Global Gunshots at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris
Author: 0 Gunshots at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

Police earlier tweeted that they were responding to an incident at the square outside the cathedral and warned the public to stay away. Mikey Kay, retired wing commander for the British military, reported on CBSN that police have sealed off a bridge to motor traffic near the cathedral, but it was open to pedestrian traffic.

Global Florida Gov. defends record-setting budget vetoes
Author: 0 Florida Gov. defends record-setting budget vetoes

On top of that, we've got to make sure we fully fund our schools". He also suggested the Senate would look to override some of Scott's vetoes of higher-education projects. "And now, the Governor has freed up probably another billion through the vetoes. I don't think there's going to be any problem in finding whatever money we need".

Author: 0 Stephen Hawking is voting for Labour - despite calling Jeremy Corbyn a 'disaster'

The Survation survey for Good Morning Britain put the Tories on 41.5 per cent with Labour on 40.4 per cent. It remains unclear whether Saturday's attack will have an impact on the election. "Despite the Conservative Party's pledge to deliver one million new homes by 2020 (or 1.5 million by 2022), the party has shown very little evidence of achieving anywhere near those numbers", says Peter Sherrard, Managing Director at Property Price Advice.

Author: 0 Gulf crisis: Al-Jazeera slams 'unjustified' closure of Saudi office

President Donald Trump is backing Saudi Arabia and other Mideast nations in taking what he says is a "hardline" on Qatar , and said perhaps the rift will be "the beginning of the end to the horror of terrorism". Trump's comments mark a notable departure from the sensitive tone struck a day earlier by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who encouraged "all parties to sit down together and address (their) differences".

Author: 0 White House: Jerusalem Embassy Move Not a Matter of "If", but "When"

President Trump speaks in the Oval Office at the White House , May 31. The praise from Palestinian and Arab leaders and the protest from Israelis showed just how far Trump has shifted from the unwavering support for Israel's policies that he expressed during the 2016 campaign.

Global N. Korea rejects latest UNSC resolution, vows to continue
Author: 0 N. Korea rejects latest UNSC resolution, vows to continue

Security Council to prevent the strengthening of our nuclear deterrence", a ministry spokesman said. The repeated successful missile tests by the North demonstrated steady progress in the country's pursuit of a nuclear-tipped intercontinental ballistic missile capable of striking the mainland of the US.

Global Man armed with hammer shot by Paris police near Notre-Dame
Author: 0 Man armed with hammer shot by Paris police near Notre-Dame

Paris police tweeted that one officer was wounded in the attack. Collomb said the man carried the identity card of an Algerian student and appeared to have acted alone. Another police official said the attacker surged at police patrolling the scene with a hammer. "Now everyone just wants to go home". He added that the fight against terrorism is President Emmanuel Macron's number one priority.

Author: 0 Trump goes after London Mayor Sadiq Khan again after terror attack

On Sunday, Trump mischaracterized Khan's comments to his city, accusing the mayor of being insufficiently alarmed by the attack. Trump and Khan have spent the previous year sniping at one another, largely over Trump's proposed travel ban that would temporarily bar some Muslims from entering the United States.

Global London mayor calls for cancellation of Trump visit to UK
Author: 0 London mayor calls for cancellation of Trump visit to UK

Nearly as an aside, Trump amplified his public contradiction of his press secretary, Sean Spicer, who insisted on January 31 that the executive order was " not a travel ban ". "I think the point is, is there is a reason to be alarmed". It came after Khan was accused of giving "pathetic" excuses in an extraordinary broadside from US President Donald Trump .

Author: 0 Paris: Police shoot man who attacked officer at Notre-Dame cathedral

Police shot the suspect and are urging all people to stay away from the scene. French Interior Minister Gerard Collomb said a "three-policeman patrol in charge of surveillance, especially for tourists around Notre-Dame", was on guard when the attacker, armed with a hammer, came up behind one policeman and started hitting him.

Author: 0 Tories recover seven-point lead in latest election poll

But with polling companies across the board reporting a closing of the gap since Theresa May called the election in April, Mr Johnson will use a campaign speech in the North East to raise the prospects that the Conservatives could lose their Commons majority .

Global 2 charged for deadly Oakland warehouse blaze that killed 36
Author: 0 2 charged for deadly Oakland warehouse blaze that killed 36

Associated Press writer Janie Har contributed to this report . (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez, File). As "master tenant", Almena was responsible for screening new roommates and delivering the rent, shared by the 50 residents at Ghost Ship , to their landlord Chor Ng who alleges he and his family was told repeatedly that no one was living there, as it is not zoned as residential space.

Global Civilian killed as forces open fire in Shopian
Author: 0 Civilian killed as forces open fire in Shopian

A police press statement said that the security forces cordoned off some houses in the village on a specific input regarding the presence of militants this evening. There were reports of two Hizbul Mujahideen militants, including a commander, hiding in the area. The clashes broke out in Ganowpora when the Army and Special Operations Group (SOG) cordoned the area and launches a search operation.

Author: 0 In China, California governor calls for more climate action

Salovey noted that Yale adopted an ambitious greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction plan in 2005 that pledge to reduce its GHG emissions by 43 percent over the next 15 years. We, the undersigned mayors, governors, college and university leaders, investors and businesses are joining forces for the first time to declare that we will continue to support climate action to meet the Paris Agreement .

Author: 0 Greensboro mayor joins environmental effort with other U.S. city leaders

Though the White House has its supporters on climate change , dozens of USA cities, states and corporate leaders have said if the federal government won't lead, we will. "In order to fulfill my solemn duty to protect America and its citizens, the United States will withdraw from the Paris climate accord ", he said, adding that "the Paris accord is very unfair at the highest level to the United States".

Global Abu Dhabi's Royal Jet suspends flights to and from Qatar
Author: 0 Abu Dhabi's Royal Jet suspends flights to and from Qatar

Spicer also said the United States continues to be in " close communication with all the parties to resolve the issues and restore cooperation". Bahrain , Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates announced on Monday they would cut diplomatic ties with Qatar.

Global IS claims Christian attacks as Egypt launches airstrikes
Author: 0 IS claims Christian attacks as Egypt launches airstrikes

Egypt's President Abdel-Fatah El-Sisi has vowed to strike any training camp in Egypt or outside, where terrorists are trained for carrying out attacks against Egypt. In a sharply worded statement , Trump condemned terrorists who were "engaged in a war against civilization" and decried the "merciless slaughter of Christians in Egypt".

Author: 0 SNP urges voters to stem 'unprecedented' Tory assault

An exclusive new opinion poll for The Sunday Post shows the SNP is set to lose up to 10 seats from its record haul of 56 in 2015. "Indeed, some polls now indicate Scotland could be pivotal in deciding this election, with the issue of how big a Tory majority is - or whether they have one at all - decided here".

Global Afghanistan bombing: 10 killed in blast outside Herat mosque
Author: 0 Afghanistan bombing: 10 killed in blast outside Herat mosque

Talking about the current situation of unrest in the country, the Afghan president said that last week's Kabul truck bombing killed over 150 people, making it deadliest attack since 2001. At least four people were killed during the protests in clashes with police. It was one of the deadliest attacks in the country since the start of the war in Afghanistan in 2001, which was triggered by the USA invasion is search of 9/11 mastermind Osama Bin Laden.

Global White House Defends Trump Criticisms of London Mayor
Author: 0 White House Defends Trump Criticisms of London Mayor

In a series of tweets over the weekend, Mr Trump mocked Mr Khan for saying there was "no reason to be alarmed" after the mayor said people should not be concerned by the additional police presence on the capital's streets after the attack.

Global London Bridge terror attack
Author: 0 London Bridge terror attack

Security planners made him a lower priority than other targets because of lack of information that he was involved in attack-planning, the correspondent said . The Islamic State militant group, which is losing territory in Syria and Iraq to an offensive backed by a USA -led coalition, claimed responsibility for the London Bridge attack, though it is unclear whether the attackers had links to the group.London police chief Cressida Dick said that, while some of the recent attacks in Britain ...

Author: 0 Spicer Hasn't Spoken to Trump About 'Level of Confidence' in Sessions

But Trump twisted his words to reference the number of people killed and injured by the terrorists. Despite bipartisan complaints about his continued 140-character habit, Trump has persisted in making his views known on social media. "It's not policy, it's not an executive order, it's social media". "And the same people critiquing his use of it now critiqued it during the election and it turned out pretty well for him", Spicer said.

Global Kremlin denies Russian hackers attacked US software firm
Author: 0 Kremlin denies Russian hackers attacked US software firm

A new report released shows Russian hackers attacked at least one us voting software supplier just days before the 2016 Presidential Election . The Kremlin has dismissed allegations that Russian intelligence services ever sought to hack US voting equipment as part of a broader effort to interfere in the American presidential election, Russian President Vladimir Putin's spokesman said on Tuesday.

Author: 0 36 die of suffocation in botched Philippines casino robbery

Earlier reports suggested the gunman had been shot, but police later confirmed that he had committed suicide by setting himself on fire, reports CNN . Police said one gunman fired at an LED screen at the resort and lit a table on fire but did not shoot anyone. Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte declared martial law over the island of Mindanao last week after the crisis began.

Author: 0 Trump Announces Plan To Privatize Air Traffic Control

A 2016 effort failed to gain enough support from members in both chambers of Congress, even with support of major players like Airlines for America and, after an agreement to protect the union , the National Air Traffic Controllers Association .

Global Backed Fighters Begin Offensive To Push ISIS From Its 'Capital'
Author: 0 Backed Fighters Begin Offensive To Push ISIS From Its 'Capital'

After months sealing off access routes to the city from the east, north and west, the us -backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) said it entered city limits for the first time on June 6. ISIS has been fortifying its positions in Raqqa for months, setting up barriers and hanging sheets of cloth over main streets to provide cover from warplanes.

Global New images emerge of Syrian boy bloodied in iconic Aleppo photo
Author: 0 New images emerge of Syrian boy bloodied in iconic Aleppo photo

Daqneesh's was treated for head wounds and later discharged. The boy was not seriously injured, but his 10-year-old brother was killed in the attack. Allouche shared photos of herself with the family as she interviewed them, saying, "The child Omran, those who tried to shed Syrian blood mislead the news that he was hit by the Syrian Arab Army ..." 'Here he now lives in the Syrian state with its army, its leader and its people'.

Global Ryan Lochte Admits He Was Suicidal After Rio Robbery Controversy
Author: 0 Ryan Lochte Admits He Was Suicidal After Rio Robbery Controversy

When prompted if that meant that he considered suicide, Lochte nodded. The story , "Do You Really Still Hate Ryan Lochte? " by senior writer Allison Glock, appears in ESPN The Magazine's "World Fame 100" Issue, now on newsstands. national team competitions through June 30 as part of his punishment. But Lochte shares that expecting a child with fiancee Kayla Rae Reid has inspired him to bounce back, and reveals that he plans to take part in the 2020 games in Tokyo, Japan, with his ...

Author: 0 Kabul in mourning after blast kills nearly 100 people

The Haqqani Network is an Afghan insurgent terror outfit based in Pakistan's Waziristan and has carried out many high-profile attacks on USA forces, high ranking Afghan officials and foreigners in Afghanistan . A twin suicide bombing in a busy area near the Defence Ministry killed 35 people, including several senior security officers, and wounded 103. "Initial reports indicate that this attack killed more than 90 and injured more than 300 Afghan civilians, innocent bystanders and members ...

Global Emmanuel Macron and Vladimir Putin, disagreements for cooperation
Author: 0 Emmanuel Macron and Vladimir Putin, disagreements for cooperation

Putin later went to an exhibition on Peter the Great, who visited France in 1717. Putin's visit is the latest test of Macron's diplomatic mettle after the G7 talks in Sicily last week and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit in Brussels where he turned the tables on Trump by refusing to release the American leader's hand for several seconds during the handshake for the cameras.

Author: 0 Men Are Charged In The Oakland Warehouse Fire That Killed 36

The " Ghost Ship " warehouse was not zoned for residential use, but Almena ran it as an artists' collective. All of the victims were attending an electronic music dance party on the second floor of the building at 31st Avenue near International Boulevard.

Global David Spade Is the Latest Celebrity Burglary Victim
Author: 0 David Spade Is the Latest Celebrity Burglary Victim

The safe, which also reportedly contained his mother's wedding ring, was the only thing taken from the house. TMZ estimates the items in the safe were worth about $80,000. As for the other robberies, LA detectives have considered a copycat Bling Ring gang may be in operation. They studied celebrity magazines to pick out clothing and jewelry that they wanted, and then studied satellite maps of the victims' homes, according to police.

Global The Real Housewives of Orange County
Author: 0 The Real Housewives of Orange County

Season 12 will also bring a medical emergency for the one of the wives, multiple cast members shouting the phrase, "You b***h!" and the return of a couple of ghosts from RHOC past. Plenty of laughs, conflicts, costume parties and drinks are also featured in the footage. Shannon and Tamra are down an ally in Heather Dubrow , who exited the series at the end of season 11 .

Global Canada FM says Canada must do more as US leadership wanes
Author: 0 Canada FM says Canada must do more as US leadership wanes

In a lengthy foreign policy speech delivered in the House of Commons, Freeland praised the USA for the "outsized role" it has played in the world in past, and urged the country not to veer off that course. "Canada's geography has meant that we have always been able to count on American self-interest to provide a protective umbrella beneath which we have found indirect shelter", Freeland said.

Global Led coalition strikes pro-Assad forces in Syria
Author: 0 Led coalition strikes pro-Assad forces in Syria

Kurdish leadership of the People's Protection Units (YPG) announced on Sunday the death of 111 of its fighters during offensives by the Turkish Army and Turkey-backed Islamist groups in northern Syria . State news agency SANA reported on Tuesday that the airstrikes by the US -led coalition killed 12, including women and children. He declined to put a timeline on the operation.

Global Senator Ernst on Comey's upcoming testimony
Author: 0 Senator Ernst on Comey's upcoming testimony

Flynn, a retired U.S. Army lieutenant general and former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, was paid $45,000 to speak at the event. Graham said he has seen no evidence anyone from the Trump campaign worked with Russian officials to influence the election.

Global The Pope Gave Trump His Writings On Climate Change As A Gift
Author: 0 The Pope Gave Trump His Writings On Climate Change As A Gift

Referring to a Slovenian cake. Donald Trump thinks Pope Francis is "terrific" and found his "spectacular" royal welcome in Saudi Arabia "beyond anything anyone's ever seen". "If and when the Vatican is attacked by ISIS, which as everyone knows is ISIS' ultimate trophy, I can promise you that the pope would have only wished and prayed that Donald Trump would have been president", Trump said during the campaign.

Author: 0 Scotland will be independent by 2025, Nicola Sturgeon believes

With the campaign now in its final few days, and with polls across the United Kingdom showing Labour closing the gap on the Conservatives, Ms Sturgeon said if her party enjoyed success on a similar scale to the 2015 election, it could help prevent another Tory administration.

Global Led coalition strikes pro-Syrian regime forces
Author: 0 Led coalition strikes pro-Syrian regime forces

On May 18, coalition airstrikes targeted pro-Assad forces "that were advancing well inside an established de-confliction zone" northeast of al Tanf, US Central Command said in a release at the time. After warnings, both through the hotline and overhead passes, USA aircraft struck a number of their vehicles. It wasn't clear how many forces were killed, said the official, who also was not authorized to discuss details of the operation publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity.

Global This Is Us stars hit the street with Billy Eichner
Author: 0 This Is Us stars hit the street with Billy Eichner

This time, Eichner brought four This Is Us cast members - Chrissy Metz , Mandy Moore , Milo Ventimiglia , and Justin Hartley - along for the ride, and the results are hilarious. Well, we don't know, but she's basically a hero for fighting the urge to touch him because we're not sure we could, TBH. And one guy who doesn't realize that the show already debuted last fall tries to push past that gaffe and seize the opportunity to land a date with Moore, which goes about as well as you might ...

Author: 0 Trump to keep United States embassy in Tel Aviv - for now

Trump before giving a speech at the Israeli Museum, Jerusalem , May 23, 2017 . Earlier on Thursday, Trump signed a waiver delaying the relocation of the us embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Presidents of both parties have consistently renewed the waivers for six-month stretches. Both sides stake claims. Jerusalem's status is one of the most emotionally charged matters separating the Israelis and Palestinians.

Global Donald Trump Has Criticised Sadiq Khan Over The London Bridge Attack (Again)
Author: 0 Donald Trump Has Criticised Sadiq Khan Over The London Bridge Attack (Again)

Trump's tweet on Sunday mischaracterized London Mayor Sadiq Khan's comment following the attack on the London Bridge and Borough Market. British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said on Tuesday he saw no reason to cancel Donald Trump's state visit to Britain after the US president criticised Mayor Sadiq Khan's response to the London Bridge killings.

Author: 0 Cancel Trump visit urges Sadiq Khan

Emergency personnel on London Bridge after an incident in central. Lewis Lukens , the acting USA ambassador to the United Kingdom tweeted: "I commend the strong leadership of the mayor of London as he leads the city forward after this heinous attack".

Global Fired factory worker kills five at former Florida workplace
Author: 0 Fired factory worker kills five at former Florida workplace

A man who was sacked from a Florida awning factory in April returned Monday with a semi-automatic pistol and methodically killed five people, then took his own life at the sound of an approaching siren, authorities said. For that reason, the sheriff says, he was probably targeting former co-workers. Neumann was a US Army veteran who was honourably discharged in 1999.

Global Battle for Marawi resumes after 4-hour lull; 179 freed
Author: 0 Battle for Marawi resumes after 4-hour lull; 179 freed

Duterte has asked the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), an Islamic separatist movement based on the Philippines island of Mindanao, to help negotiate a peace settlement with the Islamist fighters, who are predominantly drawn from the Maute Group based in and around Marawi .

Author: 0 Missouri Washington delegation divided on party lines over Paris decision

Study co-author Erwan Monier, a lead researcher at the joint program, said that the school's climate researchers "certainly do not support the withdrawal of the United States from the Paris agreement ". The President's decision was immediately challenged by the Democrats and business leaders . While Webb considers himself a conservative on many issues, he said he is not a Trump supporter.

Author: 0 Netanyahu insists Israel retain Jordan Valley military control

HRW said that many of Israel's abusive practices were carried out in the name of security, adding that Palestinian armed groups have carried out scores of lethal attacks on Israelis, also in violation of global humanitarian law. Palestinians reject any Israeli military presence in their future state, while Israel considers some form of military presence in the West Bank essential for its national security .

Global London attacker has Scottish wife reports state as two terrorists named
Author: 0 London attacker has Scottish wife reports state as two terrorists named

London's Metropolitan Police said one attacker was Khuram Shazad Butt, aged 27. London's Metropolitan Police said Butt was previously known to police and the United Kingdom spy agency, MI5, and was a British citizen born in Pakistan. The three attackers were shot dead by police after driving into pedestrians on London Bridge and stabbing people in Borough Market. The terror threat level was raised for a time after the suicide bombing attack in Manchester that killed 22 people just ...

Global Officer attacked with hammer outside Notre Dame
Author: 0 Officer attacked with hammer outside Notre Dame

The motive behind the mans attack is still to be confirmed. PotVin-Gorman said she heard three gunshots before seeing the attacker, dressed in a blue jacket and blue jeans, lying on the ground about 30 meters (100 feet) outside the cathedral.

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