Global 'Flynn was compromised by Russia'
Author: 0 'Flynn was compromised by Russia'

When Vice President Mike Pence asked Flynn for details, Flynn assured him there had been no sanctions conversation - an assurance that Pence repeated on national television. Later that day, Trump fired Flynn. Then in late December or early January, someone working under Obama's own national security adviser, Susan Rice, unmasked routine NSA intercepts of the Russian ambassador.

Author: 0 Before the axe, Comey was pushing Trump-Russia probe harder

Days before he was sacked, Comey requested more resources to pursue his investigation, US officials have said , fueling concerns that Trump was trying to undermine a probe that could threaten his presidency. He is now vice chairman of K2 Intelligence LLC. McCabe said Comey "enjoyed broad support within the FBI and still does to this day", acknowledging a "diversity of opinions on many things" among the bureau's 36,500 employees.

Author: 0 Islamic Jihad rejects Palestine state within 1967 borders

The 54-year-old with a salt-and-pepper takes charge of Hamas as it seeks to ease its worldwide isolation while not marginalising hardliners within the movement. "Hamas leaders can't violate decisions by the group's institutions and leadership", he said. Hamas is listed as a terrorist organisation by the U.S.

Global Pyongyang unveils satellite photos of Thaad in S.Korea
Author: 0 Pyongyang unveils satellite photos of Thaad in S.Korea

Left-leaning Moon Jae-in, who was sworn in as president in the capital Seoul, backs engaging diplomatically with the North. Moon was part of the South's last liberal government, which pursued a "Sunshine policy" of reconciliation and dialogue with the North, and is widely expected to shift away Park's hardline approach.

Global Obama Warned Trump About Flynn
Author: 0 Obama Warned Trump About Flynn

The Senate Judiciary Committee is also probing potential links between Russian agents and people linked to the President's campaign. - President Trump took to Twitter after former acting Attorney General Sally Yates and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper testified before a Senate subcommittee investigating possible Russian involvement in the 2016 election.

Author: 0 Syrian Kurdish forces say they will push on to IS capital

The SDF was conducting clearance operations after seizing Tabqa and the nearby dam on Wednesday, said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. The SDF said Wednesday it has ousted IS from the strategically important town of Tabqa , 40 kilometers west of Raqqa, using its assault there to move toward the IS stronghold.

Global Third North Korean dud testing The Donald's patience
Author: 0 Third North Korean dud testing The Donald's patience

He did not do a particularly good job. I'll just be over here digging my bunker for the inevitable nuclear fallout. McMaster praised President Trump for his "masterful" handling of his relationship with Chinese leader Xi Jinping. US President Donald Trump has "built up conditions for an aggressive war" with North Korea, an American writer and retired professor says. He has absolutely no idea what he's doing.

Author: 0 Trump urges peace between Russian Federation and Ukraine

U.S. President Donald Trump on Thursday signed an executive order to bolster government's cyber security and protecting the nation's critical infrastructure from cyber attacks, the White House said, marking his first significant action to address what he has called a top priority.

Author: 0 Rugby World Cup 2019 pools drawn in Japan

New Zealand, now top of the global rankings, may be expected to win Group B where they are placed with South Africa and Italy. The tournament will take place from 20 September 2019 to 2 November 2019 across four different venues in Japan .

Global Russian fighter flies 20 feet from US Navy plane over Black Sea
Author: 0 Russian fighter flies 20 feet from US Navy plane over Black Sea

The latest Russian incident in the Black Sea comes a month before the US military kicks off a series of military exercises in the region. Previous close fly-bys, including some in which Russian planes didn't get anywhere near 20-feet from American aircraft or ships, have been deemed "unsafe and unprofessional" by the USA military.

Author: 0 Korea's Moon to send delegation to China amid frayed ties

He has taken a more conciliatory line with North Korea than his conservative predecessors and advocates engagement. The deployment of THAAD was agreed by former President Park Geun-hye's administration past year. In response, Moon was quoted as saying the South Korea-US alliance "has been and will remain the linchpin of our diplomatic and foreign policy" and announcing plans to send a "delegation of special envoys as soon as possible".

Author: 0 Tories win majority of council seats in East Renfrewshire election

Maybe we are simply discovering that voters in Scotland are just not so keen on voting for the SNP in local elections - much indeed as was the case for Westminster elections until the party's 2015 success. Ms Davidson, the Scottish Tory leader, has already declared her party has a "pretty good" chance of winning the Moray constituency. Mr Salmond said after his campaign launch he would be "hitting the doorsteps, pounding the pavements, getting stuck in".

Global Photos of Trump's meeting with Russian officials raise eyebrows
Author: 0 Photos of Trump's meeting with Russian officials raise eyebrows

American press members were shut out of the meeting from which the only images released were by Russia's news agency, TASS. Tass photographer Alexandr Scherbak claimed on Facebook Thursday that he covered the meeting as part of the Russian Foreign Ministry press pool.

Author: 0 Trump Re-Election Campaign Is Not Done Talking About The First 100 Days

Trump during a signing ceremony in Washington on Friday, one day short of the 100-day milestone. Trump signed the order on the 100th day of his presidency at a Pennsylvania company that makes shovels. He said he was now to "get ready for the great, great battles to come and that we will win in every case". Stepped-up law enforcement was removing "drug dealers, gang members and killers" from the country, he said, while reinforced vetting was keeping America "safe from terrorism".

Global Sergei Lavrov, Russian foreign minister, jokes about Comey firing
Author: 0 Sergei Lavrov, Russian foreign minister, jokes about Comey firing

Democrats on the House Foreign Affairs Committee tweeted a mocking "correction" of the State Department's press release on Wednesday's meetings. A bombshell New York Times report , for example, found that Comey had asked the Justice Department for more resources to investigate Trump's ties to Russian Federation just days before he was sacked.

Global White House furious over Russian state photos of Trump meeting
Author: 0 White House furious over Russian state photos of Trump meeting

The meeting was held amid firing of the Federal Bureau of Investigation director who was leading a probe into Moscow's alleged interference in USA politics. "Trump is a major national security risk". "They lie", the official said. Russian Federation brokered a deal for de-escalation zones with backing from Iran and Syrian opposition supporter Turkey during ceasefire talks in the Kazakh capital Astana last week.

Author: 0 'There is no split in the Labour party'

The Labour leader was due to unveil the poster on London's South Bank on Thursday morning. "We've amended the draft document that was put forward in the most informed, interesting, sensible discussion and debate in our party", he said. Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May drinks from a mug as she meets youth activists during a visit to the Young Minds mental health charity while on the election campaign trail, in London , Thursday May 11, 2017 .

Author: 0 Trump seeks closer ties with Russian Federation in White House meeting

The White House has yet to confirm. Democrats accused Trump of trying to slow down the investigation by firing the FBI chief. United States intelligence agencies accuse Moscow of meddling to help Mr Trump's chances of victory. FOREIGN MINISTER LAVROV: You are kidding. Official state photographers were allowed in to take photos, which show Mr Trump welcoming both Mr Lavrov and Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak to the White House.

Author: 0 Trump urges Russian Federation to 'rein in' Syria's Assad, Iran

The relationship has been clouded by allegations of collusion between Russian Federation and Trump's presidential campaign, which many believe may have influenced the outcome of the November election. One White House correspondent noted that it was unusual that Russian Ambassador to the U.S., Sergey Kislyak , was not announced as being part of the meeting until the photographs were released.

Global Mormons pull older teens out of Boy Scouts
Author: 0 Mormons pull older teens out of Boy Scouts

The change will affect more than 185,000 boys in the United States and Canada. "These activities are created to be fun and meaningful and provide opportunities for personal growth and development", the church said in a statement . "This change is to address the needs of young men ages 14 to 18". However, Varsity will completely go away in south-central Idaho on January 1. Clarke Farrer, head of the Grand Teton Council, said there are just under 3,400 boys in the local Varsity Scouting ...

Author: 0 Vehicle carrying UK Labour leader Corbyn runs over BBC

Labour has insisted its manifesto will be fully costed, and the document vows to eliminate the deficit and balance the budget by the end of the next parliament, the Mirror reported. He called for unilateral disarmament as well as nationalisation of recently privatised industries such as British Telecom and British Aerospace. The second possible motivation is to put pressure on today's decision makers to keep the radical policies.

Author: 0 S. Korea's New President Heading for Friction with the US?

The two leaders could hold their first face-to-face talks in July on the margins of a summit of Group of 20 major economies in Germany. Stangarone also added that whatever global plans Moon has, the economic situation in South Korea and the fact that he was elected following an impeachment mean that domestic issues will constrain what he wants to do.

Author: 0 British PM boosted by local elections ahead of key vote

Describing the elections as "tough", shadow chancellor John McDonnell took solace in the fact that they were not "the wipeout that some people predicted" and insisted there was still "all to play for" in the General Election just five weeks away.

Author: 0 Pakistan PM travels to China to attend Belt and Road Forum

What is the Belt and the Road? The initiative is so far little more than a marketing slogan that encompasses all sorts of projects that China had initiated overseas for years, and major world leaders like Trump, Angela Merkel and Shinzo Abe are staying away.

Global Former Aden governor declares south Yemen political council
Author: 0 Former Aden governor declares south Yemen political council

The new council, declared by al-Zubaidi at a speech in Aden, consists of 27 southern leaders including former Cabinet minister Hani Bin Braik and other officials of President Hadi government. Five cranes have been destroyed by coalition air strikes on Hodeidah's port, forcing dozens of ships to line up offshore because they can not be unloaded.

Author: 0 Hamas, Which The US Considers A Terror Group, Elects A New Leader

Haniyeh succeeds Khaled Mashaal, who had headed the terror group in exile since 2004. Daily protests across the occupied Palestinian territories, Israel and overseas have raged in solidarity with the prisoners, who are calling for better medical services, an end to solitary confinement, medical negligence, the denial of family and lawyer visits, and detentions without charge or trial.

Global Indian diplomat's phone confiscated by Pakistani authorities during Uzma case hearing
Author: 0 Indian diplomat's phone confiscated by Pakistani authorities during Uzma case hearing

The twisting tale of the Indian girl Uzma and Pakistani national Tahir Ali could have been just another love story had it not stuck in reverse just after they got married. In her statement, recorded before a magistrate, she said she came to Pakistan to see her relatives and not to marry Ali. She has said that Tahir Ali married her at a gun point and also her took immigration papers.

Author: 0 North Korea says it will seek extradition of plot culprits

The report also said North Korea is using military provocations to bolster the authority of supreme leader Kim Jong-un and perpetuate his rule. However, a former Central Intelligence Agency official downplayed the importance of establishing a mission centre dedicated to North Korea, calling the move "cosmetic".

Author: 0 Archbishop of Canterbury to pray for Trump on Mideast peace

The Archbishop, who was briefed on the local situation by the human rights activist Rabbi Arik Ascherman as his convoy sped through the West Bank early this morning, responded: 'We admire your courage and persistence and the way in which you hold on despite the demolitions and continue to rebuild.

Author: 0 Putin, Merkel spar over election meddling; Trump, Putin talk

But the White House and Kremlin offered differing accounts of how far the two presidents had gone in exploring the idea of establishing safe zones in Syria to protect civilians suffering under a relentless civil war, a concept Trump has advocated since last year's campaign but so far made no effort to follow through on.

Global Pakistan blast kills at least 10, wounds 'many'
Author: 0 Pakistan blast kills at least 10, wounds 'many'

Later speaking to ARY News via telephone, Maulana Haideri said that around 20 to 25 people had been martyred while many others were injured. Senior police officer Abdul Razzaq Cheema said that 30 to 40 people were injured. They have been shifted to Mastung Civil Hospital. Television footage from the scene showed severe damage to several vehicles and motorcycles. None of the terror organisations operating in the region have claimed responsibility for the blast.

Global Official Alton Sterling decision to be announced
Author: 0 Official Alton Sterling decision to be announced

The officers pinned Sterling to the ground, but in a video of the incident one officer can be heard yelling "he's got a gun!". "Although the videos do not show Sterling's right hand at the time those shots were fired, they show that Sterling's right hand was not under Officer Salamoni's control", the press release says.

Global McCain says North Korea didn't just disrespect China, but 'they disrespected us'
Author: 0 McCain says North Korea didn't just disrespect China, but 'they disrespected us'

Trump has repeatedly called on China, North Korea's neighbor and largest trading partner, to punish the regime in Pyongyang, and has warned Xi that if he doesn't act, the United States will. Security Council resolutions. "It's possible that something could be sped up", the official said of the potential for imposing a limited package of targeted sanctions on North Korea.

Author: 0 PM Modi congratulates French President-elect Macron

He faces a huge task to unite a fractured, anxious country and to win a parliamentary majority in June's general election, without which he could struggle to implement his ambitious reform agenda. Macron will also become the first President from outside the two traditional main parties since the modern republic's foundation in 1958. The French Interior Ministry said with 93 per cent of the votes counted, Macron had about 19.3 million votes, while Ms Le Pen secured about 10.4 million.

Author: 0 Syria safe zones: Fighting 'eases' as plan takes effect

On Thursday evening during the Astana talks, Russia , Iran and Turkey signed a memorandum on the creation of four or more safe zones in Syria. The fact that the de-escalation agreement was supported by the United Nations, the United States and Saudi Arabia guarantees its implementation, he said.

Global Brutal Strongman Having Second Thoughts About Visiting Trump
Author: 0 Brutal Strongman Having Second Thoughts About Visiting Trump

PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte confirmed Thursday that he spoke with Chinese President Xi Jinping over the phone last Wednesday at the request of United States President Donald Trump . "He has a very high approval rating in the Philippines". He followed it up by criticizing the administration's approach to North Korea, calling Trump's goading of Kim Jong Un a bad idea, and claiming that part of his call with the American president over the weekend was to school him in foreign policy .

Author: 0 Pentagon chief, Turkish PM meet after decision to arm Kurds

A fighter from the Syrian Democratic Forces poses with a machine gun in Tabqa, April 30 2017. The capture of Tabqa sets the stage for an advance on Raqqa , some 25 miles (40 kilometers) to the east. The hard-fought battle "denies ISIS a key coordination hub that its foreign terrorist fighters used since 2013 to plan local operations and external attacks against the West", the statement said.

Author: 0 More Venezuela Protests As Death Toll Rises

Isolated clashes between protesters and police took place in Caracas , media reports said. A statement from the White House's Office of the Press Secretary said Trump underscored to President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski that "the United States will work together with Peru in seeking to improve democratic institutions and help the people of Venezuela ".

Global White House fumes after Moscow releases Trump meeting photos
Author: 0 White House fumes after Moscow releases Trump meeting photos

Lavrov is the highest-ranking Russian official to visit Washington since Trump came to power in January, and earned a rare invitation to the Oval Office for a head-to-head. media" on his Facebook page. "Regardless of recommendation, I was going to fire Comey", he said. The VanEck Vectors Russia exchange-traded fund (RSX) and the iShares MSCI Emerging Markets ETF (EEM) pared morning losses and were flat in recent trading, with the us market under pressure and the SPDR S&P 500 ETF ...

Global Partisanship a Strong Factor in Voters' Stance on Comey Firing
Author: 0 Partisanship a Strong Factor in Voters' Stance on Comey Firing

His brief report , saying Comey was wrong to have publicly announced he advised dropping the case - a decision that rests with the attorney general - was used by the White House to justify sacking the Federal Bureau of Investigation chief just four years into his 10-year tenure.

Global Lavrov acknowledges Comey fracas by quipping 'Was he fired?'
Author: 0 Lavrov acknowledges Comey fracas by quipping 'Was he fired?'

He's brushing off the questions as "noise" about Russians' contacts with people in Trump's campaign. A bombshell New York Times report , for example, found that Comey had asked the Justice Department for more resources to investigate Trump's ties to Russian Federation just days before he was sacked.

Author: 0 Macron's Election Victory Is Only Half The Battle

However, centrist candidate Mr. Macron is seen as welcoming outsiders in France. "This Socialist Party is dead, it is behind us", said Valls, a reform-minded premier from 2014 to 2016 when Macron was economy minister. Traditionally, the president and prime minister are of the same party. His victory was the third-straight defeat for far-right populist parties in Europe, following losses in the Netherlands in March and in Austria last December.

Global On the run, Karnan seeks recall of SC's arrest order
Author: 0 On the run, Karnan seeks recall of SC's arrest order

Karnan has had no judicial work assigned to him since he fell out with his fellow judges and the Supreme Court, but he has been passing orders against Supreme Court judges including Chief Justice Khehar. it is manifest that what could constitute a criminal contempt is any "publication" which scandalises, or tends to scandalise, or lowers or tends to lower the authority of, any court".

Author: 0 French election: Marine Le Pen caught up in plagiarism row

Six officers were injured during riots in protest against far right Marine Le Pen's success in the first round of the French presidential election. "I totally own this wink", she said in a Tuesday night interview with French broadcaster TF1 news.

Global Chibok Girls: FG ready to negotiate for release of captives
Author: 0 Chibok Girls: FG ready to negotiate for release of captives

One of the Nigerian schoolgirls kidnapped by Boko Haram, known as the Chibok girls, declined to be released from the militant group's captivity, according to an adviser to the country's president. While the kidnapping of schoolgirls gained notoriety worldwide, the actual number of kidnappings by Boko Haram in Nigeria is estimated at 30,000 with some young people used as suicide bombers.

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