Global Kosovo votes amid thorny issues of border, talks with Serbia
Author: 0 Kosovo votes amid thorny issues of border, talks with Serbia

Kosovo is a former Serbian province with almost 1.8 million people, over 90 percent of whom were Kosovar Albanians. The new government will have to deal with a number of thorny issues, such as tense relations with Serbia , joining the European Union , the approval of border demarcation deal with Montenegro - a condition put by Brussels to join the EU's Schengen zone for visa-free travel - endemic corruption and possible war crime indictments for some leaders by a new Hague-based Special ...

Global PM to seek to form United Kingdom government
Author: 0 PM to seek to form United Kingdom government

The Democratic Unionist Party , which won 10 seats in Thursday's voting, is entering talks with the Conservatives to discuss how to work together in a new government. The DUP have now reportedly reached a deal to prop up a Conservative minority government in Westminster. The party is now more secular and attracts a wider demographic than when it was founded, shifting from fundamentalist outsider to political pragmatists.

Author: 0 May seeks deal to cling to power in Britain

Senior EU officials and politicians have said May can postpone the date if she needs to, but with a final deadline for exiting the EU in March 2019, precious negotiating time would be lost if delayed. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has also called on Mrs May to stand down, declaring he is " ready to serve the country " after Mrs May's snap General Election gamble spectacularly backfired.

Author: 0 Ghani Calls For Joint Efforts Against Terrorism At Shanghai Summi

He said concerted efforts are required to find a solution to recruitment, training and financing of terrorists. The leaders supported Afghanistan's efforts to combat terrorism , extremism and drug-related crimes, saying the United Nations should play a core role in coordinating global cooperation to secure peace and stability in the Asian country.

Global ITV: Boris Johnson stresses loyalty to UK PM May in leaked text
Author: 0 ITV: Boris Johnson stresses loyalty to UK PM May in leaked text

The Conservatives have absolutely no intention of changing our voting system because it locks in two-party politics, which helps to keep them in or close to power. May started making appointments to her cabinet on Sunday afternoon - announced in a series of emailed statements - as a parade of ministers walked past cameras and reporters to meetings in her Downing Street office.

Global General Election 2017: Shock as exit poll predicts hung parliament
Author: 0 General Election 2017: Shock as exit poll predicts hung parliament

And it would be a personal triumph for Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who was widely regarded as having run a successful campaign after being written off as unelectable by many observers and some in his own party. The UK threat level stands at severe - the second-highest rating, meaning an attack is seen as "highly likely", D'Orsi said. A total of 650 Westminster members of parliament will be elected, with about 46.9 million people registered to vote.

Global Boris Johnson stresses loyalty to UK PM May in leaked text - ITV
Author: 0 Boris Johnson stresses loyalty to UK PM May in leaked text - ITV

Mr Farron said Britain now had a government that was "weaker and less stable at a time when we are about to embark on the most hard and most complex negotiations in our history". I think, you know, we see this election extremely effective Labour Party campaign, which has not allowed the Labour Party to win the election outright but has enabled it to deny the conservatives and Prime Minister May a parliamentary majority.

Author: 0 U.S. ambassador chides United Nations "bias" against Israel

But she made no mention in her post of Egypt or Saudi Arabia, two US allies elected despite their poor human rights records. "The council risks becoming as discredited as its predecessor, the Commission Human Rights", Haley added. She further accused the Council of a "relentless, pathological campaign" against Israel, in part due to a controversial provision in the Council's agenda that singles the country out for censure and has drawn criticism from US Republicans and Democrats alike.

Global British police arrest another man in London Bridge attack probe
Author: 0 British police arrest another man in London Bridge attack probe

The attackers, identified as Khuram Butt , Rachid Redouane and Youssef Zaghba , were fatally shot by police. The twelve people who were arrested in the initial stages were released without charges. Haydon said since last Saturday they had taken 262 statements from people from 19 different countries and numerous global inquiries were ongoing relating to the attackers and the victims.

Author: 0 Wonder Woman shoots to top of United Kingdom and U.S. box office

Some of you may remember that I used to do movie reviews for our sister publication, Let's Go. And she's already been talking a great deal about what she wants to do with the Wonder Woman sequel and how excited she is to do one. While the film was met with controversy over female-only screenings of the film, Wonder Woman is a film that we cannot only enjoy, but learn something from.

Author: 0 Menifee store owners ecstatic over Powerball win

Alberre says he and his father own the store in Sun City. Powerball is played in 44 states, Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Saturday's winning numbers were 20, 26, 32, 38 and 58 with a Powerball of 3. Menifee has about 89,000 residents. The odds of winning were only one in 292.2 million.

Author: 0 UK PM May says will govern with 'friends' for successful Brexit deal

If neither party can command a majority in parliament for their Queen's Speech, it is likely a fresh election would be called. It's a great result for anyone who wants to see more gender equality in politics - and it's happened on the 104th anniversary of the death of suffragette Emily Wilding Davison, who spent her life fighting for the right of British women to vote.

Author: 0 Attorney general to face questions on Comey firing, Russia

Now, before he even testifies, the focus is both on Sessions and whether or not he would appear before the TV cameras like former FBI Director James Comey did last week, when 19.5 million Americans watched. You can't run forever. Mr. Graham also called for Loretta Lynch, who served as attorney general during the Obama administration, to appear before the committee, citing Mr.

Global Trump says Qatar funds 'high level' terror
Author: 0 Trump says Qatar funds 'high level' terror

Launching an extraordinary allegation against a key US military partner, Trump derided what he called Qatar's "extremist ideology in terms of funding" terrorist groups, an accusation Qatar has repeatedly and vehemently denied. But at the Pentagon, N avy Captain Jeff Davis said only long-term military planning was affected. But Trump said the isolation of Qatar is not a long-term USA goal, expressing hope that the nation will "do more and do it faster" in cutting its financial ties ...

Author: 0 Trump Talks Infrastructure, Importance of Programs For American Jobs

The president was met on the tarmac by "two of the victims of the Obamacare catastrophe created by Democrats" - Raya Whalen and Dan Winthrow - and their families. Trump has denied any collusion between Russian Federation and his campaign. White House deputy press secretary Sarah Sanders told reporters aboard Air Force One that the president "is very focused on his agenda".

Global Netanyahu calls for dismantling UNRWA
Author: 0 Netanyahu calls for dismantling UNRWA

Danny Danon, Israeli ambassador to the United Nations, wrote that Hamas , which Israel says is behind the tunnel, is guilty of "using children as human shields" in digging underneath schools. Today, the organization supports some five million Palestinians living in Jordan , Lebanon , Syria , the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. The ambassador added: "The cruelty of Hamas knows no bounds as they use the children of Gaza as human shields".

Author: 0 Netanyahu: Israel Will Keep Control Over Golan Heights

The idea of pursuing peace now with willing Gulf States appeals to the right-wing Israeli government and many of its supporters in the policy community, for two reasons. Nearly two thirds of Jewish Israelis felt that Israel's control of the West Bank contributed to the state's security, and nearly half felt Israel should still annex the territory claimed by Palestinians as their state.

Global Notre Dame attacker 'pledged allegiance to IS in video'
Author: 0 Notre Dame attacker 'pledged allegiance to IS in video'

He said the man was carrying the identification card of an Algerian student and that preliminary information indicated the attacker had acted alone. Parisian police say both the attacker and the 23-year-old officer who was hit with the hammer will survive.

Author: 0 Iran arrests dozens of IS-linked individuals: ministry

The Iranian government is yet to release the documents which it claims prove USA co-operation with ISIS. The US has imposed new sanctions on Tehran for its support of "terrorist" groups in the Middle East, ballistic missile tests and human rights abuses.

Global United Kingdom election: Brexit plans in disarray
Author: 0 United Kingdom election: Brexit plans in disarray

May said Friday she will attempt to form a minority government with Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party , or DUP. May's Conservative party is still the largest party in Parliament, but no longer has enough seats to govern alone, after key seats fell to the Labour Party .

Global His Doppelgänger Committed the Crime, But He Did the Time
Author: 0 His Doppelgänger Committed the Crime, But He Did the Time

Though his lookalike denied committing the crime Jones was convicted of, a judge eventually ruled there was no way to credibly convict Jones. Ultimately, Johnson County District Judge Kevin Moriarty ordered Jones's release based on the new evidence .

Global Theresa May struggling to stay in power following snap election miscalculation
Author: 0 Theresa May struggling to stay in power following snap election miscalculation

MPs and ministers also feel they were treated disdainfully by May's two chiefs of staff, Fiona Hill and Nick Timothy, who resigned over the weekend as the PM tried to make concessions. "That's not a matter for me", she said. European Council President Donald Tusk has warned there was " no time to lose " after May began the two-year countdown to Britain's withdrawal by triggering Article 50 of the EU's Lisbon Treaty on March 29.

Author: 0 Ruth Davidson has urged Theresa May to press DUP on LGBT rights

The Conservatives fell short of a majority in the general election , losing 13 seats, and have now been forced to try to broker a deal with the Democratic Unionist Party ( DUP ). The unexpected election result appears to have seen a boost in popularity for Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party. She continued: "I was there last summer, I made a very big intervention on why Northern Ireland is the only part of the United Kingdom where you can not have same sex marriage and it's an ...

Global Iran turns wrath on US, Saudi Arabia
Author: 0 Iran turns wrath on US, Saudi Arabia

Iranian security officials have not said who might have been behind the attacks, although state media called the assailants "terrorists". While both the IS and the Saudi monarchy follow similarly puritanical Sunni Muslim theology, the Iranian government is a Shiite theocracy.

Global US spy planes help Philippine troops halt siege
Author: 0 US spy planes help Philippine troops halt siege

Jerome Succor Aba, national chairperson of Suara Bangsamoro, said unless the Philippines ends "subservience" to the "US War on Terror", problems of terrorism in Mindanao, like the Maute and ASG will continue. Colonel Herrera revealed that they are now investigating reports that the Maute Group's leaders are among those killed in the fighting. Año implied United States assistance is allowed under the Mutual Defense Treaty between the Philippines and US.

Global Body of eighth terror attack victim found in Thames
Author: 0 Body of eighth terror attack victim found in Thames

Thomas's next of kin have been told, police said , but formal identification has not yet taken place. Nathalie Cros Brohan, sister of Mr Thomas's girlfriend Christine Delcros, posted on Facebook on Wednesday morning that the family "fear the worst".

Author: 0 UNRWA Condemns Construction of Tunnel under Gaza School as Violation of Neutrality

Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas has denied that it or any other militant group built a tunnel under two United Nations schools in Gaza after its discovery drew a strong United Nations protest. On Saturday, Israel's U.N. Ambassador Danny Danon wrote a letter of complaint to the Security Council's president. During the 2014 war between Israel and Hamas, Israel persistently denounced the Palestinian terror group's use of tunnels dug under schools to launch rockets at Israeli civilians ...

Global Divided Puerto Ricans head to polls to vote on U.S. statehood
Author: 0 Divided Puerto Ricans head to polls to vote on U.S. statehood

The status referendum is Puerto Rico's fifth since 1967. Gov. Ricardo Rossello is determined to make Puerto Rico the 51st state of the United States. state. As a US territory Puerto Rico does not elect members of the US Congress, but it does have a representative in Congress Resident Commissioner Jenniffer Gonzalez.

Global UK rating not immediately affected by election - S&P
Author: 0 UK rating not immediately affected by election - S&P

We know when they must end. The Czech prime minister said Friday that Britain should not be granted any extension on the two-year deadline for the Brexit talks. European leaders have largely given up considering the possibility that Britain might change its mind and ask to stay, something May made clear was not her intention.

Global Activists march in US for LGBT rights
Author: 0 Activists march in US for LGBT rights

Mayor Eric Garcetti also spoke, as did City Council member Mitch O'Farrell, who called Trump an "authoritarian", and listed the president's alleged crimes, provoking the crowd to chant: "Lock him up!" "We need to be out here to tell people that God loves them for who they are and who they love", said the Rev.

Author: 0 Sen. Susan Collins: President Trump should voluntarily turn over tapes

On Friday, Mr Trump's former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski criticised Mr Comey as not "man enough" for having leaked the memo via his friend rather than doing it himself. "And of course, he said he would testify". In his testimony to Congress last Thursday, Mr Comey laid bare on Capitol Hill months of distrust of the President , asserting that Mr Trump had fired him to interfere with the probe of Russia's ties to the Trump campaign.

Global Madhya Pradesh: CM Shivraj ends his fast
Author: 0 Madhya Pradesh: CM Shivraj ends his fast

As for farmers being forced by protesters to throw away milk and vegetables they had grown, he said, " We will find out who was behind the violence that took place during the agitation. "We made a meeting room, because I had to meet officials and farmers". In Mandsaur , the curfew was imposed after five people were killed in police firing during a farmers' protest on June 6, it was on Saturday relaxed for 12 hours in five police station areas of the district.

Global AAP demands Shivraj's scalp over MP farmers' deaths
Author: 0 AAP demands Shivraj's scalp over MP farmers' deaths

Chouhan began his indefinite fast on Saturday, asserting he would lay down his life for farmers. Before breaking his fast, Chouhan said, "Peace has been restored in Madhya Pradesh and no case of violence has been reported yesterday and today".

Author: 0 Trump calls Comey memo leaks 'cowardly!'

On Friday, Trump indicated that he was willing to do that, a highly unusual step for a sitting president and one fraught with legal hazard. Another Republican senator, Lindsey Graham of SC, told CBS he thought it would be "inappropriate for the president to testify publicly".

Global Mandsaur unrest: Elderly woman along with husband beaten up by MP police
Author: 0 Mandsaur unrest: Elderly woman along with husband beaten up by MP police

Chouhan, who had claimed that the families of five farmers who died in firing during protests last week in Mandsaur have asked him to desist, ended his fast by consuming coconut water. The unrest in both states coincides with a larger resentment toward the Bharatiya Janata Party-led government at the Centre. The violence by Madhya Pradesh farmers in Mandsaur has spilled over to several other districts, including the Malwa-Nimad area and even reached the state capital.

Author: 0 Hawaii law aligns state with Paris climate pact

David Ige signed SB 559 , which works to expand efforts in reducing greenhouse gas emissions in agreement with the global agreement. "That is why Hawaii is united in its political leadership on tackling climate change". " Global warming is one of the gravest challenges humankind is facing today and the Paris Agreement that called for nationally determined contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is the outcome of decades-long efforts to mitigate it".

Global Across the US, marches and rallies in support of LGBT rights
Author: 0 Across the US, marches and rallies in support of LGBT rights

On June 12, 2016, a gunman opened fired inside Pulse, a popular LGBT nightclub in Orlando; 49 people were killed and another 53 injured. "That's why I'm here", said Tileen Sebastiano, who attended the rally. Many members of the LGBTQ community feel ignored by Mr Trump - who at one point in his campaign unfurled a rainbow flag and declared himself a "real friend" of the LGBTQ community.

Author: 0 Dashcam footage released from Tiger Woods' DUI arrest

His auto, as seen in the videos, was running with the brake lights on and the right blinker flashing in the right lane of Military Trail south of Indian Creek Parkway. The officer asks him if he has been drinking, and he says no. At one point, Woods is asked to recite his ABCs, but instead of doing so, he starts randomly walking away.

Author: 0 United States willing to help settle Qatar dispute, Russian Federation says

Despite the unprecedented sanctions, Qatar says that its crucial exports of liquefied natural gas have not been interrupted. Iran also announced it had sent tonnes of vegetables to Qatar, which has seen food imports threatened after its neighbors cut air, sea and land links with the country.

Global US Reports Successful Anti-ICBM Missile Test
Author: 0 US Reports Successful Anti-ICBM Missile Test

The interceptor hit and destroyed the missile. The Sea-Based X-band radar, positioned in the Pacific Ocean, also acquired and tracked the target. The missile was sacked at a "threat representative" intercontinental ballistic missile launched from a test site in the Marshall Islands, U.S.

Global UK prime minister makes Cabinet appointments
Author: 0 UK prime minister makes Cabinet appointments

Following David Cameron's resignation after his defeat in last summer's European Union referendum, Johnson was seen as one of the front-runners to become next Tory leader, and as a result, prime minister. May's Tory party would reach the needed parliamentary majority if it is joined by the small, socially conservative DUP party, whose 290,000 votes and 10 seats in parliament could be a kingmaker in a national parliament representing the U.K.'s 65 million people.

Author: 0 North Korea Defies UN Sanctions, Fires Anti-Cruise Ship Missiles

The projectiles were launched Thursday morning from the North Korean coastal city of Wonsan, South Korea's Office of Joint Chiefs of Staff said in a statement. but restraining from ICBM tests or nuclear explosions which could bring about military retaliations by (US President Donald) Trump ", he added. Unless Washington sucks up its pride and sits down with the North Koreans, neither side can agree on a set of terms to convince Pyongyang to stop its nuclear tests or its non-stop missile ...

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