Global Mandsaur violence: MP CM Chouhan meets farmers' families
Author: 0 Mandsaur violence: MP CM Chouhan meets farmers' families

Five helipads were made at various places to ensure that the chief minister reaches the venue without any trouble, a senior official said. Chouhan had vowed to restore peace in the state with his fast. Karera's sub-divisional officer of Police (SDOP) Anurag Sujania said the FIR was registered against Khatik, block Congress president Venus Goyal and others early today.

Global Qatar Airways service 'unaffected' by Gulf ban
Author: 0 Qatar Airways service 'unaffected' by Gulf ban

Saudi Arabia , the United Arab Emirates , Bahrain and Egypt are among several countries that suspended ties with Qatar last week, including the suspension of all flights to and from Doha and an airspace ban on Qatar Airways. He says he believes action hasn't been taken because of al-Udeid air base, a hub for US military operations in the Middle East . However, Desta said his country wanted no confrontation with Djibouti.

Global Don't waste time, EU Brexit chief tells Britain
Author: 0 Don't waste time, EU Brexit chief tells Britain

We have completed the guidelines, the framework", Merkel said Friday in Mexico City. "We might see a softening of the stance in response to this election result", said Simon Hix, politics professor at the London School of Economics. At the same time, we say that we want to remain a good partner to Britain. That would also make it improbable that Britain could secure the rapid free trade agreement it wants with the European Union after it leaves.

Global Trump to reveal whether or not he taped Comey conversations
Author: 0 Trump to reveal whether or not he taped Comey conversations

He also said that "100 percent" he would be willing to testify under oath to rebut Comey . Mr Lankford said Mr Sessions's testimony on Tuesday will help flesh out the truth of Mr Comey's allegations, including Mr Sessions's presence at the White House in February when Mr Trump asked to speak to Mr Comey alone.

Author: 0 Defiant May signals she will not compromise over hard Brexit

Also on the cabinet's agenda were the talks to secure an alliance where the DUP backs the Conservatives on a vote-by-vote basis in parliament, rather than a formal coalition government. Meanwhile, the chief European Union negotiator has told the Financial Times that the clock is ticking on Brexit talks, and that Britain should be wary of further delays.

Author: 0 Senators Accuse Sessions Of 'Stonewalling' On Russia Inquiry

The Attorney General's testimony comes one week after the Senate Intelligence Committee testimony of former FBI Director James Comey , who was sacked early on last month. "So, I need to be correct as best I can", Sessions said. There are none, Senator Wyden , there are none. "This is a secret innuendo being leaked out there".

Global May starts DUP talks in bid to keep power
Author: 0 May starts DUP talks in bid to keep power

The DUP's policies on social issues such as gay marriage and abortion have come under increased scrutiny since the election result, with the party's 10 MPs offering the prime minister a chance to prop up her minority government . " But we do want to do so in the national interest to give stability to the government and that's why we will be entering these negotiations ", she said.

Global What do Ireland need to do to qualify for Russian Federation 2018?
Author: 0 What do Ireland need to do to qualify for Russian Federation 2018?

Serbia's 1-1 draw with Wales in Belgrade means that Ireland remain four points clear of Wales and Austria, with only four games remaining. In the next round, Serbia will play against Moldova at home, the Irish team will travel to Georgia, while Wales and Austria will clash in Cardiff .

Global 'Staggering' civilian deaths from US-led airstrikes in Raqqa, says UN
Author: 0 'Staggering' civilian deaths from US-led airstrikes in Raqqa, says UN

They are now fighting around the old city walls, which date from the 8th century AD and were built by the Abbasids, who used the city as the capital of their caliphate . Since then, they have seized one neighbourhood in western Raqqa and another in the east, where they are now battling to secure control of Al Senaa district that leads to the Old City.

Author: 0 Donald Trump says James Comey's 'leaks' are more prevalent

But early on Friday morning, the president struck back. The latter testified that Trump urged him to ease off the probe around Flynn, but the USA president said that was something he did not do. On Friday, Trump's former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski criticized Comey as not "man enough" for having leaked the memo via his friend rather than doing it himself.

Author: 0 European Union and United Kingdom citizens should not fret over Brexit future, Davis says

While May initially claimed how she was up for Brexit as she wanted to take Britain out of the European Union's single market and customs union and consequently cut immigration. "Maybe, this is a chance that we can come up to a more reasonable Brexit negotiations because in the last time (recently) I really had the feeling that everything was just being very tough and it doesn't make sense to be tough.

Author: 0 30 taken to hospitals after massive London high-rise blaze

Around midnight the fire was only around the third floor and then, before you know it, the whole 23 floors of the building were all on fire and there were people screaming for help and throwing kids out. Local resident Tamara told BBC News: "Around 12.30/1am my mum called me and said there was a fire outside". On early Wednesday morning authorities said they believed residents to still be trapped inside.

Author: 0 Trump dodges tapes question, denies seeking Comey loyalty

TRUMP: 100 percent. I didn't say "under oath", I hardly know the man, I'm not gonna say "I want you to pledge allegiance", who would do that, who would ask a man to pledge allegiance under oath? Trump said Comey's statements vindicated his long-held claims that he did not collude with Russian Federation to tip the election in his favor and that he did not interfere with the federal probe.

Global Focus Brexit on economy, Scottish Conservatives urge British PM
Author: 0 Focus Brexit on economy, Scottish Conservatives urge British PM

The scale of the Scottish party's success in the election, including the toppling by the Tories of two of the SNP's most senior figures at Westminster - Alex Salmond , the former First Minister, and Angus Robertson, the deputy leader - has greatly increased Ms Davidson's influence inside the Conservative Party at a United Kingdom level.

Author: 0 Huge fire breaks out in London apartment building

Councilor Nick Paget-Brown, who represents the area in which Grenfell Tower is located, said the tower block contains some 120 individual apartments, many of which house young families, meaning the number of people trapped by the blaze could run into the hundreds.

Global Attorney General Jeff Sessions says he was never briefed on Russia probe
Author: 0 Attorney General Jeff Sessions says he was never briefed on Russia probe

But by then he was already under an ethical cloud because he had told lawmakers at his January confirmation hearing that he had not met with Russians during the campaign. "Senator Wyden, I am not stonewalling ", Sessions bristled. "So you were his superior, and there were some fairly harsh things said about Director Comey, you never thought it was appropriate to raise those concerns before he was sacked by the president?" Sessions refused to say whether he and Trump discussed FBI ...

Author: 0 UK General Election Results Show Rejection of 'Hard Brexit'

When May called the election seven weeks ago, she was seeking to capitalize on opinion polls showing that her Conservatives had a wide lead over the opposition Labour Party . With negotiations over leaving the European Union in 10 days' time , the prospect of internal political wrangling is causing concern in Brussels. But in United Kingdom elections this result does not automatically trigger another election.

Global Kentucky Senator Rand Paul a Witness to Shooting of Congressman
Author: 0 Kentucky Senator Rand Paul a Witness to Shooting of Congressman

Police say the suspect is in custody and Alexandria Fire officials say that there are "various degrees of injury". It is believed a single gunman fired as many as 50 shots at lawmakers and aides who scrambled for cover. Paul said the team of Republicans has been practicing for about two months for the game that was planned for Thursday. "We are just regular people" outside of Capitol Hill, Paul said.

Global May's key ministers hold 'secret talks' with Labour to force soft Brexit
Author: 0 May's key ministers hold 'secret talks' with Labour to force soft Brexit

As discussion continued, a leading business organization said the political uncertainty is leading to a "dramatic drop" in confidence. Mrs Foster declined to give details of what she termed a "positive engagement with the Conservative Party ", but said she would be travelling to London late on Monday for discussions with her team of 10 DUP MPs ahead of a meeting with Mrs May on Tuesday.

Author: 0 London Firefighters Battling Massive High-Rise Blaze

London mayor Sadiq Khan also declared it a "major incident". The London Fire Brigade (LFB) has confirmed that there have been "a number of fatalities" . Cladding had been added to the outside of the building, blamed by some residents for helping the fire to spread so quickly. London ambulance services are responding to a major fire burned in west London .

Author: 0 Trump says James Comey's testimony about Mike Flynn's probe is not true

Comey said that he meticulously documented his interactions with the president, and he asked a friend to share the content of his memo about Flynn with a reporter, "because I thought that might prompt the appointment of a special counsel" in the probe of Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

Global Trump's cryptic tweet 'covfefe' #1 trend on Twitter
Author: 0 Trump's cryptic tweet 'covfefe' #1 trend on Twitter

The charitable interpretation is that Trump meant to spell out "coverage". As with all Trump and Trump-related flubs, this spread like wildfire and was quickly turned into a meme. " Covfefe " was born on Twitter just after midnight Wednesday when the president wrote about 'constant negative press covfefe, ' prompting jokes from Jimmy Kimmel to Hillary Clinton.

Author: 0 Tower block blaze: What we know

Witnesses told of hearing people calling for help from within the building as flames quickly spread upwards. Soon after, people nearby reported seeing flames and smoke shooting from its windows. It said 20 people were now in critical care following the blaze. He saw people in smoke-filled apartments "slowly slump down", he said. That was about 2:00 am (0100 GMT), she said.

Global Theresa May faces ousting after United Kingdom election shock
Author: 0 Theresa May faces ousting after United Kingdom election shock

Freer, a Conservative MP who was able to retain his seat, told The Jewish Chronicle that it was the Labour's anti-semitic reputation that may have helped his return to Parliament. British Prime Minister Theresa May and her husband Philip stand on the doorstep of 10 Downing Street , London , after addressing the press Friday, June 9, 2017 following an audience with Britain's Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham.

Global Huge fire engulfs west London tower block
Author: 0 Huge fire engulfs west London tower block

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said he was "truly devastated" by the incident and warned that the numbers of dead and injured could increase. He told the BBC that a situation where "people's safety is put at risk by bad advice or poor maintenance" could not be tolerated.

Global Manhunt sparked by slaying of prison guards, inmates' escape
Author: 0 Manhunt sparked by slaying of prison guards, inmates' escape

They got off the prison bus and carjacked another driver, sheriff's officials said. They are believed to be traveling in a grass green Honda Civic with Georgia tags RBJ-6601. Dubose had been in prison since July 2015 for crimes including armed robbery and was not due for release until 2034, according to the corrections department.

Author: 0 Highlights from testimony of Attorney General Jeff Sessions

What happened when Sessions left the room, and Trump allegedly pressed Comey to end an investigation? "The suggestion that I participated in any collusion or that I was aware of any collusion with the Russian government to hurt this country, which I have served with honour for over 35 years, or to undermine the integrity of our democratic process, is an appalling and detestable lie", he said .

Author: 0 Attorney General Jeff Sessions talks spy fiction at Senate hearing

Republicans said it appears Democrats don't care about this anymore, ever since Comey said the president himself was not under investigation for election collusion. Schumer compared Sessions' testimony to that of former Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey but claimed that Comey was truthful with almost all his answers, while Sessions was deceptive and seemed to be hiding something.

Global Mbappe ready to 'sort through' his options over summer
Author: 0 Mbappe ready to 'sort through' his options over summer

Kylian Mbappe has vowed to spend some time discussing his next move with his family after helping France beat England 3-2 in the final match of his breakthrough season. "He has done very well at Monaco and now he is doing the same with the national team in France ". Whilst there have been suggestions that Mbappe will look to sign a new deal at the Stade Louis II, the forward himself has refused to give anything away until after he had finished his global commitments with France .

Global Trump Hands Mattis Authority To Set Troop Levels
Author: 0 Trump Hands Mattis Authority To Set Troop Levels

Continuing resolutions coupled with sequestration blocked new programs, prevented service growth, stalled industry initiative and placed troops at greater risk. "We can't keep going like this", McCain said. Sequestration was created to be so injurious to the military that it would force Congress to compromise so its imposition would not be necessary.

Global UK PM Theresa May to meet Irish party leader on government formation
Author: 0 UK PM Theresa May to meet Irish party leader on government formation

She added: "As we face hard challenges ahead, let us come together in a spirit of national unity, to keep our country safe, and build a stronger, fairer and more prosperous future for everyone, in every part of our United Kingdom". But her election failure means she must now go into Britain's most complex negotiations since World War Two with her eye firmly on the different factions within her Conservative Party , which has been divided over European Union membership for a generation.

Global Turkey says ready to render any support to Qatar
Author: 0 Turkey says ready to render any support to Qatar

An exception is made for private planes and charter flights to or from Qatar, which require permission to transit through the airspace of the three Gulf countries, the statements said. A State Department official told the Washington Examiner that Smith, a career diplomat, "will depart Qatar later this month as part of the normal rotation of career diplomats throughout the world".

Author: 0 WH: Trump Has 'No Intention' of Firing Mueller

Sessions added that, "to suggest that a recusal from a single specific investigation" would render him unable to manage the leadership of the FBI would be "absurd". Feinstein also asked if Rosenstein had an estimate for how long the investigation will take. "As such", he said, "I have no knowledge about this investigation, as it is ongoing today, beyond what has been publicly reported ".

Global Jeff Sessions : US Attorney General brands Russian Federation collusion claims a 'detestable lie'
Author: 0 Jeff Sessions : US Attorney General brands Russian Federation collusion claims a 'detestable lie'

Testifying at a Senate hearing, Mr Sessions said it was a "detestable and appalling lie" to suggest that he participated in or was aware of any collusion between Russian Federation and the Trump campaign. Comey responded to the President's mention of the Russian Federation investigation. He said he never met with, or had conversations with, Russians about election interference.

Author: 0 More Than 50 People Injured In London Tower Block Fire: Ambulance Service

The group said there was only one entry and exit to Grenfell Tower during improvement works at the block in Latimer Road and it had issues with evacuation procedures. "The whole one side of the building was on fire ". She claimed she had seen "a lot of people jumping out that basically didn't make it". The London Fire Brigade tweeted that the fire involved the second to the top floor.

Author: 0 Ways the British Election Results Will Affect Brexit

Britain's Primer Minister Theresa May leaves Downing Street with her husband on the way to Buckingham Palace after Britain's election in London , Britain June 9, 2017 . And Mrs. May is very likely to face leadership challenges within her own party. "She's then got to present a programme to parliament", he said. "I hope we never hold referendums on anything ever again." - pro-EU former Conservative finance minister Ken Clarke.

Author: 0 Jeff Sessions Pushes Back On Suggestions Of Collusion

By sort of not quite invoking it, I think the attorney general is creating an additional step where first the Senate intelligence committee would have to decide that they wanted to push back and try to compel him to answer. Mr Sessions sought to pre-empt questions from the panel about conversations with President Donald Trump regarding the Russian Federation investigation and the May 9 firing of Mr Comey, saying he "cannot and will not violate my duty to protect the confidential ...

Global Backed forces announce 'great battle' to capture Raqqa
Author: 0 Backed forces announce 'great battle' to capture Raqqa

The request is the opposite of what occurred prior to the Iraqi military offensive on Mosul where civilians were asked to remain in place, a move that was later criticized as ISIS used civilians as human shields to prevent coalition airstrikes.

Author: 0 May says minority government talks 'productive', Brexit negotiation starts next week

May's weakened position in the party ruled out big changes. Meanwhile Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, tipped as a leading candidate to succeed Ms May if she steps down, also backed her on Monday. With British politics thrust into the deepest turmoil since last June's shock Brexit vote, European Union leaders were left wondering how divorce talks would open next week.

Author: 0 Multiple People Shot During Congressional Baseball Practice

Scalise is the No. 3 House Republican leader. "I am not shot". He also told CNN, "it would have been a massacre". "I look around, and I see a rifle and I see a little bit of a body", he said. Scalise is in a stable condition at George Washington University Hospital, a congressional aide said. The shooter's motive was not immediately known.

Author: 0 Unknown number killed in massive London high-rise blaze

London Fire Commissioner Dany Cotton described it as an "unprecedented incident", something she had not seen in her 29 years of service. Muna Ali, 45, said: "The flames, I have never seen anything like it, it just reminded me of 9/11".

Author: 0 50 people taken to hospitals from tower fire

A residents action group said its warnings about safety had fallen on "deaf ears". So I said to one of them, 'Officer what's going on?', and he said 'Fire - get out'. "It's all free of charge guys so just go and speak to my manager Juan and we will sort you out and give you some love... this is for the victims of the fire guys...

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