Global This brand new iPad is a North Korean exclusive
Author: 0 This brand new iPad is a North Korean exclusive

While North Korean tech companies have ripped off Apple's ideas in the past, even once unveiling a computer that looked almost identical to an iMac, this is the first time an internationally famous trademark has been blatantly been lifted, according to NK News .

Global New Trump attack on Germany widens transatlantic rift
Author: 0 New Trump attack on Germany widens transatlantic rift

He already set the stage with some White House handshake weirdness with Merkel in March . Merkel also emphasized the continued need for friendly relations with the US and others. Trump's response came in the early hours of Tuesday when he took to Twitter to once again demand that Germany renegotiate the terms of transatlantic trade and boost its defense spending.

Global Trump and Merkel 'get along very well'
Author: 0 Trump and Merkel 'get along very well'

Mr Dubke, a communications firm owner who was brought into the Trump administration in March, submitted his resignation on 18 May, though he has not set a last day on the job and is leaving on good terms, according to Axios News, which first reported his departure, citing a senior administration official.

Author: 0 Zbigniew Brzezinski, former United States national security advisor, dead at 89

Brzezinski, who was Polish born, served as Carter's national security advisor during the Iran hostage crisis and the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Serving under President Jimmy Carter, Brzezinski helped topple economic barriers between the Soviet Union, China and the West. During the Iranian hostage crisis, which began in 1979, Brzezinski became convinced that negotiations to free American diplomats kidnapped by mobs in Tehran were going nowhere.

Global Trump's Twitter remarks intensify row between US and Germany
Author: 0 Trump's Twitter remarks intensify row between US and Germany

Her comments came after Trump last week criticised major North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies over their military spending and ruffled feathers by refusing to endorse a global climate change accord. Germany and France, two strong advocates of the landmark Paris climate change accords, oppose the Trump administration's initiative to potentially pull out of the agreement.

Global ISIS kills 30 in Mosul during the holy month of Ramadan
Author: 0 ISIS kills 30 in Mosul during the holy month of Ramadan

Abadi also hailed the advance of the Hashd Shaabi units to the border with Syria and their liberation of many towns and villages, including villages of Yazidi minority who were brutally attacked by the IS. In the second attack, an explosives-laden vehicle blew up during rush-hour near the state-run Public Pension Office in Baghdad's busy Shawaka area, a police officer said.

Global Trump to pull the plug on Paris climate accord
Author: 0 Trump to pull the plug on Paris climate accord

Senior adviser Jared Kushner generally thinks the deal is bad but still would like to see if emissions targets can be changed. For all its symbolic importance, the decision may have little practical effect on USA carbon emissions. He had promised during his presidential campaign to pull the United States out of the deal. The United States is set to join Syria and Nicaragua as the world's only non-participants in the Paris Climate Agreement .

Global Kabul attack highlights security challenges in Afghanistan as US mulls more troops
Author: 0 Kabul attack highlights security challenges in Afghanistan as US mulls more troops

Closer to the explosion it shattered glass in homes, offices and cars. Josh Smith, a correspondent for Reuters news agency in Kabul , headed to a major city hospital just a few blocks away from the blast site. "The Islamic Emirate condemns every such blast which targets civilians , kills innocent people and has no genuine target". It is not uncommon for Isis to wait for a day or two before making claims of responsibility for attacks.

Author: 0 Trump leaves country scratching their heads after tweeting 'covfefe'

Trump tweeted just after midnight on Wednesday: " Despite the constant negative press covfefe ". He deleted the tweet hours later. Sometimes it pays to be hip to internet trends, and thanks to President Donald Trump's latest viral tweet, Chicagoans can get a discount at a popular Windy City night spot.

Author: 0 Jeremy Corbyn leaves door open for potential deal with SNP

Detailed Brexit negotiations between Britain and the European Union are set to start 11 days after the election, so there will be intense pressure to form a government by then. May called the election three years early in a bid to strengthen her hand going into Brexit talks, which are due to begin on June 19. Sterling had a choppy day, falling nearly a cent against the US dollar on the YouGov model but then rising on a Kantar poll which showed May's lead had increased to 10 ...

Author: 0 Trump communications director Dubke is leaving, white house says

On Twitter , the president said "Russian officials must be laughing at the USA - and how a lame excuse for why the Dems lost the election - has taken over the fake news ". Mike Dubke, the White House Communications Director , resigned earlier this week . He joined the administration about a month after the President's inauguration in January and has reportedly struggled to mesh well with Mr Trump.

Author: 0 Ethopia's Ghebreyesus replaces Chan as World Health Organization director general

Jubilant supporters, including one waving an Ethiopian flag, surrounded the 52-year-old malaria specialist after the final result was announced in the assembly hall at the UN's Geneva headquarters. Tedros, he is the first African to head the agency. Dr. Tedro defeated David Nabarro , MD, a physician and longtime United Nations adviser from Britain, in the second round of voting.

Author: 0 Trump's communications director resigns

President Donald Trump says celebrity Kathy Griffin "should be ashamed of herself" for appearing in a video holding what looked like Trump's bloody, severed head. The reshuffle follows reports of disarray in the White House communications team. Kellyanne Conway , White House counselor, has told The Associated Press that Dubke handed in his resignation before President Donald Trump left for his global trip earlier this month.

Global Scott Pelley Is Reportedly Out as Anchor of CBS Evening News
Author: 0 Scott Pelley Is Reportedly Out as Anchor of CBS Evening News

Two people familiar with the situation confirmed reports on Wednesday that CBS is expected to announce Pelley's departure shortly. Despite some critical success it has not been able to close the gap. Pelley has been direct - at times unsparing - in characterizing the credibility of the Trump White House. It has been reported that this decision was made because CBS' ratings were a distant third behind ABC and NBC.

Global Trump is pulling U.S. out of Paris climate change deal, reports say
Author: 0 Trump is pulling U.S. out of Paris climate change deal, reports say

Trump, who has previously called global warming a hoax, refused to endorse the landmark climate change accord at a summit of the G7 group of wealthy nations on Saturday, saying he needed more time to decide. "And I'm quite certain the president is wide open on this issue as he takes in the pros and cons of that accord", said Mattis. If the USA stays in the agreement, the company said it would advocate changes including a more rigorous reassessment of emissions goals and an increased ...

Global First advertiser pulls ads from Hannity
Author: 0 First advertiser pulls ads from Hannity

So far, at least seven different advertisers have agreed to stop buying ads on his TV show, including, USAA and Crowne Plaza Hotels . Fox News host Sean Hannity lost an advertiser Wednesday after peddling a debunked conspiracy theory surrounding the death of former Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich , BuzzFeed reported .

Global Trump to announce decision on Paris climate agreement
Author: 0 Trump to announce decision on Paris climate agreement

If the USA secedes from the alliance, it would become only the third nation out of 197 that is eligible to participate in the agreement but refuse to do so. Apple CEO Tim Cook also reportedly called the White House to urge the president to keep the U.S. in the agreement. " Make America great again! ", Trump said.

Global Son of former Auburn running back transferring to SC
Author: 0 Son of former Auburn running back transferring to SC

Davis Sr. told the newspaper his son will have to walk-on while sitting out this season because Auburn blocked him from being on scholarship at another SEC school or Clemson. The 6-foot-4, 207-pounder played on the defensive side of the ball for most of his career at Dutch Fork but was moved to running back early in his senior season.

Global Thirteen soldiers die in helicopter crash after it hits high-voltage electricity line
Author: 0 Thirteen soldiers die in helicopter crash after it hits high-voltage electricity line

A Cougar Type military helicopter crashed in the southern Turkish province of Sirnak, Anadolu news quoted the province governor's office as saying in a statement late Wednesday. The investigation teams have been dispatched to the site of accident. In March, seven people, including four Russians, were killed when a privately-owned helicopter crashed in Istanbul after hitting a television tower.

Author: 0 ICJ verdict on Jadhav a big relief: BJP chief Shah

The ICJ said the mere fact that he may be executed is sufficient to demonstrate that there is a risk of irreparable damage and directed Pakistan to take all appropriate measures at its disposal to ensure Jadhav is not executed pending final decision.

Global Donald Trump resisting pressure over threat to quit Paris climate deal
Author: 0 Donald Trump resisting pressure over threat to quit Paris climate deal

After taking office, however, Trump faced pressure to stay in the deal from investors, worldwide powers and business leaders, including some in the coal industry. The Sierra Club said USA withdrawal from the Paris deal would be a " historic mistake ", while Friends of the Earth said that this move would make the United States the world's "foremost climate villain".

Global Trump poised to quit Paris climate agreement
Author: 0 Trump poised to quit Paris climate agreement

During Trump's overseas trip last week, other G7 leaders including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pressed him to keep the the pact. "Whoever becomes the next United Kingdom prime minister, they must now step up on climate action and show that our "special relationship" with the USA can not extend to supporting a nation that would so flippantly jeopardise the climate for future generations", he said .

Author: 0 Zbigniew Brzezinski, prominent Ukraine supporter, dies at 89

The "inquisitive and innovative" son of a Polish diplomat, Mr Brzezinski was a "natural choice" as national security adviser, Mr Carter said in his tribute. Bush a B, Bill Clinton a C and George W. Bush an F. Brzezinski characteristically favored military action to free the 52 American hostages and punish Iran .

Author: 0 Confusion in White House as Trump's communications director resigns

But it remains unclear whether the president might envision them working inside the White House or in outside roles. Urban was a senior adviser for the Trump campaign, according to the website. Dubke's last day on the job has not been determined. On Tuesday, Trump tweeted a Fox News story also featuring an unnamed source claiming that Kushner did not bring up the back channel himself.

Global Sukhoi jet crash: 2 pilots confirmed dead
Author: 0 Sukhoi jet crash: 2 pilots confirmed dead

Squadron Leader D Pankaj and Flight Lieutenant S Achudev could not initiate ejection before the jet crashed about 60 kms from the Tezpur Airbase. The aircraft had lost radar and radio contact near the China border 40 minutes after its take-off and declared "overdue" and a search and rescue operation was launched on 23 may afternoon to locate the aircraft and the pilots, according to the Defence PRO.

Global Trump's tweet tirade against Germany could backfire on US
Author: 0 Trump's tweet tirade against Germany could backfire on US

But Trump says Germany's trade surplus hurts USA interests, and he has criticized what he deems as Germany's low defence spending. On Sunday, Merkel showed the gravity of her concern about Washington's dependability under Trump when she warned, at an election campaign event in a packed Bavarian beer tent - that the times when Europe could fully rely on others were "over to a certain extent".

Global German-Asian ties no snub to US: Merkel
Author: 0 German-Asian ties no snub to US: Merkel

Trump on Tuesday himself made another Twitter contribution to aggravating the divide between the two countries, again accusing Germany of putting the U.S. And Merkel was not alone among European leaders in suggesting that the result of Trump's narrowing of USA foreign policy to national interests could be a Europe standing more freely on its own two feet.

Global Three Mile Island Power Plant needs bailout or it will close
Author: 0 Three Mile Island Power Plant needs bailout or it will close

Three Mile Island gained notoriety in 1979, when a faulty valve combined with operator error caused a release of nuclear coolant and a partial meltdown on the Unit 2 reactor. The NRC correctly describes a loss-of-coolant as "the most risky kind of nuclear power accident" but asserts that effects outside the plant itself, including radiation releases and health effects in the surrounding area, were minimal.

Author: 0 President Donald Trump's Communications Director Mike Dubke resigns

Axios said Dubke offered to stay until end of Trump's first overseas trip as president. Dubke, the founder of Crossroads Media, a conservative media relations firm, replaced Jason Miller, who accepted the communications director job before changing his mind in December , citing family reasons.

Author: 0 Cars, Machinery Drive the German Trade Surplus Trump Hates

She shaded his wall , and he described Germany as "very, very bad " for the USA on trade. "MII Mittelstand - started in September 2015 to facilitate entry into the Indian market has been a major success", Modi said addressing the India-Germany business summit also attended by German Chancellor Angela Merkel .

Author: 0 Theresa May to abandon strategy of attacking Jeremy Corbyn

The BBC leaders debate takes place in Cambridge tonight from 7.30PM to 9PM. During the same appearance, Mrs May also appeared to dodge questions about whether she would resign if her party loses seats on June 8. "She wants five years as prime minister, and she thinks you'll give it to her, no questions asked - literally". "She might be out there sizing up your house to pay for your social care", Farron joked, a reference to May's manifesto commitment to allow elderly people to pay for care ...

Global Flynn agrees to provide some requested documents
Author: 0 Flynn agrees to provide some requested documents

President Donald' Trump's lawyer, Michael Cohen , has also been subpoenaed as part of the investigation into possible Russian interference in the 2016 election , according to the Associated Press . Citing a confidential source, the Journal reported that documents from two companies that Flynn controlled will be turned over to Senate investigators as soon as next week.

Global Experts divided on fallout if Trump withdraws from climate change accord
Author: 0 Experts divided on fallout if Trump withdraws from climate change accord

Almost 200 nations, including the United States under President Barack Obama's administration, agreed in 2015 to voluntarily reduce their greenhouse gas emissions in an effort to combat climate change . Chief strategist Steve Bannon supports an exit, while senior adviser Jared Kushner generally thinks the deal is bad, but would like to find a way to see if the US emissions targets can be changed.

Author: 0 White House Shake Up

Reporters are also likely to ask about Jared Kushner's communication with Russian officials. The New York Times reported Sunday that Kushner and Ivanka Trump were battened down at the Trump golf course in Bedminster, New Jersey, as aides explained that Kushner has not been contacted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation to discuss his role in allegedly trying to set up a back channel with the Russians.

Author: 0 TPP trade deal members seek to move ahead without US

New Zealand Trade Minister Todd McClay, who chaired the meeting in Vietnam , left open the possibility of the United States rejoining the TPP despite Trump saying he prefers bilateral free trade deals. The Asia trade deal it favors is called the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership. Asia-Pacific trade ministers agreed Sunday to attempt to resuscitate a massive free trade pact thrown into doubt by a Donald Trump-inspired United States pullout, as fears rumble of a new global era of ...

Author: 0 Top Justice official enlisted in Trump probe

The Associated Press reported earlier this month that Comey planned to testify before the Senate committee after Memorial Day, but the approval from Mueller to do so could indicate that date is fast approaching. Cohen's ties with Russian interests came up in February when The New York Times reported that Cohen helped to broker a Ukraine peace plan that would call for Russian troops to withdraw from Ukraine and a referendum to let Ukrainians decide whether the part of the country seized by ...

Author: 0 Minister offers condolences on bomb that killed 90 in Kabul

Authorities do not believe the US embassy was the target of the blast. Pentagon chief Jim Mattis has warned of "another tough year" for both foreign troops and local forces in Afghanistan . The former Interior Ministry official repeated a common belief among Afghan government officials that the Pakistani intelligence services have played a role in the string of terrorist attacks plaguing Kabul .

Global Even Merkel's political rivals are on her side against Trump
Author: 0 Even Merkel's political rivals are on her side against Trump

At the G7 summit, the six other nations were at odds with Trump on climate change and migration. During a campaign rally , she suggested her country's relationship with the USA had shifted, saying, "The era in which we could fully rely on others is over, to some extent".

Global Dead, Hundreds Injured In Kabul Bombing
Author: 0 Dead, Hundreds Injured In Kabul Bombing

The BBC's Afghan driver Mohammed Nazir, who spent four years with the broadcaster and had a young family, was among the casualties. The bombing is one of the deadliest and bloodiest attacks in the long Afghan war, which has killed more than 110,000 people from 2001 through 2016, according to Brown University's Watson Institute .

Author: 0 Scandal, What Scandal? Jared Kushner Seeks To Shrug Off Russia Probe

But a former head of the US National Security Agency condemned Kushner's alleged effort to set up a secret communications line, saying that if it was true, it would reveal a unsafe degree of ignorance or naivete. White House senior adviser Jared Kushner in Bethlehem, Israel, on May 23. The Washington Post recently reported that Trump revealed sensitive intelligence about an Islamic State terrorist threat to two Russian officials - Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Russian ...

Author: 0 WaPost: Russians Might Get US Diplomatic Compounds Back

Petersburg. The Washington Post reported that the Trump administration was taking steps to hand back the compounds - one in Maryland and one in NY - which former President Barack Obama ordered shuttered in December in retaliation for the alleged orchestration of hacking attacks created to interfere in the presidential election.

Author: 0 PM defends TV debate no-show as Corbyn decides on last-minute appearance

She's now retaliated by claiming she's far too busy focusing on the issue of Brexit, adding: "I've been taking Jeremy Corbyn on directly week in, week out at prime minister's questions". "Debates where politicians are squabbling among themselves doesn't do anything for the process of electioneering". Mr Corbyn referred to this at a Labour event earlier in the day, where he appealed to the PM to "come and have a chat".

Author: 0 Donald Trump expected to delay shifting U.S. embassy to Jerusalem say sources

One senior administration official said the final decision hasn't been officially made, but that paperwork to both keep the embassy in Tel Aviv and move it to Jerusalem has been presented to the West Wing for Trump's approval. embassy from to Jerusalem, an action the Israeli government has long advocated. However, Trump has appeared to back away from the idea since taking office to power under pressure from the Palestinians and other Arab leaders.

Global Tesla's Musk: I'll dump Trump if United States dumps Paris climate deal
Author: 0 Tesla's Musk: I'll dump Trump if United States dumps Paris climate deal

He then tweeted that he would make an announcement this week. But, he said he doubted that USA businesses would turn back to how they used to operate. "I don't think it's good that there is a picture evolving where, in the future, we would do more with China than with the United States", Juncker said.

Global Korea 'ready' for intercontinental ballistic missile tests
Author: 0 Korea 'ready' for intercontinental ballistic missile tests

The U.S. Defense Department conducted the test on Tuesday afternoon, firing the interceptor rocket from Vandenburg Air Force Base along the coastline of California's Santa Barbara County. But "in a more broad sense", Davis said, "North Korea is obviously one of the reasons why we have this capability". Prior to this, the system has carried out successful intercepts in nine out of 17 attempts dating back to 1999.

Global Trump expected to leave climate deal; but with 'caveats'
Author: 0 Trump expected to leave climate deal; but with 'caveats'

He said he'd be announcing his decision "very soon". Currently, the United States has committed to reducing carbon emissions between 26 and 28 percent below 2005 levels by 2025. But that same month Donald Trump was elected President of the United States. And Sweden's Climate Minister Isabella Lovin says "it would be deeply regrettable" if the United States decides to pull out of a landmark global climate agreement, adding "it is also contrary to what we expect from the USA leadership ...

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