Author: 0 General Election: Labour's odds shortening by the hour following May's u-turn

However Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron vowed to mobilise a national campaign against what he called the " dementia tax " because of the potential impact on sufferers of the debilitating condition. The announcement has been widely described as a "u-turn" after the Conservative manifesto suggested the party would not introduce an absolute cap on care costs.

Author: 0 Trump rejects moving Israel embassy to Jerusalem _ for now

In urging Trump to reconsider, Zeldin, one of only two Jewish Republicans now serving in the House, went on to say "it was a credit to the president's campaign past year that he knew and was outspoken for moving the USA embassy as the correct path forward".

Global House begins debating N Carolina budget plan
Author: 0 House begins debating N Carolina budget plan

They are planning to use the same rules for a later tax overhaul. A full repeal would require 60 votes under Senate rules, and Republicans only have 52, said Sen. The debate comes after the House failed to pass its own version of the budget last month. "You've got to have 60 votes and we don't have 60 votes at this point", Grassley said.

Author: 0 Police release more images of Manchester bomber

Lisa Roussos, 48, was critically injured by shrapnel in the bombing that killed eight-year-old Saffie and injured her older sister, Ashlee Bromwich. Heightened security will be in place at Old Trafford on Sunday, as Ariana Grande returns for a tribute concert alongside artists including Coldplay, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber and Take That.

Global Manchester Police release man with no charge in bomb inquiry
Author: 0 Manchester Police release man with no charge in bomb inquiry

On Saturday, the UK's terror threat level was reduced from critical to severe and the army, which had been deployed as part of operation temperer, began to withdraw the country's streets on Monday. Burnham said the city had pulled together "through what has been our darkest week". The 14 men under arrest have not been identified or charged. "We still have a number of people in custody and we will be seeking to extend the custody of some of them as we work to understand what has gone on and ...

Author: 0 Philippine 'Friendly Fire' Kills 11 Soldiers in Marawi Fight

All we can do is make sure it will not happen again", he said. The fire has also injured eight others, Defence Secretary Delfin Lorenzana said , while expressing sorrow. The Maute and other hardline groups have rejected the peace process. "We secured the bridges and we're pushing toward to the lair of the enemy", said Lieutenant Colonel Jo-Ar Herrera.

Global Nomura admits part in Goldman Venezuelan bond deal
Author: 0 Nomura admits part in Goldman Venezuelan bond deal

Julio Borges has denounced the hypocrisy of Goldman Sachs for coming to the aid of Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro ( Telesur ). The opposition government has threatened that a successor government could forgo paying the debt. Although Goldman didn't buy directly from the government, experts say the immediate increase in Venezuela's reserves indicates Goldman's money went straight to Maduro's coffers.

Global At least 25 bodies found in Manila casino
Author: 0 At least 25 bodies found in Manila casino

The only gunshot wound was a guard at the complex who accidentally shot himself, authorities said. Mr dela Rosa told local media that the lone gunman had not shot at people but instead headed straight towards the room where the gambling chips were kept.

Author: 0 Cook memo condemns Trump's withdrawal from climate pact

But the bottom line is that the Paris Accord is very unfair, at the highest level, to the United States", Trump said in his speech. "Now, more than ever, we must be determined to solve climate change, and to challenge those leaders who do not believe in scientific facts or empirical truths", he went on.

Global What does 'Covfefe' mean? The answer may surprise you!
Author: 0 What does 'Covfefe' mean? The answer may surprise you!

White House aides hope that Mr. Kasowitz, who has advised Mr. Trump for years, can get through to the president - and that if Mr. Kasowitz leads a vigorous public defense, the president may not feel the need to do it himself. The spy agency subpoenas were not mentioned in a bipartisan announcement on Wednesday that the panel approved subpoenas for President Donald Trump's former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, and Trump's personal lawyer, Michael Cohen , in connection with ...

Author: 0 Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn go back to Brexit

Mr Corbyn's comments came after Ms Thornberry revealed that Labour will seek to implement its programme as a minority administration if it comes out of the June 8 General Election as the largest party in a hung parliament. The panel also clashed over immigration, security and terrorism, the National Health Services, and US President Donald Trump's decision to pull Washington out of climate change agreements.

Author: 0 Hillary Clinton: Trump has let loose 'dangerous' level of hate

And then there was her response in defending her husband from allegations of extramarital affairs: "You know, I'm not sitting here, some little woman standing by my man like Tammy Wynette". She offered up her perception of the part she played in her own election loss in one sentence. Clinton dismissed Wednesday the controversy surrounding her use of a private email server as secretary of state as a " nothing-burger " and blasted The New York Times for covering her email scandal ...

Author: 0 House Intel Dem 'disappointed' by Nunes' Russia probe remarks

A Tulare County resident who describes himself as opposing Nunes provided the Times with two cellphone videos shot at the event. In the end, the source of the documents turned out to be the White House, and Nunes stepped away from the Russian Federation probe when the House Ethics Committee announced it was investigating Nunes himself for revealing classified information.

Author: 0 Trump and Hillary trade jabs in Twitter skirmish

I get the nomination. "I thought it was a hidden message to the Russians", Clinton joked. "It was a mistake, I've said it was a mistake and, obviously, if I could turn the clock back, I wouldn't have done it in the first place. Several US congressional committees have launched investigations into Russia's efforts to influence the 2016 election and its possible coordination with Trump campaign aides or associates.

Author: 0 Philippines soldiers killed in 'friendly fire' air strike

The unrest has boosted fears that the Islamic State group's violent ideology is gaining a foothold in the country's restive southern islands, where Muslim separatist rebellions have raged for almost half a century. "But we are certainly agreed that martial law must be temporary". "I will use you as soldiers, with the same pay, privileges, and I will build houses for you", he said.

Author: 0 Comey 'Cleared for Takeoff' in Public Testimony Next Week

The House Intelligence Committee is proceeding with its own parallel inquiry, which is focused more on Russian meddling, leaks of classified information, and reports that identities of US persons in spy intercepts were improperly unmasked.

Author: 0 Terrorists do not worship God, they worship death ―Trump

Sending a tough message to Tehran shortly after pragmatist Hassan Rouhani was re-elected president, U.S. President Donald Trump urged Arab leaders to unite to defeat militants, and said Iran had for decades "fueled the fires of sectarian conflict and terror".

Author: 0 Norway PM "disappointed" over U.S. withdrawal from Paris climate deal

Such alliances "build momentum for a clean-energy future", Brown told The Associated Press in an interview. "Pulling out of the Paris agreement doesn't put America first, it puts America last in recognizing science, in being a world leader and protecting our own shore line, our economy and our planet".

Global Trump Renews Waiver to Keep US Embassy in Tel Aviv
Author: 0 Trump Renews Waiver to Keep US Embassy in Tel Aviv

But a USA official said no timetable has been set. "But, as he has repeatedly stated his intention to move the embassy, the question is not if that move happens, but only when". The status of Jerusalem is one of the major stumbling blocks. Israel re-captured East Jerusalem and the West Bank from Jordan during the 1967 Six Day War and later annexed it, in a move never recognized by the global community.

Author: 0 Trump's Paris Climate Decision Should Be Celebrated By Democrats, Republicans and Independents

Since taking office on January 20, Trump , who has called climate change a "hoax", has sent contradictory signals on the Paris deal. Connecticut Gov. "Trump is AWOL but California is on the field, ready for battle", Brown wrote in a tweeted photo. Before Trump announced his decision Thursday afternoon, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang told reporters during a visit to Berlin that fighting global warming was a "global consensus" and an "international responsibility".

Author: 0 At least two killed in Philippine casino attack

According to police in the Philippines , the victims at Resorts World Manila did not appear to have been shot but died of suffocation. Metropolitan Manila police chief Oscar Albayalde said none of the bodies had gunshot wounds. Dela Rosa said the gunman then broke into a room at the adjoining Maxims Hotel, located near the airport's Terminal 3 and burned himself alive. Fire trucks, ambulances and police cars were seen in the vicinity of the hotel.

Global Philippine police looking at 'person of interest' in connection with casino attack
Author: 0 Philippine police looking at 'person of interest' in connection with casino attack

The bodies were found in the smoky gambling room by firefighters and all died from suffocation and smoke inhalation, Metropolitan Manila police chief Oscar Albayalde said. Albayalde said "the bodies were found in the gaming area of the casino". The man later fled to the hotel section of the complex, leaving behind the backpack, and entered a hotel room.

Author: 0 Mich. environmentalists blast pullout from climate deal

Without mentioning the US specifically, Li said that "China in recent years has stayed true to its commitment" and pointed out that his was one of the first countries to ratify the 2015 Paris Agreement. "The president wants to ground it - we're going to fly it". "It is not sad for the global community". The accord would have forced the country to move toward adopting more toward solar and wind energy, whose higher costs are mostly reduced through heavy government subsidies, he said.

Global Resorts World attack 'isolated case,' says PAGCOR
Author: 0 Resorts World attack 'isolated case,' says PAGCOR

The declaration and the war against terrorism in the country have been proven to be of global interest with the news making headlines all over the world. Meanwhile, as The Two-Way reported , the Philippine military has been battling ISIS-linked militants that seized parts of the southern city of Marawi last month.

Global Islamic War Rages in Philippines as ISIS Overruns City, Murders Christians
Author: 0 Islamic War Rages in Philippines as ISIS Overruns City, Murders Christians

President Rodrigo Duterte declared martial law in the south through mid-July after the militants went on a deadly rampage in Marawi last week following an unsuccessful military raid to capture Hapilon. "We have to recover that but we are clearing [Marawi City] step by step to recover [the tank]", he said. And military leaders say they do not intend to negotiate with terrorists.

Author: 0 USA quits Paris climate pact

In an exceptional step, continental Europe's three biggest economies - Germany, France and Italy - issued a joint statement to criticise Trump's move and slap away his offer of renegotiating the deal. President Trump has flipped that argument on its head. The President's justification that this is an economic decision is irresponsible and ill-informed.

Global Philippines: Friendly fire kills 11 troops fighting Isis
Author: 0 Philippines: Friendly fire kills 11 troops fighting Isis

MARAWI , Philippines (AP) — Foreign fighters including Chechens and Arabs are among Muslim militants who were killed in weeklong fighting in a southern Philippine city that involved about 500 gunmen aligned with the Islamic State group, the Philippine defense chief said Thursday .

Global Philippine military mistakenly kills own soldiers
Author: 0 Philippine military mistakenly kills own soldiers

The government is still investigating what caused the incident. The militants had freed jailed comrades to join the battle and opted to engage in urban warfare because the city had stocks of arms and ample supplies of food. There must be some mistake there", he said. The Commission on Human Rights is also "enjoined" to "zealously exercise" its mandate of ensuring the protection of constitutional and human rights of all citizens while martial law is still in force.

Author: 0 Trump decides not to move US Embassy in Israel

On the peace process level, Al-Omari said that a second reason for Trump's restraint was that moving the embassy "would make resuming the peace talks practically impossible" at a time when Washington is attempting to jumpstart direct talks between the Israelis and the Palestinians stalled since 2013.

Author: 0 NBA Finals Full TV Schedule, Where To Watch

Today is the big day when the National Basketball Association finals kick off: the reigning champs, the Cleveland Cavaliers led by the determined LeBron James are facing the super-team of the Golden State Warriors with Kevin Durant and Steph Curry on board.

Author: 0 France's Macron says United States interests to be harmed by climate deal withdrawal

A study published by the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication found that 47 percent of Trump voters wanted the United States to stay, compared to just 28 percent who thought the country should withdraw. Former president Barack Obama , who was instrumental in brokering the deal, said the Trump administration was joining a "small handful of nations that reject the future".

Author: 0 Spicer suggests Trump's 'covfefe' tweet was a secret message

Kushner's outreach, at a time of alleged Russian meddling in the US election, has fed accusations of Trump campaign collusion, which the FBI is investigating. The White House said at the time that Obama was permitted to keep his Blackberry through a compromise that allowed him to stay in touch with senior White House staffers and a small group of personal friends.

Global At least 34 bodies found at casino complex Featured
Author: 0 At least 34 bodies found at casino complex Featured

His daughter had been on the second floor inside Resorts World and called her father for help because she was being suffocated by smoke. Ronald dela Rosa said police were in control of the situation and it was possible Islamic State would claim responsibility to serve its propaganda.

Author: 0 French President Emmanuel Macron Trolls Donald Trump: 'Make Our Planet Great Again'

Washington state, NY and California announced on Thursday the formation of the United States Climate Alliance, a coalition that will bring together states committed to upholding the climate agreement. "If we can't, that's fine". Germany's environment minister underscored that Friday, saying "there will be no new deal with the United States" on climate change.

Author: 0 Sources to CNN: Trump to Keep Embassy in Tel Aviv

The Palestinians see east Jerusalem as the capital of their future state. One official said that "all parties" - meaning both Israeli and Palestinian leaders - have been notified that the embassy would be staying in Tel Aviv. The Palestinians are praising President Donald Trump's decision not to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, saying it strengthens the chances of peace.

Global Two arrested in morning raids
Author: 0 Two arrested in morning raids

But they were left "furious" by repeated leaks of material shared with their US counterparts, which provides an awkward backdrop for Prime Minister Theresa May's meeting with US President Donald Trump at the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit in Brussels later Thursday.

Global Rolls Royce Phantom - eighth generation confirmed for July release
Author: 0 Rolls Royce Phantom - eighth generation confirmed for July release

The exhibition will take place in Mayfair, London. Fred Astaire's 1927 Phantom I, on loan from the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, California will be the crown jewel of the exhibition. It wasn't until 1950 that the Phantom was purchased by its next owner and in its present ownership, it has been meticulously refurbished. However, once seen, a further 17 were exclusively commissioned at the request of other royal families and heads of state around the world.

Author: 0 Leonardo DiCaprio shudders as Trump pulls USA out of Paris Agreement

Mr Trump's predecessor, Barack Obama , said that the Trump administration rejects the future in pulling out of the pact. Ibec, the group representing Irish business, reaffirmed its support for the Paris agreement. and for our planet", he said in a televised speech. West Virginia Coal Association Senior Vice President Chris Hamilton said USA withdrawal from the Paris accord would build confidence in US mining and industry even if it wouldn't make major changes on the ground.

Author: 0 Trump says USA to quit Paris climate pact, allies voice dismay

Army Brigadier Gen. Gerald Galloway, who is now a University of Maryland engineering professor. Chief executive Odd Arild Grefstad cited the growth of renewable energy in US states such as Texas, New York and California as signs that "the world has started the transition from fossil to a renewable economy".

Global Pak adopts wait and watch on Saudi counter terrorism alliance
Author: 0 Pak adopts wait and watch on Saudi counter terrorism alliance

According to him, these activities could include political consultations, intelligence-sharing, capacity-building, developing counter-narrative and military cooperation. Sartaj Aziz explained that Pakistan's policy on this matter is as per guidelines of the Parliament on April 10, 2015. Pakistan said on Friday that it maintains a balanced position on conflicts in West Asia and fully supports Saudi Arabia's territorial integrity.

Global Kinder's Canada Woes Deepen With Pipeline Foes on Brink of Power
Author: 0 Kinder's Canada Woes Deepen With Pipeline Foes on Brink of Power

Guichon can only negotiate with one political leader at a time and she is now working with Clark, who has the right to test the confidence of the house. It is likely that she will turn first to Christy Clark's Liberals, who won the most seats. "We have a duty to meet the house and to test its confidence, constitutional convention tells us that".

Author: 0 Theresa May hits back at 'blowhard' criticism from Jeremy Paxman

The broadcast was shown live on Sky News and Channel 4. May said she would strive for " a fair settlement " and "the right deal... which will stop us paying huge sums every single year", responding to a question about if she would entertain an option of paying £100 billion to secure a Brexit deal.

Author: 0 Global leaders dismiss Trump's suggestion climate pact can be revised

While China , which makes up 20% of the world's population, emits more Carbon dioxide now, historically, the USA has polluted more than any other country. "Other nations talk a good game, we lead with action not words". He said he is taking the decision to protect the interest of American businesses and workers.

Author: 0 Jerry Brown Heads To China For Climate Change Talks

Now, Trump's continuing to give the same business to the historic Paris Agreement of 2015 on climate change . Other companies and CEOs joined the chorus. "We have implemented a cap on carbon pollution, and we will continue working with businesses and research institutions to develop and deploy 21st century clean energy solutions", Inslee said in a statement.

Author: 0 Recent internet attacks in which Russians suspected

The overall capital of the Russian Direct Investment Fund's (RDIF's) partnerships with foreign investors amounts to over $30 billion, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday. Mr Putin said Moscow will wait until current anti-Russian sentiment in the U.S. abates before trying to forge ties with Mr Trump. "Just like artists who wake up in the morning in a good mood and start painting, likewise, hackers get up in the morning and read the news about global affairs".

Author: 0 Trudeau calls Trump to say climate decision a 'disappointment'

He said American withdrawal "represents a reassertion of American sovereignty". Democratic senator Sheldon Whitehouse, co-chair of the US Senate's Climate Action Task Force said, "ignoring reality and leaving the Paris agreement could go down as one of the worst foreign policy blunders in our nation's history".

Author: 0 Corbyn says he won't quit even if he loses election

It was yet to be signed off by most senior party figures, including the shadow cabinet and Labour's national executive committee. According to a leaked copy of its draft manifesto, the Labour Party - under its leader Jeremy Corbyn - will return to policies echoing those of three decades ago, promising to hike taxes on Britain's highest earners and companies to fund education and health.

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