Author: 0 Democrats aim to keep focus on Donald Trump's meeting with Russian diplomats

A rattled White House braced Monday for a fresh wave of scrutiny in the ever-widening investigation into Russian election meddling, as President Donald Trump rallied behind his embattled son-in-law and top aide Jared Kushner . Kushner came back to Washington a few days earlier than Trump, just before news dropped that at an early December meeting with the Russian ambassador, which the administration only acknowledged in March, he had proposed setting up a backchannel of ...

Author: 0 Trump pays somber tribute to fallen troops on Memorial Day

Trump called on Americans to look into the eyes of people who had lost loved ones in the military and thank them for their sacrifice. Byers was honored by President Donald Trump on Memorial Day, 2017. He attended the ceremony along with his wife, Elizabeth Dole , also a former US senator. SIEGEL: And the president talked about Green Beret captain Andrew Byers , who was killed last November while rescuing an Afghan soldier.

Author: 0 Trump braces to defend top aide over new Russia calls

On Sunday, Trump tweeted , "Whenever you see the words "sources say" in the fake news media, and they don't mention names... it is very possible that those sources don't exist but are made up by fake news writers". Trump fired Comey after allegedly asking him to drop the probe into former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and his close ties to the Kremlin.

Author: 0 Turkey accuses United States of 'aggressive actions' over embassy brawl

Erdogan and his thugs insist the protesters have connections to the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), which the United States has listed as a terrorist group. A narrow victory in a referendum last month to expand the powers of the Turkish presidency allows him to be both the head of state and of a political party.

Global Way to Impeachment: Real Reason For Hyping 'Russia's Secret Channel' Scandal
Author: 0 Way to Impeachment: Real Reason For Hyping 'Russia's Secret Channel' Scandal

After maintaining a limited social media presence throughout his trip, Trump on Sunday unleashed a furious flurry of tweets, lashing out at what he called the "fake news" media. Earlier The Washington Post reported that Ambassador Sergey Kislyak told "his superiors in Moscow" that Kushner, son-in-law and confidant to then-President-elect Trump, made the proposal during a meeting on December 1 or 2 at Trump Tower.

Global Sri Lanka flood situation worsens, Indian Navy joins rescue mission
Author: 0 Sri Lanka flood situation worsens, Indian Navy joins rescue mission

He said that mounds of earth and rocks crashed down in such a way that people could hardly survive, and that most of the affected places were still inundated. Rainfall on Friday triggered the worst flooding and landslides in 14 years in the southern and western parts of the island, authorities said. The INS Jalsahwa is an even larger LPD (landing platform / dock) class of ship, which can carry large amounts of relief material and is ideally suited for conduct of humanitarian assistance / ...

Global North Korean missile tests 'recipe for a disaster': US Admiral Harris
Author: 0 North Korean missile tests 'recipe for a disaster': US Admiral Harris

Haley said that United States and China have been working on "a unified plan" on how to approach North Korea that would include stronger implementation of existing sanctions and tougher new sanctions. "We will make sure that everyone knows who you are, and we will target sanctions toward you, as well". Meanwhile, the top USA military officer in the Pacific described North Korea's recent military actions as "a recipe for a disaster" and warned against a sense of complacency in the face of ...

Author: 0 Pentagon announces ICBM interceptor system a success

The North Koreans have yet to test their own ICBM . The Army fired an intercontinental ballistic missile from the Marshall Islands in the Pacific Ocean, some 4,705 miles away from Vandenberg Air Force Base in Southern California, where the Pentagon's Missile Defense Agency launched a rocket - officially known as a "mid-course defense system" - from an underground silo.

Author: 0 U.S. 'Successfully Intercepted' ICBM in Test, Says Pentagon

United States officials, however, will continue to evaluate the GMD's performance based upon telemetry and other data acquired during the test, the release added. The exercise will check the performance of the Ground-based Midcourse Defense (GMD) system, which has had a checkered record in previous tests. The ICBM test target was launched from the Reagan Test Site on the Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands , according to MDA .

Author: 0 Jared Kushner Didn't Suggest Back Channel, the Russians Did

President Donald Trump's top adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner , on the firing line for his reported attempt to set up a "back-channel" with Russian Federation, has received support from USA ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley. - Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 28 , 2017 Whenever you see the words "sources say" in the fake news media, and they don't mention names. On Twitter, the president said " Russian officials must be laughing at the US - and how a lame excuse for why the ...

Author: 0 May and Corbyn set out opposing European Union 'no deal' stances

Mrs May was tested on a series of recent U-turns: grilled by interviewer Jeremy Paxman and members of the audience on her wavering position on national insurance reform, a manifesto plan to cut social care for the elderly that was dubbed the " dementia tax " and her broken pledge not to call a general election before 2020.

Global Libyan Islamist group Ansar al-Sharia formally disolved
Author: 0 Libyan Islamist group Ansar al-Sharia formally disolved

Haftar, whose Libyan National Army's control key oil ports, is a dominant figure for factions in eastern Libya that have rejected the UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA) in the capital, Tripoli. At its zenith, Ansar al-Sharia was present in Benghazi and Derna in eastern Syria, with offshoots in Sirte and Sabratha, western Libya. Ansar al-Sharia took over barracks and other sites abandoned by the ousted Kadhafi forces and transformed them into training grounds for hundreds of ...

Global Senators Urge Turkish President To Hold His Bodyguards Accountable For DC Violence
Author: 0 Senators Urge Turkish President To Hold His Bodyguards Accountable For DC Violence

The Turkish Embassy in the US blamed the violence on the protesters, who included Kurds, a minority group with tensions with the Turkish government. President Tayyip Erdogan told US President Donald Trump during his visit to Washington this week that Turkey would act "without asking anyone" if it faced any sort of attack from the Syrian Kurdish YPG militia, Turkish media reported earlier today.

Author: 0 McCain: Kushner story 'more and more bizarre'

The White House refused to confirm reports senior adviser to the president Jared Kushner asked Russian officials to set up an off-the-record communications channel Tuesday. We also don't know if he's a target of the investigation, and he hasn't been accused of any wrongdoing. She and the kids had been staying with them for about three weeks, Mitchell told AP.

Global Trump has reportedly punted on moving the Israeli embassy
Author: 0 Trump has reportedly punted on moving the Israeli embassy

But none of this appears to be straining the U.S. -Israel alliance. Israel had previously sought to insist on Netanyahu accompanying Trump, to which U.S. Trump's visit to Bethlehem in the occupied West Bank on Tuesday is expected to last a few hours. The letter also pointed to the Republican National Convention's 2016 party platform, which recognized Jerusalem "as the eternal and indivisible capital of the Jewish state".

Global Don't call names, HC tells channel
Author: 0 Don't call names, HC tells channel

Tharoor has alleged that Goswami made defamatory remarks against him during a news broadcast that was covering the death of his wife, Sunanda Pushkar. Looks like round 1 of the Shashi Tharoor-Arnab Goswami legal fight has gone to the journalist. One audio tape was a conversation between Sunanda Pushkar and journalist Prema Sridevi.

Global Juncker says Trump was not aggressive on German trade surplus
Author: 0 Juncker says Trump was not aggressive on German trade surplus

Leaders. However, he has also attempted to negotiate a bilateral trade deal with Germany when he met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in March. Trump did not respond about whether he made the comments when US reporters traveling with him shouted a question later Friday, according to a press pool report .

Author: 0 U.S. success in missile defence test

US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said the country was negotiating with China when they should push for further United Nations Security Council action on North Korea, and could reach a decision this week. The military also launched a long-range ICBM target from a test site in the Marshall Islands. The missile was shot down by a missile of the Ground-based Midcourse Defense element launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.

Global BGT choir pupils will carry on singing
Author: 0 BGT choir pupils will carry on singing

It was a great way to start the show, to watch the excited young faces of 39 children from a school of just 76 pupils, smiling proudly and enunciating every word. As this year's finalists are decided by a public vote, the cheating accusations could stop St Patrick's Junior Choir from progressing in the competition.

Global Portland stabbing victim's mother calls on Trump 'to take action'
Author: 0 Portland stabbing victim's mother calls on Trump 'to take action'

Destinee Mangum , 16, told the station on Saturday that she and her 17-year-old friend were riding the train when Jeremy Christian approached them yelling what is described as hate speech. Police said Christian responded by stabbing each man in the neck. Christian's next court appearance is scheduled for Wednesday, June 7 at 9:30 a.m.

Global What Crimes Could Jared Kushner Have Committed? Judge Nap Weighs In
Author: 0 What Crimes Could Jared Kushner Have Committed? Judge Nap Weighs In

The banker is a close associate of Putin, but he has not been known to play a diplomatic role for the Russian leader. Kushner's meetings with Russians have come under increasing scrutiny. During an interview on ABC's "This Week" Sunday, House Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Rep. Adam Schiff of California said "there ought to be a review of his security clearance to find out whether [Kushner] was truthful, whether he was candid".

Global Eleven jurors chosen for Bill Cosby sex assault trial in Pa.
Author: 0 Eleven jurors chosen for Bill Cosby sex assault trial in Pa.

The defence team struck four potential jurors on Monday and the prosecution struck two, including an older black woman. The lawyers are studying each person's race, sex, age, occupation and interests to try to guess their inherent sympathies, experts said.

Author: 0 President's Son-in-law Scrutinized in Russian Meddling Investigation

Then came the Fox News story, published without a by-line , and the headline: " Jared Kushner didn't suggest Russian communications channel in meeting, source says". "I think we should look at that...this is a pretty bad breach". He wouldn't be the leaker, since he wouldn't have leaked this or other information about the Russian investigations.

Author: 0 Hussain Nawaz 'harassed' by two JIT members, claims minister

Sharif had got a temporary breather from the Supreme Court which said there was "insufficient evidence" to remove him from office but ordered setting up of a JIT to probe the graft allegations against his family. Around two-and-a-half hours after the JIT started recording statements of Ahmad and Hussain, a special ambulance arrived at the JIT headquarters. On the occasion, president of National Bank of Pakistan Saeed Ahmed also recorded his statement.

Global Air strike in east Syria kills 35 civilians - Observatory
Author: 0 Air strike in east Syria kills 35 civilians - Observatory

Both groups blamed the USA -led coalition, which has been carrying out airstrikes in Syria against IS since September 2014. Initially, the watchdog said at least 35 civilians had been killed in the strikes in al-Mayadeen. On the following day, air attacks on the Islamic State-controlled city of Albo Kamal near the Syrian-Iraq border killed 59 civilians. Chris Woods, director of the London-based independent monitoring group Airwars , said its staffers have seen an uptick in the air ...

Author: 0 White House Press Briefing

Dubke did not work on the Trump campaign, and did not know Trump before his hire. A special counsel is now investing whether Trump's associates may have colluded with Russian Federation during the campaign. However, Corey Lewandowski, former campaign manager for Mr Trump, was spotted leaving the White House on Monday. Dubke was then hired to fulfill the communications director responsibilities.

Author: 0 Manchester bombing: Britain reduces threat level from critical to severe

As the round the clock hunt for more people linked to terrorism continued, people across the country stood in a minute's silence in tribute to the 22 adults and children killed, and the 116 injured. Former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher, a Manchester native, said on Friday he would donate the proceeds of his show next Tuesday in the city to a fund supporting victims and their families.

Author: 0 Krauthammer: Middle East peace a perennial pursuit

Trump even suggested that the Saudi monarch agreed with him: "King Salman feels very strongly and, I can tell you, would love to see peace with Israel and the Palestinians", he said. Trump could have also leaned on Abbas to stop public incitements and acrimonious public narratives, and end financial aid to the families of terrorists.

Global Shutdown lifted, Valley limps back to normalcy
Author: 0 Shutdown lifted, Valley limps back to normalcy

They said similar reports of restoration of normalcy were received from other districts of the valley. The security forces used force to disperse the aggressive mob, resulting in injuries to a stone-pelter and some security personnel. Call for the march has been given by the joint resistance leadership comprising Syed Ali Gilani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and Muhammad Yasin Malik to pay tributes to Hizbul Mujahideen commander, Sabzar Ahmad Butt, and other martyrs.

Author: 0 Fears grow of increasing IS foothold in southern Philippines

Only small areas of Marawi are under militants' control after six days of fighting, said Brig. Gen. The militants, who freed jailed comrades to join the battle, opted for urban warfare because arms were available in the city and homes and shops provided ample supplies of food, Padilla said.

Global Iran-backed Iraqi force says takes IS villages on Syria border
Author: 0 Iran-backed Iraqi force says takes IS villages on Syria border

Smoke rises from the western side of Mosul following a US -led coalition airstrike, in Mosul , Iraq , Monday, Jan. 30, 2017. Prime Minister Haider Abadi had hoped Mosul would be recaptured by the end of past year, but Iraqi forces slowed once they reached the densely packed west side.

Author: 0 'Trump shouted "You tricked me" at Abbas during meeting'

Following Trump's visit to the region, there has been speculation that a Saudi-led initiative known as the Arab Peace Initiative could be revived as the basis for a an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement. Publicly, Trump was kinder about his Palestinian counterpart, saying he was a willing peace partner. During his 12 years in office, the Palestinian president held unsuccessful peace negotiations with former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert in 2008 and Netanyahu in 2014, The New ...

Global Qatar deports Saudi asylum-seeker to Saudi Arabia: Amnesty
Author: 0 Qatar deports Saudi asylum-seeker to Saudi Arabia: Amnesty

Without mentioning Qatar by name, Gargash said it should change its behavior with its neighbors and open a new page. "Forcibly returning ... Otaibi to Saudi Arabia under the guise of judicial cooperation, where he risks torture and an unfair trial, is a shameful and inhuman act on the part of the Qatari authorities and a blatant violation of worldwide law", Maalouf said.

Global One victim in Portland hate speech stabbing has Juneau ties
Author: 0 One victim in Portland hate speech stabbing has Juneau ties

A stranger intervened, telling Christian he couldn't disrespect the girls in such a way, she said . His court-appointed attorney, Gregory Scholl, did not immediately return a call for comment. He said: "They need to take care, not just of their own, but everyone in the world". "All elected leaders in America.must work deliberately to change our political dialogue".

Global White House Holds Briefing Amid Reports Of Staff Changes, Russia Developments
Author: 0 White House Holds Briefing Amid Reports Of Staff Changes, Russia Developments

And the resignation of Dubke does not signal the beginning of a flood of departures in the West Wing, two administration officials and a person close to the White House told CNN . The move comes as the role of President Trump's senior adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner is also under Federal Bureau of Investigation scrutiny for his alleged establishment of a back-channel of communications with the Kremlin during the transition.

Author: 0 Jared Kushner was 'seeking direct access to Putin'

Trump was inaugurated. Mr Trump returned to Washington after a nine-day overseas tour and immediately went on the offensive, saying the leaks coming out of his administration were "fabricated lies' invented by the media". " #FakeNews is the enemy!", Trump said in a series of tweets. "Back-channel communications with people are ways to communicate with people, again not in front of the press, as an example, but that information is not necessarily kept secret from the rest of the ...

Global Aftandilian in The Arab Weekly on Trump's Hard-Line on Iran
Author: 0 Aftandilian in The Arab Weekly on Trump's Hard-Line on Iran

Trump is an entertainer, not a diplomat. Foreign leaders and the American people alike can see in this trip the core of a new, reality-based foreign policy. Both Saudi Arabia and Iran have supported various armed groups in the Middle East and beyond. Mr. Trump's visit to Saudi Arabia was unsafe. Nearly every terrorist attack in the West has had some connection to Saudi Arabia .

Global US to rule on climate change within days
Author: 0 US to rule on climate change within days

Secretary of Defense James Mattis, in an interview to air on CBS' Face the Nation Sunday, said President Trump is "wide open" and that he's taking in the "pros and cons" of the deal. Other nations might also decline to contribute to a fund set up to help poorer nations reduce greenhouse gas emissions. While six of the seven parties renewed their commitment to the 2015 Paris accord on climate change , they voiced frustration at the United States president's failure to commit to the ...

Author: 0 Donald Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner should have security clearance reviewed

Schiff said the government needed to "get to the bottom" of the matter and urged a review of Kushner's security clearance "to find out whether he was truthful". The link was not established, The Post reported . DETROW: You know, some people upload pictures of their vacation on to Facebook. Spicer also said the president is meeting Tuesday afternoon with two more candidates to replace James Comey for Federal Bureau of Investigation director: John Pistole, a former TSA administrator ...

Global UK PM Theresa May says will raise Manchester attack leaks with Trump
Author: 0 UK PM Theresa May says will raise Manchester attack leaks with Trump

Report informs that the Greater Manchester Police arrested the man on Friday morning in connection with Monday's bombing which killed 22 people following Ariana Grande's concert in Manchester . If confirmed, the halt to the sharing investigative details with Britain's most important defense and security ally would underscore the level of anger in Britain at leaks to the USA media of details about the police investigation.

Author: 0 Iraqi officials raise death toll from Baghdad bombing to 15

It is not known whether the Syrian Kurds would allow the Iraqi Shi'ite force to use their territory to reach Assad's troops, however, which are deployed further south and further west. "No one dropped leaflets", he said. Itani said that the despite the US's military superiority, Iran could still complicate Middle Eastern affairs but Heras said that the USA would "most likely win that encounter".

Global Daughter of ousted South Korean leader's friend 'unaware' of Samsung sponsorship details
Author: 0 Daughter of ousted South Korean leader's friend 'unaware' of Samsung sponsorship details

Park was removed from office in March on allegations that she colluded with Choi. She repeatedly refused the summons by South Korean prosecutors for her alleged involvement in the corruption allegations surrounding her mother. "I never wanted to go to college and I didn't even know what my major was". On the same day, prosecutors demanded a seven-year jail term for Choi on charges of obstruction of duty for allegedly exerting influence at the university to give favors to her daughter.

Author: 0 USA success in missile defence test

Independent journalists were not given access to cover the event depicted in this photo. The technology behind the GMD is extremely complex, and the system uses globally deployed sensors to detect and track ballistic missile threats. Prior to Tuesday's launch, the GMD system had successfully hit its target in only nine of 17 tests since 1999. According to the plan, a 5-foot-long "kill vehicle" released from atop the interceptor zeroed in on the ICBM-like target's mock warhead ...

Author: 0 Trump attacks 'fake news' following Kushner Russia reports

In a statement later on Sunday night, carried by the New York Times , Trump praised Kushner and the work he has done in the White House. "Jared is doing a great job for the country". His comments were echoed by Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly. "There ought to be a review of his security clearance to find out whether he was truthful, whether he was candid", Rep.

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