Global Britain condemns USA officials for leaking intelligence on Manchester terror attack
Author: 0 Britain condemns USA officials for leaking intelligence on Manchester terror attack

Authorities in Manchester, England , made three additional arrests Wednesday as multiple law enforcement agencies work to neutralize any remaining threat after Monday's suicide bombing at an Ariana Grande concert. They also carried out searches at two addresses. British Prime Minister Theresa May on Tuesday announced that the United Kingdom had raised its threat level to "critical" - its highest level - following Monday's attack .

Author: 0 Trump should be scared, says James Comey's friend

Rogers met with Trump in NY shortly after the election, and Trump's advisers at the time held him out as the leading candidate to be the next director of national intelligence. His notes on Trump asking him to drop the investigation of Flynn once the White House adviser was forced to resign haven't been made public but the substance has been confirmed by news organizations, including Bloomberg News.

Global German government at odds with itself over Greek debt relief
Author: 0 German government at odds with itself over Greek debt relief

Macron told Tsipras he was in favour of "finding a deal soon to alleviate the weight of Greece's debt over time", a statement from the presidenct said . Speaking at a regular government news conference, Foreign Ministry spokesman Martin Schaefer said institutions such as the International Monetary Fund and the European Commission were not far apart in their assessment on Greece.

Author: 0 Miles translates as Pope offers olive branch to Trump

Smiling for the staff, Francis had a light moment with the First Lady, asking via translator, "What do you give him to eat, pizza?" Her attire during the two-day visit hewed to the protocol for high-level female visitors: modest dress, longer sleeves, higher necklines, trousers and long dresses.

Global Greg Gianforte, Republican Montana Candidate, Charged With Assaulting Guardian Reporter, Ben Jacobs
Author: 0 Greg Gianforte, Republican Montana Candidate, Charged With Assaulting Guardian Reporter, Ben Jacobs

I think he should apologize ". If he prevails in Thursday night's election, he can thank Montana's affinity for mail-in ballots. I know he has his own version and I'm sure he's going to have more to say . Jacobs continued to ask his question. Gianforte's campaign accused Jacobs of "badgering". We're looking at a dynamic in which a candidate for federal office may allegedly assault a journalist, lie about it, face a criminal charge, win the election, and take office.

Author: 0 United Kingdom stops sharing info with US

Very wicked to target that sort of thing", she told Evie Mills, 14, and her parents. And Trump called the allegations " deeply troubling ", saying he's asked the Department of Justice to "launch a complete review of this matter". "He saw the explosives America drops on children in Syria, and he wanted revenge ", said Jomana Abedi, quoted by The Wall Street Journal. "We are furious.

Author: 0 Melania Trump appeared to bat Donald Trump's hand away - again

The measures included extending the operating hours of the Allenby Bridge border crossing between the West Bank and Jordan, expanding a West Bank industrial zone and allowing Palestinian construction in areas of the West Bank under full Israeli control.

Author: 0 Iran's ballistic missile programme will continue: Rouhani

Moreover, a two-term presidency has been the default in the Islamic Republic since 1981. More than 70 percent of Iran's 56 million voters cast their ballots, giving Rouhani 57 percent of the vote. Rouhani was responding to a question on Monday from The Associated Press at a news conference in Tehran. It is a government that speaks openly of mass murder, vowing the destruction of Israel, death to America, and ruin for many leaders and nations in this room.

Author: 0 Jonah Goldberg: Trump's warm welcome in Middle East is no surprise

But Mr. Trump's optimism is born of ignorance, stemming from an utter lack of awareness about the complexity of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Sutton said pairing Trump's visit to Israel with the other Middle Eastern countries shows he's not trying to side with any country, but with both Israelis and the Muslim nations.

Author: 0 Blasts hit Jakarta bus terminal

Authorities in the world's biggest Muslim-majority nation are increasingly anxious about a surge in radicalism, driven in part by a new generation of militants inspired by the Islamic State group. On Wednesday night, heavily armed police cordoned off the area around the bus station with tape to hold back hundreds of onlookers while bomb disposal officers with protective suits examined the area.

Author: 0 Manchester bomber was known to security services

Officials are probing how often Abedi had travelled to Libya, which has seen an eruption of armed Islamist groups since dictator Muamar Qadhafi was overthrown and killed in 2011. She said she had "complete confidence" in the security services. After arresting a 23-year-old man on Tuesday, police said they had arrested three more men on Wednesday in south Manchester , where Abedi lived.

Author: 0 Tensions, clashes as Israel marks 50th Jerusalem Day

He says that Israel is willing to broker peace with the Palestinians. So I ask, do you stick with Trump because Nikki Haley has been a revelation at the UN? I ended it on the following note: "Even if the next U.S. Abbas opponents could derail a U.S. initiative, despite it being the last chance for realizing their people's national dream. The objective of the debate is twofold: firstly to air out disagreements about Israel and Palestine and secondly to model a "civil debate".

Global Egypt blocks several media websites
Author: 0 Egypt blocks several media websites

Since the ouster of the Muslim Brotherhood from power in Egypt in 2013, Egypt's relations with Qatar have worsened as Cairo slams Doha for hosting members of the now-banned group. "It is clear that there is a media campaign targeting Qatar and we will confront it, God willing", Sheikh Mohammed said, citing 15 such article in USA media in the past five weeks.

Global Trump in Bethlehem for meeting with Abbas
Author: 0 Trump in Bethlehem for meeting with Abbas

But the warm reception that President Donald Trump received during his trip to Israel this week signaled that the Israeli Prime Minister is glad and perhaps even relieved by the recent change in USA leadership. "There is a moment to seize". President Trump stressed the deep and longstanding ties between the USA and Israel during a speech in Jerusalem Tuesday morning.

Author: 0 Trump urges Nato members to 'pay fair share'

He noted 23 of the 28 member nations do not meet the spending guideline. The decision is largely symbolicbecause all 28 North Atlantic Treaty Organisation member states are already individually part of the coalition, with some only taking part in support roles.

Global Melania again appears to reject Trump's attempt at holding hands
Author: 0 Melania again appears to reject Trump's attempt at holding hands

Apparently satisfied with recent tweaks in Israel's West Bank policy, Trump made no reference to Jewish settlements in the territory. What he didn't say, however, was just as meaningful as what he did: No announcement of fresh peace talks , no specifics on the way forward, no comment on the competing claims to Jerusalem , no mention of a Palestinian state.

Author: 0 Pope "terrific", Saudi "spectacular": Trump waxes lyrical on foreign tour

Do you still have the gift today? The pontiff was then introduced to members of Mr Trump's delegation, including his wife Melania, his daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner, as well as aides Hope Hicks and Dan Scavino. In Saudi Arabia , he addressed dozens of Arab leaders and urged them to fight extremists at home and isolate Iran, which he depicted as a menace to the region.

Global Spectacular election in Iran
Author: 0 Spectacular election in Iran

Moreover, the problem with pretending that Iranians had a real choice in the election Friday, Lake observed, "it leads to fuzzy policies aimed at strengthening reformers and moderates, while chalking up Iran's arrests of dual nationals or its provocations of US ships to the infighting of Iran's hardliners".

Author: 0 Trump meets with Pope Francis, Mattarella and Gentiloni

Prompted by European Council President Donald Tusk, who called images of the Saudi visit "spectacular", Trump replied: "It was very spectacular". Mr Trump's softer stance on environmental regulations also is at odds with Francis' view that climate change is caused mostly by human activity.

Global Analysts say GOP healthcare bill leaves 23M more uninsured
Author: 0 Analysts say GOP healthcare bill leaves 23M more uninsured

All in all, 51 million people under the age of 65 would be without coverage by 2026, including those now uninsured. Erasing Obama's health care law was a top promise of Donald Trump during his presidential campaign, and by congressional GOP candidates since its 2010 enactment.

Author: 0 What Trump And The Rest Of NATO Want From Each Other

The small Balkan country will formally become NATO's 29th state in June but Markovic joined the Brussels summit, Trump's first, and a ceremonial opening of the alliance's new headquarters. Two percent is the bare minimum for confronting today's very real and very vicious threats. After British Prime Minister Theresa May said that she had "make clear" to Trump the depth of British feeling about the release of highly classified information, the president said the USA cherished nothing more ...

Global Iran says United States selling arms to 'dangerous terrorists'
Author: 0 Iran says United States selling arms to 'dangerous terrorists'

In his speech , Trump said the agreements will "create many hundreds of thousands of jobs in America and Saudi Arabia ". On Monday he will leave Saudi Arabia and head for Israel, part of his first global trip as president. "We believe Israel is willing". President Trump is taking advantage of a unique moment in Middle East history by visiting Saudi Arabia and Israel this week, an Israeli government official told CBN News.

Global Brazil's President Refuses to Resign Amid Corruption Scandal
Author: 0 Brazil's President Refuses to Resign Amid Corruption Scandal

In another, Temer is accused of pocking about $350,000 of $4.5 million in illegal campaign finance channeled by the Workers' Party for the 2014 presidential ticket that included Temer as vice presidential candidate. Petrobras has been at the centre of a massive corruption scandal that involves executives of the state-owned company issuing inflated public work contracts to private companies in exchange for bribes.

Global New Delhi to not succeed to hide subversive activities of Kulbhushan: Sartaj
Author: 0 New Delhi to not succeed to hide subversive activities of Kulbhushan: Sartaj

Katju also said that it appears Pakistan's minimal objection towards ICJ's jurisdiction is because India has given it a chance to open up several other issues in front of the worldwide court . The ICJ had in its order indicating provisional measures dismissed Pakistan's arguments related to reservations about the court's jurisdiction, maintainability of petition and urgency of the matter.

Author: 0 British Govt Condemns US For Leaking Shared Information On Manchester Attack

A 23-year-old man was arrested on Tuesday in the wake of the attack on Monday night, carried out by a bomber identified as 22-year-old Libyan-origin Salman Abedi . Abedi, the official said, was on the radar of British security officials but time ran out on the surveillance clock without Abedi doing anything nefarious, so authorities apparently moved on.

Global United Kingdom 'irritated' by USA leaks in attack
Author: 0 United Kingdom 'irritated' by USA leaks in attack

British Home Secretary Amber Rudd said she had issued a plea to United States authorities not to leak. An 8-year-old girl was among the dead. Officials are probing how often Abedi had traveled to Libya , which has seen an eruption of armed Islamist groups since dictator Moammar Gadhafi was overthrown and killed in 2011.

Global Netanyahu Sends Condolences Over Manchester Attack
Author: 0 Netanyahu Sends Condolences Over Manchester Attack

Two men have been detained, one following a search of an address in the Withington area, in connection the attack after an Ariana Grande concert at Manchester Arena on Monday night. British Army soldiers are led by a police officer into Buckingham Palace in central London on May 24, 2017. The attack killed 22 people , all of whom have now been identified by police but their names will be released during the course of this week after formal identifications are complete.

Global Attacker's brother 'knew of blast' and was plotting terror
Author: 0 Attacker's brother 'knew of blast' and was plotting terror

Cheshire Police, in a statement , said the victim was an off-duty female officer. Georgina Callander , a student, was a mega fan of Ariana Grande , with a picture of the two circulating on social media as her name emerged as the first confirmed victim.

Global Indians issued maximum work visas to UK in 2016
Author: 0 Indians issued maximum work visas to UK in 2016

Theresa May is sticking by her controversial pledge to reduce net migration to below 100,000, something that was last achieved in 1997. In fact, they're leaving the country in droves. Among those leaving Britain were 117,000 European Union citizens, an increase of 31,000 compared to the number of European Union citizens leaving during 2015.

Author: 0 Coronation Street pays tribute to Manchester attack victims

When asked if he had been contacted by British authorities about his son, who was reportedly known to the security services before Monday's bombing of a pop concert in Manchester , northwest England, Ramadan Abedi answered 'No'. As victims of the attack fight for their lives in hospitals across the city, reports suggest that Abedi travelled to Syria and had " proven " links with Islamic State .

Global Trump leaves Israel with no sign peace talks in the works
Author: 0 Trump leaves Israel with no sign peace talks in the works

President Trump talked peace and Iran. But he offered no blueprint for movement toward reviving negotiations. On Monday, in his joint remarks with Netanyahu , Trump said, "I've heard it's one of the toughest deals of all, but I have a feeling that we're going to get there eventually, I hope" ("Trump admits peace is tough", the following pool report read).

Author: 0 China's UN envoy says 'no reason' not to talk with N.Korea

Liu spoke after a closed-door Security Council meeting on North Korea's latest missile test on Sunday. That's because of the North's continued advancement as a nuclear state and its increasing technical prowess in developing missiles that can deliver warheads.

Author: 0 Trump shames North Atlantic Treaty Organisation leaders on defence spending as unity tested

He said delegations from Trump's administration and the European Commission would meet in "the coming weeks and months" to find ways to increase trade cooperation. The president also held private meetings. "Values and principles first, this is what we - Europe and America - should be saying", Donald Tusk, president of the European Council, told reporters after spending a half-hour with Trump.

Author: 0 Phillippines president rodrigo duterte declares martial law

Nearly 9,000 people, many small-time drug users and dealers , have been killed in the Philippines since President Duterte took office on June 30. All these groups are inspired by Daesh, but so far there is no sign of significant, material ties. "We can see houses burning and we don't have electricity now".

Author: 0 OPEC, other nations extend output cut to March

The price rise this year has spurred growth in the USA shale industry, which is not participating in the output deal, thus slowing the market's rebalancing with global crude stocks still near record highs. 9 million bpd in 2016, the EIA's latest Short-Term Energy Outlook shows. More than 400 oil rigs are now working US shale fields - an increase of more than 120 per cent compared with a year ago.

Author: 0 OPEC, Non-OPEC oil producers extend oil output cut by 9 months

OPEC's cuts have helped to push oil back above $50 a barrel this year, giving a fiscal boost to producers, many of whom rely heavily on energy revenues. OPEC and its allies believe they can continue earning more while pumping less. "Demand increases will also help to rebalance", Slaughter said. The participation of Azerbaijan in joint oil production cuts is defined at 35,000 barrels per day.

Global Catholic priest and parishioners held hostage by Islamist terrorists in the Philippines
Author: 0 Catholic priest and parishioners held hostage by Islamist terrorists in the Philippines

Mary's Church, a parish church in Marawi City. "They have threatened to kill the hostages if the government forces unleashed against them are not recalled". The Maute and Abu Sayyaf militant groups have pledged allegiance to Islamic State, also known as ISIS, and have proved fierce opponents for the military as Duterte seeks to crush extremists and prevent radical Islamist ideology from spreading in the Philippines.

Author: 0 Netanyahu pledges that Al-Aqsa Mosque will remain occupied 'forever'

A video released by a spectator at the scene shows Israeli soldiers severely beating a Palestinian man inside the holy al-Aqsa Mosque courtyards. The hunger strike of the Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, which entered its 39 day, remained a top front page story in the three dailies.

Author: 0 Object likely N.Korean balloon: S.Korea

North Korea continues testing ballistic missiles despite several warnings and strong sanctions imposed by the United Nations . Given the depth of conservative and moderate sentiment, Moon can not show weakness in the face of North Korean threats.

Global More information comes out on Manafort, Page, Flynn connections with Russian Federation
Author: 0 More information comes out on Manafort, Page, Flynn connections with Russian Federation

Schiff made the committee's subpoena plans known after the Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday ordered Flynn to hand over documents from two of his businesses due to their possible links with Russian Federation. But he said earlier this month that the committee's requests were "groundless", "outrageous", and "would cover redundant, highly irrelevant information collected in further violation of my civil rights given the unjustified FISA warrants which already targeted me past year".

Global Netanyahu reveals conversations with Trump regarding United States embassy transfer to Jerusalem
Author: 0 Netanyahu reveals conversations with Trump regarding United States embassy transfer to Jerusalem

U.S. State Secretary Rex Tillerson suggested on Sunday that moving the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv might not impact the Trump's peace-making efforts. President Donald Trump is assessing whether moving U.S. He said Trump's decision would be informed by feedback from all sides, including "whether Israel views it as helpful to a peace initiative or perhaps a distraction".

Author: 0 Thousands Flee as ISIS-Linked Militants Besiege Philippine City

Abu Sayyaf, a notoriously violent Muslim militant group founded in the 1990s, is known for carrying out kidnappings and beheadings of Filipinos and foreigners, as well as bombings, assassinations and armed attacks . Hostilities had eased overnight but flared again later on Thursday morning when troops advanced towards a strategic bridge held by Maute fighters. The United States regards Hapilon as one of the world's most risky terrorists, offering a bounty of US$5 million (RM21.39 million) ...

Author: 0 Russians discussed how to influence Trump via aides

The intelligence panels want Flynn to provide information on whether there was Russian interference in the 2016 USA election and whether there was collusion between Donald Trump's campaign and Russia. Schiff said Wednesday the committee wants any memos or other materials Coats and Rogers might have detailing conversations with Trump on the issue.

Author: 0 The Venezuelan Apocalypse: a 21-year-old was torched by protesters

That assembly could decide to change the nation's electoral calendar or not hold the regional elections at all. He said "Nazi-fascist" elements are taking root inside the opposition's ranks and contributing to a risky spiral of violence in the two-month anti-government protest movement.

Author: 0 British investigators reportedly no longer sharing Manchester bombing intel with U.S.

Abedi had been in Libya in the weeks before the attack, and German magazine Focus , citing unnamed federal security source, reported that he passed through Duesseldorf airport four days before the bombing. Greater Manchester chief constable Ian Hopkins said: 'It's very clear that this is a network that we are investigating'. United Kingdom security official says lives are being put at risk by leaks.

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