Global Donald Trump wants to 'stay engaged' on climate: Rex Tillerson
Author: 0 Donald Trump wants to 'stay engaged' on climate: Rex Tillerson

Local leaders from across the country say they're not backing down from America's commitments under the historic climate accord. Plank joins the opposition from chief executives such as Elon Musk of Tesla Inc., Tim Cook of Apple Inc. Pruitt - who advised Trump to withdraw from the Paris accord - insisted that his discussions with the president focused on whether or not the accord was good for the United States, and that Trump's personal views on the subject had not come up.

Author: 0 Corbyn calls on May to resign over police funding row

Dowd said May was "useless" as Home Secretary and backed his leader's calls for the Prime Minister to quit, suggesting she had ignored repeated warnings about the consequences of police staff cuts due to her arrogance. However, Mrs May also served as Home Secretary for the duration of the Coalition government from 2010-2015, during which time cuts to police numbers and funding formed part of Chancellor George Osborne's austerity.

Global Pakistan has no plans to cut diplomatic ties with Qatar: FO
Author: 0 Pakistan has no plans to cut diplomatic ties with Qatar: FO

Already, diplomats from Saudi Arabia and Bahrain have been told they must leave Qatar as soon as possible, giving just 48 hours for them to exit the eastern Gulf nation. Egypt's Foreign Ministry accused Qatar of taking an "antagonist approach" toward Egypt and said "all attempts to stop it from supporting terrorist groups failed".

Author: 0 These Are The Victims Of The London Bridge Terror Attack

She called for worldwide agreements to regulate cyberspace and said Britain needs to become more robust at preventing the internet from being used to the advantage of extremist groups. "If we don't get smart it will only get worse", Trump tweeted. London Mayor Sadiq Khan praised the quick response from law enforcement. It remained closed off Sunday as police urged residents and tourists to stay away.

Global 100000 children in dangerous conditions in Mosul
Author: 0 100000 children in dangerous conditions in Mosul

In Syria, Kurdish forces backed by US -air strikes are besieging Islamic State forces in the city of Raqqa, the militants' de facto capital in that country. The withdrawal leaves just a pocket of Mosul and the border town of Bukamal as the only urban centres in Iraq with a significant ISIS presence. Iran has helped to train and organise thousands of Shiite militiamen from Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan in Syria's war.

Author: 0 Trump and Nunes are distracting from the 'big story' that counts

The House Intelligence Committee issued seven subpoenas related to the investigation on Wednesday. Nunes sent subpoenas to the CIA, FBI and National Security Agency. "I don't know what the chairman has in mind, again, because we weren't consulted, or why the chairman was picking these three people apart from the fact that they were part of the Obama administration", Schiff told CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer .

Global Saudi airline suspending flights to Qatar
Author: 0 Saudi airline suspending flights to Qatar

Saudi Arabia, along with the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, and Bahrain said they would sever all ties including transport links with Qatar, which also sells oil products like condensate but is not a big crude oil exporter. On May 27, Qatar's ruling emir, Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, called Iranian President Hasan Rouhani to congratulate him on his re-election. The department's then undersecretary for terrorism and financial intelligence, David Cohen, said fundraisers in Qatar were collecting ...

Global How CIA triggered Russian Federation probe dogging Trump
Author: 0 How CIA triggered Russian Federation probe dogging Trump

The former head of the CIA, John Brennan , during his presentation before the select Committee on intelligence of the house of representatives, said that Russian Federation blatantly intervened in the U.S. "A business does not have a right to take the Fifth if it's a corporation", said Mr. Warner. "I can only say I have fully complied with their specific request", Stone told The Associated Press in an email Tuesday.

Author: 0 Tiger Woods Arrested for a DUI

Woods allegedly told the police that he was coming from "Los Angeles, Cali. and was golfing". Woods was given a breathalyser test, and twice blew a 0.000, according to police. The arrest is the latest gloomy episode to hit the athlete, who once towered over his sport before being engulfed by turmoil in his private life and a series of debilitating injuries.

Global N. Korea Says Rejects New Sanctions, to Continue Nuclear Program
Author: 0 N. Korea Says Rejects New Sanctions, to Continue Nuclear Program

The three agreed that Pyongyang's nuclear and missile development poses a threat to the security of the region and the world. A South Korean civic group said Monday that it will delay shipments of aid supplies to North Korea and its plan to visit North Korea as Pyongyang took issue with United Nations sanctions against the North.

Author: 0 London Bridge attack: 11 detained after raids, attackers to be named

She said Britain must do " more , much more" to combat what she called the perverted ideology of radical Islam. The prime minister said she did not regret the decision she took as Home Secretary to cut the number of police on Britain's streets, despite warnings from former police officers about the impact of cuts to community policing.

Author: 0 Blown Deadline: What's Next For Budgetless Illinois?

Democratic House Speaker Michael Madigan said the House will work through June to try to get a budget passed - he did not bring a Senate proposal, which very likely would have been vetoed by Rauner, up for a vote. For about 23 months the state has remained afloat on court-ordered spending measures and continued appropriations. Protesters have completed a 200-mile Chicago-to-Springfield march in support of a state budget that supports working-class people.

Global EgyptAir Suspends Flights to Qatar Until Special Notice
Author: 0 EgyptAir Suspends Flights to Qatar Until Special Notice

On Monday four Arab nations , Bahrain , Saudi Arabia , Egypt and the United Arab Emirates cut diplomatic ties with Qatar . Qatar's Foreign Affairs Ministry made the statement Monday, hours after Bahrain, Egypt , Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates announced it would be cutting ties to the peninsular nation.

Global Trump hits a new low
Author: 0 Trump hits a new low

Back home Trump took a Twitter swipe at a "bad, very bad" Germany which sold too many cars in the US. PARIS - A Malian cattle herder, German environmental activists, leaders from Mexico to China - they're among millions on Friday denouncing President Trump's decision to pull the United States out of the Paris climate accord .

Global California to discuss linking carbon market with China
Author: 0 California to discuss linking carbon market with China

It includes Mexico, Canada, Oregon, Washington, New York, Boston, Germany. Salem, Ore. - Governor Kate Brown announced OR will adhere to the goals laid out in the Paris climate accord. And this is unfortunate, even tragic, but we will overcome it. "I am going to discuss that with the highest officials in China this week". Specific targets haven't been set for each state.

Global Qatar denounces 'unjustified' cut of Gulf ties
Author: 0 Qatar denounces 'unjustified' cut of Gulf ties

As per sources, Riyadh cut diplomatic ties and closed borders with its neighbour to "protect its national security from the dangers of terrorism and extremism". Bahrain said its decision was based on what it said was Qatar's destabilizing actions. The decision comes after Qatar alleged in late May that it was the victim of a sophisticated propaganda assault including the publication of a series of articles hostile to Qatar in the USA and the hacking of the Qatar government website in ...

Author: 0 Analyst Group: Islamic State Claims London Attack

Police have been hailed for their response to the attack, with all three men reportedly shot dead by armed police eight minutes after the first call to 999. One witness, Will Heaven, told Sky News he saw people who had been struck and at least one of them was placed inside an ambulance. "He's one of our neighbors".

Global Etihad Airways suspends flights to Qatar
Author: 0 Etihad Airways suspends flights to Qatar

Just days after United States president Trump left the region, a geopolitical natural disaster is taking place in the Middle East tonight as the rift between Qatar and other members of the ( likely extinct ) Gulf Cooperation Council explodes with Bahrain , UAE , Saudi Arabia , and Egypt cutting all diplomatic ties with Qatar accusing it of "speading chaos", by funding terrorism and supporting Iran .

Global Comedian Kathy Griffin addresses her controversial Trump tweet
Author: 0 Comedian Kathy Griffin addresses her controversial Trump tweet

Griffin apologized for the "disturbing" photos, taken by provocative celebrity photographer Tyler Shields, later that day. She has since apologised for the video. Comedian Kathy Griffin ignited controversy this week after she released a photo of herself holding a fake severed head of President Donald Trump in a fashion similar to the beheadings perpetrated by the Islamic State.

Author: 0 London Bridge terror attack: Donald Trump vows to take fight to ISIS

Thomas' Hospital and Andrew Morrison received stitches and was on his way home to Australia. Turnbull would give no details about their circumstances. "I am kind of absorbing this at the moment because I can't understand how it could have been him", he told Sky News . The Islamic State terror group claimed the attack.

Author: 0 GOP senator says Trump served with info out

Petersburg on yesterday, Putin made one of his strongest rejections of blaming Assad's forces for the chemical attack in April. And the conversation turned out to be quite informative and fascinating. The Russian president dismissed the conclusions of the US intelligence community that Russia meddled on behalf of Trump, saying that he had read the report and found nothing but "speculation and conclusions based on speculation".

Author: 0 Police arrest 12 people over London attack

Islamic State has claimed "a detachment" of its fighters were behind the attack, according to the Amaq online news agency which is affiliated with the jihadists. Witnesses to Saturday's attack said the terrorists deliberately drove into pedestrians on London Bridge shortly after 10pm - in the same way as Westminster Bridge attacker Khalid Masood.

Global Pakistan, India to officially join SCO at Astana Summit
Author: 0 Pakistan, India to officially join SCO at Astana Summit

Iran has long knocked at SCO's door and Russian Federation has argued that with Western sanctions against Tehran lifted, it could finally become a member of the bloc which also includes four ex-Soviet Central Asian republics. The SCO was founded in 2001 by the leaders of China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. The SCO, seen by some as a counterweight to the US- and European-led North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), is a political and security organisation that ...

Global Mohanlal starrer 'Mahabharatam' gets 'full-support' from PM
Author: 0 Mohanlal starrer 'Mahabharatam' gets 'full-support' from PM

In the letter, Modi has said he is awaiting the release of the film, which will be a matter of pride for the entire nation, reported Mathrubhumi. Amid growing clamour to change the name of the film, Shetty reportedly wrote to the Prime Minister expressing his concerns.

Author: 0 Egypt cuts ties with Qatar: statement

The Saudi state-owned SPA news agency said Qatar "embraces multiple terrorist and sectarian groups aimed at disturbing stability in the region, including the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS and al-Qaida, and promotes the message and schemes of these groups through their media constantly".

Global Putin on climate deal: 'Don't worry, be happy'
Author: 0 Putin on climate deal: 'Don't worry, be happy'

The French president's call to #MakeOurPlanetGreatAgain went viral online, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel said it's time to look ahead. "We have a lot of momentum in the continue the fight at the state and city level", said Heurtel.

Global US President Trump Has
Author: 0 US President Trump Has "Total Confidence" In Son-In-Law Kushner

Trump has not directly addressed the allegations of the secret line to Moscow, but took to Twitter after his return to Washington to dismiss White House leaks as "fabricated lies" and "fake news". It is claimed Mr Kushner discussed setting up a back channel with the Russian ambassador in December. Former director of national intelligence James Clapper said Kushner's links with Moscow "certainly arouses your concern about what is going on, given Russian Federation...

Author: 0 Local Muslim leaders condemn London attacks

I want to make that very clear. Imam Abdul Quddus Arif from the local Ahmadiyya Muslim community speaks out against Islamic extremism. "We express our deepest sympathy and condolences to the families of the victims and pray for a full and speedy recovery of those injured".

Global Police dashboard camera catches man's heroic act to stop a wayward vehicle
Author: 0 Police dashboard camera catches man's heroic act to stop a wayward vehicle

Tompkins, who had recently been fired from his construction job, parked his auto in the middle of the street and ran across the road to the out-of-control vehicle. "Tompkins was able to get the auto in park just as officers approached the vehicle as well", the police said in a statement posted on Twitter. Tompkins then jumps out of his own auto and dives through the open passengers side window and is able to put the vehicle in park.

Author: 0 Panetta on Comey's Testimony: 'Very Important' to Russia Probe

Multiple media outlets, including CNN , have reported that sources have said the testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee might come just after the Senate returns from recess next week. Trump has already met with several potential candidates to replace Comey, including acting Federal Bureau of Investigation director Andrew McCabe, former Oklahoma Gov.

Author: 0 U.K. Will Revamp Technical Education After Election, May Says

MARTIN: You know, obviously it's a hard thing to try to assess how this latest terrorist attack over the weekend will affect people going to vote this coming week. Pollsters, who universally got it wrong at the last election in 2015, showed support for May and the Conservatives falling after she was forced to backtrack on one of her most striking election pledges to make elderly people pay more for their social care, which opponents dubbed a " dementia tax ".

Global Four countries cut ties with Qatar citing terrorism
Author: 0 Four countries cut ties with Qatar citing terrorism

All the aforementioned Arab countries also said they planned to unanimously cut both air and sea traffic to the peninsular nation. Qatar Airways, one of the region's major long-haul carriers that routinely flies through Saudi airspace, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Global Emirates suspends flights to Doha as UAE cuts ties with Qatar
Author: 0 Emirates suspends flights to Doha as UAE cuts ties with Qatar

All the nations also said they planned to cut air and sea traffic to the peninsular country. Qatar Airways is in the process of redirecting and diverting all its flights to abide by the airspace rules - as it can no longer fly over or into Saudi Arabia or the UAE.

Author: 0 NDP-Greens in BC would hold referendum on rep-by-pop

Liberal Leader Christy Clark was letting the world know she will not go gently into that good night, her political adversaries were unveiling a policy manifesto to radically reshape British Columbia. legislature to discuss details of his deal with Weaver. On Tuesday, the NDP and Greens formalized their alliance in a four-year agreement that commits to raising minimum wage to at least $15, increasing the province's $30 carbon tax by $5 per tonne annually beginning next April, and launching a ...

Author: 0 Trump criticised for London terror response

The Islamic State terror group has claimed responsibility for the London terror attacks which killed seven and left 21 fighting for their lives. May said that Britain was facing a new threat from copycat attacks, and "it is time to say 'enough is enough.'"' She called for worldwide agreements to curb online extremism, said longer jail sentences might be needed for terrorism offences and argued that there is "far too much tolerance of extremism in our country".

Author: 0 Tillerson says US will continue efforts to reduce emissions

Connecticut Gov Dannel P Malloy and Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo both Democrats also are joining the alliance. US Vice-President Mike Pence stood by his boss, saying: "What the world witnessed was an American president putting America first".

Author: 0 TV audience grills May and Corbyn as United Kingdom election draws near

Jeremy Corbyn has claimed the Conservatives' tax plans are in "chaos" after Theresa May failed to back a senior minister who said higher earners will not face an income tax hike under a new Tory government. Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron said "the remainder of this campaign must be a collective showing of defiance and pride in our democratic values".

Global Saudi Arabia Cuts Diplomatic Relations With Qatar Following Bahrain
Author: 0 Saudi Arabia Cuts Diplomatic Relations With Qatar Following Bahrain

That could mean significant trouble for Qatar, which relies on food trucked in from Saudi Arabia . Qatar long has faced criticism from its Arab neighbors over its support of Islamists. Saudi Arabia said it would "begin immediate legal measures with friendly, sisterly countries and worldwide companies to implement that measure as quickly as possible for all types of transit from and to the state of Qatar".

Author: 0 London terror attack: Canadian among those killed, Prime Minister's Office says

A police officer armed only with a baton along with a chef wielding a bread basket were among heroes emerging Sunday after a London terror attack that killed seven people and wounded almost 50 others. The attack left almost 50 people injured, and authorities say some of those injuries were "life threatening", suggesting that the death toll could rise.

Author: 0 Comey to be pressed on whether Trump interfered with Russian Federation probe

Lawmakers are likely to ask Comey about his interactions with Trump as the bureau pursued its investigation into his campaigns contacts. Democrats are likely to press the former director on whether he viewed the President's comments as an effort to obstruct justice - an impeachable offense - and Republicans are likely to press Comey on why he did not make his concerns about his conversations with Trump known before he was sacked.

Author: 0 Putin: US Could Have Hacked Election, Blamed Russia

Where would we get this information from? Putin said "Well, this is just another load of nonsense". The alleged dossier claims that Russia's government possesses compromising financial and personal information about Trump . That seemed to confirm what US intelligence services have been saying all along . "But I frankly think we need to hear Mr. Comey's side and find out what other questions we need to ask".

Author: 0 Fact-checking President Trump's claims on the Paris climate deal

Apple's chief executive, Tim Cook , joined a chorus of USA executives speaking out against President Trump's decision to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement . "Looking ahead, we know that he will be looking to ensure a strong American economy, a competitive USA manufacturing sector, a reliable and resilient power grid, and a vibrant USA steel industry, while at the same time ensuring a clean and sustainable environment", Arch Coal said in a statement .

Author: 0 Interview of Vladimir Putin on Sunday Night

While most of the people in the United States as well as all over the world tuned into the special episode of " Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly ", to finally get some answers out of Russian President Vladimir Putin regarding the raging controversy that Russia had sabotaged the 2016 us election, it ended up being a one-way conversation that left many disappointed.

Global US official downplays effect of Gulf rift on extremist fight
Author: 0 US official downplays effect of Gulf rift on extremist fight

Controversial comments by Qatari emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, appearing to criticise Saudi Arabia , appeared online . "All of those parties you mentioned have been quite unified in the fight against terrorism and the fight against Daesh, ISIS , and have expressed that most recently in the summit in Riyadh ", he added, using alternative names for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) group.

Global Gulf Rift Intensifies: 4 Nations Cut Diplomatic Ties With Qatar
Author: 0 Gulf Rift Intensifies: 4 Nations Cut Diplomatic Ties With Qatar

Saudi Arabia, which leads a coalition of nations fighting in support of Yemen's government , also said Qatar's forces would be withdrawn from that fight. These were more severe measures than during a previous eight-month rift in 2014, when Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the UAE withdrew their ambassadors from Doha.

Global Four countries cut ties with Qatar over terror support
Author: 0 Four countries cut ties with Qatar over terror support

They say Qatar backs terrorist groups including Islamic State (IS). It cited officials as saying it was to "protect its national security from the dangers of terrorism and extremism". Saudi Arabia is the world's biggest exporter of crude oil. Gulf countries led by Saudi Arabia fell out with Qatar over its backing of then-Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, a Brotherhood member.

Global Police release dash-cam footage of Tiger arrest
Author: 0 Police release dash-cam footage of Tiger arrest

Tiger Woods' damaged car.Reuters. The officer tells Woods that he's "not even looking at the light" as he asks him to track a flashlight with his eyes. His vehicle showed signs of minor damage, including two flat tires, dents in his front and rear bumpers, and a broken taillight. The 14-time major champion was taken into custody at 2:49 a.m.

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