Author: 0 PM May under pressure to resign

EU Commission chief Juncker said he hopes the British election result will cause no further delays in Brexit talks. Britain went to the polls yesterday in a snap election that will apparently result in the Conservatives losing their majority, and no ultimate victor.

Author: 0 Tick-tock: EU says time pressing hard to start Brexit talks

May then called a snap election hoping for a bigger majority to strengthen her hand in negotiations.That was also the broadly desired outcome in Brussels, where leaders believed that a stronger May would be better able to cut compromise deals with the EU and resist pressure from hardline pro-Brexit factions in her party which have called for Britain to reject EU terms and, possibly, walk out without a deal.Elmar Brok, a prominent German conservative member of the EU parliament , said ...

Author: 0 Stop Funding terrorism, Donald Trump Tells Qatar, US' Key Ally

Trump said. "We had to stop the funding of terrorism ". Trump spoke little more than an hour after Secretary of State Rex Tillerson delivered a more conciliatory statement urging the Saudi-led coalition to ease its "blockade" of Qatar.

Global British Intelligence to Review How It Overlooked Manchester Bomber
Author: 0 British Intelligence to Review How It Overlooked Manchester Bomber

Police have released surveillance-camera images of Abedi on the night of the attack and appealed for more information about his final days. Counter-terrorism squads are trying to re-create Salman Abedi's movements in the days before he detonated a bomb at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester , killing 22 people.

Author: 0 British Prime Minister Vows to Carry on Despite Election Losses

Speaking Friday, leader Arlene Foster said the DUP would enter into discussions with the Prime Minister to "bring stability to our nation at this time of great challenge". Prime Minister Theresa May , the head of the Conservative Party, will get the first shot at putting together a government. Despite her resilience, May will lead a weakened government and could face pressure from both left-leaning and right-wing lawmakers.

Global Trump Breaks Silence On Comey: 'WOW, Comey Is A Leaker!'
Author: 0 Trump Breaks Silence On Comey: 'WOW, Comey Is A Leaker!'

Comey also said in his written testimony that Trump, in a unusual private encounter near the grandfather clock in the Oval Office, pushed him to end his investigation into former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. During much of the increasingly heated debate surrounding the FBI's investigation of Russia's role in the election, Trump has chafed over news leaks, arguing that news organizations had not given them proper attention.

Author: 0 Trump won't say if Comey conversations were taped

Bush presidency, said there could be an argument that Trump's actions, as described by Comey, were an "implied threat". "Despite so many false statements and lies, total and complete vindication", Trump wrote. Comey said he did not know if there are tapes of his conversations with Trump but said if so, they should be made public. He added he had no problem with the Trump releasing the tapes, if they exist.

Author: 0 Twitter latches on to Comey's 'lordy' quote during hearing

Mr Comey told United States lawmakers at a hearing before a Senate panel that he was confused by "the shifting explanations" given by the Trump administration for his firing on May 9. Still, Mr. Comey did not like the unknown reason that the president didn't even need to have. Understanding the ways in which the White House appears to be seeking to reframe Comey's statements requires a close reading of Kasowitz's typo-ridden statement, as prepared for delivery.

Global Who are the DUP?
Author: 0 Who are the DUP?

Although it remains an unlikely scenario, it would probably be the preferred choice of many continental Europeans who still hope that Britain will make a U-turn in its decision to leave the E.U. Now it appears that a little party in Northern Ireland needs to come to the Tory's rescue. The chair of its Education Committee, Mervyn Story, and a number of other DUP members are part of the Caleb Foundation, which is a leading creationist lobby group in Northern Ireland.

Author: 0 Theresa May to form new government with DUP support

May, wholost her parliamentary majority in spectacular fashion, agreed a pact with the Northern Irish pro-Brexit DUP, which won 10 seats in the new parliament. After winning his own seat in north London , Corbyn said May's attempt to win a bigger mandate had backfired. Sterling plunged against the dollar and the euro as the election result created even more uncertainty over the whole Brexit process.

Global DUP set to support May as United Kingdom left with hung parliament
Author: 0 DUP set to support May as United Kingdom left with hung parliament

Senior EU officials and politicians have said May can postpone the date if she needs to, but with a final deadline for exiting the EU in March 2019, precious negotiating time would be lost if delayed. "One of them is country, one of the others is LGBTI rights". Going back decades, the DUP was at the vanguard of the failed Save Ulster from Sodomy movement that campaigned against the 1982 legalisation of homosexual sex in Northern Ireland.

Global Tories Hope To Form Government With DUP
Author: 0 Tories Hope To Form Government With DUP

Mrs May said she was confident that the Tories would be able to work together with the Democratic Unionist Party in the "interests of the whole UK". A brazen Theresa May spoke to reporters in Downing Street, accompanied by her husband Philip, as soon as her auto returned to Downing Street from Buckingham Palace shortly before 1.00 pm.

Author: 0 Trump says '100 percent' willing to respond to Comey under oath

After Trump fired Comey , the administration gave differing reasons for his dismissal. "Although Mr. Comey testified he only leaked the memos in response to a tweet , the public record reveals that the New York Times was quoting from these memos the day before the referenced tweet".

Global Prime Minister Modi arrives in Delhi after Kazakhstan's
Author: 0 Prime Minister Modi arrives in Delhi after Kazakhstan's

Xi said China attaches great importance to its ties with India and stands ready to work with the Indian side to enhance political mutual trust, link their development strategies, deepen practical cooperation and maintain coordination and collaboration in worldwide and regional affairs, so as to advance their strategic cooperative partnership in a sustained, healthy and stable way.

Global Penguins shutout Predators to regain lead in Stanley Cup Final
Author: 0 Penguins shutout Predators to regain lead in Stanley Cup Final

Should the Penguins buck that trend in Game 6, they'll be awarded the Stanley Cup on Sunday night in Nashville, with the game starting at 8:00 p.m. PITTSBURGH (AP ) - The night started with a catfish throw. Subban has his arms wrapped around Crosby's leg-Crosby does try to get up but Subban's not having it. Crosby then got on top of Subban and used his right hand, and eventually left glove, to repeatedly push Subban's head into the ice.

Global Manuel Noriega, former dictator of Panama, dies at 83
Author: 0 Manuel Noriega, former dictator of Panama, dies at 83

But Panama wanted Noriega to return to face in-absentia convictions and two prison terms of 20 years for embezzlement, corruption and murder of opponents, including military commander Moises Giroldi, who led a failed rebellion on October 3, 1989, and Hugo Spadafora, whose decapitated body was found in a mailbag on the border with Costa Rica in 1985.

Global London attackers were chef, clerk and 'suspicious' Italian
Author: 0 London attackers were chef, clerk and 'suspicious' Italian

Moments after naming the identity of the third London attacker identified as Youssef Zaghba , British police received hard knocks from Italian officials who claim they passed on concerns about the attacker to British intelligence officials past year.

Global Weakened Government could undermine Brexit process, Budget Commissioner warns
Author: 0 Weakened Government could undermine Brexit process, Budget Commissioner warns

Earlier, Mr Tusk warned Britain might end up with no deal on its withdrawal arrangements or future trade if it did not open negotiations in time. What can not easily be delayed, however, is the date of Britain's departure from the European Union, which is due to take place exactly two years after the triggering of the Article 50 Brexit process on March 29 2019, whether or not a withdrawal deal has been reached.

Global Iran supreme leader: Attacks fuel hatred toward US, Saudis
Author: 0 Iran supreme leader: Attacks fuel hatred toward US, Saudis

However, the family names of the terrorists were not revealed due to social and security considerations. Iranian authorities have arrested 41 suspects in connection with this week's attacks in Tehran , the interior ministry said. People in the crowds, some crying, chanted "Death to Saudi Arabia" alongside the more customary "Death to America" and slogans against Israel, as they reached out to touch coffins wrapped in flags and covered in flowers.

Global Qatar won't back down in face of pressure: minister
Author: 0 Qatar won't back down in face of pressure: minister

Sultan Al-Jaber, United Arab Emirates (UAE) Minister of State, said in an exclusive interview with Xinhua that his country expects from fellow Gulf state Qatar "to stop blatantly and openly working against the stability and security of the UAE and other Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries".

Author: 0 Theresa May forms a government with DUP support after trip to Palace

Although the ruling Tories managed to increase their popular vote share by more than five percent from the last general election in 2015, earning 42.4 percent of the vote, they lost a good number of seats to Labour, which saw a bump of 9.5 percent from 2015, securing it a total of 40 percent.

Global Turkey's Tayyip Erdogan Criticises Qatar Sanctions
Author: 0 Turkey's Tayyip Erdogan Criticises Qatar Sanctions

Arab states tightened their squeeze on Qatar on Friday by putting dozens of figures with links to the country on terrorism blacklists. Qatar, a country of 2.7 million people about the size of the USA state of CT, is a major investor in Turkey's $857 billion economy with interests in media, financial and defense companies.

Global After Clinton investigation, Gowdy has a new target
Author: 0 After Clinton investigation, Gowdy has a new target

Special Counsel Robert Mueller, a former FBI director, will continue to lead the federal investigation into Russian hacking into the election and any collusion between the former Cold War superpower and President Trump's campaign. Gowdy on his new role". "Trey has my absolute confidence, and I know he will do an outstanding job", Ryan said. Gowdy is a former prosecutor and now serves on the oversight committee .

Global China's Xi tells India's Modi issues should be managed 'appropriately'
Author: 0 China's Xi tells India's Modi issues should be managed 'appropriately'

The Prime Minister stressed on coordinated efforts to fight the menace of terrorism , including radicalisation, recruitment, training and financing of terrorists. With the inclusion of Pakistan and India, the SCO will have a total of eight states as permanent members - after China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia , Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

Global Wounded May soldiers on as election shock complicates Brexit
Author: 0 Wounded May soldiers on as election shock complicates Brexit

UK Prime Minister Theresa May's ruling Conservative Party has failed to win an overall majority in parliament, and the country is now set for a hung parliament . May, who took over after last year's Brexit referendum, began the formal two-year process of leaving the European Union on March 29, promising to take Britain out of the single market and cut immigration.

Global South Korea finds apparent North Korean drone near border
Author: 0 South Korea finds apparent North Korean drone near border

The South Korean defense ministry announced on Thursday morning that North Korea fired off the sea-to-sea missiles less than a week after stricter worldwide sanctions against Pyongyang in response to recent ballistic missile trials. The most recently fired projectiles have a range of about 125 miles (200 kilometers), the Washington Times reported . The missile was believed to be a Scud-class ballistic missile and flew about 450 km (280 miles), South Korean officials said.

Author: 0 UAE needs Qatari natural gas to keep Dubai's lights on

Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Egypt and Yemen have accused Qatar of supporting regional terror groups, allegations denied by the Qatari government. Bahrain's decision comes after the UAE on Wednesday warned that those who are sympathetic to Qatar on social media could face three to 15 years in prison and fines starting from 500,000 dirhams ($136,000).

Author: 0 President Trump Asserts Comey Testimony Totally Vindicated Him

No obstruction". On Friday, the National Law Journal reported Mueller had enlisted Deputy U.S. Solicitor General Michael Dreeben, one of the most highly respected lawyers in the Justice Department , to work part-time on the special counsel team.

Global Pinay in Australia fears for safety amid terror attack
Author: 0 Pinay in Australia fears for safety amid terror attack

Police were called to Buckingham Serviced Apartments in Bay Street, Brighton, at 4pm on Monday after reports of an explosion. Terrorist 29-year-old Yacqub Khayre , an Australian of Somali origin, had a long history of violent crime. "There is nothing that we've found thus far that would suggest to us that this was anything that was ... planned or done in concert with others", Mr Ashton said.

Global Russian lawmaker scoffs at Comey testimony
Author: 0 Russian lawmaker scoffs at Comey testimony

Comey, who was sacked by Trump on May 9, revealed during his testimony that he had a friend, later identified as Columbia University Law Professor Dan Richman, leak contents of his private memos to the media in hopes of prompting the "appointment of a special counsel".

Author: 0 Benjamin Netanyahu Promises to Continue Settlement Activity in West Bank

Elsewhere, Israeli soldiers shot and injured, on Monday evening, five young Palestinian men with live fire, during clashes that took place after the soldiers opened fire on youngsters in Palestinian lands, close to the border fence, in various parts of the besieged coastal region.

Author: 0 British police name 3rd London Bridge attacker

An Italian investigative source said Zaghba was a Moroccan-Italian whose mother lived in the northern Italian city of Bologna. The Metropolitan Police said they had reviewed security ahead of the vote, putting in place a "specialist and highly flexible operation" which can be deployed as needed.

Author: 0 Warning of United States desertion, EU chief calls for European defence

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker (left) today urged the United Kingdom not to delay the start of Brexit talks after Prime Minister Theresa May failed to win a majority in a general election. "We're different but have to complement each other in so many ways". "Absurdly, there are more helicopter types then there are governments to buy them", Mr Juncker said.

Author: 0 @CongPalazzo Votes to End Dodd-Frank

Instead, the Senate is more interested in a broad-based bipartisan bill that focuses on economic growth and could include some financial regulation reform, NBC News has reported . The vote was along party lines except for one Republican, Rep. Walter Jones of North Carolina, who voted against the bill. "Those are the financial institutions we have to strengthen and have to stand with as a priority, becuase I've heard reports that we have community banks closing their doors across ...

Global Rahul Gandhi escapes security circle on bike in Madhya Pradesh
Author: 0 Rahul Gandhi escapes security circle on bike in Madhya Pradesh

The state curfew was partially lifted yesterday, between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m., for women and children. In Madhya Pradesh, farmers began protests against low prices for their crops on June 1. Thousands commit suicide each year. These videos, which went viral on social media, show Congress legislators in Madhya Pradesh inciting violence and arguing with the police.

Global Global Vegetable Juice Market 2017-2022 Nestle, Coca-Cola, Wahaha, Schweppes, CAMPBELLS
Author: 0 Global Vegetable Juice Market 2017-2022 Nestle, Coca-Cola, Wahaha, Schweppes, CAMPBELLS

This industry report analyzes the market estimates and forecasts of all the given segments on global as well as regional levels presented in the research scope. The presence of a large number of leading players is expected to accelerate the growth of the North America market in the next few years. The report will make detailed analysis mainly on above questions and in-depth research on the development environment, market size, development trend, operation situation and future development ...

Author: 0 8 killed as IS targets Iran Parliament, Khomeini mausoleum (Fourth Lead)

But Trump also warned "states that sponsor terrorism risk falling victim to the evil they promote". Two teams of attackers armed with guns and explosives targeted the Parliament building and the mausoleum in apparently coordinated attacks that occurred within an hour of each other.

Global Tehran attackers Iranian IS recruits
Author: 0 Tehran attackers Iranian IS recruits

Iran has slammed US President Donald Trump's response to Wednesday's twin terror attacks in Tehran as "repugnant", as the death toll from the ISIS-claimed assaults rose to 16. Islamic State claimed responsibility and threatened more attacks against Iran's majority Shi'ite population, seen by the hardline Sunni militants as heretics.

Global Rays' Kevin Kiermaier On DL With Broken Hip After Slide
Author: 0 Rays' Kevin Kiermaier On DL With Broken Hip After Slide

Petersburg, Fla. The Rays went 14-34 while Kiermaier was out. After a litany of tests - MRI, CT scan , x-rays, etc. - Kiermaier's doctors discovered a hairline fracture in his right hip. He's also a flawless 6-for-6 in stolen base attempts. "He's going to be out a while, " manager Kevin Cash said. It's a crushing blow to the Rays as Kevin Kiermaier had finally start to come around on the offensive side of things over the past month and was still an exceptional center fielder.

Global Battle over bare-breasted women brews at one of Maryland's busiest beaches
Author: 0 Battle over bare-breasted women brews at one of Maryland's busiest beaches

A woman's advocate asked the State Supreme Court to clarify Maryland's law on the matter - but that has taken several months. The new "hands off" approach comes after an advocate for normalizing toplessness on American beaches asked the Worcester County's state's attorney previous year to "examine" the law , WTAE writes.

Global United States mayors and governors defy Trump, will stick to Paris agreement anyway
Author: 0 United States mayors and governors defy Trump, will stick to Paris agreement anyway

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Trump is simply "walking away from what he felt was an agreement that did not serve the American people well". The initiative is an attempt to coordinate the widespread backlash to Trump's withdrawal from the landmark environmental agreement. "It makes no sense to me - a reckless decision, an indefensible decision".

Global Mississippi doctor lets 12-year-old help deliver baby brother
Author: 0 Mississippi doctor lets 12-year-old help deliver baby brother

Jacee had plans to be a vet, but Dede reckons this experience may push her towards thinking about a career as an OBGYN (obstetrician and gynaecologist). "I was like, wow, like I've played fake doctor before, but this is, like, the real thing, this is is the real deal". "I don't hide anything from her".

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