Global 'Manspreading' banned on Madrid buses
Author: 0 'Manspreading' banned on Madrid buses

The sign features a stick man spreading his legs to cartoonishly large proportions on a public transportation seat, with a big red "X" and "respect the space of others" text accompanying it. Madrid joins other cities like NY which, back in 2015, put up graphics with the message "Dude, stop the spread", prompting men to lash back with infuriated emails to the MTA about other offenses like BO, fat people, pursespreading, and big boobs.

Global WINNERS AND LOSERS: Nick Clegg, SNP leader and Simon Danczuk OUT
Author: 0 WINNERS AND LOSERS: Nick Clegg, SNP leader and Simon Danczuk OUT

Former deputy British prime minister and former leader of the Liberal Democrats Nick Clegg has lost his seat of Hallam to become the highest profile figure so far to lose a seat after a Labour surge in the United Kingdom elections. Gummer was elected as MP for Ipswich in 2010, taking the seat from Labour , and increased his majority to 3,733 in 2015. Cameron appointed her public health minister in 2013, a role which she continued in until June 2016 until she moved to the Treasury in ...

Author: 0 Trump stays mum on Comey testimony, while son live-tweets

Following a dramatic day of testimony by former FBI Director James Comey , where does the investigation go from here? "On top of that the Russian Federation investigation itself is vital, because of the threat", he said. "I was honestly concerned he might lie about the nature of our meeting", Comey said. Mr. Trump's defenders suggested the President knows how to give an order and that his remark fell short of that.

Author: 0 Trump tweets hurting legal case - key adviser's husband

The travel ban , which Trump says is aimed at preventing attacks in the United States, seeks to halt entry to the United States for 90 days for people from several predominantly Muslim countries and bar refugees for four months. President Donald Trump continued to use the London terrorist attack to promote his rejected travel ban on Twitter Monday. His Monday morning rant removes any distance that had been created through the passage of time from his campaign statements.

Global KFC brand name pulled into coverage of London terror attack
Author: 0 KFC brand name pulled into coverage of London terror attack

The Bazzano faithful are also concerned about what Zaghba's mother's story will do to the image of Islam in Italy. Youseff Zaghba was placed an worldwide "watch list" of suspected foreign fighters after the Italian police caught him trying to travel to Syria a year ago.

Author: 0 The 8 most important quotes from James Comey's hearings

Comey said he did so after Trump tweeted a vague hint that he might have taped the conversations, and as a kickstarter to the appointment of a special prosecutor on the matter. Rubio, a member of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, questioned that decision from Comey , saying that the overall Russian Federation investigation was full of leaks from the news media, and that Comey's decision not to disclose that information implied to the American people that the president was ...

Global United Kingdom general election backfires on Theresa May
Author: 0 United Kingdom general election backfires on Theresa May

Her opponents also took issue with her refusal to take part in a televised debate with other party leaders. Britain voted Thursday in an election that started out as an attempt by Prime Mini. British media reported later Friday that May had no intention of resigning. The writing was on the wall from early in the night after an Exit Poll predicted they would win 314 seats and the Labour Party 266.

Author: 0 Xi, Putin fail to arrange Nawaz-Modi meeting

Modi and his Pakistani counterpart Nawaz Sharif earlier exchanged pleasantries amid frosty bilateral ties, deadlocked talks and escalation of hostilities along the Line of Control in Jammu and Kashmir . India is also keen on deepening its security-related cooperation with the SCO and its Regional Anti-Terrorism Structure (RATS) which deals with issues relating to security.

Author: 0 Theresa May forms a government with another party

While the UUP is a relatively harmless centre-right party that has had a long-running relationship with the Tories, the DUP is far more conservative, particularly when it comes to social issues. Former Liberal Democrat Paddy Ashdown said May had no mandate. Meanwhile the Scottish National Party of First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, which has dominated politics north of the border for a decade and called for a new independence vote after Brexit, was tipped to lose around 21 of its 54 seats.

Author: 0 EU's Tusk warns Britain Brexit time tight, risk of no deal

Andrius Kubilius, a former conservative prime minister of Lithuania, who sits on his country's Brexit committee, said May's juggling act to keep the alliance together made matters "much messier now". S&P Global said this won't immediately affect the country's credit ratings but warned it could create further uncertainty by potentially delaying Brexit negotiations.

Global General Election 2017: Jeremy Corbyn's speech in full
Author: 0 General Election 2017: Jeremy Corbyn's speech in full

Labour and the Conservatives won more than twelve million votes each in yesterday's election for the first time in almost 50 years. In the speech he made moments after his victory, Mr Corbyn hailed his party's election performance as a vote for "hope" and demanded Theresa May quit as Prime Minister.

Global Like It Or Not, Donald Trump Put Climate Change On The Map
Author: 0 Like It Or Not, Donald Trump Put Climate Change On The Map

The world didn't seem to care much about global warming until President Donald Trump announced that the USA would withdraw from the Paris climate accord last week, according to Google search trends. I was utterly dismayed when I heard that the United States, still the greatest country on earth (freedom of speech and religious choice, universal voting rights and access to education, economic opportunity, etc.), is withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord.

Global 'I'm going to be a terrorist,' 3rd London Bridge attacker told authorities
Author: 0 'I'm going to be a terrorist,' 3rd London Bridge attacker told authorities

According to Collina's elderly aunt, the father was a violent man who regularly beat her niece. "We always kept track of his friends and made sure he didn't fall in with the wrong people". An Italian investigative source said Zaghba was a Moroccan-Italian whose mother lived in the northern Italian city of Bologna. "I understand that and I share their choice because it is necessary to send a strong political signal".

Global A look at how Trump's climate moves affect the coal industry
Author: 0 A look at how Trump's climate moves affect the coal industry

SEE MORE: Does Trump Believe In Climate Change? Joint pledges by China and the United States ahead of the Paris talks helped create the momentum required to secure a global agreement, and included a promise by China to establish a nationwide emissions trading exchange by this year.

Author: 0 Paris hammer attack 'isolated act'

The Paris police department said an officer shot and injured the man after he attacked an officer with a hammer. Armed police cordoned off the site and the cathedral in central Paris that is visited by millions of tourists every year was locked down during the incident.

Global Jeremy Corbyn On BBC Question Time Pressed On The Nuclear Issue
Author: 0 Jeremy Corbyn On BBC Question Time Pressed On The Nuclear Issue

Mr Corbyn, a long-standing advocate of nuclear disarmament, struggled and was accused of "dodging the question" by veteran host David Dimbleby as he refused to say what he would do if Britain was threatened with a nuclear strike. May said she spoke to Trump by phone "and told him that the UK believes in the Paris agreement and that we didn't want the United States to leave the Paris agreement".

Global Juncker makes case for EU defence integration
Author: 0 Juncker makes case for EU defence integration

Many defence projects are done on national level with no coordination, he added. Under the program launched in 2015 to relocate 160,000 refugees in total, the Czech Republic was meant to take in 2,691 people; it accepted 12 past year and none since, which, Juncker said, "saddens me".

Author: 0 Qatar rejects intervention in foreign policy: FM

He added that the regional countries are not superpowers to solve problems by military means. Nauert says the USA isn't sure whether the countries in the region will take up the US on its offer to mediate. "The Qataris should not count on that base as being a guarantee of sort of American protection when it comes to conflict with Saudi Arabia", Al Qassemi said.

Global Kabul blast: Afghan leader says bomb toll passes 150
Author: 0 Kabul blast: Afghan leader says bomb toll passes 150

One of my cousins who lives in the USA once asked me if anything good ever happens in Pakistan? Media cell of the military reported that the forum reviewed regional security environment in the backdrop of recent terrorist incidents in Afghanistan .

Global Climate action 'a necessity' - United Nations chief
Author: 0 Climate action 'a necessity' - United Nations chief

On Saturday, President Donald Trump tweeted that a decision regarding the Paris agreement will come next week. Earth is likely to reach more risky levels of warming even sooner if the USA retreats from its pledge to cut carbon dioxide pollution, scientists said .

Global Madhya Pradesh Violence: Rahul Gandhi detained near Neemuch border, released
Author: 0 Madhya Pradesh Violence: Rahul Gandhi detained near Neemuch border, released

As contingents of the Rapid Action Force (RAF) fanned out into the district, the state government shunted out Mandsaur collector Swatantra Singh and Superintendent of Police O P Tripathi. "How come the Congress did not find time to shed tears for farmers then?" he told Mumbai Mirror. "Earlier, a buffalo could be sold after its milching life to slaughter houses for anywhere between Rs 20,000 and Rs 45,000, depending on the weight".

Author: 0 Sterling drops, FTSE to fall 1 percent after United Kingdom election shock

The Conservatives could potentially turn for support to Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), a natural ally, projected to win 10 seats. In any scenario, any new government is unlikely to be very stable, increasing the prospect of another general election within months. She had already challenged the party's direction, famously warning as Conservative chairwoman in 2002 that the Tories were seen as "the nasty party".

Author: 0 Arab neighbours say 'nothing to negotiate' with Qatar after cutting ties

He suggested Qatar was funding extremism. In an apparent act of support for Qatar, Turkish MPs approved a bill allowing more troops to be deployed to the country and to take part in joint training exercises. Qatar's Foreign Minister Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani on Friday described the blockade as a violation of worldwide law and said there was an attempt to mobilise global opinion against Qatar.

Author: 0 Defining obstruction of justice after James Comey's testimony

JAMES COMEY , Former Director, FBI: It's a great question. Comey said the president's behavior at a February White House meeting - during which Trump cleared the room so he and Comey could have a private tete-a-tete about Flynn - had "stunned" him.

Author: 0 UAE Foreign Minister Slams Qatar for Asking Iran, Turkey for Help

Saudi Arabia , Bahrain , Egypt and the United Arab Emirates on Monday cut ties with Qatar , accusing the country of supporting extremism. Riyadh has itself faced accusations of tolerating or even supporting extremists, in particular after the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States .

Author: 0 British police confirm 8th person killed in London Bridge attack

He lived in a ground floor flat in Barking, east London , and neighbours described the father-of-two as a keen gym-goer. "That's not sustainable. There's no doubt fewer police officers means we are in more danger", Khan said . Asked if that had been a poor decision, Mr Rowley said he had seen nothing yet to suggest it, according to the BBC's home affairs correspondent, Danny Shaw.

Author: 0 Brexit talks should start when Britain ready

Other European political actors have also been commenting. Pierre Moscovici, EU Economic and Financial Affairs Commissioner, said on Friday that British vote's results would impact "the spirit" of Brexit negotiations, but it would not call into question its timetable.

Global Qatar row: Trump calls for 'unity' in Gulf
Author: 0 Qatar row: Trump calls for 'unity' in Gulf

Still, the minister struck a defiant tone, rejecting those "trying to impose their will on Qatar or intervene in its internal affairs". The call came after a senior Saudi royal arrived in Kuwait with a message from the Saudi king. It did not elaborate. Qatar's neighbours have long accused the country of tolerating or even encouraging support for extremist groups, including al-Qaida's Syria branch - all of which Qatar denies.

Global HUNG PARLIAMENT: Theresa May 'wants to stay on as PM'
Author: 0 HUNG PARLIAMENT: Theresa May 'wants to stay on as PM'

Alex Salmond , the SNP's former leader and the former head of Scotland's devolved government, was among those who lost their seats, along with the leader of the SNP's lawmakers in the London parliament, Angus Robertson . Prime Minister Theresa May appears on a joint Channel 4 and Sky News general election programme recorded at Sky studios in Osterley, west London , May 29, 2017.

Author: 0 Qatar rejects intervention in foreign policy

Saudi Arabia , Bahrain and other Arab nations cut off relations with Qatar after accusing it of supporting terrorism. "If anyone thinks they are going to impose anything on my internal affairs or my internal issues, this is not going to happen", Sheikh Mohammed said.

Author: 0 Hung Parliament: What Does That Mean?

It looks like the overall result is set to go right down to the wire - with the next Government not finalised until Friday morning at least. Yet another night of high political drama began at 10pm when a broadcasters' exit poll suggested an election created to strengthen Mrs May's hand - and increase her working majority of 17 - could in fact do the opposite.

Author: 0 Saudi, allies issue Qatar-linked 'terrorism' list

Trump on Tuesday hailed the decision by the states to cut ties with Qatar as a sign his trip to Saudi Arabia paid off. The United States , Kuwait's emir and Turkey worked to end a row, with U.S. Ankara hosted Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif this week for talks, including on Qatar . Ankara officials have said Turkey's parliament will fast-track a draft bill allowing its troops to be deployed to a military base in Qatar .

Global British shock: PM May's election gamble appears to backfire
Author: 0 British shock: PM May's election gamble appears to backfire

With most results declared, May's party won the most seats-but not enough to govern without the support of minority parties. The lack of a clear majority for any party could force a more consensual approach. Then a coalition government from 1915. "With a weak negotiating partner, there's a danger that the negotiations will turn out badly for both sides".

Global Qatar vows no surrender in Gulf crisis as US, Kuwait seek solution
Author: 0 Qatar vows no surrender in Gulf crisis as US, Kuwait seek solution

We are a platform for peace not terrorism ... Sheikh Mohammed's hard line mirrored that of a top Emirati diplomat who told the AP on Wednesday that the United Arab Emirates believes "there's nothing to negotiate" with Qatar. The Qatari Foreign Ministry said in a statement the two held talks on how "restore the normal relations" of the Gulf as the 2022 FIFA World Cup host and worldwide air travel hub now finds itself isolated by land, sea and air.

Author: 0 Arab Countries Issue List Of Qatar-Linked 'Terrorists' Rejected By Doha

Saudi Arabia , Egypt , the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain announced on Monday that they were severing diplomatic relations and closing air, sea and land links with Qatar. Trump also encouraged unity in the Gulf region with Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud during a telephone call on Tuesday, the White House said.

Author: 0 UAE: Qatar fueling row by courting Turkey, Iran

A top United Arab Emirates official on Wednesday (June 7) told AFP that the unprecedented measures against Qatar aim to pressure Doha into making drastic policy changes. "The government of Qatar is in denial", said Gargash, accusing Qatar of being "the main champion of extremism and terrorism in the region". President Donald Trump called Qatar's emir Wednesday and offered United States help as efforts grew to resolve a damaging feud between the emirate and its Gulf neighbours.

Global Trump's tweeted typo 'covfefe' becoming vanity license plates
Author: 0 Trump's tweeted typo 'covfefe' becoming vanity license plates

It started shortly after midnight Wednesday, when President Donald Trump tweeted a fragment of a sentence that made no sense. The popular mobile web game defines " covfefe " as "the amount and quality of reporting when autocorrect fails you at 3am", The Associated Press reported.

Global China's top diplomat in Tokyo for talks on North Korea
Author: 0 China's top diplomat in Tokyo for talks on North Korea

The North has been pushing to develop a wide range of weapon systems since early previous year at an unprecedented pace including a long-range missile capable of striking the mainland US. It has a strong arsenal of short and medium-range missiles that could hit Japan and South Korea as well as U.S. forces in the region, and it is working to flawless its longer-range missiles.

Author: 0 UK PM May says to provide stability if she wins most seats

Asked if there would now be another election , Mr Corbyn said: "Parliament must meet and Parliament will have to take a decision on what happens". A view of the Palace of Westminster on election day in London , early evening, Thursday, June 8, 2017 .

Global Phelan Advances to 1500-Meter Final at NCAA Outdoors
Author: 0 Phelan Advances to 1500-Meter Final at NCAA Outdoors

If the Aggies could have lowered their school record run of 44.01 they set two weeks ago at the NCAA East Preliminary Round, they would have bested Kansas State's eighth place finish of 44.27. The NCAA Championships from Hayward Field will be in Primetime through the weekend on ESPN and online on ESPN3. "When you come here, you have to run your (personal record) to make sure you're in the finals", said Ross.

Global Jones to lead the Lions
Author: 0 Jones to lead the Lions

The Lions now need to make sure they can at least match the All Blacks, with that likely to go a long way in deciding who triumphs in the Test series. Despite their slow start, Hansen is expecting them to improve. Jamie George, Mako Vunipola and Maro Itoje all won back-to-back Six Nations with England and successive Champions Cup titles with Saracens increased their global stock.

Author: 0 Accusations Fly After Attacks on Tehran

The attacks injured more than 40 people. Among those shot in the attack and still hospitalized Thursday was a former presidential bodyguard. Hezbollan and Iran are locked in twin military conflicts in Iraq and Syria against Islamic State jihadists and Gulf- and Western-backed local opposition forces.

Author: 0 Amid Qatar crisis, China tells Iran that Gulf stability is best

Anxious residents have responded to the crisis by emptying grocery stores in the Qatari capital Doha , as Saudi Arabia has blocked trucks carrying food from entering the country across its only land border. Iran would be extremely close, with Iranian export officials saying they could have a shipment in Qatar within 12 hours. UAE Foreign Affairs Minister Anwar Gargash told Reuters news agency there would be more economic curbs on Qatar, if necessary, and said Doha needed to make ...

Author: 0 Rahul Gandhi expert in gaining political mileage: Farmers leader

As hundreds of policemen in riot gear patrolled the streets, the state government transferred the collector and the superintendent of police of Mandsaur on Thursday. But, farmers say they are yet to get back their dues. "The arrest of Rahul Gandhi reveals the inability of the ruling dispensation to face tough questions on the farmers' distress across the country", he said, adding that ever since the government came in to power, farmers are agitating against the policies of the Modi ...

Author: 0 Cyber attack hits Al Jazeera as Qatar row continues

Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani added that diplomacy is still Doha's preferred option and there would never be a military solution to the problem. "Russia has adopted an absolutely neutral position but there are hopes on investments from Qatar", said Irina Zvyagelskaya, a senior fellow at the government-funded Russian Academy of Sciences' Institute of Oriental Studies.

Author: 0 Top Takeaways: Comey's high-drama testimony distilled

The White House as denied any collusion with Moscow. He said it was an effort to further the investigation. The key issue before the Senate Intelligence Committee was whether Trump sought to obstruct the investigation in nine conversations with Comey this year, leading up to his dismissal of the FBI chief on 9 May.

Author: 0 UAE closes airspace to all flights to Qatar as Gulf crisis intensifies

A senior Emirati official told AFP this week's decision was not aimed at a change of regime in Qatar but to pressure the country to reshape its policy. - Kuwait's emir left Saudi Arabia after what state news agency KUNA described as a "brotherly visit" but there was no word on the outcome of the talks with King Salman bin Abdulaziz on the rift.

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