Author: 0 Trump assails Justice Department court strategy on travel ban

Pelosi was asked what Trump meant by his comments calling for the enforcement of a ban on travel to the USA from several Muslim-majority countries. President Donald Trump's Twitter tirades on the travel ban may be undermining the legal work of top-notch Justice Department lawyers assigned to represent his administration at the Supreme Court .

Author: 0 Macron's takeover of French politics is all but complete

The vote to elect the lower house's 577 members comes a month after Macron, a 39-year-old former banker with little political experience, defied the odds to win the presidency of Europe's second-largest economy. The centre-right Les Republicains and allies are likely to form the main opposition bloc, with 21.6 per cent of the vote going to the broad centre-right.

Global The US Joins The Fight Against Islamist Terrorists In The Philippines
Author: 0 The US Joins The Fight Against Islamist Terrorists In The Philippines

DAVAO CITY, Philippines-Malacañang on Saturday said that President Rodrigo Duterte is expected to issue an executive order for the establishment of a rehabilitation program intended for the besieged Marawi City. U.S. special forces have joined the battle in the southern Philippine city of Marawi, after 13 Philippine marines were killed in intense urban fighting, the Philippine military said yesterday.

Author: 0 Qatar Says Wants Positive Mutual Relations

They accuse Qatar of supporting terrorism and destabilizing the region with ties to their Shiite rival, Iran , and its support for groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas. Sheikh Mohammed said Qatar was committed to solving the issue via a dialogue and that he considered the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf as the most appropriate format for such talks.

Global Tehran terror attacks' mastermind killed by security forces
Author: 0 Tehran terror attacks' mastermind killed by security forces

Iranian authorities have also arrested seven people it suspects of helping militants involved in attacks, a judiciary official said on Saturday. Alavi did not provide further details or offer any evidence. "Six people who were certainly connected to Wednesday's terrorist attacks in Tehran were identified and arrested", head of the justice department in Kordestan province in western Iran Aliakbar Garousi said according to Fars news agency.

Global Tehran attacks mastermind killed - Iranian minister
Author: 0 Tehran attacks mastermind killed - Iranian minister

Both sites are revered symbols for Iran, one of its founder and the other because it represents what the country describes as its participatory government - in sharp contrast to the hereditary monarchies of its main regional rivals across the Persian Gulf.

Global Labour leader Corbyn sees possible new United Kingdom election this year or next
Author: 0 Labour leader Corbyn sees possible new United Kingdom election this year or next

Former finance minister George Osborne, who May sacked after taking office following the Brexit vote last June, on Sunday said May was now a "dead woman walking". The DUP, whose 10 seats in the new parliament give May just enough support to pass legislation, agreed in principle to a " confidence and supply " arrangement, Downing Street said.

Author: 0 After Trump blasts Paris, NC may expand solar power market

Former New York mayor Mike Bloomberg who leads the group said in a statement that American society remains committed to achieving the emission reductions it pledged to make in Paris in 2015. On Thursday Trump announced his decision to withdraw from the agreement, which was agreed to by Obama without Congressional approval. In his Thursday announcement on pulling the US out of the Paris agreement, the president said that the climate accord was more about giving other nations a ...

Author: 0 Puerto Rico referendum backs calls for island to become 51st USA state

The event had become controversial after the parade committee announced that the parade's "National Freedom Hero" would be Oscar López Rivera , the leader of the FALN separatist group that pushed for Puerto Rico's independence and was behind a series of bombings in NY and other USA cities in the 1970s and '80s.

Global Russian Federation appears reluctant to choose sides over Qatar-GCC rift
Author: 0 Russian Federation appears reluctant to choose sides over Qatar-GCC rift

Amid a raging diplomatic face-off between Qatar and its neighbours, US President Donald Trump has accused Doha of "historically" being a funder of terrorism and asked the Gulf emirate along with other nations to stop "teaching hate". Qatar hit back on Friday in a Foreign Ministry statement which described the accusations as "baseless" and "slanderous". "Qatar Petroleum... is conducting business as usual throughout all its upstream, midstream and downstream businesses and operations, and ...

Author: 0 Qatar Airways profits hit $540 million before Gulf crisis

Saudi Arabia , Egypt , the UAE and Bahrain announced on June 5 they were cutting diplomatic ties and closing air, sea and land links with Qatar. Amnesty International has also slammed the decision accusing the Gulf states of toying with the lives of thousands of people in their dispute with Qatar.

Global 'Mastermind' of Tehran terrorist attacks killed by Iranian security forces
Author: 0 'Mastermind' of Tehran terrorist attacks killed by Iranian security forces

People attend the funeral of the victims who were killed on the June 7 attack at the Iranian parliament and Ayatollah Khomeini's mausoleum, in Tehran, Iran June 9, 2017. The minister also said operations to "neutralise terrorist cells" were ongoing. Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alavi has said Iran identified several jihadists, where they meet and where they hide.

Global President Trump And His Secretary Of State, On Qatar
Author: 0 President Trump And His Secretary Of State, On Qatar

Davis said the diplomatic rift has not interrupted or curtailed operations at al-Udeid air base, a launching pad for US military efforts in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan. Nevertheless, Russian officials rejected allegations on Wednesday that Russian hackers had breached Qatar's state news agency and planted a fake news story that led to a split between Qatar and the other Arab nations.

Global 15-year-old arrested in death of 10-year-old Colorado girl
Author: 0 15-year-old arrested in death of 10-year-old Colorado girl

Community members held a candlelight vigil for Campbell Saturday night near where her body was found. During the investigation, police said they collected a "large amount of evidence" - approximately more than 100 pieces - according to Denver7 reporter Liz Gelardi.

Global Fort Worth student thrilled to be part of National Spelling Bee
Author: 0 Fort Worth student thrilled to be part of National Spelling Bee

At the end of the third round in the preliminary competition, 188 out of 291 spellers had spelled both of their words correctly on stage. The bee's 6-to-15-year-old contestants include spellebrity Edith Fuller . "Edith competed in her first spelling bees this year, she said, and was surprised to keep winning". She spelled "tapas:" correctly on Wednesday, but did not get enough points to continue to Thursday's competition.

Global May failed to get the mandate she sought
Author: 0 May failed to get the mandate she sought

May said Friday she will attempt to form a minority government with Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party , or DUP. The centre-right Conservatives found themselves eight short of the coveted 326-seat mark after the Labour Party , led by socialist stalwart Jeremy Corbyn , scored hefty gains.

Global Qatar denies that charities fund terrorism
Author: 0 Qatar denies that charities fund terrorism

U.S. President Donald Trump delivers remarks during a joint news conference with Romanian President Klaus Iohannis in the Rose Garden at the White House in Washington, U.S. Still, the Pentagon has been developing contingency plans in case there's any interruption, defense officials said. Gulf crisis mediator Kuwait said on Sunday that isolated Qatar was "ready to understand" the concerns of its neighbors and bolster stability in the region, in a sign that the week-old spat may be easing.

Global Xi snubs Sharif by skipping bilateral meet after murder of Chinese nationals
Author: 0 Xi snubs Sharif by skipping bilateral meet after murder of Chinese nationals

During the meeting, Prime Minister Modi also highlighted his concerns for Indo-China relationships and said that the two countries must boost their cooperation, strengthen communication and coordination in worldwide affairs. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will return to Pakistan on Saturday after a two-day successful visit to Kazakhstan. He added that India and Pakistan are now the members of the SCO and through this membership, India has got a very crucial platform in the Central Asia.

Global Macron warns against chemical arms in Syria
Author: 0 Macron warns against chemical arms in Syria

While Moscow backs Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, France supports rebel groups trying to overthrow him. On Syria, Putin underlined the importance of securing the Syrian state, adding that it's essential for combatting terrorism. "They didn't act like media, like journalists". "Sputnik and Russia Today did not behave like the press, but like influence and propaganda organizations to me".

Global PM Theresa May reaches 'outline' power deal after election fiasco
Author: 0 PM Theresa May reaches 'outline' power deal after election fiasco

May's party fell short of an overall majority following Thursday's vote, and plans to work with Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party . Mrs May apologised to Tory MPs who lost their constituency, with the party now reliant on the DUP's ten MPs to push legislation through the Commons.

Author: 0 Malaysia Airlines plane turns back after cockpit entry bid

A Malaysian Airlines plane was forced to return to Melbourne after a man attempted to break into the cockpit, claiming he had a bomb . The flight had taken off from Melbourne Airport bound for Kuala Lumpur just after 11pm on Wednesday when the male passenger stormed into the business class section of the plane and demanded to speak to the pilot.

Global Britain's May does not have majority for leaving single market: Conservative lawmaker
Author: 0 Britain's May does not have majority for leaving single market: Conservative lawmaker

Another Tory candidate who lost his Commons seat was Neil Carmichael in Stroud. "I would have thought that's enough to go, actually, and make way for a government that will be truly representative of all of the people of this country". "It is unfair, but at the very least [Theresa May] may have to throw her two "spads" [special advisors]", he said, referring to May's close aides Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill, who are attracting Tories' ire for the failed campaign.

Author: 0 Theresa May heads to Buckingham Palace to seek minority government

In the Sunday Mirror, opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn , who scored hefty gains in the election, said there was still a chance for him to be prime minister if May failed to form a government. "I sought, and to be fair to the prime minister, received a categoric assurance that in talking to the DUP that there would be no suggestion of any rollback on LGBTI rights in the rest of the United Kingdom", she said.

Author: 0 Tory-DUP deal 'would be bad news for women'

A Number 10 spokesman said: 'We can confirm that the Democratic Unionist Party have agreed to the principles of an outline agreement to support the Conservative Government on a confidence and supply basis when Parliament returns next week.

Author: 0 Scottish Premier sees independence in 2025

The results show that Labour is still nowhere near as popular as it used to be in Scotland before the 2015 general election, when it lost all but one of its MPs north of the border. SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon has said she believes Scotland will be independent by 2025. Mr Robertson said the election campaign had "completely exposed" Conservative Party plans to hit family incomes and the incomes of older people.

Global Saudi Arabia and allies release Qatar 'terror list'
Author: 0 Saudi Arabia and allies release Qatar 'terror list'

Efforts to defuse the regional crisis - prompted on Monday when the UAE, Saudi Arabia , Egypt and others severed diplomatic ties with Qatar over alleged support for Islamist groups and Iran - showed no immediate signs of success. Traders on global markets anxious that Riyadh's allies would refuse to accept LNG shipments from the Gulf state, the world's largest liquefied natural gas exporter, and that Egypt might even bar tankers carrying Qatari cargoes from using the Suez Canal as ...

Global Trump asks Qatar to stop funding terrorism
Author: 0 Trump asks Qatar to stop funding terrorism

Egypt and Bahrain cut travel and diplomatic ties with Qatar on Monday . Trump and the Egyptian president stressed also the continuation of cooperation and coordination at high levels to ensure pushing forward the efforts of restoring peace in the Middle East and uprooting terrorism ultimately, the presidency added.

Author: 0 Cavaliers explode for historic offensive night in overwhelming Warriors

Smith and Kyrie Irving; the former came off ball movement and the latter was an audacious contested fadeaway jumper. But after overcoming a 3-1 deficit to win the title last season against the Warriors , the Cavs at least showed that they were going to make the Warriors fight for it, even if it is just one more night.

Global Theresa May finalises cabinet amid minority government talks
Author: 0 Theresa May finalises cabinet amid minority government talks

May's Downing Street office had announced on Saturday that the "principles of an outline agreement" had been agreed with the DUP, only for the smaller party to contradict that account hours later. The arrangement with the DUP will make governing easier, but it makes some Conservatives uneasy. "I could not care less what people get up to in terms of their sexuality, that's not a matter for me, when it becomes a matter for me is when people try to redefine marriage".

Author: 0 Emmanuel Macron's party set for landslide as France goes to polls

The two mainstream parties on the left and right that dominated French politics for decades were again left licking their wounds, marginalized by the swing of voter support behind Macron's political revolution. The 39-year-old's La Republique En Marche (LREM) party is hoping to make huge gains and inflict a further blow on the country's traditional ruling parties.

Global May pledges minority government after United Kingdom election debacle
Author: 0 May pledges minority government after United Kingdom election debacle

Regardless of Fallon's claims, a growing number of Conservatives are said to be "absolutely furious" with May for putting their jobs on the line for the sake of strengthening her hand overseas in Brexit talks. A principled, honest, and clear message that stands up for the needs and interests of working people - for the many, not the few - has the potential to transform politics and society.

Author: 0 British Prime Minister Theresa May's two most trusted advisers quit

This translated into 318 seats for the Conservatives (a net loss of 12)-and a loss of the party's overall majority of 330-compared to 261 seats for Labour (a net gain of 29). It is due to present its platform for the next session in the Queen's Speech at the State Opening of Parliament on June 19 . May stays on as Prime Minister in defiance of critics within and outside her own party, following a campaign that focused closely on her and her track record, but during whose course her personal ...

Global China Eastern flight lands safely in Sydney after engine problem
Author: 0 China Eastern flight lands safely in Sydney after engine problem

Photographs published by several Australian media outlets showed a large gash in the casing of the plane's left engine. "We went up in the air and all of a sudden ... "Our group was terrified", the passenger told Seven. Sydneysiders have woken to a classic pea-souper blanketing the city, with the thick fog forcing the cancellation of flights in and out of Sydney Airport.

Author: 0 Leo Varadkar: Ireland set to have first gay PM

Within the rules of Fine Gael, the party's MPs, members and MEPs vote on their leader. They said: "He has come to personify the liberalisation of a country which was once regarded as one of Europe's most socially conservative nations - homosexuality was illegal until 1993".

Author: 0 Iran arrests nearly 50 after deadly Tehran attacks

They can be heard saying , "Thank you God..." Iran's parliament speaker Ali Larijani also attacked the United States and Saudi Arabia , which he called "a tribal state very far from anything like a democracy". Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in a tweet on Thursday called the White House comments "repugnant" and accused the USA of supporting terror. ISIL claimed responsibility for the suicide bombings and gun attacks.

Global Afghan soldier kills 3 US service members
Author: 0 Afghan soldier kills 3 US service members

The shootings occurred in the Achin district of the province, where U.S and Afghan troops have been carrying operations against Daesh insurgents. Spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid claimed on Twitter that four USA soldiers were killed in the attack.

Author: 0 Polls show France's Macron set for landslide majority in parliament

Very few lawmakers are expected to be elected directly in the first round - which requires an outright majority accounting for at least a quarter of registered voters. Emmanuel Macron's takeover of French politics is all but complete. The figures did not include votes from France's biggest cities and such early counts tend to be less precise than pollsters' estimates, which put Macron's party close to 33 percent.

Author: 0 U.S. envoy Haley: The UN has an unbelievable bias against Israel

USA concerns include the human rights record of members like China and Venezuela and what it deems anti-Israel bias. The Trump administration is warning that the USA might leave the U.N. President George W. Bush's administration refused to join the council, a decision reversed under President Barack Obama in 2009. She noted the council pursued five resolutions against Israel in its March session but none against the government of President Nicolas Maduro and said it must change "if it ...

Global Trump '100 per cent' willing to testify on Comey
Author: 0 Trump '100 per cent' willing to testify on Comey

No American president has ever been indicted while in office, though two, Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton, were impeached but later acquitted. Trump asked, though he went on to say such a request wouldn't have been inappropriate. NANCY PELOSI , D-Calif., House Minority Leader: I think there's no question he abused power. I hardly know that man. It doesn't make sense. Trump then again claimed that the Russian Federation investigation was just an effort to distract from the Democrats' ...

Global U.S. joins battle against Daesh-linked group in southern Philippines
Author: 0 U.S. joins battle against Daesh-linked group in southern Philippines

Philippine security forces have struggled to dislodge hundreds of Muslim extremists, from the Maute and Abu Sayyaf groups, who seized large parts of Marawi on May 23, after a botched raid on the hideout of Isnilon Hapilon, designated by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria as the head of its South-east Asia wing.

Author: 0 Moment London attackers neutralized by police caught on CCTV

A 27-year-old was arrested on suspicion of the preparation of terrorist acts and a 33-year-old was arrested on suspicion of possession with intent to supply controlled drugs, police said. The accused however are not connected to the 1 June attack in the United Kingdom capital that left eight people dead, the police said on Thursday. Eight people are confirmed to have been killed in the attack on Saturday night, which was carried out by three men.

Global As White House defends Kushner, experts question his back-channel move
Author: 0 As White House defends Kushner, experts question his back-channel move

The intent was to connect Trump's chief national security adviser at the time , Michael Flynn, with Russian military leaders, a person familiar with the discussions told the AP. Still, unnamed administration officials close to the president reportedly are pushing Kushner to step aside during the investigation. Schiff said the government needed to "get to the bottom" of the matter and urged a review of Kushner's security clearance "to find out whether he was truthful".

Author: 0 England win World Under-20 title with Calvert-Lewin strike

England made most of the running in the first half though Venezuela looked unsafe in attacking areas. Everton striker Calvert-Lewin became only the third England player to score in a World Cup final after Geoff Hurst and Martin Peters in 1966 - the last time England won a world title at any level.

Global Trump Eager to Rebut Comey Testimony Under Oath
Author: 0 Trump Eager to Rebut Comey Testimony Under Oath

Beneath an nearly cloudless sky in the Rose Garden Friday, President Trump accused James Comey of lying under oath before Congress the day before and said he was "100 percent" prepared to make that case himself to the special counsel heading the Russian Federation probe.

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