Author: 0 Angela Merkel Slams Donald Trump's Decision to Quit Paris Accord

Former presidential candidate Al Gore's sequel to climate change documentary "An Inconvenient Truth", "An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power", is getting a last minute edit to include Trump's announcement, it's been confirmed , ahead of its July 28 release.

Author: 0 Internet Drags Ivanka Trump Over LGBT Pride Tweet

LGBT Pride Month began in June 1999 as " Gay and Lesbian Pride Month ", declared by then-President Bill Clinton . He didn't issue a proclamation like his predecessor nor has he scheduled any White House events honoring the significant month.

Global House Committee Subpoenas Flynn, Cohen; Comey to Testify
Author: 0 House Committee Subpoenas Flynn, Cohen; Comey to Testify

But the others are requests for three intelligence agencies and concern their Obama-era activities. Meanwhile, multiple Republican-led congressional committees have asked for Comey to testify , and asked for a memo Comey wrote describing Mr.

Global Donald Trump, Our AI President
Author: 0 Donald Trump, Our AI President

Speaking at the White House earlier this month, U.S. President Donald Trump claimed that achieving peace between Israelis and Palestinians "may not be as hard as people have thought over the years". Drawing a contrast with Tillerson and breaking rank with the White House, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said May 17 that Israel's capital city "should be Jerusalem" and "the [U.S.] embassy should be moved to Jerusalem".

Author: 0 CA Gov Brown on Trump's Paris Accord Withdrawal: 'Crazy,' 'People Will Die'

She underscored that under the terms of New Zealand's commitment it has to find roughly 230 million tonnes of emissions reductions over the decade from 2021 to 2030. Governor Andrew Cuomo said his state of NY was committed to complying with the Paris standards - which call for U.S. reduction of its emissions by 26 to 28 percent from 2005 levels - "regardless of (the capital city ) Washington's irresponsible actions".

Author: 0 After Trump's Visit, a Feud Breaks Out Among the Gulf States

In 2014, Saudi Arabia, the U.A.E. and Bahrain temporarily withdrew their ambassadors from Qatar. Analysts point to the unusual willingness of Qatari state-backed media on one side, and Saudi and Emirati media on the other, to trade rhetorical broadsides in public.

Global Paris climate deal: Dismay as Trump signals exit from accord
Author: 0 Paris climate deal: Dismay as Trump signals exit from accord

In an exceptional step, continental Europe's three biggest economies - Germany, France and Italy - issued a joint statement to criticise Trump's move and slap away his offer of renegotiating the deal. "Wherever we live, whoever we are, we all share the same responsibility: make our planet great again", Macron added. "Nice name", the president said, adding, "We're going to be paying billions and billions and billions of dollars, and we're already way ahead of anybody else".

Author: 0 McDonnell, Abbott and Thornberry would get top jobs in Labour cabinet - Corbyn

The poll is the latest to show a narrowing lead for May. "From the pollsters' point of view this is an experimental election". Meanwhile, Jeremy Corbyn's Labour may gain 25 seats from its 2015 figure. In the strongest signal yet that the election is much closer than previously thought, Ms May's lead has collapsed from 24 points since she surprised both rivals and financial markets on April 18 by calling the election, YouGov data showed.

Author: 0 Duterte's martial law: A sign of creeping authoritarianism?

Reyes said there is a need to investigate the role of the United States in the clashes between government troops and the extremist Maute group, which happened while Duterte was in Russian Federation for an official visit. "However, although unlikely to happen, potential challenges to the constitutional system of checks and balances could arrest or reverse the improvements in the rule of law over the past few years", he said.

Global Paris Agreement can not be renegotiated: Italy, France, Germany
Author: 0 Paris Agreement can not be renegotiated: Italy, France, Germany

A group of representatives from cities, states and private companies from across the United States is planning to submit a plan to the United Nations in the coming days, vowing to meet the environmental goals stated in the Paris climate agreement , the New York Times reported on Thursday.

Global Putin: 'Patriotically-minded' Russians may have hacked United States elections
Author: 0 Putin: 'Patriotically-minded' Russians may have hacked United States elections

Putin rejected the idea that such attacks could have changed the outcomes of elections , including the 2016 US presidential election, the Associated Press reported Thursday. Putin further said that just because Russian Federation has a “special relationship” with India , it does not mean India should be restricted in having contacts with other “partnering countries.

Global Trump blasts Germany again as Merkel, Modi cite mutual values
Author: 0 Trump blasts Germany again as Merkel, Modi cite mutual values

When co-anchor Alisyn Camerota asked Wittig if it was "fair to characterize their relationship as a feud at the moment", he responded immediately saying, "Oh no, no". British anti-EU politician Nigel Farage, who has built a bond with Trump , accused Merkel and Juncker of triggering a row with Washington deliberately to further the "anti-democratic" goal of a German-led European state.

Author: 0 Civilians seek food, water as Philippines siege continues

Eight soldiers were also wounded in the "friendly fire" incident on Wednesday, said defence secretary Delfin Lorenzana , expressing remorse. "It's sad but sometimes it happens in the fog of war". Rajaratnam School of International Studies in Singapore. Lorenzana said militants who were Saudi, Malaysian, Indonesian, Yemeni and Chechen were among eight foreigners killed fighting with the Maute rebels.

Global UK PM May's lead over Labour shrinks
Author: 0 UK PM May's lead over Labour shrinks

In a leisure centre auto park on the outskirts of Reading, 64km from London , more than 1,000 people gathered in the middle of a working day, leaving behind their desk jobs and even climbing trees to catch a glimpse of Mr Corbyn. The Vermont senator , who was speaking Thursday at a festival in Brighton, southeast England , added that he had been "very impressed" by Corbyn's campaign but declined to give an official endorsement.

Global Scott Pelley Leaving 'CBS Evening News' Anchor Position
Author: 0 Scott Pelley Leaving 'CBS Evening News' Anchor Position

Pelley will return to CBS' " 60 Minutes " full time, a source familiar with the matter said. According to Los Angeles Times , the May sweeps ratings period measured by Nielsen showed Pelley's broadcast averaged 6.1 million, behind the 7.59 million average of " ABC World News" and 7.56 million of "NBC Nightly News".

Author: 0 USA not alone in financing global climate fund

Check out NewsGram for latest worldwide news updates. China , which has been wrestling for years with dirty air and water and had been regarded as a laggard in dealing with climate change , has poured huge resources into developing green energy as an alternative to the fossil fuels blamed for climate change.

Global Ruling ANC urges S. Africa government to investigate 'Gupta emails'
Author: 0 Ruling ANC urges S. Africa government to investigate 'Gupta emails'

Zuma told lawmakers on Thursday that all allegations against him were based on hearsay and that newspaper reports didn't constitute evidence that he was party to a plan of "state capture". Zuma's camp is expected to back his ex-wife and former African Union Chairwoman Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, while another ANC faction will support Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa.

Author: 0 36 killed by smoke after gunman starts fire in Manila casino robbery

Officials insisted that the incident was a robbery attempt, and was not terror-related despite an apparent claim by the so-called Islamic State group. Dela Rosa said security footage showed the gunman ignoring a guard who tried to question him at the entrance. The man later fled to the hotel section of the complex, leaving behind the backpack, and entered a hotel room.

Global S&P affirms South Africa's BB+ rating, negative outlook
Author: 0 S&P affirms South Africa's BB+ rating, negative outlook

GDP growth, one of the rating weakness, was forecast to rise only moderately to just 1 percent in 2017 and 1.8 percent in 2018, as political uncertainty will continue to weigh on private investment. "Improvement in policy design, finalisation of key policies and coordination remain critical for boosting confidence and economic growth", the Treasury said in a statement.

Global Maduro taps top aides to lead Venezuela constitution rewrite
Author: 0 Maduro taps top aides to lead Venezuela constitution rewrite

At least 62 people have been killed so far in Venezuela in clashes between anti-Maduro protesters and riot police or in incidents on the sidelines of the protest rallies. The attorney general, Luisa Ortega , took a stand against Maduro on Thursday, launching a legal challenge against his bid to rewrite the constitution.

Author: 0 Philippine 'Friendly Fire' Killing, Wounding Nearly 20 in Marawi Fight

And so on the second day, we hired a jeepney to be able to escape from the crossfire. A battalion of marine soldiers landed in Marawi City on Thursday to augment the troops on the ground. Lorenzana earlier said the military might limit or suspend air strikes to prevent hitting soldiers deployed in the area. ELEVEN soldiers were killed while seven others were wounded by a wayward bomb that was meant for Maute Group bandits in Marawi City on Wednesday.

Global Paris climate deal: Trump pulls US out of 2015 accord
Author: 0 Paris climate deal: Trump pulls US out of 2015 accord

Merkel, whose country hosts this year's global climate summit, said Trump's decision was "extremely regrettable and that's putting it very mildly". The Paris Agreement remains a historic treaty signed by 194 and ratified by 147 countries. The White House had signaled earlier in the week that withdrawal was likely, but Trump has been known to change his mind at the last minute on such major decisions.

Author: 0 Merkel vows 'more decisive action than ever' on climate

European leaders were especially dismayed by Trump's refusal to reaffirm US support for last year's Paris climate change accord and his failure to publicly endorse NATO's mutual defense pledge . But the Merkel-Trump meetings in Brussels and Sicily were apparently too much even for the stoical chancellor. Trump isn't the first American president to call out the Europeans on the funding score.

Author: 0 Bay Area Leaders React to Trump's Paris Pact Pullout

China overtook the United States as the world's biggest emitter of greenhouse gases in 2007 but analysts see the USA withdrawal as an opportunity for China to burnish its image as a global leader . Also, the governors of Washington state, NY and California have announced the formation of the " United States Climate Alliance , a coalition that will convene USA states committed to upholding the agreement ".

Global Hurricane season officially begins today
Author: 0 Hurricane season officially begins today

Last week, their initial predictions were for a slightly more active season than past year, in which a total of 15 named storms and seven hurricanes were formed. For 2017, forecasters predict a good chance of an above-normal season. People tend to prepare when we say there is for an above normal season, people tend to prepare more and if we say the season will be inactive people will prepare less but you shouldn't get caught in that.

Global Putin praises Trump for his
Author: 0 Putin praises Trump for his "fresh" vision

He also absolved himself of blame, saying that if the attacks happened, they had nothing to do with him. "If they're patriotically minded, they start making their contribution, " he said . His dismissal echoed previous complaints from Kremlin officials that the USA "obsession" with Russian Federation is preventing any productive diplomacy between Washington and Moscow in the early months of Trump's presidency.

Author: 0 Theresa May's lead over Labour falls ahead of vote

The fact that dozens of seats are not behaving the way they were expected to will undoubtedly make uncomfortable reading for Prime Minister Theresa May . The Conservatives say their intention is to keep taxes for businesses and individuals as low as possible, increase the National Living Wage, and crack down on tax evasion.

Author: 0 Bangladesh raises storm danger to highest level as Cyclone Mora batters coastline

The cyclone has already caused great floods in Srilanka killing 180 people already with more than 100 still missing. Last year Cyclone Roanu hit coastal Bangladesh, leaving at least twenty four people dead. "In some places, nearly every shanty home made of tin, bamboo and plastics has been flattened", said Abdul Salam, a Rohingya community leader, adding that around 20,000 houses had been damaged and some residents injured.

Author: 0 Horgan and Weaver to visit Government House with power-sharing agreement

Both the NDP and Greens opposed the project in the election campaign, but it is a federally governed project. One that we think will conclude shortly, given today's announcement, with Christy Clark and her party ousted from power in favour of an NDP/Green Party combination.

Global Egypt to Compensate Victims of Minya Attack on Coptic Christians
Author: 0 Egypt to Compensate Victims of Minya Attack on Coptic Christians

The air force loyal to Egypt-backed Libyan commander Khalifa Haftar said it had joined the Egyptian air strikes on Friday following the attack on Copts that killed 29 people. Nearby, a dozen women in dusty black robes cried and moaned. The Coptic church said it had received news of the killing of its "martyrs" with pain and sorrow.

Global Brazil president formally accused of conspiracy against corruption inquiry
Author: 0 Brazil president formally accused of conspiracy against corruption inquiry

In a terse five-minute speech broadcast nationwide, Temer said he had done nothing wrong, that his presidency was helping turn around Brazil's stalled economy and he welcomed an investigation so that he could prove his innocence. Temer , according to O Globo . "He will likely lose all political support". Allies of the president in Parliament, however, say the evidence against Temer is sketchy.

Global Jeremy Corbyn pledges to create one million 'decent jobs'
Author: 0 Jeremy Corbyn pledges to create one million 'decent jobs'

In the latest in a series of polls showing the election race tightening, a Panelbase survey put the Conservative lead over Labour at eight points - down seven from a similar survey a fortnight ago. But Chancellor Philip Hammond warned that Labour would destroy jobs by raising taxes and increasing borrowing. On the campaign trail in Essex, Mr Corbyn accused the Prime Minister's three-strong Brexit team of having "fibbed" over the impact of Brexit.

Global It's WENGER IN for two more years at Arsenal
Author: 0 It's WENGER IN for two more years at Arsenal

The Frenchman's previous deal was due to expire at the end of June. The Frenchman has been named Premier League Manager of the Year three times, and World Manager of the Year once in 1998. Wenger also thanked owner Stan Kroenke for his support after committing his future to the club until 2019. Recharge those 67-year-old batteries for a few months, spend time with family and friends you have seen only sporadically during 33 continuous years in management and then maybe return to Arsenal .

Author: 0 Greater Cincinnati leaders weigh in on Trump's Paris Accord decision

America is the second-biggest greenhouse-gas polluter after China , accounting for 12 per cent of global emissions, according to the World Resources Institute. He said he would consider re-entry if the US could get a better deal. "And if the president wants to break the promises made to our allies enshrined in the historic Paris Agreement, we'll build and strengthen relationships around the world to protect the planet from devastating climate risks".

Global May, Corbyn clash over Brexit plans
Author: 0 May, Corbyn clash over Brexit plans

Ms Long-Bailey, seen as a rising star in the party, said Labour's first industrial mission will be to ensure that 60% of United Kingdom energy comes from low carbon or renewable sources by 2020. After the televised debate this week, spread betting firm IG said its clients were betting on a Conservative majority of 106 seats. In a statement the Conservatives said: "The legal authorities have previously cleared Conservative candidates who faced numerous politically motivated and ...

Global Angela Merkel defends 'essential' Paris Agreement on climate change
Author: 0 Angela Merkel defends 'essential' Paris Agreement on climate change

The Paris agreement has drawn surprising support from major companies, from oil giants like Exxon Mobil and Royal Dutch Shell to other corporate giants like Walmart and Apple . Chief executive Odd Arild Grefstad cited the growth of renewable energy in USA states such as Texas, New York and California as signs that "the world has started the transition from fossil to a renewable economy".

Author: 0 James Comey OK'd to testify before US Senate

He then told journalists and White House officials that Trump or his closest associates may have been "incidentally" swept up in foreign surveillance by American spy agencies. Richard Burr, R-N.C., said the committee welcomes Comey's testimony, but declined to comment further. Subpoenas were approved Wednesday for Flynn and his company, Flynn Intel Group, and Cohen and his firm, Michael D.

Author: 0 Manila: ISIS claims Philippines casino attack, but doesn't give evidence

MALAYSIAN gaming conglomerate Genting Group has slammed last night's attack on its casino in Manila as a "cowardly act" and said its security team is working with local authorities to conduct search and rescue operations on its building where so far, 37 bodies including the suspect, have been found.

Author: 0 Turkey: Man detained on United States plane just wanted 1st class seat

It was later learned that the passenger was also detained at Los Angeles worldwide Airport earlier in the day for a separate incident in which he breached a "crew only" door leading to the airfield. A mysterious passenger on a Los Angeles-to-Honolulu plane was in custody Saturday after passengers and an off-duty cop fought him to the floor as he allegedly tried to enter the aircraft cockpit during flight.

Author: 0 At least 34 dead in Manila casino attack

The SITE Intelligence Group , a US terrorism monitor, said an Islamic State-linked Filipino operative who provides daily updates on the ongoing clashes in Marawi claimed "lone wolf soldiers" of the Islamic State group were responsible for the attack.

Global Man Charged For Allegedly Threatening To Blow Up Malaysia Airlines Flight
Author: 0 Man Charged For Allegedly Threatening To Blow Up Malaysia Airlines Flight

Flight 128 was about 10 minutes into a trip from Melbourne when Marks walked from his economy seat to the cockpit door holding an electronic device and threatened to blow up the jetliner, sparking panic among the passengers. Of the passengers who then overpowered the man, he said: "I can not tell you their names but they are good fellas". "We pushed the guy onto the floor and cabin crew put cords on him and secured him to the ground.", he told the Sydney Herald.

Global House committee issues subpoenas in Russia probe
Author: 0 House committee issues subpoenas in Russia probe

Nunes, who was a member of Trump's transition team, had raised the topic of unmasking after the committee heard testimony March 20 from then Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey that the FBI was investigating possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian Federation during last year's election campaign.

Author: 0 Justice Department Turns to High Court to Reinstate Travel Ban

The administration also wants to be able to suspend the refugee program for 120 days, a separate aspect of the policy that has been blocked by a federal judge in Hawaii and is now being considered by the 9th U.S. Additionally, the Justice Department asked the Supreme Court to allow the federal government to begin enforcing the second version of the ban while the case is being appealed.

Author: 0 United Nations says Trump climate move won't derail accord

Nicaragua balked because it found the deal's standards insufficient. The Green Fund is created to help poor countries adapt to climate change and bypass some of the heavily polluting technologies formerly used by rich countries. "I presume [Trump]'s just trying to sound reasonable to the rest of the world, but nothing will come of that", he said. A small group of sceptics - some of whom are in the Trump White House - believe this is a hoax that could damage business.

Global Putin avoids criticizing Trump climate decision
Author: 0 Putin avoids criticizing Trump climate decision

The St. Petersburg International Economic Forum takes place from June 1 to June 3, 2017, in St. Petersburg . He alleged that some evidence pointing at Russian hackers' participation in cyberattacks - he didn't specify which - could have been falsified in an attempt to smear Russia .

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