Author: 0 U.S. warns against N.Korea travel after new arrest

Bloomberg even went so far as to suggest that "North Korea has become the most urgent national security threat and foreign policy issue facing Trump as his first 100 days in office passed". Not much is known about the professor's case, though Reuters cited online posts where he identified himself as a Christian missionary. "Make a change so the North Korea people can be free", Song, who now lives in South Korea and creates artwork that mocks Kim, told the Mail.

Author: 0 Spicer Pressed on Clapper's New Comments on Trump-Russia Collusion

The potential threat posed by Comey apparently prompted Trump to reveal a tape recording system at the White House that could potentially be subpoenaed by congressional investigators in their ongoing Russian Federation probe. Those associates felt comfortable going public with the story following Trump's decision to fire Comey on Tuesday evening, amid an escalating FBI investigation into his campaign's contacts with Russian Federation.

Author: 0 Indian SC calls triple talaq 'worst and undesirable form'

However, our community is not so progressive that women have a strong say in these matters and can not oppose the religious views. The top court on Thursday started hearing a few requests recorded by Muslim ladies dismissing the act of Triple Talaq .

Author: 0 N.Korea says will have dialogue with US under right conditions

Washington has made a show of force in the region to deter their use. Choe led a North Korean delegation that met a group of American experts, headed by Suzanne DiMaggio - director of the USA think tank New America - in Oslo, Norway, earlier this week, Yonhap news agency reported .

Global Macron unveils parliamentary candidates list
Author: 0 Macron unveils parliamentary candidates list

The poll did not forecast how many seats each party would get. Valls asked to run for parliament next month as part of Macron's movement Republic on the Move, but party secretary Richard Ferrand said Thursday that his request was denied.

Author: 0 South Korean leader Moon discuss North Korea with China's Xi: Blue House

The archbishop ended his statement promising to pray for the good of Korea's people under the leader's service. In addition to renewed attempts at inter-Korean dialogue, Moon has also pledged to balance diplomatic and economic ties with the U.S., China, Japan and Russian Federation.

Global Centre opposes Triple Talaq, next hearing on May 15
Author: 0 Centre opposes Triple Talaq, next hearing on May 15

The Board had also cautioned the apex court from interference with personal laws. "We will also determine whether triple talaq is sacramental and whether it can be enforced as a fundamental right", the court said , according to the Times of India .

Global Mayawati is the greatest blackmailer India ever witnessed: Siddiqui
Author: 0 Mayawati is the greatest blackmailer India ever witnessed: Siddiqui

As for Siddiqui's charge that Mayawati used derogatory language against the Muslims, she said she had always respected the minorities and his claims were a "bundle of lies". He also quit the party before the assembly elections and joined the BJP. "Kaam mein lago. Kar loge to aage badhoge", Ms Mayawati can be heard telling him as he says, "Main sab kuchh bech dunga".

Author: 0 EPA Removes Climate Change Info From Their Website

It also links to a full archive of how the page used to look on January 19, before Trump's inauguration. The original climate change page on the EPA website featured weather data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric administration, graphics showing the impact of climate change on different parts of the country and information on what the EPA and individuals can do to combat climate change.

Author: 0 Carmaker Nissan says UK plant hit by cyber attack

United States firm FedEx announced on Friday night that its operations in the U.S. were affected, while researchers with security software maker Avast said they had observed 57,000 infections in 99 countries with Russia, Ukraine and Taiwan the top targets.

Global Imam Barkati finally removes red beacon from his car
Author: 0 Imam Barkati finally removes red beacon from his car

On Friday he went a step ahead to say that he would remove the red beacon only if the Prime Minister gave up the special security allotted to him. How will political parties put pressure on me? As for now, none of the FIRs has been taken into consideration on the matter as the police is yet to take action against Maulana.

Global I have nothing to hide, says Tharoor ?
Author: 0 I have nothing to hide, says Tharoor ?

Some media houses are not conducting the right journalism. It was day 3 yesterday for Arnab Goswami's Republic and having exposed Lalu Prasad Yadav on Day 1 and Arvind Kejriwal on Day 2, the channel went on to expose Shashi Tharoor on Day 3.

Global Hizb distances itself from Moosa's statement, signals rift
Author: 0 Hizb distances itself from Moosa's statement, signals rift

Urging the people of Kashmir to unite against the Hurriyat's "hycocrisy", Zakir says: "We all should love our religion and we should realise that we are fighting for Islam". On Friday, a video had gone viral on social media which had a slide show of messages and quotes by worldwide terrorists and philosophers with an audio message by Zakir Musa.

Global Pakistan International Airlines Risks 300 lives As Pilot Takes A Quick Nap
Author: 0 Pakistan International Airlines Risks 300 lives As Pilot Takes A Quick Nap

On this particular flight, there were two first officers in the plane, to whom Mr. Hashmi was supposed to provide training. Days after a Pakistani International Airlines (PIA) pilot was recorded sleeping on a flight - giving the controls of the plane to a trainee - another PIA pilot has landed in soup after allowing a Chinese woman into the cockpit during a flight.

Author: 0 India likely to skip China's Belt and Road forum

However, there has been no official confirmation given my Ministry of External Affairs on the participation in the two-day meeting. Sri Lanka and Pakistan are already attending. Luo Zhaohui, China's ambassador to India, last week had asked New Delhi to look at the project through the prism of economics and not sovereignty. The major thrust of the MoU is to promote mutually beneficial cooperation between Nepal and China in various fields including economy, environment, technology and culture.

Author: 0 Israeli police: Jordanian stabber shot dead in Jerusalem

The attacker then pulled out a knife and quickly moved toward the officer and stabbed him. The film, put on the internet, showed police chasing and trying to grab attacking Palestinian women inside the Muslim holy place. A wave of Palestinian stabbing, shooting, and car-ramming attacks claimed the lives of 41 Israelis, two USA nationals, and a British tourist since mid-September 2015.

Author: 0 Jordanian stabs Israeli police officer, shot dead

Eye witnesses added that another officer shot the Jordanian man in the head while he was lying on the ground. The attack came two days after Israeli prosecutors on Thursday indicted a Palestinian man at the Jerusalem District Court for the murder of a British exchange student in a stabbing attack on Jerusalem's light rail last month.

Global South Korea to attend China's Silk Road conference amid diplomatic rift
Author: 0 South Korea to attend China's Silk Road conference amid diplomatic rift

Tension has been high for months on the Korean peninsula over North Korea's nuclear and missile development and fears it will conduct a sixth nuclear test or test another ballistic missile in defiance of UN Security Council resolutions. A statement Thursday from the mission said a "Korean-style anti-terrorist offensive will be commenced to mop up the intelligence and plot-breeding organizations of the USA and South Korea".

Author: 0 President Trump Had The Legal Power To Oust James Comey

According to reports, agents and career employees within the FBI are reeling from Comey's firing, and one Hill contributor recently claimed that the bureau has "Trump tapes" akin to Nixon's "Watergate tapes". Asked whether they believed the intelligence community's January assessment that Russian Federation was responsible for hacking and leaking information to influence the elections was accurate, all six spy and law enforcement bosses appearing before the panel said "yes".

Global Senate intel committee subpoenas Michael Flynn
Author: 0 Senate intel committee subpoenas Michael Flynn

Flynn was sacked by Trump after less than a month on the job. Comey confirmed in March his agency has been investigating whether the Russian government attempted to influence the outcome of the 2016 presidential election. Flynn's attorney, Robert Kelner, declined to comment on the subpoena. Sally Yates, who was originally appointed by the Obama administration, told a Senate Judiciary subcommittee that she felt Pence "was entitled to know" he was relaying incorrect information about Flynn ...

Global Why schools are banning fidget spinners
Author: 0 Why schools are banning fidget spinners

But when her Charlotte, North Carolina, school allowed all kids to use fidget toys, she said things went "crazy". The colorful fan-like spinners have saturated schools and playgrounds. "[They've been used] for kids in the spectrum of autism, basic developmental disorders, in the spectrum of severe ADHD, where there's a severe distractible component".

Author: 0 United Nations organization: Israel is an 'occupying power'

I thank the countries that acceded to my request to vote against this resolution , especially the United States, which did not need any sort of appeal. Netanyahu said Tuesday's resolution marked an "improvement in the march of absurdity" as it mentions the Jewish connection to Jerusalem . Israel has formally reprimanded the Swedish ambassador because of his country's vote for a UNESCO resolution that denied Israeli sovereignty over, and Jewish historical ties to, Yerushalayim .

Author: 0 Donald Trump I'm with Rosie O'Donnell! When it Comes to Comey

McCabe added that it was the "greatest privilege and honor of my professional life to work with him". When asked whether the FBI's Russian Federation investigation is fake news, or a "witch hunt", as Trump called it this morning in another tweet, Clapper told MSNBC on Friday: "I don't believe it is".

Author: 0 Syria: Safe zones plan comes into force

Moscow says the United States, the UN and Saudi Arabia also support the idea. The rebel delegation at Astana had already made clear its objections to the deal, particularly Iran's role as a sponsor. The de-escalation zones will be in rebel-held territory in the northwestern province of Idlib, in parts of Homs province in the center, in the south, and in the opposition enclave of Eastern Ghouta near Damascus.

Author: 0 Trump declares James Comey 'should have never exonerated' Hillary Clinton

Is it the details of the Comey-Trump dinner and the president's hints of secret "tapes"? - If so, could the White House please provide copies of the president's conversations with Comey; conversations about the hiring or firing of Russia-friendly former general Michael Flynn and the meeting this week with Russia's ambassador and foreign minister? Comey confirms that the FBI is investigating alleged ties between Trump's election campaign team and the Russian government.

Global Seattle mayor drops re-election bid after sex abuse claims
Author: 0 Seattle mayor drops re-election bid after sex abuse claims

Three other men have come forward making similar allegations-including two that predated the current suit. Murray , 62, has been serving as the mayor of Seattle since 2013 and initially announced he was planning to run for re-election in February 2016.

Global Blow to Lalu, SC orders separate trial in fodder cases
Author: 0 Blow to Lalu, SC orders separate trial in fodder cases

The Supreme Court today said that RJD chief Lalu Prasad can not escape separate trials in the fodder scam on the ground that they covered the same offence, as a "general conspiracy" was hatched between 1988 to 1996 leading to the lodging of several cases in this regard.

Global Russia's Victory Day Parade Marred by Thick Clouds
Author: 0 Russia's Victory Day Parade Marred by Thick Clouds

APA's Moscow correspondent reports that Russian President Vladimir Putin, President of Moldova Igor Dodon and Russian government officials attended the parade. The Victory Day military parade is also a major chance for Putin to showcase Russia's military might as the country has poured vast sums into bolstering its forces.

Author: 0 Severe Weather Kills At Least 14 People Across 5 Southern States

He asked for people to stay out of the affected area, "so that our teams can do what they need to do to take care of these people who are in need". "Power lines and fences torn down over the roads, my friends' homes destroyed, there were buildings completely gone".

Author: 0 BC Greens begin talks with other parties

Clark told supporters at a BC Liberal Party gathering in Vancouver. Green Party leader Andrew Weaver, who now faces a hard choice in deciding whether to back the Liberals in a minority government, told reporters Wednesday that he is willing to negotiate with the other two parties.

Global VERIFY: Money to move to Italy?
Author: 0 VERIFY: Money to move to Italy?

It seems nearly too good to be true: the opportunity to move to a quaint village in the mountains of Italy-and be paid to do so. You're listening to MORNING EDITION. Bormida sits 420 metres above sea level in the north-western Italian region of Liguria and is home to 394 people. After Galliano shared the post on his Facebook page, several netizens expressed interest in the offer.

Author: 0 Trump warns sacked Federal Bureau of Investigation chief over media leaks

CNN said Comey is "not anxious about any tapes" Trump may have, citing an unnamed source familiar with the matter. Former National Intelligence Director James Clapper said Friday that Comey was uneasy about attending the dinner due to the "appearance of compromising the independence of the Federal Bureau of Investigation which is a hallowed tenet in our system".

Author: 0 CIA establishes unit focused on North Korea threat

The CIA new initiative comes less than a month after Pyongyang's annual Day of the Sun military parade. The new unit will work closely with the United States intelligence community and the entire USA national security community to monitor the North Korean threat.

Author: 0 Sean Spicer Refuses to Answer Questions About Trump Tapes of Comey

Mr Trump tweeted before the press conference Friday that Mr Comey "better hope that there are no "tapes" of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!" Spicer said Trump was fully within his rights to do so, citing a column by celebrity jurist Alan Dershowitz published on Newsmax, a right-wing site .

Global North Korea continues testing missiles
Author: 0 North Korea continues testing missiles

A controversial U.S. anti-missile system in South Korea is now operating and can defend against North Korean missiles, Seoul says. However, US military and South Korean officials watching over called the launch a failure. Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga (yoh-shee-hee-deh soo-gah) said the ballistic missile was sacked to the northeast around 5:30 a.m. from an area in the vicinity of Pukchang, north of Pyongyang, the capital.

Author: 0 N Korea Urges UN Members to Reconsider Legality of Sanctions Against Pyongyang

The U.S. sanctions adopted May 4 penalizes exporters of crude oil and prohibits countries from hiring North Korean labor. In 1984 North Korea also sent a letter to congress, which led to talks between the US, South and North Korea. "This is further request to all Member States of the United Nations to reconsider any of their implementation activities until the legality of those "sanction resolutions" are to be clarified at the worldwide forum of legal experts as demanded by the DPRK ...

Global North Korea tests missile, fails
Author: 0 North Korea tests missile, fails

That means, McMaster said, working to enforce current United Nations sanctions and perhaps ratcheting them up. "It may mean ratcheting up those sanctions even further". I just don't want people to know what my thinking is. "The relationship I have with China, it's been already acclaimed as being something very special, something very different than we've ever had.

Global Denying Russia ties, Trump's lawyers point to secret tax returns
Author: 0 Denying Russia ties, Trump's lawyers point to secret tax returns

The New York Times reported earlier this year, "Trump repeatedly sought business in Russian Federation as far back as 1987...." Former acting Attorney General Sally Yates is mostly known for two things: refusing to defend President Donald Trump's first executive order on immigration - an order several courts enjoined and the White House eventually withdrew - and warning White House counsel Don McGahn about activities of Mike Flynn, then the national-security adviser, whom Trump fired ...

Author: 0 Texas community college on lockdown amid 'intruder' report

The shooting happened Wednesday morning around 11:30 a.m. Students and staff will be escorted by police if they need to retrieve any personal belongings before Monday. "There is no justice for my daughter", Gonzalez said. The school northwest of Dallas was closed for the rest of the day and will remain closed Thursday.

Author: 0 CIA sets up unit to deal with North Korea

The last time that Han appeared to brief foreign diplomats in Pyongyang was last December, to present North Korea's response to the latest round of United Nations sanctions after the September 2016 nuclear test . Instead North Korea officials have been invited to Sunday's 28-country summit known as the Belt and Road. It says he is a North Korean resident of Pyongyang who worked for a time in the Russian Far East.

Global Gunmen kill 10 laborers near port in southwest Pakistan
Author: 0 Gunmen kill 10 laborers near port in southwest Pakistan

The victims were building a road in the port city of Gwadar when assailants on motorbikes fired at them and fled the scene. A labourer was reportedly injured in one of the attacks. The attack in Mustang killed 26 people. FILE - A general view of the port before the inauguration of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor port in Gwadar, Pakistan, Nov.

Global Theresa May's call for early election 'cheap opportunism'
Author: 0 Theresa May's call for early election 'cheap opportunism'

May also said that a commitment from the Conservatives to spend 0.7 percent of national income on foreign aid would remain , following speculation that it would be scrapped in the Conservatives manifesto for the new election . A Spanish worker at the GSK factory challenged the Prime Minister over whether her future in the United Kingdom, where she has lived and worked for eight years, will be secure following Brexit.

Author: 0 Donald Trump Admits Calling James Comey Asking About Investigations

Firing the lead investigator to slow the investigation appears to be designed "to influence, obstruct, or impede the due and proper administration of the law under which any pending proceeding". It would have been highly inappropriate to discuss an active investigation and sources close to Comey said he knows better than anyone that one never knows how a probe will end until it's over.

Author: 0 US, Asean agree on tighter sanctions vs North Korea

The United States is asking Asean member states to review their diplomatic relationships with North Korea and fully implement United Nations sanctions to help isolate the Pyongyang regime. "In response, Manalo said ASEAN ministers have yet to discuss Tillerson's call for nations to downgrade ties with North Korea, but added: ".[T] hat's probably something we will look at".

Author: 0 US U-turn on China puts India in a fix

A spokesman says Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is traveling to Beijing to attend a two-day worldwide gathering promoting China's plan for a vast trade network. Flanked by Balochistan's Chief Minister Nawab Sanaullah Zehri, the Prime Minister said economic development in the province was getting good results and several projects under CPEC were being completed at a fast pace.

Global Direct AI flights between Colombo and Varanasi from Aug: Modi
Author: 0 Direct AI flights between Colombo and Varanasi from Aug: Modi

Modi will also open an India-funded 150-bed multi-speciality hospital at Dickoya in the central hill district which is home to Tamil tea plantation workers of Indian origin. Modi also announced the commencement of direct flights from Colombo to Varanasi in northern India, where thousands of Sri Lankan pilgrims travel every year to visit places connected to Buddha's life.

Author: 0 British hospitals hit by cyber attacks

Jakub Kroustek of the security firm Avast said in a blog post update around 2000 GMT, "We are now seeing more than 75,000 99 countries ". He said the affected computers likely had not applied the Microsoft patch or were running old operating systems for which no patch was available.

Author: 0 China agrees to open market to U.S. beef, gas

But it is the latest sign that the United States president is adopting a less confrontational approach with Beijing. Candidate Trump promised to label China as a currency manipulator and slap a 45% retaliatory tariff on the country's exports.

Global United Kingdom ministers accuse Brussels of trying to 'bully' Britain over Brexit
Author: 0 United Kingdom ministers accuse Brussels of trying to 'bully' Britain over Brexit

European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker has said "English is losing importance in Europe" as he accused the United Kingdom of "abandoning" the EU. Juncker said his Commission had slashed the number of legislative proposals put to European Union governments from 130 a year to 23 and was concentrating on the environment and programmes to boost trade, growth and jobs.

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