Global North Korea: We Uncovered US Plot to Kill Our Leader
Author: 0 North Korea: We Uncovered US Plot to Kill Our Leader

North Korea is accusing the US and South Korea of plotting to assassinate leader Kim Jong-un. The North's ministry of state security said in a statement on Friday that the Central Intelligence Agency "assassination by use of biochemical substances including radioactive substance and nano poisonous substance is the best method that does not require access to the target".

Author: 0 Experts predict instability in the legislature after BC election

Horgan told reporters he meant to wait for the election's final outcome on May 24 before talking further about government scenarios, adding he would be willing to work with any party. In a press conference Wednesday afternoon, Clark told reporters she never thought it was going to be anything but a really tough election. Weaver said he called both leaders to congratulate them.

Author: 0 Girls Refusing Rescue Should Be Forced Out - Chibok Leaders

Ms Alhassan said they travelled to Chibok for Christmas but upon their return to the capital said they were scared to go back to their community. Presidential spokesman Garba Shehu said officials originally had been negotiating for the release of 83 girls, but one said she wanted to remain.

Author: 0 Sister of accused killer in Arkansas says he's mentally ill

Bowden released McHam to law enforcement and surrendered. He was on his way to a disturbance call on the 12000 block of Gum Springs Road. "What happened today once again highlights the dangers that are facing law enforcement officers across this country", Arkansas State Police spokesman Bill Sadler told reporters.

Global New South Korean President Favors Sanctions but Also Engagement With North
Author: 0 New South Korean President Favors Sanctions but Also Engagement With North

Tension has been high for months on the Korean peninsula over North Korea's nuclear and missile development and fears it will conduct a sixth nuclear test or test another ballistic missile in defiance of U.N. "The Central Prosecutor's Office will ask for the handover of those criminals and prosecute them under the relevant laws", Han Song Ryol, North Korea's vice foreign minister, told foreign diplomats and reporters in Pyongyang, China's Xinhua news agency reported.

Global Obama unveils plans for presidential library center on Chicago's South Side
Author: 0 Obama unveils plans for presidential library center on Chicago's South Side

Obama did not engage in politics during the event, clearly putting the focus on the Presidential Center and not once mentioning President Donald Trump. "What we wanted was something that was alive, and that was a hub for the community and for the city and for the country", he said, as quoted by The New York Times .

Author: 0 Trump Highlights Rosie O'Donnell's Support for Firing Comey

The Times reported that Comey was wary of accepting Mr. Trump's dinner invitation because he wished to avoid seeming too "chummy" with him, especially because of the ongoing Russian Federation probe. Sanders explained that the president had already chose to fire Comey but that the recommendations "solidified" his decision. "The timing of Director Comey's dismissal to me and many committee members on both sides of the aisle is especially troubling", Senator Mark Warner, a Virginia ...

Global Macron unveils fresh faces for parliamentary election
Author: 0 Macron unveils fresh faces for parliamentary election

His Republic on the Move movement announced an initial list of 428 candidates for the 577 seats of France's lower house of parliament. The pro-EU Macron, 39, who defeated far-right leader Marine Le Pen, has been trying to lure people away from Socialists and right-wing Republicans while also giving space to new faces.

Global U.S., China reach deals on access for beef, financial services
Author: 0 U.S., China reach deals on access for beef, financial services

Last fall, the Obama administration secured preliminary access to the Chinese market for USA beef exports, which had been disrupted for more than a decade because of the "mad cow" scare, but hadn't finished the technical trade talks. Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles applauded the embargo lift and said it will give Kentucky farmers access to a market of 1.3 billion people that has been unavailable for over a decade.

Global Trump says he did not ask Comey for his loyalty -Fox News
Author: 0 Trump says he did not ask Comey for his loyalty -Fox News

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. Spicer declined multiple questions about Mr. Trump's tweet saying Comey had "better hope that there are no tapes" of his dinner with the former Federal Bureau of Investigation director. "And the former senior FBI official said Comey would never have told the president he was not under investigation - also contradicting what Trump said".

Global Six NHS trusts yet to return to normal after cyber attack
Author: 0 Six NHS trusts yet to return to normal after cyber attack

Ransomware is a type of malware that essentially takes over a computer and prevents users from accessing data on the computer until a ransom is paid, he said. A spokesperson for the Russian Health Ministry, Nikita Odintsov, said on Twitter that the cyberattacks on his ministry were "effectively repelled".

Global America's 'emotional obsession' with Russia 'will end soon,' Kremlin says
Author: 0 America's 'emotional obsession' with Russia 'will end soon,' Kremlin says

The Kremlin said Thursday it was too early to speak of a thaw in ties with Washington, a day after Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov met US President Donald Trump. Peskov was talking to reporters about U.S. -Russia relations, a fraught relationship that became decisively more complicated after Trump became president.

Author: 0 Experts strive to restore NHS computers — NHS cyber-attack

According to The Wall Street Journal, the malware believed to be behind the attacks, encrypts data on infected computers and essentially holds it for ransom. "Today our engineers added detection and protection against new malicious software known as Ransom:Win32.WannaCrypt", Microsoft said in a statement on Friday, adding it was working with customers to provide additional assistance.

Global Syrian FM says no foreign troops on the ground
Author: 0 Syrian FM says no foreign troops on the ground

Additionally, the Syrian government has said it will not accept United Nations monitoring of the deal. "There have been agreements and cease-fires in the past, but not implemented and not monitored". Dubbed a 'cessation of hostilities, ' the deal was meant to end clashes between government troops and opposition factions and focus the fight on extremist groups like Islamic State and al-Qaida.

Author: 0 USA committed to Turkey's security, Mattis tells Turkish PM Yildirim

US-backed fighters hunted for jihadist holdouts in Syria's Tabqa today after overrunning the city and nearby dam in a step forward for their advance on Islamic State group stronghold Raqa. "We will work together". The spokesman for the USA -led coalition against IS, Col. John Dorrian, told reporters at the Pentagon Wednesday that the weapons would be delivered to the Kurds soon.

Global Green Party decides not to field Hartlepool General Election candidate
Author: 0 Green Party decides not to field Hartlepool General Election candidate

Lib Dem candidate for Cambridge Julian Huppert said the current approach was "a disaster", with successive governments "ceding total control of a significant public health problem to organised crime". Labour's shadow cabinet member Jon Trickett responded: "It's the Tories who would be a disaster for Britain". Furthermore, people vote differently in their local election than in a general election: whilst some would have viewed them as a way to use their vote to speak on national issues, many ...

Global Turkey blocks access to Wikipedia website
Author: 0 Turkey blocks access to Wikipedia website

There is no official statement on why the site has been blocked but Turkish media is reporting the cause as "terror-related content". All language editions of the Wikipedia website was blocked at 8:00 a.m. Articles and comments on the popular online encyclopedia showed Turkey "in coordination and aligned" with terrorist groups, the Turkish Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications said.

Author: 0 North Korea open to holding dialogue with Donald Trump administration

Choe Son-hui, a foreign ministry official for the reclusive country, has said bilateral talks between Pyongyang and Washington would be considered. According to Yonhap, when asked if North Korea is also preparing to talk with the new South Korean government of liberal President Moon Jae-in, Choe reportedly said "We'll see".

Author: 0 Pope says will be "sincere" with Trump at Vatican meeting

It was signed by "TV Boy Official". Along with horns and a cape, the U.S. president sports a gold watch and pistol in his pocket while the Pope is adorned with a golden halo. The Pope had a yellow shadow over his head, the same color as Trumps hair. "A person who thinks only about building walls - wherever they may be - and not building bridges, is not Christian", Francis said in February of 2016, according to The AP .

Author: 0 Hope for improved China, South Korea relations after leaders speak

In the first conversation in eight months between the leaders of the two countries, Mr Xi reiterated China's opposition to the controversial deployment of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defence system in South Korea. The South is also embroiled in a dispute with China over a controversial USA missile defence system, which Beijing sees as a threat. "Sanctions against North Korea are also a means to bring the North to the negotiating table aimed at eliminating its nuclear weapons", Yoon told ...

Author: 0 South Korea urges 'parallel' talks, sanctions to rein in North

New South Korean President Moon Jae-in has told Japanese Prime Minster Shinzo Abe that their countries must not let their hard histories hamper co-operation in dealing with North Korea's nuclear program. Xi told Moon China had always upheld the denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula and that the nuclear issue should be resolved through talks, which were in everyone's interests, according to a state television report.

Author: 0 Trump removes tweet saying it was 'honor' to host Abbas

While Israel asserts Jerusalem as its capital city, the worldwide community overwhelmingly, including the US, recognizes Tel Aviv as the country's official capital. The daily said the U.S. media were more focused on the Hamas charter than Abbas' visit, with the Palestinian Authority president "alone in the wrestling ring" with Trump and completely powerless.

Global Nigeria Chibok girls: 103 freed girls to go back to school
Author: 0 Nigeria Chibok girls: 103 freed girls to go back to school

The 24 girls who left captivity previous year have been staying in a secret location in the capital, Abuja, for assessment, rehabilitation and debriefing by the Nigerian government. The government should use the Chibok girls as an example of how to advocate for and advance mental health, education for girls and other women's rights issues in Nigeria, Demm added.

Author: 0 New Chinese missile can attack aircraft carriers, THAAD

It said the tests, carried out by the People's Liberation Army's Rocket Force, were meant to increase the operational capability of the country's military to better deal with major national security threats. The Chinese weapon tested was likely a DF-26 intermediate range missile being developed to sink warships, including US aircraft carriers, said Song Zhongping, an expert on military affairs and commentator for Hong Kong's Phoenix TV.

Global How Trump is reshaping the federal courts
Author: 0 How Trump is reshaping the federal courts

President Trump is expected to nominate 10 lawyers Monday for federal judgeships, including two state judges on his list of 21 potential U.S. Supreme Court nominees. "We've got 127 federal judge vacancies that need to be confirmed, and then we've got 94 United States attorneys that need to be confirmed ", Sessions stated.

Author: 0 United Kingdom election: May seeks similarly 'strong mandate' to Macron

Macron's En Marche party now has no seats in parliament, though an opinion poll last week predicted it would emerge as the largest in the parliamentary elections next month. The former prime minister wants to run under the centrist president-elect's banner in the legislative elections. The French interior ministry said that with 93% of the votes counted, Macron had about 19.3 million votes, while Le Pen secured about 10.4 million.

Author: 0 North Korea willing to meet with US if conditions right: Diplomat

In a telephone conversation immediately following Moon's inauguration this week, Chinese President Xi Jinping again explained the reasons for his country's opposition against the THAAD deployment in South Korea but agreed the countries needed to further improve their ties and cooperation.

Global 17 mummies discovered in central Egypt
Author: 0 17 mummies discovered in central Egypt

The ancient artefacts were reportedly found at the Tuna Al-Gabal site at the city in Upper Egypt. Experts from the Faculty of Archaeology at Cairo University have been working at the site, near the necropolis of birds and animals. Millions of tourists visited Egypt every year to see its Giza Pyramids - the only surviving monument of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World - and its ancient pharaonic temples and relics.

Global Merkel says wants close cooperation with France's Macron
Author: 0 Merkel says wants close cooperation with France's Macron

Schaeuble said he agrees with Macron that Europe's currency area requires financial transfers, though the scope of such rebalancing would require national approval, according to an interview with Der Spiegel magazine published Friday. Gabriel, meanwhile, told the 39-year-old En Marche! "And that's good, because if I knew I'd be obliged to lie to you". " Working on a subject that was neither bilateral nor linked to the European Union changed the climate of their meetings and the extent to ...

Author: 0 Trump tweet-warns Comey 'before he starts leaking'

When he fired Comey earlier this week, Trump garnered comparisons to President Richard Nixon and his infamous decision to remove the special prosecutor investigating Watergate crimes in 1973. Trump also said that at the dinner, he and Comey discussed whether the USA top cop would stay in his role and continue his 10-year term. "I have worked as a professional photo correspondent for many years and I am facing such absurd and ludicrous charges for the first time ", he added .

Author: 0 Donald Trump refers to 'tapes' that may exist of James Comey conversations

Trump's tweet suggested, of course, that the president was privately recording his conversations. In other tweets this morning, Trump defended his White House surrogates after multiple inconsistent statements from senior administration officials and White House spokespeople on the subject of the Federal Bureau of Investigation director's firing.

Author: 0 Trump asked James Comey to pledge his loyalty to him

At that time , the White House's story was that Trump fired Comey after receiving a recommendation to do so from Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and Attorney General Jeff Sessions. "At that time he told me I was not under investigation ". The president then turned the conversation to whether Mr. Comey would pledge his loyalty to him.

Global Kejriwal Says No Rift With 'Younger Brother' Kumar Vishwas
Author: 0 Kejriwal Says No Rift With 'Younger Brother' Kumar Vishwas

We should first decide whom did we start our fight with. "In any case, his ambition of becoming a polarising factor against Narendra Modi has fallen flat in the changed political atmosphere". When contacted Khan did not elaborate on the message and said he will "spill the beans" at an appropriate time. "This has been confirmed by at least 10 party MLAs", Khan said in a message circulated to the media.

Author: 0 Trump says 'major help from God' need to win

Liberty is a Christian university founded in 1971 by pastor and conservative activist Jerry Falwell. President Donald Trump and Liberty University president, Jerry Falwell Jr. "In my short time in Washington, I've seen firsthand how the system is broken". In one of the more weird sections of the speech, Trump read off the Liberty University football team's entire 2018 schedule, remarking several times on the difficulty of the competition they would face - "Jerry, are you sure you know what ...

Author: 0 Direct Varanasi-Colombo flights from August: Modi

The menace of terrorism in our region is a concrete manifestation of this destructive emotion, Modi said, apparently referring to Pakistan. He said the countries of South, Central, South East and East Asia were proud of their Buddhist links traced to the land of Buddha.

Author: 0 British local elections give May a boost ahead of key vote

But with all 88 councils in Britain having declared their results, these graphics really drill home just how big the win was. Meanwhile, the Liberal Democrats - hoping to do well in Remain-Voting areas in the general election - did not enjoy the revival some had predicted in places like the south-west of England.

Author: 0 I Would Have Fired Comey Without Rosenstein's Letter

Russian Federation has repeatedly denied the USA allegations of its interference in the 2016 election, characterizing them as absurd, with Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov saying Moscow did not have official contacts with the Trump's team during the presidential campaign.

Global German Chancellor Angela Merkel visits Saudi Arabia without headscarf
Author: 0 German Chancellor Angela Merkel visits Saudi Arabia without headscarf

Other high profile visitors , including former first ladies Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Britain's prime minister Theresa May, have also chosen not to cover their hair while visiting Saudi Arabia in the past. Germany has provided refuge to hundreds of thousands of people from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan in recent years. Merkel's delegation included top German companies like SAP, Siemens, Lufthansa and Deutsche Bahn and vowed to help Saudi Arabia achieve a " digital transformation ".

Global CA rejects Gina Lopez's appointment as DENR chief
Author: 0 CA rejects Gina Lopez's appointment as DENR chief

Mining companies, who went all out to block Lopez's confirmation, welcomed the congressional panel's decision. Recidoro said the chamber hoped the new secretary "will be more balanced in his or her views of national resources development".

Global Former Trump adviser calls Russian Federation probe 'comically fake'
Author: 0 Former Trump adviser calls Russian Federation probe 'comically fake'

The New York Times reports that similar letters were sent to former Trump advisers Roger Stone, Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort. Representatives for Stone and Flynn did not immediately respond to requests for comment. Separately Friday, current and former US officials said Flynn, who was forced to resign after 24 days on the job because of revelations about his discussions with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, was warned by senior members of Trump's transition team about the risks of ...

Global House OKs bill on improper teacher-student relationships
Author: 0 House OKs bill on improper teacher-student relationships

In case you forgot, Texas sports fans were up in arms when teenager Mack Beggs walked away with an undefeated season in the girl's 110-pound weight class, as he was in the middle of transitioning and had been taking testosterone for sometime.

Author: 0 Trump says 'certain circumstances' must be met for inter-Korean talks

Kim Jong Un was the target of a US-South Korean assassination plot, North Korea claims . When asked if the North would be open to talks with South Korea's newly-elected president, Moon Jae-in, Choe replied, "We'll see". Trump didn't make clear what those circumstances would be, naturally, but did appear to reject the need for talks in the near term, bragging that he's handling North Korea "very well, very firmly" without diplomacy.

Global SC reserves verdict on Aadhaar-PAN linkage
Author: 0 SC reserves verdict on Aadhaar-PAN linkage

A Supreme Court bench comprising Justices AK Sikri and Ashok Bhushan was hearing two petitions against the Centre's move to make Aadhaar numbers mandatory for applying for PAN cards and filing income tax returns, which the government had inserted into the I-T Act through the Finance Act 2017.

Author: 0 Missouri passes bill to offer Real ID compliant licenses

The Legislature often saves some of its biggest issues until its final day of work, creating a frenzied pace as dozens of bills are rapidly passed - or die. The illegal re-entry part of the bill makes it a crime for an unauthorized immigrant who gets deported and then crosses back into the USA and Missouri to commit a violent crime would be guilty of illegal reentry.

Author: 0 ACB records Kapil Mishra's statement in tanker scam

Doctors who did his health check-up sounded a warning, saying that Mishra's blood sugar level had come down to 81 mg/dl from 87 mg/dl on Thursday. Mishra, however, has refused to get admitted, Salam said. "Satyendra Jain himself has accepted in front of me that he has made a deal of Rs. 50 crore for a relative of Arvind Kejriwal. Whenever I met you, you always talked about probity in public life", she wrote.

Global Trump downplays spat with Turnbull, says everything is 'fantastic'
Author: 0 Trump downplays spat with Turnbull, says everything is 'fantastic'

As CNBC reported , Trump had spoken earlier in the day in NY at a press conference with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and touted Republicans' latest health care bill. MSNBC's Chris Hayes played a clip of Trump's comment while interviewing Sanders on May 4. "Under Obamacare , the Medicaid program here in the U.S.

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