Author: 0 Another Impeachment Scandal in Brazil?

Despite this defiant stance, the impact of this political crisis on Brazil was felt immediately. A demonstrator holds a photo of Brazil's President Michel Temer that reads in Spanish "Get out Satan!" in Rio de Janeiro , Brazil, Thursday, May 18, 2017.

Author: 0 Modi seeks to repair Russia ties on Europe tour

Following talks, both sides signed 12 agreements and memoranda of understandings that included cooperation in digitalization, skill development, cyber policy, health, railway safety and sustainable urban development. He mentioned sectors such as infrastructure, renewable energy, food processing, auto, chemicals, and textiles and invited Spanish participation in the Smart Cities initiative.

Author: 0 United Nations chief slams terrorist attack in Afghanistan

A statement from North Atlantic Treaty Organisation forces in Afghanistan praised "the courage of Afghan Security Forces, especially the police and first responders". One Western official based in Kabul , speaking on the condition that he wouldn't be named, suggested the attack may have been aimed at derailing a 21-country peace summit that the Afghan capital was preparing to host on June 6.

Global Military says 89 gunmen killed during Philippine urban battle
Author: 0 Military says 89 gunmen killed during Philippine urban battle

Eighty-nine militants had been killed in the efforts to reclaim the city and find Hapilon, Padilla told reporters. Lorenzana said militants who were Saudi, Malaysian, Indonesian, Yemeni and Chechen were among eight foreigners killed fighting with the Maute rebels.

Global AFP says video of abducted priest a terrorist propaganda
Author: 0 AFP says video of abducted priest a terrorist propaganda

The military has from the outset insisted it has control of the situation. A Philippines intelligence source said that of the 400-500 marauding fighters who overran Marawi City on the island of Mindanao last Tuesday, as many as 40 had recently come from overseas, including from countries in the Middle East.

Author: 0 Russians 'Must Be Laughing at US'

But the sources warned that the Russian officials' claims " could have been exaggerated or even made up " as part of a ploy to sow disinformation during the election, CNN reported . Months before the revelations over the last two weeks or so, Watts wrote: "Trump's loose style of alliances and tactical actions make him ideally suited for the "Useful Idiot" scenario of Russian influence as he takes on advisors and positions based on perceived loyalty, yet without a clear understanding of his ...

Global Donald Trump cites Australia in Islamic terror speech
Author: 0 Donald Trump cites Australia in Islamic terror speech

Trump, who generated controversy with his push to ban many Muslims from entering the United States, described the fight against terrorism as a battle between good and evil rather than a clash of civilizations. Ross's comments set off Twitter, with many people noting that Saudi Arabia is a fundamentalist monarchy with a tradition of using violence against dissenters.

Author: 0 UK PM boycotts TV debate despite Labour challenge

The BBC debate comes at a point of increasing uncertainty about the election result, with the Conservatives' poll lead having fallen significantly, and one YouGov study suggesting there could be a hung parliament. "The Prime Minister didn't have the guts to come along this evening to tell us". An angry Mr Corbyn was then applauded when he immediately shot back at her: "Have you been to a food bank?" The leaders of the Liberal Democrats, the UK Independence Party, the Greens and Welsh ...

Author: 0 Democrats are focusing on Russian Federation as an "excuse", Nunes says

Her decision to speak at the firm, Clinton said, was partly shaped by her understanding of Goldman's role in the economy. But Mrs. Clinton said that she felt the influence from Russian Federation was a major factor, especially on social media, and that fake posts were a huge influence on people's vote.

Author: 0 Mosul civilians in 'grave danger' as ISIS resists Iraqi forces

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi had initially hoped Mosul would be retaken by the end of 2016. Its capital, Baghdad, and a northern city, Mosul . Civilians too have been caught in the crossfire, leaving hundreds of thousands displaced and thousands dead.

Author: 0 President Trump in Israel: Day of historic firsts

According to the Times of Israel , son-in-law and aide to the United States president, Jared Kushner, told Israeli opposition leader Isaac Herzog on Tuesday, before their departure, that the White House was preparing to quickly act on promises made to restart peace talks between the Israel and the Palestinians.

Global Trump 'poised to quit Paris climate agreement'
Author: 0 Trump 'poised to quit Paris climate agreement'

Investigators are focussing on a meeting Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner had last December with a Russian banker considered close to Vladimir Putin. However, following the reports , Trump only said he will announce his decision in the coming days.

Global Edinboro man arrested in Trump Hotel on weapons charge
Author: 0 Edinboro man arrested in Trump Hotel on weapons charge

Police in Washington , D.C., arrested a man Wednesday morning who allegedly brought an assault rifle, a handgun, and 90 rounds of ammunition to the Trump International Hotel , where he had booked a room, officials said at a press conference .

Global ICJ has given no order on 'consular access' for Jadhav: Aziz
Author: 0 ICJ has given no order on 'consular access' for Jadhav: Aziz

In a post on Facebook , Katju said India has given Pakistan an opportunity to approach ICJ for deciding Kashmir dispute. "The ICJ has not issued any order with regard to consular access", he added. The legal points of the case should be discussed but there should be no politics on the issue, he said, according to a report by state-run Radio Pakistan.

Author: 0 Clinton 'blames everybody but herself' for electoral loss

It was on the verge of insolvency. The 69-year-old Democrat said her party had fallen behind the Republicans in using technology and data to target voters. On the other hand, Clinton's failure to recognize how good she had it from the DNC is another sign of her continued blindness when it comes to 2016. To back out, she said, would be "throwing out the economic opportunities that being part of the Paris agreement provide for the United States".

Global Trump pulling US out of Paris climate deal - Axios
Author: 0 Trump pulling US out of Paris climate deal - Axios

Trump says he's "hearing from a lot of people both ways". Eric Holthaus, a meteorologist , drew attention on Twitter Wednesday when he railed against Trump's alleged decision to pull out of the agreement-a move that appears to be made on the grounds that it negatively affects the US economy .

Author: 0 Trump's First Foreign Trip A Show of "American Strength"

To all of humanity and together we will overcome this threat. "Love your shoes. Boy, those shoes". Macron - Meeting newly-elected French President Emmanuel Macron for the first time, Trump engaged in not one but two extremely uncomfortable looking handshakes with the young leader.

Author: 0 YouGov model shows Britain's Conservatives 3 points ahead of Labour

According to predictions from the same polling company, the party is 57 points ahead of the Conservatives among voters that are under 25 years old, compared to just 28 points shortly after the elections were called in April. Will we really end up with a hung parliament? During a visit to Plymouth Fisheries, where she met local fishermen, Mrs May said: "The only poll that matters is the one that's going to take place on June 8 and then people will have a choice as to who they want to see as ...

Author: 0 Trump Administration Begins NAFTA Renegotiation Process

Renegotiation of NAFTA has always been part of President Trump's agenda. During the campaign, Donald Trump called NAFTA "a disaster". There is no denying that foreign trade deals like NAFTA have hurt hardworking Americans and our manufacturing sector.

Global Packed field of Utah candidates vie for Chaffetz seat in Utah
Author: 0 Packed field of Utah candidates vie for Chaffetz seat in Utah

He said one of his colleagues can handle the Trump investigation, adding that his committee must first find out from the U.S. Department of Justice if documents exist to verify allegations of Trump's tampering with the FBI review of his campaign's ties to Russian Federation.

Global State gas tax hike proposal dies without House debate
Author: 0 State gas tax hike proposal dies without House debate

This is just in case they run out of time before the state's budget and a house construction financing bill is agreed upon. One of the more popular bills that didn't make it very far this year, the gas tax bill sponsored by Representative Steve Carter of Baton Rouge.

Author: 0 Venezuela Opposition Blames Goldman Sachs for Aiding Dictatorship

The company paid 31 cents on the dollar for bonds issued by Venezuelan state-run Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A., or PDVSA, oil company, the outlet reported. A second more pointed resolution authored by the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Panama and Peru urged the Maduro administration not to go ahead with a constituent assembly that would rewrite the Venezuelan constitution.

Global Pep: Bayern, Barca would have fired me
Author: 0 Pep: Bayern, Barca would have fired me

That transformation, to which Zabaleta has been integral, means a trophy-less season and a battle to secure Champions League qualification running into the final week of the campaign must be considered a disappointment at City . Asked to clarify that at Barcelona and Bayern he would have been sacked, an irritated Guardiola said: "Yeah, because I have to win". Guardiola also faces a decision over whether to give Pablo Zabaleta his last start at the Etihad.

Global North Korea fires off apparent ballistic missile — South Korea military
Author: 0 North Korea fires off apparent ballistic missile — South Korea military

Japanese Defense Minister Tomomi Inada said that the missile reached a maximum altitude of 100 kilometers (62 miles). " South Korea and the United States are now closely analyzing for additional information". mainland. "The missile was tracked for six minutes until it landed in the Sea of Japan", Pacific Command said in a statement, adding that it was working to assess the missile.

Global Trump calls on Muslims to drive out extremism
Author: 0 Trump calls on Muslims to drive out extremism

Trump, arriving from Saudi Arabia , declared he saw the possibility of new alignment of Muslim nations and Israel against a shared foe - Iran . The major speech, which Trump delivered Sunday during an Arab-Islamic-American summit in Riyadh to leaders of 55 Muslim-majority countries, marks Trump's first effort to reach out to the world's 1.6 billion Muslims worldwide.

Global Out of Paris climate accord, White House official says
Author: 0 Out of Paris climate accord, White House official says

The agreement , formally known as the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change , focuses on ways to reduce greenhouse gases emissions. Withdrawing would leave the United States aligned only with Russian Federation among the world's industrialized economies in rejecting action to combat climate change .

Global White House official: Trump plans to pull U.S. from Paris deal
Author: 0 White House official: Trump plans to pull U.S. from Paris deal

However, others on Trump's team are pushing him to withdraw , something he promised to do as a candidate. Trump's son-in-law and top aide, Jared Kushner , was said to be neutral on the deal. He calls the expected withdrawal "a big setback". But another, more extreme route, could see the world's largest economy abandon the United Nations agreements that underpin Paris and much other work on climate change.

Global White House staff 'gnashing their teeth' over 'toxic' Lewandowski's imminent return
Author: 0 White House staff 'gnashing their teeth' over 'toxic' Lewandowski's imminent return

Spicer was asked on Tuesday whether Trump knew about reported efforts by Kushner in December to set up a back channel for communications with Russian Federation. But some of the sources close to Spicer warned that scuttlebutt about impending shakeups has been a feature of Trump's tenure in the White House since the beginning, and yet little has actually shaken up.

Author: 0 Angela Merkel claims Brexit talks will be about STRENGTHENING Europe

Trump could have seized on that to make a case for a more positive German contribution to the world economy. "That's not what she said ". " The times in which we could rely fully on others - they are somewhat over", she added during, it should be noted, a campaign rally.

Global Iowa's GOP senators cast doubt on health care law repeal
Author: 0 Iowa's GOP senators cast doubt on health care law repeal

Senate should switch to 51 votes , immediately, and get Healthcare and TAX CUTS approved, fast and easy". Rep. Charlie Dent, R-Pa., a senior House appropriator, said he doubts whether Republicans alone can pass a debt-ceiling increase and urged Trump and congressional leaders to spend June and July negotiating a deal with Democrats that would extend the debt limit, set new spending numbers and possibly extend the Children's Health Insurance Program, whose funding lapses on September ...

Author: 0 Jeremy Corbyn will take part in live TV debate on BBC

Mr Farron signed off with a pop at the PM, saying: 'She can't be bothered, so why should you? "I've been taking Jeremy Corbyn on directly week in and week out at Prime Minister's Questions" in the House of Commons, she said. During the European Union referendum campaign it consistently showed that more voters favoured Leave than Remain. There was little discussion of Brexit in a debate more focused on issues such as healthcare, pensions and other benefits .

Author: 0 House adopts resolution supporting PRRD's martial law declaration

However, the imposition of martial law throughout Mindanao for at least 60 days could also affect the Philippine armed forces' handling of other armed conflicts on the island, including with the communist New People's Army and various Moro insurgent groups.

Author: 0 Trump's communications director set to leave White House

Dubke's last day as White House communications director has not been set yet, officials said . "Russian officials must be laughing at the USA & how a lame excuse for why the Dems lost the election has taken over the Fake News", Trump tweeted.

Author: 0 What to know about the Paris Agreement, possible US withdrawal

He said pulling out of the Paris agreement will turn the Unites States "from a climate leader into a climate laggard". That option would be much quicker, taking only a year, but would be a more drastic move from the Trump administration.

Author: 0 PM inaugurates country's longest river bridge

PM Modi said that, "Demonetisation was a very hard call to take and that the only reason it became a success was because of the government's good intentions and the support of the people". "Every corner of India is like Delhi for us", Modi said, stressing that every part of the country would get the same attention as they deserve. Also, the bridge is considered to be a big deal as India sees it as an attempt to shore up the nation's defence requirements along the border (Sino-Indian) hence ...

Author: 0 Elon Musk threatens to break up with Trump over Paris Agreement

But Trump's chief White House economic adviser, Gary Cohn , told reporters during the trip overseas that Trump's views on climate change were "evolving" following the president's discussions with European leaders. The the world's second-largest emitter of carbon, following only China. But Dr Kemp said that's what other countries said when the United States could not ratify the Kyoto Protocol (the previous major emissions reduction agreement).

Author: 0 Labour leader challenges under-pressure UK PM to TV debate

A total of seven polls carried out since the May 22 Manchester attack have shown May's lead over the opposition Labour Party narrowing, with some suggesting she might not win the landslide predicted just a month ago. Labour would get 257 seats, up from 229, the Liberal Democrats 10, up from the nine Tim Farron's party held when the election was called, the SNP 50, the Greens one and Plaid Cymru three.

Global America's Cup qualifiers postponed due to light wind
Author: 0 America's Cup qualifiers postponed due to light wind

Wednesday's event was halted as winds dropped below six knots, and the opening day's racing was delayed because of gale-force winds. Winds between six to 24 knots are required to run the race, under the rules of the 35th America's Cup. Each of the six teams races the other twice in the head-to-head match race format, with a point for the victor. "For me, it's incredibly positive to see people in their droves having a great time at the America's Cup Village, even when we have to postpone a ...

Author: 0 Vehicle bombings kill 14 in Iraqi capital

Islamic State has been retreating in Iraq since the end of 2015 in the face of US -backed government forces and Iranian-backed Shi'ite paramilitary groups. All officials spoke on condition of anonymity in line with regulations. The bomber struck just days after the start of the holy Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, during which Iraqis often stay out late shopping or socialising after breaking their daily fast.

Global Armed Man At Orlando Airport Arrested, No Injuries
Author: 0 Armed Man At Orlando Airport Arrested, No Injuries

At a press conference Tuesday night, Orlando Police Department chief John Mina said officers confronted the suspect - identified as Michael Wayne Pettigrew, 26, a former Marine - who was holding a handgun. The suspect's friend called authorities and told them the suspect was at the airport and said he wanted to die, a law enforcement source told the Orlando Sentinel.

Global China factory activity held steady in May, index shows
Author: 0 China factory activity held steady in May, index shows

Japan's Nikkei 225 index fell 0.1 percent and South Korea's Kospi gained 0.2 percent. Australia's S&P/ASX 200 was up 0.12% at 5,724.57, while New Zealand's S&P/NZX 50 was 0.1% firmer at 7,418.90. "China's manufacturing sector has come under greater pressure in May and the economy is clearly on a downward trajectory", Zhengsheng Zhong, director of macroeconomic analysis at CEBM Group, said in a note accompanying the Caixin survey.

Author: 0 United Kingdom interior minister "confident" Manchester attack leaks will end -BBC reporter

Her comments came after British officials said they would no longer share intelligence on the attack with USA officials after information was leaked tot he US media. The name of the man arrested in the early hours Friday and those of the eight others in custody were not released. In Moss Side, a cordon was in place around the Fade Away barbershop in Princess Road, near to the junction of Claremont Road, which neighbours said had been closed since Monday's attack.

Author: 0 Ariana Grande promises to return to Manchester for fundraising concert

However, A woman arrested in the Blackley area of Manchester was released without charge. "Our coverage of Monday's horrific attack has been both comprehensive and responsible". British officials said Abedi had been on the radar of the intelligence community before the massacre. British Prime Minister Theresa May has raised her concerns over alleged intelligence leaks from the Manchester bombing investigation with U.S.

Author: 0 North Atlantic Treaty Organisation head defends 'blunt' USA leader

The speech opened with a moment of silence for the Manchester attack and with an extended reflection on the danger posed by terrorists, who Trump called "losers", before pivoting to the question of defense funding. Trump, who is known for both his criticism of the alliance and his fondness for the spotlight. In almost 70 years of existence, Article 5 has only been invoked once - September 11, 2001 - and was the catalyst for NATO's involvement in the war in Afghanistan that followed.

Author: 0 Key US-Europe relations called into question after Trump trip

Trump's tweet underscored the deterioration of links with a key North Atlantic Treaty Organisation ally, yet his timing also highlighted Germany's web of relations with global partners who broadly share Merkel's free-trade outlook and conviction on combating climate change.

Global Musk to Trump: I'll leave you for Paris
Author: 0 Musk to Trump: I'll leave you for Paris

On Twitter the president said: "I will be announcing my decision on the Paris Accord over the next few days." The accord , agreed on by almost 200 countries in 2015, aims to cut emissions blamed for global warming". The White House was poised to make a decision earlier this month, but punted until after last week's meeting in Sicily with leaders of the Group of Seven industrialized nations.

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