Author: 0 Labour Party condemns Corbyn

In 2010, Corbyn said about Hamas during a television interview: "'You have to recognize that the reality is they have a great deal of support, they have a great deal of respect from a lot of Palestinians who wouldn't necessarily politically agree with them but recognize they are serious, hard-working and they are not corrupt".

Author: 0 Charles Krauthammer on Jared Kushner-Russia Reports: 'I Don't Trust This Story'

Prominent Republican senator Lindsey Graham offered a different perspective however, suggesting that the media reports could have been manufactured by Russian Federation. The channel would have been used primarily to discuss U.S. Senior administration officials have brushed off concerns of a back-channel link. "I think it makes no sense that the Russian ambassador would report back to Moscow on a channel that he most likely knows we're monitoring", Graham said.

Global Rolf Harris trial: Jury discharged after failing to reach verdict
Author: 0 Rolf Harris trial: Jury discharged after failing to reach verdict

A jury in a previous trial at Southwark Crown Court earlier this year failed to reach verdicts. Rolf Harris could soon be free of the prospect of further jail time. The 87-year-old had been accused of indecently assaulting three teenage girls, including a 13-year-old, at public events between 1971 and 1983. They included a woman who alleged he groped her at a music event in London when she was 14 in 1971, and one who told jurors he touched her inappropriately when she was 16 during ...

Author: 0 Macron tells Putin to his face his agencies are spreading hostile propaganda

On Sputnik and Russia Today , Macron showed little restraint, saying the two organizations spread "untruths about me and my campaign" during the French election. Macron greeted Putin with a firm handshake on a red carpet leading into the Palace of Versailles before both men walked inside. Putin and Macron will hold a joint news conference after their talks.

Author: 0 Trainee pilot arrested in connection with Manchester attack

As the police operation continued more questions were being raised about possible security and intelligence blunders surrounding what was known about bomber Salman Abedi. According to The Guardian , one of the inquiries was launched last week shortly after the terror attack that claimed the lives of 22 people. The suspects have not been identified or charged.

Author: 0 Former Panama dictator Manuel Noriega dies at 83

As he clawed his way out of an impoverished childhood, Noriega looked first not to the military but the medical profession for his preferred profession. Under the judge's instructions, they were told not to consider the political side of the case - including whether the US had the right to invade Panama and bring Noriega to trial in the first place.

Global Taiwan top court rules in favour of gay marriage
Author: 0 Taiwan top court rules in favour of gay marriage

In its majority opinion, the court said a provision in the current civil code barring same-sex marriages violated two articles of the constitution safeguarding human dignity and equality under the law. The momentum for marriage equality has been building since previous year, when President Tsai Ing-wen, openly supportive of the move, came to power.

Global Germany's Merkel is a
Author: 0 Germany's Merkel is a "deeply convinced Atlanticist" - spokesman

Gabriel's rage came the day after Merkel hinted Trump's brusque behavior on his foreign trip last week showed her the United States she knew is over. In reference to Germany as the host of the G20 summit in Hamburg in July, the PM offered India?s full support for a successful outcome. During a speech Monday in Berlin , Merkel did not specifically mention Trump but quoted a 1963 speech by former President John F.

Author: 0 Conservative caucus embraces Scheer as leader, presents united front to Liberals

Scheer began his tenure as Opposition leader surrounded by cheering caucus members who gathered to hear their new boss rally his troops — a speech in which he wasted no time depicting the governing party as out-of-touch elites. "We now know who our competition is - and all of our progress for a stronger middle class is at stake". Meanwhile, the territory's Liberal MP, Larry Bagnell, noted today that while he and Scheer have obvious differences politically, he's gotten along well with the ...

Author: 0 Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump to Review DC Life Every 6 Months

Returning late Saturday from his first foreign trip as president, Trump geared up to combat concerns over advisers' ties to Russian Federation, including explosive reports about Jared Kushner , his indispensable aide-de-camp. "It's both normal, in my opinion, and acceptable", he said on ABC's "This Week" programme. "If not, then there's no way he can maintain that kind of a clearance".

Author: 0 India's limits on selling cattle could hurt industry, diets

State governments and industry bodies have criticized the ban as a blow to beef and leather exports that will also leave hundreds of thousands jobless and deprive millions of Christians, Muslims and poor Hindus of a cheap source of protein.

Author: 0 Led coalition admits 105 civilians killed in Mosul strike

And David, I understand this was an airstrike on the city of Mosul . What happens to you is on you. The major Iraqi city - and last Isis city stronghold - has a population of more than 660,000. And that's the nature of the urban environment. "This investigation determined that ISIS deliberately staged explosives and snipers to harm civilians", Isler said, using an acronym for Islamic State .

Global German Foreign Minister Says Trump Has 'Weakened' the West
Author: 0 German Foreign Minister Says Trump Has 'Weakened' the West

Ms Merkel said the traditional western alliance was threatened by the new U.S. presidency and Brexit , and "the times in which we can fully count on others are somewhat over, as I have experienced in the past few days". "Of course we need to have friendly relations with the USA and with the United Kingdom and with other neighbours, including Russian Federation", she said.

Global Manchester investigation concentrating on bomber's blue suitcase
Author: 0 Manchester investigation concentrating on bomber's blue suitcase

Did you see Abedi carrying this suitcase? "There is a lot of information coming out at the moment about what happened, how this occurred, what people might or might not have known", Home Secretary Amber Rudd told Sky News . Counter-terrorism squads are trying to re-create Abedi's movements in the days before he detonated a bomb at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester , killing 22 people - the deadliest militant attack in Britain for 12 years.

Global The French President Confirms He 100% Fucked Up Trump's Hand On Purpose
Author: 0 The French President Confirms He 100% Fucked Up Trump's Hand On Purpose

On at least one, and maybe two, occasions during the tug of war Trump tries to pull away and Macron just keeps holding on. When Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau visited Trump for the first time, he was clearly prepared. Later in the day, there was a rematch at North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, with Trump appearing to be trying to shake Macron's arm off after the French president bypassed him to say hello to the Germany chancellor, Angela Merkel , first.

Global Chinese pingpong great suspended, sent home from worlds
Author: 0 Chinese pingpong great suspended, sent home from worlds

Apparently being a victor at the ping pong table doesn't make you a victor at the roulette table. Mr Kong, nicknamed China's "Ping Pong Prince", said the debt was accrued by someone else and that he was being "dragged into a lawsuit". In its statement, the CTTA said it has talked to Kong and concluded that he "seriously" violated stipulations regarding public servants of China and disciplinary rules.

Global Trump urges Mideast nations to drive out Islamic terror
Author: 0 Trump urges Mideast nations to drive out Islamic terror

On the other: the president of the United States , swaying through an all-male "sword dance" under the stars with the absolute rulers of Saudi Arabia , where publicly calling for any form of political change risks prosecution. "Saudi Arabia and numerous countries that gave vast amounts of money to the Clinton Foundation want women as slaves and to kill gays", Trump wrote on Facebook.

Author: 0 Powerful Saudi prince to meet Putin in Russian Federation

Russia's military campaign in Syria to support President Bashar al-Assad in the past two years has effectively pitted the Kremlin in a direct military confrontation with Saudi Arabia as the Sunni kingdom has long fought for Assad's removal.

Author: 0 Sri Lanka flood death toll rises to 177 and counting

Nearly 2,000 houses were destroyed. In May 2003, 250 people were killed and 10,000 homes destroyed after a similarly powerful monsoon . Another massive landslide a year ago killed more than 100 people in central Sri Lanka . Sri Lankan army troops in one area southeast of the commercial capital of Colombo were digging into heaps of red mud in search for bodies near what was left of Kiribathgala Hill, which came crashing down and buried 15 village homes under earth, rocks and fallen ...

Author: 0 Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner Thinking of Moving Back to NYC

She held a roundtable discussion on the topic shortly before departing for the trip, met with human trafficking victims in Rome, and held another meeting on the topic at the White House on Friday. Michael Flynn, since fired as the president's national security advisor for his Russian associations, was also at the meeting. Reports about alleged contacts between Trump's aides and Russian officials during last year's presidential campaign coincided with accusations by United States intelligence ...

Author: 0 Regional stability cannot be achieved without Tehran's help: Rouhani

He also noted that Khamenei has declined a request to meet with Rouhani, whose campaign rhetoric broke taboo rules as he attacked various aspects of the regime, including the IRGC, judiciary, and intelligence organs. While he urged "all nations of conscience [to] work together to isolate Iran", Iran is the country holding democratic elections, not Saudi Arabia .

Global USA gives Israel another $75 million in defense aid
Author: 0 USA gives Israel another $75 million in defense aid

Speaking at the White House earlier this month, U.S. President Donald Trump claimed that achieving peace between Israelis and Palestinians "may not be as hard as people have thought over the years". The rebels, like Saudi Arabia , are mostly Sunni, and are supported by the US and Sunnis in the Arab world. "Palestinian officials seem to be reassured by this visit, but they are cautious".

Global Man City sign Silva from Monaco
Author: 0 Man City sign Silva from Monaco

Bernardo Silva described his new team-mate one of the world's top players and is eager to pick up as much as he can from the 31-year-old. The 22-year-old made 51 appearances last season, scoring 11 goals and assisting nine as a young Monaco side reached UEFA Champions League semi-finals and also won the Ligue 1 title.

Global Madras HC stays ban on sale of cattle for slaughter
Author: 0 Madras HC stays ban on sale of cattle for slaughter

In its interim order, a Madurai bench comprising Justices M.V. Muralidharan and C.V. Karthikeyan directed the central government to file its counter in four weeks. The notification had created an uproar in many states including protests by Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee .

Global Macron cabinet: Half of France's new ministers are women
Author: 0 Macron cabinet: Half of France's new ministers are women

On Monday, his first day in office, he named centre-right MP Edouard Philippe as Prime Minister and travelled to Berlin for talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on reforming the European Union . Some French political reporters said that Macron's office called their media organization to designate specific journalists who will be able to cover Macron's first trip outside Europe, scheduled in Mali on Friday.

Global Trump Wraps First Overseas Trip With Visit to US Troops in Italy
Author: 0 Trump Wraps First Overseas Trip With Visit to US Troops in Italy

U.S. President Donald Trump said on Saturday that NATO alliance allies are already stepping up their contributions to the organisation, two days after the president scolded members for not spending enough on defence. 'My husband worked very hard on behalf of our country and I'm very proud of him. With the leaders of America's North Atlantic Treaty Organisation partners standing like school children behind him, Trump upbraided them for not spending more on defence and repeated the ...

Author: 0 Philippines: 19 dead as troops fight ISIL-linked groups

The crisis in Marawi, which is home to about 200,000 people, has raised fears that extremism in the southern Philippines is increasing as smaller militant groups unify and align themselves with the Islamic State . Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana told reporters that Hapilon has received funds from the Islamic State group. The hunt for Hapilon is on, with Washington offering a $5 million reward for information on his whereabouts.

Global Egypt and Russia discuss fight against `terror`
Author: 0 Egypt and Russia discuss fight against `terror`

The meeting in Cairo tackled boosting cooperation and joint counter-terrorism efforts as well as developments in the region, mainly in Syria. The Cairo talks came after Egypt s air force on Friday bombed jihadist training camps in eastern Libya.

Global Manchester Bomber's Brother, Father Arrested in Libya
Author: 0 Manchester Bomber's Brother, Father Arrested in Libya

The investigation into the attack is ongoing and the Greater Manchester Police confirmed on Wednesday that it is probing a wider "network" linked to Abedi. Britain and the United States are part of the "Five Eyes" countries that closely share intelligence, alongside Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham slammed the move, reportedly telling the U.S.

Global Trump threatens prosecution over US leaks of Manchester probe
Author: 0 Trump threatens prosecution over US leaks of Manchester probe

British security and law enforcement officials were reviewing whether other sensitive information involving the investigation should be shared, according to one official who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak about the ongoing investigation.

Author: 0 From dictator to detainee: Noriega's turbulent past

The United States invaded Panama in 1989 and Noriega was convicted of drug charges in 1991. Noriega accused Washington of a "conspiracy" to keep him behind bars and tied his legal troubles to his refusal to cooperate with a US plan aimed at toppling Nicaragua's leftist Sandinista government in the 1980s.

Global Countries that help N. Korea face sanctions too, U.S. warns
Author: 0 Countries that help N. Korea face sanctions too, U.S. warns

He said the council is exploring many different avenues to proceed and "clearly sanctions are a way to go", but also diplomacy. The United States said on Tuesday it believed it could persuade China to impose new UN sanctions on North Korea and warned that Washington would also target and "call out" countries supporting Pyongyang.

Author: 0 Embassy should be moved to Jerusalem

He spoke one day after two USA officials in Jerusalem reportedly told Israelis that the Western Wall was in the West Bank and was, therefore, not under Israeli sovereignty. Israeli officials did not confirm that they were the source of the information, and leaders played down the issue, perhaps wary of additional trouble ahead of Trump's arrival in the Mideast.

Global 'Convinced Atlanticist' Merkel being honest with U.S., spokesman says
Author: 0 'Convinced Atlanticist' Merkel being honest with U.S., spokesman says

Trump reportedly calls Germans "bad" over auto sales to the U.S. "They are a pillar for our foreign and security policy and Germany will continue to work on strengthening those relationships". . Prime Minister Modi said that they conducted a comprehensive review of regional and global issues in the India-Germany Intergovernmental Consultations.

Global Four-nation tour: PM Modi to arrive in Spain today
Author: 0 Four-nation tour: PM Modi to arrive in Spain today

Modi arrived in Germany yesterday at the start of his four-nation tour , which will cover Spain , Russia and France besides Germany. " Chancellor Merkel receives Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Schloss Messeberg before a private dinner", said a ministry of external affairs statement alongside images of the two leaders in conversation in the luxurious gardens of the grand palace.

Global Chaffetz Miffed By FBI's Deferral Of His Request For Comey's Trump Memos
Author: 0 Chaffetz Miffed By FBI's Deferral Of His Request For Comey's Trump Memos

Chaffetz further requests that the FBI identify all responsive documents, regardless of whether the document is within the scope of the special counsel's investigation. McCabe. "I think it's also important, even though I'm departing Congress at the end of June, that the House of Representatives continue on because they have to provide oversight, not only on this matter, but also on the special counsel", Chaffetz told CNN's "The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer ".

Author: 0 US Secretary of Defense Says Trump Is Open to Climate Change

But now there is a new story out, and whether it is true or not is uncertain and I feel that putting it in a headline would be wrong, but one website is saying that they were told by White House "confidants" of the president that he is indeed planning to pull the us out of the Paris climate agreement, reports The Hill .

Author: 0 Macron draws 'red line' over Syria after meeting Putin

French President Emmanuel Macron and Russian President Vladimir Putin have visited an exhibit marking the 300th anniversary of Russian Czar Peter the Great's trip to Paris . Macron concluded the interview by saying that he believed he could establish a "cordial relationship" with Trump. But it is just a first step that forms a part of an global multilateral approach.

Global Europe must step up as diplomatic player: Merkel
Author: 0 Europe must step up as diplomatic player: Merkel

Cover: From L-R, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, German Chancellor Angela Merkel , U.S. President Donald Trump and Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni pose for a family photo during the G7 Summit in Taormina, Sicily, Italy, May 26, 2017.

Author: 0 Joe Lieberman Is Top Pick for FBI Director

Asked how close he is to making an announcement, Trump said, "soon". Joseph Lieberman departs the White House after meeting with U.S. President Donald Trump May 17, 2017 in Washington , DC. Lieberman backed Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), a longtime friend, in the race for president in 2008. He later registered as an Independent, but he continued to serve with the Democratic caucus in the Senate.

Global Reasons Anonymous White House Officials Say They Can't Stand Jared Kushner
Author: 0 Reasons Anonymous White House Officials Say They Can't Stand Jared Kushner

Speaking on Sunday's news shows, Kelly said he didn't know whether the reports by The Associated Press and other news outlets involving Kushner, who is President Donald Trump's son-in-law, were true. US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania step off Air Force One May 27, 2017 at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland following his nine-day foreign trip.

Global Tweet from Ivanka Trump's lifestyle brand gets icy reception
Author: 0 Tweet from Ivanka Trump's lifestyle brand gets icy reception

The First Daughter's lifestyle website, Ivanka Trump HQ , kicked off the Memorial Day celebrations by posting an article about "Champagne popsicles"-an innocuous a tweet as any, albeit for quite a lacklustre recipe". "But we're dealing with a Trump brat here". Champagne popsicles-or cava popsicles or prosecco popsicles or, hey, André popsicles (you do you)-seem like a fairly safe treat over Memorial Day weekend, after pausing to pay much-deserved respect to troops who lost their lives ...

Author: 0 What happens to Earth if the U.S. exits the climate deal?

Despite the discord, Trump concluded his first overseas trip on a typically note, telling US service families at the Sigonella base in Sicily he had "hit a home run" shortly before taking off to fly back home. Brian McKeon, a senior policy official in the Pentagon during the Obama administration, said: "The in-your-face thing at the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation headquarters was pretty undiplomatic".

Global Bomber Salman Abedi's father says he did not expect Manchester attack
Author: 0 Bomber Salman Abedi's father says he did not expect Manchester attack

The pictures appeared in the New York Times and followed an earlier leak to U.S. media of the attacker's name. Earlier, interior minister Amber Rudd said the bomber had recently returned from Libya . Police said three suspects were arrested Wednesday in south Manchester . But the New York Times then published photos it says were gathered by United Kingdom authorities at the scene of the attack, including the remnants of a backpack, nuts and screws, and a device identified as a ...

Global Angela Merkel still seeking stronger USA ties, spokesman says
Author: 0 Angela Merkel still seeking stronger USA ties, spokesman says

The remarks were a clear repudiation of Trump's troubled few days with European leaders, even as Merkel held back from mentioning the USA president by name. Where Europe's relationship with the US during the Cold War and in its immediate aftermath had a strong emotional component, Merkel's comments suggest she now sees them as more "pragmatic and transactional", said Sylke Tempel, an expert with the German Council on Foreign Relations.

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