Author: 0 FBI misses Chaffetz deadline to turn over Comey memos on Trump

Kushner, a key White House adviser, had meetings late past year with Russia's ambassador to the U.S., Sergey Kislyak, and Russian banker Sergey Gorkov. In a Thursday letter to Chaffetz , Gregory Brower, the assistant director for the FBI's Office of Congressional Affairs, said the bureau would not comply because of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein's appointment last week of special counsel.

Global Man Purposefully Crashed Truck Into Famed Nevada Brothel
Author: 0 Man Purposefully Crashed Truck Into Famed Nevada Brothel

The investigation is continuing. Owner Dennis Hof , has one theory. Lyon County deputies quickly arrested a former employee of CT Trucking in Reno, and companies say that the man responsible, had already been wanted on another crime. Even with the massive hole. the Ranch will be wide open for biz. He estimated damage to the gate and the building at $400,000. In a tweet, Hof joked that higher forces might have been at work, referencing the headline-grabbing incident in 2015 when Lamar ...

Author: 0 Oil rises ahead of Opec meeting

OPEC's cuts have helped to push oil back above $50 a barrel this year, giving a fiscal boost to producers, many of whom rely heavily on energy revenues. Opec members Libya and Nigeria would remain exempt from the output curbs as they restore lost production, according to Al-Falih. "The market is waiting for the outcome of the meeting; it's clearly going to have an impact", said Michael McCarthy, a chief market strategist at CMC Markets in Sydney.

Author: 0 South Korea fires at North 'object'

In January 2016, South Korea's military fired warning shots after a North Korean drone briefly crossed the border. The South Korean army believes that with its latest missile test , the North has managed to obtain valuable performance data to continue improving its technology, said a defence official on Monday.

Global Mercedes take wrong turn in Monaco
Author: 0 Mercedes take wrong turn in Monaco

Both Mercedes and McLaren are expected to follow suit later in the week when their stickers arrive in Monaco, while a one-minute silence will be observed by the sport in the moments before Sunday's race. He did so again in Barcelona , holding up Vettel for a crucial few laps. Critically for the rest of the weekend, it appeared that Ferrari has as much as half a second in hand over its rivals once the ultrasoft Pirelli is fitted.

Author: 0 Greek Creditors Stall on Debt Deal

Successive Greek governments have slashed spending in return for bailout money to avoid bankruptcy. The IMF, which has sought debt relief for Greece, has stayed away from the latest bailout as it seeks assurance from the European Union regarding the sustainability of the country's massive debt pile.

Author: 0 Melania's 'slap' and other weird Trump trip moments

What he did cite repeatedly was Iran , along with his vow to prevent Iran not only from "possessing" nuclear weapons, but for speech and actions that call for Israel's destruction . Instead, he focused on stamping out terrorism. During their White House talks, Mr Trump praised his counterpart, and said he looked forward to working with him to pursue peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

Global Iran Accuses US of 'Iranophobia,' Arming 'Terrorists' Like Saudi Arabia
Author: 0 Iran Accuses US of 'Iranophobia,' Arming 'Terrorists' Like Saudi Arabia

Summary⎙ Print Iranian conservatives appear unwilling to accept the landslide re-election of moderate President Hassan Rouhani . Risking their lives, the country's leading opposition movement, the People's Mojahedin Organisation of Iran (PMOI), organized a mass boycott of the electoral process, compelling Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei to enter the scene and urge people to vote in order to defend the "legitimacy" of the regime .

Author: 0 AP Analysis: Rouhani's hardest challenge may be Iran's hopes

Rouhani inherited an economy beset by stagflation. Rouhani also said that he will fulfil all the promises he made to people in his campaigns. The Elders welcomed the re-election of President Hassan Rouhani in Iran as a sign that the Iranian people clearly desire peaceful relations with the outside world and a more tolerant society at home.

Author: 0 Trump feeling pressure for embassy move to Jerusalem

Nevertheless, Trump managed to do plenty of things during his visit. Al-Hindi denounced the leaders - Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas among them - for their silence to Trump's message, particularly as the United States president famously hinged his presidential campaign on inflammatory, anti-Muslim rhetoric.

Global Trump Travel Ban Blocked By Va.-Based Federal Appeals Court
Author: 0 Trump Travel Ban Blocked By Va.-Based Federal Appeals Court

The court goes into summer recess soon, which means that the Trump administration would only be able to file the appeal in October. The 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled 10-3 Thursday against Trump's travel ban. In dissent, Judge Paul V. Niemeyer said that the majority had made a grave error in considering the comments to interpret the executive order. Therefore.

Author: 0 United States leaks on Manchester terror probe 'irritating,' UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd

The police said any speculation would be "unhelpful and potentially damaging" to the investigation. Security in the nation has been ramped up significantly in the wake of the attack, with up to 1,000 military personnel deployed on the streets to compliment police as part of "Operation Temperer", with soldiers taking up position outside of Buckingham Palace, Parliament and Downing Street among other high-profile spots.

Author: 0 Flynn to Invoke Fifth Amendment in Hearing

The committee also sent a letter to Flynn's lawyer Tuesday addressing concerns that their original subpoena lacked specificity. However, there may be a contempt of Congress action should Flynn continue to refuse to share the documents that were subpoenaed.

Author: 0 Oil price drops 5% on OPEC decision

USA light crude was 10 cents lower at $51.26. The deal, which began on January 1, was to end in June but has been extended to the first quarter of 2018. The first phase of the production cuts deal was reached late a year ago to control free falling oil prices that brought a massive trade deficit for oil dependent economies.

Author: 0 Former senator Joe Lieberman said to lead pack for new Federal Bureau of Investigation director

Joe Lieberman is his top choice , according to White House pool reports . The former CT senator was a veteran Democrat and the party's vice presidential nominee in 2000, though he bucked the party in 2008 and endorsed GOP Sen. According to Politico , if Trump thought that Lieberman would be a choice welcomed by Democrats, he got it squarely wrong. The Senate must confirm whoever Trump nominates.

Global Berlin Wall, 9/11 symbols offer message to Trump at NATO
Author: 0 Berlin Wall, 9/11 symbols offer message to Trump at NATO

In one nod to Trump, NATO leaders are due to agree later on Thursday for the Western military bloc to join the USA -led, 68-nation coalition against Islamic State (IS) militant group in Syria and Iraq. Based on a statement from the White House, European leaders had expected that Trump would commit to the core mission of the alliance established in 1949 that bonds the United States and Europe based on the principle, known as Article 5, that an attack on one member state is an attack on all.

Author: 0 Indonesians in Philippines Urged to be Vigilant over Martial Law

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte says "we are in a state of emergency" and skirmishes with Muslim militants who attacked a southern city are continuing. The gunmen belonged to the Maute group, which along with Hapilon's faction of the Abu Sayyaf, had pledged allegiance to IS, authorities said. Duterte said martial law would mean checkpoints and arrests and searches without warrant, and it would go on for as long as necessary.

Global Trump Blasts NATO Leaders for 'Chronic Underpayments'
Author: 0 Trump Blasts NATO Leaders for 'Chronic Underpayments'

Trump has mused about pulling out of the pact because he believed other countries were not paying their fair share and he has so far refused to commit to abiding by Article 5 , in which member nations vow to come to each other's defence. During the meeting, Trump did not restate commitment to NATO Article 5 - a provision of membership that says an attack on one member state is an attack on all member states.

Author: 0 Benjamin Netanyahu Welcomes Trump, Delivers Indirect Insult to Obama

During his talk at the Israel Museum , Trump placed the blame for the lack of a reached settlement between Israelis and Palestinians at the door of the Palestinians. president to put pressure on the Israelis to respond to captives' demands. During a press conference following the meeting with the USA president, the Palestinian leader urged Israel to comply with the "just and humane demands" of more than 1,000 Palestinian hunger strikers who have spent 37 days without eating in Israeli ...

Author: 0 31 militants killed in besieged Philippine city

Alfredo Marañon Jr. yesterday said he supports President Rodrigo Duterte's declaration of martial law in Mindanao, but called for vigilance among Negrenses to prevent the entry of Islamic militants in the province. "We have a lot of firepower over there", Trump said in the transcript. He assured the public he will not allow abuses under military rule, even as he repeatedly said he will deal with "terrorism" harshly.

Author: 0 Trump sticks to the script on first trip overseas as president

I remember there was some negative discussion a few months ago, ” Brown told reporters in San Francisco, where he spoke at a climate conference hosted by the California Environmental Protection Agency and the Netherlands Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment.

Author: 0 Pacific ministers meet seeking to finalize trade pact

US trade representative Robert Lighthizer disagreed with Asian and Pacific countries over protectionism during his first overseas trip as the nation's top diplomat on trade policy Sunday. But China also has its own trade pact - the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) - now under negotiation. That trade deal covers only Asian countries, not the United States.

Author: 0 Trump visit to Saudi Arabia

Analysts say "Islamist terrorism" is less offensive because it implies the violence is happening for political gains. "Society, the family members of former terrorist convicts and community organizations have been involved in the deradicalization program [in Indonesia]", he said.

Author: 0 Trump Avoids Major Slips On International Religious Tour

The pope also gave Trump a medallion depicting an olive branch as a symbol of peace. Hicks, a loyal aide who has been at Trump's side since before he announced his candidacy, was introduced to Pope Francis by the president as someone who has worked for him a long time.

Author: 0 Greek govt official describes blast as attack

Two other victims - Papademos' driver and an unidentified third person who was in the vehicle - suffered "superficial wounds" and they remain in the hospital as a precautionary measure, the statement said. The bombs contained gunpowder used in firecrackers, police said. The counter-terrorism squad has launched a full-scale investigation to determine how the letter bomb reached Papademos passing security screenings.

Author: 0 Duterte threatens martial law for all of Philippines

The clash was about 700 meters from a nearby military camp in Marawi City where the Islamic State-linked Maute group occupied parts of the city and burned down several establishments on Tuesday (May 23), which prompted President Rodrigo Duterte to cut his trip to Russian Federation and declare martial law to the entire southern island of Mindanao.

Global Trump, Macron handshake ricochets around the world
Author: 0 Trump, Macron handshake ricochets around the world

World leaders, including French President Emmanuel Macron and US President Donald Trump are in Belgium to attend a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit. I respect the fact that he has a review of the Paris agreement". May said she planned to "make clear to President Trump that intelligence that is shared between our law enforcement agencies must remain secure".

Global Commandos sent in to end Philippine siege
Author: 0 Commandos sent in to end Philippine siege

The violence erupted Tuesday night when authorities launched an unsuccessful raid to capture Hapilon. MARAWI, Philippines (AP ) - Philippine government forces launched "precision attacks " Thursday to clear militants linked to the Islamic State group from a southern city that has been under siege since a raid to capture a militant on the US list of most-wanted terrorists failed.

Author: 0 More than 100 civilians killed in Iraq bombing in March

The probe found that the American bomb triggered secondary explosions from devices clandestinely planted there by Islamic State (IS) fighters. U.S. "We always hear the Americans speak about 'collateral damage.' There is a complete disregard for human life in the way the Americans carry out war", he said, adding that a similar incident recently occurred with a USA strike in Afghanistan.

Global Video shows sea lion snatching girl from Canadian pier
Author: 0 Video shows sea lion snatching girl from Canadian pier

Without a moment's hesitation a man, who is believed to be a relative, plunges into the water and grabs the girl, hoisting her up to safety. Fujiwara told CBC news that the family left the dock immediately after the incident. The man who made the video , Michael Fujiwara , told the CBC that he thought the sea lion jumped up to "read" the little girl. They are not pets, they are wild animals.

Author: 0 Jerusalem still suffers from divisions, 50 years after war

The marchers, mainly ultranationalist religious Jewish youths, waved Israeli flags and blew horns as they passed through the Old City's Muslim Quarter en route to the Western Wall, above which is the city's most sensitive site, a hilltop compound where the al-Aqsa Mosque, the third holiest site to Muslims, resides.

Author: 0 Trump, Macron engage in a little handshake diplomacy

When Trump tried to lighten the mood with a joke about NATO's gleaming new home base - "I never asked once what the new NATO Headquarters cost" - there was no laughter from his counterparts. "Some issues remain open, like climate and trade". But most changes will be cosmetic, as North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies have no intention of going to war against IS.

Global Trump 'careful to understand' Israel embassy move
Author: 0 Trump 'careful to understand' Israel embassy move

Separately, Israeli officials reacted angrily to reports in local media that representatives of the U.S. consulate had suggested the Western Wall in east Jerusalem did not belong to Israel. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has challenged U.S. concerns over moving the American embassy to Jerusalem and said a move will help the peace process progress.

Author: 0 Final push on Syria's Raqa in early summer

While the USA -led coalition has already supplied weapons to Arab fighters in the SDF, the White House this week authorized for the first time arming its most powerful element - the Kurdish YPG - to help in the Raqqa assault, infuriating Turkey.

Author: 0 Most Americans don't believe key points of Trump's narrative on Comey

Citing current and former intelligence officials, the Post said neither Rogers nor Coats, who was appointed by Trump, complied with the request. The FBI said it was still evaluating the request, which had a committee-set deadline of Wednesday, in light of the appointment of a special prosecutor to look into the possibility of collusion between Trump's presidential campaign and Russian officials seeking to influence the 2016 election, according to a letter released by committee ...

Global May to raise Manchester 'leak' with Trump
Author: 0 May to raise Manchester 'leak' with Trump

Mr Trump said in a statement at a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation meeting that the alleged leaks were deeply troubling. Democratic lawmakers and former Obama officials agree with President Donald Trump that leaks of classified information are damaging to national security.

Author: 0 Fighting continues for third day in Philippines city Marawi

However, the firefight escalated to four barangays in Marawi City as the militants occupied several establishments and held people hostage to divert to focused of the government fores. "I have always said, 'Do not force my hand into it, ' " he declared Wednesday, "because if I start to declare martial law, I will solve all the problems of Mindanao connected with law and order".

Global Trump's Budget Director: Health Care Bill Would Curtail Health Care Costs
Author: 0 Trump's Budget Director: Health Care Bill Would Curtail Health Care Costs

Cindy Zeldin of Georgians for a Healthy Future, who estimated the previous version of the bill would cut coverage for more than a half-million people in the state, said the score showed this version was not an improvement. The CBO found that even in states requesting " moderate " waivers - say one of the two waivers and limited changes in the law - the impact on people with medical conditions could be significant.

Global Trump vows to probe intelligence info leaks
Author: 0 Trump vows to probe intelligence info leaks

LONDON/MANCHESTER, May 25 (Reuters) - British Prime Minister Theresa May said on Thursday she would tell U.S. President Donald Trump that intelligence shared between their two countries had to remain secure after leaks to U.S. "When that trust is breached it undermines these relationships and undermines our investigations and the confidence of victims, witnesses and their families", he said.

Author: 0 Juergen Klopp hoping for quick Liverpool F.C. transfer business

The Reds , fresh from sealing their return to the Champions League and playing in front of a red-bedecked near-capacity crowd of 73,000 at Sydney's Olympic stadium, scored all their goals in an irresistible first half. Tottenham have also arranged a post-season friendly, in Hong Kong on Friday, against Kitchee SC. Liverpool netted again six minutes before the break, with Firmino deflecting the ball in from inside the six-yard box after Sturridge's run and cross from the right had ...

Global Trump, Netanyahu Hold Joint Press Conference
Author: 0 Trump, Netanyahu Hold Joint Press Conference

President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu discussed how to move forward with Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations. 'I have a feeling that we're gonna get there eventually, ' USA president said . Netanyahu said that U.S. Mr Abbas said he was keen to "keep the door open to dialogue with our Israeli neighbours". Netanyahu says he appreciates the "reassertion" of American leadership.

Author: 0 Hawai'i Attorney General Comments on Trump Travel Ban Ruling

One of the legal battles over the travel ban, whether this case or a similar lawsuit before another court, is expected to ultimately land before the U.S. The ruling means the case will likely now go to the Supreme Court, according to the New York Times . The March ban was Trump's second effort to implement travel restrictions through an executive order.

Global NATO leaders meet under intense Trump pressure on spending
Author: 0 NATO leaders meet under intense Trump pressure on spending

In a written statement, Trump called the alleged leaks "deeply troubling" and said he was asking the Justice Department and other agencies to review the matter. Article 5 has only been activated once, after 9/11. The U.S. -British defense and security partnership "is built on trust". "Some issues remained open like climate and trade", Tusk told reporters shortly after the meeting at European Union headquarters in Brussels .

Author: 0 Ex-CIA chief says he warned Russian Federation to stay out of election

Former CIA chief John Brennan has said the agency had proof of contacts between Russian Federation and members of U.S. president Donald Trump's campaign team previous year, but he stopped short of accusing members of the Trump team of "collusion" with Russian Federation.

Author: 0 CBO: Health bill adds 23M uninsured

The bill's impact in CT would depend on how the state decides on choices the legislation provides for changing insurance regulations. The act could make obtaining health care coverage prohibitively expensive for some sicker Americans, the CBO found .

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