Author: 0 Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte warns of 'contamination' by Islamic State

Their condition is unknown. Duterte warned he may expand martial law nationwide, an unnerving development for many in the Philippines who lived through the rule of Ferdinand Marcos. But human rights groups and others fear that martial law powers could further embolden the president, who already has been accused of allowing extrajudicial killings of thousands of people in his crackdown on illegal drugs.

Global Democrats & Republicans Spar over New Budget Report on Health Care
Author: 0 Democrats & Republicans Spar over New Budget Report on Health Care

Cutbacks in subsidies for individual health insurance would likewise help cut $276 billion. This revised bill would reduce that by around 1 million - a difference of less than half a percentage point. However, the CBO concluded that under the AHCA, "less healthy individuals (including those with preexisting or newly acquired medical conditions) would be unable to purchase comprehensive coverage with premiums close to those under current law and might not be able to purchase coverage at all ".

Global Police arrests two more Manchester attack suspects
Author: 0 Police arrests two more Manchester attack suspects

The two men, arrested on suspicion of terrorism offences, bring the total number of those detained in the probe into Monday's attack to 13, though two people have since been released without charge. The Manchester Arena bombing that happened on 22 may during a pop concert, claimed 22 lives and injured several others. On Tuesday the terror threat level was raised to critical, meaning an attack may be imminent, for the first time in a decade.

Author: 0 United Kingdom bomber said to have pleaded 'Forgive me' before blast

He did not elaborate, but those arrests around the northwestern English city include Ismail Abedi, the brother of 22-year-old Manchester Arena bomber Salman Abedi . These leaks have been going on for a long time and my Administration will get to the bottom of this. He said he is asking the Justice Department and other agencies to "launch a complete review of this matter".

Global US Senate committee advances bill to impose new sanctions on Iran
Author: 0 US Senate committee advances bill to impose new sanctions on Iran

He noted that Washington still depends on Iran for cooperation in Iraq against IS and in Afghanistan against the Taliban, and Trump has "shown caution so far". Meanwhile Trump's call for Israelis and Palestinians to "make a deal" has drawn praised mixed with a healthy dose of scepticism. Rouhani said that Iranians are "waiting for this government to become stable intellectually" and that "hopefully, things will settle we could pass more accurate judgments".

Author: 0 G7 climate row deadlocked but US says Trump 'evolving'

Trump tweeted Friday, without mentioning climate change . "Today with Trump as president there is extreme uncertainty among immigrants without the proper documents who constantly fear deportation", said Father Tomas Gonzalez, who founded a shelter for migrants in Mexico near its southern border with Guatemala and who came to Italy to take part in the protest.

Global At least 5 dead, 10 wounded in Jakarta bus terminal bombing Featured
Author: 0 At least 5 dead, 10 wounded in Jakarta bus terminal bombing Featured

At least ten people, including civilians and other police officers, have been injured. Three Indonesian policemen were killed and five other officers were injured after the two suspects allegedly set off what was believed to be a pressure cooker bomb near a bus terminal in Kampung Melayu, in East Jakarta , at about 9pm local time on Wednesday.

Author: 0 Manchester Bomber Called Mom Before Attack

The bombing, which took place at the Manchester Arena indoor venue just after the end of a concert by USA pop singer Ariana Grande , was the deadliest in Britain since July 2005, when 52 people were killed in attacks on London's transport network.

Author: 0 Taiwan court rules in favor of same-sex marriage, first in Asia

The highest court has ruled on a constitutional challenge to current laws, which say that marriage is between a man and a woman. This is a HUGE win for the LGBTQ community - if things go to plan Taiwan will be the first Asian country to legally recognise gay marriage .

Global USA leaks shed light on Manchester attack, but infuriate UK
Author: 0 USA leaks shed light on Manchester attack, but infuriate UK

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak publicly, said there is progress being made on the investigation despite the leaks. The strongly-worded rebuke came after the New York Times published photographs of the crime scene and after Home Secretary Amber Rudd openly criticized US officials for sharing details with American media organizations before British security services were ready to do so.

Global RFE/RL: Trump lectures NATO allies on defense spending
Author: 0 RFE/RL: Trump lectures NATO allies on defense spending

Trump were in agreement about Ukraine . Instead, he highlighted NATO's decision to invoke the article, for the only time, after 9/11 and said the United States would "never forsake the friends that stood by our side". Counter-terrorism and other issues were also on the agenda for the one-day summit. "Many of these nations owe massive amounts of money from past years", Trump added.

Author: 0 Venezuela: Teenager killed as mass protests rage

For the past six weeks, anti-government protests have hit various parts of the country on an nearly daily basis. The demo drew attention to the suffering of Venezuelans, particularly the elderly , in an economic crisis that has caused shortages of food and medicine in the oil-rich country.

Author: 0 Mt Everest's famous Hillary Step destroyed, reports BBC

In addition to the deaths, there have been rumors that the Hillary Step, the final challenge to climbers trying to reach the summit (named for Sir Edmund Hillary ) has collapsed. "It could well just be gravity, but I would suspect the natural disaster was the cause", he told the BBC . According to the BBC , there was less snowfall on the mountain this year, allowing Mosedale to get a better look.

Global Trump appears to shove Montenegro PM at Nato meet
Author: 0 Trump appears to shove Montenegro PM at Nato meet

Fellow NATO leaders occasionally exchanged awkward looks with each other during the president's lecture, which occurred at an event commemorating the fall of the Berlin Wall and the September 11, 2001, al-Qaida terrorist attack on the United States .

Global No, really,
Author: 0 No, really, "the Palestinians are ready to reach for peace"

During meetings with Netanyahu on Monday, Trump focused attention on the threat from Iran but also talked about the opportunities for peace in the region and how Saudi Arabia and other Arab nations were shifting their stance, potentially opening a window towards a regional agreement.

Global Trump ruffles feathers by calling Germans
Author: 0 Trump ruffles feathers by calling Germans "bad" _ on trade

We're going to stop that". Cohn clarified Friday that " He said they're very bad on trade", but added "he doesn't have a problem with Germany ". "I was making clear that the U.S. can not compare their trade situation with individual member states of the European Union ". Trump did not extend an invitation for European Union leaders to visit the White House during Thursday's meeting.

Global Obama heads to St Andrews after landing in Scotland
Author: 0 Obama heads to St Andrews after landing in Scotland

Rest assured, common golf folk, even presidents struggle off the tee. Barack Obama is in Edinburgh on Friday. The former USA president enjoyed a round of golf at the Old Course in the morning, starting an hour after his jet was seen touching down at Edinburgh Airport.

Author: 0 Reported Hate Crimes Spike in Manchester After Bombing

British police have resumed intelligence-sharing ties with USA law enforcement after they were temporarily stopped in a row over leaks about the Manchester bombing investigation. It came after the name of the bomber , Salman Abedi , was also leaked to USA media within hours of the attack, which left 22 dead. Manchester police are hunting down a network they think orchestrated the bombing, and the suspected perpetrator's father and brother were arrested in Tripoli .

Global Melania Trump just rejected Donald Trump's attempt to hold her hand
Author: 0 Melania Trump just rejected Donald Trump's attempt to hold her hand

Only it isn't there anymore, because Melania had moved it away mere seconds before contact was made in order to brush the hair out of her face. Trump settled on putting his hand on her backside. As they stood at the exit from the aircraft and waved to their hosts, the first lady managed to avoid another attempt at holding the hand of her husband.

Author: 0 UK authorities 'furious' at US leaks of Manchester bombing probe

The most senior US diplomat in Britain condemned media leaks of an investigation into a suicide bomb which killed 22 people in Manchester, saying the USA government would take action to identify those responsible. A woman who was arrested earlier was released without charge, police said. Abedi also said he was certain Salman had not been in Syria. Two of Abedi's friends were also so concerned about his behaviour that they separately phoned the hotline, five years ago, and again in ...

Author: 0 Trump pushes aside Montenegro leader who calls it natural

Speaking on a panel at the GLOBSEC Bratislava Forum in the Slovak capital, the foreign ministers of Slovakia, Hungary and Poland said they had no concerns about the United States' commitment to North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. President Donald Trump might have once supported the British decision to leave the European Union, but he is now seemingly anxious about the impact of Brexit for US workers.

Author: 0 Lib Dems mull flat rate pension tax relief in manifesto

And while the party is gaining support from elsewhere, with 17% of new backers former Conservatives and 15% from Labour , there hasn't been a significant shift. Mrs May's Ukip-inspired "hard Brexit" approach of taking Britain out of the single market and customs union is "a time bomb under our economy" which will wreck Britain's future for decades to come, warned the Liberal Democrat leader.

Global Netanyahu insists he told Trump to move embassy to Jerusalem
Author: 0 Netanyahu insists he told Trump to move embassy to Jerusalem

The relocation is strongly opposed by many USA allies as the Palestinians also claim the city as their capital. However, the worldwide community does not recognize Israel's annexation of east Jerusalem , which the Palestinians seek as the capital of a future independent state.

Author: 0 Philippine leader warns of 'contamination by ISIS'

Philippine authorities said ending violence on the island was hard as Islamic militants were hiding in residential buildings, had planted improvised bombs in the streets and had taken several hostages. "The dream of the Maute group is to transform Mindanao into an Islamic state ", Calida said. Hapilon is a high value target because he is reportedly the direct link between the global terrorist group Islamic State (ISIS) and its local sympathizers.

Author: 0 Two Malaysian militants killed in Mindanao battle

Mohammad Usman, a 49-year-old Marawi resident, said some people are likely trapped with no way out. Army officials said 13 fighters were killed on Thursday by troops backed by rocket-firing helicopters in Marawi city, an important hub for the Islamic faith that now resembles a war zone.

Author: 0 Trump Shoves Aside Montenegro Leader - Who Calls It Natural

Trump said that 23 of 28 member nations do not pay what they should for their defense and pointed out that the USA has spent more than all other member nations combined over the last eight years. White House spokesman Sean Spicer told reporters later that Trump is "fully committed" to the collective defense. "We don't interpret things in the same way, but we spoke frankly", he said.

Global Kushner 'proposed secret communication channel with Russia'
Author: 0 Kushner 'proposed secret communication channel with Russia'

Controversy has engulfed Trump since he fired FBI Director James Comey on May 9 as Comey oversaw an investigation into possible collusion between his presidential campaign and Russian Federation. Federal investigators are looking into meetings Kushner held in December with Russia's ambassador and a banker from Moscow, CBS News' Scott Pelley reported on "CBS Evening News" on Thursday.

Author: 0 Trump pushes Montenegrin PM aside to make room for himself

Fellow NATO leaders occasionally exchanged awkward looks with each other during the president's lecture, which occurred at an event commemorating the fall of the Berlin Wall and the September 11, 2001, al-Qaida terrorist attack on the United States.

Author: 0 Civilians wave white flags as Philippines forces hit militants in siege city

On Friday the Associated Press described armored vehicles patrolling the streets of Marawi on the hunt for one Asia's most wanted militants, Isnilon Hapilon , who is believed to be in the area. The statement was critical of martial law imposed across all of Mindanao and said military solutions to the problems had repeatedly failed. In 2005, the US Treasury Department seized Hapilon's assets for suspected terrorist activities and association with Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden.

Author: 0 G7 Leaders Brace for Clash With Trump

A statement from the presidency said Kenyatta has been invited to the G7 summit to speak specifically on "the timeliness and challenges brought about by innovation as a factor of economic growth and development in Africa". Macron spoke fluent English, which is very unusual for a French president. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, German Chancellor Angela Merkel , US President Donald Trump , Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni , French President Emmanuel Macron, Japanese Prime ...

Global Whitfield County tornado classified as a weak, EF1 twister
Author: 0 Whitfield County tornado classified as a weak, EF1 twister

Scattered storms are likely to arrive before 5 p.m. The NWS confirmed three tornadoes Thursday. David Nadler, warning coordination meteorologist with the NWS's Peachtree City office, said the evidence he saw on the ground was consistent with a high end EF0 or a low EF1.

Global Chinese jets intercept United States surveillance plane in 'unsafe' incident
Author: 0 Chinese jets intercept United States surveillance plane in 'unsafe' incident

It comes exactly a week after Chinese jets came within 45 metres of an American WC-135 plane, which was taking samples in order to detect radiation in global airspace over the East China Sea. aircraft and that one of them even flew upside-down. To bolster its claims, Beijing has crafted artificial islands in the South China Sea. US -based South China Sea expert Greg Poling of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, said the operation was the first conducted by the United ...

Global Afghanistan cricket agrees to play in Pakistan
Author: 0 Afghanistan cricket agrees to play in Pakistan

The 83-year-old, who was speaking at a press conference alongside Afghan Cricket Board chairman Atif Mashal, revealed that the short friendly series between the two sides could be played in Afghanistan, Pakistan or Sharjah. They will become the first team to play an worldwide match at home after having played more than 40 global matches across formats away. PCB Executive committee board chairman Najam Sethi said that official permission is necessary to send the Pakistan cricket team to ...

Global Yogi fires top cop and bureaucrat after fresh violence in Saharanpur
Author: 0 Yogi fires top cop and bureaucrat after fresh violence in Saharanpur

Police in action after violence broke out during an Ambedkar Jayanti Shobhayatra in Saharanpur recently. "Four companies (about 400 personnel) of the Rapid Action Force have been sent to Saharanpur to help the state government maintain law and order", interior ministry spokesperson Ashok Prasad told reporters.

Author: 0 Christians Killed as Jihadists Aim to Transform Mindanao into Islamic State

Activist leaders say martial rule is not the solution to fighting terrorism in the southern Philippines. In a sign that the long-standing problem of militancy in the south could be expanding, Solicitor General Jose Calida said foreigners were fighting alongside the gunmen in Marawi , including Indonesians and Malaysians.

Global BJP will better its score in 2019 elections: Shah
Author: 0 BJP will better its score in 2019 elections: Shah

Drawing a contrast between the 10-year UPA rule and the Modi government, Shah said the former was marked by a scam nearly every month, while even the rivals of the BJP-led dispensation have not been able to level a single charge of corruption against it.

Global Manchester terror attack: Further arrests made this morning
Author: 0 Manchester terror attack: Further arrests made this morning

Commenting on the leaking of evidence from the investigation to the New York Times , Hopkins said it was "absolutely understandable" that this caused "much distress" to families of victims already suffering with their loss. When the name of the bomber was allegedly released by US officials, raids were underway both in Manchester and in Libya where the bomber's father lives.

Author: 0 Trump's 'Historic' Visit To The Middle East: Much Ado About Nothing

He also visited the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, believed to be where Jesus was buried and resurrected. The Yomiuri ShimbunIt is important for the United States to build a solid strategy and enhance its clout in the Middle East in pursuit of stability and the eradication of extremist organizations in the region.

Global United Kingdom police hit out at U.S. published leak of Manchester bomb pics
Author: 0 United Kingdom police hit out at U.S. published leak of Manchester bomb pics

Cairo/Dubai: The father and a brother of suspected Manchester suicide bomber Salman Abedi have been detained by security personnel in the Libyan capital, Tripoli, according to witnesses and officials. May said at the time Britain would continue to share intelligence with Washington. The troops will gradually be withdrawn from Monday, May said. A further two people who were arrested earlier in the week have been released.

Global 'The Simpsons' haunts Trump with the ghost of Nixon
Author: 0 'The Simpsons' haunts Trump with the ghost of Nixon

But things are looking much better for Mike Pence, who is wiping the "Vice" off his name plate. In the new clip, The Simpsons's animated Trump sits down with former Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey to make a deal to erase tapes that Trump quickly insists do not exist.

Author: 0 Donald Trump's first foreign tour: his most awkward moments

All the streets were closed because of the locales where President Donald Trump was going, so I stayed at home to watch the events of the second day of his visit . The Temple Mount and the Western Wall "will forever remain under Israeli sovereignty", Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in an address to the Knesset session.

Global ICSE, ISC exam results to be declared on May 29
Author: 0 ICSE, ISC exam results to be declared on May 29

The results will be made available to students through mobile texts, besides the council's website and CAREERS portal . 2,015 schools presented candidates in India and overseas for the ICSE Examination in 2016 and 1,68,591 number of candidates appeared for the examination.

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