Author: 0 [Breaking] 1 Korean dead, 3 injured in Manila shooting: embassy

Police said the unidentified gunman killed himself, after firing at armed officers searching the still-smoking Resorts World Manila entertainment complex, hours after the start of the incident shortly after midnight local time (4am NZT). People ran screaming out of Resorts World Manila , which is across a road from the Philippines' worldwide airport, after the man fired what police chief Ronald dela Rosa said was an M4 assault rifle and set fire to a gambling table about midnight.

Global Bus driver killed Chinese, S. Korean kids in fire
Author: 0 Bus driver killed Chinese, S. Korean kids in fire

Kim objected to where the police claim the fire started, saying photos and video clips on the scene showed the right side of the vehicle, not the driver's seat, first catching fire. "He's not the kind of guy who would do that to our children". The driver and a female teacher also died in the inferno, which erupted inside a tunnel as the children headed to an global school in Shandong province on the morning of May 9.

Global May and Corbyn clash over Brexit ordeal
Author: 0 May and Corbyn clash over Brexit ordeal

She just shrugs it off and wants to move on. This drastic shift has appeared to inject new life into an election that was previously viewed as a potential landslide victory for the Conservatives . Theresa May was accused of running away AGAIN yesterday afternoon, after the PM reportedly ducked out of an invitation to BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour.

Author: 0 Elon Musk quits Trump's advisory councils after United States withdraws from climate accord

The President's decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement will have grave consequences for generations to come. "And, in fact, Trump may well create the exact opposite of what he intended", the governor said. Painful though it may be for the agreement's supporters, acknowledging that it isn't ideal must also be part of the response to this proposal to renegotiate the United States terms of participation.

Author: 0 Smoke from fire kills 36 in Philippine casino attack

The bodies were found in the smoky gambling room of the Resorts World Manila by firefighters. The police chief says none of the dead bodies had gunshot wounds. "The only other individual who sustained a gunshot wound was the security guard who accidentally shot himself", the Palace official added. South Korea's Foreign Ministry said one South Korean died after being evacuated from the casino after suffering an apparent heart attack while resting after the evacuation.

Global Scientific groups disappointed in Trump's move on climate
Author: 0 Scientific groups disappointed in Trump's move on climate

The party simply does not believe climate change is a serious problem. With its withdrawal, the USA joins only two nations as holdouts - Nicaragua and Syria. Even at the 11th hour, efforts to dissuade Trump continued. Senior European policymakers tweeted to him, asking him not to break with the pact. Mayors across major cities in the USA had a similar reaction to Trump's mid-afternoon announcement on Thursday.

Author: 0 Trump keeps United States embassy in Tel Aviv

The same official said that while Trump may not authorize the move this week, the President still envisions moving the embassy at some point. While Trump has articulated support for peace between the two sides, he has yet to explicitly endorse the creation of a fledgling Palestinian state, or join the global consensus supporting a two-state solution.

Author: 0 Trump urges Muslim leaders to denounce Islamic extremism

Those shared values can hardly have included the kinds of human rights concerns he criticized Obama for not raising last August, but something more elemental. In addition to placing US officials in jeopardy in global courts, Washington's arms sale to a hyper-Wahhabi Saudi Arabia supposedly fighting Shi'a revival and expansion makes little sense if defeating a Sunni-Wahhabi ISIS is a priority.

Author: 0 Elon Musk quits Trump's advisory councils after US withdraws from climate accord

With France's Emmanuel Macron taking the lead, they lashed Trump's decision as misguided and vowed to defend an accord they portrayed as crucial for the planet's future. "The not only the largest historical emitter of greenhouse gases , but also one the major current emitters". German Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed "regret" at the decision, and called for a continuation of "climate policies which preserve our world".

Author: 0 The way Sean Spicer sees it

Mr. Dubke offered his resignation earlier this month, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway said on Tuesday, but offered to stay on during the President's first foreign trip. "My dashboard warning light was clearly on", said James Clapper, the former director of national intelligence. Whatever his motivation, Trump is allowing the Russian Federation scandal to become not an extended nightmare but a permanent one.

Author: 0 Ex-Greek Prime Minister Lucas Papademos wounded in Athens bombing

Papademos, 69, who was caretaker prime minister for a few months at the peak of the debt crisis five years ago, did not have life-threatening injuries, they said. Two more people, whom the BBC reported to be banking officials, were also in the vehicle and suffered injuries. although the extent of those injuries were not clear.

Author: 0 Trump pulls U.S. out of 'draconian' climate deal

He wrapped it all up quite neatly, asking the world to abide by words Trump would understand: "Make our planet great again". "We governors are going to step into this cockpit and fly the plane", Inslee told reporters. California, New York and Washington together account for about 10 percent of the country's greenhouse gas emissions, Brown's office said. " Trump is AWOL but California is on the field, ready for battle".

Author: 0 Some Actual Good News After Trump's Paris Agreement Fiasco

In announcing the move to pull out of the deal, Trump said his action would help improve the USA economy and return jobs. The 195-nation pact sets out stringent standards to restrict carbon emissions and other greenhouse gases that scientists say contribute to global warming.

Author: 0 Fact-checking President Trump's claims on the Paris climate change deal

He has said California's economy is proof that combating climate change is not the economic dead weight Mr Trump suggests. But until we do that, America remains out of the agreement. But world leaders appear to have closed ranks and are ready to cast the US president from the fold. Does Trump think that China - which has not only ramped up coal power production but is also a major exporter of coal plants to other countries - will protect Americans' interest without America at the ...

Author: 0 Defense wants talk of Castile's permit omitted

This case is different in significant ways. Castile, who was licensed to carry, was shot after informing officers that he was carrying pistol. His trial starts this week and as usual for a cop killing an innocent Black man, he claimed that he was in fear for his life when he killed Castile.

Author: 0 Democrats cry foul as House intelligence chairman issues 'unmasking' subpoenas

Gen. Michael Flynn , President Trump's former national security adviser, Trump lawyer Michael Cohen and two of their businesses. It was unclear why the subpoenas to the agencies were not mentioned in the committee's announcement of the approval of the subpoenas to former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn and Michael Cohen, one of the president's personal lawyers.

Author: 0 10 government troops killed in Philippines 'friendly fire'

Even the suspension of the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus in Mindanao represent President Rodrigo Duterte's "inevitable strong-arming", due to the heightening violence created by the said rogue elements against the people of Marawi in general, and the government of the country particular.

Global Eni Clears Coral South FLNG Development Offshore Mozambique
Author: 0 Eni Clears Coral South FLNG Development Offshore Mozambique

Eni had also awarded an Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation, Commissioning and Start-up (EPCIC) contract to TJS Consortium comprised of TechnipFMC, JGC Corporation and Samsung Heavy Industries . The project will be financed by more than a dozen global banks and Eni said construction costs are 60 percent covered. US firm Anadarko is planning a separate onshore LNG project in northern Mozambique.

Author: 0 Trump Announces US Will Withdraw from Paris Climate Accord

Similarly, Trump argued that the USA would try to "begin negotiations to re-enter either the Paris accord or "a really entirely new transaction, on terms that are fair to the United States, its businesses, its workers, its people, its taxpayers".

Global Juncker: Death Penalty in Turkey Would Mean End to EU Accession Talks
Author: 0 Juncker: Death Penalty in Turkey Would Mean End to EU Accession Talks

In Germany , a statement issued by seven Social Democratic ministers in Chancellor Angela Merkel's left-right coalition government said the United States "is harming itself, we Europeans and all the people of the world". The fact that Trump welcomes Brexit and urges other states to follow suit shows that he has " an uncanny approach " towards relations with the European Union , he said, adding, that this situation " requires intensive negotiations ".

Author: 0 UK June 8 election opinion polls marred in controversy

Yesterday a poll from Kantar showed the Tories' lead over Labour had stretched to 10 points. With one week to go until the June 8 vote, the Conservative leader headed to northeast England to remind voters of her pitch to be the best person to lead the country out of the European Union .

Author: 0 Millennials 'flock to Labour,' but would they be better off voting Tory?

Several times BBC presenter Mishal Hussein, who was chairing the debate, struggled to be heard above the squabbling among the politicians taking part. "We would do it by having an Australian-style points system so that if you've got the skills this country needs, yes, please come here and work, but beyond that we have to get the population under control", he said.

Author: 0 Trump's Paris decision followed debate between moderates, anti-globalists

And given that all but two countries have signed onto the agreement, it was not surprising that many world leaders condemned the decision . What will be the reaction after the USA pulls out of the Paris agreement? President Trump announced eventual plans to withdraw the United States from the Paris Agreement while simultaneously "renegotiating" it.

Author: 0 Former FBI Director James Comey To Testify Next Week

The White House also released a damaging letter from acting Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, which Rosenstein says he wrote at the president's request, slamming Comey's conduct in the Clinton email investigation. Cohen & Associates PC. Comey's testimony is not news and the few new bits of information here aren't exactly revelatory. As you may remember, Trump abruptly fired Comey earlier this month, and later denied he ever pressured the former director to close the investigation into ...

Author: 0 James Comey OK'd to testify before U.S. Senate committee

His testimony will be one of the most anticipated aspects of the Russia investigation given that Comey allegedly reported in internal memos that Trump had asked him to end his investigation into Flynn's contacts with Russian officials. Trump (C) speaking with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov (L) and Russian Ambassador to the US, Sergei Kislyak during a meeting at the White House in Washington , DC.

Author: 0 Philippines president Duterte says he 'will not talk to terrorists'

THE Philippines Commission on Human Rights has cautioned the military and national police against carrying out arbitrary arrests amid the government's implementation of martial law in restive Mindanao. It only permits military courts to try civilians when civil courts are unable to function. President Rodrigo Duterte (2nd L) attends the 119th Anniversary of the Philippine Navy in Davao on the southern island of Mindanao.

Global 36 people killed in Resorts World Manila attack in Philippines
Author: 0 36 people killed in Resorts World Manila attack in Philippines

There have been fears that the terror group would stage diversionary attacks elsewhere in the Philippines , but even if those fears prove unfounded, the apparent infiltration of ISIS into the country's south has experts anxious. Some hotel guests said someone yelled "ISIS", Maricel Navaro, an employee of Resorts World , told DZMM radio. The clashes began after state enforcers tried to capture Isnilon Hapilon, a commander of the Abu Sayyaf militant group who had pledged allegiance to the ...

Author: 0 Trump blasts Germany again as Merkel talks up Indian relations

That's what I experienced over the past several days... In a speech to a German-Indian business forum later on Tuesday, Merkel took another tilt at a president elected on a ticket of "America First", referring to "a whole series of protectionist tendencies" emerging worldwide.

Author: 0 Protestors march in Manila against martial law declaration

Lagman insisted the House convene into a joint session with senators by the majority of lawmakers voted in favor of Farinas' motion. "Martial law is not a free pass for abuse". He notes that the Congress, voting jointly, as provided under Article VII, Section 18 of the Constitution, has two options: (a) to revoke such proclamation or suspension.

Author: 0 Philippine military airstrikes kill 10 troops

Military chiefs had repeatedly said the assaults involved "precision" and " surgical " airstrikes, and assured they were not harming any of the trapped civilians or hostages. Philippine troops have killed 89 Islamist militants during more than a week of urban battles but a final showdown is expected to be fierce as the gunmen protect their leaders and hold hostages, authorities said Wednesday.

Author: 0 34 bodies found in hotel attacked by gunman

A Philippine television report said one of the unidentified victims had died of suffocation. Hundreds of people fled in panic as fire and plumes of smoke rose from the Resorts World Manila . "He would have shot all the people gambling" if his goal was terrorism, national police chief Ronald dela Rosa said. "It's too early to tell, but so far as we are concerned there was no ISIS", Dela Rosa said.

Author: 0 Dispute erupts over US House panel subpoenas for CIA, FBI

Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) and Thomas J. Rooney (R-Fla.) - though he did not recuse himself from the chairmanship. The ethics panel said in a statement that it was trying to determine if Nunes had violated "House rules, law, regulations or other standards of conduct".

Author: 0 Philippines: 10 soldiers killed in 'friendly fire'

The extremists occupied a hospital, jail and other buildings in Marawi City. The Maute's ability to fight off a military with greater numbers and superior firepower for so long will add to fears that it could win the recognition of the ISIS leadership in the Middle East and become its South-east Asian affiliate.

Author: 0 Clinton and Trump trade barbs on Twitter

EDT. Speaking at technology event Code Conference in California, Clinton admitted her Democrat campaign was targeted by "content that was just flat-out false" from the Republican opposition during her Presidential attempt past year.

Author: 0 Trump criticises Germany's trade, spending

Wittig said, when Camerota asked if "thinly veiled" comments from Merkel or Trump should be ignored. Although the possibility of a Schulz chancellery has become less and less likely after poor showings by the Social Democrats in recent regional elections, the center-left's animosity toward Trump is broadly shared by many German voters.

Global Brazil's Attorney General Accuses President of Corruption, Obstruction of Justice
Author: 0 Brazil's Attorney General Accuses President of Corruption, Obstruction of Justice

Later Friday, the entirety of Batista's plea bargain was expected to be released, which could very well include more damaging accusations against Temer and others in government. Temer rose to power after the impeachment of his predecessor, Dilma Rousseff , on similar corruption charges. The scandals that have engulfed Brazil's political class and many business elites reduce the chances that Temer , a conservative who took office after leftist former President Dilma Rousseff was ...

Author: 0 Donald Trump signs waiver keeping US embassy in Israel's Tel Aviv

According to global consensus, the city should be the shared capital of independent Israeli and Palestinian states, and successive US administrations have said that the final status of Jerusalem should be decided through peace talks. status as an effective mediator. Trump is certainly not alone in his decision to keep the embassy in Tel Aviv, though. But press secretary Sean Spicer says Trump still intends to move the embassy from Tel Aviv.

Global Goldman's Blankfein criticizes US decision to leave Paris climate deal
Author: 0 Goldman's Blankfein criticizes US decision to leave Paris climate deal

With no major corporate results scheduled for release at the end of a week shortened by the bank holiday, all eyes will be on the reaction to President Trump's decision last night to withdraw the USA from the Paris climate accord as he negotiates a global agreement to "put American workers first".

Global Wild elephant tramples to death four persons near Vellore
Author: 0 Wild elephant tramples to death four persons near Vellore

According to officials, the elephant came out of the forest early on Friday and entered the residential area. Those who made it alive are undergoing treatment. After the girl was killed, the forest department officials told the villagers to stay indoors. This elephant responsible for the menace moved away from that area and went on to attack three more people including two women and grievously injured them.

Global Americans turn out by 1000s to remember JFK
Author: 0 Americans turn out by 1000s to remember JFK

During his 1,036 days in the White House, President Kennedy faced down the Soviet Union during the Cuban Missile Crisis and also ramped up USA involvement in Vietnam. Kennedy was killed by an assassin's bullets in Dallas on November 22, 1963. The event was held in partnership with the JFK Hyannis Museum at the Barnstable Performing Arts Center.

Global Trump withdraws from climate deal, tilts 'America First' toward 'American Alone'
Author: 0 Trump withdraws from climate deal, tilts 'America First' toward 'American Alone'

Questions of how worldwide treaties work aside, the actions of people on the ground in the U.S. might circumvent the Trump announcement - causing the U.S. It's a promise by 195 countries to each develop their own plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. But Trump's pull-out will enable Big Oil to continue reaping enormous profits by keeping as many people and businesses as possible addicted to oil for as long as possible.

Author: 0 The Manchester Bombing Benefit Concert Sold Out In 6 Minutes

Both acts will be appearing at the charity concert this Sunday (June 4) at the 50,000 capacity Emirates Old Trafford Cricket Ground . Ticket touts online are re-selling tickets for the Manchester victims' benefit concert for hundreds of pounds.

Global Ariana Grande Has Released an Official Statement on Manchester Arena Bombing
Author: 0 Ariana Grande Has Released an Official Statement on Manchester Arena Bombing

A man has been arrested in Moss Side in connection with the Manchester bombing. Police say they are now holding 11 men, aged between 18 and 44, in custody and have made major progress in their investigation. Meanwhile, Libyan security forces said Wednesday that they had tracked down and arrested Abedi's father, Ramadan, and younger brother, Hashim, in the country's capital Tripoli .

Global Tories put opposing independence at heart of five point pledge plan
Author: 0 Tories put opposing independence at heart of five point pledge plan

According to the Electoral Calculus projector, Tory seats would be gained at the expense of the SNP . Constituencies the Scottish Conservatives would seize include Aberdeen South, Aberdeenshire West and Kincardine, Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk, as well as Dumfries and Galloway, the analysis suggests.

Author: 0 Israel disappointed at Trump's decision not to move U.S. embassy

Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem should not be seen as dilution of that support. "He has repeatedly stated his intention to move it", the White House said in a statement. When Israel was established a year later, the US and other countries based their embassies in the Tel Aviv area instead of Jerusalem, out of respect for the United Nations plan.

Global Philippines' Duterte says Mindanao rebellion not Maute but 'purely ISIS'
Author: 0 Philippines' Duterte says Mindanao rebellion not Maute but 'purely ISIS'

It could not just be a decision, 'Let's go to Mindanao.' Plano na ito lahat . " Plano na ito lahat (This is all planned)", the President said , adding that the "insurrection" in Mindanao was funded by drug money. Jerome Adonis, Kilusang Mayo Uno secretary general also hit Lorenzana, Esperon and AFP chief Eduardo Año as "peace spoilers" who want to expand martial law to the whole country.

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