Author: 0 Theresa May 'more in touch' than Nicola Sturgeon, says Ruth Davidson

But a recent surge in support for the Scottish Conservatives could make that success hard to repeat. Although it marked the first time that the SNP had managed to outpoll Labour in local elections, the outcome of those elections was, in truth, widely regarded as something as a disappointment for the nationalists.

Global No. 11 Aggies Fall to No. 15 Alabama in 10 Innings
Author: 0 No. 11 Aggies Fall to No. 15 Alabama in 10 Innings

The Crimson Tide swept a three-game series against the Razorbacks in Tuscaloosa, Ala., on March 10-12 by scores of 9-0, 4-3 and 5-0. First, Alabama (42-15) will face Ole Miss-Florida at 2 p.m. Erica Russell led the team with a.500 (4-for-8) average with a double and two RBI. Vidales made the Aggies' first hit of the day a big one, a game-tying solo home run to lead off the bottom of the seventh.

Global The Russian government embarrassed the White House
Author: 0 The Russian government embarrassed the White House

The New York Times called the announcement late Tuesday night that Trump would meet Lavrov "an instance of freakish timing and optics". "I am urging US journalists not to lose their professional dignity and not to pin the blame on other people for their failure in organizing the photoshoot and the failure to provide access to their media".

Global Trump's warning for sacked FBI boss
Author: 0 Trump's warning for sacked FBI boss

Later, the president and his advisers said Mr Trump had planned to fire Mr Comey since taking office. Regarding Trump's possibly threatening tweet, Spicer insisted the president had merely stated "facts". But he also said, "In fact when I chose to just do it, I said to myself, I said, 'You know, this Russian Federation thing with Trump and Russian Federation is a made-up story, it's an excuse by the Democrats for having lost an election that they should have won'".

Global Massive cyberattack hits 99 countries, cripples systems worldwide
Author: 0 Massive cyberattack hits 99 countries, cripples systems worldwide

CNN has not independently confirmed that number. A global cyber attack leveraging hacking tools widely believed by researchers to have been developed by the United States National Security Agency hit worldwide shipper FedEx, disrupted Britain's health system and infected computers in almost 100 countries on Friday (May 12).

Global Kirsten Dunst goes on a hallucinatory drug trip in Woodshock trailer
Author: 0 Kirsten Dunst goes on a hallucinatory drug trip in Woodshock trailer

There's no getting around this movie will be very heavy going to sit through, but it does look like an intense personal story and going by the trailer Dunst looks to deliver a very powerful performance. The siblings once worked in the costume departement of critically acclaimed " Black Swan ", crafting the ballet costume worn by Oscar victor Natalie Portman.

Global Trump trade nominee clears key hurdle toward confirmation
Author: 0 Trump trade nominee clears key hurdle toward confirmation

Blocking or taxing imports would raise prices of imports for American consumers and provoke retaliation. Until NAFTA, Mexico was a corn exporter. At the March hearing, Lighthizer advocated a tougher approach to reining in Chinese trade abuses, and he suggested the World Trade Organization wasn't equipped to deal with Beijing.

Author: 0 Trump on Colbert: 'What he says is filthy'

In an interview with Time , Trump finally acknowledged Colbert, who's found ratings success in mocking his administration. TMZ caught up with get his thoughts about Trump's recent clapback at The Late Show's Stephen Colbert. Bush stopped by Colbert's show in September 2015, and the episode scored 6. 6 million viewers . "But don't worry - you won the energy ratings college".

Author: 0 Syrian Kurdish forces to push on IS capital this summer

Claiming that the protection of civilians was the Syrian government's first objective in agreeing to the zones, he added: "The second objective is to give the militants who want reconciliation with the state a chance ... US-backed forces are battling towards Isis' largest remaining stronghold after gaining control of a strategic dam, but questions remain over a deal struck with the terrorist group in exchange for its retreat.

Global No charges over US police shooting of Alton Sterling
Author: 0 No charges over US police shooting of Alton Sterling

A person familiar with the decision disclosed it to the AP on Tuesday. "I have assigned a prosecutor from the Louisiana Department of Justice to assist". In statements, the officers said that Sterling was attempting to pull a loaded gun out of his pocket when Salamoni opened fire, according to the justice department summary.

Author: 0 DOJ cites 'insufficient evidence' in Alton Sterling police shooting

The announcement is expected at 1 p.m. She said it's been "almost a year and we're still suffering like it happened yesterday". Sterling's fatal encounter with police started when he was standing outside the convenience store where he frequently sold CDs and DVDs.

Author: 0 China's President Xi applauds Malaysia in Belt and Road construction

Two sources with knowledge of the situation said the USA embassy in Beijing submitted a diplomatic note to China's foreign ministry. India has not yet confirmed its participation, citing lack of a trustworthy environment on China's part to carry out belt and road projects.

Global What Does
Author: 0 What Does "Prime The Pump" Mean? Trump Bets It'll Boost The Economy

In the course of a wide-ranging interview which touched on trade, immigration, and tax reform, and health care, Trump made three particularly unusual statements-not counting curious asides about the quality of roses in the White House garden vis-a-vis infrastructure spending, and migratory bird patterns by way of tax deductions-that bely his misunderstanding of economics.

Author: 0 Trump delays decision on Paris climate agreement, spokesman says

Trump's predecessor Barack Obama , who alongside Xi was instrumental in the agreement's birth in 2015, also entered the fray on Tuesday. The official said the delay came amid scheduling conflicts. The core of the Paris deal was an agreement between Xi and then U.S. president Barack Obama . UN climate negotiators in Bonn were left frustrated Tuesday as the White House postponed a meeting to determine whether the United States will stay in the 196-nation Paris Agreement to curb ...

Global Trump still in denial Russian ambassador attended White House meeting
Author: 0 Trump still in denial Russian ambassador attended White House meeting

Donald Trump's administration was left red-faced on Thursday after Moscow surprised it by releasing pictures of a closed-door meeting between the U.S. White House officials had allowed Scherbak, described by the delegation as Lavrov's photographer, to record the meeting, claiming they didn't know he also works for TASS.

Author: 0 Trump assures Abbas Israeli-Palestinian peace

Trump expressed his desire to have Palestinians and Israelis draw on the Oslo Accords that Abbas signed onto as the Palestinian negotiator in 1993 and said he hoped the Palestinian leader would soon sign "the final and most important peace agreement".

Global Blood Flows in Macedonian Parliament
Author: 0 Blood Flows in Macedonian Parliament

The EU and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation have pleaded for calm in Macedonia after nationalist protesters stormed the parliament in Skopje on Thursday, attacking politicians and journalists in an attempt to prevent the election of an ethnic Albanian as speaker.

Author: 0 Central Intelligence Agency forms special unit focused on North Korea threat

Pyongyang accused South Korea and the United States of plotting to assassinate the leader using biochemical poison. The CIA created its first single country-focused mission center, pulling together resources from a range of units to collect and analyze information on Pyongyang's nuclear weapons and long-range ballistic missile technology that could extend its military threat across the Pacific.

Author: 0 Other world leaders in addition to Trump are anxious about North Korea

This comes after satellite images showed the reclusive state building artificial islands in the Yellow Sea and installing military equipment likely capable of launching nuclear missiles. North Korea has any role in the killing. "It is entirely possible that these islands are part of a land reclamation project for agricultural or other civilian purposes which has nothing to do with military applications and never will".

Global United States calls out Pakistan over failure in curbing terrorism
Author: 0 United States calls out Pakistan over failure in curbing terrorism

Talking about Afghanistan, Coats in his statement said: "The overall situation in Afghanistan will very likely continue to deteriorate, even if global support is sustained". The Afghan government does not recognize the Durand Line as the official border between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Earlier, two-star military authorities of United States Resolute Support Mission, Afghanistan and Pakistan convened a meeting in General Headquarters (GHQ) and deliberated over measures to effectively manage ...

Global UK man held near May's office appears in court on terrorism charge
Author: 0 UK man held near May's office appears in court on terrorism charge

Khalid Mohammed Omar Ali, 27, was arrested not far from Prime Minister Theresa May's office on April 27, in possession of three knives, London's Westminster Magistrates Court heard. Ali, from Edmonton in north London , told the court he did not want to be represented by a solicitor. He lived outside of Britain between 2011 and 2016.

Global Trump, South Korea's Moon agree to cooperate on North Korea
Author: 0 Trump, South Korea's Moon agree to cooperate on North Korea

Moon Jae-in, the newly elected leader of South Korea, moved swiftly to mend ties with China on Thursday, announcing plans to dispatch a delegation to Beijing to resolve a festering dispute over the deployment of a U.S. He has said he would be prepared to go to Pyongyang "if the conditions are right". As well as clouding efforts to rein in North Korea's nuclear ambitions, the THAAD deployment has also led to recriminations from Beijing against South Korean companies.

Author: 0 Hamas elects new leader

The document calls for a two-state solution to the Palestine-Israel crisis, with Palestinian state contained within territories occupied by Israel in the Six Day War of 1967. Addressing the change, Meshal said "we are all certain that the new leadership will lead the organization wisely for the benefit of the Palestinian people".

Author: 0 US, China Reach Deal on Access for Beef

China is ready to start importing United States beef for the first time in 14 years, following last month's trade talks between president Donald Trump and Chinese premier Xi Jinping at Trump's Florida beach resort. In an annual report this year, Royal Dutch Shell said LNG demand is on pace to grow at twice the rate of conventional gas. "That is bad policy - both in terms of trade and in terms of our diplomatic policy".

Global White House furious after Russian media posted Oval Office photos
Author: 0 White House furious after Russian media posted Oval Office photos

The White House is facing criticism for a possible security breach after it allowed a Russian news service photographer into the Oval Office to take photos of President Donald Trump and a pair of senior Russian officials. State Department and correspondent Elizabeth Palmer in Sochi, Russia. "The Russians were begging us for years to do that", one of the former officials said.

Global Porsha Talks About Current State Of Her Friendship With Phaedra
Author: 0 Porsha Talks About Current State Of Her Friendship With Phaedra

When asked if she thinks Parks will be forgiven, Whitfield, who is now on her Wives, Fiancées, and Side-Chicks of Hotlanta book tour, told Us she doesn't see them mending things in the near future. Porsha added that she has, in fact, apologized to Kandi for believing and perpetuating Phaedra's malicious lies. So I apologized. Am I looking for a friendship? Do you think Porsha should have questioned the lie and wondered why Phaedra would have such information since they were no longer ...

Global Israeli government shutters state news show with just an hour's notice
Author: 0 Israeli government shutters state news show with just an hour's notice

The video shows a lady anchor reading the news as usual when she is interrupted by a breaking news and then she realises that the news is indeed regarding her own channel and manages to hold back her tears somehow. Senior IBA journalist Yaakov Ahimeir asked on air: " What is this notice, two hours in advance? ". After 49 years, Israel's Broadcasting Authority (IBA), the country's public broadcaster, is officially shut down.

Global Kapil Mishra, on hunger strike against Arvind Kejriwal, attacked
Author: 0 Kapil Mishra, on hunger strike against Arvind Kejriwal, attacked

Mishra arrived at the ACB office at 12 pm to record his statement and spent around one-and-a-half hours there. Police officials and his aides caught hold of Bhardwaj. He submitted a complaint to Anti Corruption Bureau and then submitted three complaints to the CBI in the water tanker scam. "If I would have done something wrong, I would have observed everything from the hiding, like you".

Author: 0 Clashes erupt in northwest Syria after de-escalation zones take effect

Iran , Assad's other major ally, also backed it. According to Fox News , the safe zone proposal "delineates four zones in Syria where front lines between the government and rebels would be frozen and fighting halted". The Russian defence ministry had said the agreement would come into force as of midnight on Friday. Another question left unanswered is how the deal would affect USA airstrikes targeting al-Qaida's positions in Syria.

Global Boko Haram commanders released in exchange for 82 schoolgirls
Author: 0 Boko Haram commanders released in exchange for 82 schoolgirls

President Muhammadu Buhari will receive the girls on Sunday afternoon in Abuja , it said, without saying how many Boko Haram suspects had been exchanged or disclosing other details. The ICRC acted as a mediator as Nigeria exchanged some detained Boko Haram suspects in return for the girls' release Saturday. "On behalf of all Nigerians, I will like to share my joy with you, your parents, your relatives, friends and the Government of Borno State on regaining your freedom".

Author: 0 Trump warns ousted Federal Bureau of Investigation chief not to leak to media, threatens 'tapes'

Earlier on Friday, Trump sent a series of tweets bashing the media and saying his surrogates shouldn't be expected to speak with "perfect accuracy". Meanwhile, acting FBI Director McCabe told the Senate Intelligence Committee Thursday, "You can not stop the men and women of the FBI from doing the right thing, protecting the American people and upholding the Constitution", when asked about pressure from the White House to shape the investigation.

Author: 0 Trump denies Russian income despite letter showing $100 million from Russian sources

The letter is dated March 8, 2017. The letter was signed by two lawyers at the Washington, D.C., law firm Morgan Lewis, which detailed back in January how the president planned to disengage from his businesses. Their review also notably takes into account only Trump's returns from the past 10 years, leaving open questions about whether there were financial dealings with Russian Federation in earlier years.

Global Protesters march in Venezuela and destroy Chavez statue
Author: 0 Protesters march in Venezuela and destroy Chavez statue

Gunshot wounds have been the most common cause of deaths. USA media had reported that Holt, a Mormon former missionary recently married to a woman living in Caracas , was taken away by police who allegedly planted weapons in his apartment.

Author: 0 After Big Win, A Huge Challenge Round The Corner For President Macron

Now, however, Mr. Macron needs all his talents, and maybe more luck, to govern effectively. All 577 seats in the National Assembly are up for grabs. The candidates offer a taste of how Macron's grassroots, startup-style movement sought to recruit outside the circle of career politicians.

Author: 0 Korea open to US dialogue under 'right conditions'

Choe Son Hui, North Korea's foreign ministry director general for US affairs, made the announcement to journalists in Beijing, a South Korean news agency reported. It was described as the latest in a series of such meetings. In a statement made earlier this month US President Donald Trump said that he would be "honoured" to meet his Korean counterpart, Kim Jong-Un.

Author: 0 S. Korea's Moon to send delegation to China amid frayed ties

Yesterday, Russia's President Vladimir Putin told Moon in a phone call he was ready to play a "constructive role" in resolving North Korea's nuclear threat, South Korea's presidential office said. Former South Korean President Roh Moo Hyun advocated a role as a "balancer" between the United States and China and took a conciliatory policy toward Pyongyang , thereby straining relations with Tokyo and Washington.

Author: 0 Trump retaliates on Twitter over Russian Federation photos

He questioned whether his administration should cancel all future press briefings and, instead, replace them with written responses to questions, "for the sake of accuracy". Comey's shock dismissal ignited furor among Democrats, who suggested that the FBI's investigation into Trump's campaign and Russian Federation could now be tainted, an idea the White House has rejected.

Global Aisha Buhari urges Chibok girls to forge ahead
Author: 0 Aisha Buhari urges Chibok girls to forge ahead

Associated Press reporter Lekan Oyekanmi in Abuja, Nigeria contributed. Assuring the girls, Lai Mohammed said: "What is paramount to us is the release of the remaining girls". Boko Haram is thought to still be holding more than 100 of the original 276 girls taken from a school in north-eastern Nigeria in 2014. They are far from the only people abducted by the extremist group.

Author: 0 Macron won 66.1%, Le Pen 33.9% in French vote: final results

Macron has said he was aiming for an absolute majority in the lower chamber in June's elections . Still, Le Pen said Sunday that her party "must deeply renew itself" and proposed a "deep transformation of our movement in order to make a new political force".

Global ISIS-backed terrorists in Philippines tourist kidnap plot
Author: 0 ISIS-backed terrorists in Philippines tourist kidnap plot

The Embassy also reminded U.S. citizens of its recent " worldwide caution ", issued on March 6, which indicated "an ongoing threat of terrorist actions and violence against United States citizens and interests overseas, including the Philippines".

Global Jared Kushner's Family Apologizes for Using His Name in Investment Pitch
Author: 0 Jared Kushner's Family Apologizes for Using His Name in Investment Pitch

The event itself encouraged Chinese investors to do business with Kushner properties with the incentive of coming to the USA on a visa program given to those who spend at least $500,000 in property investment. The tagline on a brochure read , "Invest $500,000 and immigrate to the United States". Companies run by Kushner's family later apologized for pitching connections to the White House adviser.

Author: 0 North Korea wants South's spy chief extradited over alleged Kim plot

North Korea did not offer any evidence or specifics on how the alleged plot was foiled. "On security: There are still many unknowns about how Moon's more conciliatory tone with North Korea will pan out", she said. China says the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) undermines its security as its powerful radar can probe deep into its territory. Lee was head of the NIS, South Korea's main intelligence service, under South Korea's previous conservative administration.

Author: 0 Trump's Tax Returns Show No Russian Income, 'With A Few Exceptions'

I think that would be unfair to the deal. Without Trump's tax returns the full extent of Trump's dealings is impossible to determine, as is the actual scope, significance, and accuracy of his lawyers' claims, and of Trump's financial ties to Russian Federation in general.

Global GOP under pressure as Senate weighs vote on drilling rule
Author: 0 GOP under pressure as Senate weighs vote on drilling rule

They also pointed out that boosting natural gas production had resulted in lower overall US greenhouse gas emissions as electricity generators switched from coal to methane. What is the methane rule? Oil industry groups had criticized the rule as as costly for their industry while the Trump administration deemed it an unnecessary regulation.

Author: 0 Victorious Liberals say it's business as usual

If they vote in an opposition member as Speaker, they lose control of the legislative assembly. The Liberals broke out to an early lead, but the seats in favour of the NDP grew swiftly as more votes were counted. Tuesday's election was a nailbiter and the results are something the province hasn't seen in more than half a century. Andrew Weaver, whose Green party holds the balance of power, told reporters, "British Columbians were sold a bill of goods on LNG".

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