

Global New details on first USA jet shoot down in 15 years
Author: 0 New details on first USA jet shoot down in 15 years

It threatened to treat US -led coalition aircraft and drones as targets if they operate in Syrian airspace west of the Euphrates River. Whereas earlier in its report ABC had said it was on them. "This is the same location where another pro-regime UAV dropped munitions near Coalition forces before it was shot down, June 8". As a result, it said, Russia has stopped using a key "de-confliction" communication channel set up to avoid conflict between USA and Russian forces in Syria.

Author: 0 James Comey Calls Out White House Lies

King said either his House Intelligence Committee or the House Judiciary Committee will look into whether Comey broke the law when he admittedly leaked his Trump meeting memos to a friend, who then released them to the New York Times . But he declined to comment Friday about his tweets , leaving unanswered questions as to whether they were urged by the White House as it opted to outsource its Comey response to the Republican National Committee and the president's personal lawyer.

Global Puerto Rico overwhelmingly votes in favor of USA statehood amid low turnout
Author: 0 Puerto Rico overwhelmingly votes in favor of USA statehood amid low turnout

A referendum was posed to Puerto Ricans on Sunday to determine whether Puerto Rico would change it's status as a US territory to become either a state or an independent nation. Ricardo Rossello, who had supported the statehood option and declared that it would win. The next step is for the U.S. Congress to decide-and Suarez isn't holding his breath, citing the ongoing gridlock on domestic issues.

Author: 0 French defence minister quits over fake jobs claims

Defense minister Sylvie Goulard , the most prominent woman in the Cabinet Macron named a little more than a month ago, suggested in a statement she chose to quit the government to avoid hurting Macron's efforts to clean up corruption. Modem, a small, centrist party, brought key support to Macron in the presidential and parliamentary elections. Bayrou's departure means Modem has lost all three Cabinet posts it had in Macron's government, following the departure of defense chief Sylvie ...

Author: 0 Police officer stabbed at Michigan airport

Mike Shaw said the officer stabbed Wednesday, June 21, 2017 is Lt. Jeff Neville with the Bishop International Airport police. Michigan State Police provided updates on Twitter, including confirming that the Federal Bureau of Investigation had taken over as the lead investigators in the aftermath of the stabbing.

Author: 0 Russia regrets new US sanctions, mulls retaliatory moves

The agency reminds, that on Tuesday, the US Department of the Treasury added 38 individuals and entities to the sanctions list. Earlier on Wednesday, the Kremlin said it regrets the new USA sanctions against Russian Federation and warned of possible retaliation.

Author: 0 Conservatives shoot for the moon with new laws for Queen's Speech

But DUP sources have warned talks with the Tories "haven't proceeded in a way that the DUP would have expected" and a deal is "certainly not imminent". "I think pretty much everyone in Ireland has somebody who lives here, who's a relative or a close friend", he said. It is believed to have been caused by the DUP's big financial demands, for both higher public spending in Northern Ireland and lucrative tax breaks.

Author: 0 The official Brexit negotiations have begun

May, bruised by an election this month that cost her Conservatives their parliamentary majority, will make her case for a quick agreement on residency for EU nationals and employment rights at a summit of European leaders in the Belgian capital later this week.

Author: 0 Iran missile attack in IS a public demand

The Guards fired six missiles from the west of Iran across the border and into Syria's mostly IS-held Deir Ezzor province, targeting an IS command base, they said earlier. Meanwhile, the USA on Sunday shot down a Syrian aircraft for the first time, marking a new escalation of the conflict as Russian Federation warned it would consider any US -led coalition planes in Syria west of the Euphrates River to be targets.

Global US Supreme Court to hear Wisconsin gerrymandering case
Author: 0 US Supreme Court to hear Wisconsin gerrymandering case

Lawmakers said they ignored race in redrawing the state's congressional districts and focused exclusively on party affiliation, yet the result is the same: divided communities and rigged elections that continue to deny North Carolina voters of their constitutional right to have a voice in choosing their representatives.

Global Russian hackers targeted 21 US states during election
Author: 0 Russian hackers targeted 21 US states during election

Trump has since fired Comey, citing the Russian Federation probe, and the investigation is now in the hands of special counsel Robert Mueller. In addition to the congressional probes, special counsel Robert Mueller is conducting an inquiry into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian officials.

Global US State Department questions Gulf motives on Qatar boycott
Author: 0 US State Department questions Gulf motives on Qatar boycott

Although President Donald Trump originally praised the Gulf states for the blockade, the administration has since been involved in efforts to encourage the countries involved to enter talks to resolve the crisis. Trump tweeted his support. "I decided, along with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, our great generals and military people, the time had come to call on Qatar to end its funding".

Global Former Glee star comes out as trans and reveals name
Author: 0 Former Glee star comes out as trans and reveals name

Thank you to all the attractive write ups about me, ' Jake tweeted. "Finally. I love you everyone and see you soon", tweeted Jake . Filipino news site ABS-CBN reported Jake has just recently split with his girlfriend Alyssa Quijano a month before his name-change announcement, while also celebrating four years out of the closet.

Author: 0 The UK's Next Government Is Still Stuck On The Negotiating Table

Talks between the two parties, who are largely aligned on domestic issues and Brexit, have dragged on for almost two weeks, fuelling deep political uncertainty as Britain begins talks on leaving the European Union. This morning the Queen will read out the speech which will set out the government's legislative agenda for the next two years. "As we have said, both parties are committed to strengthening the Union, combating terrorism, delivering Brexit and delivering prosperity across the whole ...

Author: 0 British PM apologises for Grenfell Tower fire

People were left without belongings, without roofs over their heads, without basic information about what had happened, what they should do and where they could seek help", May told British lawmakers on Wednesday, Xinhua news agency reported .

Global General Election: Corbyn 'would be PM if not for Scotland'
Author: 0 General Election: Corbyn 'would be PM if not for Scotland'

This is an agreement that allows a minority party to play an active role in government; unlike a coalition, it does not involve formal policy concessions or power sharing, and the minority party to reserve the right to judge individual policies on merit.

Global Uganda, UN seek $8 billion for South Sudanese refugees
Author: 0 Uganda, UN seek $8 billion for South Sudanese refugees

Of the 65.6 million people forcibly displaced globally, 10.3 million became displaced previous year, about two-thirds of them (6.9 million) fleeing within their own countries. Colombia has the second-highest displaced population with 7.7 million and Afghanistan has the third-highest displaced population with 4.7 million, the UNHCR said.

Author: 0 DUP warns Government confidence and supply deal is 'certainly not imminent'

In response, the government will bring forward measures to build a stronger economy, improve living standards, build a fairer society and fund public services, she said. Last week, Sinn Fein's Gerry Adams went to Downing Street and told Theresa May that an agreement with the DUP would constitute a breach of the Good Friday Agreement, making clear his party will continue to demand a "unity poll", referred to by the Good Friday Agreement as a "border poll".

Global Champions Trophy: India-Pakistan final sets all-time record on Twitter
Author: 0 Champions Trophy: India-Pakistan final sets all-time record on Twitter

Their confidence was dented when they suffered a thumping loss to arch-rivals and neighbours India in their opening match of the campaign and the limp performance put Pakistan's chances of reaching the semi-finals in severe jeopardy. There were no other changes in the team's standings led by South Africa, although runners-up India, England and Bangladesh have all lost a point each.

Author: 0 US pushing China to rein in companies that deal with NKorea

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Wednesday the US was pressuring Beijing to pressure North Korea to rein in its nuclear and missile programs in high-level talks in Washington. Divisive trade issues will be dealt with at a later date. "China understands that the United States regards North Korea as our top security threat ", Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told reporters following meetings with Chinese counterparts.

Author: 0 Brexit talks remain on course for next week, Theresa May confirms

French President Emmanuel Macron was in Morocco Wednesday on a 24-hour visit for talks on battling terrorism as well as the Libyan conflict and Qatar's dispute with its Gulf neighbors. While there are likely to be questions about what a hung parliament will mean for Brexit negotiations, No. 10 is emphasising the meeting's goal for talks about greater internet regulation.

Global Indian Inc Celebrates International Yoga Day
Author: 0 Indian Inc Celebrates International Yoga Day

In the run up to International Yoga Day, which is observed today and its third year, events across the country have been taking place with local governments in small towns staging yoga events in innovative fashion. "There are many countries which do not know our language, traditions or culture but the entire world is getting connected with us because of yoga", said 66-year-old Modi, who was attired in a white T-shirt and loose pants.

Author: 0 In Iowa, Trump ready to rally base, celebrate GOP resilience

Progressive groups were not alone in concluding the Democrats' failure to offer a positive vision has cost them crucial elections and unnecessarily ceded ground to the Republican Party . But for Democrats, having failed to unseat a Republican in four special House elections in a row despite an extremely energized base, it's now a time for soul-searching - and finger-pointing.

Author: 0 Kovind's candidature will be fought politically: Pinarayi Vijayan

Dinakaran had claimed the AIADMK needed the jailed party leader's approval for any presidential candidate they supported. A year later, the JD (U) broke its 17-year alliance with BJP after Narendra Modi was declared the saffron party's prime ministerial candidate.

Global 'American Horror Story' Enlists Colton Haynes for Season 7
Author: 0 'American Horror Story' Enlists Colton Haynes for Season 7

The American star will team up with Ryan Murphy for one of his shows for a second time, after starring in the second series of Scream Queens a year ago. Colton Haynes is returning to series television. Haynes, who is new to the franchise , joins fellow newbies to the anthology including Billie Lourd and Billy Eichner .

Global Pakistan's foreign ministry confirms downing of Iran drone
Author: 0 Pakistan's foreign ministry confirms downing of Iran drone

New front opening?" Security was tightened in the area following the incident. No causality has been reported. Pakistan is being subjected to growing surveillance along the borders as earlier in March it was reported that India was using US-made drones to spy along the Line of Control (LoC) in Himalayan state of Kashmir.

Global Beyonce and Jay Z welcome twins; gender of the babies revealed
Author: 0 Beyonce and Jay Z welcome twins; gender of the babies revealed

Reports suggesting the Drunk in Love hitmaker and her husband Jay Z became parents again earlier this week (beg12Jun17) emerged on Saturday (17Jun17), and now the new mum's dad has taken to Twitter to confirm the happy news. "Happy birthday to the twins!" Channel24 reported on Thursday that the Beyhive is on baby watch with rumours circulating on social media that the twins might have arrived already.

Author: 0 Talks Between DUP And Conservatives To Continue

The queen's speech also omitted flagship policies that were hugely contested, including the scrapping of universal free school lunches, means-testing of winter fuel payments for pensioners, and a reform of funding for elderly care. At least 79 people are presumed dead in one of the country's worst disasters in a generation. The queen did not mention transgender rights specifically, but before the election May had pledged to revise the Gender Recognition Act to make it easier to change the ...

Author: 0 Trump signs Qatar weapons deal despite terrorism claims

The Bloomberg News quoted a Defense Department statement as saying that Qatari Defense Minister Khalid Al-Attiyah and his USA counterpart, Jim Mattis, completed the $12 billion agreement on Wednesday in Washington. A European diplomat in the Gulf said the timing of the deal appeared coincidental. "We pay a great attention to our relations with them". "We believe that this agreement will propel Qatar's ability to provide for its own security while also reducing the burden placed upon ...

Author: 0 Iraq PM heads for Saudi Arabia as part of Gulf tour

Saudi Arabia , the United Arab Emirates ( UAE ), and Bahrain affirmed Friday that their recent moves to diplomatically isolate Qatar are within their rights to protect national security. However, Palestinian observers expressed deep concern over the consequences of the growing Gulf crisis and its reflection on the Palestinian cause, at a time there is a huge decline and lack of points of support, especially the historic Arab and Islamic one.

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