Global Arkansas US Senator Tom Cotton comments on Congressional baseball practice
Author: 0 Arkansas US Senator Tom Cotton comments on Congressional baseball practice

According to BuzzFeed, members of Congress have noticed an uptick in threatening messages to their offices in the past few months. Gabby Giffords was targeted by a gunman in 2011. He has since died, President Donald Trump said during a press conference following the shooting. His picture is a caricature of Bernie Sanders as Uncle Sam and his feed is filled with anti-Trump sentiments.

Author: 0 Leading Christian Organization Denounces Alt-Right and White Supremacy in Powerful Statement

One function of the committee is to avoid redundancy, and the SBC overwhelmingly approved resolutions deploring racism as part of its continuing emphasis on racial reconciliation. "They recognize that white supremacy in this alt-right guise is unsafe and devilish and we need to say something", Moore said. Barrett Duke , who heads the group's resolutions committee, said committee members initially rejected McKissic's resolution because it was riddled with broad and incendiary language ...

Author: 0 Queen's speech to take place next Wednesday

It follows warnings, including from former prime minister Sir John Major, that the Government will compromise its stated impartiality in the province if it enters a confidence and supply deal with the DUP at Westminster. The deal between May and the DUP has yet to be formerly agreed, but media in London reported that the State Opening will go-ahead even if no deal has been signed between the two parties.

Global President Trump Willing To Testify Under Oath On Comey
Author: 0 President Trump Willing To Testify Under Oath On Comey

Republican Representative Mike Conaway and Democratic Representative Adam Schiff said they had also written to Don McGahn, the White House counsel, and asked him whether White House recordings or memos of Mr Comey's conversations with Mr Trump exist.

Author: 0 Top House Dem: Obstruction should be part of Trump-Russia probe

CNN is suing the Justice Department for copies of fired FBI Director James Comey's personal memos on his interactions with President Donald Trump. "They made up a phony collusion with the Russians story, found zero proof, so now they go for obstruction of justice on the phony story".

Global Turkey asks US envoy to oppose arrest warrants
Author: 0 Turkey asks US envoy to oppose arrest warrants

But the following week the Turkish government summoned the United States ambassador to protest "aggressive behavior" by United States security personnel and "security lapses" in the incident. He said the State Department would determine how to execute the warrants. Eleven people were injured in the brawl described by Washington's police chief as a "brutal attack" on protesters.

Global Pressure grows on May to pursue cross-party approach to Brexit
Author: 0 Pressure grows on May to pursue cross-party approach to Brexit

The Scottish leader's wider interventions on Brexit may also be an attempt to straddle the line - which she has, successfully, to date - between winning over Scotland's Leave voters whilst not alienating the rest of Scotland . Mr Macdonald said: "Given that the First Minister has said that she wants to be involved in negotiating Brexit on behalf of the UK". There's no doubt that Davidson is now, even more so before, one of the Conservative Party's stars and most prominent figures, not ...

Global US Airstrikes in Raqqa Cause 'Staggering' Civilian Deaths
Author: 0 US Airstrikes in Raqqa Cause 'Staggering' Civilian Deaths

The U.S. -led coalition supports the SDF by providing equipment, training, intelligence and logistics support, airstrikes, and battlefield advice. Smoke rises from the al-Mishlab district at Raqqa's southeastern outskirts, Syria June 7, 2017.

Author: 0 Kamala Harris Has the Mic Now So Everybody Needs to Sit Down

SHAPIRO: To help us understand the principle that allows Sessions to avoid answering these questions, we're joined by Steve Vladeck. On Tuesday, the Senate Intelligence Committee, which of which Harris is a part, held a public hearing with Attorney General Jeff Sessions to discuss his involvement with Russian officials during the 2016 presidential election and the transition period before Donald Trump was inaugurated.

Global Germany's Merkel says European Union ready to negotiate Brexit, no change seen
Author: 0 Germany's Merkel says European Union ready to negotiate Brexit, no change seen

A failure to gain support from the Northern Irish party would risk the Queen's Speech being voted down next week, and Corbyn has said Labour will be pushing hard for that outcome. It comes after Mrs May told Tory MPs: "I'm the person who got us into this mess and I'm the one who will get us out of it". However, the prospect of a deal has prompted warnings that it could upset Northern Ireland's fragile peace.

Global What do the election results mean for Brexit?
Author: 0 What do the election results mean for Brexit?

However, the Conservative Party were only 287 votes from forming a majority government and could have done so by winning four seats. I think if we'd had a large Conservative majority like all the polling was pointing to, then Theresa May could've pushed through her version of Brexit .

Author: 0 Theresa May orders public inquiry into Grenfell Tower blaze 'tragedy'

Because parliament will not officially return until the Queen's Speech next Wednesday, members had to gather in Westminster Hall in order to quiz fire minister Nick Hurd and housing minister Alok Sharma on the Government's response to the devastating fire in Kensington, west London .

Global Trump labeling House health care bill 'mean' frustrates GOP
Author: 0 Trump labeling House health care bill 'mean' frustrates GOP

Following the House vote, Trump hosted an event in the Rose Garden to celebrate its passage. Indivisible , a nonprofit network aimed at resisting Trump's agenda, has a campaign strategy to take down the health care bill and even provides a script to use should you decide to call your legislators.

Global UK Government Defends DUP Deal Amid Accusations Of Bias
Author: 0 UK Government Defends DUP Deal Amid Accusations Of Bias

Sinn Fein, SDLP and the cross-community Alliance have all also already made clear that Northern Ireland Secretary James Brokenshire can not chair the ongoing process to restore power-sharing at Stormont due to a perceived conflict of interest caused by the deal.

Author: 0 Otto Warmbier's Dad: Obama Admin. Said Be Quiet, Don't 'Offend' North Korea

In honour of his son, Fred Warmbier wore the same jacket Otto was wearing when he was paraded before media to tearfully confess to attempting to take the sign as a "trophy" for a U.S. The charge was that Warmbier allegedly went into a staff-only area of the hotel and tore down a propaganda banner hanging on the wall, intending to steal it.

Global Neighbors, friends react to suspect in Virginia congressman shoo
Author: 0 Neighbors, friends react to suspect in Virginia congressman shoo

ALEXANDRIA , Va. - Wednesday began in familiar tranquility in this Washington, D.C., suburb, ... "We are strongest when we are unified and when we work together for the common good", said the president. And, in late March, the authorities said he relocated to Alexandria , just south of Washington. BREAKING: House Speaker Paul Ryan: 'We are united in our anguish.

Global Chinese authorities: Explosion at kindergarten suspected to be criminal; 7 dead
Author: 0 Chinese authorities: Explosion at kindergarten suspected to be criminal; 7 dead

The blast happened outside the gates of the Chuangxin Kindergarten at 4.50pm - as relatives were reportedly collecting their children at the end of the school day. Children were seen among the injured. Another video posted by the People's Daily showed emergency workers arriving at the scene with gurneys. It was not immediately clear what caused the blast, which came as parents were picking up children from school.

Author: 0 Reports say Mueller probe now examining possible Trump obstruction

The leaders of the Senate intelligence committee say In a statement issued Wednesday that they "look forward to future engagements" with Robert Mueller . The administration initially gave differing reasons for his dismissal, including that he had lost the confidence of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Author: 0 London fire: Theresa May orders public inquiry into blaze

In addition, 74 people were injured in the blaze, with 37 hospitalized and 17 of them still in critical condition. Prime Minister Theresa May promised an investigation and she planned to visit the site on Thursday. Cotton says that firefighters are having trouble with the aftermath. However Harley Curtain Wall Ltd said that it had installed cladding, with polyisocyanurate inside, a material which is better than most at resisting fire in tests.

Global London Bridge terror attack: Who are the victims?
Author: 0 London Bridge terror attack: Who are the victims?

London's Metropolitan Police said Saturday that they arrested a 27-year-old man and a 28-year-old man overnight in east London on suspicion of preparing acts of terrorism. Of the 48 injured, 29 patients are still in hospital, ten in a critical condition, said NHS England. "All three were arrested on suspicion of the commission, preparation or instigation of terrorism offenses under section 41 of the Terrorism Act 2000", the statement said.

Author: 0 Price Of Oil Is Being Hammered Down By Negative News

According to the authority, non-OPEC production in 2018 will increase by 1.5 million barrels daily - a rate that will surpass the growth of global demand. Inventories were 292 million barrels higher than the average over the past five years, said the agency, which advises governments on energy trends. "Any build in USA commercial stocks gives us an indication of the uphill battle OPEC is facing", said Tamas Varga, an analyst at PVM Oil Associates in London .

Author: 0 London apartment building blaze death toll rises to 17, more victims expected

Mr Corbyn also said hundreds of thousands of people living in tower blocks will be "frightened, traumatised and very, very worried" following the blaze in west London . Most of the people I could see were Muslim. The royals said that as residents of the local area they felt compelled to "offer their immediate support".

Global President Trump visits Scalise, other shooting victims at hospital
Author: 0 President Trump visits Scalise, other shooting victims at hospital

This as Louisiana congressman Steve Scalise remains hospitalized in critical condition, after he was shot in the hip while practicing for the game Wednesday morning. "We're playing the game tomorrow", said Rep. Joe Barton, R-Texas, the Republican team manager. "Efforts to restrict the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Americans will only punish those who play by the rules and will be ignored by criminals who break the law", he said.

Author: 0 Comey reportedly confronted Lynch over Clinton email probe involvement

He said that Lynch's tarmac meeting with former President Bill Clinton influenced his decision to speak publicly about his findings in the probe last summer. "I think this puts an end to any claim that President Trump obstructed justice. And there's only way to know about it, and that's to have the Judiciary Committee take a look at that".

Global Democratic lawmakers file lawsuit against President Trump over foreign payments
Author: 0 Democratic lawmakers file lawsuit against President Trump over foreign payments

Trump's joined a lawsuit filed in federal court in NY by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington , or CREW, a nonprofit watchdog group. Reps. The Times added this is likely "the most members of Congress to ever sue a sitting president". The government's response to that lawsuit cited business activity with foreign countries by presidents going back to George Washington .

Author: 0 Wife: Man who shot congressman wanted to work on tax policy

Sanders condemned the attack on the floor of the Senate, saying he was "sickened" by what transpired. A neighbor told a Washington Post contributor that Hodgkinson hadn't lived at the house for "quite a while". The FBI was already combing through Hodgkinson's IL home by the time his identity was released to the public. They said he pretty much kept to himself but was nice, he would wave when people passed by and invite everyone to his Halloween party.

Global Vested interests distort genuine GST debate in state: Drabu
Author: 0 Vested interests distort genuine GST debate in state: Drabu

It said Drabu "who today is the strongest votary of GST implementation in Jammu and Kashmir, is on record having said "Come GST and neither the State Legislature nor the State Cabinet will have a say on J&K Taxation". He added that extension of such laws to Jammu and Kashmir tantamount to "direct infringement with the special status of the State guaranteed and vowed to be maintained under Article 370 of the Constitution of India ".

Author: 0 Death toll in London fire expected to rise

Fire engulfed the social housing block, where as many as 600 people lived in more than 120 apartments, in the early hours of Wednesday, turning it into a flaming torch in minutes. Firefighters trying to race into the building were protected from falling debris by police officers, who placed riot shields over their heads. Some experts have suggested that the waterproof material may have accelerated the fire's quick ascent up the block.

Author: 0 Ryan on Mueller: Let special counsel 'do his job'

Christopher Ruddy, a Trump friend and chief executive of Newsmax Media, told PBS' "NewsHour" program on Monday that Trump was considering firing Mueller . Ruddy at the time said he liked then-GOP frontrunner Jeb Bush for president - but he also foresaw problems that ultimately doomed Bush's candidacy and paved the way for Trump.

Author: 0 Probes launched as search continues for London fire victims

According to local officials posting on social media, 200 firefighters are attempting to put out the blaze which was reported after 1 a.m. local time. On Wednesday, a fire engulfed the 24-story Grenfell Tower. The church is also serving lunch and dinner to survivors. On a utility box by the church's front door, residents have taped signs looking for information about Khadija Saye, last seen on the 20th floor, and Mariem Elggwahry, last seen on the 19th floor at 2:30 am.

Author: 0 Britain can stay in EU but perks will end - Verhofstadt

Meanwhile, the chief European Union negotiator has told the Financial Times that the clock is ticking on Brexit talks, and that Britain should be wary of further delays. Senior politics lecturer at Surrey University Simon Usherwood raised the same issues: "The main concern is going to be that if there is a Conservative-DUP deal, then can the British government continue to play the role of a honest broker in the restoration of a Northern Ireland executive", he queried.

Global The criminal investigation of Trump puts his presidency in peril
Author: 0 The criminal investigation of Trump puts his presidency in peril

Mueller is investigating alleged Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential election and possible collusion with the Trump campaign. Mr. Investigators have also been looking for any evidence of possible financial crimes by Trump associates, the daily said, quoting unnamed United States officials.

Global Rep. Rice changes plans, will attend Congressional baseball game
Author: 0 Rep. Rice changes plans, will attend Congressional baseball game

Democrats are still scheduled to face off against Republicans in the annual congressional baseball game - an event that is expected to bring members of Congress together for some fun and good-natured competition in the wake of the attack on the Republicans' game in Alexandria, Virginia.

Author: 0 Grim search for bodies in gutted London tower block

The British Prime Minister Theresa May visited the scene of the tragedy and spoke to firefighters who had been working around the clock. Following the intense, tragic fire at Grenfell Tower in London , Grammy victor Adele , with husband Simon Konecki, made a visit to the site on Wednesday night to offer support to the victims.

Global Capitol Police Officers Hailed as Heroes After Baseball Practice Shooting
Author: 0 Capitol Police Officers Hailed as Heroes After Baseball Practice Shooting

The Capitol Police officers who were injured are "in good condition and have not suffered any life-threatening injuries at this point", Capitol Police Chief Matthew Verderosa said at a news conference. "We had nothing but baseball bats to fight back against a rifle with", Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks said. Flake, of Arizona, said he ran onto the field and also tried to come to Scalise's aide.

Global Under pressure to soften Brexit, May meets Northern Irish 'kingmakers'
Author: 0 Under pressure to soften Brexit, May meets Northern Irish 'kingmakers'

The EU's negotiator Michel Barnier dismissed the suggestion of postponing the negotiations and said such a delay would only prompt further instability. But the DUP are anxious that could be in doubt if the United Kingdom left the European Union without a deal - as May has repeatedly said she is willing to do, asserting that "no deal is better than a bad deal".

Global Paris attacker put into custody
Author: 0 Paris attacker put into custody

A woman interviewed from inside Notre Dame by Britain's Sky News told of hearing shots and screams, then seeing a human wave of fearful sightseers pour into the cathedral for shelter. Castaner told RTL radio on Wednesday that the attack was an "isolated act". The news came as Paris is still on high alert from the November 2015 terror attack at the Bataclan theater, which killed around 130 people.

Author: 0 Maidstone: Shine Removals helps Grenfell Tower blaze victims

The leader of Kensington and Chelsea Borough Nick Paget-Brown said "several hundred" people would have been in the block when the fire broke out. Witnesses reported the entire building was on fire by around 2:00 am (0100 GMT). "She tried to get out but they [emergency services] told her to stay indoors". "This is a multi-ethnic, multicultural, diverse community that just didn't get served by the people representing them".

Author: 0 London firefighters traumatised by 'horrendous' scenes, chief says

Dozens of hotel rooms, apartments and other rooms were donated to house the survivors who saw their homes go up in smoke. The incident took place on Wednesday. Nearly all of the building had been searched but crews were still trying to put out "pockets of fire" in hard to reach places and "unknown numbers" remain inside, London Fire Brigade Assistant Commissioner Steve Apter said.

Global Largest anti-Kremlin protests in years roll across Russian Federation
Author: 0 Largest anti-Kremlin protests in years roll across Russian Federation

Amnesty International spoke to an eyewitness who described scenes of mass beatings by police in Moscow , as well as police cordons obstructing people's movement and vehicles lined up ready to arrest protesters. A slickly produced video entitled, " Don't call him Dimon ", featuring drone footage of mansions, ski villas and vineyards allegedly belonging to the Prime Minister, Dmitri Medvedev, has chalked up 22 million clicks on YouTube .

Global Steve Scalise, House majority whip, shot in Virginia, police say
Author: 0 Steve Scalise, House majority whip, shot in Virginia, police say

Carrying two large bouquets of white flowers, President Donald Trump and his wife, Melania, visited Scalise amid a somber mood at the MedStar Washington Hospital Center in Washington . Nathan told NBC News he knew the GOP congressional baseball team was being targeted because the squad practices at the field " all the time". Trump has no plans to attend the congressional baseball game Thursday, out of concern for his safety.

Author: 0 US special counsel probing Trump for possible obstruction

The Post report cited anonymous sources who were briefed on requests made by investigators. Comey was sacked by the president on May 9 while he was overseeing the investigation into potential Russian interference into last year's election and potential collusion with the Trump presidential campaign.

Author: 0 How much time could Bill Cosby face?

The case has sparked debate over celebrity, race, power and gender. Steele's closing argument focused on Cosby's statements in an interview with police and sworn depositions he gave as part of Constand's civil lawsuit more than a decade ago.

Global Prince Harry visits Borough Market after London Bridge terror attack
Author: 0 Prince Harry visits Borough Market after London Bridge terror attack

There for the reopening, along with London's mayor Sadiq Khan was Prince Harry , who per People chatted with vendors as they opened their booths. A woman places posters around the city near the scene of the attack. A lot of customers buy their bread here. "Harry coming here is great for business", he said.

Global Netflix to join net neutrality 'day of action'
Author: 0 Netflix to join net neutrality 'day of action'

Previously, Netflix was a strong advocate for net neutrality , and pushed to expand protections to also regulate peering agreements between internet service providers and streaming service operators. Just last month , Netflix's Hastings was non-committal when asked about his company's commitment to neutrality, saying that it was "really important for the Netflix of ten years ago".

Author: 0 Special Counsel Is Investigating President Trump For Obstruction Of Justice

While 43 percent of respondents said they thought Trump's testimony hurt the president, including 58 percent of Democrats and 41 percent of independents, a plurality of Republicans (36 percent) disagreed. "I don't know, Senator Rubio, probably so", Sessions replied. If he didn't trust the attorney general or the deputy attorney general, then he should have given them to the Justice Department inspector general or the congressional intelligence committees.

Author: 0 Congressional ballgame to go on despite shooting

Zack Barth, an aide to Rep. Roger Williams (R-Texas), was shot in the calf. The gunman, identified as IL man James Hodgkinson, 66, on Wednesday fired repeatedly at the men playing on a field in suburban Alexandria, Virginia, near Washington , DC.

Author: 0 What we know about the injuries from the Alexandria shooting

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise remains in critical condition after being shot in the hip as his Republican team practiced for tonight's Congressional Baseball Game, a time-honored tradition created to promote comity and unity in the Capitol.

Author: 0 President Donald Trump tweets of James Comey's testimony 'total and complete vindication'

The response comes after the Wall Street Journal reported on a May 15th Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request they submitted to the Secret Service. Earlier on May 9, Trump had fired James Comey from his post following which former FBI director Robert Muller was appointed by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein as special prosecutor to take over investigation into Russia's interference in United States presidential elections.

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