Global US successfully tests ICBM defense system
Author: 0 US successfully tests ICBM defense system

It then fired a missile to intercept it from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. The interceptor's target would be an intercontinental-range missile fired from a test range on Kwajalein Atoll in the Pacific. Entitled "No One in the World Can Block Nuclear and Rocket Powerhouse in the East", the editorial went on to say that North Korea is ready to test-fire an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) at any time and place if its supreme leader orders it.

Author: 0 Putin visits France, hopes to mend strained ties with West

It was also a chance for Macron to show France and the rest of Europe what kinds of issues will matter to him in global relations. "President Putin told me. "I will be demanding in my exchanges with Russia", Macron said after the G7 summit on Saturday. Versailles was chosen for the Macron-Putin meeting because an exhibition dedicated to Tsar Peter the Great is opening there.

Author: 0 Michael Dubke, Trump's communications director, quits

While his resignation comes as somewhat of a surprise, the veteran GOP strategist's resignation from one of the most prominent positions in the Trump administration could set precedent for other White House officials to leave too. Dubke's departure comes amid widespread speculation that a larger shakeup within Trump's communications team is imminent, as the looming crisis involving investigations into the Trump Administration's possible collusion with Russian Federation to rig the 2016 ...

Author: 0 Kushner reportedly encouraged to step aside as FBI investigates Russia contacts

President Trump meets with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov (l.) next to Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Sergei Kislyak at the White House on May 10, 2017. Jared Kushner , the president's son-in-law and senior adviser, was looking for a direct line to President Vladimir Putin of Russia - a search that in mid-December found him in a room with a Russian banker whose financial institution was deeply intertwined with Russian intelligence, and remains under sanction by the United States.

Global United States veteran charged over deadly Times Square crash
Author: 0 United States veteran charged over deadly Times Square crash

Richard Rojas , 26, plowed into people on the sidewalk in his burgundy Honda auto and sped three blocks before crashing into a metal pole, police said . The driver of the vehicle has been identified as Bronx native Richard Rojas , 26, a U.S. Navy veteran. "Based on the info we have at this moment, there is no indication that this was an act of terrorism", New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio told a press conference .

Global U.S. not banning laptops in flight cabins from Europe
Author: 0 U.S. not banning laptops in flight cabins from Europe

Homeland Security officials worry Islamic State terrorists could load up a laptop with enough concealed explosives to take down a plane mid-flight. After weeks of intense deliberation, the U.S. From any of those airports, US-bound passengers were forced to keep their electronics in checked baggage. Over the last few months the United States has continuously reached out to global aviation partners regarding serious and evolving threats to aviation, and it will continue to do so, Lapan said.

Author: 0 China trying to halt North Korea missile tests

The Pentagon successfully shot down an intercontinental ballistic missile using its own upgraded long-range interceptor missile on Tuesday in what was widely seen as a test of U.S. North Korean state television (KRT) aired on Tuesday video of Kim apparently giving field guidance at the test fire of a Scud-type ballistic missile, which reportedly took place the previous day.

Global May and Corbyn put on the spot in live TV grilling
Author: 0 May and Corbyn put on the spot in live TV grilling

Mr Corbyn also refused to set a migration target, an issue that has dogged the party throughout the election . The Prime Minister and the Labour leader didn't go head to head in a debate, but took questions from the audience and were grilled by Jeremy Paxman on "The Battle for Number 10".

Global US mission in Saudi Arabia warns citizens of school shooting
Author: 0 US mission in Saudi Arabia warns citizens of school shooting

According to Associated Press, no children were present during the incident. "Please avoid area", the Twitter post said, without elaborating on casualties or motives behind the shooting. In Saudi Arabia, males and females are segregated by grade 4. Alm Natiq said security services are searching the area for the gunman. Saudi Arabian schools are now closed for the summer holidays, which started before the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

Global Surviving victim of train attack out of hospital
Author: 0 Surviving victim of train attack out of hospital

Jeremy Joseph Christian , 35, faces aggravated murder and other charges over the incident in Portland , Oregon , on Friday . Detectives say they are investigating Mr Christian's background of extremist ideology. He has three prior felonies. Lawyers for the public defender's office appeared in court on his behalf. Fletcher told local news station KGW-TV on Tuesday that he was having a hard time processing what happened and was focusing on getting better.

Global Palace thanks 15 senators for supporting martial law in Mindanao
Author: 0 Palace thanks 15 senators for supporting martial law in Mindanao

Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) governor Mujiv S. Hataman, Court Administrator Jose Midas P. Marquez, and the Commission on Human Rights chairman, Jose Luis Martin C. The last president to declare martial law was Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, who did so in Maguindanao province on December 4, 2009 in the aftermath of the Ampatuan massacre.

Author: 0 USA shoots down mock warhead with interceptor missile launched from Vandenberg

Syring, the missile defense agency director, has said he is "very confident" in the systems that would be used "to intercept a North Korean ICBM were they to shoot it toward our territory". Even if successful, the $244 million test will not confirm the capable of defending itself against an intercontinental-range missile fired by North Korea.

Author: 0 Trump pulling US out of Paris climate deal

Details on the withdrawal are being worked out by a small team including EPA administrator Scott Pruitt, according to Axios , which broke the story on Wednesday. Since taking office, Trump and Pruitt have moved to delay or roll back federal regulations limiting greenhouse gas emissions while pledging to revive the long-struggling US coal mines.

Author: 0 Donald Trump berates Germany on Twitter amid climate tension

The relationship between Merkel and Trump contrasts with the warm ties between her and former USA president , Barack Obama-who last week travelled to Berlin to attend a key Protestant conference. Modi said India and Germany were "made for each other". "She said: 'The time when Europe could rely exclusively on others is somewhat in the past, and as I have witnessed over the past few days, Europe must take its fate into its own hands".

Author: 0 Trump lambasts 'fake' media for 'demeaning' his social media use

Nevertheless, some critics have called for Kushner's security clearance to be revoked, while others say he should temporarily step aside while his ties to Moscow are being reviewed . Kushner in March said he was ready to testify about his Russian Federation meetings to the Senate Intelligence Committee. "It's both normal in my opinion and acceptable", he told ABC News on Sunday.

Author: 0 White House communications director resigns, tensions rise

Mr. Dubke's resignation comes at a very turbulent time for the administration, as the Federal Bureau of Investigation is in the middle of investigating Trump's alleged links to the Russians. "They have talked to many people, including me", Mr Bossie said. "It's baffling, because it doesn't convince anyone". Spicer insisted that Trump was not unhappy with his press shop.

Author: 0 Britain's Queen Elizabeth visits Manchester bombing casualties

Mr Hopkins also hit out at the leaks of intelligence by United States agencies, saying they had caused "distress and upset" to the families of victims of the atrocity. It was the work, reports Phillips, of a relatively sophisticated bomb-maker, with skills the suicide bomber is not thought to have possessed himself.

Author: 0 Blast in Kabul diplomatic kills at least 9

The Taliban later Wednesday issued a statement denying any involvement and condemning all attacks against civilians. However, the Afghan Interior Ministry said 64 people were killed, according to Agence France-Presse. "We strongly condemn the terrorist blast in Kabul ". The ministry did not have details on the possible target of the attack. No organisation has yet claimed responsibility for the deadly attack.

Author: 0 Pentagon missile defense program scores a win

Early this month, it test-fired what appeared to be its longest-range ballistic missile yet tested in a bid to bring the USA mainland within reach. The test conducted by troops of the 30th Space Wing at Vandenberg Air Force Base cost $244 million.

Author: 0 Trump lashes out at Germany over 'very bad for US' policies

Trump's tweet showed the deterioration of links with a key North Atlantic Treaty Organisation ally, yet his timing also highlighted Germany's web of relations with global partners who broadly share Merkel's free-trade outlook and conviction on combating climate change.

Author: 0 Trump's communications director will be latest to leave the White House

Early Tuesday, President Donald Trump's communications resigned his post , reportedly as part of a brewing White House shakeup that is threatening to engulf Trump's entire press relations team. White House spokesman Sean Spicer pushed back Tuesday on the idea that a broader reorganization was imminent, but he acknowledged the president is frustrated with news stories "that are absolutely false, that are not based in fact".

Global Trump expected to withdraw from Paris climate agreement
Author: 0 Trump expected to withdraw from Paris climate agreement

President Donald Trump will follow through on a campaign pledge to pull the United States out of a global pact to fight climate change , a source briefed on the decision told Reuters , a move that should rally his support base at home while deepening a rift with usa allies.

Author: 0 Dubke out as White House communications director

The relationship between US President Donald Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel is "fairly unbelievable", the White House has said. And CNN reported that, during the presidential campaign, US intelligence intercepted Russian officials, saying they had potentially derogatory financial information about Mr.

Global Trump has 'unbelievable relationship' with Merkel: White House
Author: 0 Trump has 'unbelievable relationship' with Merkel: White House

After hosting Modi, Merkel is due to meet with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Thursday. Then there was the infamous shoving aside of the President of Montenegro for a better photo-op position and the visibly tense, over-long handshake between trump and French president, Emmanuel Macron .

Author: 0 Germany: Some embassy staff hurt in Kabul attack

Five BBC workers are among the victims in the suicide bombing in Kabul , Afghanistan this morning. Tolo News quoted a spokesman of the Ministry of Public Health as confirming this news. "We wish those injured a quick recovery". The explosion stuck at the heart of the Afghan capital's diplomatic area, with scenes of carnage, panic and sorrow quickly emerging.

Global Foreign fighters complicate Mindanao militant invasion
Author: 0 Foreign fighters complicate Mindanao militant invasion

Progressive organizations in major cities nationwide joined today's Black Friday protest against the imposition of martial law in Mindanao, which President Duterte has threatened to extend to the rest of the country. 'They can run but they can't hide, ' he said, adding that it was only a matter of time before Hapilon is captured or killed'. He recently warned that ISIL was determined to establish a presence in the southern Philippines and the country was at risk of "contamination".

Author: 0 Pakistan changes stance on Saudi alliance

Therefore, he is considering leaving the command of the military alliance. We assume the same ambiguity is associated with the appointment of General (retd) Raheel Sharif as Commander in Chief of the alliance as of 17 January 2017. Defence Minister Khawaja Asif has made it plain in the National Assembly that Pakistan would withdraw from the alliance if it was in any way sectarian.

Global White House Press Briefing Gets Contentious
Author: 0 White House Press Briefing Gets Contentious

The source also said Trump had reportedly claimed his trip was too long and that he wasn't looking forward to it. He also said Trump has "great respect' for Merkel". "Dubke was a Spicer guy". Another source close to Dubke said it was likely he will return to the Black Rock Group, a communications firm. "We've never seen before at this point in a presidency such sweeping reassurance of American interests and the inauguration of a foreign policy strategy created to bring back the ...

Global Japan seeks China's help with North Korea
Author: 0 Japan seeks China's help with North Korea

Yang visited Japan on invitation from May 29 to May 31. Yachi said Japan's stance on the Taiwan question and historical issues have not changed and Japan is dedicated to improving its relationship with China and is willing to work with China to enhance exchanges at all levels, expand positive aspects and properly manage disputes in bilateral relations.

Author: 0 Blast in diplomatic area of Afghan capital kills, wounds 50

Explosion took place near German embassy, due to which several people have been killed, Afghan police said . The bomb , concealed in a water delivery truck, detonated at 8:22 a.m. Pictures showed the embassy building with its windows ripped out. "There were large crowds of people going about their days". Mr Kawasi said the wounded were admitted to different Kabul hospitals.

Author: 0 UK ready to leave EU without a Brexit deal

Appearing on a Sky News/Channel 4 " Battle for Number 10 " broadcast, the Labour leader refused to be drawn on whether he would authorise a drone strike against a terrorist plotting overseas to attack the UK. Theresa May painted a picture of Jeremy Corbyn in Number 10 with Nicola Sturgeon as his puppet master yesterday, as she sought to refocus the election campaign on Brexit.

Global Trump, Merkel get along well: White House
Author: 0 Trump, Merkel get along well: White House

The spectre of Moscow again loomed over the White House as Michael ... Not to mention, the 47-year-old only got his job as communications director because Jason Miller pulled out of the gig before Donald even entered the White House! "It is my opinion that numerous leaks coming out of the White House are fabricated lies made up by the #FakeNews media", Trump wrote in a series of Twitter posts on Sunday.

Global Kevin Spacey on 'House of Cards': We're scarier than ever
Author: 0 Kevin Spacey on 'House of Cards': We're scarier than ever

As citizens, this election is asking us-on the show and in real life-how far are we willing to go as observers. It's a fitting image to start, as this day could be the end of the Underwoods in the White House. Frank Underwood has no intention of ending up a one-term president. Just take this exchange when they're at their lowest ebb: down in the polls to a handsome NY governor amid the damaging press reports and an unsuccessful attempt to free an innocent man kidnapped by homegrown ...

Author: 0 Trump delays return to USA, delivers quick victory speech

Upon returning to the United States after a nine-day trip to the Middle East and Europe, Trump , as is his custom, began tweeting not explanations or details about his official visits, but attacks on the USA media. Trump's overseas trip began on May 19 when he departed from Washington, D.C., for Riyadh, where he signed multimillion-dollar agreements on defence with Saudi Arabia and gave a speech on Islam and the fight against terrorism.

Global Four Traffic Deaths in AL During Memorial Day Weekend
Author: 0 Four Traffic Deaths in AL During Memorial Day Weekend

Authorities say it is unknown whether alcohol or drugs were a factor in the crash. This number is up from 2016's holiday weekend, in which six people died in five crashes. "We are dedicated to reversing this deadly trend, but we need assistance from you, the motoring public". Troopers joined their counterparts from across the country in the worldwide traffic safety initiative Operation Crash Awareness and Reduction Efforts (C.A.R.E.) to promote traffic safety during the busy travel period.

Author: 0 3 men found shot dead at East Texas car dealership

NBCDFW reports the shooting happened just after 7:20 p.m. Tuesday at the dealership on Interstate 30 near Joe Ramsey Boulevard in Greenville. Dealership Owner Rick Ford said the shooting involved two men who identified themselves and federal agents but are believed to have been bounty hunters.

Author: 0 G7 split as leaders issue climate statement without US

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who is among those advocating for the stay with the deal, said this past week that Trump wouldn't decide on the issue until he returns to the U.S. She told reporters: "The entire discussion about climate was very hard, if not to say very dissatisfying". The agreement was entered into under the Obama Administration.

Author: 0 Trump World's defense of Jared Kushner is literally unbelievable

The White House has tried to downplay Kushner's contacts, and Trump himself issued a statement Sunday night saying that " Jared is doing a great job for the country". Especially when it comes to how he lives his life or runs his White House. Fox's report claimed that the call was supposed to be a one-off communication to discuss the sitting president's approach to the Russian ally.

Global Bomb kills 13, hurts 24 in Baghdad; IS claims responsibility
Author: 0 Bomb kills 13, hurts 24 in Baghdad; IS claims responsibility

After sundown, families break their fast and Baghdad's restaurants and cafes quickly fill up with people staying up long into the night. The nighttime attack outside the ice cream parlor in the bustling Karrada neighborhood killed 17 people and also wounded 32, police and health officials said.

Author: 0 Corbyn not ready for Brexit talks, claims May

She was in damage control mode, with Labour surging in the polls in recent weeks. In an effort to get back to her key election messages of leadership and Brexit, she said Mr Corbyn was not prepared for the crunch talks with Brussels that will start within days of the General Election and would find himself "alone and naked" in the negotiations.

Author: 0 White House official: Trump plans to pull US from Paris deal

President Donald Trump is expected withdraw the US from the Paris Agreement on climate change, according to multiple reports. The worldwide agreement, which went into effect seven months ago, is considered to be a major part the environmental legacy of the Obama administration.

Global 'I Made a Mistake': Republican Wins Despite Assault Charges from Reporter Scuffle
Author: 0 'I Made a Mistake': Republican Wins Despite Assault Charges from Reporter Scuffle

Importantly for President Donald Trump , Gianforte's win marks the latest retained Republican seat, kept by the GOP even as the seat-holder was drafted into the Trump administration. It was hard to determine on election night to what extent voters who cast a ballot Thursday were influenced by the altercation. Three of the state's largest newspapers withdrew their endorsements of Mr Gianforte after the violent incident on the eve of the vote.

Author: 0 Apparently Half Of Donald Trump's Twitter Followers Are Fake

But what's more interesting is the fact that the vast majority of these new followers are bots - fake computerized followers. That report has some critics accusing the president of buying followers. In fact, Trump now has 14.8 million fake followers, according to "That account is not verified and provides no source for their claim", Twitter spokesman Nick Pacilio said.

Author: 0 Trump will reportedly take USA out of Paris climate deal

French President Emmanuel Macron said Trump was "reviewing" the Paris accord, and told reporters he'd urged Trump not to make a hurried decision during their first face-to-face talks in Brussels. "The effects of climate change are unsafe and they are accelerating". "Very bad for U.S. This will change". Whether Trump would stay in the deal - a cornerstone of Barack Obama's environmental policy - has been a looming question of his presidency so far.

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