Author: 0 TPP states look to effectuate pact soon

The governments at a meeting in Italy said in a statement they are "working to strengthen the contribution of trade to our economies" - a repetition of the language used at the G-20 gathering in March that fell short of an explicit promise to avoid protectionism.

Global 17th arrest made in Manchester terror attack
Author: 0 17th arrest made in Manchester terror attack

The 24-year-old was arrested after the Royal Logistics Corp bomb disposal team were scrambled to a white Nissan Micra parked close to Devell House. Six of the 17 people arrested for possible connections to the attack have been released, police said.

Global Megyn Kelly hits it out of the park in NBC premiere
Author: 0 Megyn Kelly hits it out of the park in NBC premiere

It's also among the 195 countries that signed the Paris agreement during the Obama administration. Commenting on Trump's decision to pull the United States out of the Paris climate accord, Putin refrained from criticizing the move and called for a constructive dialogue on efforts needed to curb global warming.

Global Words With Friends Adds 'Covfefe' To Its Mobile Game
Author: 0 Words With Friends Adds 'Covfefe' To Its Mobile Game

President Trump's incomplete, misspelled tweet read, "Despite the constant negative press covfefe ". "I recently said on Face the Nation that nothing keeps me awake at night". "It has everything: Russian entanglements, spray tans, creepy handshakes, surprise trade wars". "Never thought I'd see the day when Trump would make me laugh", @aki23_6 wrote the same day.

Global Langley NDP, Greens thrilled with minority announcement
Author: 0 Langley NDP, Greens thrilled with minority announcement

In a statement following news of the Greens throwing their support to the NDP, Notley said she would work with a B.C. government led by the NDPs' Horgan, but she repeated her view that the federal government holds ultimate authority over pipeline projects such as Trans Mountain.

Global Trump to Comey: Jail Journalists Who Refuse to Identify Anonymous Sources
Author: 0 Trump to Comey: Jail Journalists Who Refuse to Identify Anonymous Sources

Both Coats and Adm. Rogers reportedly refused to comply with Trump's request, deeming the request "inappropriate". Instead of rookie reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein this time , however, veteran reporters at the Post have claimed that President Trump called two top intelligence community figures to request that they publicly deny any evidence of collusion between his campaign and the Russian government that may have influenced the outcome of the 2016 election.

Global Trump's 'big mistake' on climate doesn't outweigh ties with Europe
Author: 0 Trump's 'big mistake' on climate doesn't outweigh ties with Europe

Bush administration refused to join the Kyoto deal. "Americans are not walking away from the Paris Climate Agreement ", Bloomberg said in a statement . Check out Boston, New York and more cities around the world showing support for the Paris Agreement . Protestors of President Donald Trump's climate change decision outside of the White House on June 1, 2017.

Author: 0 Peduto Commits Pittsburgh To Paris Climate Accord, Despite Trump's Decision To Withdraw

The White House spokesman told reporters he was "not privy" to conversations between Mr Trump and the Secretary of State on the issue, or detail how the President came to his decision. There was plenty of talk about jobs and the U.S. economy. "We are already halfway there and we can accelerate our process further even without any support from Washington", Bloomberg said.

Author: 0 Mattis Calls North Korea's Threats 'Clear And Present Danger'

Mattis also wanted to reaffirm the U.S. commitment to strengthen alliances in the region, an issue that has been in question after Trump assumed office and made decisions, including Washington's withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Author: 0 Theresa May goes from bulletproof to beatable in two weeks

However, Theresa May's personal approval rating has become negative for the first time since she became prime minister in July 2016, a fresh ComRes poll showed on Saturday. Another said: "You're asking a massive wish when you've got one of the biggest arsenals in the world on your side, but I'd rather have it and not use it than not at all especially in this day and age".

Author: 0 UK PM May's lead widens ahead of June 8 election - ORB poll

The general election will be held on June 8. However, Theresa May's personal approval rating has become negative for the first time since she became prime minister in July 2016, a fresh ComRes poll showed on Saturday. Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon insisted the Conservatives had always expected the gap in the polls to narrow. "Inevitably as the campaign goes on, the focus begins to sharpen".

Author: 0 May's lead cut to just one point over Labour - Survation poll

Jeremy Corbyn has promised to protect Britain from global threats after facing criticism for refusing to say whether he would launch a retaliatory nuclear strike during a televised election debate. "You'd have Diane Abbott who can't add up sitting around the cabinet table, John McDonnell who's a Marxist, Nicola Sturgeon who wants to break our country up, and Tim Farron who wants to take us back into the European Union, the direct opposite of what the people want".

Author: 0 Theresa May: Calling election shows I have 'balls'

Challenged about shadow worldwide trade secretary Barry Gardiner's assertion that the United Kingdom would "absolutely be poorer" after Brexit , Mr Corbyn said: "I don't think we necessarily would be poorer". "I had the balls to call an election", she said. "I'm afraid there is a lesson here about Jeremy Corbyn's psychology and his politics and his naivety, with which he approaches not just the logic of the nuclear deterrent but also the Brexit negotiations".

Author: 0 Explosions at Kabul funeral; 6 deaths reported

Embassy, and 11 American contractors were wounded — none with life-threatening injuries, a U.S. State Department official said. A spokesperson for the interior ministry said the cause of the explosions was not known, and there was no immediate claim of responsibility.

Global Microsoft, Amazon oppose Trump's dumping of climate agreement
Author: 0 Microsoft, Amazon oppose Trump's dumping of climate agreement

Trump also recently announced an executive action meant to mitigate the impact of the so-called Johnson Amendment, which curtails the ability of churches to play an active role in elections. But, he added, "Measuring with precision, from my perspective, the degree of human contribution is very challenging, but it still begs the question, what do we do about it?" "I would say that they were climate exaggerators".

Global Comedian under fire over gory Trump photo
Author: 0 Comedian under fire over gory Trump photo

Griffin said she's an "in-your-face comedian" who loves to make people laugh and, in this case, "I made a terrible mistake". Comedian Kathy Griffin , who launched a media circus after posting a video of her holding a replica of President Trump's decapitated head, says she's not done making fun of Trump yet.

Author: 0 US hackers could have framed Russia in election hack: Putin tells NBC

Putin accusing the Democrats of trying to shift blame for Hillary Clinton's defeat. "Trump's team was more effective in the electoral campaign", Putin said. Most recently, Jared Kushner's ties to prominent Russian banker Sergey Gorkov, a close associate of Putin have fallen under intense focus amid the ongoing and ever-widening Federal Bureau of Investigation probe.

Global Blasts kill at least 19 at funeral in Kabul
Author: 0 Blasts kill at least 19 at funeral in Kabul

Abdullah Abdullah, the chief executive of Afghanistan , was among those gathered for the funeral of Salim Ezadyar, the son of a senior Afghan politician. The security situation has continued to worsen - more than 15 years after the USA invaded Afghanistan in the "war on terror" - forcing Donald Trump to consider sending thousands of American troops to bolster North Atlantic Treaty Organisation forces.

Author: 0 Rock Am Ring Festival Suspended For Terror Threat

One of the biggest music festivals in Germany has been shut down after a "concrete" terror threat. Germany's Rock am Ring festival will resume Saturday after thousands of fans were evacuated due to a terrorist threat , concert organizers said .

Global Ten key points of Trump address during US-Islamic Summit
Author: 0 Ten key points of Trump address during US-Islamic Summit

Instead of depriving this region of so much human potential, Middle Eastern countries can give young people hope for a brighter future in their home nations and regions", as quoted by Samaa. We will make decisions based on real-world outcomes - not inflexible ideology. "I think Islam hates us. And, wherever possible, we will seek gradual reforms - not sudden intervention".

Author: 0 Pelosi takes issue with Nunes' involvement with Russian Federation probe

The U.S. House Intelligence Committee's top Democrat on Thursday accused panel chairman Devin Nunes of violating his recusal from its Russian Federation probe by issuing three subpoenas to U.S. Adam Schiff , a California Democrat who's the ranking member on the House Intelligence Committee. The House Intelligence Committee, chaired by Republican Rep.

Global China tells N Korea not to defy UNSC resolutions
Author: 0 China tells N Korea not to defy UNSC resolutions

North Korea's media said more missiles will be launched in the future. North Korea's state news agency warned the U.S. mainland was now within striking distance. North Korea fired a ballistic missile Sunday - its eighth such test of the year - in defiance of United Nations sanctions and warnings from U.S.

Author: 0 Ronaldo helps Real Madrid become 1st team to retain CL title

Another two from Dybala and one from Giorgio Chiellini ensured that a raucous Turin crowd would go home happy. When you lose a final you find yourself back there in your mind and you'd love to play it again. The Italian has won everything there is to win in club and worldwide football, with the exception of a European Cup . 1987: Three years after Grobbelaar's antics against Roma, Rabah Madjer of Algeria played a similarly influential role in FC Porto winning their first European crown.

Author: 0 Donald Trump Delays Moving US Embassy To Jerusalem

The move marked a break from a campaign promise that Trump vigorously embraced until he took office last January. White House strategy chief Steve Bannon supports the move, but Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is less keen and has said Trump is "being very careful to understand how such a decision would impact the peace process".

Author: 0 Trump scolds North Atlantic Treaty Organisation leaders, tells them to spend more for military

Allies who had hoped to hear Trump publicly declare his commitment to NATO's Article 5 collective defence guarantee were left disappointed as he made no mention of it and instead castigated them on their home turf. He will also speak at NATO's gleaming new $1.2 billion new headquarters. "Terrorism must be stopped in its tracks, or the horror you saw in Manchester and so many other places will continue forever", Trump said, referring to Monday's suicide bombing in the English city ...

Author: 0 Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn in TV showdown

Patrick McLoughlin, the Conservative chairman, said after the debate: " Jeremy Corbyn wilted under pressure - he waffled on and on in meaningless soundbites without offering anything of substance". Mr Corbyn said that seven years of austerity had left public sector workers under a pay cap, hit public services, caused a housing crisis, while the very richest had got richer and received tax giveaways from the Government.

Global French President Emmanuel Macron stands ground with Vladimir Putin
Author: 0 French President Emmanuel Macron stands ground with Vladimir Putin

The two leaders emerged from three-hour talks exchanging smiles and hailing historic ties between the two nations, but their comments at a news conference reflected deep divides on multiple issues. Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov, who is a close ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin , and the Kremlin have downplayed or even dismissed the reports that gay men have been arrested.

Author: 0 UK Conservatives Set to Lose Seats in General Election

Mr Corbyn, a long-standing advocate of nuclear disarmament, struggled and was accused of "dodging the question" by veteran host David Dimbleby as he refused to say what he would do if Britain was threatened with a nuclear strike. May became prime minister without winning an election in July a year ago following the resignation of David Cameron after Britons went against his advice and voted to leave the EU.

Global Tories target Labour voters who switched to Ukip in 2015
Author: 0 Tories target Labour voters who switched to Ukip in 2015

When May stunned politicians and financial markets on April 18 with her call for a snap election , opinion polls suggested she could emulate Margaret Thatcher's 1983 majority of 144 seats or even threaten Tony Blair's 1997 Labour majority of 179 seats.

Global Young girls testify they had sex with man they considered husband
Author: 0 Young girls testify they had sex with man they considered husband

Kaplan and the Stoltzfuses are held at Bucks County Prison. The mom testified when she saw Kaplan taking her daughters to bed, she thought he was teaching them how to live in the outside world and that it was meant to be. The teen began having intercourse with Kaplan at age 12 on visits to his Feasterville home, she said. 'I always trusted him that whatever goes on is a good thing'.

Author: 0 Leo Varadkar to become Ireland's first openly gay prime minister

Following the late night celebration in Mumbai last night after Leo Varadkar won the leadership race for the ruling party to become the youngest Irish Prime Minister in history, his cousin Shirish Varadkar told ANI that India was a big market for foreign countries and the to be PM would be helping to tie up the relationship between both countries.

Author: 0 Ireland's Next Prime Minister Is Young, Gay And Conservative

Varadkar, who will become the first Irish premiere from an ethnic background, became the next leader of the coalition government's main party and will take over from outgoing prime minister Enda Kenny. While local media barely mentioned Varadkar's gay credentials, one former government minister commented that the process of his elevation to the prime minister's office came "without anybody batting an eyelid" shows just how far Ireland has come.

Author: 0 Buildings Across the Planet Turn Green for Paris Climate Deal

Almost 200 countries have ratified the Paris agreement. "And that's not likely to change fundamentals very much at all". "In Berlin, Greenpeace activists projected Trump's silhouette onto the side of the USA embassy along with the words "#TotalLoser, so sad!" Wallace cited some studies that have indicated that by 2040 there might be a loss of jobs in the manufacturing sector.

Author: 0 President Zuma survives 'no confidence vote' in ruling ANC

The Sunday Times and City Press newspapers reported that they obtained emails showing that Zuma was planning to establish a second home in the United Arab Emirates. Hours after Zuma and his backers thwarted attempts to unseat him, the alliance partners, the SACP and Cosatu, renewed their calls for Zuma to go, with Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande reiterating his call.

Global Jeremy Corbyn Compares Labour Comeback to Istanbul
Author: 0 Jeremy Corbyn Compares Labour Comeback to Istanbul

Tory leader Theresa May and Labour's Jeremy Corbyn and were quizzed by audience members during Question Time's election special on Friday over issues including Trident and the IRA, and the dementia tax u-turn, school funding and fitness-to-work tests for disabled people, respectively.

Author: 0 UK police evacuate area after locating car in Manchester investigation

They are hoping to piece together Salman Abedi's preparations before the blast that killed 22 people and wounded dozens of others at an Ariana Grande concert. "Manchester's strength and togetherness is an example to the world", he wrote in a book of condolence. Greater Manchester Police said the 22-year-old left the United Kingdom on 15 April and returned four days before the attack.

Author: 0 Lib Dems promise to spend £8m on NHS services in Newbury

In its manifesto the Lib Dems also pledge to guarantee the rights of European Union staff working in social care and for the National Health Service, in addition to boosting funding to these areas by £6 billion (€7 billion). Much of the extra cash for their plans would be raised through a 1p increase on income tax and raising corporation tax by 1% to 20%. This week's opinion poll by YouGov and The Times put the Lib Dems in third place behind the Conservatives and the Labour party ...

Author: 0 Ireland's ruling Fine Gael party set to announce new leader

Hordes of cameramen and reporters thronged the house along with scores of relatives, adding to the thrill of victory.Odissi dancer Shubhada Varadkar, who is Leo's first cousin, said , "This is a moment of such excitement". The worldwide media has reacted to the appointment with a primarily positive take on the news. To do so would trigger a general election, which none of the major parties want right now.

Author: 0 Melania, Donald Trump met with Pope Francis in Vatican

Pope Francis has taken a sly dig at President Donald Trump over his waistline during the pair's first face-to-face meeting at the Vatican , much to the delight of the President's smiling wife. Donald Trump said to the pope at the end of the meeting, "I won't forget what you said ". "Well, I will be reading them", Mr Trump said. The Pope made his stance on climate change clear in his gift of a copy of Laudato si': On Care For Our Common Home , his encyclidal, or papal letter, ...

Author: 0 Aides dance around this simple question: Does Trump believe climate change exists?

Bloomberg, who is the U.N. Secretary-General's special envoy for Cities and Climate Change , said the United States has led the world on emission reductions over the past decade. EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt pushed back against "climate exaggerators" this afternoon in part by citing the debut New York Times column of Bret Stephens .

Global Trump slams Germany trade deficit, defense shortfall
Author: 0 Trump slams Germany trade deficit, defense shortfall

Yet rather than criticize his rival or her Christian Democratic Union-led government for the strained relationship with Trump , Schulz has passionately offered support. By contrast, relations between the world's two exporting giants have often been tense, with China's plans to introduce a minimum quota for electric vehicle sales a thorny current issue that Germany is expected to raise at this visit.

Author: 0 Business leaders rebuke Trump for climate accord pullout

He said, "We look forward to continuing to work closely with all countries that share that vision". "This decision can't and won't stop all those of us who feel obliged to protect the planet", she said. Donald Trump yesterday pulled out of Paris Agreement on climate change. A third reporter tried once more to corner Pruitt by pointing out that the EPA administrator should probably be able to tell the American people whether the president believes in climate change.

Author: 0 Ex-CIA Chief says to be wary of Kushner-Russia Claims

Asked several other questions tied to the Russian Federation investigations, Spicer repeated, verbatim - and with glances down at the sheet of paper on the podium where it was written - the line about all matters being referred to Trump's personal lawyer.

Author: 0 Former Penn State president gets jail time for failing to report Sandusky

Boccabella sentenced Spanier to four to 12 months' confinement, with at least two months served in jail and the rest in home confinement. All three were charged in 2011 after it was alleged that they failed to report a 2001 rape allegation involving Sandusky to police and child welfare officials.

Author: 0 Does President Trump Believe in Climate Change? Aides Won't Say

Trump once called climate change a hoax . Trump has since shied away from giving his opinion on whether climate change is real. "I mean, John, I just gave you the answer", Haley said. And though some Trump supporters carried "Pittsburgh not Paris" signs outside the White House Saturday, the mayor of Pittsburgh denounced the president's move to abandon the global pact meant to safeguard the environment.

Author: 0 Trump to announce Paris climate accord decision Thursday

While Trump and Pence have suggested the possibility of renegotiating the agreement, the leaders of Italy, Germany and France have said that won't happen. speaks in San Francisco. Axios said details of the pullout are being worked out by a team that includes EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt . During Trump's speech, the faint sounds of protesters could be heard in the distance banging drums.

Global NDP, Green agreement to govern BC trumpets rep-by-pop vote system
Author: 0 NDP, Green agreement to govern BC trumpets rep-by-pop vote system

Christy Clark has said she will stay on as premier, but the Bowen-based NDP candidate West Vancouver Sea to Sky Candidate Michelle Livaja, says she sees that lasting only for a short while. Guichon can only negotiate with one political leader at a time and she is now working with Clark, who has the right to test the confidence of the house.

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