Global 30 leaders reaffirm their commitment to Belt and Road
Author: 0 30 leaders reaffirm their commitment to Belt and Road

Russia, like China, wants North Korea to reform its economy and pursue the path of denuclearization. The initiative aims to build a trade and infrastructure network connecting Asia with Europe, Africa and China along ancient trade routes through massive projects such as railway lines, highways, sea ports, airports, energy infrastructure and industrial parks.

Global Washington Post media critic defends use of anonymous sources amid Trump firestorm
Author: 0 Washington Post media critic defends use of anonymous sources amid Trump firestorm

The South Carolina Republican is best known for leading the congressional inquiry into the deadly attacks on a USA facility in Benghazi, Libya, a panel that oversaw a lengthy grilling of Hillary Clinton in 2015. According to the Associated Press , the communications department only learned about Comey's firing an hour before it happened. The FBI Agents Association, which claims more than 13,000 active and retired agents as its members, on Saturday endorsed another candidate: former ...

Global Mamata meets Sonia, Rahul on presidential polls
Author: 0 Mamata meets Sonia, Rahul on presidential polls

We will talk to other leaders too. The Chief Minister is scheduled to fly to New Delhi this afternoon to meet Congress president Sonia Gandhi, who is expected to preside over a meeting of the opposition parties to know their views on the President election for the country.

Author: 0 Putin undecided on what melody to play for Trump

The Russian president was filmed playing the piano at the official Chinese presidential residence as he was awaiting a meeting with Xi Jinping on Sunday. Putin said he was briefed by his defense minister after North Korea's latest missile test. I just pressed the keys with two or three fingers, while waiting for our Chinese friend and partner.

Author: 0 Dad tries to fathom why son allegedly decapitated his mother

The attack sent shock waves through Estacada, where most residents knew the stabbing victim simply as Mike, a white-haired checkout clerk who had worked at the Thriftway store for years and was beloved by customers for his warm greetings and sense of humor.

Global Get ready for 'Modifests' to mark three years of NDA govt
Author: 0 Get ready for 'Modifests' to mark three years of NDA govt

The BJP leaders further added Ministers and BJP leaders will tour the country to highlight central schemes and make the people aware about the government's "successes". LocalCircles survey said that largely change has not appeared fast adequately for maximum people and compare to past year a decline is visible in citizens' score for government in many areas.

Author: 0 Tony Perkins: Trump Is Backing Up His Rhetoric on Religious Liberty

Falwell in particular praised Trump for "bomb [ing] those...who were persecuting Christians", and the president noted during his speech that Americans will be "hearing a lot about [military actions] next week from our generals". The hit on his political "detractors" came in after he fired FBI Director James Comey . He steered clear of that subject, making only sidelong swipes at his critics.

Author: 0 Few in US Support Trump's Firing of FBI Chief

You can't be cute about tapes". "Even that is possible", Trump said. Trump abruptly fired Comey on Tuesday and later said Comey was a "showboat" and "grandstander" who was not doing a good job. Lawmakers from both parties reprimanded Trump's actions, which included shifting explanations from the White House for Comey's dismissal and an ominous tweet by Trump that warned Comey against leaks to the press because he may have "tapes" of their conversations.

Global Secret ISIS Information: Russia exonerates Trump
Author: 0 Secret ISIS Information: Russia exonerates Trump

Such sharing "could be a risk for our sources", the official said . The official spoke only on condition that neither he nor his country be identified, because he was not authorized to discuss the matter publicly. The Post said the intelligence partner had not given the USA permission to share the material with Russian officials. They include the investigations into his election campaign's ties to Moscow, probes into Russian interference in the election, the president's own expressions ...

Global Trump said to expose ally's secrets to Russians
Author: 0 Trump said to expose ally's secrets to Russians

Trump " revealed more information to the Russian ambassador than we have shared with our own allies", the report said. McMaster repeatedly said that the information shared by the president to the Kremlin officials was "wholly appropriate given the goal of that conversation".

Global President Xi: China to Host 2nd Belt & Road Forum in 2019
Author: 0 President Xi: China to Host 2nd Belt & Road Forum in 2019

Chinese officials insist the initiative is purely commercial, but foreign diplomats and political analysts also see an effort by Beijing to promote its own vision of trade and security arrangements and reduce the USA presence in Asia. "We need to seek win-win results through greater openness and cooperation, avoid fragmentation, refrain from setting inhibitive thresholds for cooperation or pursuing exclusive arrangements and reject protectionism".

Global North Korea Tests Missile That Comes Dangerously Close to Russian Federation
Author: 0 North Korea Tests Missile That Comes Dangerously Close to Russian Federation

The statement comes a day after North Korea tested a ballistic missile that it claimed could be mounted with a "large-sized nuclear warhead" and capable of reaching the continental United States and USA operations in the Pacific. DPRK is short for North Korea's formal name, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday condemned the test as "dangerous" but warned against "intimidating" Pyongyang.

Global White House denies report Trump shared intel with Russian Federation
Author: 0 White House denies report Trump shared intel with Russian Federation

The White House scrambled to respond to the report Monday night, issuing several statements before sending H.R. McMaster, Trump's national security adviser who participated in the meeting, out to speak with White House reporters. The Post headlines that the president revealed "highly classified" information, suggesting this was perhaps either illegal, improper, or both. According to the report, the partner had not given the United States permission to share the material with Russian ...

Global Hanford crews work overnight to begin tunnel repairs
Author: 0 Hanford crews work overnight to begin tunnel repairs

Hours after authorities scrambled to respond, US Department of Energy authorities determined there is no initial evidence that workers have been exposed to radiation or that there has been an "airborne radiological release". Two tunnels were constructed in the 1950s and 1960s next to the former Plutonium Uranium Extraction Plant (PUREX) located in an industrial area near the centre of the Hanford Site called the 200 East Area.

Author: 0 Hamas leader urges Trump to seize 'historic opportunity'

Mr. Trump added that he has conferred with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other Israeli and Palestinian leaders, and he believes there is "a very, very good chance " for an agreement. We are going to have lunch, we are going to have discussions and hopefully, something terrific can come out between the Palestinians and Israel, they've been working on that one a long time.

Global White House Claims Trump Travel Ban Not Targeting Muslims
Author: 0 White House Claims Trump Travel Ban Not Targeting Muslims

The revised travel ban was challenged in Maryland by refugee organizations and individuals who said they were being discriminated against because they were Muslim. He said Trump later explained the aim was to protect the country against such groups as the Islamic State and al-Qaida. It was something the president made very clear in the filings, why he did it, the motives.

Author: 0 Labour manifesto of 'hope' will 'reverse national priorities' - Corbyn

The money raised from the ambitious taxation plans would cover social investments such as scrapping the so-called "Bedroom Tax " and creating a new £12.5 billion-a-year childcare service. But just an hour later, he said of the benefit freeze: "We have not made a commitment on that". By moving to the left, Labour has cleared the way for May to put her stamp on the centre ground of British politics and appeal for traditional supporters of the opposition party who backed leaving the European ...

Global One week left for residents to register to vote
Author: 0 One week left for residents to register to vote

To keep things simple, if you are registered at both addresses, you don't need to tell the Electoral Commission which address you are going to vote at. There have been reports of people showing up to vote, only to be left disappointed that they were not properly registered to have their say. Absent vote applications in Northern Ireland will be considered until 5pm on Thursday 18 May and you need a reason as to why you want to vote by post .

Global Staples, Inc. (SPLS) Releases Q2 Earnings Guidance
Author: 0 Staples, Inc. (SPLS) Releases Q2 Earnings Guidance

There are now fourteen analysts that we track that cover SPLS. Its book value per share for the most recent quarter is $5.68 while its price to book ratio for the same period is 1.63, as for as the company's cash per share for the most recent quarter is $1.71, however its price to cash per share ratio for the same period is 5.41.

Global TouchTunes Jukeboxes Celebrate Cinco de Mayo
Author: 0 TouchTunes Jukeboxes Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

Mexico won the battle, but not the war: Although the Mexican Army won the battle at Puebla on May 5th, 1862 the French went on to win the war, occupying the region for five years. While the victory is still celebrated in Puebla, it's far from the national holiday American merchandisers would have us believe. Is Cinco de Mayo particularly significant this year? TGI Fridays: The restaurant is offering deals on its signature Casamigos Strawberry 'Ritas and Suaza 'Ritas on Cinco De Mayo .

Global Penn State students face charges over death from hazing ritual
Author: 0 Penn State students face charges over death from hazing ritual

The 19-year-old from Lebanon, New Jersey, drank a life-threatening amount of alcohol during a hazing ritual and then fell numerous times, a grand jury found. Piazza's death rocked has rocked Penn State's Greek Life, and magnified the dangers of drinking culture and hazing on campus. "We need to change the rules of the game", he said.

Author: 0 Hamas urges Trump to find 'equitable solution' for Palestinians

Mr Abbas said he believes the Trump administration can play an important role as a mediator. Israel has rejected the 1967 lines as a possible border, saying it would impose security risks. Abbas lavished Trump with praise for his leadership on the issue. But it was far less chummy than the way Trump and Netanyahu interacted in February.

Author: 0 BC Greens gain two more seats in 2017 provincial election

The NDP won one riding by only nine votes, making a recount a certainty that will determine the difference between a minority and an ultra-thin majority if it were to flip to the Liberals. "My focus is on the people of British Columbia and if Mr. Weaver and others want to join with me, I am happy to do that". "And they reminded us tonight that we are far from ideal", Clark said, adding that she was willing to work with the other parties to govern.

Global Iran's Khatami urges voters to re-elect Rouhani as president
Author: 0 Iran's Khatami urges voters to re-elect Rouhani as president

Jahangiri, the incumbent vice president, announced his withdrawal in a statement, saying, "Now, the campaign period is nearly over and thankfully Dr. Iran's universities continue to graduate its youth without jobs available. Every Iranian president since 1981 has won re-election. Voters who had grown cool say they are now taking the election seriously.

Author: 0 Tillerson plans changes for State Department as workers prepare for cuts

Acknowledging widespread unease about the forthcoming changes, he pledged that diplomats would emerge from the agency's changes with "a much more satisfying, fulfilling career". Last month, Trump was the first world leader to place a congratulatory phone call to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, even as the results were contested on the measure, which critics say could severely diminish Turkey's democratic institutions.

Global Surprise tax increases in 2017 Australian budget
Author: 0 Surprise tax increases in 2017 Australian budget

Australia's treasurer on Tuesday promised a budget for the next fiscal year that would be fair and rein in mounting debt. "And I believe Australians want us to fill that gap". But in a bid to recover from Labor's campaign on Medicare, there will be a $10 billion "reinvestment" in health funding. "It's $8 billion. A tax increase which affects nearly every working Australian", he said.

Author: 0 Trump suggests 'good chance' for Mideast peace

Trump offered himself as a "mediator, arbiter or facilitator" to help reach a peace agreement between Israel and Palestine , but said , "Any agreement can not be imposed by the U.S. "Netanyahu said that he "[looks] forward to discussing with President Trump the best ways to advance peace. As a package, that formulation has been a non-starter for Israel, which itself has shown no sign since Mr Trump took office of backing off on any of its own longstanding fixed positions.

Global Unsafe to deal with unaccounted money: Jaitley
Author: 0 Unsafe to deal with unaccounted money: Jaitley

Jaitley warned those dealing in black money and said "It is no longer safe to deal with excessive cash, tax-evaded money". There are one lakh persons under the high risk bracket wherein the department has initiated enforcement action through verification, search, survey and scrutiny.

Author: 0 Macron faces stronger Merkel after state election

In the state's last election in 2012, the Social Democrats beat the CDU by 39.1 percent to 26.3 percent. Former President of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz, the SPD's chancellor candidate looking to unseat Merkel in the national election in September, whose nomination earlier this year reinvigorated the Social Democrats, acknowledged the defeat.

Author: 0 Moving US embassy would help peace by 'shattering Palestinian fantasy' - Israeli PM

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has faced a political backlash from his right-wing base over the issue, particularly after a report that he advised Trump against moving the embassy to the disputed city for now. Palestinians see east Jerusalem as the capital of their future state. Abbas has said such a move could shatter chances for peace talks. The US embassy in Israel told CNN it had no comment to make.

Global Putin: Russia sees no need to arm the Kurds in Syria
Author: 0 Putin: Russia sees no need to arm the Kurds in Syria

On the other hand, the USA understands that if Turkey takes part in the operation aimed at liberating Raqqa, then Washington will have to allow Ankara to be pro-active to a certain extent. The U.S. also has pressed unsuccessfully for the release of Andrew Brunson, an American pastor, and other detained U.S. citizens. President Trump should also pledge to increase humanitarian assistance to support refugees already living in Turkey and any new ones who arrive.

Global Blood tests
Author: 0 Blood tests "unavailable" at four hospitals after NHS cyber attack

A spokeswoman for NHS Grampian said: "Our IT teams have been working over the weekend in the affected GP surgeries. It was clear (that) warnings were given to hospital trusts". "What we don't do in our NHS is micromanage it from the desk". "This may be because some expensive hardware, such as magnetic resonance imaging scanners, can not be updated immediately, and in such instances, organisations will take steps to mitigate any risk, such as by isolating the device from the main network".

Author: 0 French President-elect Emmanuel Macron begins official duties at WWII ceremony

Several Lebanese twitter accounts sarcastically demanded that their politicians be as gracious as Le Pen in accepting defeat and congratulating their opponent instead of "burning the streets". Macron won the presidency with 66 percent of votes cast but the vote saw a high number of blank or spoiled votes and unusually low turnout. Ferrand said the movement will field 577 candidates - 50 percent will be women - and their names will be unveiled before May 11.

Author: 0 France's new president moves quickly on first full day in office

The media wasn't allowed to cover the visit. But in choosing Edouard Philippe, President Emmanuel Macron hopes he has ticked nearly all the right boxes. This is the first time in the history of the Fifth Republic that a President has appointed someone from outside his own party without being explicitly required to do so by a parliamentary vote.

Global Trump Says He Wants to Pick New FBI Director Quickly
Author: 0 Trump Says He Wants to Pick New FBI Director Quickly

Asked if "internally" meant the president, Clapper said , "Exactly". Critics, however, say that Trump fired Comey to slow down, or prevent altogether, the FBI's widening probe into the alleged connection between Trump's campaign and Russian Federation during last year's presidential election.

Global Kim Jong-un Claims New Missile Can Reach Mainland US
Author: 0 Kim Jong-un Claims New Missile Can Reach Mainland US

The statement also condemned an April 28 ballistic missile launch by Pyongyang. Apart from reiterating its commitment to comply with all restrictive measures imposed on North Korea under previous resolutions, the Council hinted it might look at the possibility to tighten the grip on the state's economy, which is already suffering under a heavy burden of global sanctions.

Author: 0 New South Korean president will visit US next month

Sunday's missile launch angered the White House which said the North had " been a flagrant menace for far too long " and called for tougher sanctions against Pyongyang . "Until the U.S. and its followers make a right choice, we will further produce sophisticated and diversified nuclear weapons and striking means and push to prepare for necessary tests", Pak said according to the North's state-run KCNA news agency.

Global N. Korea claims missile could carry nuclear warhead
Author: 0 N. Korea claims missile could carry nuclear warhead

The UN Security Council has strongly condemned North Korea's latest ballistic missile test and vowed strong measures, including sanctions, to derail Pyongyang's nuclear weapons program. After a tense few weeks of North Korea shouting at the world, launching things into the air, and many other countries subsequently shouting back, it doesn't seem like things are going to be quieting down any time soon.

Author: 0 White House denies Trump revealed classified info to Russians

Those concerns are now likely to multiply. "The information the President relayed had been provided through an intelligence-sharing arrangement considered so sensitive that details have been withheld from allies and tightly restricted even within the USA government", the paper reports .

Author: 0 Cyberattack wave ebbs, but experts see risk of more

His comments came as Computer Emergency Response Teams, or CERTs, across the globe continued to deal with the fallout from infections - a Chinese security firm said almost 30,000 enterprises there had been struck - and as a running tally of the bitcoin accounts the malware's authors were collecting ransom in showed they had garnered only about $54,000 by noon EDT Monday.

Author: 0 National Security Adviser McMaster briefs media

He noted that as president, he has an "absolute right" to do this. "Russia could identify our sources or techniques", a senior USA official told The Washington Post . "If that partner learned we'd given this to Russian Federation without their knowledge or asking first, that is a blow to that relationship", a USA official told the Washington Post .

Global Donald Trump revealed classified ISIS information to Russians
Author: 0 Donald Trump revealed classified ISIS information to Russians

Trump's early morning defense of sharing information with the Russians appeared to differ in tone from ones offered by aides who the night earlier declared the story to be "false". American presidents have the power to unilaterally disclose any material - even the most secret intelligence - without going through any kind of formal process, or worrying about prosecution.

Global Dem calls report on Trump, intel 'disturbing'
Author: 0 Dem calls report on Trump, intel 'disturbing'

The irony seemed to be lost on Trump that - at least in the case of sharing classified intelligence with the Russians - he was, in fact, the original leaker. The new controversy came even as there was no letup in the conflict Trump stirred last week with the firing of Comey and as Trump prepares for his first foreign trip, which include stops in Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Global JNU students welcome HC order on Najeeb, but still wary
Author: 0 JNU students welcome HC order on Najeeb, but still wary

A report in TOI alleged in March this year that Najeeb had browsed ISIS videos before he was allegedly assaulted by some ABVP students but the police denied such baseless claims in TOI report and the mother deneid any truth in such allegations.

Global World leaders oppose all forms of protectionism
Author: 0 World leaders oppose all forms of protectionism

Xi, addressing the leaders, urged major multilateral institutions to join his new Belt and Road Initiative, stressing the importance of rejecting protectionism in seeking global economic growth. Over 100 countries and organisations have supported and got involved in the belt and road initiative. If India doesn't want to take a part on the stage, then it should just be a good member of the audience.

Global British Police detains PIA crew members, released after interrogation
Author: 0 British Police detains PIA crew members, released after interrogation

A spokesman for the agency, however, said no arrest has been made and that enquires were on going. According to earlier reports, 14 crew members, including the pilot of the PIA flight were detained at Heathrow Airport on Monday over security concerns and were later released after a "thorough search" of the aircraft for over two hours.

Global Security Council condemns NKorea missile test
Author: 0 Security Council condemns NKorea missile test

In a statement issued late on Monday evening, the UN's most powerful body expressed "utmost concern" at North Korea's "highly destabilising behaviour". "This is the longest-range missile North Korea has ever tested", Jeffrey Lewis of the Middlebury Institute of International Studies told AFP. What do we know about North Korea's new missile? The U.S.

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