Global New video shows tense moments of London attack; 3 arrested
Author: 0 New video shows tense moments of London attack; 3 arrested

Collina said she had spoken to Italy's anti-terrorism police previous year after her son was prevented from travelling to the Middle East, and that they were the ones to told her on Tuesday that her son had been one of the men who carried out the attack.

Author: 0 Iran arrests seven suspects linked to Tehran attacks killing 17

Separately, the head of the Fars judiciary province said on Saturday that seven people were detained in the southern Larestan area for possible ties to Daesh. They had fled Iran after their cell was disbanded at the time and their ringleader, Abu Aysheh, was killed, it added. Previously, Iran's Intelligence Ministry issued an announcement today saying it has arrested more terrorists in relation to June 7 attacks.

Author: 0 Lions midfield mix a puzzle for Gatland

Despite more than 70 percent of possession and an overwhelming territorial advantage at Eden Park, the Lions managed only one try - and that was from a rolling maul. "And he was looking unsafe, on outside breaks and things". A positive going forward is that at least they are creating chances as opposed to the sterile nature of the attacking gambits in the first two matches.

Global PM hopes SCO membership to help Pakistan for peaceful neighborhood
Author: 0 PM hopes SCO membership to help Pakistan for peaceful neighborhood

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif along with a delegation, including Foreign Affairs Adviser Sartaj Aziz, Commerce Minister Khurram Dastagir and Minister of State for Petroleum Jam Kamal, attended the meeting. The heads of state support the SCO to deepen mutually beneficial cooperation with its observers and dialogue partners, the communique said. Putin also congratulated PM Nawaz on Pakistan's accession to the SCO and said he was "glad that we met for a bilateral meeting on the sidelines of ...

Global Scottish party to push for vote on independence
Author: 0 Scottish party to push for vote on independence

Theresa May was seen as the "most capable Prime Minister" by 42 per cent of respondents, while 40 per cent said Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn . Mr Corbyn was also asked on Monday about how he would deal with Ms Sturgeon if he became prime minister.

Author: 0 Twitter barrage puts spotlight on Trump's outspoken son

When it finds a new post , the bot drops the text onto White House letterhead to ensure it's recognized as a formal statement from the president. "Honestly, they don't seem to care too much about all this Russian Federation mumbo jumbo", said Kyle Hupfer, the GOP chair in IN, a state Trump won by 19 points and where his vice president used to be governor.

Author: 0 Saudi Arabia and Bahrain welcome Donald Trump's scolding of Qatar

Saudi's allies also welcomed "President Trump's leadership in challenging Qatar's troubling support for extremism". Amid the diplomatic row engulfing the Gulf state, Turkey stood by Qatar as President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said that "We will not abandon our Qatari brothers".

Author: 0 Iran Arrests Seven New Suspects In Tehran Attacks Probe

The Ministry of Intelligence said the identity of terrorists has been revealed. You kick them while they're down. Commuters in the Iranian capital noticed more police than usual on the streets as dawn broke. Iran blamed the Wednesday attacks on Saudi Arabia, though no link has been established. Iranian authorities claim to have blocked a third attack, and at least five among the attackers had in the past been part of Daesh's militias, active in Mosul and Raqqa.

Author: 0 Theresa May announces partnership with Democratic Unionist Party

Referring to the "strong relationship" she had with the DUP but giving little detail of how their arrangement might work, she said she meant to form a government which could "provide certainty and lead Britain forward at this critical time for our country".

Author: 0 House passes bill to undo Dodd-Frank financial rules

The House passed the Financial Choice Act (HR 10) by a 233-186 vote, along distinct party lines. House Republicans recognize the uphill climb, but are happy to chalk up a victory. "Have we learned nothing?" asked Rep. Steny Hoyer, D-Md. In addition, the bill would weaken the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau , a GOP target since its inception in 2010.

Author: 0 Attorney General Jeff Sessions to appear before Senate intelligence committee

So Blumenthal wants to have the two top men in the justice department come and testify before the committee he is on, the Senate Judiciary Committee to talk about their actions. Trump asked Sessions, along with other members of the Trump administration, to leave him and Comey alone after a counter-terrorism briefing February 14, one day after national security adviser Michael Flynn was sacked.

Author: 0 Australia police shoot hostage taker dead

After holding the woman hostage for several hours, Khayre burst out of the building firing at the police, who shot and killed him in a retaliatory fire. Victorian Police commissioner Graham Ashton this morning confirmed the man behind the fatal Brighton siege had been on parole at the time of the incident.

Author: 0 Iranian Cleric Slams US for Creating Terrorist Groups

President Donald Trump are a " matter of disgrace " for them. Such acts will inevitably result in "more hatred" toward the US government and its stooges such as the Saudi regime, the Leader remarked. The attackers were armed with rifles and pistols and at least two blew themselves up with suicide vests, Iranian media reported. IS has long vowed to attack Iran because the country had deployed military advisers and support to both Syria and Iraq in their fights against the extremist group.

Author: 0 May's top aides resign after UK election fiasco

Amid reports senior Tories were sounding out potential replacements for Mrs May, prominent Conservative MP Heidi Allen said the Prime Minister had six months at most left in Downing Street. He worked as a Conservative researcher at the party's central office before becoming special adviser to Mrs May at the Home Office. The BBC reported that there were calls among senior members of the Conservative Party to have the two sacked during the weekend.

Author: 0 Iowa City Mayor signs initiatives supporting Paris Agreement

The resolution says the state is projected to lose 11,000 outdoor recreation jobs and $281 million in labor earnings in recreation and tourism by 2050 as a result of climate change, and that the city is being directly threatened as well. The presidents of Lafayette and Moravian colleges, as well as the mayors of Easton and Bethlehem, also signed the pledge. "House Republicans are focused on North Carolina's energy future and the best interests of our citizens ...

Author: 0 Modi meets Afghan President

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani , for his part, expressed support for the SCO's strategies in the fight against terrorism and drug trafficking and said it was possible to radically reduce the presence of terrorist groups in his country. It is tempting to see India's SCO membership as out of character, given India's traditional hostility to Pakistan and Modi's general inclination to balance against China rather than accommodate it.

Global London Bridge attacker's mom blames internet for radicalizing son
Author: 0 London Bridge attacker's mom blames internet for radicalizing son

As details about the Pakistan-born jihadist emerged, questions were asked of why security services did nothing to stop the 27 year old, who was a known Islamist. In an early morning raids in east London, British counter-terrorism police detained more people on Monday. Former SAS commander Col Tim Collins has said intelligence "isn't good enough", adding that police needed to recruit informants from within the Muslim community and appoint Muslim officers.

Author: 0 Hundreds demonstrate against Theresa May's alliance with DUP

The DUP finds itself in the unique position of being kingmakers and are expected to demand a host of concessions for their support to shore up a Theresa May-led shaky Tory government. "The DUP's obstruction to legal abortion in Northern Ireland has left many women in dire circumstances, forced to travel to England where they are not entitled to NHS-funded terminations or face prosecution for seeking help at home".

Author: 0 UK Election Could Delay Brexit Negotiations; Impact on Travel Unclear

Like any self-respecting Frenchman given the cosmic gift of Britain embarrassing itself, European Chief Negotiator for Brexit Michel Barnier is looking at the results of Theresa May's malt vinegar-covered clusterfuck of an election and attempting to throw the ideal amount of Gallic shade at the dumbest Prime Minister to call an election since her predecessor.

Author: 0 SNP losses mean independence vote 'unlikely' says Scottish Grocers Federation

Nicola Sturgeon has signalled she will rethink plans for a second independence referendum after the sweeping losses suffered by the SNP in the general election. The Prime Minister had now "lost all authority and credibility", Ms Sturgeon said. He said: "We will take time and care to reflect on the outcome of this result, but we have to acknowledge that the question of a second independence referendum was a significant motivator of votes against the SNP in this election and we have ...

Global GST Council creates 18 sectoral groups
Author: 0 GST Council creates 18 sectoral groups

Concerned industry groups or associations or even individual industry representative (s) may approach the respective sectoral group officers with their problems, if any, relating to GST implementation who, in turn, will try to guide and help them in resolving the same.

Author: 0 Trump On Comey Hearing: "No Collusions, No Obstruction, He's A Leaker"

Trump told reporters during a joint press conference with Romanian President Klaus Iohannis that he never asked Comey for a loyalty pledge or urged him to scuttle an investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn. The committee is seeking the materials by June 23. Pundits and legal experts were divided about whether Trump's actions rose to the level of obstruction of justice, a potentially impeachable offense.

Author: 0 Trump says Comey lied, says he will '100%' testify under oath

President Donald Trump . Republican Representative Mike Conaway and Democratic Representative Adam Schiff said they had also written to Don McGahn, the White House counsel, and asked him whether White House recordings or memos of Comey's conversations with Trump exist.If they do, they asked that copies of the materials be provided to the panel by June 23.

Author: 0 Cabinet meeting provides first post-election test for embattled Theresa May

The general election didn't have a clear overall victor, so now the United Kingdom has a "hung parliament" - but what does that mean? Beleaguered British Prime Minister Theresa May is appointing new members of he. The party's opposition to abortion and same-sex marriage places it at odds with modernizing Conservatives. But the story behind the swing to the opposition Labour Party in this quiet corner of England, forever associated with "The Canterbury Tales" of medieval poet Geoffrey ...

Global Tehran terrorists had fought for IS in Raqqa and Mosul
Author: 0 Tehran terrorists had fought for IS in Raqqa and Mosul

Documents and equipment "for carrying out terrorist operations" were also seized, the ministry said in a statement. On Wednesday, terrorists launched two simultaneous attacks on Iran's parliament building and the mausoleum of the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Imam Khomeini, in southern Tehran .

Author: 0 British PM fights for survival ahead of Brexit talks

May called the election six weeks ago to secure a stronger mandate ahead of the negotiations in Brussels but landed up weakening the conservatives in Parliament. Less than a year after May was propelled into Downing Street following Britain's surprise referendum decision to leave the European Union , party insiders were placing bets on how long she could last.

Global London bridge attackers tried to get a larger truck: Cops
Author: 0 London bridge attackers tried to get a larger truck: Cops

At least eight persons were killed, 48 were injured and the killers were shot dead by the police. Police defended their decision to downgrade an inquiry in 2015 into Khuram Butt , 27, of Barking, east London , who is believed to have been the attack's ringleader .

Author: 0 Democratic Unionists in Northern Ireland may hold key to election

She vowed to stay on because certainty was what this country needs most. She said the union binding England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland would be at the forefront of their minds, describing it as the party's "guiding star". Despite this enormous humiliation after losing her mandate she is ignoring what the country is saying and is continuing on as if nothing had ever happened, after a catastrophic loss.

Global Puerto Rico prepares to vote on political status amid crisis
Author: 0 Puerto Rico prepares to vote on political status amid crisis

One ruling firmly established Puerto Rico's status as subject to the U.S. Constitution, more than to its own. Carmelo Rios, a member of the governor's party. The last time Puerto Rico voted on the issue in 2012, when a majority opted for statehood, nothing changed. Now, given Puerto Rico's financial distress, many on the mainland are questioning whether the timing could be any better.

Global Three more arrests in London terror probe
Author: 0 Three more arrests in London terror probe

People across Britain have paused for a moment of silence Tuessday morning to remember those killed and injured in the attack. All three were shot dead by police. London Mayor Sadiq Khan, a Labour party member, said a future Conservative-led government would introduce further cuts. His passport and cellphone were seized, but he got them back after a court determined there wasn't enough evidence to arrest him.

Author: 0 Erdogan pledges 'full support to Qatari brothers' amid Gulf crisis

On Wednesday, the Turkish parliament ratified a bill to allow the deployment of Turkish troops to a Turkish base in Qatar in what has been interpreted as a sign of support for Doha . "I say it should be lifted completely", Erdogan said of the embargo. He was speaking at a meeting in Moscow Saturday with Qatari Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani.

Author: 0 UK leader May seen fighting for survival after election failure

The protest was led by students and trade unionists who chanted slogans in favour of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn , who has stunned the British political establishment with impressive election results. Although the SNP remained the largest party in Scotland, it lost 21 seats, including the constituency represented by its former leader Alex Salmond.

Author: 0 Trump's Continued Search For New FBI Chief Is A Huge Mess

Former Federal Bureau of Investigation Director James Comey will testify on June 8 before a congressional committee investigating Russia's alleged meddling in the 2016 US presidential election. Also potentially stymying the move is Comey's current status as a private citizen rather than a serving official. In fact, he testified in early May that he had not been pressured at all for political purposes to end any investigation, which strongly suggests that Trump's questions about Flynn ...

Author: 0 Lakers rumors: Three reasons LeBron James would be bad for LA

It showed him sitting in a New Orleans barbershop during February's All-Star Game festivities while chatting with, among others, Golden State forward Draymond Green , Charles Oakley and rapper 2 Chainz. "He's been an wonderful player in this league for a long time, and I think he senses this is his time, his moment, his team". "And I believe I am that way out".

Author: 0 Gulf Countries Assure Welfare Of Indians In Qatar Amid Crisis

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan told Bahrain's Foreign Minister that the dispute between Qatar and other Arab states should be resolved by the end of the holy month of Ramadan, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said on Saturday. attorney general during the September 11 attacks, as it seeks to rebut accusations from U.S. President Donald Trump and its Arab neighbors that it supports terrorism.

Author: 0 May to forge 'government of certainty' with DUP backing

She explained that her government will seek to lead the country through Brexit negotiations, rejecting speculation she will delay negotiations on leaving the European Union which begin in ten days' time. Mr Hammond, 61, was named Chancellor of The exchequer by Mrs May shortly after she took over as prime minister almost a year ago, in the wake of Britain's decision to leave the European Union.

Global Donald Trump to Religious Conservatives: 'The Truth Will Prevail'
Author: 0 Donald Trump to Religious Conservatives: 'The Truth Will Prevail'

Meanwhile, Democratic lawmakers and other critics say Comey's clams that Trump leaned on him to somehow drop the Russian Federation investigation could amount to an obstruction of justice. "To protect those jobs and the sovereignty and freedom of the United States, I followed through on my promise to withdraw from the Paris climate accord", Trump said, leaving the podium to accept the applause.

Author: 0 Netanyahu: Israel Must Keep Military Control of Jordan Valley

The killings in Venezuela and "widespread shortages and hunger highlight the increasingly urgent need for an impartial analysis and rapid assistance", Zeid said . Fifty years later the West Bank remains occupied and the Gaza Strip is under a tight Israeli blockade. Presidential spokesman Nabil Abu Rudainah Wednesday said the Israeli government continues to "destroy any chance of resuming the peace process".

Global Housing Minister Gavin Barwell loses seat
Author: 0 Housing Minister Gavin Barwell loses seat

Mr Barwell added: "I voted for Theresa May to become Prime Minister". "I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to serve as her chief of staff". But I would like to make clear that the freaky media reports about my own role in the policy's inclusion are wrong: "it had been the subject of many months of work within Whitehall, and it was not my personal pet project", Timothy wrote on the Conservative Home website.

Author: 0 Qatar must stop funding terror, extremist ideology: Donald Trump

USA officials insisted the two men were sending the same message with different emphases, aimed at encouraging their Arab allies to put aside grievances and focus on fighting terrorism . Despite Tillerson's assessment that the fight against ISIS had been impacted, Pentagon officials said there has been no immediate disruption. Government officials said the military would decide on the number of Turkish troops that would be deployed in Qatar and the length of their stay.

Author: 0 May to form 'government of certainty' with DUP backing

While the 10 seats of the DUP can help May secure the 326 parliamentary majority needed for the administration's laws to be passed, some British political observers cannot help but worry about the political marriage. Mrs May's decision to seek a deal with the DUP has prompted concerns from some Tories. Since 2015, when the Conservatives attained a House of Commons majority, the two parties have developed a working relationship.

Global Lewis Hamilton earns pole position for Canadian Grand Prix
Author: 0 Lewis Hamilton earns pole position for Canadian Grand Prix

Drivers said the track in Montreal is usually more slippery for the early sessions, before accumulating rubber from the tires and before dirt and debris from a long period of inactivity is driven off. The race around the Principality was dominated by Ferrari, but Vettel, who now leads Hamilton by 25 points in the F1 Drivers' Championship, will do well to repel what appears to be a resurgent Mercedes team.

Author: 0 Take Scottish independence vote off table, Ruth Davidson tells Nicola Sturgeon

After she masterminded the best performance by the party north of the border for a three decades The Telegraph reported her aides were working on a breakaway deal. "This morning, we have heard SNP figures acknowledge that the referendum demands were behind its bad result". When asked if her 13 MPs in Scotland should back remaining in the single market regardless of how their colleagues south of the border vote, Ms Davidson said: "There are an terrible lot of issues surrounding Brexit that ...

Global Theresa May To Form Govt In UK With DUP Support. Know How
Author: 0 Theresa May To Form Govt In UK With DUP Support. Know How

Any kind of deal between the #DUP and the Conservatives will jeopardise negotiations because the British government can no longer be viewed as an impartial broker in negotiations, leaving nationalists led by Sinn Fein in a particularly precarious position.

Author: 0 Election results 2017: May played high-risk political game

To be the ruling party, May's party needed to get at least 326 seats. With all but one constituency declared, the Conservatives won 318 seats - down from 331 at the 2015 election - while Labour was on 261, up from 229. Despite campaigning against Brexit , Labour has accepted the result but said it would prioritise maintaining close economic ties with the EU. They want more money for their people.

Global Korea coal export sinks to zero after China import ban
Author: 0 Korea coal export sinks to zero after China import ban

South Korean President Moon Jae-in said Thursday that North Korea "should immediately halt its nuclear and missile provocations", following a test launch of suspected anti-ship missiles earlier in the day. 8, 2017). The North's ramped-up pace of nuclear and missile tests have also stoked concern in Tokyo, prompting Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to characterize Pyongyang's weapons push as "a new level of threat".

Author: 0 UK prime minister's top aides resign after election fiasco

If May was right that her party's narrow majority impaired her ability to negotiate optimal terms for withdrawal from the European Union , it's hard to see how she (or another Conservative prime minister) wouldn't be at an even greater disadvantage negotiating on behalf of a minority government.

Global Kingmakers in DUP can shape nature of Brexit deal
Author: 0 Kingmakers in DUP can shape nature of Brexit deal

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson, who is gay, said she had received assurances from the prime minister over gay rights should the Tories and DUP strike a deal, ITV reported . The Labour party gaining huge won 262 seats has urged May to resign and make way for it to form the minority government. This government will guide the country through the crucial Brexit negotiations , which will start in just 10 days', stated Theresa May on Downing Street 10.

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