Author: 0 "No one would survive Russia-US war", says Putin

He then told Stone he never takes a day off because that's what women do, before taking to the ice for an impromptu game of hockey. "There are certain natural cycles", Boomerang has quoted him as saying. The Russian President invited Oliver Stone to show him a command room equipped with the latest technologies used by Russians in Syria. However, as I say in my video review above, that doesn't mean the three-time Oscar-winning director or his well-contained subject matter have much to say ...

Global Twin attacks strike Iran's parliament, Khomeini's tomb
Author: 0 Twin attacks strike Iran's parliament, Khomeini's tomb

The twin attacks wounded at least 38 people; reports of the death toll have ranged from 7 to 12 and are not yet confirmed. Two teams of highly trained terror operatives, armed with Kalashnikovs, grenades and explosive suicide belts, targeted Parliament and Ayatollah Khomeini's mausoleum, two important pillars of the Shiite theocracy, which 10-12 kilometres apart from each other.

Author: 0 President election on July 17, announces EC

President Pranab Mukherjee's term expires on 25 July. Zaidi said members of the electoral college - comprising members of the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha and state assemblies, including Delhi and Puducherry - will be provided special pens to cast their ballot and use of any other pen will render the vote invalid.

Global Manchester feels the love with Ariana Grande's charity concert
Author: 0 Manchester feels the love with Ariana Grande's charity concert

Grande wore a One Love Manchester sweatshirt - and numerous fans wore shirts bearing similar messages, or face paint saying "I heart MCR", or #WeStandTogether stickers. Another highlight of the night was when Ariana shared the stage with the Parrs Wood High School choir, singing her ballad " My Everything ". Coldplay singer Chris Martin sang the Oasis classic "Don't Look Back in Anger", as Grande smiled on.

Author: 0 London attack victim died in fiance's arms

Police said the names of the attackers would be released "as soon as operationally possible" as officers worked to establish if they were part of a wider network. Most of the London Underground stations reopened in the neighborhood where the attack took place, allowing normal life and commerce to resume after more than 24 hours of lockdown.

Global Family of London Bridge terrorist ask to 'grieve in peace'
Author: 0 Family of London Bridge terrorist ask to 'grieve in peace'

Seven people died during the attacks on Saturday in which a van mowed pedestrians down on Tower Bridge before men got out and went on a stabbing rampage. Regarding Trump's plug for his contested travel ban - which has been blocked by the courts - Cecillia Wang, deputy legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union, tweeted, "We need to be outraged when the president exploits a awful violent crime to push his discriminatory and illegal policy".

Author: 0 Exxon says Qatar LNG not affected by Arab states tension

US officials were blindsided by Saudi Arabia's decision to sever diplomatic ties with Qatar in a coordinated move with Egypt, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), current and former officials in Washington told Reuters . He said, in apparent reference to Saudi Arabia and the UAE, that leaders he met on his trip had warned him Qatar was funding "radical ideology" after he had demanded they take action to stop financing militants.

Global Three Wounded As Gunmen Storm Iranian Parliament
Author: 0 Three Wounded As Gunmen Storm Iranian Parliament

The two attacks happened nearly simultaneously and killed up to seven people. It marks the first attack in Iran claimed by the extremist group, which is at war with Iranian-backed forces in Syria and Iraq. Lawmakers were in session at the time of the attack, and have been ordered to remain in place. Separately, the Fars news agency reported that three gunmen attacked the Imam Khomeini Mausoleum in Tehran , opening fire on people inside and wounding a number of them.

Global One Love Manchester megagig sells out in six minutes
Author: 0 One Love Manchester megagig sells out in six minutes

So far, Katy Perry , Miley Cyrus , Justin Bieber , One Direction's Niall Horan , and British pop group Take That are slated to perform at the show alongside Grande, as are the Black Eyed Peas , Coldplay , Usher, and Pharrell. We want to give all fans who were at the show, regardless of where they bought their tickets, every opportunity to register for One Love Manchester .

Author: 0 Three Gunmen Forcefully Entered The Iran Parliament, One Killed And Several Injured

Iran's Tasnim news agency reports four hostages have been taken in parliament house and the standoff continues, with special forces having entered the building. "Clashes still continue at the parliament building", one MP said. Iran - with its largely Shiite population - has been involved in military actions against Sunni terrorist groups such as ISIS, who regard Shiites as apostates, but such terror attacks in the country are rare.

Author: 0 Qatar crisis: Donald Trump calls King Salman, asks for Gulf unity

Qatar strongly denies the allegations. They said they would take a hard line on funding extremism, and all reference was pointing to Qatar. The authorities of eastern Libya, Saudi-backed Yemeni fugitive government, as well as the Maldives later also announced the severance of relations with Qatar.

Global John Oliver Blasts 'F--king Egomaniac' Trump for Leaving Paris Climate Accord
Author: 0 John Oliver Blasts 'F--king Egomaniac' Trump for Leaving Paris Climate Accord

For New Zealand, like the United States, oil has a considerable role in the nation's economy and is the fourth-largest export commodity for the country, bringing in around $700 million per year in royalties and taxes. More than 1,200 governors, mayors, higher education leaders and businesses signed a statement declaring " We Are Still In ". It's what the USA does.

Author: 0 Twin attacks on Iran parliament, Khomeini shrine, 1 dead

A witness told Reuters that a man opened fire in the parliament and that a guard was injured. The IS group often claims attacks around the world, even when links to the group can not be confirmed and appear dubious. Images of the blast were shown by Iran's Press TV, which said one assailant was shot dead before setting off his explosives, but another succeeded in detonating himself.

Global Hawaii enacts law to align goals with Paris climate accord
Author: 0 Hawaii enacts law to align goals with Paris climate accord

A risk that may jeopardize the bi-national Border Environment Cooperation Commission created in 1994, as part of the NAFTA agreement, to preserve and protect the environment along the U.S. Communist Party leaders pledged that greenhouse gas emissions will peak no later than 2030 under the Paris pact, and start to fall after then. It makes for a great headline and all, "U.S.

Global Police name 2 terrorists in London attack
Author: 0 Police name 2 terrorists in London attack

A British man who knew one of the terrorists who carried out the deadly London attacks said he had called a police hotline over grave fears of the man's radicalisation - but nothing came of the warnings. NDP Leader John Horgan expressed his condolences in a tweet, using the hashtag #chrissysentme in reference to her family's statement: "Thinking of BC's Christine Archibald , who passed in London ".

Global US unlikely to mediate Qatar diplomatic crisis
Author: 0 US unlikely to mediate Qatar diplomatic crisis

Saudi Arabia , the powerhouse among those cutting ties to Qatar, said it did so due to the country's "embrace of various terrorist and sectarian groups aimed at destabilizing the region", including the Muslim Brotherhood, al-Qaida, the Islamic State group and militants supported by Iran in the kingdom's restive Eastern Province.

Author: 0 New search underway near home of London Bridge terrorists

Butt, 27, was a British citizen who was born in Pakistan , London's Metropolitan Police said. Redouane claimed to be Moroccan and Libyan and also used the name Rachid Elkhdar , police said. Italy has expelled more than 40 people in the past two years who were suspected of extremist activities but for whom there was insufficient evidence to bring formal charges.

Global All the goals from Ireland's solid win over Uruguay
Author: 0 All the goals from Ireland's solid win over Uruguay

The Albion winger, who captained Martin O'Neill's side against Mexico on Friday night, came off the bench at the Aviva Stadium on Sunday to round off the win. Harry Arter has vowed to let his football do the talking as he attempts to establish himself as a Republic of Ireland regular. Having sat out nearly three months of last season with a foot injury and struggled to regain his place afterwards, the defender took himself off to America at the end of the season for intensive personal ...

Author: 0 Donald Trump sides with Saudi Arabia against Qatar in Middle East dispute

The countries cited Qatar's relations with Iran and what they say is Qatar's support for extremist groups like al Qaeda and Hamas , as well as the Muslim Brotherhood. Until then, Qataris who often cross the border to shop in Saudi Arabia will be blocked, and several airlines have suspended service: Qatar Airways suspended all flights to Saudi Arabia; Etihad, the Abu Dhabi-based carrier, suspended flights to Qatar "until further notice"; and Emirates, which is Dubai-based, will suspend ...

Global Trump's United Kingdom trip should be canceled, says London Mayor Sadiq Khan
Author: 0 Trump's United Kingdom trip should be canceled, says London Mayor Sadiq Khan

Mayor Sadiq Khan , London's first Muslim mayor, told Londoners not to be alarmed by the increased police presence following Saturday's attack. " No reason to be alarmed ". Khan has received widespread support in recent days, including from the 2016 US Democratic presidential nominee, Hilary Clinton, and Mayor Bill de Blasio of NY.

Author: 0 Jordan downgrades ties with Qatar amid escalating split in Arab world

In 2014 Qatar promised to cease sheltering Islamist leaders and tempered the tone of its powerful TV channel Al-Jazeera, accused of being a mouthpiece for Islamists in the Arab world. The official says Qatar has made progress in stopping financing for terrorist groups but has more work to do. "We appreciate the role that they are playing in trying to de-escalate it".

Global Former Brazil minister arrested hours before key trial
Author: 0 Former Brazil minister arrested hours before key trial

If found guilty at the court's last scheduled hearing on Thursday, Temer would be able to appeal. However, Justice Edson Fachin, who approved the written interrogation, said Temer was not obliged to answer them all. If Temer is eventually pushed out of the presidency by the court, or decides to resign, Chamber of Deputies Speaker Rodrigo Maia would take over for 30 days while Congress voted in a new leader to finish Temer's term, which goes through 2018.

Author: 0 UAE bans expressions of sympathy toward Qatar

Foreigners residing in Qatar and in possession of a Qatari residence visa would also not be eligible for visa on arrival in the UAE , Etihad spokesman said in an email. "The Qataris should not count on that base as being a guarantee of sort of American protection when it comes to conflict with Saudi Arabia", Al Qassemi said.

Author: 0 Mauritania breaks diplomatic ties with Qatar, Gabon voices condemnation

Qatar's foreign minister says Kuwait is trying to mediate and solve a diplomatic crisis that has seen Arab nations cut off diplomatic ties. "They said they would take a hard line on funding. Jordan also made a decision to revoke the license of Al Jazeera channel in the country, Minister of State for Media Affairs and the government spokesman Mohammad Momani said on Tuesday.

Author: 0 Trump takes sides in Arab rift, suggests support for isolation of Qatar

Just a reminder: the country he has accused of terrorism hosts the al-Udeid base, the starting point for USA military air operations across the region. In an exclusive Tuesday, CNN reported that the Federal Bureau of Investigation had determined that Russian hackers had breached Qatar's state news agency and planted fake stories.

Author: 0 UAE warns citizens of punishment over sympathy with Qatar on social media

Qatar has said it is open to talks, but Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir said Qatar must "change their policies" and stop supporting "extremist groups". UAE carriers Emirates, Etihad, flydubai and Air Arabia, as well as Saudi Airlines had all announced the suspension of flights to and from Qatar as of Tuesday morning.

Author: 0 Police identify third suspect in London Bridge terror attack

It reported that Zaghba was charged with global terrorism by Italian authorities, but the charge was later dropped. The attacks led to the deaths of seven people , while three terrorists who carried out the attacks were also killed. At least one resident had called the anti-terror hotline to report Butt , saying he had been trying to radicalize the local kids in a park. That is completely different to anything we have seen for a long time.

Author: 0 Myanmar military plane with over 100 aboard goes missing

A Myanmar military plane is missing, the national army chief confirmed in a statement. The story Myanmar military plane believed to have crashed in country's south first appeared on The Sydney Morning Herald . Two aircrafts of the air force and four vessels of the navy have begun search and rescue operation since 2 p.m. local time on the day in the area where the aircraft went missing, the release said.

Global S. Korean official suspended over US missile defense report
Author: 0 S. Korean official suspended over US missile defense report

This week the president suspended a deputy defense minster for not reporting the delivery of four additional THAAD launchers in an apparent attempt to bypass any oversight from the new administration in Seoul .He also ordered an environmental study of the site that could further delay the deployment schedule.

Global THAAD deployment in South Korea to be delayed for environmental assessment
Author: 0 THAAD deployment in South Korea to be delayed for environmental assessment

Moon's office said that an investigation found the deputy minister for defense policy Wee Seung-ho had ordered ministry officials not to write clearly about the four launchers in policy reports. "This puts the Moon administration in a hard spot since it keeps South Korea on the sidelines until tensions calm down, which does not look likely for the foreseeable future".

Global Dem: Trump's response to London attack 'inappropriate for a toddler'
Author: 0 Dem: Trump's response to London attack 'inappropriate for a toddler'

Clinton said. On Saturday evening, a vehicle drove into pedestrians on London Bridge and attackers stabbed several people at London's Borough Market. "And I think on many, many things, Donald Trump is wrong", he said. After his election previous year, Khan tweeted criticism of then-candidate Trump's rhetoric, saying his "ignorant view of Islam could make both our countries less safe.

Author: 0 Why we should never, ever ignore Donald Trump's tweets

The White House even blasts the tweets to other social media platforms, posting graphics of the tweets on Instagram or even celebrating longer tweet storms in videos uploaded to Trump's Facebook page . Former FBI Director Robert Mueller, who last month was appointed special counsel by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, now oversees the investigation.

Author: 0 Putin Interview: Did Russia Interfere in the Election, Collect Info on Trump?

Putin provided his perspective in the exclusive inaugural episode of " Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly " after NBC News' Megyn Kelly posed both of those questions to the Russian president. This isn't for us to get into, these are your domestic political squabbles. The US journalist interviewed Putin at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) earlier this week, and had a sit-down separately with him on Friday.

Author: 0 Second Aussie killed in London attack

An Australian woman who was thought to be missing following the London Bridge terror attack was killed in the atrocity, her mother has revealed. Tamarama SLSC will hold a memorial service for Ms Boden in the coming days. "It is a disease and it is corrupting, seeking to destroy from within the Islamic religion and of course, lashing out to destroy and undermine our way of life".

Global UAE bans expressions of sympathy towards Qatar
Author: 0 UAE bans expressions of sympathy towards Qatar

Qatar says it was facing a campaign of lies and fabrications aimed at putting the Gulf Arab state under guardianship, after Saudi Arabia , the United Arab Emirates , Bahrain and Egypt cut ties with it. Al-Masri's strongly worded criticism of regional powerhouse Saudi Arabia was unusual for Hamas . Hamas is the largest of several militant Islamist Palestinian groups, and was the first Islamist group in the Arab world to win election at the ballot box, before it took power in Gaza ...

Author: 0 Britain election: After attacks, election campaign enters final day

Prime Minister Theresa May said Tuesday that when Britons vote on Thursday with security on their minds, they should ask: "Who can they trust?" Despite Labour continuing to trail to the Conservatives in the polls - even though the gap has narrowed since the start of the campaign - an upbeat Mr Corbyn insisted they remain on course for victory.

Author: 0 'Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly'

Vladimir Putin has dismissed as "nonsense" the idea that Russian Federation has damaging information on Donald Trump - and suggested that United States intelligence agents could have meddled with last year's presidential election. "What fingerprints or hoof-prints or horn-prints, what are you talking about?" he asked. When Kelly asked about Americans who may think he's an autocratic ruler who jails dissidents and kills journalists, Putin replied, "Russia is developing along a ...

Author: 0 Saudi Arabia revokes Qatar Airways' operating licences

In 2014, Saudi Arabia , the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain recalled their ambassadors from Qatar over its alleged support for the Muslim Brotherhood . "Tensions are still high and mediation efforts by fellow Gulf Cooperation Council state Kuwait have yet to lead to a concrete solution, so investors will likely remain on edge", said one Dubai-based trader.

Author: 0 National Intelligence chief said Trump asked him to intervene with Comey

The president has scheduled a speech to religious conservatives on Thursday shortly after Comey is expected to begin his testimony. Click for more from The New York Times . Comey "put politics over protecting America", a narrator says in the 30-second spot, titled "Showboat", which was shared with The Associated Press .

Global Apple makes the iPad Pro its most relevant tablet
Author: 0 Apple makes the iPad Pro its most relevant tablet

When Apple released iOS 10 .1 in October 2016, users trying to open a 32-bit app on an updated device would receive a warning message telling them that it may slow down their iPhone. Virtual reality on the Mac will put Apple on par with some of the other big tech companies in the world - such as Microsoft, Google , and Samsung - which already make it easy to create immersive, 360-degree videos, or transport gamers to virtual worlds.

Author: 0 Two of the Three London Suspects Identified

Two men are now in custody on suspicion of violating the Terrorism Act. He appeared in a Channel 4 documentary entitled " The Jihadis Next Door " about British extremists that was broadcast a year ago, local media reported. Prime Minister Theresa May came under pressure from the media and the opposition Labour Party on Monday over cuts to police funding during the years when she was interior minister.

Global The White House defends Jared Kushner's contacts with Russian Federation
Author: 0 The White House defends Jared Kushner's contacts with Russian Federation

Mr Trump was meeting with attorneys at the White House on Sunday, presumably over the latest development in the long-running Russian Federation intelligence saga, news reports said. "Whenever you see the words "sources say" in the fake news media, and they don't mention names, it is very possible that those sources don't exist, but are made up by fake news writers".

Global London Mayor Sadiq Khan: Cancel Trump's State Visit to the UK
Author: 0 London Mayor Sadiq Khan: Cancel Trump's State Visit to the UK

He also chided London Mayor Sadiq Khan for telling people there's "no reason to be alarmed" when they see a heightened police presence on the streets in the wake of the London Bridge terror rampage. "I think he's a very, very unsafe man", Himes said of Trump, "and touches on some of the uglier undercurrents of American politics". "The FAKE MSM is working so hard trying to get me not to use Social Media".

Author: 0 USA defense chief: 'Americans will do the right thing' in Pacific

In another sign of increased pressure on North Korea, Japan's navy and air force began a three-day military exercise with two USA aircraft carriers in the Sea of Japan on Thursday. Traditionally, the United States and China have negotiated new sanctions before involving the other council members. "We will be there with you". China has strived to develop and improve friendly and cooperative relations with other countries in the Asia-Pacific, with China-U.S.

Author: 0 Trump Had 'Very Productive' Conversation With Qatari Emir, Welcomes Progress

Earlier on Tuesday, The New York Times reported that the president has soured on Sessions in recent weeks. When questioned by a reporter whether the president's tweets should be considered official statements from the White House, Spicer said yes, and it's a pretty grim acknowledgement of how things operate in America right now.

Global WWDC 2017: Apple Brings Siri-Powered Smart Speaker HomePod
Author: 0 WWDC 2017: Apple Brings Siri-Powered Smart Speaker HomePod

While its features appear very similar to what's available on the Echo or Google Home , Apple said that its distinguishing feature is sound quality. With GymKit, customers using their favorite cardio equipment will soon be able to pair their Apple Watch directly to treadmills, ellipticals, indoor bikes or stair steppers from global manufacturers such as Life Fitness and Technogym with a simple tap.

Global Nagaland encounter: Arms, ammunitions recovered from slain terrorists
Author: 0 Nagaland encounter: Arms, ammunitions recovered from slain terrorists

The militants were believed to be from the National Socialist Council of Nagaland (Khaplang) and the United Liberation Front of Asom (Independent). He added: "The encounter continued for several hours". It was initially reported that the Assam Rifles (AR) had carried out the operations but subsequently, AR sources clarified that a joint team of TA and 12 Para took part in the encounter with the ultras belonging to (NSCN-K) and ULFA.

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